he sang really well


BTS Taehyung and Jungkook were imitating this talented man on Show Champion

His name is Greg and He has such a beautiful and soulful voice 😍 I can see why they like his singing so much especially Taehyung :’)
He was also on another Korean show, he is a fan of Wheesung and sang one of his songs really well 👏



exo + otpskaisoo (requested by anon)

“i love listening to D.O. hyung singing, he has a unique technique. his voice is really nice, so i’m always thinking that if d.o. hyung slept two hours less when he was a trainee, he’d definitely become korea’s best singer. whenever i hear d.o. hyung’s recording tracks, i’ll still think that he sang so well ; i will think “ahhh, good job!”. he sings really well, his voice is so nice, i like it. ” - jongin

sad deadpool headcanon:

wade’s mom was always singing. when she would do the dishes, when she would put baby wade to sleep, in the car, in the shower, everywhere. and she was a great singer. of course wade always sang with her and he had a really nice voice as well. every time this happened she would run her fingers through his beautiful blonde hair while telling him how proud she was of him and that he’d be a famous singer one day.

when wade’s mother fell ill with cancer and she was in the hospital, she would try to sing as much as she could and wade would always sit at her bedside and sing with her.

her last day on earth, wade was still at her bedside and she could barely speak, but she whispered to him to sing one of their songs for her. through his tears, his did his best to sing the soft sweet melody to her as she drifted into eternal sleep.

from that day on, wade vowed that he would do all her could to become a famous singer and make her proud.

that is until weapon x

BTS hearing you (A foreigner) singing dope


You would be singing his part as you walked by a store and quickly looked inside, not even seeing him standing there. You walked out and he had to take a double take when he heard it. He couldn’t believe that’s someone could rap as well as him and that someone was a foreigner at that. You stood there shocked as he quickly got himself together and ran after you to ask for your number.


You would be singing a part of the song and would accidentally bump into him but wouldn’t notice who he was. He would be blushing because you sang the part really well and you were singing his part. He ran up to you and asked if you wanted to get coffee and realizing that you were actually foreign, he would be even more amazed at your perfect pronunciation.


He would hear you singing his high notes and would walk out to see who it was, he’d see you walking and would make eye contact with you. Thinking tags you would know him at first sight he hid but to his dismay you didn’t. He noticed you sight accent and your beautiful unique facial features and recognized that you were foreign. Not wanting to draw too much attention he quickly pulled on a jacked and ran out to complement you and possibly ask for your number.


He would see you pass by and would hear you singing and would waist not time to fangirl. He’d run up to you and complement you on your pronunciation of the song after seeing you were a foreigner. He would drag you to meet the rest of the group too.  


He would act crazy, after noticing you half way down the block because of your unique features, he would be shocked to hear you singing their song. He would try to draw attention to himself by acting crazier than usual but to no avail you just kept on walking. He ran up to you scolding you for not paying more attention to your surrounding and then handing you his phone number, telling you to call him if you ever got lost, which you currently were.


He would hear you singing one of his parts and automatically blush seeing that you sang it perfectly and you were such a beauty. He would tell his Hyungs about it and they would tease him but bring you back over and making him give you his number.


You’d be walking by when you stop in a store to look for a new hat while singing your favorite song, not even seeing one of the lead rappers right behind you. He would be shocked that you could sing sugas part so well  even though you were a foreigner. He’d stop to talk to you and would fall in love with the color of your eyes and quickly ask for your number.

You could literally see how much work BTS put into their KBS Gayo Daejun performance. The beginning of Jimin dancing to Butterfly was breathtaking and the concept of adding jazz into their performance was such a good idea. They performed live while dancing, which must have been difficult; I probably would have been out of breath but they gave it their best and they pulled it off perfectly. Sadly, their leader was missing and Jungkook sang Rap Mon’s part in Run, which he sang really well. Let’s hope that Rap Mon feels better and that we will soon see them all performing together with good health and without any injuries. 


Bangtan opened the show (before the other artist followed them) with Arirang and they had CHOREOGRAPHY FOR IT! :D Btw Seokjin’s voice nailed the whole song ~

Fire : the place turned into a sauna …tooo hot :D the crowd became hyped up immediately

What am I to You: Namjoon without any pause started the song….he is seriously amazing!!! like always he expressed the emotions really well ^^

Dope: so cool ~ the crowd sang the sugamon part :D

Save Me:  oh my god :O this dance… seeing it from this close wooooow….. just blew my mind 

I need U: forever a meaningful song ^^ <3 I need U always the best when the audience sings with Bangtan together or instead of them…gosh Jungkook jumps really high o.O

Fun Boyz: interaction with the fans, living the moment ~

….the atmosphere: …..this was like a REAL concert :D