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'cos it's my birthday 😏, can you write me something super fluffy because I love allllll the fluff plssss

“Aaron, I’m not in the mood,” Robert sighed at his husband, the effects of a long day having taken their toll. He’d been in meetings in Manchester all morning, and then Nicola had sent him on a wild goose chase that afternoon, looking for a new client out Birmingham way who apparently didn’t even exist, and he was knackered.

He just wanted to curl up in bed, and read a book, and forget that the whole day had ever happened. Robert watched as Aaron raised an eyebrow, turning to root in his wardrobe for something.

“What are you doing?” he sighed again, hugging his knees to his chest. Aaron was in a good mood that evening, and while normally, he’d relish in Aaron’s happy demeanour and bright smile, but he just felt absolutely horrendous that evening.

“I’m cheering you up, of course.” Aaron grinned, producing the teddy bear Robert had won at the theme park, nearly two years ago now, the gigantic stuffed toy looking ridiculous in his gruff husband’s hands.

Robert raised an eyebrow. “Pity I’m not five,” he grumbled.

Aaron threw himself down on their bed, thrusting the teddy bear at Robert. “How can you still be grumpy when you’ve got Mr Bear looking at ya?” he grinned.

“Mr Bear?”

“Leo named him,” Aaron shrugged, pushing the teddy bear against Robert’s chest, the material soft against his skin. He put on a ridiculous deep voice, doing what Robert assumed was supposed to be an imitation of a cartoon bear. “Robert, turn that frown upside down.”

Robert couldn’t hold back a snort. “You’re an idiot, you know that?” he said, trying to rearrange himself into a serious facial expression again, his mouth barely keeping to a frown as he watched his husband waggle the teddy bear in front of him, Aaron pulling faces.

“An idiot that you love!” Aaron said, still putting on the silly voice, moving the teddy bear’s arms about, as though he was trying to make the toy dance.

“I do love you.” Robert said quietly, reaching for the teddy bear. It felt ridiculous, having such an attachment to the toy when he was thirty two years old, but it reminded him of those new, exciting first days of their relationship. 

“Feel a bit better now?” Aaron nudged, pressing his cheek to Robert’s still raised up knees. 

Robert nodded. “I just had a crap day, that’s all.”

“Well, that’s why you have me, innit?” Aaron said, kicking off his shoes and curling himself around Robert, the teddy bear squished between them. “Fancy a takeaway or something tonight?” 

Robert breathed in Aaron’s familiar scent, the odd combination of Robert’s shower gel and the cheap Lynx spray Aaron always used, as though he was still fifteen years old.

“Yeah,” he murmured, too comfortable now he was wrapped up in his husband’s arms. “Can we just stay here for a bit first?”

Aaron nodded, pressing his lips to Robert’s in a sloppy kiss. “Love you, Mr Dingle. Even if you are more of a grump then I am, sometimes.” 

Robert rolled his eyes. “Yeah, alright.”

Aaron grinned, shoving the teddy bear into Robert’s armpit, half lying on top of Robert now. “Mr Bear loves you too, ya grumpy git.”


I’d been having the dream on and off again since I was a small child. It was always the same, and while I could have it multiple times a week I would only ever have it once a night. It could happen no matter the time of the year.

The dream would begin as I was walking up some wooden steps. They joined on to the small porch area of an incredibly nice house. The house was empty; I always got the impression that the previous occupants had recently moved. Someone would show me inside, though I would never see who it was. I would go into the entrance hall and ahead of me would be the hallway leading to the kitchen. To my left, the living room, and to my right, the stairs. It was a lovely house, open and airy and warm.

Here the dream would skip, and again I would become aware that I was climbing the last of a flight of wooden stairs. This time I would be on the upstairs landing. Now the atmosphere had changed; I felt tense, uneasy. It was colder. Without my permission my feet would carry me to the right, along the hallway. I would pass two doors; the first on my left (a bedroom), and the second just ahead of it on my right (a bathroom). I would stop at the end of the hallway, in front of the final door. It would open on its own.

Seated in front of me, on a single chair in an otherwise empty room, would be an elderly man. He was incredibly old, probably in his nineties. He was visibly sick, and I remember being able to see the veins in his papery hands.

“Close the door,” he said. “You don’t want to see this.”

Something would grab my arm from behind, and I would wake up.

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Writer!Annabeth Tumblr Drabble

Based on an anon that said @bananannabeth reminded them of Writer!Annabeth.  Hope y’all enjoy it for the not-so-serious work it is ;)

Annabeth cracked her knuckles as her laptop warmed up.  The fan revved as Percy opened the door to the Poseidon cabin and let himself in.  

“Hey,” he said with a warm smile.  “Whatcha doing?” He gave her a sideways look for having a computer at camp.

“Oh, I’m just checking my Tumblr.”  She answered like they’d talked about it a thousand times.  

“Tumblr? What is that?” He sat next to her in bed and stared at the wall of blue with white blocks of text and pictures scrolling by.

“It’s a website where you can make a blog full of whatever you like – things that you’re interested in, whatever that may be.”  

Percy hummed with interest.

“So I’d imagine you had a blog of Architecture, Greek History, that kinda thing?” He guessed, his arm around her.

“Well, I do have a personal blog with that kind of stuff on it…but I also have a blog for my writing.”

Percy looked surprised. He had never known Annabeth to be much of a creative writer.  She could crank out an essay in a few minutes flat.  She could race to the back cover of a book faster than anyone else.  But writing a story?

“What do you write about?” He said at last.  

“Well you know that guy, Rick whatever-his-name-is.  The Camp Scribe.  He wrote down the stories of all of our adventures and made like, a million books out of it.”

Percy didn’t know much about it all, as he really had not had much time to ponder it until now.  

“I know about that much, yeah.  What about them?”

“Well he published them as young-adult fiction novels.  No one knows it’s real, and mortals absolutely love the story.  There’s a big fanbase for it.”

He looked embarrassed.

“No way… what does that have to do with your writing though?”

“Well, I wrote a story based on that nightmare I had about you and me.”

Percy turned the color of the cotton sheets they were sitting on.

“The one where I… and?”

He didn’t have to finish. She just nodded, clearly not wanting to fully remember it.

“So it really helped me getting over that to write it out so it just became a thing.  Words on paper.  Not this terrible fantasy of my idle mind.  So since people thought that “Percy Jackson” wasn’t real, then people think it’s fanfiction.  Just something a fan of the books wrote.

“Why on earth would someone write a sad story about characters that they like??”

“Been trying to figure that out myself.  No idea so far.”

“Okay, one more thing. If they don’t think I – and therefore you – are real, who do they think you are when you post these stories?”

“Oh that’s easily! I pretend to be our friend Ashlee.  Remember her?”

“Oh yeah! She had been here at camp for a long time.  Didn’t she leave to go live in the mortal world again?”

“Yeah.  Her mortal family is in Australia so she’s back there. She lets me post on this blog when I have something like that and takes care of it the rest of the time.”

“This is weirdly genius.” Percy had a look of surprise and bemusement on his face.

“Glad you think so! I have some blogs lined up if you ever wanna try it…”

With that, Annabeth hopped off the bed with a wink, placing the laptop in Percy’s lap and walking towards the bathroom.  She smirked as she could hear the tapping of keyboard keys and mouse scrolling behind her.    

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mostly I just want to protect David. I mean, he obviously has feelings, but most people are either horrible to him or manipulate him, because he's programmed to serve them. He just wants to learn about aliens and watch his favourite movie. That smile when the alien patted his head? He was so happy that someone seemed to appreciate him as a person and then he gets his head ripped off my poor baby. Just leave my sweet robot son alone T_T

Someone:  *talks about David*


You want to protect David? Aw that’s really sweet, considering how many people just find him really creepy. I guess he is in fact a tad creepy, but I still think he’s very interesting and likable. David is crazy about Lawrence of Arabia so it’s impossible for me to dislike him. :)

If I remember correctly, David said he could only understand human emotions and not feel them himself, but I believe that slowly changed during the two years he was left alone on the Prometheus. He was programmed to do several things, but he somehow evolved, and no one really thought about that possibility. I don’t think he was programmed to cry whilst watching Lawrence of Arabia, to dye his hair or to insult the crew in a passive aggressive way. Yeah that’s all David. 

Oh yeah, that smile. I don’t know if he really smiled because he was happy, but he was definitely curious to see what would the Engineer say or do. He smiles quite a lot when he’s intrigued… or when he enters a bag hahahaha look at him.

He makes a “hmmm” sound by the way. Really cute.

I’m too fucked up for words… That final showdown between the brothers truly made up for some of the wtf moments of this finale. It was so heartbreaking to see Dylan wanting to save his brother at all costs, even if it means risking his own life. I feel that this was Dylan’s way to make up for his own mistakes with Norma and Norman. As he himself said in season one to Norman “she’s ruined you” which is true in a sense. Norman will never be able to function properly because he doesn’t have Norma by his side. He won’t be able to be happy, he won’t be able to live in peace, he won’t be able to breathe. He won’t be able to live normally, no matter how much Norman himself would try, especially for Dylan, his brother whom he loves dearly. Dylan had always viewed Norma negative for this (well one of his many reasons that is) but as he was finally able to give himself a chance with Norma, he saw that she was not as bad as he viewed her as. Her past helped shape her into the person she became, and Dylan learned to accept this, even if his selfish side would sometimes take over. In his own way, he too was a mama’s boy just as much as Norman was, only difference is, Dylan was “sane” and “normal” about it, as an actual child would be. Dylan was the only person, who properly gave Norman the mercy he so needed in his life, not to mention a love that was rather pure. Sure, there is Soul Bates but as much as I love them to death, their love was also their demise.

I am just so glad that they ended this show properly, the only way it COULD end and it being tied to the character that ACTUALLY has a TRUE connection to BOTH Norman and Norma Bates.

Jay Wars: Prequel III

“That movie didn’t end jaysomely at all,” Jay says firmly.

“No, no it didn’t.”

“And I’m pretty confusled cuz having the high ground doesn’t win fights when people can use the force and leap really jaysomely you know!”

“I know.” I wait.

“So that means Anakin wanted to die and become Darth Vader?” Jay asks. “Cuz everyone said he was the best and that means he let himself lose! Only he wouldn’t let himself die cuz Padme was alive and – .”

“And?” I ask.

“That means he killed her, Charlie. Cuz she was in a hospital with lots and lots of tech but she still died because he couldn’t be Anakin anymore and she was keeping him that. Which means he was never jaysome at all!”

“Jay. It’s just a movie. A story. Sometimes stories can’t be jaysome no matter how hard they try. We can watch the proper movies now, I think.”

And I put A New Hope into the dvd player. I made sure to get a copy where Han shot first, because truth is more important in fiction than in the real world.

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But does Anti have a canon personality? I agree that they have severe personality disorders, but Jack himself have said that he doesn't want to make anything canon so that people's creativity is not limited

In the community the largest canon personality is that he’s incredibly violent and aggressive towards people. He’ll scare them and toy with them before torturing them.
That’s what I heard anyway 

I have my theory...

Hreatbreaking as GL:TAS is, Aya must be still alive. We’ve seen her coming back before, and Razer himself said he was sure of it.

Originally posted by aqualadb03

Well, I do have a theory:

When a Green Lantern dies, their rings return to Oa, right?

Well, what if a small, seeminlgy insignificant portion of Aya’s spark of life, her essence, her being, survived after she sacrificed herself to save the universe from her own mistake?

She had potential to become a threat or a Lantern, but in the end she chose what was right and remediated the situation. 

Her spark of life might have traveled back to Oa, and into the Central Power Baterry. However, since Aya’s pretty much her own being, she must be on some kind of stasis; sort of deep asleep, recovering her energy and awaiting to wake up again.

If she’s coming back organic or humanoid AI, I’m not sure, but we can all agree she has been alive since ever.

The fairest reward the universe could give her for such a sacrifice and such dedication is to keep living, learning and feeling.


Last semester we hater each other.
Would say “hi” just to be polite at parties.
He knew exactly what to say to piss me off.
I’d ignore his obnoxious self.
Winter holiday.
We come back. Half of our friends left. It’s me and the French, he’s one of them. I have my own apartment, parties would be here, group would be divided because he wouldn’t be welcome.
He completely changed. Went back to his ex girlfriend, we all say she’s a saint who changed him.
He said he had always been like that, but had lost himself a bit.
We all become really good friends. Every weekend we gather at my place for drinks, games, conversations till 5am.
A bit more than month ago, they break up. He’s devastated. We all worry he’ll go back to his previous self.
He didn’t. We all support him and he actually stays how he truly is.
Three weeks ago, we are here. We play a game that ended up with a sequence of dares. I dare him to kiss a girl in the living room. I meant, between my two friends. He turns to his left side, and kisses me. It wasn’t a French kiss, but it took me by surprise. It was a game. Many people kissed. I forgot about it.
Last Friday, we go out to dance. You hold my hand to pass through the crowd. We all leave together, the two of us sit at the back of the Uber.
He tells me he never thought I’d be that way. “Which way?” I asked, “the one to believe in love.” I didn’t say anything. I’ve always been that person, and I thought everyone knew it. All of my close friends do.
Sunday, five of us were going to the movies. A girl cancelled, leaving me with 4 other guys. Only two were my good friends. I was about to cancel, he says “what are you afraid of? Common”. I go.
He sits next to me. 30 min before the end of the movie, our hands touch. He plays with my fingers. His touch is warm. We hold hands.
The lights turn on. I quickly let his hand go. Don’t look at him till I get home, pretending to be very occupied talking to the other guys.

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My favorite robron kiss was the one in robs wedding day. Aaron was nothing according to robert right? Meaningless sex. A risky fun toy that he didnt feeling anything about. The only reason that i liked the scenes was the way that robert grap his face and kiss him like despite what he said he could help himself. He was in love i think. One of the many examples that shows he fell for him

Yeah I think by the wedding he had feelings he didn’t know what to do with, they were different from his usual naughty sweaty feelings it was confusing.

My fave was either the first kiss or the portacabin kiss…so much sexual tension.




the happiest kiss & cry


Raymond Reddington in 4x13

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I really don't get why some people don't want malec sex I mean they're both adults in a relationship and they can do what they want, this isn't just a one night stand they're endgame but even if they weren't what is the problem?and alec maybe innocent because he is a virgin but we all saw the thirst and attraction he feels for magnus ever since their first meeting people really need to stop thinking he is some sort of pure child beacuse new flas alec is wild as hell and has sexual desires too

Say it louder for the people in the back, Anon.