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What's wrong with season 2 keith?

“not all galra”

so i’m watching the extra’s on my the Lost Bladesman dvd and there’s literally a whole segment where they just marvel at how great jiang wen is

some of the things they said: 

  • he’s very mysterious and they couldn’t believe he was actually there working on the movie with them [cryptid confirmed]

  • that he’s a great director himself
  • they find his complexity most attractive
  • his charisma is almost too powerful [”He’s overwhelming.”]
  • he’s the best actor in China
  • and then they just went on and on about how great and subtle his acting is

same tbh…

i have plenty thoughts on lance’s vlog but i’m going to paint my new house today and then the weekend should be hectic with finishing up moving into it. sooo idk when i’ll be able to sit down and type everything up. any posts from me will be from my queue.

IDK about y’all but I like Matt. He hasn’t said really problematic stuff other than 1st week with the Ramses comment. Other than that he’s been the nicest and didn’t join in on the Dominique hate. He may be boring but at least he’s a decent cereal loving person and furniture.

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Lazy Morning

Title: Lazy Morning

Summary: Sometimes a lazy morning in bed with Dean is all you need…

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count: 906 (I stand by my decision to call this a drabble lol)

Warnings: This is pure, unadulterated fluff.

Author’s Note: This is just a little something I wrote for @escabell‘s birthday. My dear friend, Sandee, you are an absolute, overwhelmingly giving angel that loves with everything you got and I’m happy you found my fic and became friends with me. Happy birthday! <3

And to all of you reading this, enjoy and have a great day <3

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Walking up next to Dean Winchester is a gift.

Whether it’s on an insanely early morning or just on a lazy day, the way his warmth seeps into your skin or the way you’re woven together, limbs and edges blended so perfectly, overwhelms you with serenity and makes your heart flutter unevenly like you’re a schoolgirl on her first real date with a boy.

Most of the times, he’s the first one to wake up, so, he gawks for a while, takes in all the little things he loves about you and then, after a few silent minutes of morning bliss, he strokes your hair lightly and greets you with a forehead kiss and ‘morning, sweetheart.

Today though, he’s still asleep when your eyes flutter open, so you settle closer to him, enjoying the way the sunlight dances on your bare skin, and let your gaze roam over his face.

Dean’s beautiful and soft when he’s sleeping, rugged edges giving way to innocence and youth, olive skin almost golden in the morning glow and freckles darker than usual.

It’s a fascinating thing to see, one that makes you fall in love with him all over again, and you grin, prop yourself on your elbow and start peppering his face with feather-light kisses.

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You two talk a lot, huh?

there are some respects (especially as regards worldbuilding) in which LOTR is a lot more nuanced and detailed than many later users of the genre conventions it helped popularize and so there’s some stuff that Tolkienesque fantasy gets criticised for that Tolkien himself doesn’t actually tend to do

there’s obviously plenty to criticise in LOTR itself, but it’s not always what seems obvious based on later examples of the genre, and it’s fascinating to see how those tropes have mutated

Thoughts on ‘KNB: Last Game’. !Spoiler Alert!

So I just finished watching this movie and it really fucked me up. What a quality of graphics, such interesting plot, great character development.

First thing to mention is the way they portrayed a personality split. Akashi’s conversations with his inner self, how he finally found peace.

All that cute interactions between GoM members.

One important thing is that we actually see Kuroko that shows so many emotions. He expresses anger, joy, fear, irritation, sadness in all colors. He is so alive there, he learned to be this way and it is beautiful.

The thing that teared me up is the last scene between Kagami and Kuroko in the airport. Like, everything that they said to each other… it was always subtle, they never talked about what they truly think about themselves straightforwardly, but they always showed that by playing together, they had that conversation of souls. But now they finally spoke about it. Kuroko finally knows how much Kagami appreciates his basketball, how much he values him as a person. Kagami finally knows that Kuroko was always aware that he (Kagami) isn’t confident about his own strength, but still he thinks that he can overcome all the difficulties, break all the walls, that he is a true ace and will always be this way, because this is in his nature. And there’s nothing left to say, their paths become different, but they both know that this bonding will last for their entire lives just like their dreams. 

Everything Changes - Peter Parker

Words: 1096

Warnings: None

A/N: Hey so this imagine was a long time coming I guess because if you write Peter imagines then this is one that you write haha.

And can we take a fucking minute to talk about the trailer people?!?!? Like what is life?!? And Tony Fucking Stark, what the frick frack do you think you’re doing taking the suit off that smol bean!?!?! Still #teamironmanforever XD … Enjoy the imagine :)

“Peter Parker!?” Your friend screamed but still managed to keep her voice low. Regardless of the fact you were sure no one did hear her you still put a finger to your lips and told her to shush, looking desperately around to see if #anyone# had heard her.

Peter Parker?!” She repeated in the same tone. You couldn’t tell if she was acting this way in disbelief or shock - or both.

“Yes.” You replied finally. She had been pestering you for weeks for who you had a crush on because she claimed she could tell exactly when you had one. You had told her, and now this was her reaction.

“Peter Pa-” She began to say again but you shut her up.

“Don’t you think you’ve said it enough already?”

Y/F/N just looked at you. She had an evil glint in her eye.

“Don’t you dare.” You said.

“Oh trust me, I am not going to do or say anything.”

“Yeah right.”

“No seriously,” She said and winked, “Your secrets safe with me.”

She closed her locker door and set off down the hallway making you follow her.

You cursed your timing knowing that next period you would have Chemistry, with Y/F/N… and Peter. With Y/F/N sitting on your right and Peter directly in front of you. Great.

Y/F/N had paused next to the door, “Ready?”

“For what?”

She raised her eyebrows with a knowing look.

“I wish I hadn’t told you now.” You groaned and half rolled your eyes.

“It was the best thing you ever did.” She stated and then opened the door and entered the class room.

You followed her to your usual spot. Peter was already sitting there and you tried not to look at him. Y/F/N was though. She was looking at him as if she’d only seen him for the first time. As if she was looking at him in ‘a different light’.

You rolled your eyes but grinned slightly. She had better not say or do anything.

Your teacher came in and handed out the graded tests from last lesson. You were doing well in school and didn’t need to worry too much about your grades. After she had done this she stood at the front of the class.

“As I said last week everyone,” She started,“ your projects towards your final grade start this week so could you get into partners and carry out the preliminary experiment written on the board.”

You had completely forgotten about this! You had had so much homework this week you had totally forgot that this was this week.

You turned to Y/F/N getting ready to work with her. She grinned at you manically before leaning forward to the girl in front and asked if they could work together. You sat completely shocked until you realised what she was doing.

“Y/F/N?” You said. “What are you doing?”

“I’m doing nothing.” She said still smirking, “Just like I promised.”

Y/F/N?!” You hissed again but she had already moved to the other desk.

You sat there not knowing what to do. She was your only friend in this class.

“Um, Y/N?” You heard someone say and you turned to look in front of you to find Peter Parker staring questioningly at you.

“Uh yes?” You said as best as you could.

“I’m guessing you don’t have anyone to work with?”

“Yeah…” You said lamely glancing behind him at Y/F/N.

“Do you want to work together?”

This was not happening. Last time you checked you didn’t live in a teen movie.

“Yeah sure.” You carried off with a light smile. “Do you want me to move round there or you come here?”

“I’ll move.” He said returning the smile. You shifted your stuff over to the other side of the desk so he could put his stuff down.

You saw that Y/F/N was looking back at you with the same mischievous laugh she’d had before. You ignored her and focused on not making yourself look stupid in front of Peter. Doing that was probably going to be harder than this experiment.

You turned back to Peter and gave him a shy smile.

“It doesn’t look too hard.” You said regarding what was written on the board.

“No.” Peter agreed and you two started to get your equipment together and the chemicals you would need. It was a titration neutralisation reaction so it wasn’t hard, just fiddly.  

You two worked in silence for a few minutes and you couldn’t tell if the silence was awkward or not. You just didn’t really have anything to say.

“Could you pass me the acid?” Peter asked. You picked up the bottle and passed it to him.

“Thanks…” He mumbled still concentrating on making sure the acid stayed where it was supposed to.

Suddenly you remembered that this was a full blown project. As in a project that had a practical element and a research one. That was required to do in the pairs so one person couldn’t get the other person’s grade for them.

“Shit…” You said under your breath as you realised that Y/F/N had probably planned this out in the five minutes they had before class.

“Huh?” Peter said assuming you were talking to him.

“No nothing…” You said going red. Great, now he thought you talked to yourself. You gave him a small smile and he smiled back before returning to the experiment.

Why are you like this?! You thought as Peter passed the equipment to you so you could carry on the experiment.

You listed the volume values you had got to Peter and he wrote them down. You were surprised you could do it because your hands were slightly shaking from nervousness.

Soon you were completely done and you packed everything up. You didn’t know what your next move was going to be with this project because it would mean actually working with Peter.

Your teacher, after being satisfied with the state of the classroom, called the class dismissed and you got up to leave and run after Y/F/N.

“Y/N, um wait up.” You heard Peter say behind you and you stopped and turned round.

“Hey do you want to do the research element now? I mean we already have loads of work from other classes so we could just get it over and done with.” Peter asked. “That’s only if you’re free!”

“Yeah I am let’s do it.” You said.

“My place?” Peter asked timidly.

You internally screamed. “Yeah sure.”

Y/F/N who was standing nearby, much to your annoyance, and listening in gave you a thumbs up from behind Peter. You shot her a warning look and she just smirked and waved goodbye.

You couldn’t believe this was happening.


Benedict Cumberbatch on Sherlock/Irene, @LFCC (29 July 2017):

“Was that love? Was that lust? It was another form of obsession in a way for him. He couldn’t let her go as was explored as John questions him.

“It was probably better that that’s there in the world and he doesn’t really want to acknowledge it. It’s a secret for him.”

Source link: http://www(dot)express(dot)co(dot)uk/showbiz/tv-radio/834615/Sherlock-Benedict-Cumberbatch-BBC-Molly-Hooper-John-Watson

The Recruit (Chapter 5) - Mitch Rapp

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “Day 20″

Characters: Mitch Rapp, Stan Hurley, Rob Russells, Dan Brunski, Peter Collins, Jacob Clemens  & Reader

Warnings: Sexual assault, attempted rape, graphic depiction of violence. I’m sorry.

A.N.: I did not intend to go this direction when I started this, like Mitch and Y/N have enough problems without this shit happening, but it’s just where the story took me.

Summary: Mitch returns from the Ghost camp and has a run in with Y/N that changes the nature of his relationship with her, and sets them on a path that they cannot come back from.

Chapter Four - Chapter Five - Chapter Six

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The morning of Day 16, Mitch was whisked away to an underground bunker away from The Barn to begin his real training in Stan’s Ghost Protocol Program for the Orion Team. He spent two days in a dark basement with other men and women that he didn’t know, taking tests, wearing virtual reality goggles, and expertly completing his tasks. He excelled on every level and at every test. They gave him aptitude, IQ and logic tests, had a psychiatrist evaluate him, ran physicals and stress tests. All which he passed with flying colors.

The afternoon of Day 19, Mitch was walking back from lunch and was hooded. Mitch took down the two guys with ease, and pulled the black shroud from over his face.

“You know, how I know that he’s not cut out for this shit, Irene? He shouldn’t have even allowed them to hood him in the first place. He should’ve sensed them behind him.” Stan said, watching the abduction try to take place over a closed circuit TV.

Irene watched as three more men, and one of the ones that Mitch had already put down, fought with the young man in hand-to-hand combat, finally subduing him. She rolled the tape back and watched the encounter over again. She paused the recording at the moment the first two men entered the hallway behind Mitch. 

“Look…” She pointed at the tilt of his head. “He knew they were there.” Stan leaned forward as she played the rest of the tape again.

“He let them take him.”

“He’s ready, Stan.”

“Actually, Irene, he’s not ready, but he will be.” Stan told Irene, as he walked out the door and slipped into a room across the hall, where a hooded Mitch sat, tied to a metal chair being waterboarded.

The evening of Day 19, Mitch was returned back to The Barn, where more intense training began. The group of twenty, under Stan’s supervision, spent ten hours each day learning interrogation techniques, tradecraft, the deadliest aspects of all hand-to-hand combat styles and marksmanship.

On Day 20, Mitch woke up to the sound of a loud thud against his door. He immediately got up and opened it, to see Dan’s body splayed about on the ground, blood coming from his lip, and you, who he hadn’t seen in days, standing in your doorway with your chest heaving.

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where did you meet your boyfriend?

To be honest we met through this app called Love Lab. After just few mins of talking to him I knew we would get along and unlike any other apps I wasn’t doubting the stuff he said because on the app you need to show a proof of everything: your photo, contact, identity and even your criminal record.

It’s designed to message and meet “verified” people that have the same interests as you. I showed it to all of my friends and now they’re all obsessed with this app, but in a good way haha! So yeah, that answers your question.

- i could hold you forever

a/n : guys i actually adored writing this drabble/angst for you all (and myself not gonna lie lol), i tried to make it slightly longer and managed to actually destroy myself with archie feels. 

word count : 922 

{archie andrews x reader}

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you huffed once more as you tossed onto your side. it happened every night and every night it annoyed you just that little bit more than the night before. sleep never came easy to you. thank you insomnia. you rolled over to grab your phone from the side of your bed. the numbers 12:49am shone brightly, causing you to groan. you put your phone back and laid staring at the ceiling. however that didn’t last long either as you decided to get up and pull of a pair of trainers. you grabbed a hoodie from behind your door and placed your phone in your pocket. you walked over to the window and flicked the latch open, pulling it open as quietly as possible; not that you drunkard of a father would care. the cool night breeze fluttered into your room as you hopped out the window. you hopped onto the porch roof, making your way to the ground. once you were safely soft grass of your front lawn you headed off down the street. to the place you knew you’d feel at ease.

it only took a matter of minutes for you to get there. you spotted the familiar side window that belonged to the bedroom of your boyfriend; archie andrews. there was a faint glow coming from the corner of the glass, indicating that he was awake. or that he’d forgotten to turn off his lamp. either way you were about to find out as you started to climb the vine that conveniently grew up to the window. you reached the top, stepping onto the also convenient ledge that was placed under the window. you peered in to see archie sat on his bed writing something. you tapped on the window lightly, causing him to jump. he quickly stuffed his paper and pencil under his bed and walked over to the window pulling it open.

‘isn’t this supposed to be the other way round in the movies and stuff?” he said slightly dazed. you felt a smile creep onto your face at his choice of words.

‘hello to you too’ you giggled, climbing into his room. however you face grew serious as you sat on his bed. his face mirrored yours as he crouched in front of you, taking your hands in his.

‘struggling?’ he whispered not needing an answer. you practically lived at archie’s house the amount of times you’d woken up there. you met his eyes for a split second before looking back down again. he pulled your hands towards his lips, kissing your knuckles gently. even after being together for a good few months, he still managed to make your stomach tighten with emotion. he stood up as you shuffled to the far side of the bed, quickly following suit and lying next to you. his arm looped around your waist as he pulled you close. you placed your head on his chest, using your hand to trace patterns on his pyjama top. you felt his gaze on you and slowly looked up to him. his eyes were filled with amorousness as he brought his lips down to yours. he left two soft kisses on your lips before his eyes scanned your face, inches from his. he reached up to push some hair behind your hair that had escaped from your pony tail. you smiled softly at him as he quickly kissed you again. you placed your head back on his chest as he continued to play with your hair. you sat embraced in each others arms for a few minutes before he broke the silence.

‘i could hold you forever’ he whispered, planting another light kiss on your forehead. it was like being sprinkled with fairy dust; he made you feel a way you were unable to describe. you let out a hushed giggle as you buried your face closer into his chest, which you felt buzz slightly as he laughed softly at how adorable you were.
‘i’m not objecting to that’ you breathed faintly, another smile finding its way onto your face. you felt his fingers start to trace patterns on the stretch of skin that was exposed from the gap between your hoodie and pyjama shorts, relaxing you. it was almost hypnotic. or maybe your body was finally allowing you to sleep; you couldn’t figure it out.

‘thank you archie’ you croaked, staring at his guitar that was across the room. another kiss was placed upon your forehead from the red head you had found your home in, he had a thing about intimate affection tonight, not that you were complaining.

‘we’ll get through this, i promise,’ he whispered back into your ear, an act of redamancy. you sat up once more and placed a soft kiss on his lips. he kissed back, placing his hand under your ear, his thumb caressing your cheek. you pulled away slowly, you breathing shallow. there was no combination of words that could describe your love for him.

‘go to sleep baby,’ he said, noticing the rare sight of sleepiness in your eyes. you turned to face the wall and pushed yourself back against him. he placed his arm back around your waist and placed his face in the crook of your neck so you were both as close to each other as you could possibly be.

‘i love you’ you said daintily, closing your eyes.

‘i love you so much baby’ he replied, his voice filled with infatuation for you as you both fell into a slumber.

Jeremy Heere x Chubby!Reader Headcannons

AN: Sorry this took so long anyways enjoy this from a fellow big girl!!! Love y'all!!!!

-okay so obviously Jeremy is a lightpole like he can eat whatever he wants and not look any different 

-you on the other hand were the total opposite 

-but that didn’t interfere with your growing attraction towards the tall nerd, if anything your stomach filled with more and more butterflies the more you saw him 

-so you being your courageous strong beautiful self decided hmm it’s time for me to make a move on this dork

-when you started making moves on Jer, you got a lot of mixed signals from him so you weren’t too sure how he felt about you, you had caught him staring at you multiple times and then quickly looking away and whenever you would smile at him in the hallway his face would go red which were signs that he was into you according to your friends but whenever you tried to talk to him he wouldn’t really speak and when you would walk over to him he’d make eye contact with you and speed walk the other way

-you were kind of unsure of yourself and how this boy felt about you, you honestly thought he didn’t like you

-but the thing is Jeremy Heere was actually really into you

-he just didn’t know how to show his attraction due to him being so anxious

-so when you cornered him in the hallway he was so surprised that you wanted to go out with him

-you, Y/N Y/L/N, one of the most pretty and smart people he knew wanted him, Jeremy Heere? 

-he was shook lol

-but he said yes tho lol

-fast forward to some other stuff

-okay so let’s be real Jeremy is that typical boy who gets off to your typical unrealistic supermodel type kind of girls

-but when he met you, a real person with a real body he was floored 

-everything about you from your thick thighs to the pudge under the button of your jeans to the swell of your breast and your round face was amazing and he could hardly form sentences whenever he saw your smile stretch causing your cheeks to swell

-let’s just say he wasn’t able to jack off to that basic ass porn hub shit since he met you

-headcannons about your relationship!!!

-whenever you see pictures of the two of you standing next to each other or you’re looking at you and him in the mirror you giggle bc you guys look like total opposites and you think it’s cute

-Jeremy love when you wrap your arms around his neck for hugs and kisses bc your arms are warm and soft

-lowkey Jeremy got a boner the first time you hugged him bc he could feel all your softness against him and it was so hot 


-you’re always the little spoon and the length of Jeremy somehow surrounds your whole back and basically swallows you

-but sometimes you’re not always down to spoon bc you feel uncomfortable with your tummy vs gravity situation (if you have chub you know what I mean) 

-so you guys either spoon with Jeremy’s arm over your arm or cuddles where your head is laying on Jeremy’s chest

-you don’t really fit in all of Jeremy’s clothes so Jeremy is the one who wears your clothes most of the time

-if you have hoodies or tshirts they go missing and you usually see Jeremy stroll into school talking to Michael wearing them very often

-if you don’t have hoodies and tshirts, Jeremy likes to steal your cardigans and socks, he will show up to school in a light pink cardigan and you will swoon at how cute he looks 

-Jeremy is honestly head over heels for you and it’s so sweet

-like he bring you a bottle of water every day and carries your books and gives you forehead kisses very sweet boy

-one time you guys saw Jake lift Christine up to kiss her and Jeremy was like hey we should do that and you were like looking into the camera like the office and he would just keep telling you how much he wants to lift you up to kiss him and eventually you just dipped him down and gave him a long passionate smooch and he may or may have not fell on his back bc he was shooook


-your relationship with him is actually really good because you’re both a little self conscious about how you look(even tho you shouldn’t be)

-like you guys are both smoking but there’s always that little voice in the back of your head that says that you’re too big for such a thin guy like Jer

-honestly fuck that voice bc you’re big…and what? You bomb af end of story and Jeremy? He bomb too end of story

-even with those little doubts you guys are actually perfect for each other  

-Jeremy loves you and everything about you chubs and all

-chubby girls for the win

-and chubby boys

-and just chubby people!!!


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Stiles being insecure as heck and Peter comforting him. maybe established relationship and Scott's Pack being douche canoes? Thanks!

So I started with this one and it turned out way more angsty than expected. I do have a little trouble with Scott’s Pack because I quit watching after the train wreck that was Season 4, so I don’t have a good handle on most of his Pack. I hope this is still okay! Thank you for the prompt!


Peter came home to a familiar heartbeat fluttering within his apartment. Which, that wasn’t exactly uncommon—once he’d let Stiles in once, the boy had latched on like a limpet, demanding access to the extensive library that he’d managed to recover since the fire—but it was unusual for his scent to be tainted by the sharp bite of anger along with the utter wrongness of despair. Stiles was far from the happiest person Peter had ever met, but the boy was rarely truly dejected. He was anger, joy, arousal, anxiety, nervousness, boredom, curiosity, ruthlessness, mischievousness…but despair…

“Stiles?” he called, though he knew the wards would’ve already given the boy a warning that he’d returned. Stiles had warded Peter’s apartment only second behind his own home, pleased with having a new purpose and learning more about his magic. He spoke mostly to give the boy a notice, to see if he wanted Peter to bring up the issue now or if he wanted to collect himself and approach it in his own time.

“In here.”

Stiles’ voice was quiet, hurt, but it didn’t break, and it came from Peter’s bedroom. Peter could only hope that meant he wasn’t near tears. Peter would be forced into another murder spree if someone had brought his boy to tears.

Peter stepped out of his shoes before padding down the hallway, opening the cracked door and looking in to see within. Stiles was curled up on his bed, sitting sideways and leaning against the pillows while watching the scenery out the window. Peter glanced but saw nothing of import out the glass, figuring the boy’s attention was lost in thought rather than enraptured by what he was seeing.

Peter crawled onto the bed, curling up behind Stiles and wrapping his arms around him. He nuzzled against the side of Stiles’ neck, pressing a chaste kiss to the bare kiss.

“Do you want to talk?” he asked quietly, a soft murmur against pale skin.

“I asked Scott if he wanted to hang out this weekend, since it’s been months since we’ve hung out other than school or trying not to die.”

Peter rubbed his hands up and down Stiles’ arms, trying to work some warmth into the cool appendages while also offering silent support.

“I mean, it’s only a matter of time before the Alpha Pack makes it move and it makes sense to take some time to breathe while we can, you know? Or I thought so,” Stiles continued. “But you know all the crap that’s been going on with Gerard, and the kanima, and the Darach. It’s just a lot.”

Peter hummed, wondering what the Boy Wonder had screwed up this time. Stiles’ scent turned sharp with ire. Peter held him tighter.

“He said he had plans with Allison. No big deal, not like he sees her every spare moment or anything. I’m not jealous; not like it’s possible to balance school, a romantic relationship, and other social relationships or whatever. Who was the idiot who thought you could do all of that?” He tried to fake a laugh, but it didn’t hold any of the boy’s usual cheer. “But then…I made a joke, right? Like, ‘just wondering if I’m going to get to see you before the next Big Bad tries to kill us, dude’, not even that bad compared to some of the other stuff I’ve said, and he started jumping down my throat about how inappropriate that was and how I was being insensitive and self-centered.”

Peter growled low in his chest, a deep rumble that echoed like thunder. His boy was the furthest thing from self-centered. He was loyal and endlessly caring to any who he took under his wing, which for some reason included the idiot Scott McCall.

The anger that had built up in Stiles’ scent shifted suddenly to the sour twang of hurt. Stiles sniffled.

“He said he needed to be there for Allison because she was still hurt because of her mom dying. He said…‘It’s not like you’d understand.’”

Peter stiffened. How could one boy be so stupid? Scott McCall might possibly be the worse friend to have ever walked this earth.

Stiles shook in his arms. The salty scent was the only warning he got that the tears had breached his boy’s eyes. He held Stiles through his cries, meanwhile wondering how exactly he could eviscerate Scott McCall in the most painful of manners.

“I wouldn’t understand, Peter. I wouldn’t understand what it feels like, losing your mom. I wouldn’t understand what it’s like to have her die way too soon. I wouldn’t understand what it’s like to need someone there, someone who isn’t there, who will never be there ever again. He said I wouldn’t understand!” Stiles shouted his pain, fury and hurt warring for control and only leaving the boy exhausted and trembling in his arms. He turned, curling into Peter’s lap and hiding his tear-streaked face under Peter’s chin.

“Why would he say that to me?”

If there was anything left of Peter’s burnt heart, Stiles soft, broken voice right then broke it. He gathered the boy to him as close as possible, shushing him gently and rocking him slowly.

“At every possible moment, Scott McCall only continues to prove just how worthless of a person he is,” Peter muttered. “You are absolutely perfect, sweetheart. You are brilliant, loyal, caring, and endlessly selfless with those you care about. You have a wolf’s heart, regardless of if you have the literal claws and fangs to go with it. Scott McCall is a self-absorbed whelp who thinks with his dick and nothing else.”

Stiles whimpered, curling impossibly closer and burrowing against Peter’s body. “My mom, Peter. He knows…He knows how much I…”

“I know, darling. I know,” Peter said softly as Stiles sniffled, fighting back a new round of sobs.

“Can I stay here until Sunday?” Stiles asked in a quiet voice, unsure in his welcome for the first time. Peter wanted to kill Scott all the more for putting that insecurity there, for hurting his boy so deeply, for shaking his foundation.

“You can stay as long as you like, whenever you’d like,” Peter promised, kissing the top of his head. “As long as you tell your father where you are. I’m not having him calling me worried again and then threaten to shoot me for not letting him know you were here for those two days.”

Stiles snorted, sniffling to clear his sinuses while wiping the last of the tears away. He was still shaky, but Peter was warm and trying, and Stiles could probably convince the man to cook him his favorite pasta tonight. He would push Scott out of his mind for now. He didn’t know how they’d recover from this slight, if he’d ever be able to move past this, but for now…for now he’d be okay.

He leaned up, kissing the bare skin of Peter’s throat and feeling more than hearing the man’s rumbling growl that sounded almost like a purr. It was soothing, and Stiles managed a small smile against his skin.

They’d get up soon, start dinner. Stiles would wash up and change into some old comfy clothes of Peter’s. They’d cuddle on the couch, watch a movie, maybe talk. Stiles would come to bed, drained from the day, and Peter would walk around the apartment twice, double checking the locks and wards, before joining him. They would come together like magnets, gravitating towards each other, kissing and rutting lazily before Peter would end it before they could go too far. His respect for the Sheriff meant Stiles wasn’t able to talk him into pushing that boundary, but he’d be eighteen soon enough. He’d give in without much fuss, falling to sleep to Peter’s heartbeat.

But that was all later. For now, Stiles just breathed, taking a few more moments to collect himself, a few more moments to soak in the silent solidarity and comfort that Peter offered. The man in question hummed a song under his breath, a simple tune that Stiles thought sounded familiar, and it drew out a smile from him.

‘I love you,’ he wanted to say even thought they were far from that point, suddenly overwhelmed at the visceral feeling he had warming his chest.

Peter kissed his forehead, gentle hands cradling him just a few millimeters closer. Stile thought it felt a lot like ‘I love you too.