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Nothing More [ IV ] [ Final ]

Genre [Rating] : Angst

Length: 3k

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Summary: Watching the man you love love someone else was the most painful feeling in the world.

Nothing More Masterlist

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It was terrifying how much could change in a year. To think that just a few short weeks could change everything about you was daunting, but true. When you had left life felt like torture, like everywhere you looked there was something waiting to mock you. You were broken, your heart all but ashes when you boarded the first flight away, but you knew it was what you needed to do. You needed time away from it all to figure out what you wanted, to figure out who you were without all of the things you’d grown so used to. It was hard, leaving it all behind, like you just gave away a piece of yourself with no plans of ever getting it back.

Loving Byun Baekhyun was hard, but letting that love go, was harder.

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I wanted to write just a couple key moments in bugheads life! Enjoy guys! It’s a long one, better grab some popcorn!

“I have no idea.” F.P said defeated, throwing his hands in the air and looking helplessly at his son, who was staring at himself in the mirror with the same confused look in his eyes.

“It’s impossible. This is not humanly possible.” Jughead Mumbled as his fingers toyed with his shirt collar and he tugged restlessly.

“It’s satans work is what it is.” F.P growled pulling the offending object from his neck and chucking it at the door, unfortunately Betty chose that moment to walk in and was hit square in the face by the dark blue silk tie.

“Oh!” She said surprised, holding the garment in her hand and smiling at the boys in front of her. “Thankyou?” She asked.

“Sorry Betty Blue Eyes, you got caught up in the middle of a fight between me and that jerk.” F.p grabbed the tie from her hands and squeezed her shoulder smiling warmly at his favorite little lady.

“No problem.” She laughed “having a little trouble?” She glanced behind F.P at Jughead and he smiled shyly, putting his hands up and shrugging as his tie lay limp around his neck

“This is not a simple tie Ms.Cooper, it is the tie to end all ties” he held it out to her and she rolled her eyes
“My apologies, here let me help”

Betty’s hands expertly twisted around F.Ps neck and within seconds his tie was perfectly done and she was moving to stand by Jughead as F.P stared at her in amazement
“You are a lifesaver little one” he plopped down on the couch and stared at the two teens before him.

Betty was standing before Jughead as Jughead leaned into the blondes hands and took up her space

“How are you feeling?” She whispered as she tugged on his shirt collar, her fingers gently passing his neck. Today was F.Ps final court appearance and the judge would decide if he had jail time or just community service

“Nervous. Nervous but ready.” He said, his hands moving to gently rest on her waist. Betty had been there through all of it, she had sat beside him at every court date, held his hand as he visited his father, and she had been in the passenger seat the day they had made bail, now she was here for the end and he didn’t think he could do it without her.

“I’ve got faith.” She smiled and gently tugged his tie straight. He looked down at her and prayed that she could read his mind, that she could tell just how much her being there meant to him, just how grateful he was for her. He dropped a kiss to her lips but quickly pulled back when he saw the bright flash go off beside him.


“What?” The older man held up the Polaroid proudly “its for the grandchildren. You’ll thank me when you’re older.”

Betty shook her head and giggled, grabbing the truck keys and smiling

“Alright boys, onward and upward and into the jaws of death.”

The two Jones boys shook their heads and smiled. Betty Cooper was something else.

“It doesn’t matter mom, it wasn’t meant to last, you knew it, I knew it, he knew it. We were just fooling ourselves. If Veronica stops by tell her I’ll be over tonight. I just… I need..” as Betty’s eyes filled with tears, she shook her head quickly and ran up the stairs, slamming her door as she collapsed into sobs on her bedroom floor.

Alice placed a hand to her heart, her daughter was in pain and it physically hurt her to see the normally bubbly blonde revert back to her old ways. She hadn’t seen Betty this upset since sophomore year. Taking a deep breathe she moved to start up the stairs when a pounding on her front door stopped her in her tracks

“Ms. Cooper! Please! Ms. Cooper, you have to let me in! Please let me explain! Please!” Jughead was pleading with her from the opposite side of the door, opening it slowly she was met face to face with her daughters absolutely frazzled boyfriend. Jughead beanie was missing and the flannel he wore was buttoned completely wrong, while his suspenders hung unclipped at his side, his dark waves were a mess.

“Oh thank god” he mumbled, rushing into the household “she doesn’t understand that she’s all i want, she doesn’t know how much she means to me, I don’t care about any of those fancy names or big places, all I want is her, I shouldn’t have said some of the things I said but she’s just so stubborn ya know? I mean I…” he was cut off by the quick and heavy footsteps sprinting down the stairs

“Stubborn?! I’m stubborn?! Have you looked in the mirror recently? I’m just trying to stop you from making the biggest mistake of your life! I’m so sorry for trying to help you!” She shouted in his face, pushing past her mother and standing toe to toe. Alice Cooper stood frozen in her spot.

“Don’t you get it?! You are my life! You’re everything to me. I don’t care about any stupid acceptance letters or big name schools, I want to be wherever you are! My publicist doesn’t care where I’m located, I can write my books from anywhere!” He was begging her but she shook her head.

“I’m not leaving Riverdale Jughead, my family is here, pollys here, baby jayjay is here. They have a great elementary education program at Riverdale Community. I’m staying here. But you! There’s a whole world for you to see out there! I love you and I’ll miss you so much but I cannot be the reason you miss out on seeing the world!” Tears were falling freely down her cheeks now and he placed his palms on either side of her face

“You are my world! Everything I want is right here. I love you. I love Riverdale, if this is where you want to stay, this is where we’ll stay. My dads here, and Jellybean comes here every summer, this is my home too. My home is wherever you are! My first book is already doing so well I can afford to get us an apartment! Don’t you want to be with me?” He wiped at her tears as his own built in his eyes

“Of course I do! I love you. I just don’t… I don’t want you to hate me.. to resent me with time.” Her eyes dropped and he shook his head

“I love you. I could never hate you. I would follow you anywhere, you’re just saving me a trip.” He smiled when he heard her quietly giggle and he pressed his lips to hers
“Wherever you go I’m right beside you okay?” He asked as she nodded

Suddenly the couple was blinded by a bright light and looked up find Alice Cooper standing before them with a digital camera in her hands


“That was beautiful! I’m an old woman let me live vicariously through your love” she snapped a few more as Betty and Jughead rolled their eyes before both posing goofily for the camera.

She laughed as F.P swung her around the dance floor, sending her poofy white dress flying as he lifted her off her feet before placing her back on the ground and holding her by the waist.

“So how does it feel to officially be a jones?” He asked as they slow danced to the familiar father daughter track.

“Long overdue I’d say” she giggled as he puffed his chest out proudly. “Thank you for walking me down the aisle, I invited my dad to the reception but…” she trailed off looking around sadly.

F.p shook his head, Hal Cooper was an absolute idiot, that he was certain of.
“No Betty, Thankyou. You saved my life. You saved my sons life and I can’t repay you for that, you stuck by him through it all, and I know what a tough son of a bitch he can be.” Betty giggled

“Hey that’s my husband you’re talking about!” She smiled brightly.

“You’re decision not mine” the older man teased, spinning Betty around “anyway. I couldn’t ask for a better daughter in law, so thank you for saving both of us.” Betty wiped at her tears as F.P let his freely fall

“Are you making my wife cry on our wedding day?” The familiar timber of Jugheads voice caused them both to smile. F.p gently shoved Betty into his sons arms and took Alice by the hand

“We’re bonding.” He shrugged before moving to the center of the dance floor, Alice laughing the whole way.

“What was that all about Mrs.Jones?” Jughead asked slightly concerned at her tears.

Looking up at her husband, Betty smiled happily
“Nothing at all Mr. Jones.” He beamed as he dropped a kiss to her lips

“This way you two!”

Veronica called from beside them, she held her camera up and motioned for them to smile as she snapped the picture. Veronica took photos fro fashion magazines all over the world and as Betty’s bridesmaid she demanded she also be the Wedding photographer. Looking up at Jughead as he stared lovingly down at her, she ignored the bright flash of the camera and stared deep into her brand new husbands eyes.

“Oh no.” She stood in front of the mirror.

Jughead came running out of the bathroom
“Oh no what?!” He asked frantically, reaching for the bag by the bed.

“I look like a whale.” Betty said blandly, still staring at her reflection in the mirror “might as well call sea world, who needs a book launch, I’ll just start a new career as the first pregnant whale to speak English.” She pouted as she tugged on the skin tight black dress, pulling her nude heel over her foot.

Jughead bit his lip to keep from laughing, tonight was the launch of their very first book as co authors, it had gone over so well that they were already number five on the New York Times Best Seller List. Apparently the concept of a couple writing a book together did very well for sales and they were already sky rocketing, Us Weekly had actually written a two page spread on the “Small Town Star Crossed lovers.” Unfortunately Betty was six months Pregnant and all belly, she seemed to gain no weight anywhere else and as a first grade teacher she was used to flowy sundresses and flats. The stylist had picked out a tight dress and high heels, she looked absolutely amazing to Jughead but apparently the mirror said something else.

“You look beautiful. Too beautiful to even argue” he wrapped his hands around her waist and rubbed her baby belly.

“Really?” She wasn’t one to be vain but hey, pregnancy really does things to your self confidence.

“ absolutely.” He pressed a kiss to the shell of her ear and felt her shudder. Oh yes.

“Alright who’s ready for pictures!” Kevin came into the room and waved his tablet around. Oh did I mention? Kevin was the Jones family manager.

Jughead rolled his eyes and smiled goofily at Kevin as Betty stuck her tongue out

Kevin snapped the picture and in a dull, unamused voice exclaimed


Jughead smiled down at his wife and bent down to press a kiss to her tummy for good luck

“Ready mama?”

“You got it daddy.” She giggled.


“Ma! Come here!”

Betty came barreling down the stairs, her ten month old daughter , Lila, snuggled against her chest

“What’s the matter Cody?!” She looked him up and down for any damage

“Chill mom, I just wanted to know what this was.” The nine year old boy held up the dark blue album and handed it to her, gently taking Lila in his arms and pressing a kiss to her forehead. Betty smiled at the scene in front of her as she ruffled her sons dark waves.

“This is Mine and your dads, it’s our memories.” She opened the album and began flipping through the pages, pointing out pictures and telling the story that went along with each one, Cody was in hysterics and Lila had fallen back asleep.

“Dad really wore that beanie everyday?” He asked, wiping his eyes from laughter

“Yeah well you wear your burger boxers everyday to school.”

Both Betty and Cody turned around at the familiar voice, Jughead stood against the door frame, arms crossed and grinning.

“It’s different! Not everyone can see them! How did you even land mom! She was like… well.. no offense mom but you were a babe and dad… not so much!”

Jughead snorted
“Oh no offense mom? What about no offense dad?” He walked forward and started tickling his son who began laughing like crazy and grabbing at his dads hands, Lila woke up and stirred reaching her arms out for her older brother

“I’ll go feed her! Then I’m going to go play basketball with Jason Andrews, next door.” Cody gently grabbed his baby sister and led her to the kitchen.

Jughead plopped down beside his wife and draped an arm over her shoulders, staring down at the album

“How did I land you?” He asked, gently nuzzling her neck as she stretched.

“Right back at you Romeo.” She dropped her lips to his.

Elope || Jughead Jones

Request from anon: 26 with jughead and then maybe she’s says I don’t care I will always love you idk I thought it would be cute

Request from @jughead-babe​: 28

26.) “The diamond in your engagement ring is fake.”

28.) “How drunk was I?”

The reader and Jughead get eloped after a drunk night together. This fic deals with the aftermath.

A/N: The reader and Jughead are like 18 in this chapter to make the marriage legal (because I think you need a form filled out by a parent if you’re younger than that).

Gif by @ravemreyes


Being the Sheriff’s kid, there was a lot of stuff Kevin Keller could do. One of which was get himself and his group access to the gay nightclub “Innuendo” for the night of his eighteenth birthday. You had never been to a club before and although you weren’t a fan of crowded public places, you had always wanted to check out a club. Your parents would’ve never allowed you to go, which is why you didn’t tell them you were going and were eternally thankful when they announced they were leaving on Friday morning to go on a couple’s retreat, giving you the place to yourself for the whole weekend. Your best friend Jughead on the other hand had never wanted to check a club out and seemed to have planned to spend his entire life away from crowded public places. Nevertheless he came after you begged him for days to join you. In the beginning, the two of you were just hanging out at the bar talking to each other. Then the bartender snapped at you to either order a drink or leave the bar. The two of you complied, not wanting to give up your seats. One drink led to two. Which lead to three. Then four. After that, everything was a blur.

The bright light peering through the blinds was just one of the many things that woke you up in the morning. Combined with the pounding headache, your aching limbs, and the ringing in your ears, you felt horrible.

You opened your eyes and groaned as the light nearly blinded you. The only thing you noticed was that you were in your room.

Good you thought. At least things didn’t get too crazy last night. Probably just had too much to drink.

You fumbled blindly for your phone on the stand next your bed before your fingers came into contact with a cool screen. You forced your eyes to open again as you attempted to read the messages that had come in. A second later, you felt the full extent of your hangover hit you and you swallowed down the bile that threatened to come up.

God. How drunk was I last night?

You forced yourself to look at your phone and tried to read through the messages again.

You got crazy last night! Hope you had fun with Juggie! ;) -Ronnie

Wow, Y/N, I didn’t know you had it in you! -Betty

I told you you and Jughead were endgame! -Kevin

Do you know where Jughead is? He hasn’t responded to my texts. -Archie

You frowned and pulled your covers back, sitting on the edge of the bed, still looking at your phone. It was then that you noticed you were completely naked and your cheeks became bright red as you held your sheets up to your chest.

What had happened last night between you and your best friend?

You froze as you felt movement from the other half of your bed.

Did you dare turn around?

You turned your head slowly and you eyes widened when you saw the all too familiar black hair splayed on the pillow next to yours. You didn’t have to be a genius to know who it was.


He was on his side, his bare back facing you, his body slowly moving up and down with each breath he took. You panicked.

“Jughead! Jughead!” you exclaimed.

Jughead jerked awake immediately and fell off the bed with a thud. You quickly got up, holding the sheets around you.

“Jughead?” you asked, quieter this time.

A groan sounded from the floor as Jughead pulled himself up.

“Y/N?” he said groggily as he stood up all the way, still half-asleep.

Your eyes widened and you quickly turned around once you saw he was naked as well.

“Juggie, you’re naked.” you quickly said, cheeks reddening.

Jughead was now wide awake as he looked for something to cover his lower region. He quickly settled for the pillow he slept on, now on the floor.

“Uh, okay, you can turn around.” he stuttered.

You turned around and the two of you gave each looks that said, “What the hell happened last night?”

“Okay, don’t panic,” you said. “Jug, what’s the last thing you remember?”

Jughead racked through his brain trying to find something that stood out. He looked up at you.

“I don’t know, we had three or four drinks and then after that it’s all fuzzy. What do you remember?” he asked.

You were about to answer when you ran a hand through your hair and winced as it got caught on something. Your pulled your hand away slowly and you eyes nearly popped out of your skull when you saw you were wearing a wedding ring and plastic engagement ring. You looked up at your best friend who looked like he was going to pass out. You then realized he had on a wedding ring too. Jughead followed your gaze and turned as white as a sheet when he saw the metal on his finger.

“What. Happened. Last. Night?” he asked.

You looked down at your phone on the bedside stand and got an idea.

“Just—Just look through the photos and videos on your phone. I’ll look through mine. Maybe they can tell us what happened,” you said. “But first… Let’s put some clothes on.”

After the two of you got over your initial shock and gathered up your clothes, you could focus on your hangovers which had dissipated a little after the both of you threw up three times each. You had just heard Jughead spit out his mouthwash when he emerged from your bathroom, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Okay,” he said, sitting on the edge of the bed next to you, pulling his phone out from his pocket.

“Let’s see what went down last night.”

The two of you went through your photos and videos. Unfortunately there weren’t a lot, just some blurry photos of you and Jughead at the bar and some of you dancing. Then you found a video.

“Hey,” you said, getting Jughead’s attention. “Check this out.”

You played the video and were greeted by the view of a wood floor.

“Is it recording?”

“Juggie, I know how to use my phone! Wait, let me turn it around.”

The camera flipped so it was facing you and Jughead. Anyone could see that the two of you were very obviously plastered. Based on the background of the video, the two of you were at the town hall.

“We’re married!” you said as you and Jughead held up your hands, revealing your rings.

“I want to thank the lovely judge who married us, I can’t remember her name but she was really nice! Oh, and to the town hall who gave us these wedding rings!” you said loudly.

You winced at drunk you’s loud voice.

Video Jughead looked at your ring and frowned.

“You know the diamond in your engagement ring is fake right? It’s plastic. I found it in the cereal box we bought earlier.”

Video Y/N shrugged.

“I don’t care. I’ll always love you no matter what.” you said.

“I love you too.” Jughead said before the two of you kissed, the video cutting out.

You slowly put your phone down and silence enveloped the air.

“So…” Jughead said. “We’re married. We’re really married.”

You nodded.

“Guess so.” you said.

Why didn’t you feel upset? You were still in high school for God’s sake! You had a whole life ahead of you!

“How… How do you feel about all this?” he asked.

You shrugged.

“Honestly… I’ve had worse.” you said, letting out a breathless chuckle.

Jughead smirked.

“Yeah, same.” he said.

The two of you were quiet again. You decided to take a chance.

“You know, what I said in the video…” you began. “That was true. That wasn’t the alcohol talking. It was all me.”

You didn’t know why you were unleashing all of this on him now. The two of you were already overwhelmed with so many thoughts and feelings. 

Well… One more wouldn’t exactly hurt now, would it?

Jughead chuckled.

“Really?” he asked.

You smiled and nodded, shyly looking down.

“I feel the same,” he said quietly and you turned to look at him.

Jughead chuckled again.

“Kind of wild, huh? Best friends for six years and then straight to marriage. We never got to do cheesy confessions of love and the dating in between.” he said.

You decided to be bold.

“We could do it now,” you said. Jughead looked at you. “The dating. I mean… we have the rest of our lives right? Til death do us part?”

A smile grew on Jughead’s face.

“Til death do us part.” he agreed and held your hand linking your fingers together.

So maybe everything was moving a little too fast. Maybe you and Jughead were pretty young. Maybe your engagement ring was a plastic toy found from a cereal box the two of you had bought at four in the morning to satisfy your drunk cravings. But as long as you and Jughead were together, nothing could stop you.


A/N: Holy SHIT, this took me five hours. I hope you guys enjoyed it! Send me feedback! The huge mashup one will be posted later tonight!

Work Comes Home - Part 8

Summary: You work for the company that publishes Hamilton: The Revolution.

Words: Approx. 6100

Author’s Note: Thanks to everyone who read this over (@ourforgottenboleros​, @secretschuylersister​, @letsgiggletogether​: your enthusiasm and excitement honestly helps me to write this. @iwrotemywayto-revolution​ THANK YOU for fixing my horrible grammar - you’re amazing.) Let me know if there’s any little mistakes, I can go in and fix later <3

Disclaimer: I’m sorry for any pain, there’s a few more parts left in this story so please stay with me. Feel free to yell at me all you like because I UNDERSTAND. Again, the timeline is definitely a little weird and artistic liberties were obviously taken in reference to the publishing industry. 

Warnings: Angst, maybe swearing

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Don’t leave me

Pairing: Eggsy x reader

Word count: 719

Warnings: death and tiny golden circle spoiler at the end

(a/n: i don’t really know what this is but the idea popped in my head? So enjoy)

When you came back to your house, which you shared with your dad Harry Hart, the door was already unlocked but it was probably because your dad was off work that day and knew you’d forget your key. However, after calling his name a couple times he didn’t respond; your dad was not in the house. You looked around but nothing. It was unlike your dad to leave the door unlocked but you didn’t really fully question it. Every room was empty; his work room was untouched but his laptop was open though the screen was black.

The hours passed and yet, nothing. The sky was getting dark and it was way past dinner time, where was he?

After making your way down the stairs, you went into the kitchen and grabbed the home phone, ringing Merlin (after you tried several times of ringing your dad’s phone).

“Hello?” Merlin answered.

“Oh, hey merlin, it’s y/n” you said, “by any chance d’you know where dad is?” The line stayed quiet for a couple seconds, a few hushed whispers could be heard on the other line before Merlin came back to the phone.

“y/n,” he sighed, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry” You tensed up on the phone, fearing the worst.

“What?” you asked, the line was quiet - again - for a couple seconds, “dammit merlin, tell me!”

“Galahad is urm…” Merlin paused, “Harry’s dead”

“No” you said, “no he’s not. Tell me you’re lying, Merlin” you denied to accept Merlin was telling the truth.

“I wish I could” Merlin said, it took a couple seconds before the realisation hit you; your father, the only family member you had left, was dead. The man who always protected you, the man who was always the one to hold you if you cried, the man you loved so much, was dead.

Dropping the phone, you collapsed to the ground. Breathing unsteady. Hands trembling.

You bit your finger as you held back a sob, rocking back and forth. The tears that had been welling in your eyes were now overflowing down your cheeks; a choked sob left your mouth.

“It’s not true” you cried out, “it’s not true. It’s not true” you were still rocking back and forth, clutching the necklace your dad had given you in your hand.

The next weeks were incredibly hard. You locked yourself away in the house surrounding yourself with photos and memories. Merlin, Eggsy and Roxy had all tried to talk to you but you stared at the wall of your room, ignoring them all. The only one who eventually got you to talk was Eggsy as he sat next to you, just talking to you about anything to distract you.

“Y’know,” you spoke up looking at Eggsy “I keep hoping he’ll walk through the front door” you said causing Eggsy to look at you a little surprised, you had finally spoken after many weeks.


“I know he won’t but..” you sighed, “but there’s always a chance, i guess”  Eggsy gave you a sympathetic smile as he watched you pick up a framed photo of your mum and dad on their wedding day, a long time ago. You smiled a little even though your heart was hurting so bad.  Eggsy knew about you losing your mother when you were very young, she too was a kingsman agent just like your dad. Unfortunately, she was killed in action. And now, Harry was gone too.

Eggsy was quick to react when you began to cry.

“Luv, hey, hey” Eggsy said as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder, “hey, it’s okay” Eggsy pressed a kiss to your hair, frowning as he hated to see you cry.

“Don’t leave me eggsy” you begged, “please”

“I’m ain’t going anywhere, babe” he whispered, holding you. “I’ve got you, I’ve got you”

Eggsy stayed with you that night, he didn’t leave your side and held you if you cried or felt alone. As time went on Eggsy helped you through the pain and the tears; he moved in with you and kissed all the troubles away. He helped prepare you for whatever life would throw your way. 

However, he didn’t prepare you for when you saw your dad again and he certainly didn’t prepare you for your dad not remembering who you were.

Honey, I'm Home

You knocked on the door of the big house that you remember as yours. You had decided it would be best to start a new life without his help, it was working-ish.

“Hey”, Calum opened the door and gestured for you to come in. You walked in the door and stood awkwardly. “Hunter! Mommy’s here!”

“I’m coming”, your three year old yelled, “I gotta get my toys.”

“Okay, take your time baby”, you yelled up the stairs.

You and Calum had split a little over a year ago, it didn’t seem to affect Hunter now but your dreaded the days to come where you’d have to give him a real explanation. You and Calum split over stress, anger, and things that shouldn’t have been said, how could you tell your son that? You would cross that bridge when you got to it but for now, your number one obstacle was to stand in front of Calum without breaking.

“Sorry I couldn’t drop him off the last two weeks, I asked Mali to do it because I was working late”, Calum awkwardly scratched the back of his neck.

“No, no, it’s fine”, you waved off, “I hadn’t spoken to Mali in awhile anyway, it was good catching up”, you nodded. The silence continued.

“Hunter, you need help up there”, Calum called again, trying to make the situation less awkward which seemed impossible.

“No, I’m just packing my stuff”, Hunter yelled in his high pitch voice.

“But Daddy already packed your stuff, do you need me to come up and help”, Calum asked with a smile on his face.

“No Daddy, I can do it”, Hunter yelled again, “I can do it”, he repeated.

You and Calum chuckled, “He’s quite the character, am I right”, you commented.

“He reminds me so much of you, always trying to be independent”, Calum replied with a grin.

You both couldn’t keep the smiles off of your faces. This was what you missed. How could you let this go? How could you let it all go over something so stupid?

“I ready”, Hunter walked down the stairs while holding onto the railing. He saw your face and his eyes lit up as he increased in speed, “Mommy”, he hugged you as he finally reached the bottom of the stairs.

“Hi baby”, you cooed as knelt down to his height, “Did you have fun with Daddy?”

“Yeah, we went through photo albums. That’s what they’re called, right Daddy”, he asked Calum.

Calum nodded with an ear to ear grin, “Yeah.”

“There was a picture of you and Daddy. You looked like a princess in a white dress and Daddy looked like a prince in a suit”, he exclaimed with excitement.

Your wedding, Calum actually kept the wedding album. You had asked him tons of times if you could have it but he said he threw it away. He lied to you to keep it.

“That was a great day”, you told Hunter.

“There was a picture of you guys kissing”, Hunter scrunched his nose, “Why don’t you guys do that anymore?”

Both yours and Calum’s eyes went wide at his question, “Um…”, you trailed off while playing with your hair.

“It’s okay”, Hunter waved off, “Mommy you know what?”

“What”, you asked with relief at his change of topic.

“A boy in the big kid grades said that his dad and mom read something about how you and Daddy hate each other”, Hunter told you.

“That’s not true buddy”, Calum now knelt down beside you to tell Hunter.

“Yeah, we will never ever hate each other”, you joined in.

“But he said that it said that you guys don’t love each other anymore. He said the only thing that makes you guys see each other is me”, Hunter’s lower lip quivered.

“No”, Calum shook his head, “I love Mommy very much, she will always be my best friend”, he told his son.

Your eyes went wide as Hunter looked for your response, “Yeah, Daddy and I love each other a lot. We will always love each other and you.”

“Why don’t you live together anymore? All the other kids live with their parents. Uncle Michael and his wife live together, so do Uncle Luke and Uncle Ashton”, Hunter cried.

You and Calum looked at each other, “Buddy”, Calum began.

“Why can’t we live together anymore”, Hunter let out a raspy cry before throwing himself into your arms.

“What should we do”, you mouthed to Calum as Hunter’s head was in your chest.

Calum shrugged, “Let’s try it”, Calum mouthed with a smirk.

You were hit so suddenly that you hadn’t had any time to think. You were gonna make your son happy by moving back in, you were in mommy mode. You nodded before pulling Hunter off of you, “Mommy and Daddy are gonna move in together.”

His face lit up, “Really?”

Calum smiled, “Yeah Mommy’s gonna sleep here tonight.”

“In the same bed”, Hunter asked with a grin.

Calum looked at you, waiting for your response, “Yeah”, you nodded, “In the same bed.”

Speed Dating - Dinner Date

Well then! The one-shot story that’s become an actual thing is back! @outlanderedandoverhere was just amazing giving me this prompt to start this series. And a big shout out to her for helping me with a choice of music for Jamie to enjoy. @diversemediums @outlandishchridhe and I did quite a bit of ‘frolicking away’ last night when I wrote most of this. Don’t worry. I’ll give y’all a BTS post soon. For now, enjoy the next installment!

The Morning After

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The Hangover

Summary: After a wild night of partying in the tower, you and the team wake to discover that not only did you marry Bucky Barnes, but Bruce Banner has gone missing! Loosely based on the film “The Hangover”

Bucky x reader, FLUFF/GENERAL HILARITY, Word count: 2,805

TW: Discussion of roofies (they are not actually used though), and spiking drinks

This is a silly one but I had a lot of fun writing it. Enjoy!!!

Your name: submit What is this?

“Y/N? Y/N? Wake up, doll.”

You opened your eyes to see Bucky laying on the floor next to you. His hair was a mess, his face covered in light stubble, and he was rubbing his eyes as if he had the world’s second-worst headache. Your headache was definitely the worst.

“Stop yelling!” you whispered as you draped your arm over your eyes, trying to block out the light.

“I’m not yelling. C’mon. Everyone else is already up. We have a…situation,” said Bucky. You could hear the apprehension in his voice.

With a groan, you sat up and looked around the room. You were in the lounge of the tower, and it looked like a tornado had passed through the room. Furniture was knocked over, the floor was littered with red solo cups and empty liquor bottles, and a very confused and hung-over group of superheroes was scattered throughout the room.

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text meme 1/∞

i’ve been collecting funny/cute texts & texts from texts from last night for about 2 years. they’ve been sitting in a word document for a long time so with all the text memes i’ve been seeing around, i decided to take all the texts i’ve saved and make a meme with them bc why not. there’s a bit of everything bellow: fluff, silliness, nsfw, angst, etc etc

[text] Hey sorry for calling you so much last night. I mixed your number with the pizza guys, and he was running late

[text] I miss you more than I should.

[text] She’s/you’re the perfect storm of great hair, big boobs, intellectualism, and mild moral ambiguity. 

[text] I remember grabbing your ass. So firm. So right. I don’t regret it.

[text] you hella high and freaked out about life and interest rates

[text] I love it when you moan my name.

[text] I will gladly accept you into my home with open legs.


[text] Let’s go get coffee and handcuffs.

[text] I thought you were better than this. 

[text] Please stop calling.

[text] Well I had to use a seat cushion at Soul Cycle today so, yeah, I’d say the sex was good

[text] I woke up knowing I have nowhere to be today except parties and it was glorious and I am so happy

[text] I need you there. I need someone to glance at when other people inevitably annoy me.

[text] 75% of my food budget goes to wine, the rest to chips and salsa.

[text] You think you’re funny, but you’re just an asshole.

[text] I dont have to work tomorrow im yelling gibberish at squirrels

[text] I wish things were different.

[text] We should probably end this.

[text] I don’t say it often enough, but I want you to know that I love you.

[text] Please let me know what I did to deserve you…I want to make sure I keep on doing it. 

[text] I told you I’d ride your broomstick if you let me call you Harry Potter and you drew a lightning bolt on your forehead.

[text] I’m still laying in bed cuz I don’t feel like adulting yet

[text] I broke my foot jumping out of YOUR window under YOUR watch. You failed me drunk guardian. You failed.

[text] What if for Halloween I paint my self gold and make sandwiches for everyone? I’d be a trophy wife! Get it?

[text] I’m sorry for everything.

[text] I just want to have sex that doesn’t end like a B-rated horror movie.

[text] Taylor Swift needs more songs about threesomes. I’m not sure she gets me anymore. 

[text] I never should have left you there.

[text] I don’t have patience for riddles.

[text] You were drinking with me last night, I warned you.

[text] Dunno. My heart says “no”, my brain says “maybe” and my dick says “YES YES FOR THE LOVE OF GOD YES!!”

[text] We had sex and he ended up in the hospital… don’t know if I should be worried or proud.

[text] Just tell me what’s wrong !

[text] let’s be honest I’d fucking Irish step dance on your grave, asshole

[text] I hope you get eaten by satanic starfish.

[text] … so it’s a date ?

[text] Can I come by?

[text] I thought we were ok ?

[text] I want you to meet my squirrel

[text] If blow jobs were a super power she’d be in the Justice League.

[text] Sunday mornings are confusing. Like. I can’t decide if I want to go for a run or start drinking 

[text]  I can’t imagine life without you.

[text]  Can’t wait to see you again.

[text]  just hungover. watching movies and roasting marshmallows in bed, over a candle to avoid life

[text] I should have told you first, I’m sorry.

[text] I’m sorry ! I don’t know what else to tell you !

[text] You spent the entire night trying to get me to make out with you  

[text] We are not together any more, remember ?

[text] why did I wake up with ketchup packets in my bed and the stove in my room?? 

[text]  did i just see you in the movie theater carrying a margarita into Frozen? 

[text] Maybe we’ll see each other again.

[text] if a CSI technician examined our hotel room with a black light he’d think we hit the Pulse button a DNA blender without a lid

[text] I never thought we’d end up like this.

[text] Why do you keep doing this to me ?

[text] I’m so tired of your lies.

[tex] Why are you so angry ?

[text] I thought you were coming alone…. ?

[text] I should get him/you a card “thanks for letting me use you for your penis on and off as I see fit and for being a nice guy. My boobs and I appreciate your loyalty and dedication”

[text] I don’t understand…

[text] If I had a penis, I’d want to put it in you. And I’d treat you with respect and pay for your drinks. 

[text] You had to apologize for “being too aggressive about harry potter”

[text] We can work this out.

[text]  We have a system, okay?

[text] I don’t have time to shower before my passport photos…your cum is all over my hair…that’s with me for 10 years now 

[text] I know you’re on a date and I should leave you alone but about twenty minutes ago I realized I haven’t been spanked in years so if you’re still looking for a birthday present, you know, consider it. 

[text] I know you’ve been lying to me.

[text] You need to leave. Now !

[text] i woke up to nearly seven feet of basketball player in my bed this morning 

[text] You’re so easy to be with and so hard to be without.

[text] Every morning I wake up with a sad face because I know it is the start of one more day without you.

[text] Everyone leaves.

[text] I don’t know how you put up with me. 

[text] I just fell off a roof. So I’m kinda chillin for a minute. 

[text] Your rough animalistic sex sounds are disrupting my cocktail hour

[text] I’m 2 beers deep on an empty stomach, and I just wanna say, I pride myself on my use of commas

[text] please don’t leave me alone

[text] You cried at the bar for 30 minutes because you got your arm stuck in your sweater. You got free drinks for the rest of the night after the bartender helped you.  

[text] I wish we had more time.

[text] shut up. I wear heels bigger than your dick

[text] I miss you every day.

[text] Please please pick up

[text] Why are my keys in the refrigerator?  

[text] I’m out of practice. be my yoda  

[text] Waldo just asked us for directions. Even he doesn’t know where he is.

[text] Do you think it’ll be awkward standing up at their wedding knowing I’ve slept with both the bride and the groom?

[text] Someone said we’re out of ice. You collapsed on the spot and started sobbing, saying ‘but where will all the polar bears live”. That drunk.

[text] I’d just like to formally thank you for the size of your dick. The gods must really love you.

[text] You made me take a photo of you under the stairs at the bar. “Look I’m Harry Potter.”

[text] This summer has already been like the best summer ever. FREEDOM IS AWESOME. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS THE SINGLE LIFE.

[text] If u ever apologize to me for “too-rough” sex again I will suspend ur all-access pass to my vagina indefinitely

[text] Mom just told me I need to start having sex.

[text] I’d help you out but I got Bacardi and Tequila poured down my snorkel last night and I’m still drunk

[text] YOU TRIED TO SWIM IN HER FISHTANK. I don’t think she’s going to call you.

[text] And the view of you in reverse cowgirl is arguably the most spectacular view ever… And I’ve seen the Eiffle tower, the colosseum, mountains of Hawaii, Michaelangelo’s David, and the Mona Goddamn Lisa. Just saying.

[text] She’s/you are the perfect storm of great hair, big boobs, intellectualism, and mild moral ambiguity.

[text] It’s not too terrible. You just got a little naked and broke your arm. 

[text] I made friends with a raccoon. I pet it. Like I was Pocahontas.

[text] We had sex in the woods. It was great until some bird started mimicking my orgasm sounds

[text] She said she couldn’t find my penis because my arm was in the way. That was my penis 

[text] Stop making me think about you. I’m busy. 

[text] I spent all night sexting your girlfriend for you because you were too drunk. You’re welcome.

[text] You make me want to be better.

[text] You saw my boobs then looked up and yelled thank you jesus.

Papa Winchester - Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader - Part 2

Title: Papa Winchester

Pairing: Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader

Word Count: 3,074

Warnings: None really

Prompt: YN and Jeffrey met on season 1 of SPn where she played his daughter(the middle Winchester sister) and have been together ever since,they'r married with kids by now, and the fans (specially the cast who’s her family) always makes fun of that during interviews and pannels,but it’s always cute because Jeffrey likes to surprise them ,specially when the fans are involved,and they all love and are very supportive of their relationship

Read Part 1 here!

A/N: I’m doing lots of writing today since I have time and more posting will be done tomorrow! Also, this was not betad so apologies!

Originally posted by wildling-heart

“They never let you catch a break, do they?” your driver and bodyguard asked with a chuckle as you surfed on the net, on your way to visiting your husband on set.

“It’s Jensen and Jared, Mike, of course they never do.” you chuckled, shaking your head “I mean, they might probably deny it but, I know it’s their favorite hobby!”

“I don’t think they are really denying it anymore.” he laughed, shaking his own head and you shrugged.

You glanced back at your daughter sleeping in her seat, it was already very early and you wanted to surprise her by visiting her dad on his work “Those sly bastards, I am sure they learned how to make memes just for us!”

“Jared for me wouldn’t be a surprise but Jensen? Are you sure about that?”

You laughed “Oh you really don’t know them that well, besides I think they sort of confirmed it during a Con. I am not sure, haven’t joined them in some time but I like to keep up, so I know that for sure. Here-” you opened your gallery, just at the moment he stopped on a red light “See this?”

Dad’s on a hunting trip. And he hasn’t been home in a few days.” he read and added “Well, classic line. It’s what started it all, Jensen’s favorite.”

“Yeah, just see the rest.” you said with a giggle as you showed him the full photo. Under a picture of Jensen’s from the pilot were the rest of the words.

A few days? Are you sure it’s a hunting trip?”

No, he’s- he’s making out with our sister in his trailer?” he ended up reading it as a question before laughing and shaking his head “Yes, alright Jensen is so the one to make this!”

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The Wedding Planner (Part 5)

Summary: Being a wedding planner is all fun and games until suddenly you’re saved from an accident by the man of your dreams–later discovering that he happens to be your latest client’s fiancé. 

Word Count: 1,302.

A/N: Finally a new part! Sorry this took a while to post, went through a slight hiatus but not anymore. Hope you enjoy, and as always, feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Wedding Planner Masterlist

Originally posted by geekyyears9

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anonymous asked:

Could you do wedding headcanons for Shizuo, Shinra, and Izaya??? Thank you!!

- leaves most of the decisions to you unless he really doesn’t like/want something specific

- really, REALLY wants the wedding date to fit with Kasuka’s schedule otherwise he’d be really sad

- only family, close relatives and friends are invited, he likes it to be more private

- very anxious and nervous before the wedding even starts, even more so durig the event and you could swear he stopped breathing when you said “yes”

- looks most forward to the wedding rings because he worked his ass off to get you really expensive ones and wants to show everyone that you’re worth it for him

- literally cannot take his eyes off you. Shinra probably makes fun of him for staring but he doesn’t even notice

- has the brightest of smiles in every photo


- SO EXCITED he won’t shut up about it after you accepted to marry him and he’s been planning ever since

- sometimes is so caught up in his fantasies he forgets to ask if you’re even happy with his ideas so make sure to get back down to earth

- tbh if he could he’d make this a public event because he just wants everyone to know (read: rub it in their faces) that you’re his now

- makes both Shizuo and Izaya come to the wedding and they actually behave themselves (their seats are miles apart tho lol)

- because he’s acquintances with so many.. unique personalities, the wedding turns chaotic real fast but he enjoys every second of it

- he actually prepared a PowerPoint presentation about the two of you. Needless to say he didn’t get to show it (he got a punch into his stomach tho)

- is much more serious and romantic after the wedding when it’s just the two of you in the apartment.
He’ll hold you tightly in his arms and plaster countless kisses on you while repeatedly telling you how much he loves you


- let’s say you got him to agree to a normal wedding with guests, cake and white dresses. He isn’t much of a help with preparations and even half jokingly told you to inform him of the date and he’ll “look if he has time”

- doesn’t invite anyone, not even his sisters or parents and wears a mix of confusion, annoyance and happiness on his face when they actually come to the wedding

- he’s very surprised so many people came at all but he makes sure to tell you that he’s not happy about that (he is)

- in fact this entire evening is about izaya complaining and annoying the hell out of you to hide how very happy he is and his big smug grin isn’t helping in hiding that

- actually gets a little shy around the time when it’s his turn to say “yes” (he stuttered) but when you make fun of him he suddenly doesn’t know you anymore

- bought seriously expensive rings and even had the names engraved in them (you don’t find out about that until the next day tho)

- buries himself in work for the next days after the wedding and is teasing you mercilessly for the next days because he literally cannot believe it and it’s his way of preventing himself from getting carried away from all the happiness

anonymous asked:

Can I have jumin fiction where MC is covering for jaehee and he fells for her ?!


“Ah, you must be the cover for Jaehee, nice to meet you in person” he said incredibly formal, offering me his hand.

I gently took it and kept a straight face. Jaehee had told me how stern and cold this guy could be, so I had to be the upmost professional I could be.

“Pleasure to meet you too sir, I do believe you have my work number and e-mail address?” I asked, removing my hand from his.

“I do, all in my system, you start immediately yes?” he returned my question with his own.

“Of course, hence why I’m here sir” I explained, readying myself for the onslaught Jaehee had warned me about.

My best friend, Jaehee Kang, was Jumin Han’s assistant, but due to unforeseen circumstances, Jaehee had to leave for a week. Problem was, Jumin needed an assistant and couldn’t just give Jaehee a week off. Hence why I’m here. I’ve done intense assistant work before and I was asked in as a favour, well, a paid favour but still. I was sure I could cope a week with Jumin Han, even with the warnings I was given. It was just a week, what could happen?

Day 1.

He immediately put me to work, arranging meetings, making sure he was on time for everything with run downs of each one, not forgetting to give him the paperwork he needed. I believe I coped well, but there was no praise from Mr Han. I was new to this building and this man, surely he would give a little bit of praise? Nope. This was clearly a place where you just got on with your job, and if you were doing something wrong you were told, but nothing else.

I was so used to people praising my work, making sure I was on the right track, here, I felt like I was fumbling my way in a dark tunnel. If I kept walking I was doing fine, but I didn’t know where I was going. It was none stop too, if Mr Han was in a meeting, I was doing something else if not in there with him. Throughout the whole day I got a 15 minute break to have something to eat. How did Jaehee cope with this? This was incredibly unfair treatment. However, I couldn’t make Jaehee look bad in her recommendation of me, so I knuckled down and just got on with it. Six days to go.

Day 2.

I was working a lot closer with Mr Han the next day. Helping him write up some reports and future plans. To be honest, working with him like this made me realise how much of a hard worker he was. I only got a 15 minute break the day before, and yet, I didn’t see him take any. I only ever saw him grinding away at his computer or phone or even talking with his colleagues, I had my suspicions that he had eaten while on the move.

While we sat in his office, writing up a report, I noticed that his desk lacked photos. My previous bosses had photos of their families, friends, pets, this guy? Nothing. Except one photo of a beautiful, snow white cat. Was this guy single? There was no wedding ring. A big CEO like him not married at this age? I couldn’t contain the surprise on my face.

“Is something wrong?” he asked, catching me staring at the picture of the cat.

“Ah, no I was just admiring the cat, they yours?” I asked, nonchalantly, shaking the surprise from my mind.

“Yes, her name is Elizabeth the 3rd” he said quite proudly.

“She’s beautiful” I said truthfully. She was. Her fur looked well-groomed and she looked truly happy in the photo.

“Thank you” he said. And, was that a smile? That was the first smile I saw since meeting him. Strange man, but a man I kinda wanted to get to know more.

Day 3.

Today’s tasks consisted mainly of just me in my little office organising meetings more than working with Mr Han, which saddened me ever so slightly. I know the day before was a little bit stressful, desperate to get reports done and such, but seeing that stoic man smile so casually about a cat…I wanted to make him do that again.

When the clock turned 1pm I decided I would allow myself a break now, and since I was more on my own that day I knew I could give myself a little longer to eat. Bringing my sandwich out, I realised I hadn’t brought a drink. Damn it. I brought my purse out, grabbing some money then heading to the vending machines down the corridor.

Just as I left my office I bumped straight into Mr Han.

“Sorry sir, is there something you need me to do?” I apologised.

“…were you on your lunch?” he asked. Strange question.

“I was, yes, just started now, I was just going to grab a drink” I said “but if there’s something that needs to be done my lunch can wait”

“No, not particularly, I was hoping to catch you on your lunch” he said. He was acting rather strange, stranger than usual, nervous? No. Jumin Han never got nervous, he lived and breathed confidence, that’s what Jaehee had told me. But, why was he shifting on his feet like that?

“You were?” I asked.

“You said Elizabeth the 3rd was beautiful, I thought you might like to see some more photos of her” he said eventually. Ha, he wanted to show me more photos of his cat? I didn’t mind.

“Sure, why don’t you join me for lunch? Then you can show me the photos at more ease” I suggested.

Jaehee had said this guy was stoic, not approachable and overall, extremely professional. At this point, I disagreed with her, Jumin Han the CEO was yes, but Jumin Han the person? He just loved his cat.

Day 6.

The week had just flown by, I only had one day left with Jumin and I knew I was going to miss these stress filled days. Today had been no different, we worked hard, we had lunch together, he shared more photos and stories of Elizabeth the 3rd, he even laughed slightly at some of the things I said. I felt like he was opening up. I enjoyed his company, during work and during our lunch breaks.

At the end of the day, the clock read almost 11pm which had been the usual finishing time for me during this week, I grabbed my things, sending off one last email to Jumin before heading out. That’s when my phone rang.

“Mr Han?” I answered.

“Are you able to come up to my penthouse?” he asked.

His penthouse? I’d heard from Jaehee that sometimes he did ask her to go up there, but since I was only temporary I didn’t think that could apply to me.

“Erm, yes I can, I’ve only just left the building” I explained, turning back.

“Perfect, thank you” he said, hanging up.

It didn’t take me long to get up there, and naturally, I was impressed at the grandeur of it all. As soon as Jumin opened the door I was greeted by him and the infamous Elizabeth the 3rd in his arms.

“Thank you, it’s to do with the email you sent just now” he explained, ushering me in, closing the door behind me.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as the cat dropped from his arms.

“You’re missing part of the attachment, take a look” he said, showing me his laptop.

Seriously, does this guy ever stop working? Just relax? Clearly not. When I saw the screen, though, I did panic a little.

“What the hell? It’s all gone encrypted!” I said, covering my mouth immediately “Sorry, I didn’t mean to say that”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure we can fix this before the morning” he said, showing me that rare smile of his.

Day 7.

What was time? What was sleep? What was anything? We had been up almost the entire night trying to fix the email. I had even gone down to my office to resend it, but something had hacked into my computer so it wasn’t retrievable. We had to start from scratch, which took forever. But, finally, at 9am, just before Jumin’s meeting for this report, we had fixed it.

He didn’t look tired at all, how he managed to do that I would never know. Being the gentleman he was though, he did say to me I could take a nap on his sofa and shower if I wished before coming back down for my final day. I accepted. I needed it.

When the day finally came to an end and Jaehee came to meet me in our office, I did feel a tad relieved, and yet also a little sad. I wasn’t going to see Jumin again, it was all up to Jaehee now. Of course it was, I was just a stand in. Nothing special. I quickly gathered my things after giving Jaehee the run down and left the building.

Almost as soon as I sat down on my sofa at home, my phone beeped at me. A text…from Jumin? What the heck? I sat up and opened the message.

“Thank you for being my assistant, I deeply appreciate it, you were a hard worker” it said and I smiled, replying quickly.

“No, thank you for being a good boss, say hi to Elizabeth for me, I hope we can work together again in the future” I typed, not expecting a reply. And yet, I got one anyway.

“I don’t think so” I got back, making my heart sink. What did he mean? Was all that just an act? But my phone beeped again before I could spiral.

“I’d much prefer to see you again in a non-professional way, would you like dinner soon?”

I quickly replied, allowed the grin spread on my face like I was a teenager again.

“I’d like that very much, Mr Han”

“Please, call me Jumin”

flerghfood  asked:

Okay, so those prompto marriage head cannons were so sweet they made my teeth rot. What about Iggy or Gladio marriage head cannons?? 💜 💜 💜

Aaalright, one Ignis wedding, coming right up!! I’m going to be doing Gladio and Noctis separately as soon as I get caught up with requests, so keep an eye out. I hope you like these :)

Prompto ; Gladio

Marriage Headcanons - Ignis:

  • He’s in charge of the planning. Don’t question it
  • He’s got this
  • Has everything organized and tucked away in a binder that he won’t let you fuckin’ look at
  • Gives the caterers his own recipes
  • It just has to be perfect and he doesn’t trust anyone’s cooking but his own when it comes to events as important as this
  • His bachelor’s party is the tamest thing you’ve ever seen
  • The boys come over and Ignis cooks and they just hang out
  • Quiet music plays in the background. Noct brings cheap champagne, even though he can afford the good stuff
  • They prefer it that way

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anonymous asked:

#31 Spiderbyte: Ana brings some of Amelie's wedding photos out to help with her recovery

Fact: With every Spiderbyte Prompt, I become more powerful.

I like how Ana is somehow “Keeper of the Photos” ever since that baby pictures ficlet.


“Are you sure about this?” said Mercy as Ana entered in several access codes to Athena.

“I’m sure,” said Widowmaker, leaning back in her seat, “I would have returned to my old home in Paris for Gérard’s own files on it if I were not sure Talon was watching it.”

“What you’re describing is, technically, exposure therapy,” said Mercy, folding her arms, “Well, sort of. Your case is… very unique.”

“I need to see them,” said Widowmaker, “I need to see them as they were. I need to see me as I was. What Talon didn’t destroy it twisted and now—” One of her hands clenched into a fist in her lap. Sombra dropped to her knees next to her and put a hand over Widowmaker’s fist, “And now…” Widowmaker trailed off.

“You don’t have to do this,” said Sombra, giving her hand a small squeeze.

Widowmaker looked her dead in the eyes. “Yes, I do,” said Widowmaker, giving her a tap on the nose, “You’re supposed to be the cavalier one, mon coeur.

Sombra’s lips thinned then she stood up and kissed Amélie on the temple. Amélie smiled a little and then turned back to Ana. “Are they ready?” she said.

“This is everything I was able to access from Gérard’s file with my override codes,” said Ana, bringing up several image folders on Athena’s screen, “They’re ready when you are.”

“Start with the oldest ones,” said Widowmaker.

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do you ever think about lorelai's phone wallpaper? i think it's a picture of luke and rory

“How often do I have to tell you to take that picture away from your phone’s background?” Luke said with more reproach than usual; his voice dragging along in the almost deserted diner.

It was one of the things they had been bantering back and forth lately, next to the obvious three other topics: food, coffee, and movies. When he said A, she said B, and when he finally decided to agree with B she was suddenly a fan of A or even worse with option C.

“It’s a cute picture.” Lorelai sat at the counter and admired the photo of Luke standing at the stove, while Paul-Anka sat at his feet, looking up at him with anticipation. “My two cute little boys.”

“Cute and I don’t mix,” he grunted.

“Oh, you do, honey.” Over the years, Luke had proved to her on several occasions how cute he can be. She smiled at him, reliving one of these fond memories.

“Change the picture,” Luke demanded. “People don’t need to see me like this.”

“What people look at my phone?”

“All kinds of people.” Luke shrugged. “The entire town. And Babette doesn’t need to know how I look like at home. Besides, the angle you took this form is off and the lighting you used on me is horrible. Again.”

“What is so odd about the picture? You’re flipping burgers there, which you do for your living here too. It is nothing people haven’t seen you doing before,” Lorelai pointed out, frowning. She had no clue where the problem with this was.

“I’m not wearing any shoes.”

“It’s coming down to you being insecure about your socks?” Lorelai’s mouth dropped open, but also a chuckle got stuck in her throat. This story would be discussed the next time their two girls would be over at dinner. It would be a smashing hit.

“Why did you use me as your background anyway? You always use Rory. Or Paul-Anka. Or a photo of the both of them together. Or Hello Kitty. Or whoever celebrity you’re obsessed with.” He caught his breath and then sighed. “Basically, everyone’s on your phone’s wallpaper but me.”

“See, that’s why I needed to change it to you because you’ve never acted as my background. It’s about time, we are married now.” She raised her left hand, where the wedding ring was sitting on her ring finger. She got off the stool and was about to leave the diner with this. All was said and done, and work called her again. 

Luke was able to call after her, “If you haven’t changed it by tonight, I won’t give you any coffee for the rest of the week.”

It only made her shake her head because he would never dare to do that. Lorelai knew it was an empty threat.

However, she was glad Luke didn’t know about the photo she used as her wallpaper at her work’s computer. It was a picture of their wedding, not one of the posed pictures, but right the moment when Lorelai tried to smash some of Sookie’s cake in Luke’s face. The horrid look on his face was her favorite and made her laugh when work (or Michel) was giving her a hard time.

When she came home at night, Luke was already cooking. And after they had discussed their respective days, Luke asked, “So, have you changed the picture on your phone yet?”

“No,” Lorelai said, wrinkling her nose. “Besides, I was thinking.”

“Never good for me,” Luke muttered, but Lorelai caught it anyway.

“Hey!” She whacked his arm, and then continued, “I’d like to change it to a proper picture of you. So, I’m officially asking for your permission to use a photo of you as my wallpaper.” She narrowed her eyes at him. “See how good I’m at this martial compromising?”

“You’ll only use a photo that I approve of?” Luke asked.

“Yes,” Lorelai said, keeping the picture on her work’s computer a secret. They were not talking about that.

“Alright,” Luke agreed and gave Lorelai several options of photos to use. He knew she liked changing her background picture ever so often. Better give her back-up pictures now, before he had to go through this conversation every day. He especially liked the family picture of the wedding, with their two girls. It always made him smile how they became one true family that day. 

Luke cleared his throat and then said, “Do you think-” His voice broke.

“What is it?”

Luke rubbed his neck nervously. He was not sure how to bring this up. The triumphant look Lorelai would be flashing him all evening after this question would be unbearable, but he had to go through with this. His three girls smiling at him whenever he opened his phone was such a pleasing thought. “How can I change the picture on my phone?” 

{Monsta X Scenario/Reaction} to taking solo wedding photos with you

Scene: It’s been a while since you’ve been in a relationship and it feels like all of your friends are married and starting families. They all have their futures planned, all but you. To shake some of the shrinking uneasiness of your single life, you decide to do solo wedding photos. It was all the rage for single women, and it would be nice to be the bride instead of the bridesmaid. The only issue you had was that there was no groom.  It dawns on you that you could ask your bestest friend in the whole world, but your self-conscious spirit was uneasy about him knowing about it.Not only that, you knew he had feelings for you, but with all the trainee work and their upcoming debut, you just weren’t sure if you could handle all that time away, or backlash from fans. Eventually, after much thought, you give in and shoot him a text. Much to your surprise he agrees to the idea, no questions asked. The day is here and you figured, go big or go home; you found this beautiful egg-shell white, mermaid gown for an affordable price, and did a lot of practice on your makeup the night before. You were ready for this. Everything was in place, all you had to do was step out and get on with the shoot. Upon entering the room, you look up and your eyes immediately find his.

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Would You Know?
  • Pairing: Wonho x Reader
  • Word Count: 5393

  • Type: Series - 1/?

Summary: Sometimes you are blessed with encounters that you could only dream of. Encounters that feel like you’ve been waiting a lifetime to have. But all of that can’t be perfect or as simple as you would hope, right? No, sometimes what you crave for becomes the very thing you fear and try to run from. When acts of sinful lust become something more than you handle, what path do you take?

Would you know?


You took a deep breath and nervously settled in the back seat of the car as your driver kindly left you in silence as he drove towards your destination. Your brain was in shambles and your stomach was in knots. You were in Korea headed to a very important company meeting to finish up the last bits of paper work for a major deal. You were the co-ceo of a small entertainment company back in the states. The company had been gifted with blessing after blessing in the last two years which got you to be where you are at now, a successful co-ceo in Korea on her way to seal a deal with none other than Starship Entertainment. Yet it had you chuckling to yourself because that wasn’t the cause of your nervousness, no the fact that you were going to see him again had your mental state in a complete wreck. You nibbled at your lip and took a deep breath and you closed your eyes letting your mind wander back to your last and first encounter with the man you knew was making you fall apart. 

Two years ago.

You threw back a shot of soju as you saw your friends and co-workers laughing and drinking generously in celebration of the company’s success. You were more than proud of the people around you but your focus kept slipping in and out. You would smile and take a selfie or two but once your team looked away from you, your eyes would cloud and you’d stare off into the clear liquid in your glass. This was supposed to be a wonderful time of celebration but you couldn’t focus on that. You mind constantly filled with worry over all the things going on in your life right now, the stress getting the best of you.

“Y/N! Girl are you drunk already!?” Audrey said loudly as she laughed, showing her beautiful smile as she nudged your shoulder. You laughed at her before throwing the shot back.

“Never! You know it takes more than a few shots of soju to even get me tipsy. I just keep zoning out for some reason.” You responded to her with full honesty because you hated keeping her in the dark. You had only known her for a few months now but you two had become like sisters in a short time. It was like she was meant to be there for you and you there for her.

“Well good because we are about to drink all night! This was an amazing night seeing Monsta X it was such a blessing!” you and her had gone to see the boys perform with a few other people in the company. It was better than you could have dreamed of.

“Y/N! You need to be more excited girl! Your ultimate bias stared at you all night like come on, please get whatever is bothering off your mind. Don’t let anything negative hold you back from this moment!” She was yelling over the music playing in the restaurant and she was completely right. You should be crying with joy from the fact that Wonho had been staring you down all night at the concert. At first, you thought you were imagining it but it was confirmed when it was time for the photo op and you had bee lined straight to his side. He stared down at you a sexy smirk brushed upon his face and he scooted close to you putting his hand on the small of your back to pull you close for the photo. Your cheeks were on fire as you smiled happily in the photo with him. That magical moment ended in an instant as the photographer rushed you all off stage to go get ready for the hi-touch.

You stood in line with your friend, body shaking and heart pounding. Squeals woke you from your thoughts as your friends surrounded you. 

“Y/N! What was that!? You and Wonho looked like you two were taking wedding photos!” One of your much younger friends screamed. She had been in the crowd to see the situation happen.

“She is right! Like Wonho didn’t even give the other girl beside him the time of day. Y/N did he say anything to you?” Audrey said excited for you.

“Um, no he just smiled at me and next thing I know he is touching me and we are so close. I thought I had imagined it all.” So it really did happen, he did focus his attention on you.

You couldn’t help but smile brightly all the way back up stage for hi-touch. Then like clock work, Wonho was focused on you again. He was in the middle of the line of boys and as soon as he saw you coming he stared. Not really paying any mind to the others who were trying to get his attention. 

He was just a few steps away from you and the world fell silent. The only thing you could focus on was the pounding of your heart in your ears. Before you even reached out to touch his hand he grabbed your hand and laced his fingers with yours and grinned at you brightly. You couldn’t help but smile back at him your face once again catching fire. Like before the moment was short lived before you were all rushed off stage.

Now here you were in the restaurant with your team drinking and eating after an amazing concert. You smiled thinking about what had happened and your friend was right, the positive needs to outweigh the negative so you can enjoy yourself for once. You grabbed your clutch purse and looked around the table.

“I’m gonna head to the bathroom to freshen up I’ll be back.” You smiled warmly at your team who all nodded as they laughed at your CEO who was the tipsiest at the moment. She called out to you saying that you better hurry back and she would have five shots waiting on you. Laughing and agreeing to the shots you stood and made your way to the bathroom.

You quickly freshened up reapplying a bit of perfume behind your ear and redoing your lipstick. You stepped back admiring yourself proudly. You had always been considered beautiful to those around you but you had only recently started seeing it yourself. After fighting your own insecurities for years you finally took a stand and started focusing on being healthy and building your confidence. You were taller than most girls with long muscular legs that only stood out more thanks to your heeled booties that complimented you black mesh bodysuit and leather high-waist shorts. It had taken you hours to tell yourself you looked damn good in your outfit and you were glad you did because clearly, Wonho had enjoyed it as well. For once you stood proudly and happily, loving your curves. You no longer cared about your weight and focused more on being fit and healthy because the number on the scale was just that a number it can never show what is really there to be seen.

You walked out the bathroom after fluffing up you long dark locks, walking confidently back to your team’s table.

“Y/N! Hurry, come here and meet the boys and their manager.” Your team’s Korean translator squeaked at you excitedly as she rushed and pulled you forward. You blinked a few times in confusion before she waved her hand out to the men in front of you. 

“This is our lovely co-ceo Y/N. Y/N please say hello to Monsta X and their team” You stared at her for a few seconds before turning your head and introducing yourself to the boys. You had completely forgotten the boys were joining your team for dinner since your company had helped with the tour promotions and your translator had contacted them months earlier with an invite since this was the only stop the entire team could all meet up with the group. You never thought they would actually show since it was a big risk to be running about after the concert but you guess this was another blessing falling into your company’s lap.

“Y/N follow us we moved to a bigger table further in the back to keep too many fans disturbing the boys.” You nodded and followed her to the back the boys and their team following suit. You were placed next to your tipsy and goofy CEO and Audrey. You settled in between the giggling girls as the boys sat on the other side and the rest of your team taking their seats. You took a sip of water as you looked up noticing Wonho had conveniently taken the seat across from you.

“5 shots Y/N! Let’s go!” You’re partner and friend piped cheerfully and put you right on the spot in front of everyone. The boys laughed with their manager who also began encouraging you to drink. You let out a sigh and chuckled before taking the shots back to back with ease. This was a time of celebration might as well enjoy it. The boys manager clapped and cheered for you at how well you could handle your liquor. Wonho stared at you as he turned up a shot himself before starting conversation with Hyungwon who was happily drowning himself in the sweetness of American cola.

The night continued with your team’s drinking and feasting in the restaurant late into the night. The boys drinking a bit here and there but not too much since they had another performance coming up. After several shots your head felt light so you excused yourself from the table slipping out the side door into the night air to clear your head. You wiggled from side to side, your feet aching from being in heels so long that you didn’t even notice Wonho stand next to you until you heard him let out a deep sigh as he stared up into the sky.

“It’s getting wild in there. I needed a break and it seems you did too.” He said in his velvet tone followed by a deep chuckle. You smiled and nodded the liquor helping you be more at ease around him.

“Yeah and I need to slow down on the drinking. My partner always tries to get me drunk. I have to run away sometimes. We can get a bit wild.”

“You and your company know how to have a good time though…Y/N is it? That’s your name if I remembered correctly right? This will technically be our third time meeting. I remember you clearly from the previous concert stops.” He said slipping his hands in his pocket and flashing that deadly smile at you. You cheeks instantly blushed as you chuckled a bit and cleared your throat to get your mind right.

“Yeah it would be our third time right? I’m a huge fan and wanted to see you all as much as I could while helping with the tour.”

“Ahh so you’re a huge Monbebe?” he asked.

“I’m official fan club member actually.” you blushed deeply over the fact that you actually admitted that to him.

“Oh I see. I’m guessing I’m your favorite member then huh?” he spoke with confidence. 

“Nope it’s Jooheon.” you said with the best serious face you could muster in your tipsy mindset.

Wonho frowned and gave a little pout, his foot kicking at nothing while his head dropped down. Seeing him pout so cutely you couldn’t help but laugh causing him to lift his head his frown deepening.

“Oh don’t pout you’re my favorite Wonho. Ultimate actually.” You boldly admitted wanting to cheer the poor boy up.

“Yah, why did you tease me like that! My ego is damaged now.” he whined.

“But I just told you that you’re my ultimate doesn’t that help?”

“Ultimate…well yeah. It helps alot.” he bit his lip and turned into a grinning and blushing mess. 

You couldn’t help laugh at his reaction. How could someone be so cute you didn’t understand.

“You’re laugh is beautiful.” he suddenly blurted out. His expression switching from cute to something that made your heart jump. 

“Oh, um thank you. I can’t stand my laugh to be honest. I don’t like my voice all that much either…” the confession slipping from your lips before you could catch it. 

“You should accept your voice more, it’s alluring. I wish you could talk to me for hours.” Wonho admitted boldly as ran his tongue across his teeth as he grinned at you. 

“Really? So you’re saying you want me to talk to you more?” You weren’t sure why you blurted out something so bold but it seems like Wonho enjoyed that you did. 

“Yeah I want to keep hearing your voice” He stepped closer to you and turned his larger frame in front of you. He stared down at you his eyes dark and molten. 

“Is it okay if I hear more?” He asked his eyes focused on your mouth as you stared up at him.

“Umm I wouldn’t mind talking to you more but I’m not sure why you would want to talk with me so much…” Your teeth nibbled at your lip as you kept eye contact with him. Trying to see where he was going with this. Because if you didn’t know any better it seemed as if Wonho was making moves on you. But he wouldn’t do that, would he?

“It’s because I want to hear that beautiful voice say my name. I want to hear all the sounds you can make for me. You understand right?” He said boldly as he leaned down his mouth a breath away from yours. 

“You have been appearing before me so much Y/N and each time my body instantly reacts. You feel it too right?” Of course you felt it. Is he crazy? Your entire being had been calling out for his for years now. But it’s all just been a fangirl’s fantasy.

“I’m sure you know what I mean Y/N? I’ve been very obvious about it and to find out that you’re with the company that helped with our tour I can’t pass this moment up.” 

“Wonho I—“ he whined and shook his head at you suddenly.

“I don’t want to hear you say Wonho, don’t use my stage name. Say my name. I’m your ultimate, I’m sure you know how I like to hear my name being said” His voice was stern but had a cute whine behind it. Your breath hitched and you licked your lips quickly before saying his name in a hushed tone. 


“No Y/N..”

Your brow quickly knotted together as you stared up at him. What does he mean no? How else did he like his name being said? Your mind worked quickly going through all the Wonho facts you had in your head, then it hit you. Wait did he want you to say Hoseok-oppa!? 

“What do you mean no I said it right” Your tone slightly irritated since you hated being told no in any situation. You really hoped he didn’t want you to say what you thought.

“You forgot a part Y/N.” He said still towering over you.

“I didn’t. I said it the way I was supposed to.” Wonho sucked his teeth and opened his mouth to speak before your team came stumbling out and you pushed Wonho as far from you as you could. He let out a disgruntled sound before throwing a glare at you.

“Y/N!! Why did you leave me with Audrey!  She is so mean to me!” Kat pouted referring to your best friend who was holding your bag and rolling her eyes at the older female. 

“Girl don’t listen to Kat she just upset I cut her off before she spent all your hard earned money on soju. Also I—“ Audrey paused as she stared at you and Wonho her eyes going back and forth between you two, eyes squinting before walking over to you to hand you your purse. 

“I went ahead and paid for you. The receipt is your wallet, don’t rip your hair out when you see how much you spent on liquor.” She said before turning around and glaring at Kat. 

“Honestly Kat, how could you drink so much. You know Y/N will be traveling for a few more days.” Audrey seemed more annoyed about your money than you were.

“Traveling where?” Wonho suddenly asked.

“Oh yeah, I’m also going to the next show. It’ll be my final one of the tour.” You said with a nervous chuckle trying to act like Wonho wasn’t just all over you moments ago.

“Final? So you won’t be at the last two shows?” He asked.

“Um yeah, I can’t make the last two stops I have to get back to my other job.” You slipped you clutch purse over your shoulder and nudged at Audrey who was just glaring at Wonho.

“Did you get the car arrangements ready?” You said to her trying your best to change the subject and get her mind off the man next to you. 

“Oh yeah. Everyone is set and I can call us an uber back to the hotel.” Audrey pulled out her phone and stepped away to request a ride for you and her. You thanked her and looked back to Wonho who was just staring intently at you. Your heart jumped at the intensity of his gazed and you nibbled at your lip which caused him to grin at you.

“It seems like we will be parting ways. I guess I’ll have to hear your voice next time Y/N.” He chuckled as he walked off towards his team rubbing the back of his neck as his manager started fussing at him right away. He seemed to ignore the man as he looked back towards you his face smiling brightly at you.

“Y/N what the fuck was that?!” Audrey hissed as she pulled you to the side.

“Girl you and him are horrible at being coy with whatever you two have going on. Have you even checked social media? People are dragging you for getting his attention so much.” she pushed her phone towards you as you scrolled through all the rude comments and a few sweet compliments people had made towards you. Someone had gotten their friend to take a picture of their photo op to share in advanced before the official ones were posted.

‘Who is this girl next to Wonho? Wasn’t she at their last shows? Must be some rich spoiled girl.” 

‘Who is this girl putting herself all over Wonho. Please take a seat!’ 

‘Wow! This girl is beautiful. Her and Wonho look so good together! I’m so jealous!’

‘Look at her and Wonho together, they look so happy. I hope these hateful comments people are making don’t upset her.’

“What the hell. People move so fast like I’m sure that person just wanted to share their moment. Not for them to attack me.” You groaned annoyed at how quick people are to judge you as soon as they see you closer to an idol than they can be. 

“Girl you know how this community gets. But I’m gonna need you to stop eye fucking each other and act professional.”

“We aren’t eye fucking each other!”

“Please don’t try to deny it you two have some weird sexual thing going on. We are trying to work professionally with Starship so you two need to nip whatever is going on with your hormones in the ass.” Audrey huffed at you before walking to the curb to wait for the uber. She was completely right and you were thankful that they had come out when they did. You don’t know how far you would have taken things with Wonho.

The ride back to the hotel wasn’t too long but it was a bit much since Audrey was beyond heated at the comments people were making on you and Wonho in the photos. You two arrived at the hotel in a short time and quickly rushed out, Audrey in a more rushed manner than you since her phone was dying so she went ahead up to the room. You stayed back and checked your phone to see if you had any missed calls wanting to have those out the way. You didn’t have any just a lot of notifications from Kakaotalk and Twitter about the photo. You locked your phone and groaned, all of that will just have to wait until tomorrow.

“Y/N?” You jumped at the sound of someone saying your name in the lobby.

“Oh! Um hi again” you giggled holding your hand over heart trying to calm down. You had turned around to see a grinning Wonho walking towards you.

“So we seem to be staying in the same hotel. Are you my personal little stalker Y/N?” He rumbled his grin still shining. 

“What? No! Umm I mean Audrey may have booked us a room here when booking yours…”

“Ahh so you are my little stalker.”

“I’m not a stalker for your information. But anyway it’s getting late, have a goodnight.” you smiled trying to cut things short before things happened again. You turned and began walking towards the elevators, you hadn’t expected Wonho to follow. 

“Y/N no say it right for me.” He was going on about the name thing again. You pushed the elevator button and shot him a glare. He didn’t need to be following you. What if fans saw you two together? 

“No I said it right like last time. And you really shouldn’t be following me Hoseok people are already talking.” 

“No you aren’t Y/N!” He whined over the chime of the elevator and followed you inside.

“Did you just ignore the fact I told you not to follow me?” You pushed your floor number and turned to glare at him. You’re arms folded across your chest.

“Hoseok people are already leaving comments on a picture a fan took of us during the photo op. It’s not a good look for you or me. We need to be professional.” You said your voice stern and annoyed by the fact that he wasn’t caring about people spreading rumors.

“I don’t care about that right now Y/N. We can worry about that tomorrow.” His voice suddenly turned deeper than usual and he walked towards you backing you up against the elevator wall.

“All I care about right now is getting you to say my name right for me.”

“What do you mean? I am saying it right! Hoseok. I know how to say your name.” you sassed. 

“Hoseok-oppa. You’re supposed to say Hoseok-oppa for me.” He whined his bottom lip coming out in a pout.

 You covered your mouth and let out a laugh that you were doing your best to hold back. You laughed even harder when your eyes met a grumpy faced Hoseok.

“What? Why are you laughing?”

“You’re not oppa” You giggled fanning yourself to keep the tears from falling. 

“Wait what?” He asked confused as ever still.

“Hoseok you’re not oppa to me. I’m older than you.” You gave him a smug look and turned your chin up at him. 

“What? You look young, though.”

“How much older are you?” he asked puzzled.

“I’m two year older than you Hoseok” you spoke cheekily as you slipped away from him as the elevator doors slid open. You were still laughing to yourself until you felt his hand wrap around your wrist as he tugged pulling you close to him. You stumbled your, form falling against his.

“What the hell Hoseok what a—“ You froze as you looked up at him. His face dark and his gaze intense.

“Fine. You’re right. You are saying it right but can you say my name for me more noona? I want to hear it. Can I make you say it more?” His voice was thick and velvety causing you to not notice that he had moved you up against the wall. 

“Hoseok please. What if someone sees us? You need to think clearly.” Your voice was a shaky mess as you watched him lean in closer.

He let out a deep groan from hearing you say his name and please together. His mind not even focusing on what else you had said to him. He pressed against you, his mind only focused on letting his body be in control. 

“I don’t care. I just want to make you say my name more Y/N.” He didn’t let you respond as his head dipped down, his mouth capturing yours quickly.

You whimpered in response your mind clouded with the feel of him. He wasn’t gentle with you not at all. He was devouring you in this moment. His lips forceful as he controlled the kiss only being gentle to run his tongue against your lips demanding you to open for him. You opened your mouth to him without giving it a second thought. Letting Wonho take control of you and the situation. He growled as he slipped his tongue into your mouth, the corners of his lips turning up a bit at how you let him in so easily. He kissed you deeply his tongue exploring every inch of your mouth, greedily taking in your taste. Your hands wrapped around his neck pulling him in closer not caring to breathe, not caring if anyone saw you two in the hallway of the hotel. You just wanted to be everything and do everything Wonho needed of you right now. Wonho pulled away, your lower lip between his teeth before his lips trailed down to your neck where he instantly attached them to the sensitive flesh. You gasped out his name spilling from your lips. You felt his hands grab your hips as he pressed himself closer to and your heart jumped. You could feel his erection through the material of his jeans as his mouthed roughly sucked at your neck. You knew you’d be bruised from the onslaught, he had no shame in marking you as his. Wonho groaned as you began grinding your hips against him letting him know you wanted more. He forced your legs open with his knee pressing his thigh against your clothed core. 

“Hoseok please please.” He chuckled at your pleas and pulled his mouth from your neck. Smiling down at the bruising mark he had left there. His eyes were dark and sinful as he stared down at you.

“Y/N do you not care if we are caught anymore?” He asked teasing you while still holding you in place. You shook your head at him biting hard on your lip. The nervous habit taking over even now. Wonho hissed his hand reach up to cup your cheek. His thumb brushing over your swollen lips.

“Say it for me Y/N. Tell you don’t care about it anymore. Tell me you just want to let me hear your voice.”

“I don’t care anymore Hoseok please. I want to do anything for you.” You squeaked out your voice weak and raspy. You didn’t care about anything at this moment but letting your body submit to him. You couldn’t blame it on the liquor for your weakness any longer. No you were wholeheartedly letting go of everything just to keep feeling him.

Wonho slid his hand down to your body stopping at your ass before smacking the side of the cheek suddenly. You yelped and he laughed at your sound and he smacked the flesh again. 

“Move your hips..” He ordered sternly and you nodded to him. Your hands resting on his shoulder for support as you began rolling your hips. Grinding your hot core against his thigh letting soft moans leave your lips. Your eyes stayed locked with his as hand returned to your cheek.

“You look so good Y/N. Your lipstick smudged, hair a mess and those big puppy eyes staring up at me waiting for me to tell you what to do. Fuck you turn me on so much.” He gritted his teeth and his hands suddenly went to your ass, pulling you forward to him.

“When I first made eye contact with you, you got me excited. I’ve never had a woman affect me so suddenly like you do. That’s why I don’t care about anything right now but you Y/N.” Wonho wasn’t going to let this go. You were doing something to him that he wasn’t use to. Some may think it’s crazy to just let your carnal desires take over but to Wonho he felt like this needed to happen. You don’t just keep encountering the same person over and over again and act like it doesn’t mean anything.

You were rolling your hips harder than ever now at his words. The heat inside your stomach growing more and more with each second passing. You knew what two were doing was foolish and dangerous but you couldn’t stop yourself. To hear the man you had only dreamed about being physically attracted to you in the same way was clouding your better judgement.

“I’m gonna..I—“ you words got lost in your throat as a moan took over and Hoseok grinned at the sound. 

“You gonna cum for me Y/N? Please tell me you are. Say my name as you cum for me.” Your breathing was becoming more and more ragged as he pressed his thigh harder against you. His eyes burning deeper in yours as he waited for your release. You were so close it was painful and just then you heard a door open. You pushed Wonho away from you again and started to fix yourself as quickly as possible. Wonho let out a loud ‘are you fucking kidding’ me as he turned away from the sound and adjusted himself.

“Y/N! Bitch what the hell, you have a flight soon what the fuck are you doing in the hallway?” Audrey loudly whispered from the door. You started walking towards the room quickly and gave her a nervous laugh.

“Sorry I had to take a phone call and it ran longer than I thought” You shoved her back inside before she could notice Wonho and you sent him an apologetic glance before rushing into the room. Wonho was fuming as he threw his hands up in frustration before angrily pushing  the elevator button. He was so close to making you melt in his arms. Guess he was going to have to try again next time.

But to his and your disappointment there wasn’t a next time. His schedule had become too tight and extremely limited after his manager got word of the rumors. Hoseok had been told to stay away from you at photo op as he had to watch you take a photo with Kihyun and Shownu. His manager had said it was the best thing to do to protect both of you and since the company planned to work with your company again in the future he needed to keep any scandals from happening. Kat had sent you a message saying she and the company had cleared everything up to the best they could for you and Wonho. She had also told you to keep it professional even though she wanted to cheer you on but you both knew the success of the company came first. Your heart ached knowing that what you wanted could never happen. But that was how things always turned out and you knew things like that were always too good to be given to you.

Author Note: Sorry for any mistakes in this writing. I haven’t written anything in years so I’m extremely rusting. Please forgive me and hope you enjoy!

Reibert Wedding Headcanons
  • They have a late spring wedding outside in a public display garden, obviously only open for guests for the day. All the different flowers bring a wonderful scent and also color. 
  • For the purpose of vests and dresses, they decide that their color should be crimson.
  • Gabi is the flower girl and Falco is the ring bearer and no one can tell me otherwise.
  • It was very stressful for them the day of because they knew they couldn’t see each other, but when they’re anxious, they always seek the other for comfort. 
  • Bertholdt was the one to wait at the alter while Reiner walked down the aisle. They kept eye contact the entire time and Bertholdt didn’t realize he wasn’t breathing until Reiner reached him.
  • Reiner’s best man is Connie and Bertholdt’s is Marco.
  • Bertholdt says his vows first and Reiner started crying a few sentences in. Bertholdt hates seeing Reiner cry (even though him crying was for a good reason), so when he realized that he was, he stopped for a few seconds and Reiner told him that he was okay and to continue. About halfway through, Bertholdt started to cry as well.
  • Once Bertholdt finished and it was Reiner’s turn, he was like, “Well, mine sucks compared to that”, causing everyone to laugh. He took a deep breath, said the first word, and started crying again.
  • They have titanium (lamo) wedding rings with their names on the inside. Reiner also has a silicone one that he wears when he works out.
  • Their kiss didn’t last too long because they were smiling too much.
  • All of their wedding photos looked posed, but they’re all candid. They look at each other with that much love and adoration. A way to tell which ones are posed or not is if they’re looking at the camera.
  • They dance to the Sleeping at Last cover of As Long As You Love Me. As they sway slowly to the song with their foreheads pressed together, they feel like the only ones in the world.
  • It was rare to see them apart for more than a minute during the entire reception. They had moments where Reiner would be talking with his own relatives and Bertholdt would be talking to his own as they had an arm around each other or hands intertwined. 
  • When giving best man speeches, Marco does the one that causes everyone to tear up and talks about how he’s loved watching Reiner and Bertholdt’s relationship become so strong and wishes they have the best marriage. Connie’s on the other hand, is like, “Reiner, remember that one time when you got drunk and wouldn’t shut up about Bertholdt? Look at you guys now. Married. Time flies when you’re having fun.”
  • After they take their first bite of cake, they both wipe frosting on the others nose. 
  • Reiner really does deserve the best cousin award because he dances with Gabi and lets her stand on his feet. 
  • When the night comes to an end and it’s time for them to turn in for the night, the newlyweds go to the honeymoon suite at a nearby hotel. They cuddle on the bed and can’t get over the fact that they’re married.
  • Their actual honeymoon is at a lake house up north where they can have a lot of alone time. They wait until it’s mid summer because, “Reiner, the last time you went swimming around this time of the year, you got swimmer’s itch”. They stay there for a week. 
unhappy | john shelby

you feel like you can’t make john happy and you argue

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You had first met John when you were eighteen. Some of your friends had dragged you round to The Garrison to celebrate your birthday. You complained for most of the night, expressing how much you wanted to be at home but in the long run, it ended up being the best night of your life. Purely because it was the night that you met John.  

People had told you about the Shelby brothers but you wasn’t a person to judge. You didn’t know them, so you couldn’t possibly listen to the rumours or speculations that surrounded them. Admittedly, when John first approached you, you was nervous. He easily picked up on this and used it to his advantage to make you flustered, something that he still did to this day. After spending all night with him, you came to the conclusion that the negative rumours were completely wrong. He was the nicest guy you had ever met, and he was definitely a looker.  

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