he said it looked like a wedding photo


I don’t see many photos on tumblr where people are smiling with their teeth, and I’m guilty of this too. I don’t like my smile, I don’t like what it does to my face

 How it rounds my cheeks, makes my face look puffy, widens and flattens my nose, gives me lines by my nose, narrows my eyes, and shows my “buck teeth” that kids would point out

But the thing is, I like what my smile does to my image. I realized that smiling really does make someone appear friendlier and younger, and just more cheery and inviting. When I was a bridesmaid last summer, I tried hard to only smile modestly in photos, not showing my teeth or crinkling my eyes. But the wedding photographer kept encouraging me to really smile. He came up to me and said I look so miserable in the photos and that I look so much more friendly and happy when I’m actually smiling! After seeing the photos, I saw the truth in what he was saying. While my face might look more how I prefer it when I’m looking serious, I also look sad and unapproachable. Moral of the story, there is truth behind when people tell you to smile more.