he said his hair is 'cupcake pink'

Birthday Gifts // Cole Sprouse

Can you please write number 58, Cole x Reader? 💘

[“Shit, that’s hot”]

Warnings: swearing, mentions of sex,

Word Count: 1,180

Characters: Cole Sprouse, Dylan Sprouse, Dayna Frazer

A/N: well, I’ll probably be up all night since my 1 hour nap and it turned into a 6 hour nap, so I might spend the whole night writing for you guys. X

I was laughing so hard while writing this because I was so tempted to have him sip a hot drink and be like “shit, that’s hot.”

—- —-

“Happy Birthday, my darling girl!” Cole shouted as he walked into the kitchen, making you look up from your baking, a small smile on your lips and a blush on your cheeks. “Ah, you look so pretty.” He walked over to you, wrapping his arms around your shoulders and pulling you in for a kiss.

“Thank you, Cole,” you murmur, continuing decorating the cupcakes that you and Cole would be bringing to Dylan’s place, where you were all going for a few drinks, then hitting the town for dinner or something like that. You pushed your hair from your face, taking a deep breath and putting the piping bag down. He held a large, light dusty pink box in his hands, and a grin was on his lips.

“I got you a gift. And I know you said no gifts! But I saw it and I thought you’d love it so much, and I had to get it for you.” Cole handed you the box, which you gratefully took and set it on a clean part of the counter, gently placing your hands on his cheeks and leaning up to press a kiss to his lips. Cole’s hands went to your waist, his fingers looping through the belt holes of your jeans, pulling your hips against his. His lips softly trailed from your jawline to under your ear, bringing goose bumps to your skin.

“Baby. I’m gonna go get ready, okay?” You pulled away slowly, brushing some of his hair from his face and kissing him one more time. You grabbed the box that contained some mystery item. Biting your lip and looking at Cole, you smiled softly before headed to the hallway to go to the bedroom.

“Before you put clothes on, come and show me what that looks like, okay?” Cole calls out, making you turn around, nodding a little bit and turning back around, headed into the bedroom.


You kept looking at yourself in the mirror, turning around and looking at every possible angle you could. You were taken away by the gift Cole had bought you. Your fingers trailed over the sparkly, sheer material of the bottoms, swallowing a lump in your throat. Pulling on your robe, you sat down at your vanity, looking through your lipsticks and pulling out a deep red lipstick and swiping it across your lips. You finished the rest of your make up, pulling out the black, lace dress you’d be wearing and looking through the bottom of the closet for a pair of heels. You picked out a pair of strappy Yves Saint Laurent’s, sliding them on. You pulled off your robe, hanging it back up and looking at yourself in the mirror again. Taking a deep breath and running your fingers through your hair, you let it fall over your shoulders and opening the bedroom door and walking towards the kitchen where Cole was.

Cole wasn’t sure what to expect. He did buy the lingerie for you, but he didn’t know how well you were going to pull it off, but as soon as he saw you appear at the end of the hallway, he swore that you had legitimately taken his breath away. His breathing hitched in his throat and he had to blink a few times to make sure it was actually you and not the maid or something.

“Shit, that’s hot.” Cole shook his head. You looked so… innocent, but dirty at the same time. Maybe it was the look on your face. You looked so shy and quiet, but he knew you were far from that.

“I’m uh, going to go put my dress on.” You pointed your thumb over your shoulder, but the ‘no’ that came from Cole’s lips took you back a little. “Come here,” he spoke, making you swallow a lump in your throat and walking towards him. You stood in front of the brunette (that was slowly going blonde again, thank god). You attempted to cross your arms over your stomach, but your wrists were captured by him. His breath could be felt against your neck as his lips rested close to your ear.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard, baby girl. You look so… breathtaking.” Cole’s words sent a shiver down your spine, especially since he had never actually ‘fucked’ you. He was all about making love and loving you. He was always gently, but something clicked in him as soon as he saw you at the end of the hallway. “Now, go get dressed. We’re leaving soon.”


“You look absolutely stunning, Cupcake!” Dayna squealed as she saw you, embracing you in a tight hug. You always loved Dayna. She was so sweet, and if you ever needed some girl time, she was always there for you.

“Donut, you look gorgeous! But thank you!” You grinned, using the nickname you had given her a few months after you had met her. She was Donut and you were Cupcake. It was just this weird bond you both had over baking, and whenever one of you were bored, or upset, desserts would be brought over.

You walked beside Dayna, arm linked with hers as you both gossiped about anything you could think of. Cole and Dylan were catching up, trailing a bit behind you. “Also, Happy Birthday, (Y/N),” Dayna spoke, looking at you with a smile. She enveloped you into a hug, making you smile. You adored her so much.

“Yeah, Happy Birthday, (Y/N/N).” Dylan nodded, also wrapping his arms around you in a hug. “Now, let’s go in that club and try to get as many free drinks as we can!” Dylan shouted, wrapping his arm around Dayna’s waist as they walked into the club, the bouncer letting the four of you straight in.

“Perks of being famous,” Cole whispered into your ear, making you shiver as his arm stayed wrapped around your waist. “Happy Birthday, once again, darling.” Cole gently kissed your cheek, making you smile.

“(Y/N)! C’mon!” Dayna pulled you away from Cole, taking you straight to the bar. “Can we get a round of shots for the birthday girl?!” Dayna shouted over the music, the bartender nodded, a grin on his lips as he looked at the both of you. ‘On the house!’ You had seen him mouth, making Dayna squeal a little. Once the two of you got a round of shots, Dayna brought them over to Dylan and Cole, who were sitting in a booth. “Free shots!”


You weren’t completely wasted, but putting the key in the keyhole was a bit harder than it seemed like it would be. Cole was being very handsy, his lips on your neck and hands on your waist.

As soon as you had gotten the door opened, you both stumbled inside, closing the door and locking it behind you. You were pushed against the wooden door, Cole’s lips attaching themselves to your neck, making you let out a soft moan.

Let us just say that your night was way more eventful than you thought it’d be.

Daniel || Cupcakes & Confessions

Genre: Fluff

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You entered the bakery shop, the bell at the top of the door ringing. As you stepped foot inside the bakery, the smell of cake filled your nostrils, making your stomach growl from how hungry you are.

You approached the counter, spotting the familiar pink haired male that you see every time you come here. 

“Hey, Y/N! What would you like today?” Daniel asks, the same bright smile, that didn’t fail to make your heart flutter, appearing on his face. You stared up at the menu above Daniel’s head, looking at the many desserts that you haven’t tried before. As you saw a dessert you found interesting, you opened your mouth to speak.

“Uh, a chocolate cupcake would be nice.” You tell him. He punches your order in on the screen in front of him, humming a tune to a song as he did so.

“Will that be it?” He asks, looking up at you. You felt yourself blush as he stared at you with his dark brown eyes. You look down at the floor, trying to avoid eye contact with him as you played with the hem of your shirt. You nod your head slowly as a response to his question.

“Okay, that’ll be $2.” He tells you. You pull out your wallet and fish through it before pulling out $2. You shyly hand it to him, still facing the ground. He chuckled deeply at how cute and shy you were before putting the money in the cash register and telling you that your cupcake will be ready shortly.

“Th-thank you.” You mutter quickly before turning around and trying to find a place to sit at.

As you were waiting patiently for your cupcake at your seat, you couldn’t help but stare at Daniel as he was taking an elderly woman’s order. ‘He looks so cute.’ You thought to yourself, placing a hand on your heart as you felt it pounding hard against your chest.

You watched as the elderly woman walked away, and you saw Daniel standing behind the counter, puffing his cheeks out and tapping his fingers on the countertop.

As you were staring at him, he looked at you. You jumped in surprise, your face turning pink as he smiled at you. ‘No don’t smile at me, you pink haired dork.’ You thought.

Luckily, Daniel walked to the back room, which broke your guys’s awkward eye contact. You slapped yourself on the forehead for being an idiot for staring too long at him.

Though it didn’t last long until he came back, holding a small white box. He rang the bell that was on the counter. “Y/N, your cupcake is here!” He exclaimed, showing off his cute toothy smile. You stood up and made your way to the counter, grabbing the box and bowing down.

“Thank you.” You said quietly, your cheeks warming up as he stared at you once again. 

“Y/N?” Daniel says in a sudden quiet voice. You look up at him, noticing that he’s the one staring down at the floor now. He bit his lip nervously before staring back up at you.

“We’ve known each other for a while now. And the only time we ever see each other is when you come to the bakery.” He trails off, fiddling with his fingers, before speaking up again. “I just wanted to know, if, you know…”

He paused for a moment. You raise an eyebrow, feeling anxious about what he is about to say. You nod your head, signaling him to continue his sentence.

“I wanted to know if you would like to go out sometime?” He finally confesses.

At this moment, you could feel your heart stopping. ‘D-did he just confess to me?!’ You thought. Your cheeks grew warm and you swear your face is super red right now. You had no idea that the guy you’ve liked for such a long time actually likes you back. You just wanted to die happy.

You nod your head frantically. “Yes! I would love to go out with you, Daniel.”

He widens his eyes, his cheeks turning the same pink color as his hair. “R-really?! I mean… really?”

You giggle. “Yes, really!”

He smiles widely before walking around the counter, grabbing the box that your cupcake was in and setting it on the countertop, before giving you a big, tight hug. Everyone in the bakery was watching as you guys, awe-ing and enjoying the sight of you two hugging.

“Daniel, we’re in public.” You whine over his shoulder, blushing furiously as you wrapped your arms around him.

“I don’t care. Let everyone see my girlfriend and I hugging.” 

Your heart started beating extremely fast as he just called you his girlfriend.

“Girlfriend? You never asked me to be your girlfriend.” You said with a smirk.

He pulled back from the hug, which made you a bit sad, before he grinned and said, “Y/N, will you be my lovely girlfriend?”

You blush and smile at him. “Yes, Daniel, I’ll be your girlfriend.”

“Yesss!!!” Daniel exclaims before lifting you up and twirling you around. He gives you a wet kiss on the cheek, making you giggle, before setting you down on the floor. Daniel opened his mouth to speak.

“Now I have everything I’ve ever wanted, right here in my arms. And also in this bakery.”

LGBT+ club

Credit due to @siriuslysarcasticremus for coming up with this, I decided to take it a lil further ;)

Sirius hadn’t meant to piss off Grinko and his Crew. Honestly, if anything, it was a massive misunderstanding that James had got him into. Sirius had only tried to throw a bright pink, unicorn cupcake at James’ head and missed. By a lot. And the said cupcake landed in someone else’s hair, three guesses who, therefore it was all James’ fault that Sirius was being chased along the corridor, the Crew hot on his tail, their leader the closest of them all.

The only reason they weren’t on him yet was because Sirius had taken up track, not because they weren’t fit guys. They were fit, at least in Sirius’ opinion. He had been trying all the doors down the corridor, hoping to find one that was unlocked, and had a lock.

He was slowly running out of doors, and he could hear the rumble of feet as they grew closer. Sirius panted gently, wondering what they would do, what they would hurt first, how - the door on the left opened up for him, and Sirius practically leaped through, ready to continue into and through the window.

Except he found he couldn’t. There was a group of people inside, all various different shapes and sizes, and they were blocking his way. They all gaped at his haggard appearance and the way he panted, making it seem he had ran a marathon.

Sirius felt like he had.

He slowly soaked in the room around him, at the rainbow flags and the boys with glitter on their face, getting more and more confused until he saw the sign at the front of the room, saying LGBT+ club, and next to the sign was probably one of the hottest people Sirius had ever seen. He had brown hair, and he held himself with a prideful and powerful stance, and Sirius noted the scars down his face. That must be a gnarly story.

“Hey, are you gay or what?” Shouted someone from the crowd clearly agitated that the meeting had been interrupted.

Sirius drew in one breath, now or never, right?

Sirius looked right into the man’s eyes and quietly, but firmly said “I am now.”

And then quickly turned to lock the door, so Grinko wouldn’t get in.

Trolls thing I'm writing

Ok so I’ve finished the first chapter of a Trolls thing I’m writing which I’m calling “Night and Day” (vague title I know), I plan on unloading it to Archive, I just haven’t yet. This literally takes place right after the movie.. Like right after. Bare with me, I’m not a writer. Grammer is my enemy and words aren’t good friends of mine either. Oh and it typed this on my phone so I’m now realizing the “thought italics” aren’t showing up on tumblr so I apologize if some sentences don’t come off as thoughts, but here’s the first chapter of “Night and Day”.


Yes, Branch was sure “giggling” was the appropriate word to describe the loud strange hiccup like laughs currently escaping his mouth. It’s not that he’d never heard a giggle before, knowing Poppy all his life made that an impossibility. This, however, was the first time he could remember hearing himself do it. This felt foreign to him. Absurd even. But he just couldn’t help it…nor did he seem to care. From high up on their elevated mushroom platform, Branch now gripped his sides as the laughter overtook him, transferring a giddy energy to his rhythmic feet as they watched their weird new moment-ruining cloud friend plummet to a fate unknown, the product of being tandem high fived out of the sky by the two trolls.

He’ll be fine. He’s a cloud after all.

“I still don’t get the whole socks with no shoes thing.” He smirked. Poppy looked at him quizzically, and then down in the direction the cloud guy fell, genuinely pondering the statement for a moment. “Well, if you’re up in the sky most of the time… Why would you need shoes?“ she quipped with a smirk. A quiet “Huh.” was all he could muster, a tad baffled by the unexpected logic in the joke, to which he really had no argument for. “I guess when you put it like that…” he mused, cracking a half smile. With a comforting new sense of relief and contentment, he allowed a few more precious chuckles with the newly crowned queen. What was the harm anyway? Unless Smidge dropped them of course… Naw, this is probably just another day at the gym for her. He could let his guard down, for once. They were safe from the Bergens.

… For now. he allowed the troubled thought, but only for a moment, he was too preoccupied by his current reality to let his old survivalist paranoia fully take hold, all while blissfully unaware that their laughter was shifting dangerously close to silence. Too close. Too late.

They were alone again.

Holy hair, how long can Smidge keep this up? This is craz… wait. Why is it so quiet…? Uh oh… Oh no-oh no-oh-oh no!! Uh-uh-uh.. C’mon Say something to her, sticks for brains! Ugh! You’ve only spent THE LAST FEW DAYS ALONE WITH HER and had no problem talking to her then. Aaaaahhhh…

While Branch’s mind was about to spontaneously combust, it was Poppy who finally broke the prolonged silence. “I can’t believe I finally got to hear your laugh.” she paused, smiling off in the distance before turning to meet his gaze. “You have a nice one.” She concluded. Letting those electric candy eyes linger on serene sky ones for a moment.

I do?… She thinks- His eyes widened in shock, his mouth tightened. Heat engulfed him as the dark violet blush that flooded his face suddenly, seemed to set off the few glittering freckles he had, like a chain reaction of tiny firecrackers across his cheeks.

Well now you have to say something.

Tourmaline eyes came back for another visit, paralyzing his in the process.


This is weird. I don’t like this. UGH… Just say it. He took a moment and swallowed. “I can’t take all the credit, I learned from the best.” He said, holding her gaze. Then, immediately elbowing her to drive his point home, followed by that sarcastic smirk, that could only belong to Branch.

“Awwww! That’s so sweet.” she exclaimed briefly, before regaining her composure. “but nice try!” She shot up an eyebrow. “You can’t just teach someone how to laugh… It’s just something that’s already inside them.” she said, reaching up to ruffle the front part of his recently taller, not to mention more colorful, hair.

The sudden sensation of fingers through his locks, and momentarily touching his scalp, caused Branch to freeze.

Does she like my hair? He beamed, cheeks darkening a bit more at the thought. Nah, she’s probably just as weirded out by it as I am. He scoffed. Maybe she’s checking to see if it’s real.

He got his bearings again. “Well, either way, it wouldn’t be possible… w-without you.” He managed, eyes darting away from her, sheepishly looking off in the distance, before eventually finding the courage to turn back to her again. The pink fire in her eyes still blazing.

I wonder if I should… Does she want me to…

“Wow.” she said, sounding truly in awe.

“Hmm?” he put his previous thought away, wondering and fearing how this moment could get any more perfect.

“I just can’t wrap my hair around it,” she started, eyes on his, and yet somewhere off in ‘cupcakes and rainbows’ land as well. “It’s all just so… surreal I guess.” He listened intently, a patient, albeit perplexed look on his face as she continued. “Like wow!… You’re just soooo genuinely nice, and I just… I just can’t believe, I-I mean… after all this time…”
She leaned a bit into his space, causing him to flinch slightly.

What’s.. happening?! Is she-

“that you’d end up being…” her cheeks flushed, and she gently took his hand, pulling him even closer. Branch’s eyes widened.


Poppy’s smile grew wider “… like the greatest friend I could ever have!!” she all but yelled before pulling him into a bone crushing, and almost as equally, soul crushing bear hug.

His breath was lost… for more reasons than one, maybe forever for all he knew.


The moment it took for Branch to pick up the pieces of his heart, felt like an eternity, but eventually, he slowly brought his arms up returning the hug, with understandably less enthusiasm and strength than his captor.

A single word relentlessly looping in his head.

“I… uh.. I.. yeah.” he cleared his throat, brushing it off as best he could. “W-who’d have thought?” he let out a small, strained laugh, doing his best to hide the fact that it was completely forced.

…Too good to be true… friend… of course just friends. … Stupid. How could you be so STUPID? Why in the world would you think you’d be something more? No! You don’t deserve that… her.. not after how you’ve treated her, what you’ve done. Hugs and pretty new colors don’t right all those wrongs.

This… this is for the best. You’d probably end up hurting her somehow. You’re cursed.

He steeled, bracing himself for whatever this new hell had to offer. Wanting desperately to just get as far away as possible, but… she was so close to him now, and he found it impossible to pull away.

Not just yet.

Hell can wait.

For the moment, he brought his queen closer, hugged a little tighter, savoring paradise for as long as he could. Defying inevitability, if only for now. Being so close allowed Branch an opportunity he did not pass up. With great stealth, he turned his head toward hers, his nose nestling in magenta hair before greedily inhaling her scent. Whether or not she noticed this, she made no mention.

Why does she have to smell so good? Like, if roses were candy…

“This is nice.” Poppy hummed and squeezed tighter.

You have no idea.

“Seeeee, Hugs aren’t so bad.” she teased, eventually breaking the hug, much to his dismay. “Heh, I never said they were.” he said flatly. She deadpanned. Well, as best she could anyway, that smile always betrayed her. “Well you suuure fooled me.” She sassed, unconvinced. His ears started to droop a bit with guilt.

She has a point.

“It’s uh.. it’s just hard to explain.” He sighed, unable to come up with any other words to help him out. Her expression softened. “Weeell.. maybe you can try explaining it me sometime.” She offered, earning a smile from him. “Besides, it’s not like you can go running off to your bunker like always, not at the moment anyway.” She pointed out. Realization widened Branch’s eyes.

Oh. Yeah.

He paled, fear, panic and anxiety threatening to rear their ugly heads. His old friends. Always interrupting his life like uninvited guests. He wondered if he’d ever be rid of them. Probably not. One thing was certain though: He had to get outta here!!

His gaze traveled downward and landed on the giant mushroom on which they stood, absentmindedly tracing it’s colorful designs with his eyes. A troll, momentarily forgotten, now resurfacing in his thoughts.


“Y-yeah.” He fretted, scratching the back of his head. “You know, Smidge is probably starting to get tired.” He deflected “Plus I’m getting kinda dizzy, I think it’s time to head down.. bud.”

Did I just call her bud?

“Y-uh.. Yeah! I mean this is Smidge we’re talkin’ about here.. but yeah, we should probably go back.” She agreed, the slightest hint of reluctance in her voice. She stared at him for a moment, a playful smirk stretching across her face.

“What?” he questioned, confused.

“Are you suuure you didn’t think hugs were bad? Cuz you use to duck ‘em like they were poisonous snakes.” she smirked. “Like, there were times when we’d pretend to be like.. a Frankenstein version of you, runnin’ around shouting ‘HUGS BAD!’ grrrr ‘SINGING, DANCING BAD!’ grrr.” She finished in her best monster voice to emphasize the joke.

“Geeee… good to know.” he huffed, rolling his eyes, that familiar sarcastic edge to his words. Poppy’s smile faltered, filling Branch with instant regret.

“Branch, I’m sorry!” she blurted out. “I didn’t mean-“

“No.. I get it.” he interrupted. “I know what I am… Was… Whatever.” he sighed. “Alright, brace yourself.” he advised suddenly before loudly stomping down on the mushroom platform three times, figuring that was the best to alert Smidge to start lowering them. He wondered why she even bothered with the gesture in the first place, it’s not like they needed alone time. Why did she do it? She couldn’t be as blind as him.. right?

Poppy just stood there, seemingly ignoring his instructions. A sympathetic look on her face. “Branch, don’t be so hard on yourself.” she comforted, lightly placing her hand on his arm. He pulled up a confident smile for her sake. “It’s cool, I’m fine.” He lied.

“WOA- AHH!” he yelped as the platform jerked abruptly, unsteadying them. Instinctively, he grabbed her hand. “Poppy, you okay?” he asked, crouching a bit as the platform started lowering slowly. “All good here! Smidge does this sort of thing a lot.” she laughed.

He chuckled in agreement, postponing the arduous task of trying to piece his life back together after losing everything.




He winced as voices from his past taunted him. Ghosts haunting his mind. Luckily her sugared voice snapped him out of it. “Hey, so.. uh, being that we’re trolls and all… there’s probably gonna be a party tonight, or some form of celebration…” she hinted.

“Riiight…” he drawled out, confused. “Weeell.. are you gonna come to this one?” she pleaded. He arched an eyebrow, “I suppooose… if it would please ‘Her Majesty’.” he smirked. Poppy grimaced, her adorable features scrunching up in disgust. “OOOH NO! NOPE-NOPE-NOPE! I am puttin’ a stop to that RIGHT NOW!” she threatened as Branch snorted at her lack of an assertive tone. “And yes,” she composed herself. “yes it would please me.” she admitted. “Then I’ll be there.” he returned, with a wink.

She stared dumbfounded for a second before shrieking with joy, causing him to cup his sensitive ears.

Ugh. This was going to be a looong night.

The platform jerked again suddenly as the speed increased, causing Poppy to stumble completely… only to land in Branch’s already prepared arms. She looked up, surprised eyes meeting each other.

Or was it?

Yeah, maybe it wouldn’t sooo bad, he considered as his arms were suddenly cradling the pink queen. It was a nice feeling. That is until that stupid platform jerked once more.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!” he screamed as they plummeted due to the downward speed rapidly picking up in pace. Poppy seemed to be taking it with a little more grace than him as they held on to the edges… and each other, trying to endure the rest of their.. now very direct route back to the ground.

“DAAAAAMMIIIT SMIIIIIIIIIDGE!!” he yelled, he was gonna be sick.

Please don’t throw up on Poppy. Please don’t throw up on Poppy. Please don’t throw up on Poppy.

Hot for the Teacher ll

Imagine you’re Abel’s teacher (age 5) and SAMCRO attends to the school annual bake off. 

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You didn’t called. You didn’t asked the kid about his father and certainly you were nowhere the TM in hopes to find Jackson Teller. You knew better than that. Of course, he was a handsome bad biker and yeah, your panties were ruined by the end of the day when you met him but it was non ethical to flirt with one of your students dad. 

Single dad. You sighed as you got up and started to write on the board the promotional for this Friday’s annual school bake off. 

“Now, every single one of you would bring your favorite dessert. Mine are chocolate chip cookies.” You put out as an example, even though it was true. Almost all the kids cheered, making you grin. “Either mommy or daddy have to come with you to sell the dessert. You’ll  have plany of fun, guys, it will be like a carnival. Remember the kid that sells the most will have an special gift at the end of the day.” The bell ringed making everyone stand up and leave quickly, Abel running out, you holding back, trying not to follow him. You were kind of nervous, about seeing Jax again, but you tried to shrug it off. He probably wouldnt showed up to a silly bake off. 

You stepped out of the shower on Friday, applying your make up on the table in front of your bed; The white pin up style dress with a red rose pattern laying on the bed along with simple red sneakers; After finishing your mascara you saw it on the top right corner of the mirror, next to a picture of you with your childhood dog and the grocerie list; Jax’s number. You sighed and shook your head, avoiding the feeling. You wouldn’t give in, you would be professional and you would sell the pumpkin pie you bought this morning at Walt Mart. 

You stepped into the school playground, pumpkin pie in hand, purse on your arm, papers on the other one. You waved at your coworkers, as you walked past them, setting your dessert on the table, next to the class moms and even some dads. Your class was small, maybe 15 kids, so you knew pretty much everyone. Kids were running around, tables on the place filled with perfect and delicious looking pies and desserts and also balloons, music, people dancing and places where the kids could draw and paint. You smiled, finishing decorating the table and clapped your hands together. Everyone was there, but a little blonde kid was missing.

“Katie…” you asked the teacher with the table next to your class. “Have you seen Abel Teller?” She looked like she was thinking and then shook her head. 

“Isn’t that him?” a usual band of Harley’s parked outside the school playground and Abel hoped off, helmet still in his head running over to you. You smiled looking at his tiny legs mess up the grass. You looked up, leather following him. Chibs running to catch him and lift him up the air, that’s when you noticed the kid had a cookie, half of it, at least on his hand. 

“What did i told ya, little lass?” The Scotsman said. “No running with food in ya’ mouth.” He nodded, offering Chibs the rest of his cookie as an apology, which Chibs took, stuffing his mouth with it. He placed Abel down and walked over to you. “Mrs. (Y/N), always a pleasure.” 

“Fillip” You greeted, crunching down to reach Abel’s height, being meted by a big beautiful and very Teller-like smile. “Hey Abel.”

“Hi Mrs. (Y/N).” He greeted blushing a little. You messed up his hair.

“Why don’t you go play with Angela and Charlie, huh? They’re over the, by the swings, next to Mrs. La-brad. Have some fun.” Abel nodded and walked over to his friends, catching up on the playing schedule. “He was supposed to bring a dessert.” 

“And he does.” A grey hair, big man said, wearing an Elvis costume along with a pink apron and holding a tray, filled half with big and amazing looking cookies and half with spongy chocolate cupcakes said, flashing a smile at you. “Bobby Elvis; Abel’s uncle” 

“Really?” Chibs nodded taking off his gloves and placing himself behind the table, smirking at the young mothers. 

“SAMCRO is here to help Abel win the prize.” Bobby said. “And i offered Mrs. Munion an special Elvis number. Kids love the King.” You nodded. Charming kids seemed to love Elvis Presley. Right after Bobby and Chibs, a tattoo scalped dorky looking man, older than you for about 3 years walked in, another tray in his hands.  You crossed your arms in front of your chest; You couldn’t believe it. 

“Hey.” Juice greeted. “These are the last ones” 

“I made 4 trays.” The man nodded, then pointed at the other 5, or 6 man chilling next to their Harleys, lifting several cupcakes and cookies, making Bobby shake his head. “Big bad biker love dessert.” Juice snorted and nodded, aiming to grab a cookie.

“A dollar!” Abel said running towards Juice and jumping into Chibs arms. “That’s a dollar, Juicy” Juan Carlos scoffed and nodded, handing the little boy a dollar, enjoying his not so free cookie. You laughed at the cute scene, but you could tell your suspicions were right. Jax was not coming. 

Or that’s what you thought, when you saw him pull over and hop off his bike, taking off his helmet and fixing his pants. Abel was playing with you with a red shinning ball when he saw his daddy.

“Daddy!” He screamed running to meet him, making you smile as you got up and quickly followed, fixing your dress; suddenly, and as twisted as it sounded, you wished you had wore something more flattering. Jax picked his son up and kissed his forehead, making Abel laugh and squirm in his arms. 

“You finally arrived.” You said caressing Abel’s hair and smiling at Jax.

“Wouldn’t miss it. With all the TM and MC business, Bobby doesn’t bake as much as he did.” He smiled at you, giving you a warm smile and walking closer, kissing your cheek. “How’s it going, Miss?” You blushed bright red and smiled. 

“It’s going.” 

Abel was playing with his father’s kutte. “And his Elvis is even rarer.” He continued as he looked down at Abel and kissed his forehead again. “What are you doing son?”

You bit your lip; How could he be a mix of everything? How could he be a father and the president of an outlaw club? How could he hold his 5 year old with hands that killed and tortured? 

How could you be so afraid of him and still feel so attracted? 

“Hey son-” He said, placing Abel down, while still looking at you. “Remember what we talked at home?” His soon put on a lost face then nodded, smiling and even blushing a little. Abel was adorable. “Go on, then.” He gave him 5 dollars and Abel ran away, screaming and laughing as Chibs tried to chase him. 

“Seems like your baked goods are doing fine.” You said fixing your hair and looking at Juice and Elvis selling out Abel’s dessert, while flirting with the young mothers. “It’s the Reaper charm.” You laughed along with Jax, until an old lady, probably a grandma looked at the bikers like they had the plague and three heads. Jax went fully silent and shook his head, sitting down in a chair near.

“What’s wrong?” You asked, walking closer to him. Jax lighted up a cigarette without a drop of shame and shook his head.

“Did you saw that?” You turned around, hands on your hips, knowing he meant the rude old ladies. “That’s the look that Abel’s gonna get just because i’m his old man. He’s not gonna be Abel. He’s going to be Jackson Teller’s son all his life, who knows…” he said looking down and blowing the smoke off; For a minute you thought he was talking to himself, forgetting about you. “Maybe he’s going to pay for my sins.”

“Well-” you began looking at your neatly painted red nails. “I think this town needs to start looking behind the kutte. You’re all man, most of you are fathers.” Jax nodded. 

“You see behind the kutte?”

“I try”

He snorted and smiled. “What do you see?”

“I see loving father, a troubled young men. A widower, an outlaw with  a firm sense of what’s right.” This made Jax look up at you. “Someone’s who’s fighting to make the right thing. And who knows…” making sure no one was looking you took a drag of the cigarette blowing the smoke out. “Maybe Abel’s not gonna pay for anything.”  

Jax looked at you as a blind man would see his mothers face for the first time. You blushed and looked down, afraid that you were being too personal. 

“You know…”

Jax was interrupted when Juice come on to both of you, jogging slightly. 

“Jax, we need to go. Alvarez called.” Jax looked at Juice and nodded, stomping on his cigarette as the tattooed man walked away. He called for Abel, who showed him a thumbs up,  but the little boy was already being handled by Chibs who was putting a helmet on him.

“Duty calls.” He said smiling at you, a bit cheeky. You nodded. 

“I understand.”

“You think you do.” The president looked back, all his brothers already on their bikes. “Listen…” his blue eyes piercing into yours. “Come over at TM tomorrow. Saturdays always call for parties there. Inside of you, you were screaming like a 15 year old, but you had to remain profesional. 

“Oh, Jax, i don’t think it would be a good idea.” You said, when every nerve on your body wanted to scream yes. 

“Abel’s leaving to a farm with my ex wife for the weekend. She’s taking him and Thomas, that way we won’t give the poor kid any ideas.” 

You shifted, akwardly on your place but nodded. 

“9 PM. Maybe i can show you something more than a loving father.” He winked, kissing your hand like a gentleman and leaving you standing there. 

When you came back to your table, you found a big box of your favorite chocolate cookies, the one’s that Lana’s mom made, a note attached to it. 

“We heard you like chocolate chip cookies. Treat yourself. 

xoxo, Abel and Jax Teller.” 

skateboards and snapbacks part three

Percabeth AU with Skater!Percy because they’ve taken over my life

previous chapters found here


She had her cupcake poised at her lips when he made her laugh so hard that she blew a cloud of icing sugar off the top. Her other hand immediately flew to cover her mouth, hiding her grin.

“Sorry,” she said with some difficulty, forcing the word out around a bite of cupcake and a looming fit of giggles.

Percy dusted the icing sugar off his nose and leant back, grinning that lopsided grin that Annabeth was fast growing to love. “I buy you a cupcake and that’s how you repay me? By spitting icing sugar on me?”

“Ew, I didn’t spit it on you,” she argued, finishing her mouthful and lowering her hand. “You made me laugh, and that’s what you get for sitting so close anyway.”

He shrugged one shoulder and his grin slipped into a smirk. She couldn’t decide which expression she liked best, but she did know that she kind of missed the way he’d been leaning over the table, face hovering right in front of hers. He was slouched back in his seat opposite her now, one arm resting on the back of the chair beside him. His foot knocked hers under the table.

“I wanted to have a good view for when you tried the best cupcakes on campus,” he said.

Annabeth glanced down at the blue cupcake and then back up to his eyes. She nodded. “It’s pretty good, I’ll admit -”

“It’s the blue,” Percy said adamantly. “Everything tastes better blue.”

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Baby shower.

I love your writing!! :) Can you write a imagine when the reader has been dating carl for couple of years (there like in their 20’s) the reader is pregnant and carl wants to purpose to her at like at baby shower with the group (or something you choose) the ring is like in cupcake that revels the gender of there baby. its really happy and fluff. Thank you!! i’m sorry if i got too specific.

I hope you like it!💕

Carol was putting the cookies in the oven while Enid and Maggie inflated a few green balloons. The day was filled with excitement, and everyone was busy helping. Even Daryl was helping Eugene putting up the banner they had made for your baby shower.
You had been pregnant for about eight months now and you expected to have your baby any time soon, so the group decided to surprise you with a little party.

You were at the doctor in the Hilltop with Carl, who was the father of your baby. You both had been dating for years now, since you arrived to Alexandria and began your new life.
-Everything is fine, nothing to worry about. —the doctor showed you the sonogram. Carl interlocked his fingers with yours and smiled down as you laid on the bed.
-So you still don’t know the gender of the baby? —you asked the doctor, hoping the answer he had been giving you for eight months would suddenly change.
-The quality of the ultrasound is not as good as it used to be, unfortunately, I can’t tell the sex of the baby. —he told you. But he was lying, Carl had asked him to keep the gender a secret because he wanted to be the one who told you.
Disappointed by the answer, you sighed and pulled your shirt down to cover your bump for the procedure was over.
-Will you be there when the baby borns? —Carl asked him.
-Of course. —he nodded and smiled at you.
You exited his trailer and jumped inside Carl’s car. He drove back to Alexandria, every now and then turning to look at you.
-What? —you asked the fourth time he set his eyes on you.
-I love you. —he chuckled and placed his right hand on your belly. You playfully slapped his hand away.
-Eyes on the road and hands upon the wheel. —you said, making him laugh again.

Once you arrived to Alexandria, Carl helped you out of the car and led you towards your house. You walked up the porch steps carefully, trying to see the floor you were stepping on under your baby bump.
Carl wrapped his fingers around the doorknob and turned it, opening the door and he stepped aside to let you walk in first.
-Surprise! —everyone yelled in one voice. A scream escaped your lips, which made everyone chuckle. Carl hugged you from behind and placed a kiss on your nape.
Carol walked to you with a tray and offered you a cookie, you took it eagerly, she was the best cook in the whole community.
Balloons hung with streamers and glitter next to a large banner that read “Congrats, (Y/N)”, with scrawled handwriting. You giggled as you noticed stains of green paint on Daryl’s hands, he must have been to one who wrote it.

It was such a warm moment and you felt more at ease than you had ever been with the pregnancy, you knew that you had Carl’s full support, but he was just your boyfriend; however, in your baby shower, you realized everyone would be there for you.
-Time for the gifts! —Maggie clapped her hands and sat on the couch, leaving a vacant spot for you. You sat right next to her and giggled at her excitement.
-You really didn’t have to-
-Rick! —she yelled and motioned for him to bring something to the living room. Rick and Daryl disappeared into another room. —You’ll love it, Hershel is already too big for it but it’s still in perfect conditions.
Rick and Daryl entered the room again, they were carrying a wooden crib.
-Wow. —you said as they place it on the ground. You hugged Maggie to show your gratitude. —Thank you, Maggie!
She giggled and kissed your cheek. Many other residents of Alexandria gave you presents for the baby, you received some clothes in shades of pink and other in blue, reminding you that you didn’t know the gender of the baby.
-Carl, it’s your turn. —Maggie told him. You noticed his cheeks blushed under his brown hair as all stares fell on him.
-Alright. —he mumbled and disappeared into the kitchen. He came back with a big cupcake in his hand, he stood right in front of you and lent you the lilac cupcake with a cherry on top. You loved the fact that his present was your favourite treat, but there was more to it than you thought.
You took it in your hands and noticed it had a little bow and a writing that read: “It’s a girl!”. Your lips slightly parted, you had spent eight months talking to him about how you hoped the baby was a girl. A single tear of joy rolled down your cheek.
Carl gestured for you to eat it, you didn’t want to, it was too pretty to be devoured at once; but everyone was looking at you and waiting for you to eat it, so you brought it to your lips and took a small bite.
You noticed it was hollow, so you took another bite at the top and as you uncovered the thing that it confined, Carl knelt before you. He pulled the ring out of the cupcake and took your hand inside his.
-(Y/N)… will you marry me? —his voice quavered as he spoke his question. You placed your free hand on your mouth, unable to believe what was happening.
-Yes! —you exclaimed and pulled him up for a hug. Everyone clapped and cheered as Carl slid the ring on your finger.


After the party was over, the group stayed to clean up. You were still sitting on the couch, staring lovingly at the ring on your finger.
-Hey. —Carl threw himself on the couch, next to you. He noticed how you were looking at the ring. —You like it?
-I love it. —you said and leaned your head on his shoulder. —I love you.
Carl wrapped his arm around your shoulder and tickled your neck, making you giggle and twisted under his touch. He placed his other hand on yours and took them both to your belly, feeling how your baby moved under your skin.
Carl pressed his lips on your temple and they lingered there for a few seconds.
-I guess we’re a family now. —he murmured with his chin on the crown of your head.

Meet Me?

Pairing: Jongkey (ft. gross otaku taekai)
Rated:PG-15 (for now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )
Part ½(?)
❤ Sequel to THIS and THIS (i changed the second part a lil bit but whatever~)

Kibum was anxious. This day would be different from any other meeting he had ever had. No one was going to study him and judge whether he would look better in this or that, nor would anyone tell him which direction to look at or where his hands should be. No, this meeting was for a very special person, and for that reason, it left a different feeling than all the other times he was nervous. He felt nauseous, dizzy, jumpy, and his heart felt like it was trying to run away from him. He was anxious because today, he would be meeting the man he had come to like – to crush on, even – a porn blogger named Kim Jonghyun, who couldn’t wait to meet the model for their date.

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anonymous asked:

Marlene is kind of annoyed because the guy living next to her isn't exactly the quiet or tidy type and one time she just storms over there in her sexy pjs to demand that he turn off the damn music and when he opens the door she realizes he's sexy as hell and he realizes the crazy lady next door is actually pretty hot xD (non-magical drabble?)

Growing up with seven siblings made Marlene McKinnon cherish silence. When her new landlord told her the apartment building was a quiet and peaceful place, Marlene was thrilled. No loud music, no noisy sounds, and no screaming or yelling. It sounded like heaven to Marlene. Living with James Potter for a year and a half didn’t give her a break from the loudness of her family. Instead of the twins, Mason and Mandi, running through the garden yelling, she had James throwing parties that would last the whole weekend. Marlene wasn’t the type to shy away from a party. In fact, she was often the life of the party, but she needed peace and quiet to study if she wanted to get her degree in medicine. The apartment wasn’t too far from the university she attended or the pub she worked at, but the promised silence was the thing that sealed the deal on the apartment.

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gotpinkhairdontcare  asked:

The pink haired male grinned as he walked into their office. "Mornin cupcake." He said before putting his feet up on his desk and reaching for a doughnut.

Claityn glanced up to the pink haired enforcer unamused by the nickname. “You’re late- again… feet off my desk.”

anonymous asked:

I saw this text post and i had to think of you so i have to link this through maybe you can make it incredible in a tiny fic; "Thranduil has a cute shop with cupcakes while Bard is an tattoo artist in the studio next to the cupcake shop. Bard the Tattoer comes to buy a cupcake every day and after fair amount of blushing, incoherent talk and cupcakes he takes Thranduil out on a date. A few years after their marriage, he admits that he doesn’t even like cupcakes."

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