he said he's not used to that

at the very least I think we deserve mary trying to casually ask what the “deal” between dean and cas is and cas, without missing a beat, explains “we have a profound bond” and before dean can spew his gay panic all over the place cas continues “but he doesn’t like for me to mention it” and mary nods with understanding as dean face palms himself and somewhere in the distance you can hear sam cackling

If you like or support Chris brown BLOCK ME NOW...

Cause I will find out & I will block you

I’m seeing women defending this man… and I’m disgusted.. especially black women, this man has said out his mouth he’s the type to not let his exes be happy and will stalk and threaten them, y'all got former neighbors confirming he used to assault this girl, even had to call the cops on him. He has stalked her to her home 3 am in the morning before, takes every chance he has to to verbally assault her on social media, and has a past of abusing women… and it’s so far-fetched for y'all to think he threatened to kill this girl… furthermore think of all the shit he’s done to this girl and she didn’t report him, he must have did some wild shit to make her say enough is enough, & y'all really making it seem like as if this girl shouldn’t have reported him even if she felt like her life was at risk because “he’s already got a bad rep & why we gotta do this to our black men”, the role of a black woman isnt to pacify black men and ignore their damaging behavior, y'all need to go tell Chris to seek the medical attention he clearly needs, and leave this girl alone. If you support Chris you’re trash girl and he’d probably beat your ass too…. but anyways

not to be that emo jin stan but as ive been saying im just??? so incredibly unbelievably heart-stoppingly proud of him (i mean always but Especially rn)……. hes been giving his all to bangtan for years like all the boys have said how much he practices and how hard he workd to get the chordo and his lines everytine better and better and on top of that hes also so caring so he really does look out for all the other members and on top of that hes really family/friends centered so he always make sure to spend time with all of them and that everyone knows how much he appreciates them and on top of that theres also all the time he dedicates to armys bc he really loves us with all his heart and still????? ON TOP OF ALL THAT????? he went to uni and graduated and thats already hard when u can focus on it but be couldnt bc bangtan occupies him 25/8 but still he did it to make his parents proud and i just?? dont even know where im going with this anymore just know that kim seokjin is one of the hardest workers out there and theres nothing he cant do and im just so so so proud of him he truly deserves the world

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"It's kind of cheeky but I don't know if I'm ready. It's a big deal." -dan about the vid about something that's been bugging him for a while. ITS PROBS ABOUT HIS SEXUALITY FUCK ME

lol no i think it’s about ditching the danisnotonfire name bc everyone formats it incorrectly (and more generally he seems to have outgrown it). he said last week he has an idea for a video about a problem that’s been plaguing him in his professional life that he’s complained about a lot. he also talked about how he thinks the whole Dan Is Not On Fire formatting is super cringe several times, but especially recently with how the Guardian formatted it for that anti-Trump letter. and the “cheeky” description is likely in reference to the “trashy/clickbaity title” he mentioned last week that he could use for it. it will probably be something like “the end of danisnotonfire”

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I wonder what the boys said to Steve, and what Steve said to the boys, when they met at the xf, I wonder how happy he was to see so much love between those four, to see a real family. And I also wonder what he and Harry talked about, maybe in private.

uh I’m… crying… I’m sure the boys are used to being able to be there on stage for each other so I bet they were glad Steve was up there with him :( idk if they necessarily talked a lot that particular night with everything going on but they all and Harry especially definitely see eye to eye on some important things (i.e. looking out for Louis) and I’m sure they’ve had some significant conversations since Steve is clearly in the know about some things… wow anon I’m sad but also happy bc they all have each other 😭

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Some people on here don’t find this latest different than other S&MM sightings. But he was attending her family wedding, which to me is personal. How does this not look like a different level of relationship?

I only find it different in that them being in the same place may not have been contrived but I think the circumstances to let us know they were together in the same place were. Does that make sense? I never said I thought anyone MADE him go to the wedding. I think it is possible that through this whole thing he got invited to the wedding (I mean, they do know each other and if my sister was cool with a celeb, I would invite them to my wedding too) and decided to go. Now for whatever reason, this farce may still be going on (or not; we don’t know the entire purpose for him being there) so by posting his location and leaking his whereabouts, it plays into the narrative. All possible. We just don’t know. I have yet to see any signs of romantic interest coming from either of them so I just don’t see a romantic relationship there. 


Requested by anonymous

You shoved the door open and plopped onto the couch in the main sitting room of the Avengers Facility with a groan. This attracted the attention of the other Avenger in the room, Steve. “Hey, everything alright?” he asked, looking over to you.

“No,” you groaned, wiping your face, even though tears weren’t actually falling.

Steve frowned and came closer, sitting next to you. “What’s wrong?”

“My friends tried throwing me a birthday party, and it all went to crap,” you replied. “It took forever for us to get a table at the restaurant, then our waitress had an attitude. The attitude got worse when she got my order wrong and I asked for a replacement.”

You didn’t notice Tony enter the room until he spoke up. “Wait, you didn’t tell us it was your birthday!” he said.

“It certainly doesn’t feel like one,” you grumbled. “After we left, a truck drove by just in time to soak me. I had to go buy myself a new outfit so I wouldn’t be even more miserable.”

Steve put his arm around you in a comforting gesture. “We all have rough days, even if it happens to be on your birthday,” he commented.

“Okay, we’re going to have birthday party take two,” Tony stated dramatically.

“You don’t-“ you started to tell Tony.

“Too late. Text has already been sent out to the Avengers. They’ll be here shortly. I’ll get the booze.” He gave you a salute before leaving.

You were stunned. “So, I wasn’t expecting that,” you commented. “I should probably change into something nicer.”

“You do that, I have something to talk to Tony about,” Steve said. He got up before helping you up.

Shortly after, you were ready for another try for a party. You entered the common room, giving a polite smile to the Avengers that were there.

“Hey, birthday girl!” Wanda greeted, giving you a one-armed hug in greeting. “Tony told us to come.”

“I know,” you replied flatly. You looked around. There was a table set out with booze, which Natasha, Clint, and Sam were all talking around. Another table had snacks, Pietro already digging into the sweets.

“Happy birthday!” Thor greeted in his lack of indoor voice. Bruce gave you a smile and nod. Steve walked up to you, handing you a drink.

But one Avenger in particular was still missing. “Where did Tony go?” you asked Steve curiously.

“He’ll be back soon,” Steve replied. That didn’t answer anything. Though, it didn’t take long for him to return, arms full of boxes and bags.

“It’s not a birthday without presents,” Tony stated, setting the gifts down next to a chair.

“It can totally be a birthday without presents, but thank you,” you said. “Did you get all of these yourself?”

“Well, it was all my money, yes. But a couple of the others had suggestions,” Tony replied. “Sit, open the presents. I’m still waiting on the cake to be delivered.”

You sat down and looked at the pile of gifts. You didn’t know where to start. But a small, long box caught your eye. You picked it up. There was a little bit of a rattle. You opened it up, to find a beautiful necklace. It was in the shape of two joined hearts, with colored stones surrounding them.

“I picked that one out,” Steve told you, walking over. “It’s your birth stone.”

You grinned. “Thank you so much!” You said, jumping up to hug Steve. He chuckled and hugged back.

“I didn’t like seeing you so upset. I figured something as pretty as you would help,” Steve told you. You blushed as the other Avengers cooed.

“You’re so sweet. Mind helping me put it on?” you asked.

“Of course,” Steve replied, taking the necklace out of the box, putting it on for you.

“Why did you have to open that one first?” Tony jokingly complained. “Now the rest is going to look bad in comparison.”

“Shut up, Tony,” you jokingly scolded in return. “And thank you, my birthday is already loads better.”

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motherfucker is literally mutterficker in german but it can only used as an insult whereas in english it can be an insult or just an exclamation of anger so if u want sth to use in the same context just go with scheiße

all the strings attached


word count: 1,042

A/N: I’ve seen a couple of smuts with this theme lately and I wanted to write one of my own so creds to @hopefullymendes & @babyshawwn for inspiring me to write this

**warning: SMUT**

I unlocked my phone, texted Shawn asking him to come over then waited for a reply. It came quickly; he knew why I wanted him to come over. He said, ‘Be there as soon as I can.’ and I waited quite impatiently. His house was less than ten miles from mine, but what I was awaiting made me more impatient than ever before.

I felt bad about it, horrible even. I really did. When Shawn and I called each other over for sex it made me feel like we were using one another. In a way, we somewhat were. We were best friends, both single, and both with needs. We saw no harm in having meaningless sex every once in a while. We promised to keep it meaningless no matter what. No feelings, absolutely meaningless to the both of us.

Calling each other over causally for sex helped us both remember that there were no strings attached. Sometimes the sweet pet names would slip, even though it was specifically what we had promised not to do. We ended up apologizing afterwards but it seemed to become more of a regular thing the more we hooked up.

Still lost in my thoughts about the whole situation, I jumped whenever Shawn burst through my door. My eyes quickly diverted to the lanky figure standing in the doorway. He was wearing his usual outfit of black jeans with a grayish blue shirt, the sleeves pushed up and a watch decorating his wrist, but he made it look phenomenal.

“I’m assuming you wanted me to come over for the same reason you usually do?” He asked, wearing a smug smile on his lips. My expression matched his whenever I replied with a ‘Yes.’ Clothes were soon to be found strewn all over my bedroom floor, being thrown wherever once they were peeled off our bodies that were craving each other so intensely.

Shawn’s lips found my neck and then trailed to my collarbone. For the first time, my skin felt hot from his touch. Where his hands gripped onto my hips, where his mouth trailed kisses down my flesh, where his forehead rested against the crook of my neck, it all burned. I fluttered my eyes open and closed and moaned at the newly found pleasure of his skin burning against mine.

We were both more than ready for what was soon to come. Me being the one who initiated this, I had been aroused since before Shawn arrived. Shawn seeing my neediness made him more than ready enough.

He lined himself up at my centre, throbbing and struggling to keep himself from ramming himself into me at that very moment. He hovered over me and his eyes bore into mine as he slowly slid in. His body was already perspiring slightly from the intense kissing we’d already done. His agonizingly slow thrusts tormented my aching body.

“Faster, Shawn.” I begged. He complied and picked up his speed, thankfully. He rested himself on his forearms. Our skin barely grazed against one another’s but it drove me insane. I placed my left hand on Shawn’s cheek and brought his face down to meet mine. I pressed my lips to his, something I’d never done before while we had sex. His lips were enticing and sweet and I wanted to kiss them as much as I possibly could. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths all while Shawn’s thrusts were continuous. Sounds of Shawn thrusting into my wet heat, the bed squeaking, and both of our moans could be heard.

He bottomed out, his length filled me completely and I moaned his name against his now raw lips. His pace was still fast enough for both of us, yet gentle in a way. I enjoyed it more than I ever had before. In many ways, it way much more intimate. However, I couldn’t complain. My hands ran down his chest; I felt his heart beating rapidly just like mine was. His fingers moved to my clit, arousing me that much farther. My fingernails dug into the skin of his back whereas they’d previously been on his abdomen. I needed something to grab onto.

“I’m close, baby. You’re so tight.” He managed to moan out. The look in his eyes was lecherous when I gazed up at them. His mouth gaped open. His lips looked more plump and alluring than ever and I took the chance to kiss them once more. I was close too. I was more sensitive than ever, able to feel every inch of his length and every detail of each inch. I moaned into Shawn’s ear as I came, motivating him to drag out my high as long as he could by thrusting harder into me.

My body felt nothing but an orgasmic bliss from Shawn. I arched my back against him and his arms wrapped around me. He rested his head on my shoulder while he came, his hot breath fanning over my skin. His thrusts were slow and sloppy but still continued. He pulled out of me and rolled over beside me.

“Holy shit.” Shawn breathed out.

“Agreed.” I replied to him. This time was so much different than all the pointless hook ups before. We both knew it too. There was passion and intimacy, something we’d never felt together before. I’d never felt it before at all. “So much for no strings attached.” I barely mumbled it but Shawn still heard.

"What if I told you I want all the strings attached, every single one of them?” He questioned me. His eyes gazed into mine, looking for an answer because my mouth couldn’t answer him immediately. I laid there like an idiot, just staring at Shawn. His fingers traced over my skin while he waited for an answer.

"I’d love to have that. You don’t know how hard it’s been to keep the feelings away. Even before we ever slept together, I couldn’t keep them away.” I shyly confessed.

"I know, I’ve been going through the same thing.” he told me, “So does this mean forever now?”

"Forever, Shawn.” I promised. He pressed his lips to mine gently before pulling me against his bare chest, where I’d stay for the rest of that night.


i don’t know if people realize the conversations between morgan and daryl are way more important ship-wise than the conversations between carol and daryl. daryl pretty much admitted carol is the reason he keps going and daryl showed he puts carol on a pedestal. not only did it show us he was thinking of her and missing her but also they put her on a pedestal for what she does for them.

just like with carol with “that’s just how you are”. it is a important thing to realize because it “”explains”” why it hasn’t happened yet. we always said they put each other on pedestals and that they were afraid of getting too close cause it would hurt too much to lose each other after that. the conversations with morgan and abraham showed us a bit of what goes through daryl’s mind when it comes to carol and confirmed what we already knew all along about him.

i do feel that they are incredibly close to getting over those hold-ups.

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Hey can i request a ambw smut with a girl called yasmin and jungkook where he fucks her in a studio and records her moans ty


“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this.” You sighed softly as your cheeky boyfriend walked into the studio behind you.

“I don’t feel bad about this. It’s your and the guys fault for betting me about graduation! I told you that I would pass my classes with flying colors.” He said sticking his nose up in the air as he went to see in the chair. Growling you paced back and forth chewing on your bottom lip. You couldn’t believe this. Because of a dumb bet now Jungkook had full rights of your moans in this one fuck session. To use anyway that he pleased and you were bitter about it fuck yes, because it was embarrassing and you knew he took pride in your moans but it didn’t mean anyone else had to hear them. You were never one to go back on bets not with him, there had been so many bets between the both of you so why not honor this one? It made you feel flustered, your outfit seemed a bit too tight on your body now. His dark eyes just glued to you.

“Yasmin.” Jungkook called out deeply. Halting in your tracks your eyes roamed to your boyfriend. He was sitting there with his white sweater bunched up around his elbows. His brown highlighted hair falling in his eyes a bit. He looked so good, his eyes radiated heat and want. Never leaving your he lifted his fingers beckoning you to him and you got the hint. Walking towards him, you let him grip your hips and pull you into his lap as you straddled him biting on your bottom lip. Jungkook brought one hand up to wrap around the back of your neck bringing your lips down to his lightly. He kissed you, staring out gentle to work you into the mood. His body flush against yours, your arms crawling up his biceps slowly and around his neck. Jungkook let his hands roam down to grip at your plump ass cheeks through your jeans. He squeezed the flesh moaning against your mouth. You ended up grinding down against him, moaning as you dry humped him letting your hips rock against one another.

Jungkook slipped his tongue into your mouth, circling his tongue muscle around yours sucking on the pink muscle he concentrated on your body. Your hands gripped at his hair pulling him closer to you, your hips rutted down against him the friction of the roughness of both of your jeans causing your pussy to dampen against your panties, your breast hardening against the fabric of your bra. Jungkook invaded your mouth his tongue flicking against the bumps and ridges in the roof of your mouth, his hands slipping inside of your pants and panties to grip on your bare ass cheeks pushing you harder against him. He let his tongue wrestle with yours until you were breathless pulling back to look at him and breathe. Your hands rested on his hair as he kissed towards your jaw and down your neck sucking a little patch of your brown skin turning it red. He moved his hands to strip you off your top first, kissing on your lips he unsnapped your bra without much effort grabbing at your breast. He held them, squeezing them gently and pushing them together his tongue darted out to lick over your nipples slowly, his dark eyes looking up at you. He groaned watching your head roll back and your own moans fall from your lips. He sucked on your nipples one at a time until he was sure they were hard enough and bruised enough from everything he was doing. Your hands were starting to get clammy grabbing at him more though you were needy, and you wanted to feel everything he did to you.

You sat still as he pushed you up against the mixer board fondling with some switches, your back arched slightly and your legs spread for him. Jungkook smirked pulling back he took off his sweater tossing it down on the floor behind him, revealing his toned abs and tanned skin. He moved towards you hooking his hands onto your button, his dark eyes keeping contact with yours, he licked his lips taking his time with undoing your pants. Teasing you because he knew you’d let out a needy yell of his name. Your hips lifted eagerly when the fabric was being removed, the cool air brushing against your panties causing your legs to slip closed only for a little bit before you opened them back up as he took the fabric away from your ankles leaving you in nothing but your panties. You watched as Jungkook leaned down and flicked his tongue along the outskirts of your panties, his tongue playing with the skin on the inside of your thighs. He kissed and sucked marks onto your skin, dragging out more pleas and wanton moans before he was gripping at the hems of your panties. Not one for keeping fabric intact (and loving to prove how strong he was) Jungkook ripped the fabric from your legs causing you to slap the back of his head gently and whine. He smirked kissing your pussy. “Do you want daddy to make it better baby? Let me fuck the pain away.” He moaned against your heat attaching his lips against your pussy hungrily sucking. His tongue went to work digging in and out of your pussy making sure his tongue traced your walls.

“I have a feeling once you get done with me the pain stays.” You spoke out breathlessly grabbing at his hair pushing him harder against your pussy. He was eagerly eating you out, hands pressing your thighs down against the mixer board, the little buttons and knobs digging into your skin to make more imprints but at the moment you could fucking careless. Breath harsh and eyelids hooded you let out every noise he made you feel bucking up your hips as much as you could against his face. Your edge was nearing, soon you would paint his tongue with your essence but instead of letting you, Jungkook pulled back mouth glistening with your juices his eyes showed that he wanted more.

He stepped back to undo his pants as well, your eyes never leaving his body as he pushed the fabric down to his ankles and stepped out of them. Dick hard and standing solid with the precum ever so slightly oozing from the tip. He hooked his arms under your spread thighs leaning down to bit another mark on the inside of your brown thighs, he turned the skin read smirking he planted a kiss there growling out a light ‘mine’ against your skin and you knew it was because of how many looks you both received today from other men while you were out.

“All yours.” You moaned aloud as he ground his hard shaft up and down the slit of your wet pussy, coating himself he watched you leaning down to press his forehead against yours.

“Yeah?” He asked rubbing his tip against your clit. “Is this my pussy baby girl?” He asked causing your breath to hitch and you to nod furiously.

“No no, you know better. Tell me baby. Tell me that this pussy belongs to Jungkook. I want to hear you scream it. I want to know how much of a slut you are for me and my dick.” He called out his eyes baring into yours. Even if you felt embarrassed sometimes about saying this stuff you knew as well as he did you were not going anywhere without saying it.

“It’s all yours Jungkook! This tight little pussy is yours to fuck whenever and wherever you want! My body, fuck all of me needs all of you daddy. Please stop teasing and fuck me, my pussy is very wet and very needy and I can’t—shit!” Your head rolled back as his hips surged forward burying himself deep inside of you. “Why..” You muttered out breathlessly hands clinging to his biceps as he stretched you out and you tried to adjust and take all of him hating when he cut off your motivational speech.

“I’m sorry, I got too needy hearing you say such things.” Jungkook admitted kissing up your body through the valley of your breast until he was kissing your lips once again pulling himself from you.

Jungkook slipped back inside of you moving slow at first to let you adjust but the pace never stayed the same. His hands gripping at your hips Jungkook steadied you both pounding into you at a deep tempo. His hips slapping against yours, his balls against your ass he bit on your jaw to keep himself from moaning only wanting to hear you. How you pleaded for him to go faster, your nails digging into his arm, your head parched back against the rest of the board. You were beautiful under him, a brown goddess that he wanted to adore and enjoy by himself and no one else. He let his hips pick up a little more, slamming into your heat Jungkook didn’t want to hurt you too much so he lifted you in the air holding you as he bounced you on his dick standing up. Your head rolled forward to brace your forehead against his, your breast flopping and body moving to his will. You squeeze around his cock, moaning out more trying to hold out from cumming too soon. You knew he liked to hang onto the feeling of the buildup, your hands cupping his cheeks so that you could continue to kiss him now that he was slamming you down onto him. You were doing so good, moaning and screaming his name, your stomach tightening up causing your body to shake and you urged him on more.

“Make me cum daddy. Fuck Jungkook make this pussy cum. You’re so fucking good daddy.” You encouraged him.

“Yasmin..” Jungkook moaned out in a deep voice with his lips pressed against yours. The way he added a little growl towards the end of your name was all it took for your walls to clamp down and you to be cumming on his dick. Your back arched and you let out the highest pitch you could think of as your orgasm swept through you. Jungkook felt his legs buckle but he kept hoisting you up into the air fucking you with everything he had until his hips were moving erratically and he was spilling his own cum inside of your fucked pussy. He let his pace die down slowly, only to stop after riding out both of your highs moving towards the chair. He sat down shutting off the sound system holding you in his arms as you both kissed. His cum dripping down your parted thighs, his hands went to massage your ass cheeks and he pulled away to smile sheepishly at you, the dominating male nowhere in sight.

“Thank you for doing this for me, baby.” He said softly playing through your hair.

“It’s no problem. It was kind of hot I must admit. But you do owe me half of whatever you make.” You teased pinching his nipple causing him to wince and smile up at you.

“Well you already have all of me, so granted that’s a given.”

Dying didn’t hurt as much as he expected it to, and he made it to Heaven, as far as he could tell, since his beautiful Mama was there waiting for him.
“William,” she said. “You did so good. I’m so proud of you.”
“Not as good as you, Mama.”
She blushed in response but William was surprised to hear a booming laugh in response, the kind of laugh that was so big the person was almost surprised to hear it.
There was a man in a goatee that belonged in the ‘90s wearing a green shirt from decades before that. William could tell from his eyes that he smiled a lot.
The man extended his hand. “Thank you for your kind words earlier, and for taking care of our boy.”
William accepted the handshake. “He really is something, that Randall.”
“Come over here, I wanna show you something.” William was led over to a table with something resembling a photo album. “These are all the memories I have of Randall. I figured you might wanna know a little more about your son when he was younger. He used to really love puzzles because he loved the challenge of trying to put all the pieces together to make a picture. For his seventh birthday we got him a 5000 piece puzzle of a rocket ship because he was really interested in space - he’s just so smart - and-”
“Jack,” William interrupted. “I cannot thank you enough for your adopting Randall and making him part of your family and nurturing him and cultivating his mind-”
“The thing is that I didn’t really have to do much, since he was so independent and all, so willing to take care of other people. But that’s our son.”
William smiled. “Yes. That’s our son.”

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What about Y/N and Harry holding a new born (maybe Gemma's) and everyone around them commenting on how they're next and it's just all cute and fluffy

He’s gonna blush and try to shrug it off, but he’d be lying if he said he didn’t think about it all the time; having a baby and a family and a life with you is all he wants.

As much as he loves holding the newborn, he almost loves watching you more. You’re a natural, and he’ll tell you that in a hushed whisper as he looks down over your shoulder at the sleeping baby in your arms.

“S’gonna be us someday, yeah?”

You smile and nod.

“Yeah. That’d be nice.”

Man, you could see all the pent up feelings, and sexual tension in that kiss. I loved the way he was going to leave her because he thought she didn’t return his feelings that was so sweet. He was going to respect her decision because that’s what she wanted. Then when Kara stopped Mon-El (she moved so fast I thought she was using her super speed 😂) and said please so low it was barely audible (to a human ear 😋) was so cute and emotional. Kara really didn’t want him to leave and it just shows that this relationship is really worth it for her, and she’s not going to let it go like her other relationships. Mon-El looked so dang happy when Kara told him that she lied to him about them being compatible. This man has no clue about relationships and he’s just trying and trying to be better so he would be worthy of her. You can tell that his conflict with Mxy wasn’t really with Mxy, but himself. He didn’t think he was worthy of Kara, and didn’t deserve to be with her. But as Kara said before she is SUPERGIRL, she doesn’t need people telling her what she wants or who she should be with. She is a grown woman who can make her own decisions, and it’s infuriating when I see BS like Mon-El is manipulating her or they’re abusive relationship. You guys have a zero idea of what an abusive relationship if you actually think Karamel is abusive. Fighting and squabbling comes with getting in a relationship, it is something one should expect. However, doesn’t make it abusive or do you think every relationship is abusive? Because there is no single relationship in this dang universe that hasn’t gotten in a fight.

Mini rant over, back to their adorkable relationship. Karamel is so great because she inspires Mon-El to be better, and Mon-El shows Kara how to loosen up and let go. They give and take that’s what a relationship should be. These these two don’t tell each other sorry all the time because they make it up in their actions and strive to do better. Kara is learning to express her feelings, she’s learning to jump first, and experience a relationship fully. With Mon-El she can give it her all, she can let loose and not have to be gentle. He can take her fervor. She doesn’t have to treat him like glass, and she can truly feel his touch for all its worth. Mon-El is learning what it feels like to actually deeply feel something for someone, and be a hero. They are both learning, and growing from each other. They challenge and make each other better.

Stunky and Skuntank Headcanons

(Requested by anonymous. Hope you like!)

  • Trainers that teach their stunkies to attack by spraying noxious fluid are universally hated. Whilst an effective strategy, it is also a hugely discourteous one - some venues even go so far as to ban it, on the grounds that the smell is nauseating enough to distract the opposing trainer and the referee.  
  • ‘Hiding stunkies from slurpuffs’ is a Sinnohan idiom which refers to a person’s futile attempt to maintain a lie or a secret. As in: ‘he said there wasn’t anyone else, but he’s hiding stunkies from slurpuffs, quite honestly’. 
  • A skuntank’s use of flamethrower is deviant from the usual kind, considered to be a sub-realisation of the move. It involves ignition of the flammable gas expelled from a skuntank’s stomach, producing a darker, smokier flame capable of poisoning the target.
  • Like many poison types, they are not allowed out of pokéballs in public places. 
  • Stunkies and skuntanks realise their Aftermath ability by releasing a rush of potent toxins from their pores, which dampens their fur and causes searing pain on contact. The mechanism is a natural defense mechanism for several sub-species of stunky, occurring as a last resort method for warding away predators. Sub-species with this ability are preferred for competitive use. 
  • These toxins used to be used in some kinds of weed killer, before controversy arose about the extraction methods and the brands were discontinued.  
  • Skuntanks have a complex system of vein-like structures in their tail through which venom flows. The spikes of fur disguise straw-like spines from which the venom can be sprayed in pressurised streams. 
  • On a similar subject, skuntank fur can only be groomed and trimmed by specialists, as amateurs may accidentally break the spines beneath. Many complain of the ‘coarseness’ of skuntank fur without realising that it hides bristles of cartilage.
  • The collective noun for a group of stunkies is a reek. Skuntanks tend to appear alone.
  • Stunkies are incredibly cuddly, but a trainer has to be pretty stoic to get so close to them. Even with all the bathing and odour-masking perfumes in the world, their scent is traceable.              

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No words anymore, but one thing I'd like to have your thoughts. How could there ever be a reveal of SC after this? How would that look like, how would ppl. react? In the current situation not possible for me. Sam would get the shit of his life. Thanks.

How? Because Sam keeps his hands clean enough by never actually acknowledging or claiming this chick on social media or in interviews. They both hint and post suggestive innuendo, but they haven’t taken the ultimate plunge and owned it. It’s the same thing with Caitriona. She brings Tony everywhere, but he doesn’t pose with her and he just chills in the background so if push came to shove, they’re just friends. And beyond us, who is paying attention? No one cares about them, they’re not big celebrities. That’s not a diss, that’s just fact.

That being said, there is no reveal coming for SC in my opinion. I’ll be interested to see how Sam acts on Thursday. My guess is one tweet to acknowledge her and that’s it. What an absolute shitshow yet again before events coming up for both of them. 😒

I believe Milo. He wasn’t advocating pedophilia at all. He was talking about his own experiences as being a victim from a young age. He personally is a lot more comfortable with it then most, which explains why he seemed more open to talking about the issue. 

Yes he used the wrong words and he admits that it’s partly his fault to how people are interpreting what he said. But if you think he’s advocating for pedophilia or even he himself is a pedophile because he is a bit more comedic and open to the topic you are gravely mistaken.

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Once, my friends and I decided to cosplay as Disney villains for a convention and vote who was the best. We all worked really hard on our costumes and were complementing each other about how good they looked when my bf (ex- now) Japheth showed up dressed as a hunter w/ a double barrel. We didn't say anything. later when we got back to the hotel I asked why he didn't dress as a villain like the rest of us. He gave me this exasperated look and said, "I'm the hunter that killed Bambi's mom" he won.

oh my god that’s awesome and totally unrelated but yes