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Niall Horan reveals a secret lover he had in 1D inspired his best songs — and it has inspired his emotional debut album Flicker

FOR his five years in ONE DIRECTION – and the nearly two years since they went on hiatus – NIALL HORAN has been linked to a string of beautiful women.

But while his bandmates HARRY STYLES, LIAM PAYNE, LOUIS TOMLINSON and ZAYN MALIK have had plenty of girlfriends since shooting to fame, Niall always insisted he was single . . . until now.

In his first Bizarre guest-edit since going solo, Niall revealed his incredible debut album Flicker, out today, was inspired by a secret relationship.

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PSA: David Boreanaz looks and sounds AMAZING in real life. Also he’s MASSIVE. Which I don’t think any of us fully realised until we went to get our photos taken and he was RIGHT THERE. And damnnnnnn idk what else to say anymore so bye

Imagine dealing with drunk Chris.

A/N: Man, oh man. I just can’t stay away from writing, can I? Well, at least majority of my holiday stuff’s packed. This is another fic inspired by a conversation with the lovely @chrisevans-imagines We have some very weird, but oddly inspiring conversations. Don’t we, Ava? 😂

You pushed your way through the crowd as you searched the overly packed party for your best friend, Chris, who had drunkenly called you ten times in the last hour; it was 2:19AM. He could count himself incredibly lucky that you were finishing up some paperwork at the hospital otherwise you would’ve killed him for interrupting your much needed beauty sleep. You’d been pulling quite a few late nights over the past week as you were about to take leave and go on your holiday, so things hadn’t been particularly easy on you. But you knew before you went into med-school that being a doctor wasn’t going to be easy, what you didn’t know was how much harder it was being a doctor who was best friends with Chris Evans; a man who had the equivalent energy of his puppy, Dodger. If you weren’t so in-love with him, he wouldn’t get away with half the things he put you through. But you were, so here you were at the party.

“Hello beautiful.” An arm hooked around your waist and pulled you into him; you groaned and pushed the drunken stranger off you. “Geez, lighten up!” He called after you as you disappeared further into the room. If you didn’t find Chris in the next five minutes, you were outta there.

“Hell yeah I’ll get it in!” You heard Chris’ voice and you followed it, chuckling when you found him by the ping pong table. “Don’t you worry, I'mma get it into that cup.” He bounced the ball off the table and balanced it on the back of his hand as he swallowed another gulp of his beer. “Watch me nail this th-” He spotted you and his smile tenfold. “Y/N, you came!” He downed his drink and tossed both ball and red solo cup aside before making his way to you, waving off the protests that came from the other players. “Sorry guys, I’m done. My girl’s here,” he draped an arm around you and pulled you closer to him.

“I’m not your girl, Evans.” You reminded him, but made no effort to push him away from you like you had with the other guy; you were very glad that the dim lights hid your deeply flushed cheeks. “I’m just here to make sure you don’t drink and drive, the last thing I need is to be called back in because someone got into a car accident.”

“Awww,” he cooed, squeezing you tightly against him. “Was someone worried about little old me?” You rolled your eyes, but failed to hide your smile. “Don’t be, my best friend’s a very good doctor. She’s very pretty too, like- she could be on Grey’s Anatomy.” He slurred then grinned when he heard you chuckle. “And that’s you,” he booped your nose, “I’m talking about you.”

“I know, and I’m talking about me too when I say I’ve had a very long night and I’m ready to go home.” He nodded with furrowed brows, really trying to process your words. “C'mon,” you wrapped an arm around his waist and directed him towards the exit, “you’re crashing at my place tonight. I’m not leaving you here when someone could literally tap beer out of you.”

“Yes!” He cheered. “I love your apartment, it smells like Christmas because of all the candles you have.” You hummed in acknowledgement at his drunk thoughts. “Hey, you know what’s really funny?” He didn’t wait for a response. “When I read your texts, I read it in an Australian accent because you’re from Australia. I do the same with Chris Hemsworth’s,” he told you then laughed to himself. “G'day mate,” he mimicked a tradition Australia greeting then laughed again.

“I’ve never once texted that to you, nor have I said that to you,” you chuckled. “And since when do I have an Australian accent? I’ve been living in America since I was eighteen, and you know I watch too much American television and too many Hollywood films to have an Australian accent.” The two of you found your way out of the party and into the much emptier parking lot where you car waited patiently. “But then again,” you glanced at him, “you are very wasted, so I won’t hold that against you.”

“Chuck a shrimp on the barbie,” he continued mocking the Australia accent and laughed when you did. “You’re right,” he returned to his normal accent as he pulled away from you, “you don’t sound like that.” He moved in front of you and took your hands in his, smiling like a love sick idiot which made your heart flutter despite knowing it didn’t mean what you wanted it to. “You sound perfect because you are perfect and I love you.”

“I love you too,” you responded with a chuckle, ignoring that ache in your heart. This wasn’t the first time he’d told you he loved you while he was drunk, in fact- he said it all the time when he was sober too. But it wasn’t the confession you longed for, it was just another platonic expression of affection that you shoved aside with your true feelings. “Let’s get you in bed, shall we?” You tried to pull your hands away only to have him tightened his grip.

“No,” he shook his head, furrowing his eyebrows. “You don’t understand, Y/N. I love you,” he said again in a more serious tone that made you sigh. As much as you wanted to reciprocate that feeling and kiss him, you couldn’t take anything he said seriously when he was drunk. Even if you did believe that drunk minds spoke for a sober heart, it was Chris; he was your best friend and you couldn’t ruin that friendship over a drunken slur of the moment. “I want to be with you,” he told you and pulled his hands away to cup your face.

“Chris, no,” you turned away when he started to lean in, taking a small step back. “We’re not going to do this.” You frowned when he did. “You’re drunk, I don’t want-” you cut yourself off before you said more than you should. “Let’s just go home, okay?” You brushed past him and headed for you car, stopping when he called out.

“I’m sober enough to have this conversation!” He walked in front of you with a frown on his face. “I’ve been trying to tell you I love you since the moment I met you, Y/N. But you keep brushing me off, like you think I’m not worth your time.”

“Chris-” you couldn’t believe you made him feel that way.

“Am I not good enough for you?” He asked then asked again before you could get a word in, “are you holding out for another doctor?” You opened your mouth to speak only to get cut off again, “what is it, Y/N? Why won’t you give me a chance?!” He growled and you flinched. “I don’t understand,” he shook his head, his pretty blues glistened with tears. “I’m not an idiot- I can see the way you look at me, so why won’t you be with me?”

“Chris,” you sighed as you took his hand in yours. “I didn’t know you felt that way about me, I honestly thought that you were fine with us just being friends.” He didn’t say anything, he just squeezed your hand ever so gently. “That’s why I didn’t say anything- that’s why I brushed you off. I figured you were joking, it’s not because I don’t think you’re worth my time.”

“Do you realize how long I’ve been waiting for you?” He asked with a breathless chuckle. “From the moment we met- I’ve wanted to be with you. I was just so terrified I wasn’t good enough, that you wouldn’t want to be with an actor so- I took it slow, I started out by being your friend. But God,” he started to cry and your heart ached, “it hurt seeing you with other people. It sucked saying I love you when you didn’t know how much,” his hand tightened around yours. “I’ve wasted so much of my life not being your other half and I hate it, Y/N.”

“You are my other half, Chris,” you caressed his face with your other hand and brushed the tears rolling down his cheek. “I love you too. I’m so in-love with you that it’s ridiculous,” you told him and he smiled. “There is no one I’d rather see at the end of the day than you. You are my person, you are all I see when I look towards the future,” you assured him. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, I’m sorry-” He pulled you into his arms and kissed you, cutting you off in the best possible way.

“Wow,” you let out a breathless laugh when he broke the kiss, pressing his forehead against yours.

“Yeah,” he chuckled softly, rubbing small circles into your sides, “I should’ve done that years ago.”

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Close as Strangers: Chapter 13

Close as Strangers: Chapter 13

Word Count: 3.7k

Genre: High School au, fluff, angst

Paring: Jungkook x Reader

If anyone out there is still reading this. I love you.

Parts: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven |eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve 

You’d gotten back from Florida yesterday evening and now it was time for school. You felt like it had been forever since you had been in class. Either way, you hated it. You were in anthropology with all the the boys, except Jungkook, when Yoongi leaned over to you during the lesson. “Can you believe we basically have less than two months of school left?”

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Dating Tom Holland Would Include: You’re Australian

-first and foremost, teaching tom australian slang that has him ???? but you’re his girlfriend so he feels obliged to know what the fUck you’re talking about when you say things like ‘froth’, ‘devo’, ‘esky’ etc. etc.

-’we need goon so we’ll probably just go down to the servo, s’arvo.’

-’sorry love, i need to stop you right there. i have no fucking clue what you just said’

-him then nodding like he knows what you’re on about because WHAT THE FuCK IS An arVo and a seRVo ??????

-teaching tom about the timeless history of a shoey

-then proceeding to making tom do a shoey when he FINalLy visits australia

-‘tom, you can’t come to australia and not do a shoey’

-everyone screaming yEaH thE BoYssssss

-tom having no clue what is happening but starts breaking his heart laughing anyway

-TEACHING TOM HOW TO DO THE NUTBUSH BC !!!!!!!!! ITS THE BEST THING EVER -‘sorry did you really just say nut ??? bush ????’

-the holland’s all flying over to australia to stay with you and your family for christmas 

-all of them documenting the whole thing because ???? it’s december and 36°C ??????

-tom being in awe of your accent, it’s literally his favourite thing in the whole world

-’yeah, cool but can you just say that sentence one more time?’

-tom also loving the sound of you swearing because it sounds so hot to him like how does someone make swearing hot ?????? but you do so

-TOM BEING SHIRTLESS 24/7 in australia because; darling, it’s too hoooooooot :(

-having a beach day with tom and fans coming up to get pictures with both of you bc they love that tom is dating an australian!!!!!!

-tom trying to be romantic and asking you to sleep outside under the clear night sky bc wow! its! so! warm! and! that! sounds! like! a! great! time! but mozzies are a thing so that idea went down the drain

-showing tom around your home town and the lil quirky things you love about it

-tom watching you explain about how excited you are that he decided to visit aus

-him falling so much more in love with you just because the sun brings out the best in you

More wonderful things to happen in BOM Australia

- *before Joseph Smith American Moses* Arnold: nONONO THATS NOT NECESSARY/ McKinley: *pushing Arnold off to the side while trying to remain smiling* WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT THIS IS E X A C T L Y WHAT THE Y NEED TO SEE!!!!1!1!1!!1!!
- *During JSAM* All the elders go from extremely happy to extremely distraught, McKinley was visibly crying, elder Cross was trying to cover his face poor thing, Young (I think??) was standing closest to the front of the stage so the Ugandans interacted w him the most and he was backed so far up to the wall I love him
- I had goosebumps during Hasa Diga Eebowai (reprise) Nabu sounded so heartbroken I cry
- Elder Price does Not know how to hold a baby, I know it was fake but like someone teach him please
- During Man Up, Arnold messed up the lyrics and said “Time to slay - The hero and slay the monster!!” And it honestly made it better why not BE the hero when you can SLAY the hero AND the monster?????
- oooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOlando o r l a n d o, I loveD you OOrlanDOOOOO
- “wellofcourseyouwokeupyouhadtWELVECUPSOFCOFFEE” <- He said it so quickly i love it
- *in the last part of turn it off* Connor: dontdancedontdancedontdancedont– FLICK POW PUUUUSH IT DOOOOOWN AND- ohno
- after the entire song when Connor goes to show price and Arnold their rooms, he flicked up Kevin’s tie and held his hand for the entire way love itt
- “but wHAT ABOUT NICKI MANAJ??????”
- everyone smiled so widely throughout two by two (except Kevin ofc, which also made for GREAT contrast) I was lowkey freaked out it was surreal
- “Ah am JesUs” *harp sounds*

What A Feeling #2 - Just Friends

Originally posted by stylesinthewild


*Mid July 2017

“It’s about time you showed up,” Mitch, your brother, said as you made your way down to the lobby of the hotel. 

You just finished all of your promo for the new album and were headed to the airport to head home. 

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear my alarm go off,” you mumbled. 

“Well maybe if you’re weren’t up half the night talking on the phone, you wouldn’t have been so exhausted to hear your alarm,” he said. “We can’t miss this flight.” 

“And we’re not going too. I’m ten minutes late, chill out,” you said. “And I wasn’t talking on the phone for half the night.” 

“Oooh, who were you talking too?” Taylor asked as you all got into the car. 

“Nobody,” you sighed. 

“So, all of sudden Harry Styles is nobody?” Mitch scoffed. “For someone to be nobody, you sure do talk to him quite a fucking bit.” 

“What the fuck is your problem?” You glared at your older brother. 

“Wait, does this mean you and Harry are like dating?” Jeremy asked. 

“What? No. We’re dating,” you said. “I’ve only literally seen him that one time and yes we talk on a occasion, but we’re just friends.” 

“Uh huh sure,” Taylor laughed. “Friends don’t text each other every five minutes and spend the entire night talking.” 

“Oh my god, we don’t do that!” You groaned. “And further more, why don’t you all mind your own fucking business.” 

“Touchy, touchy,” Taylor said. “We’re just busting your balls.” 

“Last time I checked I don’t have balls, so why don’t you all shut your mouths,” you said looking out the window. 

“Hey, just because you didn’t get enough sleep last night and you’re grumpy doesn’t mean you have to take it out on us,” Mitch said. 

“And just because I’m friends with some guy doesn’t mean you have to act like a dick towards me either,” you said. “I don’t even know why you’re upset at the fact that I’m friends with Harry.” 

“Because you hardly know the guy, Y/N,” he said. “And you’re already acting like his the center of your world.” 

“No, I don’t,” you said. “And again we’re friends, nothing more. Is it so wrong that I like talking to him? And yeah, sure we’ve only known each other for a few weeks, but we’re getting know each other.” 

“Well, you just need to watch out okay?” Mitch sighed. 

“For what?” You asked. 

“Getting hurt,” he said. 

“Why would I get hurt?” You asked again looking over at him. 

“Because Harry’s got a lot of things on his plate coming up and he might not be ready for an actual relationship anytime soon and I just don’t want you to become just another girl he likes to spend time with but not commit to,” he said. 

“For the last fucking time, we’re just friends! Nothing romantic is going on with Harry and me. Nothing. Yes, we talk and text, but that’s it. We don’t have feelings for each other and even if we did, I’m a big girl Mitch. I can take care of myself,” you said before putting your headphones in and listening to your iPod signaling the end of the discussion. 


Harry was lounging on the couch in his living room at his apartment in New York. A movie was playing in the background, but he wasn’t really paying attention to it. Anne had flew over to spend some time with him in NYC along with some other friends. Harry was scrolling through Instagram looking at your different pictures from being in Australia. He couldn’t hold back a smile as he saw the different photos of you and how beautiful you were. 

These last few weeks you two had been talking had definitely made his crush on you a bit stronger. With the time difference and schedules one of you would easily forgo sleep to stay up and chat. He hadn’t told anyone that he had been talking to you so much because he didn’t really want anyone to know. Especially Nick, who was constantly asking him about you and if you two hit off at the party. 

Nick was obviously hoping something would happen, so that he could claim the bragging rights of matchmaker. 

“Harry, hello,” Anne said from the kitchen. “Son, what are you doing?” 

“Oh, what?” Harry said looking up from his phone. 

“I asked what you wanted to do for dinner,” she said. “I can cook something or do you want to go out again.” 

“Oh, um whatever you want to do is fine. We can also order in too,” he said. 

“I don’t mind cooking,” she said. 

“Okay, cool,” he nodded. 

“What are you doing over there that’s got you so distracted?” Anne asked. 

“Probably talking to Y/N,” Jeff smirked. 

“Who’s Y/N?” Anne asked. 

“Y/N from Y/band/Name,” he said. 

“Oh, that girl you’ve always had a bit of crush on since you were younger?” Anne asked. 

“Muumm,” he groaned. 

“What? It’s true. You and Gemma used to listen to their songs all the time and I’m pretty sure you had a poster of them in your room,” she said. “Did you meet her?” 

“Yes, I did. She was at Nick’s party a few weeks ago,” he said. 

“Aww, honey, are you seeing her now?” Anne asked. 

“No, it’s- we’re just friends,” Harry said. 

“Friends that talk all the time,” Jeff smirked. “And have conversations that last hours and cause you to laugh all the time.” 

“Do you just like spying on me or something?” Harry asked looking over at him. 

“No, but when you’re always on your phone when we’re around and I just assumed it with was with her,” he said. 

“Well, I think it’s great that you two are hitting it off so well,” Anne said touching Harry’s shoulder. “Are you going to ask her out on a date?” 

“We’re friends Mum,” he stated again. 

“So, that doesn’t mean you can’t offer to take her out to spend some time with her,” she said. “I mean it doesn’t have to be a romantic date.” 

“Why don’t you invite her to come visit New York while you’re here?” Glenne suggested. 

“I don’t know,” Harry said. “She’s on a flight from Australia right now and she’s been traveling for almost a month, she probably wouldn’t want to come.” 

“Well, there’s only one way to find out,” Anne said. 


You were back home after an extremely long flight. Not only were you stuck on a plane for hours, but you were stuck on the plane with your brother, who you had just a bit of a argument with. It wasn’t unusual behavior for your brother to be acting that way about you talking with a guy, but that didn’t mean he had a right to do it. 

Regardless if you act had feelings for Harry, which the more you talked to him the more you realized you were feeling something for him, you and Harry were simply just friends and that’s all. Neither one of you had made any sort of comment or action in regards to trying to pursue more than a friendship. 

Even though you currently wanted to stretch out on your bed, you needed a shower, so you opted for taking a nice relaxing bath. You turned on the water to let the tub fill up before grabbing some candles and lighting them around the bathroom. You put a towel near the tub for when you got out before throwing in a bath bomb and undressing. You got into the tub and sat down enough to where the warm water was covering most of your body. You closed your eyes as you let yourself relax a bit. 

A few minutes later, your phone started ringing. You groaned a bit and sat up reaching to see who it was calling you. It was Harry and he was requesting a facetime. Shit. You didn’t want to ignore the call, so you quickly answered it, but made sure the camera was only getting your face. 

“Hey! You answered,” Harry smiled on the other end. “I wasn’t sure if you were back yet.” 

“Yeah, I just got in about an hour ago,” you smiled. 

“How was your flight?” He asked. 

“Long,” you laughed. “I love Australia, but the flight there and back is brutal.” 

“I know what you mean,” he said. “I hope I didn’t bother you.” 

“Oh, no, not at all,” you said. “I was just relaxing a little bit before going to bed.” 

He nodded. “So, there’s something I wanted to ask you, but you can say no, if you rather not,” he said. 

“Okay, what is it?” You asked. 

“Remember when we first met you mentioned how you loved New York, but you only ever get to go when you’re working?” He asked. 

“Yeah, I remember,” you said. ‘Why?” 

“Well, I’m actually in NYC right now with some of my friends and my Mum and well, I was just uh, wondering if maybe, if you had some time off, maybe you’d want to come visit? I mean it’d be really nice to actually hang out with you and plus you can enjoy a little bit of the city too,” he said. 

“But I mean, I get it if you don’t want to, I know you just got back from traveling so much,” he said quickly. 

“No, I’d love to come,” you smiled. “It would actually be kind of nice to travel again with some time off, so I can enjoy it. Plus, as much as I like talking to you like this, I think it’s time we actually spent some time together, you know?” 

Harry blushed a bit. “Yeah, it’s definitely time,” he smiled. 

“Great, I’ll look at some flight times and some hotel bookings and see when I get out there,” you said. 

“Or uh, if you want, I have some room here in my apartment,” he said. “My Mum and some of my other close friends are staying here too, so it wouldn’t be like it’s just us… staying together.” 

“Oh, well, I wouldn’t want to be in the way or like intrude or anything,” you said. 

“Y/N, you could never be in the way,” he said. 

“Well, I guess if you’re willing to have me, then I don’t mind staying with you,” you said. 

“Awesome,” he smiled. “I’ll let everyone we’ll be expecting you sometime soon.” 

“Yeah, hopefully I can find a flight tomorrow,” you smiled. 

“I can’t wait to see you,” he said. 

“Same here,” you said. 

“Well, I better let you go. I don’t want to take up too much of your time and I know you want to get to bed soon,” he said. 

“I’m glad you called,” you smiled. 

“Me too,” he smiled. “Bye Y/N.” 

“Bye Harry,” you smiled. 


The next morning, Harry had gotten a text from you saying you’d land at JFK airport around two that afternoon. Harry smiled ear to ear when he read that and knew he needed to get some things before your arrival. He went grocery shopping and got a few of your favorite fruits and other little snacks. He also got the ingredients to make your favorite meal. He then stopped by a flower shop and picked up a few flowers to put in your room and bought some candles as well. 

He made sure the guest room was nice and neat and he set everything up perfectly. Harry didn’t know why he was acting this way, you were a friend coming to visit, but deep down he knew why. He liked you, he really liked you. It was no longer just a celebrity crush or even a real “crush”. He had developed genuine feelings for you. 

But you two were just friends, who just met only a few weeks ago. And he had no idea if you even felt the same way about him or if you only saw him as a friend and nothing more. When he brought the flowers into your room, Anne had followed him in there. 

“You know, you never buy me flowers when I come to visit,” she joked. 

Harry blushed. “I just uh, I thought they’d look nice in here is all,” he said. 

“You really like this girl don’t you?” She asked. 

“As a friend? Yeah, we both have a lot in common with our music and everything,” he said. 

“Sweetie, both you and I know that you like this girl as more than a friend,” she stated. “I can tell by the way your face lights up when you talk about her and how excited you got when you realized she was coming here.” 

Harry sighed. “Even if, and that’s a big if, I had feelings for her, we’re just friends right now and we’re getting to know one another. We’re nothing more and we’re not going to be anything more anytime soon.” 

“Or at least until you know if she feels the same way as you?” She asked. 

Harry sighed sitting on the bed. “I really like talking to her Mum and I wouldn’t want to jeopardize our friendship by asking her out and her saying no.” 

“She said yes to flying all the way out here to see you,” she said. “Friend or not, that’s nothing something someone does only after knowing someone for a short while.” 

“I’d rather not get my hopes up,” he sighed. “I’d rather have her as a friend then not at all.” 

“I understand,” she said. “But at one point in your life you have to take a risk with it or else you might spend the rest of your life wondering what if.” 

“I know Mum, but right now, I’m okay having her in my life like this,” he said. 

“Okay, then I’ll drop it,” she said. “Now, what time is she getting?” 

“In about two hours,” he said looking at the clock on his phone. 

“Well, then we better get everything finished and ready to go pick her up,” she smiled. 


“Are you seriously going to New York to visit a guy that you barely even know and still claim he’s just a friend,” Mitch said as you were packing your bags. 

You probably shouldn’t have texted your brother about your traveling plans, but it was too late to take that back now. He was standing in your room after barging himself into your house, okay, he had a key, but that’s beside the point. 

“He is just a friend and I’m going to hang out with a friend,” you said. “Plus, it will be nice to get away without having to work.” 

“You can do that here or I don’t know go somewhere else by yourself,” he mumbled. 

“So, you’d be okay with me traveling alone, but not somewhere with other people?” You asked. 

“It’s better than you flying off to hook up with some random guy!” He pointed out. 

“Oh my god, for the last time I’m not going to there to hook up with him!” you shouted. “And even if I were, it would none of your business and I’m old enough to make decisions for myself.” 

He sighed. “I know you are, but I just don’t want you getting hurt, Y/N. You’re my baby sister and it’s my job to look out for you.” 

“But that’s the thing, Mitch. I’m not a baby anymore,” you sighed. 

“I know, I know and I’m sorry,” he said. 

“You can make it up to me by driving me to the airport,” you said. 

“Fine,” he said. “I’ll take your bags to the car.” 

“Thank you,” you said. 


Harry was in his car waiting at the terminal to pick you up from the airport. He thought about arranging for a car to pick you up, but he couldn’t wait to see you. He scrolled through his phone as he waited and eventually got the text that you were headed towards the exit. 

Luckily, there weren’t any paparazzi nearby, so Harry was going to be able to greet you as soon as he saw you. But now that he thought about it, he wasn’t sure how he should greet you. Should he just say hi and take your bags or would it be okay for him to hug you? 

Well, he was about to find out. You walked out of the door with your carry on bag and another bag. Harry got out of the car and smiled when he saw you. You got to his car and smiled to him. 

“Hey,” you smiled. 

“Hey,” he smiled back. 

You both stood there for what seemed like forever before you both ended up with an awkward hug. You both laughed and Harry put your bags in the car before you both got in. You smiled over at Harry and he smiled back. 

“I’m glad you’re here,” he said. 

“Me too,” you smiled. 

Harry then pulled off to the road and started driving from the airport. As soon as you saw him, your heart skipped a little and then when you hugged one another, even though it was extremely awkward, you felt something. And that was when you knew that this trip was going to be an interesting one. 

Brother's best friend || Joe Sugg

Sorry for the lack of italics and bold text! I’ve been writing this on my iPad and its much harder to do :( also, sorry this is short as. But anyways, I still hope you enjoy!
This is like another variation of my best friend’s brother that I posted last night ;) you seemed to enjoy it that much, that I thought that I’d milk the idea as much as I can

Have you ever liked someone you shouldn’t? Like someone that even you thinking about dating them is slightly wrong? And like if you date that person, everyone will judge you for it? This is how Y/N felt. Her older brother, Mikey Pearce, is best friends with Joe Sugg, youtube sensation. She and Joe met a few years ago when he came over to their house with Jack for a collab. Y/N thought that Joe was cute as hell from the beginning, which became quite the struggle for her. Joe was great friends with her brother, so it would make it very awkward if they dated- then broke up. Also, she is two years younger, and some people think that the age gap is “too big”.

Joe was Y/N’s obvious favourite of the boys (besides Mikey), and everyone knew it. They thought that Y/N just saw him as a brother, so they wouldn’t fret when she would always want to go somewhere with him. At first, Joe also saw Y/N as a younger sibling, but one day he and a dream including her, and his perspective changed. In the dream, a man in black was holding a gun to her head, threatening her death. Joe was pleading to the man, pleading for her life. The man made joe choose, his life or hers. Y/N looked at him with sad eyes, hollow looking. Joe chose Y/N, sparing her life. The man aimed the gun at Joe and smiled. Y/N cried as Joe hushed her. “it’s okay love, I love-” BANG. Joe woke up, wheezing and sweating. He wiped away the tears that appeared on his face. “Wow,” he thought to himself, “I think… I think I love Y/N”. He wasn’t sure if he did, but he definitely knew he felt something inside.

Y/N was FaceTiming Mikey, as he has been staying in Australia with the boys. She was updating him on her life an show their family was going. As Mikey was rambling about something funny that happened, Y/N could faintly hear some talking in the background.
“Who is Mikey talking to?” Said what she thought was Joe.
“Y/N. Your secret lover,” replied Conor? Y/N’s face flushed, as she continued talking to her brother, while also listening to Joe and Conor.
“Mate. What you on about?” Argued Joe defensively. Conor laughed evilly before arguing back,
“Joe. I see how you look at her. You are whipped. W-H-I-P-P-E-D.” Joe didn’t reply, not letting Y/N know anything. After a few more seconds of them bickering about Y/N, Mikey turned around to face them.
“GUYS. I can hear you guys, so my poor sister probably can too. So you should probably shut up” he groaned. She nodded, earning a shocked look from Joe. He went bright red and quickly walked away from camera shot. Mikey turned back to Y/N, “sorry sis, they’re just being todgers!” He said, earning a laugh from Y/N.
“Hey!” Screamed Conor, putting a hand over his heart.


This request took a long time but it is finally done and I’m quite happy with it! Hope you enjoy it xx

Joe let out a long sigh as the words came out of his girlfriend’s mouth. “I won’t be able to make it. I’m so sorry, Joe.” Y/N spoke through the phone and the deception was now evident on Joe’s face. He was expecting her to come for so long, especially since he barely saw her. “You’re never able to make it, Y/N. It’s annoying.” Joe admitted, frustration in his face as he climbed into the car, exchanging a look with the person sitting in the driver seat. “I’m sorry but I can’t just quit my job, Joe.” She explained, letting out a frustrated sigh. “I know, I just miss you.” Joe stated, fiddling with the hem of his shirt. “I miss you too. I’ll call you after the flight, alright?” Y/N stated, smiling on the other sign of the phone. “Where to this time?” Joe questioned, smiling to himself at his comment. “Bloody Australia.” Y/N answered, hearing the smile in his voice. “That’s miles away.” Joe whined, his head falling backwards on the seat as he looked through the window to their shared apartment. “I’ll be home sooner than you think, Joe. I promise.” She stated, grinning to herself as he had no idea the actual reason for her to say that. “Okay, I love you.” Joe said, the disappointment evident in his voice. “I love you too.” Was the last words coming from the other side of the world before the call ended and Joe sighed again as he put his seat belt on.

“A bit obsessed with my sister, aren’t you?” Jack teased, a smirk showing on his face as he turned the key, starting the car. “Can you blame me though?” Joe replied, his own smirk growing. “Not really. She’s fascinating.” Jack stated, driving out of their driveway. “She is.” Joe said, barely above a whisper. As Jack looked between his mate and the road for a second, he noticed the look on his face and smiled nicely over at him. “I miss her too, buddy.” He admitted as the two friends exchanged a smile before driving down to Brighton.

Y/N was suddenly hit by a wave of nerves as she was hopping out of the Uber, thanking the driver before walking into the building. Her excitement was growing as she was almost running down the stairs to walk into her apartment. She quickly turned the key into the lock and stepped into the apartment. It felt amazing to be home. Y/N didn’t waste any time and quickly went to the bathroom, taking a shower before getting ready for her surprise.

Y/N was a flight attendant and she knew it would be hard to accept the fact that she would be rarely home but she had worked really hard to get there and she was proud to be able to do something that she loved. And her family was also alright with that. Even though she had a grumpy boyfriend who would tell her every 5 minute show much he missed her. So she was pretty excited to be able to surprise everything ; her boyfriend, her twin brother and her best friend. Y/N was supposed to join the Zalfie household as it was Zoe’s birthday the next day and the only one knowing about her surprise was Alfie. They had it both all planned.

Two hours later, everyone was settled in the living room, randomly talking about random stuff and Zoe’s birthday plans. Alfie has set a camera to have the perfect shot of everyone. Alfie suddenly got up, his own excitement growing at the idea of surprising his own girlfriend. “So I actually have an early birthday present for you, gorgeous.” He spoke, his eyes falling on his girl as a smile was forming on her lips. “Just close your eyes and don’t open them until I’m back. You two better check that she’s not cheating.” Alfie ordered, pointing at the two as they laughed and he stepped into the hallway where Y/N was impatiently waiting. 

She took a deep breath before following Alfie into the living room, trying to stay silent but as soon as her eyes felt on everyone, there was tears in her eyes. And Joe was the first one to see her, he blinked a few times before smiling widely. “Oh my god!” The dark blonde exclaimed as he got up, causing everyone to look into their direction as Alfie grabbed the hidden camera. Joe quickly closed the distance between, wrapping his arm around her as tightly as he could as she wrapped her lags around his waist, trying to fight back her happy tears. “You’re such a prick.” Joe mumbled against her skin, not wanting to let her go as she let her feet fall to the floor, his head still in to the crock of her neck. 

Everyone gasped as they understood what was going on. Joe pulled away slightly enough to press his lips against hers in a loving kiss. Joe smiled in amazement at her as they pulled away from each other, allowing Zoe to wrap her arms around her best friend so tightly that she could break her bones. “Oh my god, Zo! I missed you so much!” Y/N exclaimed as their hug lasted for about 5 minutes. “I’m so happy that you’re here for my birthday!” Zoe said as she finally let go of her. Her eyes suddenly fell on her twin brother and he gave her a warming smile before being the last one to wrap his arms around her. “I’m so glad to see you here, idiot.” Jack whispered in her ear just so only she would hear. “Me too, jerk.” She replied before they exchanged a laugh. “Surprise!” Alfie exclaimed into the camera before pointing it towards the others as they simply waved.

“How long are you here for?” Joe asked as his hands made their way to her waist, pulling her close to him. “2 weeks.” Y/N answered, smiling up at him before kissing him again. “Are you joking?” Joe asked, his eyes wide in surprise. “Not at all.” She smirked as they exchanged another kiss which was interrupted by someone clearing their throat. 

“Sorry to interrupt lovebirds but we have to catch up a LOT.” Zoe said before grabbing Y/N’s wrist and dragging down on the couch next to her as they both started giggling about the most random things. 

“Wait, where’s Conor? I wanted to see him, he’s my favorite.” Y/N teased, the question directed to her twin. “What?! Since when?” Jack exclaimed, his voice growing in volume as the two started bickering and teasing each other like siblings do. 

Joe simply smiled as he watched them, feeling his heart fill happiness as his family was fully present again and it hadn’t happened in a long time. She had finally managed to fly back home after all.

Black Butterflies C.H

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Anon: I’m currently obsessed with the song black butterflies and deja vu by the Maine and literally always think of Calum when I hear it and if you could write something based around it I would probably die lol
So am I, I love this song already, thank you for showing me this song, I love it so much. 

(Also I love Calum’s smile in this ok bye!!)

Song: Black Butterflies And Deja Vu

Word Count: 1,000+

Warnings: Kind of sad…



Calum Hood. The name of the most amazing boy in the world. I love him with all my heart. But, so does my friend Julia, and he loves her back. I mean, he would have to love her, they are dating after all.

Calum and Julia have been dating for months, and in those months, I’ve liked him, I’ve even liked him long before they dated, I just never had the courage to talk to him. He has the best smile, but, sometimes he only shows it around me. He says it’s because, “You’re my best friend Y/n,” Calum said as we sat together in the ice cream shop.

“Oh, really? What about Michael? Or what about Julia? Shouldn’t your girlfriend be your best friend?” I asked in a sour tone. Calum just looked at me in curiosity, “What’s wrong? You seem different today.” He said as he placed his hand over mine. I pulled it back quickly.

Normally I would love the feeling of his hands on mine, but today it just made me sick. I’ve been thinking about things, and I realized I couldn’t do that to Calum, and I especially couldn’t do that to Julia.

“Y/n, you always let me hold your hand, what’s wrong now? Did I do something?” He asked with a  sad look on his face, and he jutted out his bottom lip. I’m usually a sucker for that pout, but today I can’t seem to get out of my own head.

I can’t speak, it feels like I’m drowning, and no matter how hard I try to say something, I can’t find the right words. I’m just waiting for them to spill out of my mouth already.

“Calum,” I sighed, “You didn’t do anything wrong per say. I just, I can’t do this Calum. I always think of you, and when I do, it feels like a tsunami inside of my brain. It’s crazy, honestly.” I sighed again.

He looked and me in confusion, “I don’t get it Y/n, what are you saying?” He asked as he tried to put his hand on mine again, but, once more, I pulled them away, and shoved them into my pockets.

“I like you Calum, but I can’t do that to Julia, and I can’t do that to your relationship. I’m sorry about everything, I didn’t mean to like you, but how could I not?” I asked rhetorically with a dry laugh. “I need to leave, sorry Cal.” I said as I quickly ran out of the ice cream shop and into my car. calum drove his own so I didn’t feel as guilty for leaving.

I’m literally like a lovesick puppy, every single day I see him. I don’t understand what it is that makes me so drawn to him, but I shouldn’t be, and it drives me mad that I cant have him.

When I got home, I packed my bags and booked a flight out for America, if I cant stand to be here, and I only came to be with my friends and Calum, then there’s no more reason to be here. The flight left for tomorrow and I already told my landlord I would be gone by the night.

I booked a hotel so no one would know where I was and slept until my flight.

After the flight had landed, I checked my phone and say messages from Calum.


Y/n, why did you run out?

I tried going to your apartment but you weren’t there.

I asked the landlord, he said you moved out, said something about a flight to America?

Really Y/n? I didn’t even get to say anything to you, and now you’re in America? I wanted to tell you I liked you back.

But it’s too late now, you’re in America and I don’t expect you to fly back for me. Especially since I know you used all of the money saved up for college.

I still cant believe you did that, wasting your college money just because you cant stand to look at me?

That really hurts you know? I really liked you and you want to get away from me…

I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough to keep trying for, and I’m sorry I didn’t have the courage to break up with Julia, I just didn’t want you to hate me for breaking her heart.

But now I guess it sounds stupid when I think about it. I broke up with her still. it didn’t feel right to be with her, when I thought of only you.

I stared crying right in the middle of the airport, and many people looked over to me. One older woman came up to me and asked what was wrong. I had told her what happened, and what was going on, then I showed her the messages he sent me.

She gave me a hug. “Listen, my son was supposed to go to Australia but he got sick, I was going to return this ticket, but I think you should take it. Please, go back and be with this boy.” She smiled as I started crying and pulled her into a hug.

“Thank you so much, you’re an angel.” I whispered to her as ,y tears slowed down. She just shook her head, “I’m no angel, but I know true love, and you guys have it. Please, just go to him.” I smiled and thanked her once more.

Once I got back to Australia, I got an uber to Calum’s flat and knocked on the door. Michael showed up and stared at me in shock. “Um, what is going on? You’re in America, I’m not on drugs, I know it.” He said with a confused face.

I laughed and pulled him in to a hug, “god Mike, I love you, now move I have to see Calum.” I said as he laughed and moved out of the way, “He’s up in his room, probably crying or something.” I nodded and walked into his room.

It was dark in Calum’s room and I shook him to see if he’d get up. “Mike, I said to leave me alone.” He groaned, and I giggled. He sat up quickly and looked at me wide eyed. “Hey Cal.” I said with a slight laugh.

He smiled and laughed as well. He grabbed my waist and threw me onto the bed with him. “You’re here, you’re actually here, how?” He asked with wide eyes and a huge smile. “A sweet lady gave me a ticket back, I told her about what was going on and she offered the ticket she was giving up.” I smiled, and he started peppering kisses all over my face.

I giggled as he stared at me again. he opened his mouth to say something, but it closed. Then he opened his mouth again, but nothing came out. I giggled, “Cal, speak.” he smiled, “Sorry, but I just cant believe you’re actually here again. You can obviously stay with me and Mike. But just, wow, I’m speechless." He grinned and pulled me into a loving kiss.

I lose my voice when I look at you
Can’t make a noise though I’m trying to
Tell you all the right words
Waiting on the right words
Just another lovesick afternoon
Black butterflies and déjà vu
Hoping for the right words
Waiting for the right words

This was so cute to write, I’ll try to write the other things in my drafts, but I have a lot of them. I’ll finish the other song request soon enough, and I hope you guys liked this one!

SVT College AU  -  Soonyoung

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a/n: sweet baby he’s feeling better awwwww i love me kid 


-look at him go 

-my baby boy

-my star


-he studies natural science

-so it’s like a bundle of things



-the sky



-the actual reason as to why we exist on this planet only to please people who have a higher status than us and to just get validation from people knowing that one day we all die and have no idea of how time or space will control the next billion years


-yeah with science 

-comes overnight study sessions with his class

-he’s very social in class

-he likes his class a lot

-a whole bunch 

-he wears glasses sometimes but he doesn’t need them he just wants to wear them to feel smarter

-one time they were checking on what temperatures melt certain things

-he was trying to put the bunsen burner away 

-and the tube slipped out

-fire everywhere

-K W O N   F I R E 

-that’s his nickname from the teacher because of that accident

-this actually happened in my class in year 7 lmao 

-so yeah his class is dangerous but fun 

-this lil bundle of sunshine bunks with two other bundles of sunshine

-media kid hansol and zoology student chan 

-soonyoung became a big brother to them immediately

-he’s so protective over them

-he will fight people for them

-not really 

-he might kick them in the nuts and then run 

-that always works 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

-in fact he’s protective over everyone he meets

-iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiIIIIIIIiiiincluding you

-you’re the friend that everyone likes

-little media major you

-you’re in hansol’s class for media

-and like how soonyoung became big brothers to chan and hansol

-hansol became a brother to you

-and like every brother

-he introduced you to soonyoung

-and as if by magic 

-you two


-fell for each other


-he thought you were beautiful and amazing and really funny 

-and you thought he was super cool and crazy cute and funny too !!!!!!

-you two started to hang out more and more and more even when you weren’t with hansol

-you and soonyoung would just get to know each other better

-and fall for each other even more

-one time you two were out without hansol and chan 

-and of course

-spy chan came out to play 

-so the first place he saw you was on the street 

-he thought he saw you holding hands with soonyoung


-you just held onto his sleeve because it was busy on the road

-even though secretly you wanted to hold his hand and he wanted to hold yours

-the next place he saw you in was the milkshake shop

-and he thought you two were sharing

-nopity nope nope

-you two had different drinks

-soonyoung kept on stealing yours


-another place he saw you in?

-a clothing shop

-soonyoung saw a dress that would look really pretty on you and he thought you could wear it to a fancy event and he could match with you and stuff

-you really weren’t a dress person so you politely declined the dress even though you admitted it was pretty 

-somehow from this chan made up this….sort of story that you two were going on a date and soonyoung would buy you that dress to wear on a date 




-you and soonyoung got ice cream and soonyoung managed to get ice cream on his cheek and his chin

-a t   2 0    y e a r s    o l d     h o w     t h e     f u c k    d o    y o u    g e t    i c e    c r e a m    o n    y o u r    c h e e k

-and you go to wipe it off

-and being the literal child he is

-he asks you to have an intense staring competition with you and leans in close to you 

-but somehow chan saw this as….

-you going in for a kiss…

-even though you kind of wanted to and he wanted to do the same thing………the staring competition was a grrREAT decoy 

-as soon as chan got back to the dorm he told hansol all this information

-”…are you sure this is what you saw??”

-”1000%!! they’re definitely going out–”

-”who’s going out?”

-s HIT


-”wait…me and y/n? chan? you think we’re going out…like dating?”


-”why do you think that??”

-”i saw you two today! you guys looked lovey dovey and stuff! she was holding your hand and you guys shared a drink and you two even kissed!!”

-”wait were you spying on us?!”

-f a c e    c r a c k    o f     t h e    c e n t u r y    f r o m    l e e    c h a n


-after chan explained himself

-soonyoung had to explain himself

-”wait……so the hand holding??”

-”she just grabbed onto my sleeve because there were a lot of people”

-”and the dress?”

-”i thought it would look really nice on her”

-”what about the ice cream place??”

-”we had a staring competition !!”

-”and the milkshake parlour??”



-”……….her milkshake tasted really nice so i wanted to try some”

-but halfway through explaining

-he kind of saw where chan was coming from


-he knew his feelings for you were there 

-loud and proud

-he just was so caught up in hanging out with you….

-that he didn’t actually try to have a relationship with you

-it was almost like you guys were already in one 


-chan didn’t really get in trouble because he was young

-soon that’s not a viable excuse but go off i guess

-but he really did need to talk to you about this relationship thing

-so yeah

-he invited you over one day whilst the boys were out 

-you were both lying on his bed

-and he just…..kind of placed his arm around you………………………..

-your face:  ( ⸝⸝•ᴗ•⸝⸝ )੭⁾⁾

-your heart and mind: ヽ༼◉ل͜◉༽ノ


-you just went with it because friends do that……..right?

-r i g h t ?

-”hey let’s say weird things you go first”

-oh boy 

-”alright……is there a reason why?”

-”no….just wanna find out something interesting today…”

-oh boy 

-”ok…..a pig in australia stole 18 beers from a campsite got drunk and then tried to fight a cow”

-”you’re serious?”

-”yeah im pretty sure that’s what it said….on the internet….your turn”

-”a male honeybee’s dick is destroyed after sex”


-”i know…your turn….”

-he then suddenly sat up and looked down to you with these…..almost…..loving eyes

-”turtles can breathe through their but–”

-”chan thinks that we’re dating..”

-”wait….rewind pause and play what”

-”….chan thinks that we’re dating…..he saw us while we were out and stuff and thought that we’re–”

-”what’s so weird about that?”

-”well for starters he was kind of following us–”

-”it’s cute that he think’s we’re dating….it’s….not a bad thing….right?”

-”i-it’s not….it’s just…..”


-”i kind of thought that you liked hansol”

-w h a t    t h e     fu ck     is    go i n g    o n    


-you and hansol???


-”no? hansol is a really good friend to me and that’s it….”

-”then….what about me?”

-”you’re…different to what hansol is to me….”

-you mumbled to him sitting up in the process

-he blinked shifting towards you 

-”h-how different”

-you kind of just…..found yourself gravitating to him…..

-like…..dude you look really good……lemme just…

-you didn’t answer his question- instead you just leaned in slowly

-he did the same

-fireworks? hell yeah

-lips grazing against each other

-closed eyes

-beating hearts

-you two…..kissed…………………

-nan desu ka


-you just…..went in and did it

-”that kind of different…”

-”so you like me in this way?”


-”good thing cause i do too”





-”should we kiss again?”


-you both have love in your eyes for each other and it’s actually so cute

-you two just…kept going at it until hansol and chan came back

-b i g     m i s t a k e 

-”can you believe their relationship started because of me?”

-”you followed the round while they were out”

-”i practically started their relationship for them”

-”y o u    s t a l k e d    t h em”

-”and you still don’t have a girl either!”

-”neither do you!”

-”shit you’re right”

Trains (ED)

hey wassup! Here’s a requested imagine for y’all!

Warnings: none

Requested by Anon: “Can you write an Ethan imagine about meeting in some obscure way please!

Word count: 1607

Hope you enjoy!


The cold wind bit into my skin, and I shoved my hands deeper into my sweatshirt in an effort to stay warm in the massive train yard. The huge, but long since abandoned trains loomed in front of me like ghosts, but I wasn’t scared. They were comforting in a way, chipped and dull red and brown paint and splintered wood. This yard was long and empty, with rusted tracks littered with soda cans, chips of paint, cigarettes, and other various trash items. I stepped over all of them carefully as I made my way to my destination.

My boots crackled against the hard gravel and dirt as I finally reached the huge open platform to one of the old cargo trains. The cement would be cold, but I didn’t care. I wiped the sweat off my hands and hiked up my jeans before grabbed the ledge and hauling myself up with a degree of difficulty and soft grunt.

I settled myself down and looked into the slowly sinking sun. Oranges, reds, and pinks sprayed across the sky like the paints I had stashed in my room in Monterey. Not my home, I didn’t have any of those. But somewhere I associated myself with. Everything was silent and calm. Perfect.

Just cold.

I hated the cold. But California was usually chilly at night. Not so much in L.A., but up in the middle ish parts of the state where I was now.

The sound of approaching footsteps almost knocked me off my platform. Police often patrolled these areas to make sure there were no squatters, and even though I wasn’t one of them, I didn’t want to get caught here. I had had my fair share of way too close calls. I considered ducking behind the wall of the car, or just making a run for it, my mind racing at 100 miles a minute.

But it wasn’t a police officer. It was a boy, looking about my age. A sharp jaw with a bit of scruff was framed his features nicely. Ruffled dark hair poked out from under a blue beanie, and his hands were tucked into a large black hoodie.

I didn’t move until he noticed me, his eyes piercing right through me. I shifted my weight, debating on whether or not to run. Stranger danger, as my parents had always told me. But he held out his hand calmly in what seemed like an attempt to stop me from running.

“I won’t hurt you,” he said, his voice smooth and sweet and drippy with tiredness like honey. “I’m just out for a walk.”

“Okay,” I said. Why I said it I have no idea. I should have been getting the hell out of there.

“Can I come and sit with you?” He questioned. “I’m just kind of wandering.”

“I don’t know. How do I know you’re not going to murder me?”

“I just said I wouldn’t hurt you and you said ‘okay’,” He laughed, his eyes crinkling up in the corners.

“Fair enough,” I shrugged, scooting over. He swung himself up next to me easily. I knew he must have been hiding some serious muscles under that hoodie.

“I’m Ethan,” he started, catching his breath, and extending a hand out to me.

“Y/N,” I said shyly, but shaking his hand. It was warm and large, practically engulfing mine.

“Beautiful name,” he commented, shifting his weight and getting settled.

A blush rose to my cheeks. “Thanks. I-I like the name Ethan too.”


There was a pause where we sat in surprisingly comfortable silence, me sitting cross legged and him sitting with his legs dangling down over the edge of the platform.

“So what are you doing all the way out here?” He started.

“I dunno. Needed to get away, I guess.”

I could ask him the same question, but he nodded softly in such a way that I knew he was feeling exactly what I was feeling.

“The city gets stressful,” I continued, earning another nod from him.

“Where do you live?” He began, and then paused. “I realize that sounds like a very serial killer-esque thing to say as we are sitting on an abandoned train in the middle of nowhere, but I promise, I’m just trying to keep a conversation. Where are you from, I mean.”

I gave a small laugh, looking down at my lap.

“S’alright. I’m from Anaheim.”

“Damn, that’s a long way from here. I’m from North L.A., well, Iive there, I’m originally from Jersey.”

“Cool. And yeah, I took a bus up here.”

“How’re you going to get home then?”

“Uh, take another bus?”

“But it’ll be so late. What will your parents think?”

“They don’t care. They’re both out for business and won’t be home until next week.”

“Oh,” He nodded. Another pause ensued.

“I miss my parents,” he said sadly after a while, playing with his fingers as he stared into the rapidly darkening sky.

“Me too,” I whispered. “Are yours not here in Cali with you?”

“No, they’re back in New Jersey.”

“How old are you then? You look like you could be 16 or 23 and if it’s the latter I probably should be running right about now,” I said.

“Don’t worry, I’m only 17,” he chuckled.

“Same. But you live across the country from your parents? How does that work?”

“My brother and I, well, we started our career as internet personalities, and I made sense to send us out here where everything happens. More opportunities.”

“Yeah. That makes sense.”

“You’re not going to judge me?” He looked carefully at me, examining my face.

“Huh? What for?”

“Being, I dunno, ugh I hate the word, but “famous”,” he made air quotes as he said it.

“Well, maybe if I knew who you were, I would be excited to meet you. But I’m not judging you. You’re just a normal person, right? Just Ethan.”

He relaxed with a sigh, his shoulders that I hadn’t realized had been tense finally drooping.

“Thanks. A lot of people when they meet me regardless of if they already know who I am or have never heard of me try to use me. And my brother, of course.”

“I’m sorry. That must be hard.”

“Yeah. That’s why I don’t really tell people if they’re clueless.”

“So then why did you tell me?” I asked, my voice barely a whisper. The sun was setting deeply, casting a beam of golden light onto the boy’s dark eyes, making them glow a golden hazel.

“I dunno. You seem different, I guess.”

“I mean I am sitting on a train in the middle of nowhere.”

“Yeah,” he laughed, a smile breaching his full lips.

The comfortable silence returned until he spoke again.

“The world’s awful big isn’t it?”

“Do you always talk in these philosophical sentences?”

“No, no,” he laughed. “Just in a mood right now. This is a very aesthetic place for philosophical thoughts.”

I giggled. “Yeah, I guess it is. I like it here. Where’s your favorite place? Besides home, of course.”

“I dunno. I’ve been to London, that was pretty cool. So was Australia. It was beautiful there.”

“Wow. I’ve never been outside of the country. I like Monterey though. It’s beautiful there too.”

“I’ve never been.”

“I’ve taken a bus all the way up there a few times. When my parents are out of town. I stay at my friend’s house. She lives right on the water.”

Why I was telling this stranger everything about myself I had no idea. But it was almost like he wasn’t a stranger, that we had known each other for years.

“I love the ocean,” he said simply.

I nodded.

“So, miss Y/N, it’s getting to be really late. Can I walk you to the station?”

“Sure. Again, I should be running, but…” I shrugged and went to hop off the platform. Ethan had already dropped down and reached up to help me.

I slid off the edge and he took my waist in his rough hands, carefully setting me down with a quick smile. My sides tingled at his touch.

And so we set off across the train yard, walking close together, bundled into our sweatshirts against the bitter wind.

We didn’t say much. But that was alright with me. Just his company was enough.

By the time we reached the bus station, it was long after dark, the street lamps shining yellow among the lines of palm trees.

“Well, thanks for walking me. Where are you headed now?”

“My car’s a few lots over.”

“Oh, cool.”

“I’ll wait with you, though. Unless you want me to leave.”

“No, no. Please stay.”

He tucked his hands into his sweatpants pockets, rocking back and forth onto his toes in an effort to stay warm as we waited.

Suddenly he turned to me.

“Is it weird if ask for your number?”

“Not at all, here,” I said, pulling out my phone to hand to him. We exchanged phones and he punched in his number as I did the same.

“I’ll text you?” He grinned, slipping his hands back into his pockets along with his phone.


The old bus pulled into the station with a screech and hiss of the brakes.

“Well, it was really nice to meet you. Thanks for not killing me,” I said with a soft laugh.

“No problem.” His eyes twinkled again and I couldn’t hold back a smile.

“I’ll see you, hopefully, Y/N,” he gave a quick wave and was off, huddling under his sweatshirt.

“Bye,” I called softly, and stepped into the bus.

voices ; soulmate! calum au

soulmate! calum

“ in a world where the voice in your head is your soulmates voice, and you find them when you hear them speak around you for the first time ”


The same Australian accented voice played in my head everyday, the voice I heard when I read to myself, the voice I heard when I was thinking thoughts that erupted in my brain, the voice I grew to love, and to hate very much.

I loved the voice, it belonged to my soulmate. I loved how he said some words, his lisp evident with certain words. It was the voice of the man I wanted to find so badly, and that’s why I hated it.

It was an Australian accent, meaning he was from Australia, or maybe he just developed the accent, but he really lives somewhere else in the world. That’s why I hated it, feeling as if my soulmate, was so far away from my New York City home, made me feel hopeless in finding him.

Days I would think of cheesy things, just so I could hear him ’ say ’, “ I love you. ” Or, “ We’ll meet someday. ” I wished that that was his real voice, reassuring me in the slightest of ways.

A knock at my door is what startled me out of my thoughts, but when I heard the door open, following of my best friends signature, two knocks in a row, I knew she would join me in my room in a matter of seconds.

She opened the door, a smile on her face. “ Hey Y/n ” she said, closing the door a tad, leaving a small amount of space open.

I just simply smiled, not wanting to say anything. Tiffany has already found her soulmate, her learning about her whereabouts in a coffee shop in downtown LA. When we traveled there, she immediately heard the voice of the barista, and knew it was her.

Tiffany was happy with her, which made sense, because they were in fact soulmates. Tiffany then begged her to move to NY, which she did almost immediately. Seeing them together gave me some chance of hope, but also made me jealous, because she had already found her soulmate, and I was stuck with the same voice in my head.

“ You wanna go shopping? We can also check out the tattoo parlor and music shop that opened down the street ” she asked.

I was always up for going out with her, getting every chance to meet new people, hoping one of them had my voice in their head.

We made our way out of my apartment, and walked down the sidewalk that accompanied the streets of New York.

“ Hey Tiffany, can I ask you a question ” I asked.

“ Of course, is it about your soulmate situation ” she answered.

“ Yea, uhm, how did you know exactly that Samantha was your soulmate ” I asked.

“ Y/n, something amazing happens, but it’s one of the rules you learn. When you find your soulmate, you’ll just start to know. Trust me, if I could tell you, I would, but it’s a valued secret ” she said, sympathy laced her eyes.

I mentally cursed myself for asking about the forbidden, but I reassured myself, it will happen one day.

We found the new music store, and went in with excitement.

It was an old store. There were neon signs everywhere. Vinyls were seen in order in the middle of the store, CDs were lined around the perimeter of the walls. I made my way over to the vinyls, when I heard a women say her “ Hello ” and “ How are you today, ” and assuming she was the owner, I simply said a kind hello back.

I lost Tiffany almost instantly, her not being so much into music as I was. I flipped through the records, recognizing some familiar artists I knew. I went to grab a new vinyl I never heard of, when I was stopped by a pain in my head.

“ C ” the voice in my head spoke.

I know for a fact I didn’t think that.

Another sharp-shooting pain rang through my head.

“ A. ”

It kept coming.

“ L ”
“ U ”
“ M. ”

I was waiting for another letter, but nothing came.

“ Calum ” I thought, and when I did, my chest expanded. The name caused me to feel some type of way. I looked around the store, more people had entered. A tall lady with a green flannel.

A tall boy with think rimmed black glasses.

A boy, tall, brown hair that looked like it curled up at the end.

My vision focused on him. He was reading a Rolling Stones article, when all of a sudden, his hand reached to his head, dropping the magazine on the floor.

He looked around, and then picked up the magazine.

I looked away instantly.

His presence felt different. It felt like he was the only person in the whole shop.

I quickly searched for Tiffany, but couldn’t find her. I decided to shake the experience off, thinking nothing of it.

I then went to the CD section. I rummaged through the CDs, looking for nothing in particular, when I felt my body go heavy. I felt someone come next to me, a boy, looking through the CDs.

He picked up a Green Day, examined it, and put it down. I looked up at him, and I saw his body shift almost immediately.

He looked at me and smiled. “ Hey ” he said.

His voice. The same voice that’s been replaying in my head. It was him, I knew it.

“ Hello ” I said, and immediately after I said that, his eyes widened.

“ Y/n? ” he asked, looking me deep in the eyes.

“ Calum ” I said, eyes widening.

It was him. His face lit up, his arms quickly engulfing me. I hugged back, feeling his body against mine. Our bodies molded together, as if we were puzzle pieces, fitting together for the first time.

“ I thought I’d never find you ” he said.

“ Me either ” I mumbled against his chest.

He let go of me, but not all the way, just enough to look down at me.

His plump lips then met mine, and I kissed back, giving him all the love I could put forward in a kiss.

I knew then, that I found my soulmate.


The Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag!(Calum Edition)

1. Where and when did we first meet?

“We meet at your concert” I say first “on like a Christmas show, three years ago”

“Yeah, it’s a interesting story actually” he says getting in place to tell the story “you were wearing a Christmas suit, like an actual Christmas sweater and Christmas tights, and I was like ‘shoutout to the only girl who is reflecting the real Christmas spirit”

“Hell yeah” I chuckle “and then we talked for the first time at the venue, it  was so late, like 3 am”

“Yeah, it was fun though” he comments “and I was shocked when you told me you are a voice actress”

I laugh “you say that all the time” I pinch his cheek “you’re cute”

2. Where was our first date?

“To be honest, I don’t remember”

I say being surprised of myself.

“You don’t?” He says surprised too “i do know, we went to watch a movie together at my apartment”

I look at him and the memories come to my mind “oh that’s right!” I smile “yeah it was a nice first date, we watched the origin, remember?”

“Yep” he says “best movie ever”

3. What was your first impression of me?

“To be completely honest, I did not like you at first” I say feeling a bit ashamed “Well, at least not like romantically”  

“It was kind of the same for me” he admits “I thought you were a fun girl, but I wasn’t really thinking on getting involved with you, until like the fifth time we hung out”

4. When did you meet my family?

“When we had our one year anniversary ” I say “we flew to Australia and I met them” I start thinking “I don’t really remember when you met my family”

He nods “I think it was on Christmas”

“Yeah” I agree “our first Christmas”

5. Who said “I love you” first?

“I did” Calum said with a bright smile “on our first Christmas”

“And I cried” I add up making him laugh

“Sometimes she’s just a big baby” he scoffs and I act offended.

“Boy” I start “Listen, this is my channel, I can destroy you here and now” I say on a funny voice getting close to his ear “I’m not a baby”  

6. What dressing do I always wear?

“For you” I start looking at him up and down. “Black jeans every freaking day” I laugh “and boots”  

He nods “it’s weird not to wear them” he says

“And it’s weird to not see you in them” I chuckle “what do I always wear?” I ask him.

He looks at me and his hand goes to his chin “You always wear converse” he says kind of guessing and I nod “and Vans, you love Vans”

“Correct!” I cheer “next question”

7. Weird habit of each other?

“You laugh is weird” I say almost instantly.

He frowns and nudges me “that’s not a habit! Weirdo” he laughs.

“Yes it is!” I fight back “you used to… laugh differently”

“Not true” he denies “and you’re worst habit is talking on weird voices all the time”

I try to argue with this but I can’t  "I like doing it, it’s fun"

“It is” he nods “but admit it, it’s too much”

8. What I often do in my free times?

“You spend a lot of times just playing guitar or whatever instrument is around” I answer “I personally enjoy that a lot”

He smiles and leans to kiss my cheek “thanks baby” he mumbles “I don’t know about you though, you are always doing so much stuff” he says not being sure what to say “so I am going to say that you like read over your old scripts quite often”

“Well, yeah” I shrug “it’s fun to do it, I like it because I practice and remember stuff”

9. How long have we been together?

“2 years” we say at the same time.

10. What was our first road trip?

“Well” I chuckle shrugging at the same time “for starters, I hate road trips”

“Aw” Calum says pinching my cheek “I like them, to be honest” he said “our first one was… to vegas?”

“Yep!” I confirm “For my birthday!”

“It was incredibly wild” he comments with a smile.

“I know!” I say in a weird voice.

11. First thing you noticed about me?

“Again” he starts “as I mentioned already, we first met at my Christmas country and she was dressed… very Christmassy (maybe way too much)” he comments looking up and remembering the moment “so it would be that”

“I looked fantastic” I brag jokingly “I remember the first thing I noticed about you was your blond hair strip, I liked it a lot”

“Really?” He looks at me almost as he didn’t believed me “I mean it was okay, but i don’t know” he shrugs “not for me”

I kiss his cheek and go back to the questions.

12. What pisses you off?

“In general? Or about each other?” I ask confused from reading the question.

“In general, I don’t want to know what pisses you off about me” he says in a fake annoyed tone, rolling his eyes and pressing his lips. Making me laugh.

“Well I know that what always pisses you off is when people asks like inappropriate questions, right?” I say almost guessing

“Hm” he says thinking “not quite but I’ll take it” he says.

“What do you think it pisses me off all the time?” I ask him.

“I think it’s when you’re at the studio” he starts “and the director tells you like too many times that you’re doing awful” he explains “I’ve been there”

“Oh my god” I exclaim, it was so accurate “yes, I always put like a lot of personality in characters and I absolutely hate when they want me to make them sound boring”

“You are a good voice actress babe, don’t worry” he kisses my cheek.

13. What I’m not good at?

“You’re terrible at trivia games” I say laughing “that’s the only thing I could think of, but yeah, you’re so bad at it”

“What do you want? I dropped out of school” he chuckles “and for you I would say it is… drawing?” He guesses.

“Yeah” I nod “I suck at that”

14. What I’m good at?

“Again!” He exclaims for no reason “playing with your voice, it’s your job after all”

“Oh cmon, you picked an easy one” I pout and nudge him “it’s only fair for me to answer that you are good at music in general”

“Wise decision” he smile

15. Favourite feature about each other?

“I love that your cheeks are so squishy and voluptuous” chuckle pinching both of his cheeks on my hands “it’s fun to just play with them”

“Thanks” he mumbles taking my hands off his face “I like your eyes, and your sense of humour” he smiles to me and kisses my hands “that’s for sure my favourite things about you”

16. What do we argue about the most?

“We don’t argue often” he says confident, passing his arm around my shoulders “but if I had to say one, I’d say when we have to cook or wash dishes”

“ugh yes” I say rolling my eyes “we take turns but we mess up the order all the time”

“It’s your turn today” he chuckles looking down at me.

“No it’s not!” I exclaim in a high pinched voice too close to his ear.

17. Do I have any weird obsessions?

“You have a weird obsession with puppies” I say laughing “I don’t know why”

He nods, accepting is “they’re cute so yes”  he smiles “and you… maybe with movies? I don’t know”

“Em, not really” I shrug “to be honest, I don’t even know, so next question”

18. Nicknames for each other?

We both shake our heads no “ I don’t have a nickname for you” I say first “i can’t really think of one”

“Me neither, I just stick with sweet names and stuff” he says nodding “next question, please”

19. What is my favorite restaurant?

“Basic one” he says raising his eyebrows “McDonald’s”

“Hell yeah” I smile “and yours? Hm” I stop thinking “You like Italian restaurants” I say shrugging.

“Is that all your answer?” He raises his eyebrows.

“Yeah” I mimic him.

“You’re right and at the same time, not” he chuckles “but I’ll give you that one”

20. Complete this sentence “You’re my……..”?

“Worst nightmare” I joke leaning my head on his shoulder and rounding my arms around his waist

“Oh wow” he says laughing “how positive”

He chuckles “I’m gonna say..” he mumbles “Netflix and chill partner” he says proud of his answer “because I’m not a mean boyfriend”

Suga’ Suga’ Storytime #3: Sugar vs. Splenda vs. Salt Daddies

Let’s all get on the same page before this story:

Sugar daddy (SD) - willing to spoil you with an allowance, gifts, and etc., - AKA what everyone wants.

Splenda daddy - a man who wishes he was an SD; usually does not have the disposable income to provide for a sugar baby in ways she would love. Good for gifts and occasional money, if you play your cards right. This man is a stepping stone to a real SD.

Salt daddy - YUCK. a man who is not willing to spoil you in any way, BUT will lead you to believe he will, to sleep with you. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

I can’t believe it’s only Thursday because I have encountered the three types of daddies.

Good ole’ Tinder brings nearly every type of man possible; this past Sunday it brought me a little Splenda. I’ll call him the Professor. We matched and he immediately wanted to meet for dinner. The Doctor (SD) had an early morning meeting Monday and couldn’t meet that night, so my schedule was empty. I said why not.

Black man, mid-40′s, and a professor at a local liberal arts college. The dinner went well, he was a professor and very good with his words. Literally, he should be a salesman. Too bad and such a shame, men can never handle my eloquence and intelligence. I am a maneater, that they only realize this, after I’ve eaten them. Yay!

The Professor lamented that he was sad he met me this way at the end of the date because I was a real candidate for a suitable wife. I believe his assertions were correct. Being a wife was my goal until I started sugaring. Haha. However, he agreed to my ideal allowance and paid cash upfront. I was delighted, until two days later when he informed me, that he probably could only do an allowance, I was asking for, every other month. I digress, men are pieces of work. Splenda, splenda, splenda….

Tuesday night, I met with my favorite SD, the Doctor. He agreed to go from Pay per meet (PPM) to an allowance this past week. After I detailed how I hated the transactional nature of a PPM and it’s been 2 months. Give a girl some lee-way. I always have a great time with him and he has no problem spending hundreds on whatever I want, in addition to an allowance. He’s taking trips to New Zealand and Australia next year. (said he’d love for me to come along) But, in the present day, he’s looking into taking me to a Panthers game and to his alma mater’s Black alumni weekend. :) sugar sugar!! (we met on SA, for background)

Salt. Yuck. Gross. Only good for seasoning. I met the Uber Driver on Tinder. Now, I was hesitant to even consider him for a potential SD (POT) until he said he wanted to go to an expensive steakhouse. I was curious and he agreed to pay for my gas, so no harm to check it out. My goodness, he was obnoxious and proceeded to drink 5 glasses of wine. He was entertaining, but he insisted he didnt have to pay for sex. *eye roll*… most men who want SB’s do it for a variety of reasons; sex is usually at the end of the list. Thank god, the steakhouse was 5 mins from my apt because this asshole said I should be happy he spent $250 on dinner and that he shouldn’t pay for my gas. SALT!!!!!!! I stated upfront I was a sugar baby (SB)… men MY OWN FUCKING AGE will pay for a $200 dinner. I wasnt even annoyed since the food was delicious. Haha.

Shoot me questions and DM’s. I’m not your fairy Godmother, but I will provide a bit of commentary.

yours truly,


the-freedom-paradox  asked:

You have so many rammstein stories, what are your top 5 random stories you've heard that you like the most about them?

This is going to be a very Till-centric list because while I love all of the guys, my love for Till is on a whole other level and I spend an unholy amount of time reading everything I can on him. Also with him being the frontman and face of the band it’s easier to find stories on him. Interviewers always want to discuss him. Plus he’s Till. He’s insane, in the best possible way.

I apologise in advance that these aren’t going to be the best stories because the small clump of cells that passes for my brain isn’t functioning too well at the moment so I will post a part 2 at some point and see what I can find about the other guys. Anyway..

1) Till and Flake were attending an awards ceremony. They were at the after party and some idiot from a tv talent show was swanning around with about 5 bodyguards who were barging the other celebrities out of the way as though they were nothing. They pushed Flake over and Till confronted them, things escalated quickly and next thing he’s brawling with all of the bodyguards, and then the doormen too. He was fighting like a demon but of course he was heavily outnumbered so they eventually got him out of the building. The sweetest thing was that Flake said he was screaming at them to leave Till alone and to hurt him instead. I hate that they had to experience that, but I love how protective they are of each other.

2) Chris Martin from Coldplay’s meeting with Till. Both bands were performing at a festival in Australia. Chris said that he got into an elevator when a huge muscular guy also entered. He was terrified at first thinking he was going to meet his impending death when the big guy said ‘My neck hurts so much. Do you please have anything for the pain?’ Chris gave him some pain relief, he took it, and went on his way and later he realised it was the lead singer of Rammstein. Till sent a big box of candy to his room as a thank you with a note in typical Till style to ‘Enjoy the fucking candy’. They became friends and Chris even dedicated a song to Till and his family at a concert.

3) That Till was a big Feeling B fan and he was having a small subdued party in his home with a few friends and a little wine when Feeling B literally crashed his party. They didn’t know it was his home, or really know him at the time, but they turned the music up full volume, took over, damaged items, ate all of his food and Till did nothing. It was only later that they discovered the homeowner had been there the whole time.  I’m not advocating crashing parties, but that’d be like having Rammstein just suddenly invading your house. It’s a crazy story but as we know it ended well.

4) Till used to literally lift cars out of the mud for their early bands. Often they were playing outdoors  in rural and less salubrious areas and they had to park in muddy fields. When they’d finished their set often the car was firmly entrenched in a bog and Till, the human bulldozer used to hoist the car up and out of the mud. Sometimes he used to go along specifically for that purpose.

5) That one of Till’s nicknames is Donut because he has a real sweet tooth and used to beg Richard(who had some chef training) to make donuts for him, whenever they could scrape together enough money for the ingredients, or steal them.

Rush // Christian Yu feat. William Singe

My Aussie babes tbh.I’m sorry I did Will dirty lol but if you don’t know who he is check out his music.

Just want to say thanks to everyone who’s been supporting so far y’all are amazing and I really do appreciate the feedback.

Fluff // Kinda based of Will’s song Rush but with a twist.


Originally posted by khhsh-t

He said it was the last time.

So why was he here?

Getting home from work the last thing I expected was to find a very drunk Christian outside my door.How the hell did he even get inside the building?

“Baby you’re h-homeeee,” Christian hiccups smiling lopsidedly at me. “I-I miszed youuuuuu.”  

“Christian what are you doing here and drunk off your ass for that matter?”

“I told youuu I miszed you duhhhh.”

He looked up at me,eyes glassy and slightly hooded.Christian and I weren’t a couple.We were best friends,keyword being were.You see everyone has their vices and it just so happened that we were each others.

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