he said he loves australia in it

PSA: David Boreanaz looks and sounds AMAZING in real life. Also he’s MASSIVE. Which I don’t think any of us fully realised until we went to get our photos taken and he was RIGHT THERE. And damnnnnnn idk what else to say anymore so bye

Imagine dealing with drunk Chris.

A/N: Man, oh man. I just can’t stay away from writing, can I? Well, at least majority of my holiday stuff’s packed. This is another fic inspired by a conversation with the lovely @chrisevans-imagines We have some very weird, but oddly inspiring conversations. Don’t we, Ava? 😂

You pushed your way through the crowd as you searched the overly packed party for your best friend, Chris, who had drunkenly called you ten times in the last hour; it was 2:19AM. He could count himself incredibly lucky that you were finishing up some paperwork at the hospital otherwise you would’ve killed him for interrupting your much needed beauty sleep. You’d been pulling quite a few late nights over the past week as you were about to take leave and go on your holiday, so things hadn’t been particularly easy on you. But you knew before you went into med-school that being a doctor wasn’t going to be easy, what you didn’t know was how much harder it was being a doctor who was best friends with Chris Evans; a man who had the equivalent energy of his puppy, Dodger. If you weren’t so in-love with him, he wouldn’t get away with half the things he put you through. But you were, so here you were at the party.

“Hello beautiful.” An arm hooked around your waist and pulled you into him; you groaned and pushed the drunken stranger off you. “Geez, lighten up!” He called after you as you disappeared further into the room. If you didn’t find Chris in the next five minutes, you were outta there.

“Hell yeah I’ll get it in!” You heard Chris’ voice and you followed it, chuckling when you found him by the ping pong table. “Don’t you worry, I'mma get it into that cup.” He bounced the ball off the table and balanced it on the back of his hand as he swallowed another gulp of his beer. “Watch me nail this th-” He spotted you and his smile tenfold. “Y/N, you came!” He downed his drink and tossed both ball and red solo cup aside before making his way to you, waving off the protests that came from the other players. “Sorry guys, I’m done. My girl’s here,” he draped an arm around you and pulled you closer to him.

“I’m not your girl, Evans.” You reminded him, but made no effort to push him away from you like you had with the other guy; you were very glad that the dim lights hid your deeply flushed cheeks. “I’m just here to make sure you don’t drink and drive, the last thing I need is to be called back in because someone got into a car accident.”

“Awww,” he cooed, squeezing you tightly against him. “Was someone worried about little old me?” You rolled your eyes, but failed to hide your smile. “Don’t be, my best friend’s a very good doctor. She’s very pretty too, like- she could be on Grey’s Anatomy.” He slurred then grinned when he heard you chuckle. “And that’s you,” he booped your nose, “I’m talking about you.”

“I know, and I’m talking about me too when I say I’ve had a very long night and I’m ready to go home.” He nodded with furrowed brows, really trying to process your words. “C'mon,” you wrapped an arm around his waist and directed him towards the exit, “you’re crashing at my place tonight. I’m not leaving you here when someone could literally tap beer out of you.”

“Yes!” He cheered. “I love your apartment, it smells like Christmas because of all the candles you have.” You hummed in acknowledgement at his drunk thoughts. “Hey, you know what’s really funny?” He didn’t wait for a response. “When I read your texts, I read it in an Australian accent because you’re from Australia. I do the same with Chris Hemsworth’s,” he told you then laughed to himself. “G'day mate,” he mimicked a tradition Australia greeting then laughed again.

“I’ve never once texted that to you, nor have I said that to you,” you chuckled. “And since when do I have an Australian accent? I’ve been living in America since I was eighteen, and you know I watch too much American television and too many Hollywood films to have an Australian accent.” The two of you found your way out of the party and into the much emptier parking lot where you car waited patiently. “But then again,” you glanced at him, “you are very wasted, so I won’t hold that against you.”

“Chuck a shrimp on the barbie,” he continued mocking the Australia accent and laughed when you did. “You’re right,” he returned to his normal accent as he pulled away from you, “you don’t sound like that.” He moved in front of you and took your hands in his, smiling like a love sick idiot which made your heart flutter despite knowing it didn’t mean what you wanted it to. “You sound perfect because you are perfect and I love you.”

“I love you too,” you responded with a chuckle, ignoring that ache in your heart. This wasn’t the first time he’d told you he loved you while he was drunk, in fact- he said it all the time when he was sober too. But it wasn’t the confession you longed for, it was just another platonic expression of affection that you shoved aside with your true feelings. “Let’s get you in bed, shall we?” You tried to pull your hands away only to have him tightened his grip.

“No,” he shook his head, furrowing his eyebrows. “You don’t understand, Y/N. I love you,” he said again in a more serious tone that made you sigh. As much as you wanted to reciprocate that feeling and kiss him, you couldn’t take anything he said seriously when he was drunk. Even if you did believe that drunk minds spoke for a sober heart, it was Chris; he was your best friend and you couldn’t ruin that friendship over a drunken slur of the moment. “I want to be with you,” he told you and pulled his hands away to cup your face.

“Chris, no,” you turned away when he started to lean in, taking a small step back. “We’re not going to do this.” You frowned when he did. “You’re drunk, I don’t want-” you cut yourself off before you said more than you should. “Let’s just go home, okay?” You brushed past him and headed for you car, stopping when he called out.

“I’m sober enough to have this conversation!” He walked in front of you with a frown on his face. “I’ve been trying to tell you I love you since the moment I met you, Y/N. But you keep brushing me off, like you think I’m not worth your time.”

“Chris-” you couldn’t believe you made him feel that way.

“Am I not good enough for you?” He asked then asked again before you could get a word in, “are you holding out for another doctor?” You opened your mouth to speak only to get cut off again, “what is it, Y/N? Why won’t you give me a chance?!” He growled and you flinched. “I don’t understand,” he shook his head, his pretty blues glistened with tears. “I’m not an idiot- I can see the way you look at me, so why won’t you be with me?”

“Chris,” you sighed as you took his hand in yours. “I didn’t know you felt that way about me, I honestly thought that you were fine with us just being friends.” He didn’t say anything, he just squeezed your hand ever so gently. “That’s why I didn’t say anything- that’s why I brushed you off. I figured you were joking, it’s not because I don’t think you’re worth my time.”

“Do you realize how long I’ve been waiting for you?” He asked with a breathless chuckle. “From the moment we met- I’ve wanted to be with you. I was just so terrified I wasn’t good enough, that you wouldn’t want to be with an actor so- I took it slow, I started out by being your friend. But God,” he started to cry and your heart ached, “it hurt seeing you with other people. It sucked saying I love you when you didn’t know how much,” his hand tightened around yours. “I’ve wasted so much of my life not being your other half and I hate it, Y/N.”

“You are my other half, Chris,” you caressed his face with your other hand and brushed the tears rolling down his cheek. “I love you too. I’m so in-love with you that it’s ridiculous,” you told him and he smiled. “There is no one I’d rather see at the end of the day than you. You are my person, you are all I see when I look towards the future,” you assured him. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner, I’m sorry-” He pulled you into his arms and kissed you, cutting you off in the best possible way.

“Wow,” you let out a breathless laugh when he broke the kiss, pressing his forehead against yours.

“Yeah,” he chuckled softly, rubbing small circles into your sides, “I should’ve done that years ago.”

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Close as Strangers: Chapter 13

Close as Strangers: Chapter 13

Word Count: 3.7k

Genre: High School au, fluff, angst

Paring: Jungkook x Reader

If anyone out there is still reading this. I love you.

Parts: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven |eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve 

You’d gotten back from Florida yesterday evening and now it was time for school. You felt like it had been forever since you had been in class. Either way, you hated it. You were in anthropology with all the the boys, except Jungkook, when Yoongi leaned over to you during the lesson. “Can you believe we basically have less than two months of school left?”

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This request took a long time but it is finally done and I’m quite happy with it! Hope you enjoy it xx

Joe let out a long sigh as the words came out of his girlfriend’s mouth. “I won’t be able to make it. I’m so sorry, Joe.” Y/N spoke through the phone and the deception was now evident on Joe’s face. He was expecting her to come for so long, especially since he barely saw her. “You’re never able to make it, Y/N. It’s annoying.” Joe admitted, frustration in his face as he climbed into the car, exchanging a look with the person sitting in the driver seat. “I’m sorry but I can’t just quit my job, Joe.” She explained, letting out a frustrated sigh. “I know, I just miss you.” Joe stated, fiddling with the hem of his shirt. “I miss you too. I’ll call you after the flight, alright?” Y/N stated, smiling on the other sign of the phone. “Where to this time?” Joe questioned, smiling to himself at his comment. “Bloody Australia.” Y/N answered, hearing the smile in his voice. “That’s miles away.” Joe whined, his head falling backwards on the seat as he looked through the window to their shared apartment. “I’ll be home sooner than you think, Joe. I promise.” She stated, grinning to herself as he had no idea the actual reason for her to say that. “Okay, I love you.” Joe said, the disappointment evident in his voice. “I love you too.” Was the last words coming from the other side of the world before the call ended and Joe sighed again as he put his seat belt on.

“A bit obsessed with my sister, aren’t you?” Jack teased, a smirk showing on his face as he turned the key, starting the car. “Can you blame me though?” Joe replied, his own smirk growing. “Not really. She’s fascinating.” Jack stated, driving out of their driveway. “She is.” Joe said, barely above a whisper. As Jack looked between his mate and the road for a second, he noticed the look on his face and smiled nicely over at him. “I miss her too, buddy.” He admitted as the two friends exchanged a smile before driving down to Brighton.

Y/N was suddenly hit by a wave of nerves as she was hopping out of the Uber, thanking the driver before walking into the building. Her excitement was growing as she was almost running down the stairs to walk into her apartment. She quickly turned the key into the lock and stepped into the apartment. It felt amazing to be home. Y/N didn’t waste any time and quickly went to the bathroom, taking a shower before getting ready for her surprise.

Y/N was a flight attendant and she knew it would be hard to accept the fact that she would be rarely home but she had worked really hard to get there and she was proud to be able to do something that she loved. And her family was also alright with that. Even though she had a grumpy boyfriend who would tell her every 5 minute show much he missed her. So she was pretty excited to be able to surprise everything ; her boyfriend, her twin brother and her best friend. Y/N was supposed to join the Zalfie household as it was Zoe’s birthday the next day and the only one knowing about her surprise was Alfie. They had it both all planned.

Two hours later, everyone was settled in the living room, randomly talking about random stuff and Zoe’s birthday plans. Alfie has set a camera to have the perfect shot of everyone. Alfie suddenly got up, his own excitement growing at the idea of surprising his own girlfriend. “So I actually have an early birthday present for you, gorgeous.” He spoke, his eyes falling on his girl as a smile was forming on her lips. “Just close your eyes and don’t open them until I’m back. You two better check that she’s not cheating.” Alfie ordered, pointing at the two as they laughed and he stepped into the hallway where Y/N was impatiently waiting. 

She took a deep breath before following Alfie into the living room, trying to stay silent but as soon as her eyes felt on everyone, there was tears in her eyes. And Joe was the first one to see her, he blinked a few times before smiling widely. “Oh my god!” The dark blonde exclaimed as he got up, causing everyone to look into their direction as Alfie grabbed the hidden camera. Joe quickly closed the distance between, wrapping his arm around her as tightly as he could as she wrapped her lags around his waist, trying to fight back her happy tears. “You’re such a prick.” Joe mumbled against her skin, not wanting to let her go as she let her feet fall to the floor, his head still in to the crock of her neck. 

Everyone gasped as they understood what was going on. Joe pulled away slightly enough to press his lips against hers in a loving kiss. Joe smiled in amazement at her as they pulled away from each other, allowing Zoe to wrap her arms around her best friend so tightly that she could break her bones. “Oh my god, Zo! I missed you so much!” Y/N exclaimed as their hug lasted for about 5 minutes. “I’m so happy that you’re here for my birthday!” Zoe said as she finally let go of her. Her eyes suddenly fell on her twin brother and he gave her a warming smile before being the last one to wrap his arms around her. “I’m so glad to see you here, idiot.” Jack whispered in her ear just so only she would hear. “Me too, jerk.” She replied before they exchanged a laugh. “Surprise!” Alfie exclaimed into the camera before pointing it towards the others as they simply waved.

“How long are you here for?” Joe asked as his hands made their way to her waist, pulling her close to him. “2 weeks.” Y/N answered, smiling up at him before kissing him again. “Are you joking?” Joe asked, his eyes wide in surprise. “Not at all.” She smirked as they exchanged another kiss which was interrupted by someone clearing their throat. 

“Sorry to interrupt lovebirds but we have to catch up a LOT.” Zoe said before grabbing Y/N’s wrist and dragging down on the couch next to her as they both started giggling about the most random things. 

“Wait, where’s Conor? I wanted to see him, he’s my favorite.” Y/N teased, the question directed to her twin. “What?! Since when?” Jack exclaimed, his voice growing in volume as the two started bickering and teasing each other like siblings do. 

Joe simply smiled as he watched them, feeling his heart fill happiness as his family was fully present again and it hadn’t happened in a long time. She had finally managed to fly back home after all.

I’m Here

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Jackson x Reader



Word Count: 1865

“Do you have your aftershave?” you asked.

“Yes” Jackson said.

“I can’t believe you’re going to be gone for a whole month and a half” you sighed.

“I know, I don’t want to leave you here” Jackson sighed too.

“Don’t worry, I can take care of myself. I’m just going to miss you that’s all” you pouted.

“I’m going to miss you too; I’ll be back before you know it” he smiled and kissed you on the lips. Each peck was as sweet and loving as the next. You embraced each other, you gazed into each other’s eyes.

Flight 266 to Shanghai, China is now boarding! Flight 266 to Shanghai, China is now boarding!

“That’s my flight” Jackson said pulling away. “I’ll call you”.

He glared back one last time, you smile and wave good-bye.

A whole month and a half, they’ll be gone. China, Japan, Thailand, Australia, and America

You knew these tours would happen. You told yourself positively, I can get through this. No pressure.

You knew Jackson is always determined to make things work between the two of you. You two were peas in a pod, always had inside jokes no one knew about. You both cherish each other’s thoughts, feelings, and secrets. Jackson tries relentlessly to make you work out with him but you rather stay home. He constantly kept you on your toes and not a day would go by until he makes you smile. You were his queen and there was nothing he wouldn’t do for you.

Each night he would call you from his hotel room, “How are you?” you asked. “Tired, a bit jet lagged” Jackson said laying across the bed. “Have you eaten yet? It’s getting late there” Jackson wondered. “No, not yet” you said sadly. “Babe, I need you to take care of yourself ok?” Jackson urged. “I know babe but I’m doing fine” you reassured. “If something happens to you, I would blame myself for leaving you home” he sighed. “I know, but don’t worry about me. Besides, I’m more worried about you anyway” you pointed out.

“Don’t over it, try to get as much sleep as possible” you suggested. He nods and says “I love you”. “I love you too baby” you said kissing the phone screen. He kissed the phone screen back and threw a finger heart. “Bye” you said and hung up.

You would think a video call would make things better. But you knew Jackson couldn’t stand being away from you for a very long time. As you lie awake in bed, wanting to be spooned in Jackson’s arms. You looked over to Jackson’s side, now an empty space.

Each morning, you received a text: Good morning, baby. Guess what happened? Did you sleep well? I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I miss you! And I know you miss you. I’ll see you soon!

His morning texts helped you start your day. It made you smile. He didn’t text back, due to practice and performing. When he has time, he sneaks in a kissing emoji, maybe an eggplant or two.  

He finishes your day with a text: Good night baby, how was your day? You aren’t stress, are you? If you are, I wish I was there to help you relax. Did you eat well today? Did you exercise today? Take care of yourself or I’ll have to. ;)  I miss you. I love you beautiful. Sleep well, dream of me.

You responded back while smiling. Your day ended perfectly knowing he thinks of you and only you.

It was close to Jackson’s birthday; but you wouldn’t be there to celebrate with him. They were going to start touring in America in another week. You were just going to send Jackson a ‘Happy Birthday’ text.

While you were at work, your cellphone rang, it was an unknown phone number. You answered anyway.

“Hello” you said.

“Hi, this is Y/N?” a woman asked.

“Yes, this is she” you answered.

“My name is Ms. Kim. I am a staff member here at JYP Center, we know you are dating Jackson. We are putting together a special video message for his birthday and we wanted to feature you, will you be able to come in sometime today and film for us” she asked.

“Yes! I can come around 4 today” you confirmed.

“Great, see you then” she said.

After work, you went to JYP, you walked in and found a woman at the front desk. “Hi, I’m here to film a video message” you spoke shyly.

The receptionist, “Are you Y/N?”. You nodded. “Follow Me” she instructed. You followed her downstairs into a room; three people were waiting for you. You saw the camera was ready to record. You came in and comfortable sat in the chair.

“Hi, Y/N. I’m so happy you can join us today” a lady spoke behind the camera. At a precise angle, she took her eye away from the camera and saw you. “I’m Ms. Kim, I oversee all film production of JYP” she continued, “Since Jackson’s birthday is coming up, we want to do a video of those closest to him. And you being his girlfriend, you would be a perfect”.

“Thank you for having me here” you said pleasantly.

“No problem, we’re going put some makeup on you first and then we can get started”. You nodded. “Are you nervous?” Ms. Kim asked. “No” you said. “Do you know what you’re going to say?” she inquired. “Yes”.

“Alright let’s get started” Ms. Kim insisted. “I’m really interested in what you have to say, stay calm, talk as though you’re having a conversation with him, take your time, and you can start talking whenever you feel comfortable”.

She counted down: Three, Two, One

You started talking, there was no hesitation in your voice. Not even a stutter. Everything you said was sincere. Because everything you said came from the heart.

After you finished talking, you saw Ms. Kim left in awe. “How did I do?” you asked shyly. “You were amazing” she beamed “I know he’ll love this”.

“It’ll be nice to see his reaction when he sees this” you chimed in.

Mrs. Kim raised an eyebrow and spoke, “We can make that happen”. You froze. “Are you serious?” you asked.

“They’re last stop is Los Angeles; we can fly you over there and let you surprise him” she suggested. “That would be great”.

“Perfect, we’ll send an airplane ticket and have reservations for you at the hotel and concert” Ms. Kim said writing the details in her schedule.

You flew out to LA, you were nervous walking through LAX, as if people knew who you were. You were going to see Jackson after a month and half. Your palms kept sweating. You spotted a JYP official holding a sheet of paper with your name on it.

“Are you Y/N?” he asked as you approached him. “Yes, that’s me” you answered. “Follow me, I’m June by the way. I’ll be your assistant for tonight” he introduced himself. “Oh thank you”.

He escorted you to the car and drove you to the hotel, “So you’re Jackson’s girlfriend?” he asked. “Yes, I am” you smiled. “He’s a lucky man” June smirked, “I will escort you to the concert tonight, so get as much rest as you can, I will pick you up at 8pm”.

You could use some much-needed rest. The flight between LA and Seoul was very long.

It was around 6:30pm and you wanted to look your best for him. You decided to wear high waist jeans and a white crop top and black ankle high converses along with your black bomber jacket.

8pm came, June was waiting for you downstairs and drove you over to the concert. The concert had already started; you hear screaming fans and music playing in the background. The boys were performing beautifully as usual.

“Hi, Y/N” you heard someone greeting you, it was Ms. Kim. “Hi!” you said happily. “After this song, they are going to celebrate Jackson’s birthday, then we’ll play the videos” she informed you, “Once the videos are over, you are going out on stage to surprise him”.

You were happy to see Jackson; you keep twiddling your thumbs just ready to run out on stage already. But you waited.

“Now, today is a very special day” the translator spoke after the performance was over. “And what is that special day?” he asked. The entire audience screamed “ITS JACKSON’S BIRTHDAY”. They cheered. The members and audience started singing ‘Happy Birthday to him”. “Alright everyone, look at the screen, we have something very special to show to Jackson” the translator chimed in.

You peeked from behind the curtain and saw Jackson’s parents video playing. You looked over at Jackson down in one knee, he started to cry. You knew how much he misses his parents unfortunately they were not able to make it. Their video ended with I love you.

Then you appeared on the screen, you quickly looked at Jackson’s face. His eyes were wide and happiest grin spread across his face.

You spoke:

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love you and how wonderful I feel when I’m with you. Jackson. I feel blessed for having you in my life. You make everything seem easy and simple. You help me get through each day since you’ve been gone. You always put people before yourself and yet when I worry about you, you always worry about me more. You don’t start a day nor end a day without making me smile. I’m so grateful to be yours. You have made me ever so happy. Every second, my love for you grows. Though I can’t be with you, just know I am sending you all the kisses, hugs and love for all the times you missed me. Happy Birthday Jackson, I love you!

Tears forming in your eyes. You looked over at Jackson forming more tears.

“Go now!” Ms. Kim whispered in your ear as she nudged you to the stage. You slowly came out, you only stared at Jackson. The audience grew louder pointing at you. The members turned to your direction. You waved. Mark crouched down next to Jackson and whispered in his ear. Jackson saw you. His face glowed, he mouthed “Oh my God”, he ran to you and you ran to him. With open arms, you embraced each other.

“Surprise” you said in his ear.

“I’m so happy to see you” he said holding you even tighter. You heard fans saying “Awwww!” as he kissed you full on the lips.

“How’s your birthday going so far?” you asked quickly.

“It’s better now that you’re here” he said biting his bottom lip with his hands going further down your waist.

“Babe, now is not the time, nor the place. You got a show to finish. So, I will see you afterwards.” you said.

He nodded and pecked you on the lips before he continued with the concert.  

You hurried off stage, happy to be with Jackson on his special day.

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who hogs the duvet: Will. Will may hog the duvet at night, but it almost always ends up half on the ground in the morning.

who texts/rings to check how their day is going: Y/N. Since Y/N doesn’t work on DEH (she’s in Come From Away), she likes to text or call Will to see how he is.

who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: Will, for sure. He’s a really creative guy, and that definitely shows in his gift giving skills. He once got Y/N a hand done painting of her for Valentine’s Day. Y/N cried.

who gets up first in the morning: They both enjoy sleeping in, but when they have two show days, Y/N gets up first and makes coffee for the both of them. 

who suggests new things in bed: Y/N. Will loves watching his girlfriend take charge, and he goes along with a lot of what she suggests.

who cries at movies: Will. Y/N tears up, but doesn’t fully cry, so she just pulls Will really close to her and kisses him on the forehead gently.

who gives unprompted massages: William. This usually happens when they’re watching TV and they’re all cuddled up. Will just decides to start massaging Y/N’s shoulders. She appreciates it.

who fusses over the other when they’re sick: Y/N. She takes a few days off from the show to look after her sick boyfriend, and they enjoy spending a few full days with each other.

who gets jealous easiest: Will. Whenever they go out together, Will’s arm is always around Y/N’s waist, and he almost never leaves her side.

who has the most embarrassing taste in music: Y/N. She never really grew out of the whole ‘seventh grade emo phase’ thing, and Will starts laughing hysterically when he sees a My Chemical Romance CD in her car.

who collects something unusual: Will. He collects watches. He has like 50, and hardly wears them. It annoys Y/N deeply.

who takes the longest to get ready: They both take forever to get ready!! Mornings in the Roland-Y/L/N household are hectic.

who is the most tidy and organised: Y/N. Will is pretty organised, but sometimes Y/N likes to tidy up Will’s side of the room.

who gets most excited about the holidays: They both freak out about the holidays. They decorate their house for every major holiday, and the DEH Christmas party is always hosted by these two.

who is the big spoon/little spoon: Will is the big spoon 90% of the time. This is because Y/N loves snuggling into Will’s chest, bc he’s so warm, and she finds listening to his heartbeat real comforting.

who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports: Y/N. Never play any card game with Y/N, especially Spoons. She once smacked Will with a spoon bc she was feeling incredibly competitive.

who starts the most arguments: Will, but it’s only because he dislikes Y/N’s constant tidying. He has a system, he swears.

who suggests that they buy a pet: Will. He’s desperate for a cat, and Y/N is opposed to the idea, until she sees said cat. Then she’s in love.

what couple traditions they have: The two of them always grab a snack from some 24 hour diner after their respective shows. Every single night. And they chat about stage door experiences or any mishaps, and they just laugh.

what tv shows they watch together: They definitely watch Rick and Morty together, as well as Have You Been Paying Attention? (Y/N moved from Australia, and she introduced Will to this show. He cried laughing when watching the first episode (after Y/N explained all the Australian jokes). 

what other couple they hang out with: Mike and Lexi! They often go out together on double dates. Said double dates usually have brilliant stories that go with them.

how they spend time together as a couple: They get takeaway from this really good Chinese restaurant once a week, and binge a few episodes of Rick and Morty (complete with sarcastic commentary from Will and Y/N)

who made the first move: Y/N. She ran into Will when DEH was running in DC after seeing the show, and she decided to ask him out because she thought he was really cute, and talented. Will definitely accepted, and now they’re engaged and live together in NY.

who brings flowers home: Will! He loves to surprise Y/N, and show his romantic side, so he shows it via flowers. Y/N adores it.

who is the best cook: Y/N. She always makes breakfast for Will, and Will shows his appreciation with sleepy morning kisses.

voices ; soulmate! calum au

soulmate! calum

“ in a world where the voice in your head is your soulmates voice, and you find them when you hear them speak around you for the first time ”


The same Australian accented voice played in my head everyday, the voice I heard when I read to myself, the voice I heard when I was thinking thoughts that erupted in my brain, the voice I grew to love, and to hate very much.

I loved the voice, it belonged to my soulmate. I loved how he said some words, his lisp evident with certain words. It was the voice of the man I wanted to find so badly, and that’s why I hated it.

It was an Australian accent, meaning he was from Australia, or maybe he just developed the accent, but he really lives somewhere else in the world. That’s why I hated it, feeling as if my soulmate, was so far away from my New York City home, made me feel hopeless in finding him.

Days I would think of cheesy things, just so I could hear him ’ say ’, “ I love you. ” Or, “ We’ll meet someday. ” I wished that that was his real voice, reassuring me in the slightest of ways.

A knock at my door is what startled me out of my thoughts, but when I heard the door open, following of my best friends signature, two knocks in a row, I knew she would join me in my room in a matter of seconds.

She opened the door, a smile on her face. “ Hey Y/n ” she said, closing the door a tad, leaving a small amount of space open.

I just simply smiled, not wanting to say anything. Tiffany has already found her soulmate, her learning about her whereabouts in a coffee shop in downtown LA. When we traveled there, she immediately heard the voice of the barista, and knew it was her.

Tiffany was happy with her, which made sense, because they were in fact soulmates. Tiffany then begged her to move to NY, which she did almost immediately. Seeing them together gave me some chance of hope, but also made me jealous, because she had already found her soulmate, and I was stuck with the same voice in my head.

“ You wanna go shopping? We can also check out the tattoo parlor and music shop that opened down the street ” she asked.

I was always up for going out with her, getting every chance to meet new people, hoping one of them had my voice in their head.

We made our way out of my apartment, and walked down the sidewalk that accompanied the streets of New York.

“ Hey Tiffany, can I ask you a question ” I asked.

“ Of course, is it about your soulmate situation ” she answered.

“ Yea, uhm, how did you know exactly that Samantha was your soulmate ” I asked.

“ Y/n, something amazing happens, but it’s one of the rules you learn. When you find your soulmate, you’ll just start to know. Trust me, if I could tell you, I would, but it’s a valued secret ” she said, sympathy laced her eyes.

I mentally cursed myself for asking about the forbidden, but I reassured myself, it will happen one day.

We found the new music store, and went in with excitement.

It was an old store. There were neon signs everywhere. Vinyls were seen in order in the middle of the store, CDs were lined around the perimeter of the walls. I made my way over to the vinyls, when I heard a women say her “ Hello ” and “ How are you today, ” and assuming she was the owner, I simply said a kind hello back.

I lost Tiffany almost instantly, her not being so much into music as I was. I flipped through the records, recognizing some familiar artists I knew. I went to grab a new vinyl I never heard of, when I was stopped by a pain in my head.

“ C ” the voice in my head spoke.

I know for a fact I didn’t think that.

Another sharp-shooting pain rang through my head.

“ A. ”

It kept coming.

“ L ”
“ U ”
“ M. ”

I was waiting for another letter, but nothing came.

“ Calum ” I thought, and when I did, my chest expanded. The name caused me to feel some type of way. I looked around the store, more people had entered. A tall lady with a green flannel.

A tall boy with think rimmed black glasses.

A boy, tall, brown hair that looked like it curled up at the end.

My vision focused on him. He was reading a Rolling Stones article, when all of a sudden, his hand reached to his head, dropping the magazine on the floor.

He looked around, and then picked up the magazine.

I looked away instantly.

His presence felt different. It felt like he was the only person in the whole shop.

I quickly searched for Tiffany, but couldn’t find her. I decided to shake the experience off, thinking nothing of it.

I then went to the CD section. I rummaged through the CDs, looking for nothing in particular, when I felt my body go heavy. I felt someone come next to me, a boy, looking through the CDs.

He picked up a Green Day, examined it, and put it down. I looked up at him, and I saw his body shift almost immediately.

He looked at me and smiled. “ Hey ” he said.

His voice. The same voice that’s been replaying in my head. It was him, I knew it.

“ Hello ” I said, and immediately after I said that, his eyes widened.

“ Y/n? ” he asked, looking me deep in the eyes.

“ Calum ” I said, eyes widening.

It was him. His face lit up, his arms quickly engulfing me. I hugged back, feeling his body against mine. Our bodies molded together, as if we were puzzle pieces, fitting together for the first time.

“ I thought I’d never find you ” he said.

“ Me either ” I mumbled against his chest.

He let go of me, but not all the way, just enough to look down at me.

His plump lips then met mine, and I kissed back, giving him all the love I could put forward in a kiss.

I knew then, that I found my soulmate.


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Drarry Prompt: Harry and Draco find themselves (somehow) stranded in the Outback...(further optional detail: they either can't apparate because of magical reasons, or they're too distracted by things around them, or bickering with each other)

Thank you for the prompt!! Sorry it took me so long! I’ve been packing and getting ready to go back to Uni. I hope I did this prompt justice!


“Yeah, baby?”

Harry paused, taking in another look of their hot, sandy environment.

“Where the fuck are we.”

The sound of rummaging stopped, and Harry’s boyfriend of five years began to straighten, turning to face him with a bemused frown.

“What do you mean?” he asked. “We’re in Austria, of course.”

Harry glanced around at the vast landscape of red sand, spikey bushes, and hot beating sun before returning his unimpressed stare to Draco whose frown began to deepen, becoming defensive.

“What?” he snapped.

“Show me the travel book.”

A pair of arms crossed tightly over Draco’s chest. “Why?”

Harry felt his jaw clench. “Show. Me. The. Travel. Book.” He watched, with the tiniest flicker of amusement, as his stubborn boyfriend finally relented, throwing his arms up into the air in a familiar show of petulance, digging through his backpack once more.

“Here.” Draco thrust the small, very battered and overly used book into Harry’s hands. “Happy now?”

The strength of the sun was beginning to make Harry’s skin painfully hot. Wherever they actually were, and Harry had a sneaking suspicion exactly where they were, they’d need to find some form of shelter soon before they both burnt to a crisp. The sounds of flipping pages quickly filled the slightly strained silence.

“Austria, huh?” Harry murmured then, flipping between two pages and comparing the location of each. “Does Austria normally have a desert this time of year, love?”

“How the fuck should I know?” the blond replied with a whine. “That’s why we’re visiting, yes? You know, those things called holidays and the like? Where people, not unlike ourselves, go to discover new places?”

Rolling his eyes, Harry turned the book around. “See this, Draco? This is Austria. Cute little villages covered in snow. But this, this right here? Draco, we’re in fucking Australia.”

“What!” Draco snatched the book from his hands, flicking back and forth just as he had done. “But—no, we can’t—what the fuck! But the form! Our coordinates??” He ripped out a neatly rolled stack of parchment from his bag, desperate silver eyes scanning the information.

Harry watched, unsurprised, when his boyfriend’s face suddenly paled, his lips quivering slightly.

“Let me see,” Harry said, holding out his hand. Angry eyes lifted to meet his.

“Need to confirm my failure, Potter?” Draco scoffed testily.

“Don’t do that,” Harry replied absently as he took the pieces of parchment. “I’m not your father, love.”

The blond-haired man sneered. “I know that,” he grumbled, but he turned away despite his words, arms wrapping unconsciously around his stomach.

“Look, it doesn’t matter alright? I bet this happens all the time. We’ll just wait out the post-travel apparation period and then head back. No big deal.”

Draco huffed, still facing away from Harry, who was beginning to notice how very red the back of his boyfriend’s neck was becoming.

“Fuck, we better find some shelter or something quick,” Harry stated, looking around. “We’re both going to get heatstroke at this rate.”

“What the fuck sort of continent is this anyway?” Draco grouched, kicking at some of the orangey-red sand. “Why is it so hot? I thought Granger said her parents lived somewhere where it was relatively cool.”

“Hermione’s parents lived in the Blue Mountains, love,” Harry replied. He swung his bag around on one shoulder so he could reach the bottle of water he’d brought along. “From where we’re standing, I’m guessing we’re in the middle of Australia somewhere.” He glanced over when he heard Draco exhale, eyes widening as he watched his boyfriend’s shoulders suddenly slump.

“Baby, no,” Harry said quickly, moving up behind the blond and shoving his bag onto his back. He pressed up against the familiar torso, wrapping his arms tightly around Draco’s waist. “Listen, I promise I’m not upset. It was an easy, mistake, alright? And what does it even matter? It’s a new place, neither of us have been here before—what’s the difference?”

“Small cottages and snow?”

Chuckling, Harry pressed a quick kiss to Draco’s warm cheek. “Come on, we might as well explore a bit, hmm? Maybe we can work out exactly where we are.”

“Well… at least this explains the utterly contemptuous look I received from the witch at the Travel Bureau when she clarified our destination coordinates.”

Harry laughed aloud, the sound carrying throughout the open air. “I’ve been told,” he began, voice lowering ever so slightly, “that whilst it does get rather cold at night here in the Australian desert… the stars that can be seen beat the temperature by a long shot.”


“Mmm.” Another press of lips. A gentle tongue flickered salty skin. “I do believe we need to cross star-gazing sex off of our bucket list…”

The body in Harry’s arms shivered enticingly. “Well, when you put it that way.” Draco turned in his arms, gazing down at him with a fond smile and silver eyes pleasantly warm. “I suppose we could call this an accidently-on-purpose mishap?”

Harry grinned. “I suppose we could.”

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You have so many rammstein stories, what are your top 5 random stories you've heard that you like the most about them?

This is going to be a very Till-centric list because while I love all of the guys, my love for Till is on a whole other level and I spend an unholy amount of time reading everything I can on him. Also with him being the frontman and face of the band it’s easier to find stories on him. Interviewers always want to discuss him. Plus he’s Till. He’s insane, in the best possible way.

I apologise in advance that these aren’t going to be the best stories because the small clump of cells that passes for my brain isn’t functioning too well at the moment so I will post a part 2 at some point and see what I can find about the other guys. Anyway..

1) Till and Flake were attending an awards ceremony. They were at the after party and some idiot from a tv talent show was swanning around with about 5 bodyguards who were barging the other celebrities out of the way as though they were nothing. They pushed Flake over and Till confronted them, things escalated quickly and next thing he’s brawling with all of the bodyguards, and then the doormen too. He was fighting like a demon but of course he was heavily outnumbered so they eventually got him out of the building. The sweetest thing was that Flake said he was screaming at them to leave Till alone and to hurt him instead. I hate that they had to experience that, but I love how protective they are of each other.

2) Chris Martin from Coldplay’s meeting with Till. Both bands were performing at a festival in Australia. Chris said that he got into an elevator when a huge muscular guy also entered. He was terrified at first thinking he was going to meet his impending death when the big guy said ‘My neck hurts so much. Do you please have anything for the pain?’ Chris gave him some pain relief, he took it, and went on his way and later he realised it was the lead singer of Rammstein. Till sent a big box of candy to his room as a thank you with a note in typical Till style to ‘Enjoy the fucking candy’. They became friends and Chris even dedicated a song to Till and his family at a concert.

3) That Till was a big Feeling B fan and he was having a small subdued party in his home with a few friends and a little wine when Feeling B literally crashed his party. They didn’t know it was his home, or really know him at the time, but they turned the music up full volume, took over, damaged items, ate all of his food and Till did nothing. It was only later that they discovered the homeowner had been there the whole time.  I’m not advocating crashing parties, but that’d be like having Rammstein just suddenly invading your house. It’s a crazy story but as we know it ended well.

4) Till used to literally lift cars out of the mud for their early bands. Often they were playing outdoors  in rural and less salubrious areas and they had to park in muddy fields. When they’d finished their set often the car was firmly entrenched in a bog and Till, the human bulldozer used to hoist the car up and out of the mud. Sometimes he used to go along specifically for that purpose.

5) That one of Till’s nicknames is Donut because he has a real sweet tooth and used to beg Richard(who had some chef training) to make donuts for him, whenever they could scrape together enough money for the ingredients, or steal them.

#21 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “hii love could you possibly write one where van and the reader start off as friends and the reader confesses her love for him under the stars xx”

You met Van and Benji in high school. You didn’t know who they were, and when they sat down in the chairs at your table in the library you were a little confused, but mostly uninterested. You looked up over your book at them, then back down. They seemed offended.

“Told ya she doesn’t know who we are,” the fuzzy haired one said. You would have laughed out loud, but you were trying to not engage.

“Hi Y/N,” the other one said. He had a bad haircut and his two front teeth were rabbit-like. You looked back up over your book. “Um, you’re the girl that records the school band and choir and shit, yeah?”

Yes. He was right. Most people stayed pretty clear of you. You were kind of a loner, which would have made you a target, but because the school needed your excellent audio/visual skills they upped the protection. You spent most of your time between the library and the sound lab.

Both boys continued to look at you. You shrugged and raised an eyebrow.

“Cool! So, uh, we’re in a band,” Bad Haircut said. You rolled your eyes. Here we go. “No! Don’t roll ya eyes, love,” Love?! Really. “We want to record a demo to send off to the record companies and stuff, and we were hopin’ you’d help!” He did sound very hopeful. You lowered the book and looked at them.

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I Don’t Mind || l.h

aw bubba, ill write whatever you desire xx

I M A G I N E 

The way you woke up was very much different than every other time you did. 

The curtains that hung in front of your bedroom window were slightly apart, allowing a sliver of sun to warm your cheek. It’s welcoming heat came to your attention, allowing your eyes to be released from its oblivion. You blinked a few times, having your vision clear up. It rested upon your closed closet, seeing a few pairs of bras hung on the handle. A yawn escaped your chapped lips, smelling a bit of bad breath. As you crinkled your nose in disgust, you felt gentle breaths upon the nape of your neck. 

Oh yeah, you softly recalled, your lips curving into a smile. It was insane that you forgot about Luke’s return from the tour. It was honestly pure disbelief that swallowed you whole when you saw the blonde boy stand at your front door at 1:03 in the morning. He was exhausted, his lanky stance exhibiting his weakness. But when your eyes trailed up from the bag in his hands to his lovely face, you saw a large smile beaming down at you.

“I missed you.” Those were the first words he uttered to you just a few hours ago upon his arrival. For so many months, listening to his voice on the phone or through Skype calls was soothing, but never clear. To hear his words in the flesh felt refreshing. 

But sometimes, doubt washes over you when you hear the words. 

Anxiety ran through your blood constantly at an overwhelming speed. It’ll jolt when you never want it to, especially when having to leave your home. You were always in doubt of yourself and others when they suggest outings of some sort. To be outside the comforts of your home was painful– you feared the outside world. If only I could help it, you always think as you put others in complicated positions when you say no. 

Why would Luke ever miss a girl like you? 

Even if he moved you over to Australia so Liz can watch over you. Even if he constantly sent you gifts during holidays and your birthday whenever he couldn’t be there for them. Even if he always spoke highly of you in interviews or whenever he met fans. Even if you were the girl he currently had his arm wrapped around early in the morning. Even when he said he loved you every single day. 

You couldn’t wrap yourself on the idea of Luke actually liking you. 

“Hey,” Luke muttered, his morning voice sounding so raspy and quiet. Your heart stopped immediately, having Luke turning your body gently so you could face him. His hands quickly grab your soft hands, holding them softly in his calloused hands. “Why are you shaking, baby? We just woke up.” 

“I was just thinking, th-thats all,” you mumbled, feeling blood rush to your cheeks. You were thinking about agoraphobia, the anxiety disorder you managed to developing from your sheer anxiety. Unlike most, you felt uneasy when you were outside, as if you were trapped in situations you’ll never be able to escape. 

“It’s okay, relax,” Luke hummed, looking into your eyes with his ocean ones. He looked so tired, his jawline and chin ornate with the beard he has yet to shave. He crinkled his nose a bit, having you smile at his defined nose. His light pink lips were slightly chapped, seeing as his tongue quickly swipes them moist. “It’s all okay.” He quickly pecked your lips with a loving kiss. 

“I know,” you whispered sheepishly, feeling so much doubt pit in your stomach. Luke gave you a smile, feeling slightly reassured but still a little sad. He lets you go and begins to sit up. You felt a little sad that you no longer felt his body warmth, but the sight was worth the loss. You watch as he stretches his upper torso, exposed to see his developing abs and muscles. You bit your bottom lip in adoration as you stayed laying down. 

“D’you wanna go see the rest of the boys today, love?” Luke asked nicely, turning around slightly to look down at your tired body. “They’ve been wanting to see you when the tour was coming to an end. They didn’t miss you as much as I did, but they really do want to hang out with ya. How does that sound?” 

You blushed, feeling at unease from that offer. Although you loved the boys and wanted to see them, you weren’t particularly into going out today. Although you don’t really enjoy going out, you have some days where you have a bit of tolerance and can go out. But you really wanted to stay home, especially now that Luke was here. 

“C-can we um… stay here, instead?” You reluctantly asked, looking away from the blonde boy as you felt yourself blush. You felt yourself pout, grabbing a bit of the blanket up to cover your face. “D-do you mind…” You trailed off, feeling stupid for offering. I’m such an inconvenience…

“I don’t mind,” Luke said quickly, shrugging before laying back down and pulling you towards his body. You were in a bit of astonishment as Luke wrapped his arms around your body and rested his head on yours. He placed one of his legs over yours and held you a little tight. “We can go whenever you want, baby.” 

With that, he planted a small kiss on your head and went back to sleep. With your heart calming down, your eyes fluttered shut and you joined him in a slow and patient slumber. 

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ayeeeeeeee i love the way you portray junkrat and roadhog (ʘ ͜ʖ ʘ) what would the soulmate au with Junkrat and roadhog be like thanks (ノ∇≦*)

(( Hey anon!! i’m glad you like it, i try to portray all characters really well! thank you!!))


The name on your hand always seemed to make itself known when you watched the news. Watching the news was one of your new hobbies, since it was easy to keep up with your soulmate, Jamison Fawkes. He goes by Junkrat, and him and Roadhog are going all over the country, and you happen to have his name on your left hand, right underneath your knuckles. You wore gloves constantly, wishing not to be judged on who your soul mate is.

Settling down into your chair, you turned on the news, wanting to see how your soulmate was. He was getting closer and closer to you, and right now he had been spotted in your state, right outside your city. You grew anxious, hoping he was still in your city once the news program turned on.

The showing droned on, and on, and on until it got to the segment with him in it. He was still in your city, and even closer to you now. You scratched lightly on his name, and thinking about scenarios where he would come and meet you, and you would both end up going on adventures today. Your thoughts were interrupted as you heard sirens outside, and ran to your window. Down your road, police were evacuating people, as you heard the loud roaring of a motorcycle coming down your road. You ran through the back door, hoping to catch a glimpse, and a glimpse you caught. But what caught you, however, was a hook.

You had been taken hostage by your soulmate’s best friend, and you were facing death. At a last ditch resort, you threw your hand up.

“Please don’t shoot me!” You said, ripping the glove off. Junkrat read his name, his eyes widening in shock, as he looked towards roadhog, who was equally in shock.

“Well mate, looks like we got a lot of talkin’ ta do, Eh?” He said, throwing a bomb out. “Hoggy, let’s get somewhere safe, First, yeah!” He said, lobbing grenades at people as you were driven off.

You had never imagined this scenario, however.


You had a soulmate, way back when. Before the omnium had exploded, led by your soulmate Mako Rutledge, you and he had been very much in love. He was your Hog, and you were his little piggy. You were one of the few Junkers who made it out of Australia during the early days, but Mako never made it out, and it had been long years before you had even heard Mako’s name again.

You had been eating cereal, in front of your television, watching the early morning news. That was, until popped up a sudden news reports of the crown jewels being stolen. When the picture displayed of the large man on a motorcycle, and a man, lanky and lobbing bombs out of a sidecar on said motorcycle, you nearly choked on your cereal. You looked at the tv again, but the picture was replaced with the smaller man, Junkrat. That body shape was so much like his, until you saw the next mugshot, displaying Mako Rutledge, proudly and loudly. You didn’t realize you were crying until you blinked and it was blurry.

You had to reconnect with him. So, you did what any sensible person did, and joined the police force that wanted to track them down. You quickly moved through the ranks, until you were able to go on solo missions. One day, you were able to track them down in Dorado. You traveled there, saying you were going for surveillance reasons, and to stake out the places.

When you landed from the plane and did all the required things to get you settled in your hotel, you began the stakeout at the largest bank in Dorado. Your heart was pounding as you saw them roll up, and as quietly as they could, sneak to the back of the bank. you followed them, until you had stepped on a stick, causing you to be discovered. Roadhog and junkrat turned around quickly, but you shot your hands up.

“Please don’t hurt me! I need to talk to mako!” You cried out, as Roadhog studied you. He shook his head, in disbelief. He slowly walked to you, dropping his weapons and picking you up.

“(Y/n), Oh my god, (y/n)” He muttered over and over again, shaking slightly. Junkrat had known he had a soulmate from peaking the name on hand, but for you to actually show up was surprising. You hugged the giant man back, Sobbing into his shoulder.

The little piggy was back to their hog.

Five hours with him (First hour)

- Okay, so. - I said. - We have five hours ahead for me to guess who you are.

- Exactly.

- I have an idea. We could play 20 questions, and that could give me some clues.

He thought about it for a moment.

- Okay, I agree. But, you can’t ask me anything about my job, house, partners, projects, full name, or anything that would tell you anything directly about who am I.

- Alright. Shall I start?

- You’re the one who has to guess, so I think it’s fair.

- Great. Okay, let me think… Oh, I know. If you could have any superpower, which one would you like to have and why?

- Wow, you’re going strong. I’d like to be super handsome so that I could have any girl I want. - he answered, smiling.

- I don’t think that’s a superpower, dude… - I said, laughing.

- Well, then… I’d like to be super strong, to knock out the bad guys. Ad it’d be cool to have a metal arm too.

- A metal arm? Why? - I asked, frowning.

- Why not?

- Well, it doesn’t sound comfortable, but okay… You ask now, come on.

- Uhm… if you could have just one hobby, which one would it be?

- Travel.

- I thought you didn’t like to fly.

- I don’t. But as I told you, I can go anywhere I want by car. - I answered, shrugging my shoulders.

- What about Europe? Or Asia? Australia? New Zealand?

- Well, I can take a cruise!

- Right… Now, you ask.

- Okay. Typical question. If you could have dinner with a famous person, dead or alive, who would that be?

- Chris Evans.

- Chris Evans? The captain America guy? Why?

- I think he’s handsome. - he said, shrugging  his shoulders.

- Well, you’ve got your point… Your turn.

- This one is a little bit personal.

- Say it, cowboy. I can handle anything.

- Alright. Would you be able to forgive an ind¡fidelity if you know that person really loves you?

- What? - I said, surprised. - Do you know anything about ym boyfriend I don’t?

- No… I didn’t even know you had a boyfriend.

- I don’t – I said, laughing. - And, my answer is no. A relationship is not just about love, it’s also about trust, and commitment. If you cheat on your boyfriend, wife, whatever, you may love them, but you don’t have any commitment. And I can’t be with someone who doesn’t comit. At least, that’s how I see it.

- Deep. You have really clear ideas. How old are you?

- It’s not your turn, so I won’t answer. I’m sorry, babe. Now it’s my turn. Between being ugly but rich and handsome and poor, what would you choose?

- I’m already handsome and rich, so I don’t have to choose.

I rolled my eyes – Answer.

- I’d like to be rich and ugly.

- Why?

- With money you can buy things. And you can pay for an esthetic surgery.

- That’s right. Your turn.

- Okay. I won’t ask anything deep for a while, so, what’s the most crazy thing you’ve done in your life?

- Oh, my. Okay, in one of my spring breaks, I went to Florida with my friends. And we went to Orlando. And we saw Cinderella’s castle. And one of the guys who came with me was really hot, and he fancied me too. And there were these bathrooms where we… well. We had sex.

- You had sex with a guy at Cinderellas’s castle?

- Yes – I said, covering my face with my hands – I was drunk, oh my god.

He laughed his ass off for a few minutes. When he had finished, he looked at me.

- Poor kids who were there… I hope any of them listened to you fucking your Prince Charming.

- Oh, my god, shut up – I told him, slapping his arm.

- Okay, okay, sorry… It’s your turn, come on.- Alright, uhm… What’s your favourite word?

- Well, that one’s easy. See, I’m actually romanian, so, my mother and I always speak in romanian. And he always call me “dragostea”, which means “love”. Like, she’s always like “dragostea mea”. And that’s my favourite word because it reminds me of her.

- That’s so cute…

- Thanks. Now, mine. If you knew you’re going to die in a year, how would you change your life style?

- That one is cruel!

- Sorry, I won’t change.

- Well, I’d take all my money, leave my job, and travel through the world. I’d like to see every culture, every type of lifestyle there’s in each corner of the world. And when I had just one month left, I’d come back to my parents’ house, to spend with them all I had left.

- That’s quite cute. I think I’d do the same…

- Copycat… - I whispered.

- That’s not true!

- Yeah, whatever. It’s my turn now. If you were a pizza topping, which one would you be?

- Pineapple.

- You didn’t say that. How can someone want to be  pineapple in a pizza? That’s disgusting, boy.

- That’s why. To annoy people like you.

- You’re already annoying me. Just shut up and ask me the fucking question.

- Would you like to travel to the past or to the future?

- Future.

- Why?

- To see if I’ll achieve all my goals. I bet I will, but it’s just to make sure.

- You’re pretty sure of yourself. That’s good. Your turn.

- What kind of famous person would you like to be?

- What do you mean?

- Yes. Like, actor, singer…

- Oh, I’d like to be an actor.

- So, you’re an actor. Great info. Thank you.

- You cheated!

- Actually not. You told me not to ask you about your job, name, or projects. Which I didn’t.

- You’re clever

- More than you think. It’s your turn now.

- Okay. Describe yourself in three words.

- Fighter, emotional, and funny.

- Good way to describe someone.

- Yeah?

- Yes. I’d totally date someone with those characteristics.

- You’re stupid…

- I’m saying the truth. Now ask me.

- Fine. Now, what’s something that you don’t like about the other people?

- I’m not sure… There’s nothing that really annoys me… I mean, it’s hard to really annoy me. I’m not sure. Maybe when they eat with their mouth open?

I laughed.

- You’re cute. Let’s go, ask me.

- Uhm… Typical question. If your life was a book, do you think people would read it?

- Not really. I mean, I have an average life. This journey is probably the most exciting thing that has happened to me in the whole month, so…

- Well, maybe it’s time to change something.

- I’m not sure. I’m great in my comfort zone.

- Yeah, but… Maybe you should start with a simple change. Like, starting  new hobby.

- Maybe… I don’t know – I said, shrugging my shoulders.

- You should try. Just try.

- Maybe I will… My question. How do you have your car’s boot?

- Full of clothes. Just in case I need to change something. I’m really likely to get dirty… I’m just like a 5 years old.

- I laughed.

- I’m not sure if that’s cute or weird.

- Let’s leave it in “cute”. My turn. What’s your favourite saying?

- Well, I’m not sure, but… maybe “Slicker than snot in a doorknob”.

- Oh Jeez. That’s disgusting, [Y/N].

- I know! But my mother always said that whenever she had the chance, and it was just so funny!

- Your mother is weird.

- Well, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.

He shaked his head.

- Please ask me the question before this gets more uncomfortable.

- Okay – I said, laughing. - In which wrong way do people judge you before they get to meet you?

- Well, people usually think I’m too snob because I’m famous, but when they get to know me, they see I’m just as normal as they are…

- Yeah, it happens to me constantly – I said, sarcatically. He laughed. Now your turn.

- Where would your dreamed holidays be?

- Australia. The problem is the plane I have to catch.

- Well, you can always get on a cruise! - he said, impersonating me. - You’re a pain in the ass, Sebastian…

- Yeah, people tells me that constantly. Now ask me, come on.

- Okay… Let´s see. If you… had to become one of your friends, who would he or she be and why?

- I think… I’d like to be Chris. You know, he’s a great guy, he’s got a cute dog, and he’s really hot. You’d totally fall in love with him.

- I don’t think so.

- I do.

- I don’t.

- Hear me out, it’s true.

- Okay, as you say. Now, ask me.

- Uhm… What was your favourite cartoon as a kid?

- Uhm, there was this one which… was about the X-men? I think. I really liked all the super heroes stuff as a child. I’d spent hours in front of a TV if that show was on it.

- Really? And you don’t like super heroes anymore?

- It’s not that I don’t like it… It’s just that I don’t have time for going to the cinema or watch any TV show. Well, other than Game of Thrones.

- Why are you so mainstream?

I shrugged. - It’s a great show. My turn. What would you like to change about the way you were raised?

- Nothing. All I have now is thanks to my mother. Because of how she raised and because of how she took care of me. I have a lot to thank her and I wouldn’t change anything.

- That’s sweet. I bet your mother is a great person.

- She’s the best. - he smiled. - I love her so freaking much.

I smiled too.- It’s your turn.

- Oh, right. If you could buy just one thing more, anything, what would you buy?

- A ticket for the San Diego Comic Con.

- I thought you didn’t have time to see anything related to super heroes.

- Yeah… but the Game of Thrones cast usually goes there and well, you know… Kit Harington is high key hot.

- Oh, Jeez… - he said, puting two fingers in the top of her nose. - Okay, you ask.

- Which 3 characteristics do you appreciate the most in a person?

- Uh, that one is hard… Well, first of all, I like people who aren’t seekers. You know, who aren’t with you for convinience. - I nodded. - Also, I like people who say it in your face, not in your back. Even if it’s the worst thing. I like to know what people think about me, doesn’t matter what it is. And the third one, I like people who can make me laiugh even in the worst days.

- You have very clear ideas. Did anyone hurt you in the past?

- I think everybody has been hurt in a point of their past, huh?

- That’s true…

- Okay, a fun one now. Anything new you want to learn?

- I’d lobe to learn how to sing properly. I don’t have a very sweet voice, but I think with the accurate help I could be a good singer. - I laughed. - But that’s just a dream.

- Sing.

- What?

- Yeah, sing something.

- I don’t know…

- Come on, it’s just us. Sing. Just a little bit.

- Uhm, well. Have you seen Beauty and the Beast?

- I’m not that old…

- The new one! I took my friend’s son and… Now I can’t take those songs out of my head so I’ll just sing one.

He laughed. - It’s okay. Just sing.

I blushed, and cleared my throat.

- Madame Gaston, can’t you just see it? Madame Gaston, his little wife. No sir, not me, I guarantee it. I want much more than this provincial life! I want adventure in the great wide somewhere. I want it more than I can tell. And for once it might be grant to have someone understand. I want so much more than they’ve got planned…

- Hey! That was great… You look like a little Belle yourself.

- Well, I used to want more than that provincial life…

- And now?

- Now I have it. Great, it’s my turn! Uhm… Who do you think would win in a fight? You or your best friend.

- Obviously me. Haven’t you see these arms? God, I’m the one and only Hercules!

I laughed. - Yeah, or Gaston, since I’m Belle.

- If you were Belle I’d make myself a beast just to be with you. - I turned red, and hid my face between my hands, meanwhile he was laughing. - I think it’s my turn now. What is the last book you read?

- I can’t remember. I haven’t had many time to read recently, so…

- Oh, that’s so sad!

- Yeah, I know. Your turn now.

- If you could be an animal, which one would you be?

- I told you. A beast. Well, I already am. If you know what I me-

- Enough! I don’t want to hear anything else!

- Sorry, sorry – he laughed. I’m sorry… My question. Are you that person who would sacrifice on person to save one hundred?

- If that person is not a beloved one, probably. If it’s me, I don’t think so.

- Let’s say it’s me.

- Then I’d kill you, bury you, and resurrect you to kill you again and save two hundred people.

- You’re mean. You’re talking me about your sex! I don’t care about your fucking sex!

- I said I was sorry!

- But you didn’t mean it, you fake asshole!

- Oh, come on!

- You know what? I’m done with this game. We’ve been playing for an hour now and I still have any clue who the fuck you are.

- So, you give up?

- Of course not! But I’m hungry. Let’s have something for lunch and then I’ll try to guess something in another way.

- As you say, milady…

I rolled my eyes and got up. I tried to get out of my sit passing above him, but I fell and end up sitting in his legs.

- So you don’t want me to talk about sex but you literlly drop yourself on top of my little big friend.

- Oh, shut up, it was an accident! - I said, getting up again and leaving the carriage, with him follwoing me while laughing.

My Asylum 18

Okay folks so here I’m going to attempt to write up my weekend at Asylum 18 in Blackpool. For those about to read, I salute you. Imma try and keep it to the highlights but bear with it’s gonna be a big post.

Four hour drive up on Friday morn and then a lot of waiting around after finally meeting the awesome @teamfreewill-imagine. Got registered around 2.30pm then waited for Jamie to come out of the pre-orders queue (I didn’t even attempt joining it was loooong). Queued for the autograph room as they decided to do some that evening. 

Head in and make a beeline for Briana who is stunning and just fucking lovely. I won’t tell Jamie’s story for her so check out her blog for more. My turn and I tell her “I bloody love you” and she grins and says she loves me too. Bless her for signing her character underneath her name before I could say I loved her…. I think she was worried people wouldn’t know who she was. 

Off to Osric (I don’t remember the exact order we went in but sure I’ll say this next. He sent me a snapchat a while back in response to one I sent about being at the GOTG Vol 2 premiere and I brought it up leading the three of us into a Marvel sequels debate. I said I thought it broke the sequels curse (Thor 2 excluded), he disagreed but we all agreed on the Wolveerine origin story at the same time then he said Spiderman 2 with Tobey Maguire and I said it was terrible where he sat back in his chair and was appalled which just made me laugh. We argued a touch then I said “But I still love you, though” and he says “And I still love TOBEY” to which I just laughed more as he did and said “My poor little frozen heart.” Not sure why that was my response but sure.

Went to Kim Rhodes who said “I fucking love your shirt” - it was the Wayward AF Creation Stands one - and I said “Well I fucking love you” to which she had the most gorgeous grin and said it back.

Mark Pellegrino was pretty chuffed that him liking my tweets managed to persuade me to come to con.

Friday evening - all of my inclusive autographs already done and fish and chips back at the hotel. Winner.

Saturday morning we head in and head to the pre-orders queue… which is not open yet as so many still need to register. I go to the stewards meeting instead and agree to volunteer in the panels hall for the day and run the mic.

Have a hilarious day of running the mic, chatting with other fans and even getting to ask my own questions when there was no one in the queue and also at the beginning of Misha’s panel.

Got to ask Kim and Briana a question in the first panel - I asked if their characters could appear in any other film or tv show what would they appear in and what would they get up to - Briana said she’d loved to see Donna in Game of Thrones and she and Kim joked about her trying to clear fire hydrens for dragons. Kim said she’d like to see Jodi on The Walking Dead kicking ass.

A fan forgot her question in the queue so asked me for one and I told her to ask Adam and David if the boot had been on the other foot would Mick have killed Ketch and how would it have gone down.

Asked Misha the same question about different film or tv show but after I said hello he mimicked me then did his British accent and laughed about how people said he accent was terible. He said it was niche and that it was someone born in Southern England that had spent ten years in Leeds and then a year in Australia so actually it was spot on we just didn’t get it. He then said he’d love to see Castiel in Debbie loves Dallas.

Another fan forgot a question for Mark P and Alaina so I suggested they ask who would they possess and Mark said Trump, Alaina said Mark Sheppard.

Mark Sheppard broke all the panel rules and went walk about which was brilliant. I have dubbed him ‘the savage wanderer’ and he was absolutely hilarious. Standing with the people waiting to ask questions was funny too as he kept coming down to intimidate them and getting really close to them. On around the fourth time around he looked at me and went “You still here?” To which I just laughed and said “Looks like it.” 

The Hillywood Show - I didn’t know much about them but really enjoyed their panel and had a great laugh dancing with fans at the back of the hall waiting for them to come on. Asked them if they had any show or movie they were too protective of and loved too much to want to cover or do a parody of it and they said no.

Day 2 done and still have all my photo ops and two more autos to go.

Sunday another early start and a big day ahead. Decided not to steward in the morning as the likelihood of being free to help was pretty slim and this turned out to be a good call. My group was called for the Misha photos pretty early so I went there pretty much straight away. It was hectic as they had so many to get through so it was get in, get out but he said hello and smiled, I thanked him for coming, he thanked me too then we had our picture and he took my hand and squeezed it as I left. Now I should preface this with I hate pictures of me taken by other people. I rarely like pictures I take myself, to be honest. But I am beyond thrilled with the picture of us both and so relieved I love it. So chuffed!

I had a little while in the panel room then Misha autos were called so I took the card I had put together with the messages from all the donors of my fundraiser with me. When I went in they were actually doing Mark Sheppard’s autos too and the line was shorter so I went there first but got told to go to the front because I was volunteering, I didn’t really want to but since the line was so long for Misha and I was worried about giving him the card I did and Mark grinned at me saying I was being sly sliding in. He called me sweetheart, said thank you when I said he was awesome and signed my poster.

Went over to Misha and joined the queue. I could’ve skipped but I don’t like to and I was nervous as fuck to give him the card. Finally got to the front and he looked up and smiled and said hi, I said hello and gave him the card, he asked what it was and I said I’d raised over $2000 for Random Acts this year to which he did my favourite shocked face and sat back a little to look at me. I said that a few of the donors wanted to share messages to thank him for inspiring them and I did too. He put the card to one side and held out his hand which I took and thought he wanted to shake it but he held on then said “Thank you so much, it means a lot” and I said something along the lines of “No thank you for inspiring us, you help more than you know.” He squeezed my hand again and thanked me again then I went to go and nearly forgot my poster so he pulled it along for me and I said “I’d better take this” and he grinned, winked and I left.

Got back in time for the end of The Hillywood Show panel and got to watch Mark S be the wandering savage again. He went from ignoring us and making Adam tell jokes to taking the piss out of fans and eating then to a really heartfelt speech about the SPN family at the end. A rollercoaster of emotions but just awesome from start to finish.

Watched Adam & David’s second panel and asked them a question this time - As there is a British Men of Letters, presumably there is a Canadian branch and an Irish one- would their policies be different and what would they be like? David said the Canadian side would be very polite and Adam said to get into the Irish side you’d have to be the last man standing on a boozy night out. I also mentioned how I’m moving to Vancouver (as I found David’s references funny) and they wished me luck which was sweet and something about ketchup chips? A fan brought the song that David used to have to dance to (Whip It by Devo?) he mentioned in Saturday’s panel and like a true sport he got up and danced for us all which was brilliant (and hilarious).

From there I went for my Misha and Mark S photo op. Walked in said “Thanks love” to the volunteer/crew member and said hello to them both, Misha grins and says “What would you like to do ‘love’?” the accent again hah and I said “I’m happy, do whatever you want with me.” realising the second after it left my mouth what I’d said, both guys grin and give me a look then Mark S says “We’ll take you home then” to which I said “Don’t tempt me” and Misha wrapped his arms around me as Mark put his arm around and it looks like he’s trying to steal me in our op. Thanked them both and got a squeeze from both then left.

Straight to Adam and David’s op which I shared which Jamie and we could not stop laughing. I had such an epic time with her this weekend and we’d never met before nor did we really know each other so I was really lucky to have someone so awesome to hang with for the weekend. We were almost crying with laughter in the queue and couldn’t work out what to do for our op. We then got told no poses which we were relieved about because we couldn’t think of anything despite having had three days to come up with it. We got our photo with the boys who were lovely and the photo is great! We all look like we’re siblings who’ve been shoved together for a family photo- I love it.

Made it back for Kim and Briana’s panel and they were a steward down so I ran mic again for that one and then Misha’s to finish the weekend. 

I will post quotes that I remember separately - I have very few photos but I’ll probably post my ops at some point too.

Thanks to everyone I saw over the weekend, especially Jamie and her friend Laura for being great company and to everyone for being so great when I was stewarding. My first Supernatural convention and I loved every second of it.

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So this is inspired in (and dedicated to) this AMAZING FANART by @brickerbeetle

Hanahaki Disease:

“The Hanahaki Disease is an illness born from one-sided love, where the patient coughs up flowers or flower petals. The only cure is to have that love reciprocated, or to somehow wipe away all one’s memories of their beloved person. The infection can be removed through surgery, but the feelings disappear along with the petals.”

One-shot under the cut… (a little bit of angsty) sorry I wrote this so fast because I couldn’t take this AU out of my mind

Haru is so afraid to not be reciprocated that he just goes for the surgery, but it is scheduled for like two weeks later and he has to hide it the best he can, so he doesn’t go out of his house and goes home as soon as he can from school, so everyone is starting to worry but he avoids them (especially Rin).

The day before the surgery Haru can’t take it anymore and he sneaks in Samezuka’s pool to swim at night and of course Rin had to find him, and he sees a bunch of sakura petals in the water and he is confused and when he follows the path of sakuras in the water he sees Haru at the end of it looking at him with terror, and Rin runs to his side to talk with him but Haru goes out of the pool and then runs out of the place with Rin behind him.

He finally catches Haru outside and they fight because Rin is worried (They haven’t seen each other in two weeks) and Haru is just screaming “Let me go!” until he coughs and sakura petals fall out of his hands covering his mouth and both of them are standing still, Haru is looking away from Rin with tears forming in his eyes, and Rin grabs his chin making him look at him 

“so that’s what this is all about… tell me who is it?" 

"Not your problem" 

"Tell me!" 


Rin grabs him by the shoulders and pushes him against the wall next to them 

"You better tell me now or I won’t let you go anywhere”

“What’s your problem I said let me go!" 

"I won’t! I know you’ll have the surgery soon" 

"And what if I do?! let me go already!" 

"I had that surgery too!" 

Haru has his eyes wide open with tears falling "What?…” he says in a whisper 

“I had that surgery a three years ago in Australia" 

"You fell in love in Australia…" 

"No you ass! I fell in love here in Iwatobi! but I only realized once it was too late…”

Haru can’t believe what he just heard ‘here in Iwatobi' 

“So… So just tell me who is it already!" 

"R-Rin I-” he couldn’t say anything else because of the petals coming out of his mouth 

Rin looked at him worried 

“It’s that bad huh?”

“S-Shut up…” Haru looked away, this was the worst thing that could ever happen 

“Tell me who is it…” one of Rin’s hands left Haru’s shoulder and reached for his face “Please tell me…” he said leaning his head getting closer to Haru 

“I-I can’t…” Haru could feel Rin’s warm breath he couldn’t stop looking at the other’s lips 

“Haru… please…” now their lips were an inch away from each other 

“Rin… please… stop…” and with that said he closed his eyes at the feeling of Rin lips touching his

They were all alone there in the silent and cold night and once their soft kiss was over Rin looked back at him 

“So no petals anymore" 

Haru’s eyes went wide open once again with the tears still falling to the sides and a shy blush crossing his cheeks 


Rin looked up to the sky 

"the surgery I had… it was because of you" 

Haru couldn’t believe what he was hearing 

"I thought I would be fine with it, anyway probably we would never see each other again" 

He looked back at Haru "But here we are and now… I find you having the same problem" 

Haru’s tears were not stopping any time soon 

"So was I right? it was me wasn’t it?" 

Haru looked away from Rin’s stare 

"Of course you would never say it" 

Rin smiled "You know what? I think that surgery didn’t fix the problem completely… or maybe it did" 

He leaned his head until his lips were almost brushing Haru’s ear "When I came back and saw you once again… every now and then I would find sakura petals in my pillow" 

Haru’s eyes were wide open yet once again 'Sakura petals’…

And I’m sorry.
—  Except he was only sorry he got caught. We were together for 2 years, we lived together for 1 year. He was emotionally abusive and very manipulative. I stayed with him and I left everything behind for him. I provided so much for us. We had planned to move to Australia this year to have a better future for us. Except as I left, so did the idea of us. When he broke up with me he said he wanted to focus on himself and his life. But in a space of being broken up for 2 weeks, he found someone else.
I loved him so much, I gave him everything. He was my first everything. It makes me angry to see him moving on like nothing happened. But I know one day I will find someone that deserves me and I know that he will regret ever letting me go because I was the best thing that has ever happened to him.

always-an-evans-addict  asked:

136 (If not its the 'Give me back my phone!!') with Chris and Wren? I'd stalk for more but that was the one that caught my attention first 😅😅😅❤️

I love this prompt, Tori! Especially since there was a video that came out of Amanda Seyfried (my faceclaim for Wren) for a perfume that fits perfectly with this prompt! I made a gif for it too! So here is the drabble

Standing in his office, Chris shuffled the papers around on his desk looking for his phone. He knew he’d had it earlier, but it had completely disappeared. Straightening, Chris scratched his head and looked around the room for a clue.

His eyes narrowed in on a pink Barbie shoe on the corner of the desk. He didn’t remember seeing that earlier. Picking it up, he left his office and headed upstairs to his daughter’s bedroom. He found the door open and Addy sitting on the floor brushing her favorite doll’s hair.

“Hey, bug,” he greeted, coming into the room. “Do you have my phone?”

“Nope,” Addy replied.

“Are you sure?” Chris asked, squatting. “I found this Barbie shoe in my office. Were you in there today?”

Addy looked at the shoe and then looked up with a guilty look on her face. “I don’t have your phone, daddy,” she said. “But Barbie wanted to go to ‘stralia and that’s in your office.”

Chris smiled and smoothed his hand over Addy’s blonde hair. He loved her imagination and suspected that his office was Australia because of the small Australian flag he’d gotten on his travels to the country.

“Wanna play with me, daddy?” Addy asked. “You can be Ken!”

“I have to find my phone first,” he told her. “But I’ll be back.”

“Ask mommy!” Addy suggested with a big smile on her face. Wren wouldn’t legally be her mom for a couple of weeks, but Addy had been called her ‘mommy’ since the wedding.

“That’s a good idea,” Chris said as he recalled that he’d been using his phone when Wren had come into his office earlier and it had gone missing shortly after. He kissed Addy’s head and then stood up.

Entering the hallway, Chris made his way down the hall to the bedroom he shared with Wren. Turning the handle, he pushed the door open and spotted his new wife sitting in front of her dressing table making faces into the mirror. It was another second before he realized that his phone was in her left hand and she was making faces at the phone itself.

Since she hadn’t acknowledged his presence yet, he loudly said, “Give me back my phone!”

Startled, Wren dropped the phone onto her dressing table and spun around on her swivel stool, giving him an unintentional peek under her white silk robe. “Chris,” she breathed, her hand clutched to her chest. “You scared me!”

“And you’re a phone thief,” he said as he crossed the room. He grabbed his phone and stuffed it into his pocket before turning his attention back to her. “I think that makes us even.”

“I didn’t steal it, I just borrowed it,” Wren defended herself. “You’re going to England for a couple of weeks tomorrow and I just wanted to surprise you with some photos.” She pointed to the outline of the phone in his pocket. “I took some silly photos of Addy, too.”

“Wait, Addy knew you had my phone?” Chris asked. Wren nodded. “That little stinker.” He shook his head. “Outnumbered in my own home.”

“But you love it,” Wren reminded him.

“Hell yes I love it,” Chris agreed. Leaning down, he pressed his lips against hers for a kiss. When he pulled away, he let his fingers linger at the collar of her robe. “So these photos you took…”

“I didn’t take any of that kind of photo, Christopher Evans,” she stated. “That is a live action situation only.”

“It’s a wonderful live action situation.” He smirked. “In fact, I wouldn’t mind -”

“I believe you already have a Barbie play date with your daughter,” Wren reminded him as she stood up. “But we can have our own play date later.”

“You’re an evil, evil, evil woman, Wren Evans,” he stated as he shook his head.

“You knew that when you married me,” she sassed as she made her way into their walk-in closet to get dressed.

nearly 200 writing prompts

Take a look at the prompts and if you find one you like, send it to me! For either Chris x reader or one of my Chris x OFC’s (Ellie, Nikki or Wren)


Imagine telling Joji that you are pregnant. || Requests are open! :)

“So you’re not going?”

“No, I’m sorry,” you said to your boyfriend of two and a half years.

You and Joji had been meaning to go to Australia for the week. The boys were, once again, going to be filming for another disgusting interesting challenge for Max’s main channel and then they were going to do some filming for another Filthy Frank video. Usually, when Joji went, you always came with him. You’d help the boys with cleaning or filming, and then Joji would try to fit a day or two just for the two of you to do some fun things in the town and visit new areas. However, for the first time, Joji would have to be traveling alone. Why?

You were pregnant.

Well, at least, that was what the five pregnancy tests that you took told you. Those pink plus signs have been bothering you for the past few days that you decided to schedule a doctor’s appointment to confirm your pregnancy and to see how far along you were, if it was true. You decided to purposely do it the week of the trip, giving you more time to really process it and figure out how to tell your boyfriend if you really were.

“But why?” he asked, resting his head on your lap. You two were currently in the living room of your shared apartment as the TV was quietly playing in the background. Joji insisted that Cops was funnier without sound and he’s been giggling like an adorable idiot for the past ten minutes. “It’s not gonna be as fun without you there.”

“Babe, I’m sure it will be,” you said, running your fingers through his raven locks.

“No,” he said, whining like a child. “Is it cause you’re tired of cleaning up our shit? Because you don’t have to if you don’t wanna.”

You smiled to yourself, shaking your head despite the fact that he was looking at the TV. “No, I just have a doctor’s appointment that week that I really don’t wanna reschedule. I haven’t been feeling that well lately, and I just wanna be sure that it’s nothing serious.”

He turned his head to face you, his dark eyes filled with worry. “Are you okay? Do you want me to stay home? I can stay home if it’s serious, I can film the video another day.”

Joji!” you said, rubbing a hand down your face in slight annoyance but laughing at him. He worries about you too much, which is really sweet and adorable of him but also a pain at times because he forgets to think about himself. Which worries you, so it’s just a huge cycle. “It’s not a big deal! Go film for your video, have fun and don’t worry about me. A few days away from each other is not gonna kill us.”

“Okay,” he said, sighing to himself. His hand reached up to your face to stroke your face. “I love you.”

“I love you too, dork.”


Joji left around five in the morning for his flight a few days later. Although he was sad that you weren’t going to accompany him to Australia, he promised to keep you updated on all the fun stuff that would happen. A couple of days after Joji left was the day of your doctor’s appointment, and you were extremely anxious. Joji insisted that you’d tell him the day and time of your appointment. It was at 12:30 in the afternoon and Joji had already begin bombarding you with dozens of texts not a minute after.

From: 💖JojiVlogs💖

Hey how was the appointment?

Are you doing okay?

We all miss you!!

You didn’t reply until after your appointment. “It was fine, tell the boys I said hi! Miss you too!”

Despite the fact that the signs were right there and the tests you had taken came back positive, it was still a shock to you that you really were pregnant. The doctor had told you that you were 9 weeks into your pregnancy and that you were well and healthy. You asked for four prints of the ultrasound that you had done, in which the doctor happily gave to you.

You went to the store to go grocery shopping and to figure out how to break the news to Joji. You never really thought about having kids, but when you did, you’d figure that it’d be farther into the future. But the more you thought about it, you kept thinking to Joji. Not just specifically how he would react but how he always treated you throughout your relationship. He was always sweet and caring, putting you before him. He’d take care of you when you were sick, even if you were able to take care of yourself. He always made sure to keep you laughing and smiling, especially in your darkest times. You hated how he would never rest or take a day off for himself, but at the same time, it really proved to you that he would make a great father.

Maybe it wasn’t gonna be so bad.


By the time you figured out a way to tell Joji about your pregnancy, he returned home in the afternoon a few days after your appointment. He quickly kissed you and hugged you, telling you all the things that happened despite the fact that he already told you through your exchanged text messages. But you listened because you loved seeing Joji so happy.

“Oh my god, and like, I know Max can’t keep his vomit down but fuck; I didn’t think he’d puke all over Ian’s brand new shoes!” he laughed. “I felt so bad but, damn, you had to be there… Hey, (Y/N), what’s that over there?”

You followed his finger that was pointing to the wide gift bag that sat on top of the end table beside your loveseat. “It’s a gift. Actually, it’s for you.”

“What for?” he asked, giving you a strange look as you got up to retrieve the gift. “When I gave you those gifts from Australia, I didn’t think you’d give me any back. You don’t have to babe, you’re my gift.”

“You’re so cheesy. Besides, surprises aren’t a bad thing, babe,” you said, handing it to him. You made sure to keep your cool despite the anxiety building up inside of you. “Open it, please?”

“Okay,” he said, smiling. He took out the pastel yellow and mint green tissue paper out of the bag, then pulling out a double wrapped “box” of white tissue paper. You watched his facial expressions as he ripped the tissue paper, revealing a large frame. His face went from smiling to serious, reading the frame to himself silently.

You decided to get a large frame and tape one of your ultrasound photos onto it along with one of your pregnancy tests. You also decided to be cheesy and get stickers to make it not look so plain and put “We’re pregnant!” in the corner.

“Y-you’re pregnant?” he asked, holding the frame closer to him as he stared at you with doe eyes.

You nodded, smiling at him, awaiting a response.

“You’re pregnant?!” he put the frame beside him, his face lighting up. “I’m gonna be a dad?!”

“Yes, Joji,” you said, laughing at his wide grin.

He hugged you tightly, rocking your body back and forth. “Holy shit, I’m gonna be a dad! Oh, fuck, am I crushing you and the baby? I’m so sorry. This is just really exciting, wow, fuck. I think I’m gonna cry, holy shit.”

You laughed again, pulling away from him. You put your hands on his face, rubbing his cheeks. “Please don’t cry, babe. I’m almost ten weeks and I go back in three weeks for another ultrasound.”

“This is so cool,” he said, smiling and holding your hand. He kisses your hand, then rubbing his thumb along your hand. “Didn’t think Papa Franku was gonna be a papa really soon.”

“And you’re gonna be a good one,” you said, resting your head on his shoulder.

“I love you, (Y/N),” he says.

“I love you too, Joji,” you say, kissing his cheek. “I love us. All three of us.”

And sure enough, he proved spent the rest of your pregnancy showing you how much he loved and cared for the well being of your baby. You never doubted that he wouldn’t be a great father and despite the worry you put yourself through, everything was okay; especially with Joji by your side.