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Hamilton Characters as Things my friend Roxanne has said

Alexander:  “Oh my god what have you done?” “What, me?” “Right. Oh my god what have I done?”

Aaron Burr: “There is a lot of sass in me today”

John Laurens: “I hate this whole ‘directors and their ideas’ - wait no hear me out!”

Lafayette: “Please arrett”

Hercules Mulligan: “Let’s just hope this lasagna doesn’t burn, like we will in hell tomorrow.”

Eliza: “By monster movie I thought he meant monster house”

Angelica: *after clearly just being sassy to male, sarcastically continues* “Oh sorry, was there sass in that?”

Peggy: “Lol it’s fine I forget me too”

Maria: *takes a selfie* You’re welcome

Jefferson: *pretending to be an actor* “The first cue is one spotlight, and it’s on me”

Madison: “That was rough”

Washington: *talking about Doritos Roulette* “It’s like life. Sometimes you die, sometimes you don’t.”

King George III: “When directors get out of control, sometimes you have to gently remind them who really has the common sense around here. Yes I mean me.”

hamilton characters as things my friends have said
  • alexander hamilton: don't lie to us about having watched stranger things or i will disown you as a friend.
  • aaron burr: how can anyone hate soup?
  • angelica schuyler: don't use he as a general pronoun it's degrading
  • eliza schuyler: *watching a cute kids movie* ohmygod this is SCARY AHHHHHHH
  • peggy schuyler: i'm honestly a goody two shoes lmao
  • john laurens: *throwing rainbow glitter* EMBRACE THE GAY
  • lafayette: i just really like bread.
  • hercules mulligan: ay don't call me a furry!
  • thomas jefferson: it's fucking hot but i refuse to take off my jacket because it's part of my outfit. i will sacrifice for my ART.
  • james madison: i just want to go home and sleep
  • george washington: how do you snapchat?
  • maria reynolds: you're a hoe. but i love you anyway. because i'm a hoe too. hoes unite.
  • philip hamilton: *loud sobbing to 21 pilots*
  • king george: england called. they want their accent back.

One down, 29 to go! We chose to watch Godzilla: King of the Monsters instead of Gojira, because my viewing companion @the-memes-must-flow, had not seen that version. This has never been my favorite Godzilla movie. I recognize that it’s probably the best objectively, and it certainly has the strongest emotional effect, but it’s not what I reach for when picking a Godzilla movie. That being said, this is still a pretty great movie. A lot of the weight and emotion of Gojira is missing, but it still feels heavier than your average American giant monster flick of the time. Raymond Burr is an absolute joy to watch, and he puts much more effort into his performance than some other American actors forced into kaiju movies (*cough* Varan *cough*). He’s really the only reason to watch the American version of this movie. I’m a big fan of the dubs (we’re going to be watching the dubs if anyone is wondering), but even I have to acknowledge the superiority of the original movie. The absolute best scene in this movie for me, does not include Godzilla at all. The Prayer for Peace scene always brings me to tears. The beautiful music, and Serizawa’s reaction to it, knowing that he’s going to sacrifice his own life to save mankind. You really feel the weight of the decision in this scene. Great scene, great movie, great start to our marathon.