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EXO / Making up after a fight

Request: HI! I have a request for exo if that’s okay. Making up after a fight. Doesn’t have to be sexual or anything.

Thank you for requesting this, I hope you like it! 🖤

Warning: some strong language and sexual references


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You had locked yourself inside of your bedroom, refusing to talk to Minseok, or even look at him. You needed some time to get yourself and your thoughts together. But although you didn’t want to see him right now, a small part of you was kind of disappointed that he didn’t come knocking on the door right after you ran into the room.

When you finally opened the door of your bedroom three hours later, somewhat ready to start talking again, you found Minseok sitting on the floor next to the door of the bedroom. He raised his head and jumped to his feet when he saw you.

“How long have you been sitting here?” you asked, surprised.

“Ever since you went into the bedroom,” he admitted, looking down. “I wanted to apologize right away but you said you needed to be alone for a while, so I didn’t want to bother you.”

It felt as though his words squeezed your heart, forcing tears to start materializing in your eyes.

“You never bother me,” you told him before throwing your arms around his neck, catching him by surprise.

Once he recovered from the initial shock, he wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you closer.

“I love you so much,” he said. “I’m sorry about everything I said. I didn’t mean any of that.”

You nodded, nuzzling your head into the crook of his neck. “Let’s never fight again.”


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You had left in a blind rage. You weren’t used to fighting with Junmyeon and in all the years of dating him, you only fought a few times, and both of those times you made up right away. Which is why, when two hours after the argument started, you two were still yelling, you didn’t know what to do.

You were sick and tired of it, but you didn’t know how to put an end to this completely pointless fight, so you left. You still heard Junmyeon yell as you burst through the door of your shared apartment and headed towards your car, wanting to get away from all of it.

Junmyeon watched you go. He didn’t know why he didn’t stop yelling even though he was panicking now. He feared that you wouldn’t come back to him, but he didn’t know how to tell you this, especially, when he was so emotional about the fight.

He didn’t want you to get behind the wheel when your mind was preoccupied, though, so after a few moments of hesitation, he sprinted across the parking lot of the building and jumped in front of your car right when you were about to drive.

“Junmyeon!” you shouted, opening the door of your car in anger. “What the fuck?! I could have driven you over!”

“Don’t go,” he said, walking towards you. “Please, don’t go. Let’s forget about this. Let’s just go home and just be together.”

“Junmyeon, it’s not that simple—”

“Yes it is,” he nodded, desperation clear in his voice. “In fact, I don’t even remember what we were fighting about.”

You sighed, still not moving and using the door of the car as a shield to separate him from you.

“Y/n, please,” Junmyeon said again. “I won’t be able to take it if you leave right now.”

Suddenly, you started to feel bad for resisting his attempts to make up. After all, you wanted the fight to be over, too.

“I’m sorry,” you said. “I just… I didn’t know what to do. We never fought like that before. I guess I just wanted to get away.”

“Don’t,” he said. “Don’t even think about getting behind the wheel after our fight. I wouldn’t forgive myself if something happened to you.”

This was all it took for you to take the keys out of the engine and close the door of the car, allowing Junmyeon to securely wrap his arms around you.

He exhaled a shaky breath and brought your body even closer to his. “I don’t want to lose you.”

“You’d never lose me,” you whispered back, not realizing that the two of you were standing in the middle of the parking lot. You both were too engulfed in the process of making up to care about anyone else.


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You said some things. He said some things back. You tried to leave. He grabbed your hand to stop you. And that’s when you slapped him.

You regretted this as soon as the palm of your hand came in contact with his cheek. But it was too late. Yixing stared at you in shock, his hand immediately touching the stinging pain on the side of his face.

You covered your mouth with your hands. “Yixing, I’m so—”

“No,” he shook his head. “I deserved it.”

“No, you didn’t,” you said, coming closer, to pull his hand away from his cheek so you could take a look at it. “No one deserves to be slapped. I’m so sorry. Does it hurt a lot?”

“It—uh, it stings a little,” Yixing said but you could tell that he only said that to make you feel better.

“Come to the kitchen,” you said pulling his hand. “Let’s put some ice on it.”

Yixing obeyed and followed you into the different room.

You had completely forgotten the reason for your fight, as you opened the freezer to get a bag of frozen peas. Carefully, you sat Yixing down and placed the frozen bag over his wounded cheek, refusing to let him hold the ice and holding it for him instead.

“Baby, I’m so sorry,” you told him for the twentieth time. “I swear I’m never hitting you again. I don’t know what came over me.”

“It’s okay,” Yixing said, already hurting to see you in so much pain about this. “I provoked you. It’s my—”

“It’s not your fault!” you interrupted him a little louder than you intended. “Violence is never the right answer and I cannot believe I did that.”

“It doesn’t hurt that bad anymore, Y/n,” Yixing said. “So, please, stop beating yourself up about it.”

“I can’t,” you said, biting your lip. “I just hit you.”

Yixing wrapped his arms around your thighs, pulling your body closer to his.

“I love you,” he told you. “And I know you would never hurt me intentionally. You lost control because of the argument that I started. I understand. And really, maybe this was the only way to put me back to my place.”

“No, Yix—”

“Shh, stop, don’t say anything,” he cut you off. “Let’s just forget about this and go cuddle in bed.”

“Okay,” you said, giving in. “Just let me hold this on your cheek for a little while longer, okay? Do you want me to make you dinner after?”

Yixing smiled at this. “I forgot how much I love it when you take care of me.”


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You knew he was doing a collaboration with a new up-and-coming female artist. And you knew that music was the only thing between them and yet whenever you read articles or tweets by his fans, you were becoming more and more worried.

Your worries especially escalated when he got home at 3am one night. When you asked him where he was, he admitted that he stayed for drinks with his singing partner.

“Oh, so you had a date,” you said, not realizing how petty you sounded.

Baekhyun tried to defend himself but you weren’t hearing anything.

“You’ve been out with her more times this week, than you’ve gone out with me in the three years that we’ve been together,” you told him.

“That’s not true—”

“Yes, it is,” you didn’t let him finish. “But don’t get me wrong, I don’t care. The only thing I expected from you is to just tell me if you lost interest in me.”

“Lost interest in you?” Baekhyun half-asked, half-laughed. “Is that what you think?”

“Well, the only interactions between us these past few weeks were about the weather,” you stated angrily. “So, forgive me for starting to think that you’re no longer into—”

You didn’t get to finish the sentence because Baekhyun was suddenly pushing you against the wall, knocking all breath out of your chest.

“Baby, if you say that I’m not interested in you one more time,” he said in a deliciously threatening tone. “I might just have to punish you for spreading lies.”

You raised your eyes to meet his and bit your lip, forcing his gaze to drift down. “I’m sorry, I just got the feeling that you no longer want me.”

Smirking at your obvious challenging tone, Baekhyun pushed himself closer to you so he could whisper in your ear. “Cancel your plans for the next few days, baby girl. I’m about to show you how much I want you.”


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Every fight left you both stressed. It could have been a small argument about whose turn was it to do the grocery shopping, and yet both of you got scared that the other one would want to break up.

So, you two rarely fought. You tried to solve every argument with as little yelling as possible. However, that proved to be more difficult with time. The number of those civil arguments grew greatly, and both of you reached the point in your relationship where you disagreed about something at least five times a day every day.

The realization that your relationship was going south scared both of you so much that one day the two of you decided to just sit down and talk it out.

Both of you agreed that maybe the reason why things haven’t been going so well lately was because you bottled your emotions up instead of actually letting them out, whether in the form of yelling or maybe even throwing things around the room.

“So, do you want to flip over a table or something?” you asked, forcing Jongdae to laugh for a good minute.

“Not really,” he said once he recovered, brushing the tears away from his eyes. “But, really, though. I think we’re both adults and I think we can handle a fight or two because I’m sure we love each other too much to let it get out of hand.”

You nodded, agreeing with everything he said. “You want to do a practice run?”

“What do you mean?” Jongdae asked, a little confused.

“Well, it was your turn to go to the store this week…”

Jongdae groaned at this. “Now I do kind of want to flip a table.”

Both of you laughed at this.

“We can go shopping together,” you said, then. “Oh, crap, did I just solve the argument before we got a chance to yell at each other?”

Jongdae laughed at this again. “Finding a compromise is a good way to end a fight. We can throw furniture around later. Maybe when we’re doing something else.”

“What do you mea—” you started to ask but then realized, and felt the warmth spread to your cheeks. “Oh.”


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When Chanyeol was on tour, you guys rarely fought. The peaceful part of your relationship continued the next few weeks after he came back from tour. However, as soon as you got used to each other again, the arguments began.

You were frustrated because he was never home. He was angry because there was nothing he could do about that. Both of you were left upset after you realized that this was a fight with no solutions.

You sat on the different ends of the couch, refusing to look at each other but not wanting to leave yet in case one of you came up with another argument to prove your point.

“I am going to leave again soon,” Chanyeol said quietly, breaking the silence.

“I know,” you replied.

“Will we have this same fight after I return?”


Silence settled in the room again.

“Do you think we’ll ever figure out what to do so we wouldn’t have the same fight over and over again?” Chanyeol asked a few minutes later.

“Probably not,” you said, sighing. “The only option to prevent this from happening again is to brea—”

“Don’t you dare say it!” Chanyeol said, jumping up from the couch suddenly, and forcing you to flinch. “I don’t even mind the fighting as long as we’re still together.”

“Well, that’s it, then,” you shrugged your shoulders. “We’ll keep fighting about the same thing because we’re too stubborn to put an end to this relationship.”

“I’m fine with that,” Chanyeol said, sitting back down on the couch. “And we’ll figure out what to do eventually. Because I don’t think breaking up would be the solution to this problem.”

A small smile appeared on your face. “You don’t?”

“Of course not,” he said, scooting closer to you on the couch. “In fact, I think breaking up would cause even more problems because then I’d be suffering without you. At least, now I get to suffer with you.”

You laughed, realizing how messed up his logic was, but still choosing to roll with it because you loved each other too much to let this go.


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“Oh, so now you’re going to ignore me?” you yelled at your boyfriend who was on his way out of the room.

“Yeah,” he replied. “You have a problem with that?”

“I do, actually,” you shot back. “How about you stop acting like a child and actually sit down to talk to me like an adult?”

“I can’t talk like an adult,” Kyungsoo said, crossing his arms. “I’m a child.”

You groaned. “You’re unbelievable.”

“Oh, I’m so many things!” Kyungsoo said, his voice rising a few octaves so he could imitate you. “You’re such a child, Kyungsoo! You’re unbelievable, Kyungsoo! You’re a pain in my ass, Kyungsoo!”

“You are all of those things,” you said, glaring at him. “And you’re a huge asshole on top of that.”

“You know,” Kyungsoo’s voice returned to normal, but his pupils were now dilated. You watched carefully as he made his way towards you. “That is not at all what you said last night.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh? Well, let me refresh your memory then,” he said, stopping dangerously close to you. “You told me how good I made you feel. You told me how good I was to you. No, actually, if I remember correctly, you told me I was the best you’ve ever had. And I think our neighbors can vouch for that.”

You watched him with your jaw clenched. “Fuck you, Kyungsoo.”

“Yeah,” he said, slowly licking his lips in anticipation. “Fuck me.”


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He had locked himself in your bedroom, purposefully locking you out. But this wasn’t the first time he did that. He tended to always give you the silent treatment whenever you really pissed him off. And most times, you were just as pissed off, but this time you realized that the fight was your fault. You caused it, you provoked him, and you made him slam the door of the bedroom right in your face.

So, you waited for a little while – giving him a chance to cool down – before you knocked on the door.

“Let me in, Jongin,” you said, knocking again since he didn’t react to the first knock. “I’m sorry. Please, talk to me.”


“Jongin, come on,” you continued. “I miss you.”

You heard shuffling behind the door. He must have stood up from the bed but he still hadn’t come to the door. This was a good step forward, however.

You decided to continue. “Baby, please let me see you. I don’t even remember what you look like anymore.”

Silence again.

“Jongin,” you said. “I said I’m sorry. Please, let me in.”

“What’s the password?” a childish reply reached you from the other end of the door.

You smiled despite his immature approach to this situation. You knew very well what the password was.

“I love you,” you said.

You heard the lock of the door turn and finally, you entered the bedroom to see Jongin standing in front of you with a small victorious smile on your face.

“I love hearing you say that,” he said, letting you know that the anger he felt after the fight was already gone.


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The first fight you had with him was the most stupid thing on the planet and yet as you stood outside of the shopping mall, you couldn’t help but feel angry.

Sehun had forgotten you at the store. He literally got into his car and drove away while you were stuck looking for him all around the shopping mall, thinking he got lost or something.

Sehun, however, found this hilarious. He laughed the entire ride back to the mall after you’d called him in distress.

When he finally came back to pick you up, you were fuming. You climbed into the car, tied the seatbelt, and refused to even look at him.

“Baby, come on,” Sehun said, still trying to control his laughter. “I’m sorry. I swear I don’t know how this happened.”

You glared at him. “Yeah, and you feel really bad about it.”

Sehun bit his lip, feeling a little guilty for wanting to laugh at a situation that obviously upset you so much.

“Come on, tell me what to do so you’d feel better,” he asked.

“How about remember that you have a girlfriend?”

He had to grip the wheel tighter so he wouldn’t start laughing again. “Y/n, come on, seriously. Do you want to stop by for ice cream?”

“So you could forget me again? No thanks,” you shot back.

“I’m sorry!” Sehun exclaimed. “I swear this will never happen again. Now let me know how I can make it up to you.”

“First of all, stop fucking laughing,” you said, after having noticed that he was biting his lip to prevent laughter. “I swear, I’m never going shopping with you again.”

“No, Y/n, come on, I said I was sorry,” he said desperately.

“You don’t look sorry.”

“What, you want me to beg you for forgiveness?”

You stayed quiet for a second longer than necessary and that was enough for Sehun to actually realize that maybe he underestimated your anger.

“We’re going to the animal shelter,” he decided. “I’m getting you a dog.”

“Sehun, you can’t get me a dog every time you fuck up,” you said, groaning.

“Yeah?” Sehun glanced at you and he could find excitement in your eyes, despite your hardest attempts to look unfazed. “Watch me.”



Dean and Y/N share a bed in a motel and Dean has a dream about her, mindlessly pulling her into him and peppering he with kisses.

Words: ~2100

Warnings: mention of injuries, FLUFF

A/N:I’m actually really proud of this one even though the introduction is a bit boring. please read until the end and tell me what you think! Also, I really love this cheesy bed sharing fanfictions but it’s different in this imagine. (This theme wasn’t my idea, I saw it somewhere but don’t remember the name anymore…)


Falling in love is so easy that you don’t realise that it is actually happening.

A stupid, cheesy saying that I never really agreed with. I mean, how could you not notice being head over heels because of one person.
Well, I guess I learned it the hard way. Or rather kinda the hard way.

I was used to share a bed with Dean. But it was never the type of bed sharing that was needy and consisted of endless cuddles and realising the love for the other person.
It was never the type of bed sharing that was described in the Dean Winchester fanfictions on the Internet.
Yes, maybe I was interested in the fantasies of the so called “Deangirls”. But that’s not the point.

Back to the topic: Dean and I just laid next to each other, not really caring about the other and simply only wanting to rest after an exhausting day.

So when we entered the motel that only had one room with two normal sized beds left, there wasn’t a nervous fluttering in my stomach. Why should I be nervous?
So when we entered the room that was barely tidied up, there wasn’t a flirty comment from Dean about sharing a bed with his godlike body. Why should he be flirty?

Dean only looked at me briefly when Sam threw his bag on the bed at the window, reassuring our arrangement. I nodded before I headed to the bathroom without a word, feeling cramps in my abdomen.
I tried not to get pissed about my period. The life of a hunter was cursed anyway and my period was actually the pain that was the easiest to endure.

Trying to forget about the pain coming from my stomach and the fresh, deep cut caused by a werewolf, I stepped into the shower. I enjoyed having the warm and clean water covering my body like a sterile blanket and felt better as soon as I changed into my pyjamas which weren’t soaked in my own and werewolf blood.

Leaving the bathroom I saw Sam getting patched up by Dean and I approached them. “How bad is it?”, I wanted to know while I took a closer look on Sam’s neck.

“It’s very deep… but not deep enough to turn him, I guess.”, Dean mumbled, his eyes fixed on his younger brother’s neck.
“I’m fine!”, Sam rolled his eyes but Dean pushed a cloth against his neck making Sam groan in pain. “Yeah, maybe not.”, I chuckled and gave him a smile filled with sympathy.

I sat down on the bed, watching the boys tiredly. “Your turn.”, Dean demanded seriously, but his voice was definitely filled with concern after Sam stood up to have a shower as well.

“I’m fine.”, I rolled my eyes just like Sam did a while ago and Dean scoffed. “Trust me, sweetheart, you’re not. Stop bullshitting me like Sam does.”, Dean said harshly and now it was my turn to scoff.

“How about you shut up and let me rest?!”, I snapped, causing Dean to jump slightly at my sudden change of mood from tired and annoyed to aggressive and dangerous.
“Well, I would if you hadn’t had this huge cut on your tigh! And in case you didn’t notice, if you hadn’t thrown yourself in front of me, I would be the one with the cut.”, Dean replied matter-of-factly with an incredible calm voice while I stood up to face him.
“So it’s my fault now that I’m hurt?”, I yelled, folding my arms in front of my chest.

“Hell yeah, it is!”, he threw his arms in the air, “I could’ve handled this freaking werewolf on my-”
“Hey, guys, lower your voices!”, Sam’s voice interrupted Dean and we both stayed still, glaring at each other.

“Whatever.”, I shrugged with anger in my voice and turned around to finally get some rest.
He didn’t say anything else while I started to go through my stuff, looking for my beautiful, black gun that always had to lay right next to the bed.
I didn’t know what Dean was doing and I honestly didn’t care at the moment. I just wanted to sleep.

I laid down flat on my back on the right half of the bed, leaving the left half to Dean.
I allowed myself a glance at him, sitting at the little table and researching. I could see the tension in his muscles while he propped up his head with his right hand. It didn’t took me very long to feel sorry, my mood changing again.

But before I even had the chance to think about apologizing, Sam entered the room and it was Dean’s turn to have a shower.
I quickly closed my eyes, hoping that Sam wouldn’t ask questions and would leave me alone.

About ten minutes later, I was already zoning out, I felt Dean next to me because of the lowering of the matress due to his weight and of course his shoulder that was pressed against mine.

“I’m sorry.”, I whispered so that only he could hear it before I opened my eyes and turned my eyes to look at him.
“I just wanted to help.”, he murmured, his facial expression tensed telling me that he was still mad at me. Without thinking I took his hand in mine, intertwining our fingers and feeling the tension slowly vanishing.

“I know. I’m just super sensitive at the moment.”, I mumbled, hoping he would get it. But he just looked at me, confused and tired. “I’m… um, it’s just… it’s this time of the month again.”, I explained and his eyes widened slightly before he nodded. “Oh.”

I fell asleep several minutes later with Dean next to me and his fingers between mine, which wasn’t romantic in any way. It was simply platonic
Our relationship was platonic even though Sam said different things I was pretty sure that there wasn’t anything romantic going on between Dean and me.
It was simply platonic.

And I was also not in love with Dean Winchester.

But when I woke up to Dean pulling my small body into him, I did feel a weird feeling in my stomach and it wasn’t my period, that was for sure.
I felt Dean’s strong arms under my head and around my waist while his chest covered my back. “Dean?”, I asked and only got a quiet groan as a reply.

I didn’t remember the reason why I let him sleep, probably because of his lack of sleep. But I did remember how my heart stopped beating for a couple of seconds when I felt his lips on the back of my neck. Warm and soft.

One kiss, then another, then another…

And then, him mumbling my name… I couldn’t move like my body was bewitched while his lips trailed over to my shoulder. “Dean?”, I asked again and I turned around a bit, feeling the grib on my waist tighten and his lips wandering to my neck.

My face was hot. Very hot and probably red like a tomato. Dean groaned again when he started sucking on my neck and I let out a unwanted moan.

I looked over Dean’s shoulder to Sam, panicking and checking wether he was sleeping. He was asleep. Thank god…

Slowly getting calmer, I let Dean kiss me and started to enjoy the feeling of his slightly wet lips on my sensitive skin.
My eyes closed without me wanting it, taking in Dean’s scent which mostly consisted of cheap soap.

I didn’t wanted to admit it but I liked it. The whole situation.
Dean’s scent around me, the warmth coming from him, his strong arms around me and the fact that he was probably dreaming about me while kissing my neck.

“Dean!”, I raised my voice when I got out of my trance and he groaned again.
But this time he finally woke up, his face in the crook of my neck and his arms holding me near him.
In a second, his beautiful face was as red as mine while he let go of me.

Without a word I hurried into the bathroom to go to the toilet and to brush my teeth, wanting to feel clean again.
I quickly brushed my hair without really looking into the mirror.

“I’m going to buy some pie.”, I mumbled before leaving the motel and Dean just nodded, not saying his usual words “That’s my girl.”

When I got back about half an hour later, Dean was packing his stuff and Sam wasn’t in bed anymore. “Where’s-”, I began and Dean answered before I even ended the sentence, “Bathroom.”.

“Here, I already packed your stuff. I hope you don’t mind ‘cause of your… Nevermind.”, he mumbled while he handed me my backbag. We stood still for a moment, his incredibly green eyes wandering to my neck and staying there. He cleared his throat before he looked at me again and then continued, “Sam said that we should wait in the car.”

After he finished packing everything in his back we went over to the Impala where I remembered the pie in my plastic bag that I totally forgot surprisingly.
“That’s for you by the way.”, I told Dean as he leaned against his car.

His green eyes lit up at my words while his smile widened. “You’re the best.”, he grinned at me, not even looking at the pie I gave him. He also took my bag out of my hand to put it and the pie on the back seat.

And before I knew it, his lips were on mine. Not on my back, not on my shoulder, not on my neck. No, they met my lips and slowly moved, filling me up with excitement. His right hand wandered up to caress my cheek while his nose brushed against mine.

I knew that it was definitely too late now. And maybe I even knew that already in the morning. There was no point of trying to hide it from myself.

I was in love with him.
And I let myself melt into his body, my hands roaming up over his body while his arms wrapped around my back to lift me up. I laughed against his while I folded my arms behind his head and deepened the kiss.

A few moments later Sam appeared put of nowhere and cleared his throat. Dean and I separated quickly but kept close. And of course, he had to comment what he saw, “Told you she would let you kiss her.”

After Sam sat in the car, I saw Dean still smirking at me. “I wouldn’t have kissed you if Sam hadn’t told me about you letting me kiss you this morning.”
“What? I thought he was asleep!”, i exclaimed, making him chuckle and pulling me into a hug.

“I’m sorry by the way. I didn’t know that… well, I was dreaming that you and I…”, he whispered, his lips brushing over my ear.
“It’s fine. I mean, I can’t complain. And sharing a bed with you is always fun. It never hurts to have such a gorgeous sleeping beauty next to me.”, I mumbled into his shoulder before he pulled himself back to lock into my eyes.

He smiled at me a few seconds before he leaned down to kiss me again. With a quick movement he turned us, my back hitting the Impala when his hips pressed me against his car. There wasn’t much time before this kiss escalated. His tongue tracing over my lower lip, causing my knees to get weak and my body to melt even more into him.

We were interrupted by Sam, his knuckles knocked against the half-open window. “Honestly, you lovebirds, we have work to do.”, he laughed and Dean groaned loadly when we parted, my head instinctively following his.

He looked down at me sweetly, his eyes not even fully opened and he pecked my lips again before he pressed a kiss on my fore head.

“You have no idea what you do to me.”, he sighed quietly before he let go of me and we got into the car.

Sam just smirked at Dean and then turned around to look at me, smirking at me as well while Dean was concentrated on the road.
“Nice hickey you got there.”, Sam mentioned and my eyes instantly widened as my hand reached up to my neck.

As soon as I locked into the mirror I saw Dean staring at me. Then he winked, making my face heat up but a smile formed on my lips.

This was the beginning of something new. Something different.
And I was really happy about Dean dreaming about me and also Sam not being awake.

“Car sex looks so much easier in the movies.” - Jason Todd x Reader (silly Smut NSFW)

Summary : The title is pretty self-explanatory. Smut with feeling yo.

THIS IS NSFW ! It’s SMUT. Meaning there will be a graphic depiction of SEX. Please don’t read if those sort of things makes you uncomfortable and blahblahblah. I have plenty of stories that are SFW without any of those “dirty stuffs”, so you can read those instead if you wanna :-). You can find said stories here : My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com


Being Jason Todd’s girlfriend wasn’t exactly an easy “task”. 

Firstly, there was the fact that he was a night vigilante and that it was a never-ending time of worries for you when he was out. You could never fall asleep when he was fighting in the streets of Gotham…And oh mornings were difficult when you had to go to work and he came home late, or didn’t come home at all…

Secondly, he had an infinite amount of issues, and though you were always his cure, the person that’d made him feel better…it wasn’t always easy to deal with his past traumas. Especially since more often than not, he would refuse to talk to you about his feelings and such… You spend countless hours trying to reassure him, to help him go through a panic attack or anything. The Red Hood wasn’t as invincible as he’d like to lead on. But only you saw his “weaker” side, only with you was he able to let go. And he would be forever thankful for that. 

Thirdly, Bruce Wayne. Oh man, Bruce Wayne was a huge problem really. When it started to really get serious between you and Jason, his adopted father decided to take you as a messenger. Like, whenever him and your boyfriend would get into a big fight or something (which happened more than you wished), Bruce would tell you to tell Jason things and vice versa and, frankly, sometimes, it was just extremely annoying and stressful. 

Fourthly, you didn’t always have time for each others, both being rather busy. Or actually, being busy when the other one was free; he was mostly working nights and such, and you were working days. 

Oh and there were countless other reasons as to why it wasn’t always easy to be Jason Todd’s girlfriend, small and big things, but those were the main ones that you could think about. The ones that were always at the back of your mind. 

The main reasons that reminded you constantly why you were so in love with Jason Todd. Because it could only be true love, for you to deal with such a troubled man who sometimes had the emotional capacity of an oyster. 

And oh, the way he acted around you was proof enough that the feeling was mutual. That he loved you so much it hurt. That he would die gladly for you, relive all his traumatisms for you…your presence, and people noticed it often, soothed him greatly and blahblahblah all that cheesy shit you really weren’t into ! Uh. It’s like sometimes, you couldn’t help yourself, like your loved rendered you stupid. 

You adored that feeling, but also, some of your thoughts almost made you vomit because it was too damn cute and…A hand that you recognized instantly laying on your shoulder distracted you from your thoughts. You turned around and here he was.

Jason Peter Todd.  

-Hum excuse me, I’m looking for my girlfriend, (Y/N), have you seen her anywhere ?

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A-Z NSFW: Yuta

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A = Aftercare
I’m like 132% all sex with Yuta will end making you need a tap-out-nap after the deed it done or you might die. Whether it was just a lazy morning love making session, or a 2 am ‘my dick is hard help me’ fuckfest, you need to rest first. He’ll definitely be the one to wake up first tho, run a nice bath and let you clean and relax while he strips the destroyed bed.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 
No questions asked, his favorite is your hips, tying in with his favorite position, he loves being able to control the pace by holding your hips, holding you to his mercy or pulling you back to meet each thrust. On him, though, his favorite of himself is his eyes, he loves how he can just put you under his spell with one look, the lust and fire in his eyes renders you completely at his will.

C = Cum
Literally any way he can watch it drip down/out you, it kind of plays into his favorite position, but there’s something about seeing his cum covering you and watching his mark drip out of your abused pussy, almost gets him going so much he’d be up for another round. 

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 
It started early in your relationship, and he’s dedicated to keeping it hidden, but he keeps somewhat of a ‘smut journal’. For protection purposes, neither of you are okay with the idea of sending pictures or taking videos for each other when he’s away on tour and his busy schedule, so as something of a substitute, he writes almost like a screenplay on your sex times, so he can read and relive those times while he’s away.

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
Him and Johnny do too many dick jokes for me to think for the slightest second that he’s an innocent baby. Yuta is the rudest in most aspects of life, there’s no way he doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing, he knows exactly how to make you succumb to him, and give you the most pleasure humanly possible.

F = Favorite position
No matter which, he just likes having your back to him; doggy style, on your knees and back pressed against his front, pinned against a wall. He loves being able to completely control your hips, tilting them back just enough to let him pound in the perfect spot, your hands clutching at his arms around your middle, your head tossed back against his shoulder and moaning right into his ear. 

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
Yuta is one of the most intense lovers you could hope to hop in bed with, he’s not one to play around while he’s playing with you, he;s all fierce eyes and stern voice in the bedroom, he’s not messing around when he’s got his hands on you.

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
Not to generalize…but I’ve seen a fair amount of porn…and japanese porn…they’re not…manscaped down there, so I  doubt he does anything with his hair either.

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)
Despite being a fuck machine, he’s actually really romantic with the whole act, he likes to set the atmosphere with mood lighting and music, mumbling about how you’re so perfect and how much he loves you and adores you and wants to worship you for the rest of his days.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)
If Yuta’s in a position where he’s turned on and you’re not around, if he’s at a place he can take care of it, like find a bathroom or if he’s at the dorm, he’ll take care of it and carry the thought in the spank bank to play with you later.

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
He’s a man of few kinks, but his main kink is kitten play. Halloween had kicked that off by accident, you had dressed up as a neko and it ended up ruining poor Yuta’s life. By the end of the night, he had you on your hands and knees and making a mental note to go shopping for a few furry toys..

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)
Since 99% of the time, sex stems from you two just chilling, lying around, and cuddling leads to dicks out, most of the time you end up doing it in the living room, there’s just more room to play. He likes being able to stretch you out on the floor and be able to have unlimited space for his unlimited desire to please you. The bath comes in a close second, a relaxing bath with you perched in his lap easily turns into sex, then back into just washing each other lovingly, and back to sex again.

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
Yuta loves his ability to turn you to mush, a whimpering mess of begging for him to stop the teasing and just fuck you already. Nothing gets him going more than hearing you beg for him, plead for his attention, his touch, his tongue, his cock, he loves hearing your voice just plead and beg for him.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Yuta absolutely does not share, half of the fun with him about fucking in slightly public places is the thrill of getting caught and them knowing you’re his and his alone. Convos about kinks and various sex positions were easily discussed between the two of you, but when a threesome was part of the casual discussion, he’d shut that idea down so fast, you’d barely got the sentence out before he firmly said, ‘not a chance’. He’s a very loyal person, he doesn’t like the idea of anyone touching you or himself in the way you two do each other.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Being the tease he is, he can and will go down on you for hours, so much you almost wonder how he doesn’t end up with a sore jaw every time from working his tongue against you. 

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Yuta is the king of sex, I’m crowning him with that title, fight me. Once his dick is finally in you are hours of teasing and petting, he’s a hard and thorough fuck, if you don’t leave that room with sore thighs from his hips crashing into yours over and over, it’ll be a surprise. 

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
Yuta’s down with a good quickie. Obviously anyone would prefer the time to have a very thorough session but when you’re both out in the world or have literally six minutes and forty-one seconds before the boys and you two are meant to be going out, he’s not opposed to pulling you to the side and taking you in a dark corner or bending you over the kitchen counter real quick. Yuta’s sex drive is wild, these moments arise more than average, they’re a pretty frequent occurrence. 

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
Yuta isn’t a shy one when it comes to you, he doesn’t care when or where, he’s completely comfortable with anything. His favorite thing is the lacy vibrating panties he’d gifted you. Nothing amuses Yuta more than going to dinner with the boys, and having the little remote tucked away in his pocket, watching you turn red, squirming while trying not to alert the boys of the mischief your lover got you in to until he can’t deal with seeing you all flustered and dragging you away to the bathroom.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
99% of sex with Yuta lasts at least two rounds, he likes how round two is always better after being worn out and sensitive from round one, all your senses are heightened and his touch has a much more intense effect on you then. 

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Because of nosy roomies, Yuta is the bright one that planned it all out. When toys were discussed, 99% of the concern was where to hide them, more nervous of anyone finding them than actually exploring the toys. He had the brilliant idea to buy a small lockbox to store them in. He’s not the biggest fan of toys, but he enjoys teasing you to the fullest, so he has a few handcuff sets and various vibrators of a variety of sizes and shapes and speeds and his personal favorite; the vibrating panties.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Yuta’s a little shit, he’s the ultimate tease, he’s not satisfied until you’ve cum three times over, twitching, begging for him to just fuck you already, with your safe word on the tip of your tongue from frustration.He takes great pleasure in making you as responsive and sensitive as he can before finally giving you his cock.

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Yuta is very vocal, if it wasn’t for his determination to make sure you were heard loud and clear by anyone that was unfortunate to be within an ear shot, all they’d hear would be Yuta’s deep voice cursing about how you feel so fucking good, fuck and to be louder, scream my name.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
One time…it was a one off, drunk, awful decision between two smashed minds. Honestly neither of you knew what happened, but when you woke up butt fucking naked in Taeyong’s bed, with said boy screaming his head off about you fucking in his bed and it’s ‘tainted with his dick juice get out!!’. Long story short, you both are still on Tae’s shit list and he made a show about burning his soiled bedding and forcing you to buy him new ones.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
I literally googled this lmao stay with me. Yuta is really average down below, and according to the dude that collected data from 500k Japanse males, the average is about 5.3 inches hard, top that with his high sex drive, kinky ways, and need to please you with everything he has, it’s a pretty A+ match.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
This boy has one of the highest sex drives ever, the boy is always horny, and nearly always mildly aroused just being around you, at a moments notice he’s ready to whip it out and get to playing with his lil kitten again. 

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Yuta is such an intense fuck, the fun doesn’t end until you’re both too physically and mentally exhausted to move beyond tugging the blanket over your tired bodies. You’re both out like a light almost as fast as you hit the bed.

“Why me?” - Alec Lightwood

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REQUEST: Jace is (Y/N)’s twin brother but she is the exact opposite of him (shy, don’t talk a lot, self-conscious about herself), and Alec ends up saving her from a demon and tells her he likes her.

“Come on Jace, leave your sister alone.” Alec said as Jace was showing off about his last missions.
“I’m just saying, I’ve killed more than twenty demons in my last three missions. How many demons did you kill in the last three months, (Y/N)?” Jace asked with a smirk.
“Jace, shut up.” Alec said half friendly.
(Y/N) rolled her eyes and went to her room. She sat down on her bed and burried her face in her hands.

Jace was (Y/N)’s twin brother. He was confident and cocky. Jace was everything (Y/N) wasn’t. She was shy, quiet and self-conscious. (Y/N) was so different from her brother, sometimes she was convinced she had been adopted, or put in the wrong family, maybe even in the wrong world.
(Y/N) loved being a shadowhunter but she couldn’t help comparing herself to her brother and everybody knew that Jace was one of the best shadowhunters of his generation. Everytime Jace was bragging about his missions, (Y/N) felt like maybe she didn’t belong to this world, it would explain why she wasn’t as good as her brother.
(Y/N) also loved her brother, but Jace was the opposite of her and it was difficult to have a personal conversation with him. They weren’t very close but they would always be willing to die for one another. They were a family, after all.

(Y/N) lifted her head up when she heard someone walk into her room. It was Alec. (Y/N) felt her cheeks blush so she burried her face back in her hands. (Y/N) had a crush on Alec but she was way too shy and scared of rejection to talk to anyone about it, especially not Alec.
“Are you okay?” Alec asked.
“Don’t do that again.” (Y/N) said. Alec frowned. “You don’t need to defend me when my brother makes fun of me. I can handle it on my own.” (Y/N) didn’t mean to be rude but somehow it all came out pretty agressive. (Y/N) shook her head and sighed.
“I didn’t mean to upset you. I’m sorry.” Alec declared.
“No, I’m sorry. None of this is your fault. I shouldn’t take it all out on you. Thanks for caring about me, though.” (Y/N) smiled a little and looked down.
“Of course I do. I will always care about you, (Y/N).” Alec said very seriously.
(Y/N) looked at him. Alec was about to add something when Maryse Lightwood walked into the room. (Y/N) wished people would knock before entering her bedroom.
“Ah! There you are. Something came up. You two need to get ready for a new mission.” Alec’s mother ordered. (Y/N) held back a complaint. She had just came back from another mission and she had been training all day. She was exhausted.
“What about Jace and Izzy?” (Y/N) asked.
“They already left. They went to see Meliorn to get some information. Why? Is there a problem?” Maryse asked with her usual cold attitude.
“No. I was just wondering.” (Y/N) lied.
She knew that if she told Maryse that she was too exhausted for a new mission, she would be seen as weak. And (Y/N) didn’t want to be called a coward in front of Alec.

As (Y/N) and Alec got to their location, Alec kept looking at (Y/N) with concern.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” Alec asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” (Y/N) lied.
She was tired, she couldn’t remember the last time she slept for more than two hours in a row. And the few injuries she got from the last mission were still healing and sore, and everything hurt everytime she was taking a new step.
“(Y/N), I hope you know that not being as good as your brother doesn’t make you less of a good shadowhunter.” Alec declared. “You know that everything is a competition for Jace, but it’s not about the number of demons you kill during a mission, it’s about-”
“Watch out!” (Y/N) shouted as she tightened her grip around her seraph blade.
A demon came running on Alec and (Y/N) pushed Alec aside to take care of the creature. She pushed her weapon through the demon’s body and it disappeared into a cloud of dust almost immediatly.
“See, you’re a great shadowhunter. You just saved my life.” Alec said with a little smile on his face.
“Yeah, well, tell that to Jace.” (Y/N) chuckled.
“(Y/N), I need to tell you something, I -” Alec didn’t have time to finish.
(Y/N) screamed and collapsed on the ground. It took Alec a few seconds to see the demon that injured (Y/N). He killed it without a struggle and rushed to (Y/N)’s side.
“Damn it!” (Y/N) shouted as she held onto her shoulder, in pain.
Alec reached for his stele and drew the healing rune on (Y/N)’s injury. She winced and gritted her teeth.
“There. The pain should fade away in a minute.” Alec said. “Are you okay?” He added.
“I’m fine.” Alec offered (Y/N) his hand, she grabbed it and lifted herself from the ground.

After the mission, Alec and (Y/N) went back to the Institute. (Y/N) was still exhausted and a little bit in pain, but when she got to her room, Alec joined her there a few minutes later.
“Oh, sorry! I didn’t know you were about to go to bed.” Alec said as he saw (Y/N) in her night clothes -which were nothing more than a oversized t-shirt.
(Y/N) blushed when she caught Alec staring at her bear legs.
“It’s okay. What’s going on?” (Y/N) asked.
Alec walked closer to (Y/N) and she almost forgot how to breathe.
“I wanted to apologize.” Alec declared.
“What for?” (Y/N) frowned.
“Well, if I didn’t talk to you during the mission, you wouldn’t have been distracted and you wouldn’t have gotten hurt.”
“Oh, no Alec, it wasn’t your fault.” Alec looked down.
(Y/N) reached for Alec’s chin and lifted it up with her soft hand. “I mean it, Alec. It wasn’t your fault.”
Alec stared at (Y/N) and got lost in her eyes for a minute.

Suddenly, Alec put his hands on each side of (Y/N)’s face and kissed her. (Y/N) was surprised and shocked but she kissed him back. Alec let go of (Y/N), she looked at him with wide eyes.
“Why did you do that?” (Y/N) asked, almost blaming Alec.
“I like you, (Y/N).” Alec declared. He was feeling anxious and scared that (Y/N) would reject him. Alec knew how hard it was for (Y/N) to let people in.
“Is this some kind of joke? Did Jace dare you to kiss me?” (Y/N) felt angry. She knew her brother would be able to do something like that for his own entertainment. He always told (Y/N) that she was too hung-up with boys.
“What? No!” Alec said, confused. “Your brother doesn’t even know that I have feelings for you.”
“Do you really? Because I swear to God Alec, if this is a joke, it’s really not funny and cruel.” (Y/N) didn’t know what to think anymore.
On one hand, (Y/N) didn’t think that Alec was mean enough to play with her feelings. But on the other hand, she couldn’t believe that Alec could really like her.
“(Y/N), this isn’t a joke, OK? I would never do anything to hurt you.” Alec took (Y/N)’s hands in his.
“But why me?” (Y/N) asked quietly.
“What do you mean by that?” Alec frowned.
“Well, there are lots of prettier girls than me in this world. I’m not exactly the best shadowhunter, I am clumsy, shy and-”
“Hey, stop. You’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever met and you’re a great shadowhunter. I mean how many times did you save my life?” Alec chuckled.
“Well, how many times did you save mine?” (Y/N) mumbled.
“(Y/N), listen. I like everything about you, I really do.” Alec said. He sounded very sincere. “Now, I understand if you don’t feel the same way.” Hardly had he finished his sentence that (Y/N) pressed her lips against his. The two of them kissed passionately for a while.
“It was about time.”
(Y/N) and Alec turned to face the door and saw Izzy leaned on the door frame.
“Can’t you people just knock?” (Y/N) declared half laughing and half embarrassed.
“Fine. Fine. I’ll leave you two to it.” Izzy smiled and left the room.
Alec and (Y/N) laughed and kissed again.

Sometimes you shouldn’t burry your feelings or ignore them. Sometimes you just let them go, and who knows, maybe everything will be alright.
The UpsideDownWhat? - Part 7 - (Steve Harrington xx )

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Parts - One Two - ThreeFour - FiveSix - Seven

Short Description –  Reader tries to protect Lucas and the rest of the kids alongside Steve. El and chief Hopper goes to the lab to close the gate and Jonathan, Nancy and Joyce tries to fry the virus out of Will.

Pairing - Steve + reader

Warnings - Swearing + Sexual remarks and scenes (Smut – Not in this chapter!) + Violence + There are Season two spoilers, so if you have not yet seen season two, don’t get mad, this is the !!!!SPOILER WARNING!!!!

(A/n) - This is my first attempt of writing an imagine series. If you could comment at the end of this or just send me a message to tell me if it is good and if you want to find out the readers reaction when seeing the demodog for the first time.

Words – 4422!!!

I DO REQUESTS!!!!! - Fandoms mainly include: Stranger things + Supernatural + Dexter + Vampire Diaries + The Originals + Teen Wolf + Tru Blood etc. (I do A lot more, just didn’t want to type everyone.)

You watched as Mike stepped forward and hug the girl, your first instinct was to stop the kid because you didn’t know who she was. “Mike.” You heard the girl whisper. “That’s probably Eleven.” Steve leaned over and whispered into your ear. “I never gave up on you.” Mike said as he pulled away from the hug. “I called you every night, for-” “Three hundred and fifty-three days. I heard.” Eleven said, interrupting Mike. Your heart melted, then you quickly glanced at Steve. “Why didn’t you tell me you were there?” Mike questioned. “That you were okay?” he added. “Because I wouldn’t let her.” Chief Hopper spoke up, stepping towards the two. Your mouth formed an ‘o’ shape.

“Where have you been?” Hopper asked the girl, “Where have you been?” She shot back. Hopper ignored her question and pulled her into a hug. Mike was standing behind Hopper with his mouth hanging open.

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[scenario] don’t you recognize me?

Title: don’t you recognize me? 

Member: Hansol

Genre: fluff?? // first encounter

Word Count: 1073

You’re sitting in a Starbucks facing the busy New York City traffic, slowly working on a paper that was due at 11:59 PM, on the dot. You smash the backspace button rapidly for the hundredth time, leaving you back at square one.

“Excuse me?”

A male, donning a black mask and matching baseball cap catches your attention with a wave. With the way he’s dressed, he resembles one of the many foreign tourists that wander around Times Square, so it doesn’t bother you.

“Can I help you with something?” 

You shut your laptop, not that you were getting anything done, anyway. He nods, his eyes crinkling at the edges as he smiles at you from beneath his mask.

“My friends and I are kinda… Lost,” he admits, gesturing to the large group of males, wearing a variety of masks and hats. You raise an eyebrow at him, and he chuckles nervously. “I was wondering if you could help guide us back to our hotel? I should know, but I didn’t live here for very long.”

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Don't try to shame fanfic writers because you couldn't identify yourself with the "reader"

All of us write because we felt like writing it. We don’t do it to please whole population of Tumblr. If you see that Y/N has a different eye color/hair style/race do not take it as if the writer is shaming you. No matter what, writers have to imagine the OC while writing and they imagine something specific, which may not look like you at all.

And that doesn’t mean that they have to change the way they write for you. Stop telling us to write more in general so everyone can relate. It’s not meant to be relatable for everyone, it’s meant to be the way it is. the only difference is that we change She/He with You. If you can imagine having a life next to your bias just by few sentences than you can imagine it said brown eyes instead of blue. I’ve read multiple times how “my bias slips his hand through my gentle hair” while if that really happened he’d have to cut the half of it with big scissors to get his hand out, but I just skip that part and that’s all.

Can you read it without bitching about the author’s writing? Then read it, if not - just stop. This is fanfiction and it loses it’s meaning when it doesn’t make the author happy.

the soulmate au- part 1

hey! it’s your favourite constantly on-hiatus mod trash!!! and here i am with the most garbage au yet. there’ll be a second part (hopefully), so heads up. love you all and stay safe!

  • amelie’s first words to her are ‘va te faire foutre.’
  • or, for an english translation, fuck you. a true french romance.
  • the line-skipping girl looks at her, shocked. amelie sneers.
  • ‘quoi? you understand this, but you do not understand basic courtesy?’
  • a slow smile creeps over the girl’s face. amelie scowls at her, teeth bared.
  • ‘on the contrary.’
  • oh, fuck.
  • amelie stares at her in disbelief. ‘you have got to be kidding me.’
  • ‘hi, soulmate.’
  • ‘impossible.’ amelie growls. ‘let me see your arm.’
  • the girl shrugs, rolls up her sleeve. written in elegant, swooping handwriting are those very words. amelie hisses in disgust.
  • ‘a brit. what will papa think?’
  • ‘whoa there! i’d like to think we’re not so bad. ‘sides, you’re one to talk about courtesy when you’ve made me live with this on me chalk.’
  • amelie squints, uncomprehending. ‘quoi?’
  • ‘chalk farm. y’know, arm.’
  • ‘you are a child.’ amelie has a sudden thought. ‘quelle âge a tu? you look twelve.’
  • ‘twenty-six. ignoring the jab.’
  • ‘merde.’
  • ‘what? how old are you?’
  • ‘thirty-three.’
  • ‘christ, you’re a fucking dinosaur.’
  • amelie sighs at her. she’s panicking inwardly- this can’t be happening. not now, after gérard. ‘tu me gonfles.’
  • ‘rude. so tell me, soulmate-’
  • ‘no. listen to me.’
  • she closes her mouth and looks at her.
  • ‘we-’ amelie gestures- ‘might be soulmates, but it means nothing. nothing. don’t speak to me again.’
  • and then amelie gets in a car and drives off, tires screeching.
  • ‘well, this has been a complete shitfuck,’ the girl says cheerfully, and then walks off.
  • unfortunately, gabriel reyes can read his sister all too well. when she steps out of the car, looking pale and drawn, he sweeps her over to the side of the mansion and squints at her suspiciously.
  • ‘quoi?’
  • ‘you look weird.’
  • ‘so do you. i’m just too polite to say something about it.’
  • ‘on the contrary,’ he says with a grin, but it falters when she flinches. and then it returns full force.
  • ‘oh my god.’
  • ‘no, gabriel.’
  • ‘don’t full-name me. oh my god. you met them.’
  • ‘i’m afraid i have no idea what you’re talking about.’
  • ‘your soulmate, dummy.’
  • dummy?’
  • ‘stop changing the subject. who is it?’
  • amelie sighs, sits on a bench. ‘a brit.’
  • ‘ooh.’
  • ‘no. i told her to never speak to me again.’
  • ‘harsh.’
  • ‘necessary.’ she looks tired.
  • ‘okay.’
  • she blinks at him in surprise. ‘you’re not going to push it?’
  • ‘nah,’ he says. ‘you’ll talk to me if you’re ready.’
  • she smiles, pulls him into an affectionate half-hug. ‘merci.’
  • ‘sure.’
  • soulmates have always been a sore topic, ever since the lacroix family adopted sombra, a skittish kid with a burn scar over her tattoo, too precise to be anything but deliberate. ‘it’s hypothesised that it was an introductory sentence,’ the social worker at the orphanage had said. ‘most of these cases involve- well, let’s just say it was likely a girl’s name.’
  • not to mention the time when amelie’s fiancé gérard had found his soulmate on the night he proposed, and had broken off the engagement two weeks before the wedding with a half-hearted apology.
  • fuck him, anyways.
  • she goes inside and sips cafe au lait and tries not to think about it.
  • and this goes on for two weeks, until finally sombra confronts her in the kitchen.
  • ‘listen, hermana. i don’t know who this girl is, who said what’s written on your arm. but you know what? you should maybe stop being such a baby about it and go and find her.’
  • amelie looks at her flatly. ‘i don’t want a soulmate.’
  • ‘fine! that’s fine! but obviously it’s been fucking you up lately. i know the gérard thing was a clusterfuck, but you should consider it. and it’s your choice. but i’ve grown up not even knowing- hell, anyone could be my soulmate- and i’ve wished sometimes that i could at least know. and if it doesn’t work out, who gives a damn? you’re fine as hell, sis. catch someone else.’
  • amelie just blinks at her, and then sighs. ‘okay.’
  • ‘what?’
  • ‘i’ll give it a try.’
  • ‘hell yeah!’ gabe pops out from behind the counter
  • gabriel reyes-’
  • and so amelie tracks her down.
  • ‘lena oxton,’ gabe reads from over sombra’s shoulder. ‘and her picture- ooh, she’s cute.’
  • amelie examines her nails and fakes disinterest. ‘is she? i didn’t notice.’
  • ‘she runs an international crime syndicate.’ sombra says.
  • what?’
  • ‘joking, joking. just making sure you were paying attention.’
  • amelie shoots her the middle finger.
  • ‘and she’s in paris right now, probably. here’s her- oh my god! it has her number!’
  • ‘it’s 2 am,’ amelie warns.
  • ‘don’t be such a coward. i’m going to-’
  • no-’
  • and then the phone beeps. gabe holds it above his head, grinning, as amelie swipes for it. 
  • she picks up on the third ring, voice sleep-scratchy through the phone.
  • ‘lo?’
  • ‘bonjour.’
  • a pause. ‘please tell me this isn’t who i think it is.’
  • ‘yes. it’s me.’
  • you’re so dramatic, sombra mouths. amelie ignores her.
  • ‘um. okay?’
  • ‘i’d like to talk to you.’
  • the rustle of blankets. ‘sure. what’s up?’
  • ‘you’re my soulmate,’ amelie says bluntly. ‘and i’d like to consider pursuing an… affiliation.’
  • gabe rolls his eyes.
  • ‘hell does that mean?’
  • ‘she means,’ sombra says abruptly, and amelie sends her a panicked glare, ‘that you’re cute and she wants to hit that.’
  • ‘um…?’
  • ‘my apologies. my sister.’
  • ‘okay. this is going to sound weird- what’s your name?’
  • ‘amelie. amelie lacroix.’
  • ‘like…’ and amelie waits for her to say ‘giant corporation,’ or ‘corrupt political family, but instead: ‘the soda?’
  • quoi?’
  • sombra cackles. ‘the soda! jesus, amiga!’
  • ‘no,’ amelie says mournfully, ‘like the prime minister.’
  • ‘ah. shit.’
  • ‘pardon?’
  • ‘that explains why you’re so pretty.’
  • gabe swoons. amelie flips him off.
  • there’s the click of typing. ‘ooh. an affair in the family? corruption, scandals left and right- well, i guess that explains my words.’
  • sombra grins at that. ‘speaking of, what are those?’
  • ‘oh? these? fuck you.’
  • sombra recoils. ‘excuse me?’
  • ‘no, those are mine. except in french.’
  • ‘hold up,’ gabe pipes up. ‘your first words to your soulmate were ‘fuck you’?’
  • amelie has a headache. ‘yes or no.’
  • ‘what?’
  • ‘to the… affiliation.’
  • ‘god, you’re so awkward,’ sombra says.
  • ‘oh, that? sure.’
  • ‘ah.’
  • an awkward silence.
  • ‘well, i’ll see you. tomorrow, 9 am, near that one crêpe shop near the eiffel?’
  • ‘oui.’
  • ‘got it. cheers, love.’
  • amelie blushes fiercely. sombra lets out an ‘ooh’.
  • ‘it’s a date,’ amelie says finally, and there’s a quiet laugh.
  • ‘it’s a date.’
BTS Reaction to their S/O wanting help with learning Korean


“But you seem to be doing so well” He would argue. 

“So… You don’t want to help?” you would ask

“Nonononono I would I love to help. I just meant that I think that you are capable of doing it by yourself. But if you really want the help then I’m here for you. I’ll help” 

It would become a daily thing. The two of you would sit down at the dining table in evening after dinner and go through the text book. It had became Jin’s favourite thing. After a long day or practice he couldn’t wait to get home and spend some quality time with you. His heart would flutter and would smile at how adorable you were whenever you made a small slip up in pronunciation. 

“Wahhhhhh, look at how good our Y/N has become. You’re better than me these days”

“Oh, shut up” you would giggle bashfully and gently shove his shoulder 

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“Yoongi, can you come here for a second please?” You call across the room. 

Like most of the time, he has his headphones on but removed them at the sound of you voice,

“Sorry, what did you just say babe?”

“Can you come here pleeaaseeee?”

He walks over and sinks into the seat next to you.

“Okay, I need you to help check my pronunciation. But you cannot laugh at me. Please.” You glare.

“Okay okay, I won't” He chuckled and then waved a hand over him face and changed his expression to a very serious one. 

You weren’t terrible but some words were not as good as others. This became apparent in the change of Yoongi’s facial expression. The corners of his eyes would crease and his lips upturned. 

“Yoonggiiii, stooooop” You whined

He bursted out laughing but then cups your face,

“I’m sorry but you’re just so fucking cute, it hurts” He would say ruffling your hair”

“…Can we make this a regular thing? I get to watch you be adorable and you get to improve your speaking skills. A win-win situation” He smiles 

“Pft… okay, fine” You peck his lips.

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You were sat on the sofa with your two text books. Korean Language sat on your lap and Korean Grammar beside you. The sound of the apartment door opening tore you away from your studies. 

“Helloooooooo” Your boyfriend calls through to you. He soon walks through into the living area and finds you and your paperbacked friends. 

“Oooooh, is our Y/N hard at work?” he asks

“Very” you reply, looking back down at todays chapter.

Hobi slouches down next to you, resting his head on your shoulder. You smile, brushing the hair away and kissing his forehead. 

“How was practice?” You ask

“Eh. Long and tiring. Like most of the time. But from of the looks of it you have been busy today as well. Can I have a look?” He asks whilst having a peep at your book. 

“Sure” You say passing the book onto him. The both of you sit there going through the work you had done for the day. He would nod in approval and point out parts that could be improved. 

“But please don’t beat yourself up about it. You’re doing so well baby. I’m so proud of yooouuuu~” He wraps him arms around you and pulls you so you’re laying on top of him. 

“This fuels your teaching ambition, doesn’t it?” you ask giggling. 

“I mean… Yeah, it does” He chuckles, kissing the tip of your nose. 

Originally posted by yoongis--babygirl


Your boyfriends strolls into the bedroom finding you sprawled out, face down across the bed along with texts books and pieces of paper. He shakes his head snickering. Today was one of those days where you lacked quite a bit of motivation, making it very hard to stick to your organised daily routine of learning Korean.

“You okay, baby?” he asks, leaning against the doorframe. Without lifting your head, you point to the surrounding papers. Curious, he sits down next to you, picking up a book. 

“Ahhhhh, do you want some help?” He asks, running fingers through your hair.

“Ugh, Joon, please don’t do that. It’s making me want to sleep even more than I already do” You groan. 

“Okay, Y/N, sit up. We are going to go through this” 

You groan but still comply. He makes you follow him through to to the dining room table. Namjoon went through the chapter with you for a good hour or so. 

“How do you feel?” he asks.

“Better” you reply, “It feels easier when I have someone go through it with me.”

“I’d be more than happy to help you more often. Remember, I know what its like.” 

You nod, “Yeah please” 

He smiles, kissing your temple.

“But can we sleep now? I’m tired” 

He laughs and strokes the back of your head, 

“Sure baby, we can sleep”

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Whilst Jimin was a dance practice you took the time to practice your pronunciation. You were sat on the sofa with your headphones to listen to the audio. Although you should’ve been practicing and improving upon the words you knew, you thought why not learn something new. Just give it a go. 

It must have been just over an hour and you heard a loud thump in the hallway. You ripped your headphones off and froze in place. You picked up the pillow next to you which would certainly scare off any intruder  and walk towards the hall. 

But it wasn’t a robber or a ghost. It was your boyfriend on the floor holding his stomach in laughter. 


“Oh my… babe… I can’t… LOOK. I’M CRYING. THERE ARE TEARS.” Were the few words he manages to say through laughing. 

Eventually, he calms down and explains. 

“I come in and I just hear you talking to yourself. But then I released it was Korean and. Oh my God, baby you’re so cute” He grins whilst squishing your cheeks. 

You pull his hands away, frowning. 

“Oh leave me alone. I know i’m bad. That’s why I’m practicing” 

“No, it’s so cute~. Listen, I can help if you want. Then you don’t have to talk to yourself” He sniggers.

“Really…?” You ask

“Of course!” 

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You and Taehyung were sat on opposite sides of the sofa. As always, Tae was in his own little world, bobbing his head and mumbling song lyrics to himself whilst scrolling through his phone. And you were frowning down at a certain example sentence in your textbook that you had been trying to get your head around and string together for the past fifteen minutes. You groaned in frustration, throwing your head back. 

This caught you boyfriends attention and he looked over at you. 

“Huh, What’s wrong darling?” 

“Whenever I think I’ve got this sentence, I tried to say it but… I just can’t get it out” You whine.

He scooted closer to you to have a look at the sentence. 

He cleared his through and repeated the sentence slowly. You watched the way the words easily rolled off his tongue and left his lips. You huffed to signify that it was still proving to be difficult. 

“Let me hear you say it” He said, passing the book back to you.

You did your best to say the sentence and looked back to Tae’s face afterwards to check for him opinion. He looked back at you with his huge boxy smile. He found your mispronunciation incredibly endearing. 

“…What?” You asked, self conscious.  

“You’re so adorable” he smiled adoringly at you. 

The comment made you flush “Tae, I need feedback. How can I get better?” 

“Ah yeah, right. Let me break it down for you” 

You finally somewhat got there after about half an hour 

“YES, Y/N! THAT’S IT!” He cheered holding his hand up in the air. You laughed and returned his high five. 

“Lets make this a regular thing” 

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“Kookie, remember you promised to help me with pronunciation tonight” you reminded your boyfriend after cleaning up the dishes from diner. 

“Oh yeah, you want to start now?” 

“Yeah, just give me a second” you said going to get your essentials. 

You both sat down on the living room floor with the book in between you. 

“Actually, Y/N. I have a better idea” Jungkook smirks. You raised your eyebrows in curiosity.

“And what would would that be?” you asked.

“How about I test you? So you have to repeat the sentence in Korean but without looking at the book” 

“Wow, that is such a Jeon Jungkook thing to say. But okay.” 

The few sentences you said with ease which earned an approving look from your boyfriend. But then the next one somewhat stumped you but you where still quite sure of yourself. So you give it your best shot. 

But Jungkook found something about it absolutely hysterical and flopped onto the floor in a fit of giggles. You pouted and frowned. 

“Whats so funny?” you grumbled 

“That’s not how you say it, babe.” He laughed. 

“I’m sorry that i’m so bad at this. That’s why i asked you to help me.” 

“I know I know I know. I’m sorry. You’re so cute though” He kissed you forehead. 

“Okay, Lemme break this down.” He grinned.

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(This is my first reaction so please go easy on me~ thank you~)

alluring touch || calum hood

requested: yes

word count: 3.9k+

synopsis: fuckboy!calum was your roommate and even though he is the embodiment of arrogance and late night stands, indulging into his charm is pretty hard to resist.

warning: mentions/suggestions of sex, suggestions of oral sex, foreplay

a/n: just a heads up, this is a gay writing piece. there is no particular reason as to why i wrote it as a gay piece other than in the moment, it felt right to make it. sorry to the anon who requested this if this isn’t what you expected as i did tweak it a bit. if you want a part 2, i can TRY and make a part 2 with actual smut. credits to the gif owner.

inspired by ‘New Bae’ - Vic Mensa

masterlist // writing prompt list

There is something about him that made everyone crave him. I don’t know if it was his smirk that just seemed to be forever planted on his face, the way he licked his lips teasing whoever his next victim was; to let them know that he could do so much more than moisturise his lips with that tongue, the way his arms looked so strong yet so inviting that if he were to trap you between his body and the wall, you wouldn’t mind; or maybe it was his whiskey almost onyx eyes that ironically shined brighter than any star that reels the people in. I honestly don’t know, but I don’t blame the hopeless for falling into his trap. He certainty knows how to get them good.

His parents should’ve named him ‘Dick’ considering it suits him very well and that’s the only head he uses to think with, but no. That’s not his name at all. He has a rather strong, masculine name that people just love to moan out. They call him ‘God’, but he honestly just prefers ‘Calum’, to make him seem more humble.

What a dick.

I rolled my eyes as I sat in our shared apartment, eating cereal on the couch, watching him escort the lovely and most likely closeted gay male, out the door. Once the door closed I cleared my throat, grabbing Calum’s attention.

“3rd guy this week, Calum and shit it is only Tuesday.” I said as Calum smirked at me.

“Wanna be the 4th?” he winked, strolling towards me before sitting down.

I scoffed in disgust as I rolled my eyes once more, getting up from my spot immediately after he sat down.

“Yeah how about no.” I answered, drinking the leftover milk from my cereal before putting it in the sink to wash later.

“Oh right, because you wouldn’t want to cheat on your little boyfriend, huh?” Calum said, stretching his arms over the entire couch back and letting his arms rest on top of them.

“Again… he is not my boyfriend.” I said with annoyance practically oozing from my response as I made him his usual cup of coffee. Calum liked his coffee the way he liked his men; super sweet, light and give him enough energy to be in control of everything. Calum and I have a weird love-hate dynamic between us. I hate him. He loves me. I criticise everything that he does. He constantly flirts with me. I make him coffee and he helps me study for my finals. It’s extremely odd, but it is how we work.

I carried his coffee mug with both of my hands as I steadily walked over to the couch, making sure not to spill a drop. As I slowly bend forward to put the coffee cup on the table, I felt his eyes staring into my behind. I looked over my shoulder and glared at him. However, he didn’t care that I just caught him checking out my ass, in fact it made him stare at it even more, adjusting his body slightly as his eyes trailed from my ass and finally meeting with my eyes.

“Stop it.”

“Stop what?”

“Checking my ass out. There is more to me than just my ass, Calum.”

“Oh I know. There’s your pretty little mouth too and that tongue too.”

My jaw dropped as I quickly stood up straight, clearing my throat. A sudden heat rushed up to my face as I tried to calm down. Calum smirked as he sat up properly and leaned over to grab his coffee.

“Thanks for the coffee, Y/N.” Calum said, winking at me.

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pocaphrodite  asked:

i have an ashkenazic jewish oc (who i recently made jewish bc i switched his faceclaim to someone who was jewish) and i was wondering a few things that i couldnt find straight up answers to: hes ethnically french and nationally british so would it be common for him to incorporate some yiddish words into his english or would he speak hebrew more likely than yiddish? (1)

and what are some small cultural things i can just casually put in to make it clear hes jewish bc in the universe, his friends already know hes jewish and have for around 5-6 years so it wouldnt make sense for him to just say it i wouldnt think? what do yall think. also, i think it would make sense for him to be more secular, but i do like the idea of him avoiding things that arent kosher. i just need some advice, thanks! (2)

Establishing a character as Jewish through actions, and would a secular Ashkie include more Yiddish or more Hebrew into his English?

Of the random Jewish-language words that Ashkenazim in the United States – I’m speaking from that perspective so I wanted to provide a disclaimer – use in their English on a regular basis, Yiddish comprises a greater proportion than Hebrew unless one is specifically using Hebrew words there aren’t English equivalents for, like talking about names of blessings (kiddush) or temple equipment (yad.) In other words, he might kvetch about this schmendrick at work being a total schmuck, because he had the chutzpah to steal the other half of the biscuits your poor OC bought from the snack machine when he needed a nosh. (There, I said biscuits. Does it look British now? lol)

…so, my example was a little unnatural, throwing them all in there together like that, but those are all words that were basically English if you grew up in my family, when they’re actually Yiddish. You’ll get a feel for how they fit into sentences – and how often – if you start reading our fiction about ourselves.

Some words wind up being either/or: for example, yarmulke (Yiddish) vs. kippah (Hebrew), or Good Shabbos vs. Shabbat Shalom.

If I saw a character using Hebrew slang instead of Yiddish slang and Hebrew serious-words in their English, my first guess would be that they were Israeli, not European Jewish. Not sure how accurate that is, though.

Since there are so many variations on our practices, it would be reasonable to have a secular Jewish character who still avoids pork and shellfish, or cheeseburgers (mixing meat and dairy), especially if that’s how he grew up. 

Other ways to show someone’s secular Jewishness are listed on this earlier post about secular Jewish representation, although it was specifically written by an American for an American character so there are probably some differences since your character is British. [Writing Secular American Jewish Characters

Personal preference: please remember to include some of these other things besides just kosher/kosher-lite, because it can sometimes be frustrating to feel like gentiles only see our culture as “no pork” and not all the things we are. (Some secular Jewish characters written by Jewish authors you can read to get a feel for how it looks on the page are Molly from Becky Albertalli’s The Upside of Unrequired and Clara from my new release Knit One, Girl Two.)

Hope this helps! And hoping to hear from some Jewish folks in the UK or who have lived there for an extended period, with any further suggestions or adjustments.


Loud Mouth, Hercules Mulligan x Reader

Prompt: Soft Side + Hercules Mulligan

Words: 483

Author’s Note: Big guys characterized with a soft side is actually my greatest weakness.

Warnings: Mulligan is a teddy bear. Hamilsquad is drunk.

Askbox | Masterlist

You wondered if the group you were currently serving was born to make noise. It wasn’t necessarily rude or obnoxious, but it wasn’t exactly what you welcomed with four hours until last call.

Scrubbing the table next to theirs, you heard them converse in hush whispers for the first time. They were more than likely discussing plans and opinions best left unheard by nearby ears. Although, the shortest of the group seemed content allowing anyone and everyone hearing every word he spoke.

Suddenly, a shadow was cast over you, and you looked up to see Hercules Mulligan, the strongest and quite possibly the loudest of the group in front of you. You hesitated, wondering if he would speak first. You heard collective giggling next to you and could only assume his posse was intently watching you.

“Another round?” You suggested, slinging your rag over your shoulder.

“N-No…I think we’re good for now.” He spoke, quiet toned. His voice shocked you so much you almost didn’t quite catch what he had said. His usual deep and strong voice was reduced to the faintest of whispers.

“Aww! He’s shy!” The group crooned. With one glance, he had them all shut up.

“Can I help you with something Mr. Mulligan?” You move back to the bar with him hot on your trails. You begin rinsing out mugs as he collected his thoughts, sometimes stuttering out a half sentence that had no sense to it.

“Good Lord man! Hit her with some of the cheesy crap you rant to us about and ask her for a date before we hit tomorrow’s last call.” Calls out a rather intoxicated Lafayette, arms wrapped around his two friends who offered him balance.

“She’s as beautiful as a newly bloomed rose, too precious and elegant to consider a loud mouth brute like me.” Quoted Hamilton, dramatically flailing his arms, effectively letting Lafayette go and allowing him to collapse onto Laurens.

“That wasn’t word for word.” Hercules grumbled, scratching the back of his neck in embarrassment.

“It was very beautiful, Mr. Mulligan. I’m sure your version was even more so.”

“Hercules is fine.” You offered your name, but he responded with a simple, “I know.”

“Your friends are rather charming. Although, I often find myself admiring a certain loud mouth brute that often accompanies them.” You allowed yourself to flirt, but was too embarrassed to directly meet his eye. Lafayette wolf whistled from the floor.

“And I a barmaid with beautiful eyes with a horrible taste in men.” He shamelessly flirted back, leaning forward on the wooden bar, only allowing mere inches to separate you.

“Come back tomorrow. First round is on me. Only if you pay for dinner, of course.”

He grinned down at you, taking your hand and placing a gentle kiss on your knuckles.

“Free beer? Good pick, Mulligan!” Cried Laurens, still squirming beneath Lafayette.

“He’s not invited.”

New Heart

Type: Smut

Pairing: Junmyeon x Reader

Originally posted by oh-prankster

He’s always had feelings for you. Since the day you ran into the S.M building to get out of the unexpected rain just as he was leaving. His heart hurt for you as you explained your boyfriend who was supposed to pick you up canceled last minute and as you were walking home you got caught in the rain you hand prepared for. As the two of you exchanged names and numbers and he drove you home he wouldn’t be able to hide his feelings towards the boyfriend. Especially when you were left with no other choice but to call him for other things he had stood you up for. 

He’d keep his thoughts to himself though. Even though you knew he didnt like the boyfriend he wouldn’t tell you to break up with him, it was your life and if you were happy most of the time then who was he to tell you to end it. Even if he did know you would be much, much happier with him. 

It was raining again. He knew how much you hated the rain and he couldn’t help but to think about you as he watched out the small window of their practice room. As his name was called he closed his eyes and hoped that your boyfriend was with you. That you weren’t stuck alone again to endure the storm. As Chanyeol called his name again he turned to see him holding his phone, the screen lit up in indication that there was a call coming through. 

He bit his lip and smile sadly at your name on his screen. He answered to hear your small voice and he instantly knew that you were home alone. You didnt even have to ask him before he was grabbing his coat and leaving the building, not caring if he had agreed to participate in the extra practice Kyungsoo asked for. 

Driving to get to you seemed to take a lot longer than usual. The traffic was bad, there was accidents all over and half of the main road he used to get to your place was blocked off from construction. But still he made it work, texting you to reassure you that he was coming and to wait for him. He knew so much about you and your personality that he didnt need to wait to knock on the door, he pulled your hidden key out of its spot, unlocked it and made his way in. 

His heart dropped at the sight of you. You were sat on the couch, legs curled up against your body and head resting on your arms that were folded over the arm rest of the couch. You moved your gaze from the rain falling over the glass and over to him, your eyes red and puffy from crying so much. Your hair was wet and as you used the sleeve to wipe the tears that had started again off of your cheeks you stood, walking quickly to busy yourself in his chest. He sighed and wrapped his arms around your tightly, his cheek resting on the top of your head. 

You had started to sob again and all that he could think of was how he was going to kill the bastard that did this to you. He sat you down and listened as you explained how he had left you again making you walk home in the rain and when you had gotten home you found him in your bed with someone else. Hearing that sent a pang of hatred through is chest and he knew he could do nothing but hold you closer. 

He listened sadly as you babbled on about how you should have ended it sooner. How you were so stupid to believe that he actually cared for you and how it was your fault that this happened to you. Every time you blamed yourself his heart would break again and again. He shifted, sitting in a way that he was completely facing you, one hand now resting on your thigh as the other rested above your shoulder on the back of the couch. 

He couldn’t take it any more. You were too precious to him and to hear you going down on yourself made desperate to try and get you to stop. he called your name a few times, softly at first than slowly getting louder when you continued to talk over him. You weren’t listening, you were too caught up in your own world of blaming yourself to realize what it was he was pleading for you to hear. 

In one swift movement he took your cheeks between his hands and forced you to look at him, his thumbs gently moving across your cheeks to end the tears that had continued to roll. You opened your mouth again to ask him how you could be so stupid, but before you could get more than half the sentence out his lips pushed onto yours.

Your eyes fluttered shut as your hand reached up to find his, your heart melting at how soft they were and how much love were behind them, something that you never experienced before. Just as you were about to deepen the kiss he pulled away, his thumbs still grazing your cheeks softly.

‘Stop blaming yourself, y/n. This isn’t your fault. Please just stop.’ He said biting his lip.

Your hand trailed up to his and you held onto it. You looked at him and saw something so different than what you usually saw. Your friend had become your hero. The sweet shy boy had become a man who protected you and all you could truly think about was the feeling of his lips on yours. 

The gaze you had on him made his heart flutter and he couldn’t help but chuckle softly moving is gaze down to the space in between you two. His hands relaxed, one of them landing on your thigh and the other that was still shielded by yours ended up intertwined with yours. The sound of you whispering his name made his stomach flip as he looked back up to you, his eyes soft as he noticed you had stopped crying completely. 

He was surprised when you lent forward to his him again, but he took no time in lettings lips move with yours. It was everything he thought kissing you would be. He imagined it to be heavy, desperate in the way that this feeling had been put off for so long and finally the two of you were being allowed to express yourselves. 

He was surprised, but not complaining at all as your arms hooked around his neck. His hand found your back and as you pulled him down with you his hand supported you. He’d hovered over you, his hand moving up to brush your hair back before trailing back down to hold your thigh that had moved up and pressed against his side. He wanted that moment to last for ever. Just you and him, the rain outside and the couch that helped press you closer to him. 

He pulled away again, his forehead pressed against yours for a second before he looked at you, cheeks now flushed because of him and lips slightly parted and pink as if they waited patiently for his. He pushed more hair to the side, his fingers going back to hook around your thigh. 

‘Where have you been this whole time?’ you wondered out loud, wondering how you could possibly over look someone like him. 

‘Ive been right here waiting for you.’ He smiled, reading forward to kiss you gently. 

‘Im not going to make you wait anymore. I woke up.’ You said pulling at his neck again to make him reconnect your lips. You could feel his smile against you which made you smile. Your hands tightened around his neck as he sat you up and brought you to straddle his lap, his arms hooking tightly around your waist as he held you close, your lips never breaking pace. 

You shifted over his lap and chuckled when he pulled away from you again, his head falling to the back of the couch as you rotated then one more time. He’d sigh again as you lifted yourself off of him to meet his mouth making him smile again into the kiss. You trailed your lips down his jaw and to his neck causing a light groan to come from his mouth and his hands to grab onto  the backs  of your thighs.

You sat back down and smiled as your lips trailed back up to his, you have never felt this powerful before, this wanted or this needed. His hands squeezing to your butt as you reconnected your lips made him feel the same way. It was the feeling that the two of you have been together forever. That you were meant to be together that made this okay. That mad you reaching under his shirt to pull it up and over his head okay, and that him doing the same to you was okay. 

He groaned into the kiss agains as your hips began to grind against him and his hands began to travel across your skin. Your own fingers hooked together behind his neck again, your body letting him push and pull you as he liked until something in him snapped. 

You giggled and held onto him as he flipped you to your back, but making sure you weren’t going to hit your head on anything before his strong arms finally let you go. He playfully kissed you though your giggles, whining for you to take him seriously as his kissed all over your cheeks nose and lips. it just ended with him not being able to hide his own giggles. He pressed his forhead to yours and sighed catching his breath before you tapped his chin to make him look up, just so you could pull his neck softly and bring his lips to yours once more. 

He fall back into kissing you, so intently that he didnt realized your hands and wrapped to grab onto his belt until you were pulling at it as if to silently say you wanted him. You wanted him completely. 

He’d agree by deepening the kiss and running his hand down your arm, his breath once again heavy as you slowly undid his pants to release his throbbing member. You laid there as he sat up to strip himself and as he turned to you you couldn’t help but blush at his chiseled body. He’d blush at you looking at him, but to keep himself from feeling self conscious he’d turn to you and pull the thin sleeping shorts you had on off of your body. 

He’d come up your body again, kissing you desperately as you pulled at his back, the feeling of his skin against yours sending fireworks through your body. You almost lost your breath at the feeling oh his hand running up the inside of your thigh and for the first time since you had been under him you realized just how hot he made you. How wet you were becoming. 

You pulled at him harder, not wanting nothing more than to just feel him, but when he broke the kiss you felt it was over, that he realized he was about to go all the way with someone who hours ago had just ended a relationship, even if the relationship was already over. 

But instead he looked at you with a smug grin and rose an eyebrow as you squirmed slightly. He bent forward and kissed you softly smiling slightly as you rolled your body again to try to find him. 

‘You are so eager.’ He said puling at your lip with his thumb playfully. 

‘I just… please. I really need you. Only you.’ You whispered, immediately biting your lip, scared that he was going to reject your boldness. 

But he smiled at you, pushing your hair out of your face slightly before dipping down to kiss you again. You gasped suddenly when the tip of his member touched you slightly, making you chuckle in victory. as much as he wanted you he couldn’t help but to tease you. The small sounds that were coming out of you were to good to loose sight of and he held onto those noises as long as he could. Until you gasped his name, that is. The moment his name left your lips in a breathy moan he felt himself already on the verge of exploding form the anticipation. It was no longer a game to him. 

He used his hand to guide himself into you, almost a little to fast. He pushed into you so far he hit your weak spot and pulled a gasp from you and a cocky smile from him. He moved his lips back to yours and kissed you softly, pushing in and out of you slowly as he stretched you. He couldn’t help but groan at the feeling of how tight you were, and after you had begged for him to go faster he wasn’t sure if he could, you just felt too good around him. 

But he did, and within seconds he had you a moaning mess under him with the way he would curl and push his hips into you. Your hands gripped to his thighs as his hands pushed yours up by your cheeks. He’d find your lips every chance he got to kiss you and when ever he did your heart would flutter, wanting nothing more than to be as close to him as possible. As his pumped quickened and his breath grew shaky you gasped as his had reached down to circulate your clit, One leg now pressed up and against his chest as the other fell off to the side. 

Your hand clenched to the back of his neck as he watched your eyes close and your body stiffen. Every time you moaned his name he’d move faster, now adjusted to the tightness of you around him and getting to the point where he wanted nothing more than to just pleasure you to all ends.

With his body slapping against yours and his fingers sending rockets of pleasure through your body your toes began to curl and your breath became uneven. It happened three times where you’ve met the top and held on, the last thing you wanted was for it to be over. But as he moved harder in you and in new ways that hit new corners you couldn’t hold on any more.

Seeing you unravel around him brought a chuckle to his lips and he couldn’t help but push into you you even harder as he waited for his turn to cum. You moaned holding tightly to his wrist and as you came you couldn’t hide your shaky breath as he kissed you softly. 

You reached up and gripped tightly to his neck again as his own breath became uneven and sharp hisses left his throat as he pulled out quickly. This time it was your turn to watch him as his eyes shut and he came over you. He laughed as you pulled him in to kiss him gently, his hands brushing themselves into your hairs as he sat you up slightly. 

You broke the kiss and scooted out from under him. As he watched you half jog into the nearest bathroom he couldn’t help but fall back on the couch and kick his feet once. He couldn’t believe that he just slept with the girl of his dreams. He came to his senses and started to dress himself, sure that you would be ready for him to leave. But as you left the bathroom now wrapped in a thin robe you called his name, almost a little offended that he was up and half way dressed.

He stopped and looked at you before putting his shirt on, his stomach flipped as you nervously bit your lip and opened your mouth ready to say something. 

‘I thought id head out… I don’t want to push my luck.’ He whispered walking up to you and taking your cheek in his hand. 

‘I was kind hoping that you would want to stay.’ You looked at him and smiled as he sighed in relief. 

You laughed as he threw his shirt off to the side and returned to wrap his arms around your neck and walk you backwards into your room.

Is It True, Your Royal Highness?

Intro: Shawn is a prince that has been lying about his identity to Y/N because he feels normal around her, but he can’t keep his secret for long sooner or later the truth will come out, how will Y/N take it? Will he be the one to tell her? Or will she find out on her own?

Warnings: No trigger warnings that’s all I’m sayin

A/N: This was short but this just gives a tiny idea about what their lives are like :)

Chapter 1

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Happy To See You Awake

Stranger Things

Characters: Byers family + middle Byers sibling reader

Words: 1000

Warnings: None really just worry and a bit of guilt I guess. A little bit of fluff.

A/N: Hey guys! Happy Saturday. Sooo, as you’ve probably noticed; this isn’t a Supernatural fic. I love writing SPN, it’s just what I do. But I watch a lot of other shows too, and sometimes I just get crazy inspired to write something else than SPN, and then I’ll do so. I’ve watched both seasons of Stranger Things in about a week, and I just felt like writing something so it became this shorter fic/drabble piece. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a Winchester sister writer, because Supernatural is my fave thing to write, and this won’t really be a regular thing, but just overall, I might post fics for other fandoms every now and then, if I feel inspired. Lately I’ve had a bit of a writer’s block, and I’m just thankful for any piece I write right now. So yeah, hope you’re okay with this Stranger Things fic until I get my inspiration back when it comes to my SPN stuff :-)

Also, I just tagged my All Time Taglist and threw in some other tags too. I don’t know who’s watching Stranger Things, but just ignore it if you’re not interested.

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Your name: submit What is this?

You opened your eyes slowly, fighting off the darkness. It wasn’t will power, it was a reflex. Your mind was still in another place, you frowned as you tried to understand. You blinked, several times trying to get your eyes to focus and the fuzzy figures to clear up. You concentrated, trying to actually hear the voices, to get your brain to piece the sounds together into words, but with no success. You recognized a touch though, just barely. It was by your face and maybe someone was playing with your hair or something like that, but you couldn’t be too sure. And, that was about all you gathered before succumbing to sleep again, all the strong impressions around you fading away.

”(Y/N)? (Y/N), do you hear me?”

A voice that sounded awfully familiar reached your ears and that was the thing that ultimately pulled you back to consciousness. A faint gasp escaped your mouth as you opened your eyes fully, and your wide-awake gaze darted across the room. White walls, white floor, white ceiling, white covers, pastel yellow curtains and light blue gown. Hospital.

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I never wanted to punch a customer so much

2 days ago, I was called to the till.

A woman (and her mother) wanted to return a baby bottle.

Our policy say that you have to have either the receipt or the credit-card you paid with, or, if you paid cash, then the exact time and date and specifically which till you paid in.

We need to see the package, at the very least, if you paid in cash or can’t track your purchase.

If it has our price-sticker on it (very distinct, also has our logo on it), we can take it back, and we give you store-credit for the lowest price this item had in the past 3 months.

Anyway, she wanted to return a bottle.

No package.

No proof of purchase at all.

I asked her, “Where is the box?”

She said, “I tossed it, I don’t keep garbage in my house.”

Me: “Did you pay with a credit card?”

Her: “My husband paid for this.”

Me: “Do you have the receipt?”

Her: “No, I don’t keep them.”

Me: “Did you buy it in this specific store?”

Her: “I don’t remember.”

Me: “Well, if you like, you can ask your husband for the credit card’s number, that way I can look it up and refund you what you paid for it, or you can exchange for a new bottle.”

Her: “My husband is in a fucking meeting right now, I’m not going to bother him for fucking 30 bucks.”

Me: “You can come back tomorrow with the credit card number then.”

Her: “I’m not coming back tomorrow. In your other store in (a city nearby) they always refund me without any problem.”

Me: “I’m following policy, I don’t know how they do things in that other store. I have to ask my manager. If he’s OK with giving you a refund, then I’ll refund you, though I doubt it.”

So I go and ask the manager, and as expected, he said that we couldn’t accept it.

I went back and then she started arguing, telling me that she only buys this sort of thing in our store and we sell those bottles and what sort of shift manager am I and she’ll be calling corporate and complain about me.

I asked her if she wanted our customer service’s phone number.

She wanted to return another item, but this one had our sticker on it and I gave her the lowest prce refund in store credit.

A few minutes after she left, she came back and complained that she wanted to use the store credit to pay for the things she bought.

So I had to return one of the items she bought, refund her credit card, then scan it again, use the store credit to pay for part of the sum and charged her credit card for the rest.

Even the cashier who was standing next to me tried to explain to her why we couldn’t refund her for the bottle, but she just kept speaking louder, interrupting us whenever we tried to finish our sentences.

At some point I stopped trying to explain and said things like, “then contact customer-service, I can’t help you.”


That cashier is one of the coolest, most laid-back people I know and even he looked like he wanted to smash her face to the counter.

Afterwards I went to the managers and told them to expect a complaint about me, so one of them did this half-smile and said, “Why, what did you do?”

So I told him the whole story and he said, “Don’t worry about it.”