he rustles my jimmies so much

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I think you're an amazing artist and your 2D rustles my jimmies just as much as Jamie's 😩 I wanna date the shit out of your 2D he's so beautiful

Thank you thank you!

i’d date the shit out of my 2d too but also then we’d be too much alike a dangerous clumsy forgetful couple who goes on deep tangents about life

Skype Rants

Her: Chimalus is saying to stop objectifying his characters. How about this, LEAVE ANDOR BE. Let him live!

“But a large part of the Ianite you love, is the Ianite I created.” What exactly did you write about Ianite, though? The bad stuff she did isn’t exactly what everyone loves about her. The personality she had in season two was super bro. Even if you’re arguing, “I added more to Ianite with her mind issues and the stuff about her past,” it REALLY wasn’t in detail. It’s not discussed much in the story at all, and to be honest, wasn’t relevant in the streamer’s minds either.

I’m not saying Ianite shouldn’t have died because I think she’s a pure person. Nah, I think it was just a cheap way out. It was a last-minute thing so that you didn’t have to roleplay three characters at once. You’ve even admitted that. You could even argue that Ianite was truly comic relief at some points. Just there to be there and spawn random stuff. In my opinion, he made his own Ianite. He made what he thought Ianite SHOULD be. But it really doesn’t matter, BECAUSE HE KILLED HER. The Ianite that will live on won’t be that Ianite, she’ll be something new.

And what’s with the shots at the fandom? We get it, we’re not dumb. We UNDERSTAND Andor is strong, he wouldn’t have come back if he wasn’t, character-wise. Saying that we’re not clever and don’t understand what he was trying to say just makes me angry. “Stop living in the hugbox.” Let people be HAPPY. Is it hurting you? NO. “It just hurts to see people turning my living, breathing creatures into cinnamon rolls.”

ANDOR IS A SWEET GUY. That’s his character. And people portray him as small and not as physically there just because for some people it’s inspiring. You don’t have to be big and traditionally masculine to be a strong person who’s survived terrible things.

DON’T GET ME STARTED ON IANITE. If I was going to describe her with that meme, she’d be a Sinnamon Roll, since it’s really her own choices that made her murder a lot of people. So I understand why he’d be a little mad, but whatever. This just gets me so mad, when people insult all of the fandom.

Probably just overreacting, but it seems like he’s belittling us, and that’s FIGHT SPEAK 


Saying “you love the Ianite I created” is so full of himself and smug that I cannot even articulate how awful it is. There was a whole DIFFERENT Ianite that we loved and the reason we loved his Ianite so much is BECAUSE she shared common traits with the one we grew attached to in season one. Like, we would have loved Ianite even if he made her a three headed chicken villain, BECAUSE SHE’S IANITE.

Fandoms get attached to characters. That’s what they do. And sure, they might make them more cinnamon roll than you’d like, but the fandom has essentially adopted that character. And attacking them for perceiving your “creatures” as more gentle and kind than you thought and saying, “no, you can’t do that because I, NOT EVEN THE SOLE CREATOR OF THESE CHARACTERS, say you can’t,” is just ridiculous and stupid. The whole Mianite fandom is going to get mad at him and THEN WHO WILL BE THERE TO CONSUME HIS WORK OF GENERIC ANGSTY CHARACTERS? THEY’LL HAVE TURNED THEIR BACKS ON HIM!  

And another thing, how is wanting a character you relate strongly to be happy envisioning them as small and weak? If anything, it’s that “victory in the face of adversity” he talks about.

Also why say anything about the memes? There’s a reason that cinnamon roll thing is so popular. It’s a cute and fun way to sum up a cute and/or kickass character. If anything, he should be flattered that people think so highly of his boring characters!

The show’s over. He’s not a writer for them anymore. 

You have no power over canon anymore, so stop writing fanfiction for your own characters and let the damn fandom enjoy themselves.

Like I said, if he moves on to another project, no Mianite fans will follow. He’s effectively insulted them and claimed a character that JORDAN invented, in all actuality. He likes to write angsty purple prose about his wonderful, strong characters, and to be honest, Mianite is way better than that. RANT OVER.