he ruines people's lives

tfw you realize that the story of Arobyn, Sam, and Celaena is actually a story about a man perpetuating gross child abuse and inflicting extreme psychological and physical damage on two teenagers simply because he was grooming one of them to be his slave and was jealous that she liked someone better than him

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but then you realize that Queen of Shadows is the story of a child, Aelin, getting her revenge against her abuser with help from someone he sexually abused, Lysandra, and that Aelin doesn’t reveal her plans to Rowan and Aedion because she likely wants the satisfaction of seeing Arobyn brought down by the hands of the people whose lives he tried to ruin

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The Signs as Things Izaya Orihara has Done
  • Aquarius: Sets a table on fire.
  • Pisces: Walks beside Celty on her motorcycle + makes 'vroom vroom' sound effects.
  • Aries: Pretends to be different people in a chatroom and talks to himself.
  • Taurus: Stomps on someone's cellphone and laughs for 30 seconds straight.
  • Gemini: Claims he loves everyone, but causes drama/ruins people's lives for his own enjoyment.
  • Cancer: Gets a CT Scan + is relieved that his fucked up personality is a result of just him being him, and not brain damage.
  • Leo: Excitedly tells his friend about how he got stabbed.
  • Virgo: Manipulates an eight-year old to try + kill Shizuo for funsies.
  • Libra: Frames Shizuo for murder because he's bored.
  • Scorpio: Openly manipulative + revels in people's misery, but is upset when no one invites him to a hot pot party.
  • Sagittarius: Gets a gang of criminals together and asks them if they want hot pot.
  • Capricorn: Excitedly waits for someone to try + murder him.

robert „romance novel” sugden

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: in the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime the military control Liore was put under was used as a cover for making another philosopher's stone. It was essentially the same thing that happened in Ishval and everyone knew Ed caused it. Mustang tried to protect him but Scar said it right to his face. His guilt complex is too big to handle that. How did he live with himself after he learned it was his fault all those people's lives were ruined, especially when he thought he had helped them all that time. He already lives every day with the guilt of imprisoning his brother in a suit of armor, I don't think he could handle having the guilt of a second Ishval on his shoulders too. Is he able to sleep at night? My son doesn't deserve this.

Jin and JK’s ‘Adult’ Poem

Daughter-Carl Grimes

Requested: Nope

Plot: Y/N is Negan’s daughter who he loves more than he loves Lucille. One day, she finally was able to do a waterfall braid in her hair-and since her mother is already dead-she ran to go tell her father. Negan doesn’t care if he’s sitting in his room having a meeting or about to let Lucille feed, he will stop everything for his baby girl. This particular day was the day Carl Grimes just so happened to be sitting in Negan’s room, staring down the man as he paced and talked about how good it had felt to kill Carl’s friends. 

Warnings: Swearing (duh), death, mentions of death, mentions of cancer

Paring: Carl Grimes x Female!Reader 

Word Count: 6,393

A/N: Hey! Sorry this is super long, but I just kinda kept writing. Let me know if you want more of this. (Also sorry for any inconsistencies, I wrote this over a couple days) Part 2 is up now, right here! <3

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Omg what if Damian got braces. He'd be on patrol as Robin taking down a villain and when he tries to say something witty he lisps (because braces were invented to ruin people's lives) and the criminals laugh at him AW POOR LISPY-BRACE FACE DAMI I FEEL HIS PAIN

Love this! This poor kid is suffering. He’d get black colored rubber bands on them to look cool and still try to scrape up some dignity, but that’s difficult to do when you’re trying to intimidate a villain with the Batman Voice™ and end up lisping. Also his brothers like to tease him about his braces, so occasionally he has to get physical and maybe punch one of them in the mouth. 

Marvel/Netflix intros as Defenders’ perspectives on New Yourk City

Somewhere around seeing Luke Cage I’ve realized something about each opening sequence for Defenders’ shows (or at least first three since Iron Fist wasn’t out yet). Mainly - that they all depict New York in some way and in a unique way convey how Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage look at it. I waited ‘til Iron Fist comes out to find if it will be true also in Danny’s case and I wasn’t disappointed. And the fact that city in present in each intro makes sense - after all Defenders (unlike Avengers or SHIELD) are supposed to be a more local-oriented heroes.

So here’s what I gathered.

Daredevil shows us a red liquid covering various buildings of New York, outlining them and making them visible. Matt Murdock, as we all know, is blind, but his other senses are so enhanced, he can hear what is happening in really far distance. In fact, he even tells Foggy that he - for the most part - knows where ambulance or police are driving and for what emergency. The liquid from intro brings up to mind blood, therefore it’s a metaphore of Matt Murdock “seeing” Hell’s Kitchen as full of suffering, he’s horribly aware of due to his supersenses.

Jessica Jones intro seems to depict New York through lenses and show people being followed in the alleys and observed through windows. That’s because Jessica - as a private eye - sees the city as full of dark secrets, people with deviations and cheating on their spouses. Jessica is disillusional about human nature and often expresses her cynical view on life and people.

Luke Cage has various landmarks in Harlem projecting on Luke’s shoulders. That’s because Luke at some point decides to fight for Harlem and take its problems on his shoulders. He sees gangsters ruining this beautiful place, destroying lives of honestly good people, so he wants to protect it and bring hope to its residents.

Finally Iron Fist intro starts with a man performing kung fu moves on the landscapes bringing to mind forrests and mountains of Far East, before we suddenly see him with city as a background, then he’s in the middle of the city. That’s because Kunlun was Danny’s reality for really long. He not only knows kung fu, he’s filled with eastern philosophy (right down to becoming a buddhist). And Kunlun operates on a different plane of existance, so it’s easy to say that time stopped there. So Danny brings Kunlun with himself and lives by its values in modern New York.

So Matt Murdock’s city is full of blood, Jessica’s city - full of dirty secrets, Luke’s city is rested on his shoulders, while Danny’s city is a foreign land to which he brings his experiences from Kunlun.

Now I wonder how Defenders intro, how city will be depicted there, how these four views will clash with each other.


Happy to present you my Wakfu fan-characters (I finally made those refs, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY)
And here comes their story!
Everything starts with Ethan d`Otberg, the xelor (yup, no bandages. I can`t make the poor guy wear them, do you know how uncomfortable bandages are? So I decided that I`ld rather give him some more casual Frigost clothing. And of course he has a mask, but for the refs, I wanted to show his face). He is a pretty untypical for a xelor, as he is a very kind and pacifistic person. He deeply believes in god Xelor and he isssss kinda a self-proclaimed monk, vowed to live his life in peace and righteousness. He is also very politically correct and does not tolerate offencive racistic expressions (such as “dumb like an iop” and etc). But he will never let himself just to say “you are wrong, you must change your mind”, he will explain what is wrong with your words firstly, then will leave you to think on them.
So, Ethan was meditating when he got a vision. this is where their story touches the canon. But don`t worry, they will do nothing important, I am not going to make them meet canonical characters and etc. So. He got the vision with Sadida kingdom, attacked by the unknown mechanism. Ethan takes it serious as he believes that this was the god Xelor his own, who gave him that seeing. He decides that this is his mission to prevent the king of sadida. But he knows that nobody will believe him if he`ll say that he is going to leave Frigost and make a long journey to Sadida kingdom just because he had a dream. So he says, that he is leaving to Bonta to find a master who will help him to learn his magic better instead. But his guardian won`t let hom go all alone, so he hires a bodyguard for him. And this is the other character from the first pic.
Surya Nayrin, the huppermage, is fearless and strong, rational and serious, she is known as a true heroine. However by those who have monies to pay for her help… Surya is used to work in one way: she gets the task, she does her work and she earns. And she likes to controll the situation - she`s inventing the plan how to complete her mission in the fastest way, she follows it and she succeeds. That what her live is like - always in a hurry, always busy, newer distracting to help those why can`t pay. Or at least it WAS so, before she was hired to lead Ethan to Bonta. The problem was that she was always in a hurry, while Ethan, even knowing the importance of this journey, couldn`t resist to stop for helping other people and just to enjoy the beauty of the world around. That was annoying Surya at the beginning, but then they started speaking to each other and soon she started understanding his position. they both learned something from their journey - Surya understood that the life is much more excitong if you can let yourself to stop for a while and look around, whiile Ethan got it that sometimes you need to concentrate on what is the most important now, as you can`t help everyone around. These two later fall in love but never tell that to each other untill the end of their adventure. they were just wandering in the perfect harmony, learning from each other. However, before they`ve met another team of the adventurers…
This is the time from another line. When Surya and Ethan are from the higher society, the other two are village teens trying to write their own history.
The first one is an iop called Eyrikh Raud. You know what an iop should be like? A dumb but unbelievably strong hot-head always in the first line in the battle. Well, that`s Eyrikh! …. …. …. Deep inside his dreams. In real life, Eyrikh is a disaster. He is pretty weak (this is visible that he is too skinny for a string person) and unconfident. He lives in a village that often has fights with the neighbor one. His mother Frida (last pic) is a member of the village`s guard, and Eyrikh always wants to engage into fights like she does. But unlucky for him, he has no physical strength, nor any good weapon, so he`s just breaks into the battlefield and instead of helping, he`s causing troubles as the guard has to distract from the battle to protect him. After that, he always gets teachings from the chief of the guard, who makes menaces that if that will repeat, he will just banish Eyrikh from the village. His mother protects him and takes home, then explains gently that he shouldn`t try to prove his strength this way. He then says that he wants to leave the village to go into the journey and become a hero like his father Gunnard (last pic), and he didn`t succeed in fight only because he had no appropriate weapon/these enemies were too weak so he couldn`t fight in whole power. What is interesting about him - he UNDERSTANDS that this is not true. He KNOWS his limits, he KNOWS that he is too weak for an iop and he will not succeed even with the cool weapons. But he makes himself to believe in him. Because if he would just admit that he is useless, he would have no moral strength to do anything in his life. So even knowing he is a failure, Eyrikh is making himself to believe in his powers and tries over and over.
So, this repeated over and over… Untill one day, to give him a lesson, his mother told him that his father died because he was used to get into any fight like Eyrikh does. She said that the last time he was seen protesting an ancient Osamodas temple. That had to convince Eyrikh to stop his attempts to “help“ the guard. But instead, gave him an idea what to do. He ran away from home to find the temple, because there was chance that his father`s shushu called Veggard would still remain there.
In the morning, his mom found a childish painting with his son on it, holding his father`s sword. She got the message and left the village too, to find her son before he got in any trouble. She will follow him thoughout his whole journey with his drawing, asking “Have you seen my son? He`s like this, with red hair and in black-white clothing with red crosses”. Which fits half of all the iops…
So, Eyrikh reached the ruins, but they were protected by the guardian animals. Running away from them, Eyrikh hid inside the cleavage between the big rocks and was sitting there, speaking to himself about what a total failure he is. And then, he heard a voice, which belonged to Veggard. He was still here, waiting for someone to find him, and as Veggard is a pretty sly shushu, more concerned on ruining people`s lives, instead of their planet, he decided to help Eyrikh for the long time, earn his trust and pretend to be his friend, to later betray him in the most responsible moment. So, he convinced Eyrikh that they must unite so using Veggard`s forces, Eyrikh could fight those guard animals and get out of this place. Of course even an iop would feel something wrong about a shushu asking you to use his powers. But he told that he respected Gunnard SO much, that he will never betray is son. And well, foolish young Eyrikh agreed. Veggard didn`t lie this time - he helped an iop to fight his enemies, then gave him his body back, as promissed. Annnd here comes the other character from pic.2 and the second one from the pic.4
Dinem and Vestre Ylan were the owners of those animals, and the protectors of the ruins. So, when they`ve found Eyrikh staying near their unconscious pets, they attacked immediately. the sisters defeated him, tied and brought to their home to decide what to do with this stranger. He explained that he was only looking for his father`s sword and never meant to hurt the animals, but they`ve attacked him so he had to protect himself. He also lied about being the knight of the order of the guardians of shushu, but the sisters were no fools, so they got it that he`s not a hero he tells he is. Vestre, as the strict, serious and disciplined sister proposed to take the sword from him and tell him to go away. But Dinem was charmed with his inspiring words about willing to leave his village to wander around the planet and become the true hero. Because she felt the same. She wanted to see the world and be more than her father told her to be. So in the night, they both escaped and headed to Binta, as Dinem is a great Gobbawl fan, but she never had a chance to leave the ruins to see the game before. And on their way, they`ve met Ethan and Surya. Eyrikh presented himself as a knight of the order of the guardians of shushu and Dinem confirmed this, as she wanted to help him on his way of becoming whi he wants to be. Ethan knew that Surya only has to lead him to Bonta, then her job will be done, but he really should better have another bodyguards after taht. So he asked the knight and the summoner to join him.
So, about Dinem. She`s a good and reliable friend, never giving a shit about any problems, always relaxed and confident. She has a sense of humor and may be REALLY LOUD when it comes to gobbawl games, but she also has not the best side. She has a big lack of manners - she may put her legs on the table, or eat with hands or barf loudly. She`s pretty gross i mean. And she also always says what is on her mind. Sometimes it`s good, but most of times her words may be really offencive as she often tells racist jokes. and she don`t even understands that. However Ethan is trying to explain her why is it bad to behave like that. 
All together they reached Bonta where Surya had to say Ethan goodbye. But instead, she decided to follow him to the end.
Now about the characters from the pic.3
Mirelle de Lis is a very shy eniripsa, living in the forests around Sadida kingdom along with her girlfriend Koda Kei the feca. Mirelle is a doctor not by her race, but by her morals: she dedicates her life to saving whoever she will find injured in the forest. No matter who you are - a hero or i villain, she will take care of you. You must be pretty brave to take an unknown person to your house and let her stay there till she will fully recover, but Mirelle thinks that she is a coward just because she would never get into a fight. She is also a soft person, she can`t stay on her`s own, and she speaks a little with anyone except Koda.
Koda on the contrary is a very confident person, who can defend herself and Mirelle to. She is rational and smart, never underestimates her enemies and always thinking on the strategy before engaging into the fight. As a true feca, she`s a protector, and she always tries to help Mirelle in whatever she does. She is also a well-educated alchemist and knows mechanics.
And there are also side characters left. The one I hadn`t told about yet is an iopette Astrid Sjorgen from pic.4 and her shushu Ax (taht was predictable). there`s no much info on her - Astrid is not a real knight same as Eyrikh. She just stole a shushu she fell in love with, and trying to find him a body so they can be together. Even Ax himself isn`t so concerned on getting him a new body…
Astrid is a canonical iop - she`s strong but not too clever. But at least she is a bit sly.
Ax is… well, a very untypical shushu. A weak and cowardly one, so he feels better living as Astrids axe, than as a normal shushu. 
And well, will finish retelling their story quickly?
Right before the team approached to the Sadida kingdom, they were attacked by the rogues. Everething was going well untill Veggard proposed Eyrikh to use his powers again, and he agreed with no doubts. But this time Veggard posessed him and attacked his friends. Ethan used all his powers to stop him. So the whole team left unconscious in the forest. They were later found by Koda and Mirelle and brought to their home, where mirelle healed them. After they woke up, Surya told that she had suspicions that Eyrikh is not a real knight and he shouldn`t be trusted with such a powerful weapon. Before this situation, Surya almost accepted him and Dinem as the part of the team, but after the incident, she strictly prohibited Eyrikh to follow her and Ethan any further, even if Ethan himself wanted to give him a second chance. But they had no time - they ahd to prevent the king, so they left Eyrikh and Dinem at Mirelle and Koda`s home.
Should I say how frustrated Eyrikh was? He always knew that he is a failure, and now he ruined all his friends` expectations, as he trusted a shushu, who he believed to be his best friend, injured his teammates, and now there`s only Dinem left on his side. He gave Veggard to her and asked to bring him back where he lied, when she`ll return home, and told that he is heading back home. But she didn`t want to go back, she loved the adventure so much, so she inspired him telling how exciting that was and that if she fulfilled her dream, he should do it to. So they decided to head to the kingdom and to help with whatever they can. They also asked Mirelle and Koda to come woth them, and after a conversation, they agreed. And well… No coolstories about my characters doing anything epic. Ethan and Surya couldn`t prevent the king as they were not allowed to meet him. So when the attack begun, they just joined the sadida warriors in the fight for their kingdom, and also met the other part of the team. Eyrikh`s mother also came in time, and used Veggard instead of her son, as she has a stronger will, so she won`t let him possess her body. And well, that`s it. Just a bunch of characters helping to protect the Sadida kingdom with whatever they can. Hope this is an OK way to tie their story with the canon and none will be against it?

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I'm not a Berkeley College Republican, but I did attend a Milo event in a red state and stuck around for the meet-and-greet with him. For me his appeal is that he's charismatic, witty, and unscrupulous enough to be an effective attack dog against the sort of social justice activists that you criticize. If it wasn't for the Cultural Revolution-esque things activists did on campuses from 2015-on and the concern that engendered, his tactics in shifting the Overton Window wouldn't be as popular.

(from the same person as the previous Milo ask) Social justice tactics led to people self-censoring to avoid being made into the next Brendan Eich; Milo turns the tables and makes people on the left worry about being made an example of as well. It may be morally questionable, but it’s relieving from the perspective of someone on the right that being able to unilaterally target people without fear of retribution isn’t something social justice activists can rely on anymore.

I do not believe it to be the case that random cruelty to people, who are not even especially selected for being ‘on the left’ - trans women have a diverse array of ideological opinions! - causes ‘the left’ to learn that random cruelty is bad. 

I mean, if it did, then being targets of random cruelty would have taught the right that random cruelty was bad, and instead (going off your read of Milo’s appeal) it seems to have taught them that random cruelty is heroic when aimed at your enemies and contemptible when they aim it at you. 

This is not very surprising. Being horrible to people is not a good way to teach them that being horrible is wrong. Being horrible to people is not a good way to teach them anything. It’s not that it ‘may be morally questionable’ to bully a random young woman in order to make an abstract political point to an amorphous strawman of your political enemies, it is that it is definitely actually morally bad.

I’m open to the argument that saying offensive things is a way to combat an environment full of language-policing where people are terrified to ask questions or doubt or challenge things. But I don’t think there’s an argument for targeting specific vulnerable students who are not even chosen for being ideologically on the left in order to show the left that such targeting is wrong. And, uh, Milo said after the trans woman he harassed left the school that he considered this a ‘success’, so I am kind of inclined to think that he actually just derives satisfaction from having the power to ruin random peoples’ lives, and any claim that this is a legitimate or productive thing to do are secondary justifications for something that is actually just the satisfaction bullies derive from getting to bully people. 


Daniel Radcliffe surprises fans in a movie theater after a What If screening (thanks to danedehaann for sending me the link).


sometimes, it felt like the world was against him. living in corona was great, although living among the people who, not six months ago, wanted him dead was tough. he tried to ignore the stares and comments of people as he walked through the town. just focus on where you’re going, he’d think. you’ve changed. you know you’ve changed. but sometimes it was hard to remember that. sometimes he wished he could stand at the top of the castle and scream to the townspeople. 

“i’m here! i’m alive and i’m here and i've changed!” 

but he couldn’t. and sometimes, when he was alone in the deafening, he felt like he could hear people telling him to leave. to get out. telling him he didn’t belong here.

because of course he didn’t. 

he had spent time and time again on these same cobblestone streets and in this very castle ruining the lives of people he didn’t know. he didn’t belong here. he belonged to be as far away from here as possible. but instead, he got the opposite. he was fully pardoned. he was living in the same castle he had stolen from. he was eating breakfast with royalty and making friends with the same people who had spent their days hunting him down. it was too good to be true for him, and every time he looked out that window down on the town he felt guilt. this place was supposed to be his home. but he didn’t feel like it should be. 

he was afraid of disappointment from the people who lived around him. as much as he tried to hide it with smirk or a smart comment, the look of disapproval the Queen gave him, or the way that the King scoffed off his comments and ideas was enough to send him crumbling into the ground. he had never cared about disappointing people when he was flynn. all flynn had cared about was that next steal, the next coin, or, hell, the next meal. he had to do what he had to do protect himself, no matter who he hurt. 

but that’s not who he was anymore. he couldn’t be that person anymore. he had too much to lose. 

sometimes it felt like everything was going to crash down on him. feeling the way he did now, and not knowing how to handle these emotions was going to crush him. and he swore, if it wasn’t for her, he’d be nothing. 

her. the very thought of her makes the crushing thoughts dissipate. the color of her eyes were so bright, so vivid, that it shot through any darkness that clouded his eyes. her laugh was so clear and so pure that it lightened even the harshest of comments he got. he knew that even when everyone was backing him into a corner, she’d always be behind him to give him the support to not fall down. knowing that he would fall asleep on a bad day and wake up to her was the one thing that kept him going. the comments would be forgotten. the stares would go away. but she never would. 

she was his biggest fan. his light in the dark. his new dream. his reason to go on, and his always and forever.    

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I'd have to say, this is probably my favorite yandere hetalia acc 👌👌👌 ...Anyways, HMU with some random 1p Denmark headcanons

Oh, I’ll hit you, alright~ (If that’s what you meant by HMU (Hit Me Up))

Even though I just recently posted that I’ll stop answering requests… I’ll make an exception for this one.

Random Headcanon List #1

♥  His smiles are one of the warmest and most happiest looking ones that no one would notice the jealousy and anger, or loneliness and sadness that he is hiding behind his “smile.”

♥  He is NOT the assh*le that some fan fictions portray him to be. (I’m sorry if you love that Fanon!Denmark,but I prefer the Canon!Denmark)

How? Well, how about the fact that he would never EVER touch a hair on your head if it was meant to hurt you? Sure, he can definitely be an ass towards other people since he killed or ruined their lives, but he will never hurt you.

Except for the fact that he would place lego pieces all over the floors in your house as punishment, then yes, he is an asshole.

♥  If there were people who would break his heart if he ever had to “get rid” of them, it would be no one else but his family (the Nordics).

♥   As for the person he would definitely want to get rid of, it would be Netherlands, because of that one time you “mistakened” him for that country.

♥  Compared to most Yandere!Countries, he values your smile a lot, because your happiness is what makes him special. Even if you were with him, he still wants you to be genuinely happy to be with him.

To the Anon who sent this,

Even though you’re most likely going to skip this part, I just want to leave it here just in case you don’t.

After reading some Anons criticizing my work…

…You reminded me that there are also Anons who do like what I write. Thank you, Anon. You just made my day.

I very much appreciate it.

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And besides…

“Haters gonna hate”

Not Fast Enough (03)


Warning:Mentions of torture

A/N:So I am back with part 3 of Not Fast Enough.Sorry if I haven’t posted this weekdays since there’s a tight schedule at school this week.Anyways enjoy some cisco ramon today.The gif is not mine.Enjoy.

Part: 1 2

Cisco was scrolling through news articles since metahumans we’re not doing much lately.He seems to be curious about what Central City is up to now that metahumans are not creating havocs.

Then a certain article caught his eye causing him to run to the training room were Barry and Caitlin is currently in.

“BARRY!CAITLIN!”Cisco screamed upon entering the room.

“Are we under attack?”Caitlin asked

“N-no but you’ve got to see this article”Cisco said holding up the phone for them to see.


Four weeks ago,the Central City Police Department hunted for Jeffrey Douglas,for the murder of Attorney Isaac Y/L/N.They lost Douglas’ whereabouts up until today.

A group of people found Douglas’ body at the northern dock at 4 this morning.He was tied to a pole with his head downwards.

The entire place is swipe clean and there were no evidence that is leading to Douglas’ killer.The police have assumed that this was not the initial place where Douglas was killed because the guards did not hear anything during the night.

Reports have come from the medical examiner and it is said that Douglas seems to be held up for 3 days judging by his wounds.There were different kinds of torture that has been done to Douglas including blunt force,electrical shock,arrows,knives and many other more.

The brutality of Douglas’ murder did not go out of question as people asked if this is a work of serial killer.CCPD gave out a statement saying “we cannot jump into conclusions now but be vigilant at all times”

“Justice is served”Caitlin concluded “Although I’m a bit creeped out by the way he died,pretty awful way to die”

“Who else would want him dead?”Barry wondered

“Well he’s a bad guy and he made bad choices and probably crossed some bigtime people”Y/N’s voice was heard as she entered the room.

Everyone was looking at her but only Cisco noticed the difference in Y/N’s face.
He knows that there’s something up about her.Her body language,blank emotions and that certain kind of aura she’s possessing today is different.Cisco doesn’t know why but he thinks that this has something to do with Douglas’ death.

“I assume you’ve heard the news”Barry said


“And how are you feeling about it?”Cisco managed to ask

“Good,never felt better”she replied “Like Caitlin said,justice is served”

Cisco eyed her carefully.The normal Y/N would never condone such violence,there is something really wrong about her.And he fears that they’re too late to save Y/N.

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There's already theories Victor is just using Yuuri and will toss him aside at the end so maybe don't celebrate all this fanservice yet

And I don’t believe a single one of them. If people want to be harbingers of doom, let them. It doesn’t fit with the tone of the series. YOI from the opening theme (that verse about no more darkness and hearts on fire? That’s from Victor’s pov according to Dean Fujioka) to the character profiles to the talk from its staff shows to be a very positive story about achieving your dreams and overcoming setbacks.

So, why would they ruin that?

The thing I keep seeing is based on the playboy story, but that argument doesn’t make sense.


Because Yuuri changed the story.

It was no longer the playboy seducing, growing bored, and moving on. It was the woman seducing the playboy and capturing him.

Tbh, that seems like a pretty good sign.

So, meh. Have some katsudon and don’t bother with Debbie Downer ( ˘▽˘)っ♨

Brief Theories of the Orre Region

1. The Desert and the Ancient Orrean Civilization

The desert was created by a flood that destroyed the ancient civilization but the people of Agate Village remnants of the ancient people that have been kept safe by the high placement of the village on the mountain. 

The Orre Colosseum, the pillars in the Colos title screen, and Agate Village’s Relic and Tablet are all major evidence of this lost civilization once existing in a time long past. 

The Agate Relic and Tablet themselves also suggest that there might have been a Shadow Pokemon incident in the ancient past as well. (Thus might be why there was a flood in the first place if Ho-oh and Lugia had anything to say about that. Also establishing some poetic irony in XD with Shadow Lugia if that’s the case)

2. Early Modern Orrean Settlers and Cipher

The first settlers of Orre did so via Western Express-esque means as we could see that derailed train in the Outskirt Stand that has been decomissioned for a long amount of time. No rail road tracks could be seen in any part of either game but the train is there so there must have been some reason why.

It was a mining corporation that first settled in Orre centuries after the fall of the ancient civilization. That corporation was lead by a rich man who found precious minerals beneath Pyrite Town and established the Under to create his network of different mining fronts. It can be assumed that rich man was Greevil and the corporation as a whole became Cipher. Evice was likely a close friend of Greevil who was entrusted by him to monitor the progression of Orre while Greevil would be off establishing trade routes for Pokemon importation from the other regions like Kanto and Hoenn. In short, Cipher was the driving force of progression for Modern Orre since the beginning, likely building and enhancing every town for the greater good of their goal for complete control over a region they had built themselves.

3. Michael’s Father

Michael’s father was a former inventor for Cipher. The aesthetics of the HQ Lab’s interior looks like an abode that would house Cipher aligned personnel. The major evidence to this claim however is that there is no reason why Cipher couldn’t have made another Snag Machine in the five years between Colosseum and XD unless they lost the technology to do so. Snag Machines were Cipher’s technology, but only Michael’s father knew how to make them. I believe Michael’s dad defected from Cipher once Wes had won against Evice and destroyed Cipher’s hold of Orre at the Realgam Tower.

Thus the only other time we  ever see another functional Snag Machine after Wes’s victory in Colosseum is five years later in a project established by Mike’s father to make amends for the part he played in ruining so many people and Pokemon’s lives. The Purify Chamber and the Snag Machine was his answer to another Shadow Pokemon incident if it should happen again as he predicted, and it did.  

A shame he couldn’t live long enough to see his legacy redeem him in the end, but in a way he was there in spirit with his son until the very end cutscene where you see him leave the Snag Machine behind on a table after purifying every Shadow Pokemon in existence. A very sweet and heartfelt ending if you think about it. It is implied that Michael had suffered when he lost his father at his young age, but the whole adventure he went through was an adventure in growing up out of the past into a brighter and hopeful tomorrow. Letting the memory of his father rest in peace along with his Snag Machine and now obsolete Purify Chamber that were once his Dad’s life’s work.

4. Rui’s Ancestral Vision

Rui is likely a descendant of the ancient Orrean race hailing from Agate Village like her grandparents. That would explain why she has the power to see the shadowy aura of Shadow Pokemon in the first place I believe. 

A rare genetic mutation originating back to the very first Shadow incident that I theorize to be in the ancient Orrean era might be the cause of her power. It’s not out of the question that whatever element that can turn Pokemon’s heart’s virtual shut can also affect humans in varying theoretical ways. Maybe not quite the same way as virtual closing one’s heart, but in theory humans are just Pokemon with no special powers or means of defending themselves whatsoever. A Shadow Human or something like it would not be impossible to imagine, but hard to make manifest. A power hungry evil human can easily be classified as a “Shadow Human”. The natural corruption in the heart of a human would be far harder to corrupt than the heart of a pure innocent Pokemon. To corrupt what’s already corrupted would be impossible.

But to bring out behavior in a human similar to Dark Shards in Pokemon Ranger or the venom of a Nihilego would be very much within the power of whatever it was that corrupted Ancient Orre before the purification Ho-oh and Lugia brought in the form of the flood that shaped Orre’s desert.

So it is likely one of her ancestors became afflicted during the very first incident in Ancient Orre, thus creating the gene for Rui to see the Shadowy Auras centuries later. 

5. Wes’s Motives

Wes is a mysterious protagonist. Literally nothing can be said about who he is or what his goal was. Perhaps he was to be a bounty hunter after he escaped with the Snag Machine or a rogue criminal taking whatever he can and never giving anything back. 

But my theory is that when he realized that the Pokemon he has been stealing for so long were being turned into Shadow Pokemon; he became angry and decided he was to steal back all the Pokemon he had helped supply Cipher with. Dialogue from Team Snagem grunts suggest Wes was the best Snagger in their ranks, so this implies that Wes has unknowingly supplied Cipher with more specimens to experiment with than he can count. So his entire adventure might have been a redemption run and Rui was there to help him do it.

But if you are a truly obsessed fan, you would know that Genius Sonority has originally planned Wes to be the final boss of Pokemon XD to fight Michael with his newly reformed Cipher under his control.

This implies that all along it might have been a quest for power or some way to get revenge on the world. Either way we will never know because that never happened. For all intents and purposes, Wes was on a redemption run that was blessed by Ho-oh himself  at the victory in the Realgam Colosseum and later, Ho-oh even allowed Wes to catch him after purifying every Shadow Pokemon and climbing up Mt. Battle’s special 100-Battle challenge.

There are a lot of theories you can make through observation in these games. Some theories can come out of concepts and designs that never made it into either game. Some theories for lore can be more interesting and gritty than others, but that is why I am so fascinated by these games that break truly break the mold in forms of gameplay and plot.

And I hope to see these games relevant again one day.


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I don’t remember what made me think this was a good idea but I did it anyway!!! My first fully finished comic in ages holy shit I’m proud even if this is as stupid as shit !!! \(^▽^@)ノ !!!

I love that in the the final Series of Unfortunate Events book, Count Olaf dies but in the last few pages that he’s alive you learn all of this stuff about him that (even though he’s still awful) really humanizes him. So after 13 books of thinking he’s the worst all of the sudden you cry when he dies and kind of pity him and how he got to be so horrible.