he rubs his bed

visions of the future

Philip wakes up out of a nice dream, and for some reason he’s halfway off the bed. He blinks slowly, rubbing his eyes, and feels the cold immediately. Instead of shifting closer to Lukas, Philip rolls out of bed the rest of the way. He yawns, shivering a little bit, and makes his way over to the window.

It’s still dark outside, the early morning splintering across the sky. The snow is falling in droves, and he stares over at the display in the apartment building across the street. They have three light-up snowmen balancing on the railing of their balcony. Philip watches it blink green and red, smiling to himself.

The cold starts to get to him almost immediately and even though he loves looking at the way the snow falls against the Christmas lights and the burgeoning morning, he knows he has to get back to bed before he freezes on the spot. He rushes back over and as soon as he hits the mattress he huddles up against Lukas’s back, trembling as the cold runs through him.

Lukas makes the smallest little tired noise, stretching out a little bit. His back arches and cracks and Philip smiles to himself. He loves the way Lukas feels moving against him.

“Why’re you awake, baby?” Lukas asks, looking over his shoulder.

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Strip Tutoring // Jeff Atkins // requested

Request : please do a jeff atkins imagine but please dont let him die there iM BEGGIN U

This imagine doesn’t mention his death or the party or anything! Just a regular ‘dating Jeff Atkins’ imagine. Lol

Requests are closed. xx

Warnings : not really smut but… stripping ?…. cheeky!Jeff

Pairings : Jeff x Fem.Reader

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Walking into the library, my eyes scanned over everyone’s faces until I saw my boyfriend sitting with Clay. He looked irritated and pinched the bridge of his nose. Taking a seat at the table, Jeff’s eyes lit up.

“Hey babe.” He smiled. 

I grinned, “How’s he doing, Clay?”

“Depends. Did Abraham Jefferson write the Declaration of Independence?” Clay responded smartly. 

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“love" by jack zimmermann || a zimbits fic || 3.3k

“Come in.” Bitty thanks the lord for the legitimate reprieve from the essay he’s been painfully forcing himself through all afternoon.

Jack enters, looking happier than normal. Bitty sees why immediately, and the smile that came onto his face when he saw Jack slips right back into a frown. Jack’s holding another memory card.

“I’m got some new footage,” Jack says in confirmation of Bitty’s fears.

“Jack, you’ve got to stop giving me new material.”

Jack’s smile drops at Bitty’s harsh tone, and his eyebrows draw together in a way that would be adorable if not for the circumstance and the fact Bitty is the one to make them that way. “Why?”

“Coz, honey, it’s not gonna help.” Bitty’s too exhausted to bother being embarrassed that the endearment slipped out.

Jack opens his mouth lamely. He looks down at the memory card in his hand then back to Bitty with sad eyes.

“Sit down.” Bitty gestures to his bed, thankful that he made it earlier while procrastinating. He rubs his sore eyes as Jack perches on the bed, then sighs out.

“Your assessment is to create a two-minute video based on love, yes?”

Jack nods. Bitty rubs at his eyes again, thinking of how to be honest without being hurtful.

“You’re an amazing photographer, and it comes across.” Jack picks his head up, looking hopefully at Bitty. It breaks his heart to have to continue. “But there’s no story here. There’s no love. I mean, unless your story is that you really love your camera. I can’t… I’m sorry, I can’t help you make anything out of this.”

Bitty tries to make his voice gentle. Jack turns his head away from Bitty anyway, but not quick enough that Bitty can’t see the hurt.

Bitty’s happily been helping Jack with his AV assessment after Jack asked. He gets to spend time with Jack doing something that Jack loves. But now he owes it as a friend to tell Jack the truth, even if it makes them both sad.

“Sorry, Bits,” Jack mumbles, still not looking at him.

“It’s alright.” Bitty already feels a little guilty for springing it on Jack with no warning. He crosses his arms, then realises that may come across as defensive if Jack ever looks back at him, so rests them back on his knees. “Look, I don’t mean to be rude, I just want you to do well.”

Jack gives a brisk nod, but still avoids looking back at Bitty.

Bitty’s not sure what else he can do for Jack, so he simply waits.

Jack clears his throat after a moment and stands up. He looks at the memory card before putting it into a pocket.

“Thanks anyway. Sorry for interrupting your essay.”

“It’s alright,” Bitty repeats, but Jack’s already out the door.

Bitty slumps into his seat and stares at his closed door. He really didn’t mean to hurt Jack, but he didn’t think what he said would be that much of a shock either. Jack’s not ignorant to emotion, no-matter what the news articles sometimes say about him.

He swings his chair back round to stare at his essay, starting up on it again as a distraction.

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BTS Reaction to you waking them up


Jin, being the light sleeper he is, wakes up immediately hearing the loud crash in the kitchen. Automatically reaching out next to him on the bed to find you missing, he sits up rubbing his eyes and yawning. He gets up still half asleep and makes his way out of the room. Peaking at what you were up to, he rushed quietly back bed smiling waiting for you to finish making breakfast and being woken up by your kisses.

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Finding a sleeping Yoongi in his studio, You kneel down to level yourself with him, softly reaching out to smooth over his untidy hair. His eyebrows scrunch together and he starts to move away from your touch when you turn his chair forcing him to face you. He murmurs out some indistinguishable words before he passes a hand over his face. “Didn’t we agree on you sleeping in your bed while I was away?” He rubs his eyes and rolls his seat away from you so he can lean on his knees to come face to face with you. “I don’t remember that agreement” he gives off a slight smile which disappears when his eyelids begin to drop.

You lean over to press you lips against his regaining his slight consciousness and smile.

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He was always exhausted after practice, so it was no surprise to find him already asleep when you got home. You turned off anything that could make noise, when you got back to  him already awake and staring at you.

“Go back to sleep.“ You pout walking over to him,

“Come here, then“

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Rap Monster

You’d wake up, to the semi loud breathing of namjoon sleeping. You peer over at him resting on your elbow. For a while you’d just stare at him until his eyes slowly opened and his dimples appear, “I can’t sleep with you watching me like that”

“Like what?”

“Like you want to stay in this bed longer but not to sleep” his eyebrows wiggle and you laugh ready to get out of the bed and start running.

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You got out the shower fully expecting to turn on the TV ready for a long night to wait for Jimin to get home. But it was a surprise to see Jimin already taking your place on the couch sleeping. Quietly you get an extra blanket and begin wrapping it around him but he wakes up, pulling you with him in the couch, “I’m home” he says in a sleepy smile.

“I can see that, how was practice?”

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You felt a chill run through your body. You groan as your sleep begins to slip away from you. You sit up to see V rolled into a burrito with all the blanket. You brush your hand over your hair deciding on whether to get up to look for another blanket or take it from him. You stare over at him and try tugging slightly. He doesn’t budge.

You see the end of the blanket slipping under V. You tugged again unaware that V was close to the edge of the bed causing him to fall straight off.

You heard him grunt and murmur something along the lines of “y/n … I don’t deserve this abuse” you scoff and laugh as you peer over at him still sleeping. “Taehyung get up, you’re still hogging all the blanket”

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“I told you not to stay up so long!” you groan. it was impossible to get out of Jungkook’s morning embraces by you force alone. you pushed away from him only to have him groan and tug you closer, even putting a leg ontop of you. You softly shift violently and effortlessly against him, accidentally bumping your head with his.

“Ow - Y/N!” he finally opens his eyes, still not loosening his grip. “Why are you like this?”

“Why am i like this?” you huff tired from the morning excessive “Why can’t I trust you to wrap up playing Overwatch by yourself?”

He unwraps himself , smiling lazily to pull you higher on the bed so he can nuzzle your neck causing a small laughter from you.

“One more game you say” you mock pushing yourself away from him to get up, when he pulls you under him, “get off” you laugh

“One more game i say” he smiles leaning down to press him lips against yours.

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Affair of the Heart

Affair of the heart

Word count: 11.4k

Genre: smut, angst

You were in love with your roommate Hoseok. Jimin knows your secret and wants to help you make him jealous.

Happy Birthday to my world and sunshine! Im not trying to cry but I hope my angel has the best day ever!!

You got home, to your shared apartment, after your morning shift. You hated being a waitress but Sunday mornings did bring in a big crowd. You think people who just got out of church were supposed to be nice but no. Everyone is cranky and wants brunch. Either way people tipped you well this morning and you needed to go buy groceries for you and Hoseok.

Hoseok, you thought. You wondered if he was awake. It was about two in the afternoon so you figured not. You knew he went out for a night of drinking with his friends. You also knew he brought a girl home last night. Mostly because you could hear everything they had done last night, well technically this morning. His room was across from your room and down the hall, that’s how loud they were. You could hear the bed hit the wall, the way she was screaming out for him, it was all too much for you. Especially his moans, they sounded so dirty and needy. You just wished they were for you, aching for you. Here you were in the kitchen writing a grocery list and getting wet thinking about Hoseok moaning.

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You can speak Spanish? // Jeff Atkins

Warning: fluff, like soooo much fluff

A/N: I do not speak Spanish. So if there are any mistakes it´s Google´s fault

The sun was shining right into your sleeping face, waking you up slightly. Today was Sunday and you were sleeping over at your boyfriend´s house. Jeff´s arm was lying loosely over your waist, holding you close to his chest. You turned around, snuggling into him and inhaled his scent. Your arm sneaked around his torso, while he pulled you closer. Jeff began to draw small patters on your hip and you began to slip into another peaceful sleep. His parents were away for the weekend, visiting friends and he asked you to stay with him to use the rare possibility. It´s not like his parents didn’t trust you, but they would make sure nothing to intimate would happen between the two of you.
You began to wake up again, when you felt feather kisses being plastered on your shoulder and neck. Your eyes flattered open and you were greeted by the smiling face of your boyfriend. He looked at you so lovingly that you shoot him a small smile before burying your face in his neck. “Good morning, precioso mío.” He whispered into your hair and you could hear the smile in his voice. You placed a small kiss on his skin, so he knew you were awake. “Morning, papi chulo.” He groaned at the nickname you had given him. “You know I hate it when you call me that.” He whispered, running his fingertips over your side, knowing you´re ticklish. “No please don’t tickle me.” You squirmed under his touch, chuckling. He move to get up but you tighten your grasp around him. “Come on baby, we should get up.” He chuckled, while you plastered kisses on his neck going to his collarbone. “You really have a problem with getting up.” He whispered before placing a kiss on your lips. “I don’t have a problem with getting up; I just prefer staying in bed.” You retorted against his lips and felt his chest vibrate with laughter. “Babe you are cute when you´re sleepy, but we really should get up.” He said, after a while of comfortable silence. “Pero eres demasiado mimoso. (But you´re too cuddly.)” You whispered, before placing a small kiss on his lips. “Usted es mimoso también. (You´re cuddly too.)” He answered, hovering over you. Your hands were resting on his triceps. His face was only inches away from yours and you could feel his breath against your lips. He leaned in to close the gap between you two but stopped right before your lips. “Wait, did you just speak Spanish?” He asked confused and a grin made his way onto your lips. “And what if I did?” You teased, running your fingernails lightly down his arm. “You can speak Spanish?” He asked with a small smile on his lips, while you just nodded as an answer. “So you understood every word I ever said to you in Spanish?” You nodded again, his eyes widening and he rolled of off you. You sat up looking at Jeff, you chuckled at his expression. “This is so embarrassing.” He mumbled and you laugh out loud. “I thought it was cute when you thought I couldn´t understand a word. You looked so proud. “You moved yourself so you were sitting on his lap, leaning down to place a small kiss on his lips. “But I told you so many cheesy things and I only told them because I thought you didn’t understand them.” He whispered against you lips. “Vamos bebé, me encanta cuando hablas español. (Come on baby, I love it when you speak Spanish.)” You mumbled, kissing him again. “But when did you learn Spanish?” He asked, after breaking away from you. You sat up again, still on his lap. “That one summer, two years ago, was really boring.” You answered smiling when his hands ran up and down your bare thighs. “You were bored so you learned Spanish?” He smiled up at you and you gazed your finger over his bare chest, biting your bottom lip. “You are something else, Y/N.” he sat up leaning his upper body against the headboard. “¿Puedo besarte? (Can I kiss you?)” He asked and you leaned in placing a sweet kiss on his lips. It fast turned into a heated kiss, his left hand grapping your ass pulling you even closer and his other hand going your neck. Your hands were roaming over his chest, making their way to his neck. “We should really get up now, before my parents come home.” He whispered against your lips, but he flipped you over kissing your collarbone. “Entonces bájate de mí. (Then get off me.)” You teased and he chuckled against your skin. He sat up at the edge of his bed, rubbing his hands over his face. You sat behind him, wrapping your arms around his torso, kissing his shoulder blade. “Podría acostumbrarme a esto. (I could get used to this.)” He whispered running his fingertips over your arms that were wrapped around him. “What do you mean?” you whispered against his skin, leaving small kiss between his shoulder blades. “Waking up next to you, you wearing my shirts to bed, cuddling in the morning, kissing you to wake you up. That´s what I want for us for the future.” He explained, turning around to kiss your forehead. “Eres mi futuro, bebé. (You´re my future, baby.)” You said making him smile brightly. “I mean it, bebé.” He said, getting up and pulled his sweatpants on. “Yeah me too.” You got up searching for your shorts. You pull your shorts on turning back around to face Jeff. “Do you think we are gonna get married someday?” You asked pulling him into a hug. “¿Quieres casarte conmigo algún día?  (Will you marry me one day?)” He retorted pulling a bit way to grin down at you. “Aren´t you suppose to kneel down and put a ring on my finger?” You teased and he rolled his eyes. “Te amo, mi amor. (I love you, my love.)” He mumbled kissing your lips softly. “Yo también Te amo, bebé. (I love you too, baby.)” You whispered back, burying your head into his neck. “When we´re married and have children we are gonna raise them with two languages, like my parents did. English and Spanish.” He pulled you closer into him, if that was even possible. “You want to have children with me?” you asked smiling into his neck. He hummed approvingly and run his hands up and down your back. “Of course Y/N, eres el único para mi. (You are the only one for me.)” he whispered, kissing your neck. “God Jeff, you are so cheesy.” You chuckled and suppressed a moan when he nibbled at your sweet spot. “Tú eres el único para mí también. (You are the only one for me too.)” He smirked against your neck, biting your skin gently. “Now you are the cheesy one. Pero te quiero por ello. (But I love you for it.)” He said smiling down at you. “I love you too, but now I´m hungry.” You said grapping his hand and pulled him out of his room, down the stairs. “I will follow you.” He said and you smiled at his words.

You laughed and he looked at you playfully offended. “You don´t believe me that I can flip pancakes?” he teased and you laugh, shaking your head no. “Ok then watch me, precioso mío.” Jeff moved wiggled his eyebrows and grabbed the pan. He tried to flip the pancake but it landed next to the stove. You laughed harder when he frowned at the pancake lying next to him. He turned around to look at you disappointed and you laughed even harder. “I swear I can flip pancakes. You can ask my mum.” He pouted at you and you smiled at him. “Oh baby, I believe you.” You said and kissed him. “Step aside, anciano, and let me try it.” You added, pushing him away from the stove. He looked at you and snorted at you. “Who do you call old man? When I´m an old man then you´re my old lady.” He countered and you smiled at the pancake in the pan. “Ok here goes nothing.” You whispered to yourself, before flipping the pancake and it landed in the pan. “You speak Spanish and you can flip pancakes, now I need to marry you.” He said, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind, placing kisses on the back of your neck. “Don’t make promises you can´t keep.” You mumbled, flipping another pancake. “Believe me, we will be married and we will have a house and at least two children and a dog.” He mumbled against your neck and you felt your smile grow. “At least two children, huh?” You turned off the stove and turned around in your boyfriends arms, with a big smile on your lips. “At least two, please.” He grinned at you, his one hand going from your waist to your ass, squeezing it slightly. “And until then we can practice.” He added, your arms were around his neck, while he squeezed your ass again before pulling you into another kiss. “But please not in my kitchen.” Jeff and you pulled away instantly and saw his parents standing in the doorway, suitcases in their hands. “Hey mum, dad. I thought you wouldn´t be back until this afternoon?” asked Jeff with an uncomfortable smile, his one arm still wrapped around your waist. “Hello Mrs. and Mr. Atkins.” You mumbled shooting them a small, but embarrassed smile. “Hello Y/N.” Mr. Atkins greeted you with a smile, while Mrs. Atkins looked at Jeff. “Well it got boring so we left a few hours earlier.” She answered Jeff´s question, who just nodded. “So Y/N, did you sleep here?” asked Mrs. Atkins with a small smile. “Oh, yeah we, uhm we were watching some movies and I fell asleep.” You lied; the activities from last night didn’t included watching movies. “Sure, wouldn´t be the first time.” Mrs. Atkins chuckled and you nodded smiling. “We just wanted to eat some breakfast.” Said Jeff with a smile towards his parents. He turned around, got two plates out of the cupboard and filled them with the pancakes you two just made.

After breakfast you and Jeff washed the dishes joking around, while his parents sat at the kitchen table talking about their weekend. “Deténgase, por favor. (Stop please)” You said pretending to mad, but laughed when he smeared soap on your nose. “Nunca, te ves lindo cuando finges estar enojado. (Never, you look cute when you pretend to be angry)” he said before kissing your cheek. You wiped the soap off of your nose, turning your attention back to the pan in your hand. You handed Jeff the pan and he put his into its place. “Y/N, podrías traerme una botella de agua, por favor? (Y/N, could you bring me a bottle of water, please?)” asked Mrs. Atkins and you went to the fridge, bringing her a bottle. “Gracias.” She sends you a smile and you returned it, before walking back to Jeff who stood amazed in the kitchen. “Mum, you did know that she speaks Spanish?” Jeff asked his mother, who just nodded smiling. “You too, dad?” he added and his father nodded as well. “But how?” This time he looked at you. “I told your mum a while ago.” You answered with a shrug. “You told them before me?” He asked offended and you laughed, caressing his cheek in a loving manner. “Sorry honey, it just came up and you were just too sweet thinking I couldn’t understand a word.” Answered smiling, placing a small kiss on his cheek. “Unbelievable.” He muttered with a frown on his forehead and a pout on his lips. You wrapped your arms around his waist and rubbed his back, resting your forehead against his chest. “Lo siento y Te amo. (I´m sorry and I love you.)” You whispered and you smiled when he placed a kiss to your head and wrapped his arms around you. “It´s okay, it´s sexy when you speak Spanish. You should definitely do it more often.” You breathe out a laugh and looked at him, adoring his features. “Only when I´m with you.” You mumbled, placing a small kiss on his jawline. “I hoped you would say that.” He mumbled before bringing his lips to yours. He broke away just moments later, taking your hand in his. He told his parents that you two would go to his room. Halfway toward the stairs he began to speak again. “Wait, that family dinner when my grandmother told me to marry you and I said I will definitely do it, you understood that too?” you mumbled a yes with a big smile on your lips. “That was a private conservation.” He said, his tone serious but you knew he was smiling. “It´s not private when I stand right next to you, dummy.” You laughed and began to climb up the stair. “Smartass.” He mumbled under his breath but you still heard it and snorted as a response. “And great ass.” He added and gave your ass a slight slap, which caused you to yelp and run up the stairs, him following close behind you. Let´s just say: He really loved it when you speak Spanish.

Kiwi: Part Five

A mini-series based in Jamaica during the writing/recording of Harry’s new album. Enjoy. x

Kiwi: Part One // Kiwi: Part Two // Kiwi: Part Three // Kiwi: Part Four

He woke up to the sounds of the ocean kissing the sandy shore.

He couldn’t remember what time they finally fell asleep the night before. Sleep had already started to overcome him during the last little bit of the night so he hadn’t been fully conscious, but he did remember a few things: stealing soft kisses and gentle whispers, and the sound of her laugh harmonizing with the sound of the waves. 

He’d never seen her that relaxed before, and it brought her to a whole new dimension that only made him fall even deeper—it was almost like she was a new person every day. Like she was constantly shifting into new versions of herself. 

He turned over in the bed to look at her—she was laying on her stomach, one of her arms resting by her head as the other remained down at her side. Her shoulders were rising and falling calmly with every breath that she took, and it was almost soothing to see her this relaxed—she had this resilient intensity about her all of the time that he couldn’t quite put his finger on, and watching her sound asleep was perhaps the only time that he saw her with her defences completely lowered.

He groaned inaudibly as he gently rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, sitting up in the bed carefully as not to wake her up. As much as he wanted to stay, he needed to get back to the studio to keep working. He slipped out of the bed and padded across the room quietly, and after some debate, he decided to leave her a note. He didn’t want her to think that he was running off, but he also didn’t want to wake her—he wrote her the note and left it on the bed beside her frame, slipping out of the little home and making his way back to the studio.

She woke up hours later, to the beeping of her alarm going off on her watch.

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The One Who Holds Your Heart » Prince Adam

Request: Can u do a pre-cursed imagine of the reader and prince Adam? I don’t really have a plot I just love pre-cursed Adam:)))

Pairing: Prince Adam x Reader

Fandom: Disney + Beauty and the Beast

Words: 1770

Summary: Adam is in love with you despite you being a maid.

A/N: Okay, so I really want to write a part two to this story and I will! [Name] won’t remember Adam and we’ll go on from there. Anyways, I hope you guys like this!

Part Two: The One Who Breaks The Curse

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Good Morning, Jamaica

A little part two of my other fic ‘Jamaica’, thanks again to @sing-me-a-song-harry for helping me out with it! Enjoy!! xx B



You were so hot, and no matter how you twisted or turned, you couldn’t escape the heat. It radiated off of the solid body behind you and off of the heavy arm slung over your waist as puffs of breath huffed against your neck. Your eyes widened. Who could you have possibly…? Then it all came rushing back. The wine, a ringed hand slipping further up your thigh with each second and the sloppy, wonderful fuck against the dining room wall. It was Harry’s taste on your tongue. Harry’s moans in your memory. Harry’s body heat at your back. Trembling slightly, you rolled away from the man sleeping behind you, taking the bedsheets with you to cover your nakedness as you did. Harry didn’t stir as the bed shifted, and you cursed under your breath as you remembered your clothes being discarded on the dining room floor in your haste to undress each other. Hopefully anyone who actually made it back to the house after a night of drinks was too tired or too tipsy to notice the clothes scattered around.
Just as your hand grasped the doorknob, the bed creaked, a soft grunt reaching your ears. You froze in anticipation.
“Y/N?” His voice was soft and gravelly from sleep, his knuckles coming to rub at his eyes as he sat up. Harry took you in, your pretty form clutching the silk sheets around you like a second skin. “What’re yeh doin’?” He asked.
You swallowed, heart racing. “I’m…I’m going back to my room before anyone realizes I’m in here, without clothes on,” you said shakily, glancing over your shoulder at him. His hair was ruffled from sleep and the multiple times you’d tugged on his roots the night before, and his lips were swollen and pink. You wanted nothing more than to crawl back into bed with him. You didn’t leave the door, though.
“Love,“ he said quietly, eyes darting over you as he slowly rose from the bed with his hand extended toward you as he approached, like he was trying to calm a wild animal that would run the instant he got too close. “Yeh avoidin’ me? Tryin’ t’ leave before I woke up?” Your eyes squeezed shut, his hand landing on your wrist as flashes of those hands running along your skin went through your mind. You swallowed.
“I’m..I’m not avoiding you. Just…need to do some shopping, s'all.” Harry let out a low chuckle, green eyes understanding as he came to stand in front of you. The rest of the house was still silent and you were thankful for the alcohol that had provided the peace.
“’M sorry, love, I am. We were both just in t'moment, and a lit’le drunk, we don’ have t'make it into more than that.” His words had the opposite effect than he intended and he knew it immediately by the way hurt flashed in your eyes.
“You…you didn’t want it?” Your voice cracked, eyes looking anywhere but at Harry as tears welled in them. For so long, you’d secretly had feelings for him, wanted to feel his lips on yours and his skin against your body, and now that you had, he was acting as if it didn’t mean anything to him at all. You turned away from him, sniffling as Harry made an affronted grunt.
“No, no, angel, tha’s not wha’ I meant. O'course I wanted it, wanted yeh. O'course I did, still do.” You paused, wiping at one of your eyes and angling your head to glance back at him. “’Ve always wanted yeh, sweetheart. If y'don’ feel th’ same, tha’s fine, but don’ yeh dare think I didn’t want yeh, or I just wanted a quick fuck. Don’.”
Sincerity and concern shown in his dark eyes, and before you could over think yourself, your hands were cupping his jaw and your lips were against his, the sheet falling to the floor without your hands there to hold it. Harry took in a shocked breath through his nose, but his hands fell to your hips and he pulled you closer, molding your body to his. Now that you were both completely sober and not locked in a lust-driven race to get to your orgasms, the kiss was slow and hot, your heads tilting and lips smacking softly. Your hands slid to his chest and Harry’s came to your jaw, thumb rubbing softly over it as he urged you towards the bed. His lips moved down your cheek to your neck, sucking gently on the skin there as your head lolled back, eyes fluttering shut.
“Harry,” you whined, “I need you.“ A low growl left his throat as his fingers trailed down your body. "Yeh wan’ it, pet? No runnin’ away this time?” A cheeky smile pulled at his mouth as he raised his head to meet your gaze and you nodded seriously, tugging on his necklace to connect your lips again.
“No running.” You agreed. Your bare back met the mattress again, and you whimpered as you dragged your mouth along his throat, tongue darting out every now and then to taste him. Harry moaned above you, his arms trembling as he rubbed his hardening length against your center. He was all slow, warm hands as they ran down your sides, his body sliding down to rest at the foot of the bed. His soft lips began to sponge kisses from your ankle up to your thighs, his fingers digging into your flesh. You whined impatiently when Harry returned to hover over you, still slow and wild eyed. After a few more needy kisses, you trailed your eyes over him in the morning light. He was gorgeous; from his bedroom eyes to his flushed, weepy cock, he was the prettiest thing you’d ever seen.
“S'pretty.” Harry laughed and sweetly kissed you before his mouth returned to the hollow of your throat, moving down to your breasts. Desire flooded through you, your body humming at the notion of having him buried inside of you again, your belly tingling in anticipation.
“‘M gonna fuck yeh nice ‘n slow, sweetheart, show yeh how bad ‘ve wanted yeh. Yeh feel tha’?” His hard cock pressed into your thigh and you whimpered, mouth falling open. “S’what y’do t’ me.” He slowly trailed his fingertips down your body until he reached your center, immediately finding your clit and circling it with fervor. A strangled moan fell from your lips.
“Please, Harry!” The words were all you could manage, head so filled with the haze of lust you could barely see. Harry smiled against the skin of your chest, hips shifting as he lined himself up.
“Yeh need me, angel? Hm?” Your fingernails clawed at his back as he entered you, stretching you in the most delicious way. Harry’s words trailed off into deep, drawn out moans as your walls clenched around him, warm and wet. “Pet, yeh feel s’good fo’ me.” You pulled him down for a kiss, tongues tangling and breath mingling. Harry’s teeth sank into your lip with a grunt, his hips thrusting forward at a steady pace. His cock dragged slowly in and out of you, and his eyes squeezed shut, the feeling indescribable.
“Wanted you for so long,” you wheezed, wrapping a leg around his waist to pull him deeper into you. “So, so long.” Harry groaned, head falling to rest on your collar bone.
“‘Here! ‘M here, angel, ‘m righ’ here,” Harry bit out, teeth clenching when the headboard knocked into the wall. “Christ!” The heat was stifling, the sounds of your pants and dirty moans filling the air, and you couldn’t find it in you to care that anyone in the house could probably hear the noises. Let them hear how well Harry fucked you, how good he was to you. A ringed hand slipped down to rub your clit, eliciting sharp cries from you as Harry’s hips thrust deeper. Each stroke was long and measured, making sure to fill you to the brim and push you to the limit faster. A light sheen of sweat covered yours and Harry’s skin, making him difficult to grab onto, but as you sank your nails into his back for leverage, a hoarse cry of pleasure left his throat.
“Do tha’ again, pet, c’mon, be good fo’ me.” You raked your nails down his skin, sure to leave scratches, but you didn’t think twice about it when you felt his cock twitch inside of you. “Fuck, love, y’feel s’good.” You were taut underneath him, barely able to catch a breath, and you found your hands pushing at his shoulders roughly.
“Wanna ride you, please.” Harry’s eyes rolled with pleasure, his length barely leaving you as he rolled to his back and you moved to straddle him and sink down onto his cock. The new angle pushed him even deeper, and Harry was quick to start pushing up into you, not wanting to wait a minute more. “You feel so good, Harry. Oh my God, please don’t stop!” His hands cupped your breasts, tweaking your nipples as his eyes roamed over your body as you moved above him. Heat curled in your belly, coiling tightly like a spring as you slipped a hand down your body to rub at your clit.
“C’mon, angel, look s’good fo’ me, ridin’ m’so well. Need yeh t’ cum all ov’ m’cock.” You moaned at his words, grinding down on him as he thrusted upwards. Your walls clenched around him, squeezing his cock so tightly you could feel the vein that ran along his length pulse inside of you. It didn’t take much longer for you to throw your head back as your orgasm rolled over you, your mouth falling open in a loud cry. Harry was quick to follow, teeth gritting and neck veins on display as he climaxed. With him still buried inside you, you slouched forward, breathing hard against his chest. Chaste kisses were pressed to your sweaty forehead and Harry tenderly rubbed your back, eyes fluttering shut.
“Still no running?” He managed to wheeze, a small smile curving his lips. You let out a shaky laugh, nipping at his throat playfully.
“After that, I’m not even sure I can walk. I’m not going anywhere.” A rumbling laugh was Harry’s only reply.

Not Without You

Originally posted by tony-starkes

Rating: Adult, Explicit, Mature

Characters: Jim Kirk, Reader, Spock, Uhura, Bones

Situation/Scenario: Reader is trapped on a shuttle that is about to fail/explode/fall out of the sky (I don’t know how to word that) And the crew is struggling to get her back on board. She is beamed out at the last second. Jim has already convinced himself she is going to die, she doesn’t, he proves how much he needs her.

Warnings: Almost death, Angsty, smut, romance, unprotected sex, AN UNEDITED HOT MESS

Author’s note: Sooo, I have not written smut since I had a kpop smut page. I apologize in advance, my skills are ruuustty.

tags: @yourtropegirl

Not Without You

“Y/L/N to enterprise!” You yelled into your communicator. “I don’t think the shuttle is going to make it!” You yell as you try to pilot the damn thing closer to the enterprise. The ship had stopped at a class m planet to assist in delivering medical supplies to a research team. Everything had gone well, till it was time to return to the enterprise. The team on the planet had their pick of some supplies, and you had the remaining on the shuttle with you. You were supposed to have another crew member go down with you, but you had done this very trip to this team a few times before and didn’t feel you needed assistance.

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We're okay.

Betty had a way about her, something in her warm green eyes that made every single thing that came out of her mouth make sense. Every time she spoke he believed her. She wouldn’t lie, she wouldn’t hurt him. So when she told him he was okay, he had no choice but to believe her.

He could still remember the first time, those two words had come out of her pretty little heart shaped mouth. He had been six years old and was playing in the sandbox at recess, his favorite action figure destroying the sandcastle he had built, Archie was off somewhere getting a drink from the water fountain when Reggie Mantle approached Jughead, an ugly smirk on his adolescent face.

“What are you doing jerkhead?” Reggie had laughed, reaching for the toy

“It’s Jughead” he pouted pulling his G.I Joe out of the grumpy boys reach.

“Well I say it’s jerkhead and I want your doll.”

Jughead and Reggie fought and tugged on the little army man, before Reggies eyes lit up and he released the doll, sending it flying into Jugheads face, the edge of its head smashing directly into his nose. He could see the blood streaming out and he wanted to cry.

Reggies eyes got wide and he almost looked sorry before he ran off “you wanted it back” he shouted over his shoulder. Jughead was panicking, there was so much blood and he felt the tears well in his eyes,
suddenly a pretty blonde girl with a light blue flowery dress was kneeling in front of him and digging in her backpack

“That Reggie Mantle is such a butt face, I saw him throw that toy at you.” She pulled out a tiny pink pack of tissues and with her little six year old fingers she tilted his head back a little, placing the tissue under his nose and holding it over him.

“I’m Betty Cooper, I know you can’t really talk but that’s okay, because I already know you’re Jughead Jones, you’re Archie’s friend, he’s my neighbor.” Quickly lifting the napkin she took a peek at his nose and smiled satisfied

“That wasn’t so bad, quicker than most nose bleeds! You’ve got one tough nose.” She smiled softly and giggled, balling the tissue up and putting it in her used up brown paper bag.
Jughead just stared at her, he couldn’t believe what had just happened, an old tear betrayed him and fell down his cheek.

Little Betty Cooper brushed a finger over his cheek and smiled so sweetly he felt his heart ache

“You’re okay.”

With that she skipped away and headed over to play with Kevin Keller.

That hadn’t been the last time she had uttered those words to him in times of stress.

The day his mother left, he had borrowed Fred Andrews ladder and climbed the Beautiful Blondes window, tear stained cheeks and missing beanie she had held him in her bed as he cried, rubbing his back and whispering softly in his ear. Later that night as he was climbing out her window, all cried out and filled with Betty’s infamous “Broken Heart Brownies” she had wrapped a hand around his wrist and looked him straight in the eyes.

“You’re okay.”

He simply nodded, just like had that first time.

And then there was the time that he had confessed his true feelings for his gorgeous best friend through a kiss in her bedroom after an insane weekend.

He had been a bundle of nerves, pulling away, his chest pounding and fingers shaking at the thought of losing his best friend over his own selfish behavior
But she had just placed her forehead against his and smiled

“Hey, you’re okay.” And captured his lips with her own.

So that brought them to today, walking through the trailer park, his fathers dark secret revealed by his own best friend, the anxiety he felt at having to explain his families choices, the fear he felt at losing Betty over something he couldn’t control.

But she was there, beside him, assuring him that it didn’t matter, telling him she believed in him, and after he had brought her in for a searing love filled kiss she had breathlessly pulled away and he smiled, whispering against her lips in utter relief

“We’re okay.”

Thank You

Title: Thank You

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Synopsis: Negan promised to spend an entire day with you but falls asleep instead.

Warnings: Slight dirty talk (just a little), other than that, it’s pure fluff

Note: Negan fluff coming through! Needed a break from all the dirty smut I’ve been writing so here’s a short one-shot of sleepy Negan. Posting a request soon! :)

Negan promised to spend an entire with you to make it up for his absence for the past few days. He had been so busy running things in the Sanctuary and dealing with other communities that he was barely seen in his wives’ lounge or even in his room. Being the only wife who actually adored him, you looked forward to that day. So, when you heard about his arrival, you didn’t waste any more time and went straight to his bedroom to welcome him back…only to find him fast asleep.

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First Apartment

A short series of one-shots of Bughead in their first apartment - one story above the “read more” line, three more underneath!

“Okay, I should go”

“Do you have to?”

“Unfortunately, yes.” Betty sighed and leaned in to place a quick kiss on Jughead’s nose before pushing herself up to a seated position and placing her feet on the floor, “I’ve got to go back to my place before work starts. I left my computer there.”

Jughead groaned, grabbing Betty by the waist and pulling her back into bed, “Just five more minutes.” he mumbled.

Betty laughed and rolled her eyes, “Juggie, you said that five minutes ago. And again five minutes before that. If I don’t leave now I’ll be late.”

Betty sat up once more, and this time Jughead rose with her. He placed his hands on her shoulders and kissed the back of her neck. Betty leaned into the comfort, releasing a small moan.

“Move in with me.”

“What?” Betty laughed, turning to face him. Her smile faded to shock as she registered the look of seriousness on his face. “Are you - are you serious?”

“Why not?” Jughead grinned, “You practically live here anyway! And you know how much I hate it when you leave. Besides… isn’t this what people do when, you know, they’re in our position?”

“In our position?” Betty smiled at his fumbling, eyebrows raised in jest.

“I just meant… I love you. And I don’t want to keep saying goodbye to you every morning. I want you to move into my apartment. I want it to be our apartment.”

Betty looked at his wide, puppy-dog smile in disbelief, “Okay. Okay let’s do this.”

“Yeah?” Jughead asked, eyes brimming with hope. 

“Yeah,” Betty smiled and leaned in, cupping his face in her hands and excitedly placing a kiss on his lips, “Yeah! Let’s move in together!”

Jughead grinned and tackled her back onto the bed, pinning her down and peppering her with kisses. “I love you so much right now it’s insane.”

Betty giggled, “I love you too. So, so much.” She practically squealed in excitement before kissing him once more. Suddenly aware of the time, Betty let out a laugh. “Well, I’m definitely going to be late for work now.”

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Calm || Reggie Mantle ~ (Part 2)

@isntskatesatan said
IMAGINE Reggie Mantle being friends with Archie Juggie B and Ver and he has a girl and he’s so in love with her like.. Always holding her hand or just staying close to her, her touch is calming him down and when they at pop’s she’s always sitting on his lap with her head in his neck kissing his skin softly and he’s have to stay calm bc if not he would fuck her on this fucking table LIKE SHIT I NEED MORE REGGIE IMAGINES CAN SOMEONE DO THAT FOR ME????

Did I edit it yet?: Nope

Word Count: 756

Warnings: Again terrible SMUT and mild swearing

A/N: There will be one more part after this one

Part 1

Originally posted by riverdaleasylum

Calm // Reggie Mantle (Part 2)

“What are you two doing?” a voice called out making the two of you freeze. You turned around to see your parents.

“Mom! Dad! We… ah… are just sitting,” you mentally face palmed yourself at your stupid excuse. Your eyes widened as you saw your parents walking over to the booth to sit in the available spot.

“It’s almost midnight. The two of you should be home,” your mother informed.

“We should, but I didn’t want to leave alone. Reggie’s parents aren’t going to be home until next week since they had an unexpected trip they had to go to,” you explained.

“Oh, then if your parents aren’t going to be home your always free to stay over at our house and we were hoping that you would stay with Y/N until we get back from our business meeting in New York and we didn’t want to worry about leaving her home by herself,” your mother informed.

“Sure Mr. and Mrs. Y/L/N,” Reggie smiled.

“Good. Now your mother and I should be going. We’re going to be late for our flight,” you and Reggie nodded your head and watched them leave the diner. When the door closed you finally relaxed on your boyfriends lap.

“Well that was close,” you said hopefully. You felt your boyfriends chest vibrate when he lightly chuckled. He slightly picked you up making him slip out of your core, earning a slight moan from the two of you. He quickly zipped his pants up.

“Can we stop by my house babe? I need to grab some clothes,” he said.

“Sure but can I at least have my underwear  back babe?” you asked.

“Not gonna happen,” he smirked and slid out of the booth with you still in his arms. You just shook your head and followed him to his car.

When you finally reached his house he unlocked the door and led you inside. The two of you walked into his room and he pushed you down on the bed. You squeaked when you felt your back hit the soft mattress that you loved spending most nights on. He pushed the base of your uniform so it pooled around your waist. He kneeled in between your legs, his face centimeters away from your burning core. He stuck his tongue out and licked your slit.

“Reg…” you moaned softly. He attacked your core with his tongue flicking your bud. In an instant both of your clothes were discarded all over the room the two of your roughly making out on his bed with him on top of you. He rubbed the tip of his length on your core. He leaned closer to your ear.

“You looked so fucking beautiful today Princess. I could see everyone’s eyes on you especially the guys,” he whispered, “remember your MINE Princess.” He plunged his length into your core making you scream from the sudden fullness. He stood up from the bed not making sure not to slip out of you. Placing his hands on your arse so you wouldn’t fall. He started walking until you felt your back hit a cold surface. He stopped kissing you. Your foreheads were now touching.

“Fuck,” you gasped when his thrusts became more rougher and harder. You opened your eyes when you felt his thumb delicately trace your bottom lip. His eyes wondered all over your body thinking how lucky he was to have you when his eyes watched your breasts bounce from the hard thrusts he was delivering.

Calloused hands were trailing towards your bare core making you gasp. He played with your core’s bud once more. His thrusts became more sloppier as he felt your walls contracting down on his throbbing length. You knew you were about to explode when you felt the familiar feeling of your stomach tightening. One final thrust sent the two of you both into your highs. A loud scream of his name left your lips as his was yours. When your breathing has finally settled down a bit he peeled your limp body off the wall and brought you bridal style to his bed. He went to his bathroom to grab a warm damp cloth to clean the both of you up. You grabbed his letterman jacket that was 4 sizes larger than you and wrapped it around your bare body. He laid down on the bed next to you as you snuggled into his side.

“So… round two at my house?” you asked with hope.

“Oh you know it Babe.”



maddymaydoodles  asked:

One line fic; klance please? The line is: "I just didn't expect THAT!"

“So let me get this straight…” Shiro sighs. He sits on the edge of his bed and rubs his hand through his long bangs. Keith sits cross legged in front of him, curled up into a ball of nerves and panic.
“The two of you have been dancing around each other for months. You were sparring. You had Lance pinned. When he told you to get off you replied ‘make me’…” Shiro clasps his hands together as if in prayer. He brings his hands to his lips, his eyes pinched shut, and he lets out another suffering sigh.
“What did you THINK was going to happen?”
“I just…!” Keith flushes up his neck. His voice breaks. “I just wasn’t expecting THAT!”
Keith throws his arms out in front of him. If he thinks about it too much his heart starts pounding. He starts swearing. And he can remember the feel of Lance’s lips on his.

Onsra | Part V

(v.) – to love for the last time; a bittersweet feeling of knowing a love won’t last

Read: Part 1 | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V

Words: 13.7K

Genre: Demon au / Slight smut (warning)

A/N: Enjoy! I know it’s been a while, haha. There is some smut so I put that in the warning. It’s not a lot in my opinion, but still wanted to address it here!

“Are you okay?” He placed a hand on the brown haired boy’s shoulder. “Jeon Jungkook, speak to me.” His friend had been standing outside in the cold for nearly 3 hours now. He refused to come inside; saying he was moping was an understatement.

“If I say yes, will you leave me alone?” Jungkook asked in annoyance and brushed the hand away from him. There was a long drawn out silence between the two of them. Jungkook then quietly mutters: “I fucking gave her everything…”

“You didn’t know-”

“It’s my fault.” Jungkook leaned against the wall and covered his face with his hands. “That’s the thing; I should have known, Jimin.” He was careless and let his guard down. As much as Jimin wanted to comfort him, he had no idea how to.

“How could you have?” Jimin asked and sighed heavily before taking a seat on the pavement beside Jungkook.

“I never should’ve let it get serious or let it drag on like it did,” He muttered and clenched his fist. “I let my feelings get in the way.” He couldn’t think about anyone or anything else except her. What he would give to just feel absolutely nothing.

“You can’t stop yourself from feeling… Nobody can control that.” Jimin mumbles and Jungkook drops his hands to his side in defeat. He only wished he knew the full story, but Jungkook was a private person when it came to these things. Jimin was lucky enough to get Jungkook to even briefly bring it up.

“Can’t you?” He looks up at the sky and scornfully laughs, causing Jimin to furrow his eyebrows in concern. “Can’t you just choose not to feel? Think about it, you wouldn’t ever get hurt again.”

“Jungkook, look-”

“I don’t want to hurt anymore,” Jungkook grabs his chest.

“I understand. But she-”

“Human’s are good for one thing only.” His eyes darkened and he looked down at Jimin. “Once they’re used and spent, just throw them away. After all, there’s always more where they came from.” He muttered cynically.

“You don’t really think that.”

Jungkook laughed, an empty expression on his face as turned away, looking blankly in front of him.

“They’re all the fucking same, Jimin.”

You were no different.

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BTS react to your paranoia

A/N: Hey anon, just wanted you say that your english is perfectly fine and that i find it very brave of you to admit your mental disorder like that ~ I hope that that this disorder does not limit your quality of life ^^

// I did some research to be able to write this reaction without spreading false information but please DM or send me a message if anything i wrote is not a correct fact//


Originally posted by officialwookkibby

Jungkook would be woken up from his sleep when he felt you shuffle around in bed more than usual, after rubbing his eyes and reeling into consciousness he would look over at you only to find you wide awake and looking around anxiously. “Y/N? What’s wrong” he would sit up to look at you better “Jungkook, there are spiders on my legs” he would throw the covers off of your feet and soothingly reminding you “there’s nothing there Jagi, don’t worry.” He would pull you closer to him, throw his legs over yours and rub comforting circles on your back as he waited for you to fall asleep before he too went back to sleep. 


Originally posted by beuits

When you first told him about your paranoia, Taehyung would be so utterly confused and clueless. He would attempt to understand and want to be able to help you but wouldn’t understand how to, at night when he experienced your paranoia first-hand he would immediately wrap his whole body around you and whisper comforting words as he hoped that this would help.


Originally posted by suga-com

The first thing that would come to his mind when you were experiencing paranoia was to consult and comfort, he would hold your hand, run his hand through your hair and just listen to whatever you had to get off of your chest. After hearing your worries and anxious thoughts he would sooth you with comforting words “it’s okay, I’m here, I won’t let anything get to you Jagi” 


Originally posted by jiminrolls

Namjoon would jump awake when he felt you shake him from his sleep, he would turn to look at you and immediately engulf you in a hug. After you had told him about your paranoia he did some research so that he would be prepared whenever it happened. Although sleepy, he would immediately converse and consult with you before waiting for you to fall asleep, happy that he was able to help you. 


Originally posted by jhope-shi

As soon as Hoseok woke up in the middle of the night after hearing your voice, he would know the deal and already know exactly what to do. he would shift in bed and switch both of your positions so that you could comfortably lean against his chest and so that he would engulf his arms around your body making sure to whisper in your ears “It’s okay, there’s nothing there” and smile to himself when he realised you were sleeping peacefully again. 


Originally posted by yoonmin

Yoongi would be pretty grumpy that he had to be waken up but would still be worried about you, he knew that you had no control over this and would attempt to comfort you by switching onto the TV and cuddling, even having late night conversations just so that you would feel slightly better. 


Originally posted by jiminahhh

Seokjin’s mom mode would activate and he would get up and was about to go to the kitchen to make you a cup of tea before deciding that he shouldn’t leave you alone and so he lifts you up and brings you with him “you need some fresh air” he would tell you. And so there you both were at 3AM drinking Chamomile tea on the balcony having a soothing late night talk before he brought you back to bed making sure that you fell asleep first before he was able to sleep too. 

                                                 -bangtan angels-


Pairing: Lucifer x Reader
Word count: 1,342
Warnings: Smut. Unprotected sex.
Request: ( Anonymous )  I know you’re clearly in a Ketch phase right now ;) but I really miss Lucifer! When you are in the mood again - could you write a fic where he and the reader has been having a ‘thing’ where he just let loose his vessel’s urges with her but never seem very affectionate, so she ends it because she falls in love, and Lucifer first get all angry because he sees her as his and then has to confess he has feelings for her and get her back? Rough smut because it’s Lucifer, but loving? Thank you!

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A Different Addiction. Sherlock Holmes.

Request:  I was wondering if you could do a Sherlock Smut where when there’s no cases, Sherlock leaves the house for the night after getting a text. John thinks he’s going to do drugs but he’s actually meeting a woman. An old assistant of his that now works for Interpol, he’s very close to her. They meet up once in awhile at a nice hotel whenever they are free from work. He’s very dominate with her, makes her beg and pled for more. Ending with cuddling and Sherlock bring her to the flat to meet John. ❤️❤️

Triggers: Smut. Dom-Sub.

Word Count: 2027

Enjoy ;D

Sherlock sighed heavily as he laid on the couch. “Bored.”

“Don’t get the gun,” John muttered. He looked up when he heard the sound of a phone typing. “Who are you texting?”

“No one.” Sherlock said before putting his phone down. Less than a minute later, his phone buzzed. Sherlock looked to the phone and John caught a glimpse of a smile before he was typing again.

“Well ‘no one’ seems to be perking you right up.” John said, raising an eyebrow. Sherlock just hummed. “Who is it?”

“No one,” Sherlock said, suddenly getting up. He walked to his room and closed the door. When he came out, he was dressed and grabbing his coat. “I’m going out for the night.”

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After-After The After Party

Part Two to After The After Party

Dedicated to @delos-mio , @goblackhatwithme & @princesse-de-ravenclaw for being utter babes and being my blackhattrashgroup besties.

I hope this is okay! 
Word Count : 848
Rating : T
Sirius Black x Reader

Originally posted by petraalexandra

It was unexpected, her legs wrapped around him as he pressed her into the wooden door. Her hand lost in his black locks as he undid the door. She gasped as his teeth nipped at her neck, grunted as he slammed her back into the wall as he closed the door and locked it behind them.

It had started from nothing, turning into everything.

“I expected… more,” she had said with a smirk.

His eyes flashing up at her, “you expected more?”

“You don’t dance with fire and not expect to get burnt. I expected to be unable to walk after kissing the god that is Sirius Black,” she had teased.

Sirius had taken her breath away in a second, he had held her like she had always wanted and kissed her like he needed her to survive.

His tongue split into her mouth, gentle but demanding, and it’s nothing like she’d ever experienced. She, right in this moment understand why people describe kissing as melting because every square inch of her body dissolves into his.
Her fingers gripping into his hair, pulling him closer. Her veins flooded with fire and her heart exploded at his dominance. She wanted to breathe him in, drink him and take the taste of him in as if he was something sweet.

Her emotions were exploding in her chest, the confusion that she had first felt disappearing as she pulled him closer. His fingers shoving the shirt from his back to the floor as her hands touched his bare skin. His hands moving to her back as he guided her gently to the bed, the back of her knees feeling the hardness of the bed before folding down into the mattress as their lips broke.

“We tell no one,” she muttered.

“No one,” he agreed, his head turning to look at her as he gazed down at her body underneath his and Sirius swallowed quickly. “Fuck, you’re so beautiful.”

Her smile began to rise, a light blush appearing on her cheeks but she made no move to cover herself up. Her eyes spoke enough without words, she needed Sirius; she needed him now.

When his body pressed against hers, she wanted him more then than ever, he was extraordinary, and the way his fingers held her chin made her quiver beneath him. The way his fingers touched the skin of her stomach, the way he gently caressed her ribs as he moved over the cotton of her bra sent ripples through her.

The way he discarded her clothes made them feel pointless, but the way he gazed at her made her skin feel like electric. He kissed her collarbone as if it was beautiful, he held her as if she was made of glass and his hand could turn her to stone.

She wanted all of him, her eyes flashing in permission as he ran his fingers past her waist, sliding her delicates from her body and she expected to feel nervous.

But she didn’t. Her lips meeting his as she felt his hand stroke up the back of her thigh, the sensation causing ripples up her skin.

Sirius woke up in the mess of his sheets, the smell of a perfume on his skin that had driven him insane for so long. He opened his eyes slowly to find he was alone, the drapes drawn around him as he ran a hand through his hair.

Memories of her nervous eyes, her quaking legs and the way his name sounded on her lips. He remembered being careful, he remembered making it good for her, and Sirius remembered feeling something that he usually didn’t.

Sitting up in the bed, rubbing his back as he felt the marks that her nails had made as he entered her, her soft gasp at the intrusion and the way he had wanted to kiss the pain away. He thought of the blush on her cheeks after and how he never wanted to let go of her.

And that he felt confused.

Confused because he had slept with his friend; a friend who he happened to care about. Confused because he had hoped that she’d be here, lay next to him, her eyes looking at him like he was her world, just as she had done last night.

“Padfoot?” Sirius groaning at the sound of James calling for him. “You ready for Hogsmeade? The girls are waiting.”

Sirius found himself go cold and he was sure his face paled. He had forgotten entirely that he would be spending the day with her, his best friend and now girl he had bedded.


Sirius snarled, “I am coming!” His hand throwing the sheets back with his usual fierceness but whatever confidence he was going to radiate today would be fabricated.

The bold Sirius Black was scared shitless because he hadn’t just bedded his best friend, no, he had bedded the girl he had been into for quite some years, and he knew, without question, he would never be the same again.

AN: To the Anon who requested a part two, I hope this was okay! I always worry I would ruin things with a part two.