he rolls with them

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Haha thats so fun that skookum likes veggies. My dog would steal carrots when she could but then she would just spit them out and guard them with her life. But she wouldn't eat them.

He loves carrots! It’s weird he’s so food oriented I think he would honestly eat almost anything that we tossed at him so we have to be careful! One of the only things he will spit out is if I give him the ends of sugar snap peas when I break off the flower end, he will roll them around in his mouth then spit them out. He loves carrots and apples though… maybe he is secretly a horse!

hello horsey how are you

i think i might be horsey too!

30 Day Dog Trick Training Challenge Update

So Finley had Tuesday & Wednesday off due to a bout of diarrhea that left him feeling super yucky. Which means he went two days after learning three new tricks with no refresher. But today I decided to use some pumpkin treats that would be easy on his belly to check up on those tricks and to my amazement he was performing them BETTER. I actually got him to roll over multiple times. And his “sit pretty” is getting better, he’s not popping his bum up off the floor anymore and he can hold it a little longer too.

So considering he was doing so well I decided to introduce “spin” and “bow” tonight as well. Spin was a little difficult, he doesn’t like it when my arm starts to go behind him. But after a few tries he got it really well and I was even able to start phasing out the food lure.

But the biggest shock was with “bow.” The very first time I lured him into position, he held the bow for a good 30 seconds. I’ve literally never taught it to him before?? And he got it??? Instantly?!?!? My dog??? is a genius??!?!????!? Like we did it a few times and then I just gave a verbal cue and he did it. Dog. Wtf. AND YET ROLLING OVER IS STILL SO DIFFICULT. WHAT ARE YOU.

Harry Looks Better Than Me in Short Shorts

Well, harrystylesisonesmartcookie said I could talk to her about Harry in short shorts any time and I started to think about it, and basically I had a lot to say. Let’s get started.

If I’m not mistaken, this started it all.  I mean, what the hell Harry, they weren’t short enough so you had to roll them?  I’m not complaining though.  In fact, good idea.  Great idea.  Do it again.

He did it again.  I don’t even know what this outfit is.  All I know is I love it and he should probably wear it again.  Keep rolling your shorts. And keep letting the butterfly and birds fly free.  Please and thank you.

He rolled them again.  I approve. And also I’m jealous of his legs.

Right about now is where I tend to black out because yellow shorts.

Everything’s blurry.  I can barely see.  It’s raining on my face.

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“Oh come on.” Dean said, his shoulders deflated as he looked at your unfazed expression. “Curly? The Three Stooges?” 

“Sorry.” You, shook your head and winced as you looked up at Dean from the library table.

“Alright,” he sighed, thinking for a second, “how about…”

Dean proceeded to run his hands through his hair, spiking it straight up. His whole body went rigid, and although he was talking nonsense, you couldn’t help the small smile that creeped upon your lips, even if it was just for a second.

“There it is.” Dean said, grinning. “There’s that smile.”

You rolled your eyes but stuck your hands out so he would grasp them. When he did, you pulled him in, wrapping your arms around his waist and burying your face in his stomach, hugging him. 

“Thanks.” Your voice was muffled, and you looked up at your best friend who was grinning down at you. Dean put his hand to the back of your neck and brought you into him again, and lovingly kissed the top of your head.



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Ok but what happens if this leads to nothing? Everybody keeps yelling to stay woke but about what? If the days pass and this wasn't a precursor to anything significant can we then just assume he just likes The Rolling Stones and was jazzed about just seeing them live?

I think that it can be a little difficult for people to deal with ‘what if?s and that’s what happens when they see the present picture and they don’t have full understanding of what they are seeing and people can make inferences but what if what if what if they’re wrong? And…. what if you’re wrong? People are bound to be wrong sometimes when they’re dealing with uncertainty, and that’s okay, it’s not the end of the world.

For myself I already saw a very positive picture because of a lot of different things, a whole process that’s been in process since before he started his black and white thing, and a gradual change in the picture that becomes more obvious once you’re on the other side and you’re able to reflect back on where we’ve come from. Based on that, I expect to see a continuation of that positive trend, although what the specifics are, I have no clue. Could people be wrong about the instagram post itself? Sure–but I think that Harry knows the reaction it would cause. And I see that people have been managed so that they take Harry and Louis alone together in L.A. calmly, but they’re allowed to get excited over the instagram post. And if I am /really/ wrong and there are no more positive changes, but a sudden downward trend? Based on what I see I don’t think that’ll happen, but I’ll take my punches and roll with it. It’s a fucking boyband. In the meantime, there’s no need to borrow trouble from a future that may never come. Being happy won’t kill you. Being constantly sad because you’re afraid that being happy will make you sad is a less great idea.

1.7k jibcon “they were late to their own panel” smut. @god, @mom, I’m so… so sorry. rimming. vveeery subtle d/s undertones. (ao3)

Jensen’s phone rings again from the bottom of their clothing pile in the corner of the green room.

He groans and crowds Misha back further onto the couch, “I should get that.” 

Misha wraps his legs tighter around Jensen and practically growls, yanking him into a deeper, rougher kiss, “No.” 

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so what is zombies run?? pls explain I want it

its like
this fitness app
you put headphones in and do ur thing

and its set in a zombie apocalypse
you’re ‘runner 5′ you come and deliver supplies to this little place called abel township
you’re mute and were involved in a helicopter crash but you kinda find out a little more about that fairly quickly

and its technically meant for running but you can walk it if you’re unfit like me
you can play music while you’re doing it and the app either lowers the music or pauses it when a transmission comes in
transmissions are from the main character you hear over the comms which is sam yao he’s the sweetest cinnamon roll of them all
sometimes there are other characters like maxine the town doctor and runner 8 whos badass and threatens to kill you a couple of times but she cool she cool
anwyay you get sent out on missions (which are usually about half an hour long)
theres another bigger town called new canton but fuck them honestly
canon queer relationship between women doctors?????? YAS
u can headcanon ur heart out with the characters designs n shit bc since its just audio you dont really get much description-wise (except so far i know sam is at least half chinese)

you get supplies and stuff during the missions + you use them in the app to build up abel township ahhhh

you can set it to either track you by gps, how far u go per km, or put in your stride and it measures it from that
you can also set it so during missions you can get chased by zombies? like it’ll go ZOMBIES 50 METERS and u gotta speed up and i think you might hear zombie noises but im not 100% sure about that

you can get the free version which gives you the first 4 missions free and then lets you unlock a new mission each week

and you can pay for the full membership monthly which i think is like $4nzd or do an annual payment which is about $28nzd
which unlocks your stats and a bunch of other stuff but most importantly gives you access to all the missions theyve got out which is over 200+ of them

it has a really good plotline??? i love all the characters so far daang
its actually gotten me to exercise????  it gets points for that alone i hate running and usually dont like going out for walks either but im actually so keen im looking for time i can go out and do more missions this tells u how great it is

Once in a while, kaisoo drabble

Once in a while, Kyungsoo found himself thinking about Jongin.

Not that he didn’t think of Jongin on a regular basis, what with the younger always in his presence.

But sometimes, he thought about Jongin.

How he flawlessly executed intricate dance compositions yet could trip over his own feet on his way to the kitchen.

How alluring and confident he was whilst being Kai but blushing and hiding of his face when the cordi noonas complimented how attractive he looked.

How bravely he held back tears on stage as to appear strong yet let them roll because he was just human after all.

How caring he was towards his members - his brothers, even his fans, but too shy to admit out loud what he himself wanted.

Kyungsoo thought about Jongin a lot, the Jongin beneath the exterior. 

Jongin had lots of sides to him.

Yet there was Jongin with Kyungsoo.

How he tentatively held Kyungsoo, holding him like he would break with the usage of too much force.

How he laughed with Kyungsoo, never mocking but with such fascination and genuine joy.

How he relied on him, entrusted Kyungsoo with his raw feelings and honest emotions.

How he loved Kyungsoo, serving him his heart on a plate, allowing him to break him or keep him whole.

Once in a while, Kyungsoo found himself thinking about Jongin.

And each time, he found himself falling even more in love.

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✧✧✧ Kibum knew Jonghyun was sensitive,

so he couldn’t help himself when he pinned the elder man down under him, dragging his lips along the column of Jonghyun’s throat. He liked it when Jonghyun trembled at the sensation, whimpering softly.

“What are you doing?” Jonghyun questions breathlessly, voice quiet because it was late and he was probably tired.

“Don’t worry about it,” Kibum responds, feeling cheeky, leaning in close again and leaving butterfly kisses just below Jonghyun’s earlobe, eagerly watching the goose bumps rise on his skin. Jonghyun tenses a little with every kiss, but he still doesn’t move away. He’s biting his lip when Kibum pulls back to look down at him, flashing a smile. “It’s cute when you shiver. You’re like a puppy.”

Jonghyun’s nose scrunches. “I’m human, Kibum,” he protests, wrapping his strong arms around the younger’s middle and pulling him down onto his chest. He rolls them over onto their sides, but he still doesn’t let him go. “And humans like us need their beauty sleep.”

Kibum laughs but gives in easily enough, snuggling close. “I’m already beautiful,” he responds matter-of-factly not even a minute later. “Sleeping can’t possibly make me more beautiful. People would faint at the sight of me.”

This time it’s Jonghyun’s turn to feel amused, chuckling as he presses a loving kiss against Kibum’s forehead. “You’re right, how silly of me. Let me rephrase that – I need my beauty sleep. So can we just sleep now?”

Kibum presses one last kiss on Jonghyun’s sensitive neck, making the elder twitch from surprise, before getting comfortable again. “Now we can.”

the game.

First Time Fear || Self Para

Get off of me!” Violet screamed, kicking in an attacker’s grip as he had her pinned to the floor. She rolled them over so she was on top, but he held tightly onto her wrists, keeping her close to him. Without thinking, Violet slammed her head into his, causing them both to wince in pain, but managing to get him to release her. She quickly stood up, backing away from him and watching as he got back up as well. She was slacking and she knew it. She couldn’t let this guy win. Suddenly, she felt herself being slammed into the lockers, and the man pulled out a gun, holding it to her forehead. If she didn’t think of something fast, she would be done. Quickly, she looked into his eyes, waiting for his to lo linger over hers for a second at least, so she could inhabit his mind. When his eyes caught hers, she squinted slightly, focusing on entering his mind. Her breathing was heavy and quick, and she could barely focus with the gun to her head. Once she was inside, she made the man take a few steps back from her, changing the direction of his gun. He slowly aimed the gun at his own forehead, keeping his eyes on hers. She could see the fear in his eyes, but her adrenaline was running so high, and she was thinking too quickly to process what was going on. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and forced him to pull the trigger. When she heard the gun shot, she winced, opening her eyes again and tearing up at the sight in front of her. She had caused this. She had just killed a man.

Kai Parker Imagine - Foreign Sensation

“Listen i just want my afternoon nap alright?” I nudge his arm away that was outstretched towards me invitingly.

“You are not done with practising your magic” He now folded his hand and leaned against my doorway as i rolled my eyes. I made sure the warlock saw them roll because he had to know that i was getting tired of messing up my room over and over with my magic levitation spells.

“Kai. Sleep. Bed. Bye” I say the words after I came to the conclusion that he didn’t understand words in sentences. It was his turn now to roll those huge eyes of his with a smug.

“OOokay” He chimed and jumped on my bed leaving me to stand with my mouth wide open. I just changed the sheets and did not want his cologne all over them although he smelled pretty good. His scent always made my head spin. Both romantically and very physically because of this insane crush i have on him and because his cologne somehow  slowly burns into your nostrils and lungs.

“What are you doing Kai?” I asked throwing my arms in the air as he hugged one of the bolsters against his chest with a raised eyebrow.

“What? I want my beauty sleep too. Teaching you magic is making me tired” He winked and for a moment i adored the crinkles that appeared around his eyes. This time i accidentally caved in and smiled and in return i hear his chuckle.

“Fine” I say and jump on my bed, immediately regretting as i build a pillow fort between me and the warlock. Kai rests on his elbow and watches me intently as i continue to work as if he was not observing me.

“What?” I ask staring at his eyes that were peeking admist all the pillows between us.

“Geez y/n, i’m not going to rape you or something.. I’m not that evil you know ”He says with an amused tone and at the same time making my face go crimson red. I wished there was a spell to stop my emotions from taking over me. 

“That’s why you have bonnie to play your little tricks with right?” I ask already feeling a pang of jealousy at mentioning the bennett witch’s name.Kai erupts into a laughing fit, his voice booming among the four walls of my bedroom causing the bed beneath us to rock.

“Hey between you and me, Bonnie is an exquisite beauty. After all she was the first girl i saw in ages. Until i meet you” He says quietly and lifts off one of the pillow between us. I can now see his nose and the scruff along his jawline.

“Me” I say feeling my heart pounding out of my chest.

“My tricks will be played just on you y/n” He winks flirtatiously and messes up the whole pillow fort. I frown and glare at him while he smirks at me. The kind of smirk that would make me squeal into a pillow.

“Ok, i’m going to sleep” I quickly say and turn feeling my heart coming up my throat. All Kai had to do was to put one of his arms around me and quick as a flash, i wiggle my way out and turn my head to look at him while he looks at me innocently.

“Are you trying to spoon me?” I ask quietly and Kai smiles into the pillow. Great, more of his cologne all over my sheets.

“Sorry, it felt like instinct. Dammit Luke” He looks at me and watches my very own smile grow.

“You can’t blame everything on Luke’s traits you know? Some of that emotion you’re feeling is your own” I say and turn.

“Ok, i feel like i want to spoon you. May i?” He opens his arm and i notice how he was still wearing those knitted gloves.

“Why are you wearing your gloves?” I ask and immediatly all that smug and bravado washes clean into a sad frown.

“Was thinking maybe you did not want to be sleep siphoned by me by accident” He smiles and hides his hands under the pillow.

His eyes were sad and earnest yet beautiful and longing. All these feelings are foreign to someone who fabricated loved out of the void. Maybe, Just maybe i can have him.

“Nonsense” I say and yank his hand out by the wrist and his breath hitches.

“Don’t” He warns as i peel off the glove only to reveal his hand exposed to the air. I toyed with the rings he wore for awhile, appreciating the silver that seemed to gleam so proudly with the evening sun. I felt his eyes still on my fingers.

Very slowly, i let my fingers intertwine with his and his hold his breath and closes his eyes. I willed myself to not wince when i felt the tiniest bit of my magic getting whisked into his bloodstream. Kai was not breathing.

“Keep that up for another 5 minutes and pretty sure you will go into coma due to lack of oxygen going to your brain” I say and the warlock opens his eyes and stares at me.

“Sorry-” He now says with the biggest smile

“See? You’re not siphoning me” I smile back at him.

Kai automatically removes with other glove as i turn. Feeling slightly braver, i shift closer to his chest, feeling his warm breath against my neck. Behind me Kai goes absolutely stiff as he holds my shoulder, not knowing how to spoon someone properly. I smile to myself.

“Usually you spoon someone like this” I say and bring his hand that was on my shoulder, around my waist. Kai chuckles.

“This is nice” He says playing with my fingers, his nose brushing against the back of my neck.

“Mmhmm” I say already falling asleep in his arms.

In that moment i forget about how much i used to hate him or how jealous i felt everytime he never stopped talking about bonnie. All i cared was this moment. Having him with me in the silence.

The tiny vial of demon blood was in his hand; he rolled it around, his fingers restless without a cigarette between them. Only a day and a half had passed since his last smoke, but his teeth were on edge. Luna was home tomorrow. Luna would hate him tomorrow. 

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Sebastian snuck into the sleeping boy's room, reaching down to gently run his fingers through his hair. That stupid spider really was bad at defending him, seeing as the butler had gotten in easily, "Alois, dear... Wake up..."

Alois did as he was told. His blue eyes opened and blinked away the gummy sleepiness in them.  He rolled onto his back and looked about for who had woken him. “What..?”

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"Look at me. Just look at me and stay awake. Can you do that?" ||Hurt RP starter. c:||

Brian could hardly keep his eyes open. He was laying in a back alley behind a night club after getting bashed behind the head. He could hear voices but had no idea who they were coming from. He stirred a bit, eyes rolling back behind his head then opening them back up. 

Brian’s eyes focused on what looked like a blonde haired boy and a smile crept on his face. “Morning Sunshine.” he muttered.

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How about if the guys were just lounging with their girls, watching tv or taking a nap or something and out of the blue she just puts her hand down his pants?


Leo would probably choke a little on his tea but after that was cleared, he’d take a deep breath and look around to make sure his brothers wasn’t around. He’d take another deep breath before looking over to her. He’d squint playfully at her when he seen her smirk before taking another look around and doing the same to her.


Raph would be almost asleep at the time. Half way into a dream before feeling her hand slide down him pants and grab him. His eyes would shoot open and he’d stare up at the ceiling for a moment. He’d let his eyes adjust before rolling his eyes back and shutting them again an letting out a long breathy moan. He’d hear her giggle witch would make him sit up and pull her on top of him and giving her a slap on the ass.


Donnie would already be making his little noises he does before he falls completely asleep. Little “ehnns” and “nnnns” and more of the kind. He’d take his deep breaths and his glassed would end up crooked from adjusting his head. But the feeling of her hand quickly sliding down his plastron and onto his AHEM, made him take a very VERy large deep breath in and open in eyes. He’d swallow and raise his head up, glasses still crooked with a shocked expression. She’d laugh and he’d give a tired yet nervous laugh in return. And then soon after. Queue the tired sex.


Mikey would be jabbering on about t.v shows because the one that was on was getting boring and Mikey didn’t settle for being bored. He never let his angle get bored either. He’d be going on and on and on before he felt a shiver go down his shell. He’d smile and let out a laugh before looking to her and whining a little. “Angeeeeeel” he’d call out before throwing his head back. She’d just rest her hand down there, no movement or anything and this would drive Mikey crazy. It would make him wiggle about and buck his hips and little to try and get her to do some things. But He couldn’t take it anymore and would end up throwing her over his shoulder to take her somewhere privet. And boy did he dart there.

Closed rp

( so-many-stories-to-tell )

The venue was already practically full by the time Ben and Matthew managed to pull themselves away from the makeup crew to get to Nate. They had been at the place all day, making it so neither of them had been able to say goodbye to their loved ones before soundcheck. Nate was instantly peppered with requested messages to give to their loved ones, his eyes narrowed. “Okay! You two get your asses back in their and get ready, I’ll handle the boyfriends and girlfriend. Now go.” Rolling his eyes, he grabbed the four tickets from them, moving out. It was hard enough to get through the crowd when you were the identical twin brother to the lead singer of the band that was performing, but when he did, he instantly found the small group. Matt and Ben had told them all to wait at the same place so it was easier on Nate, the blond grinning. “You guys are lucky I love my brother and Matthew.” He laughed, shaking his head. “I’m Nate.”


Summer is coming n i need your help aghhhh

But because I’ve been ill i’ve missed a lot of work and so I only have 100 to spend and im being super picky because of my budget but ive found this cheap site so i can get a nice selection of stuff

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im not sure which ones coz i like both of them, I asked my boyfriend but he just rolled his eyes so thats why im turning to you guys please help!

message me your thoughts please, ill rate your blog xx

He quickly pulled her away from the open area they were in, moving behind a stone wall, and resting her against it gently. Pulling off his suit coat, he pressed it to her wound, all the while, he worked on contacting the necessary help via his mental connection to his matrex back at home.

Cringing at the sound of bullets hitting the wall behind them, he slowly pulled out his pistol. Not exactly much, but it would definitely buy them time. Carefully glancing around the corner, he rolled out, shooting one of the three snipers, before returning to her side. “Y-you wouldn’t have had to do that… I’m meant to be looking after you… Not the other way around, silly.” He forced a smile, trying to keep calm as he reapplied pressure to her injury.