he rolled up his lil shirt sleeves

dylanlovesthemets  asked:

what about the trope where one is a kindergarten teacher and the other is the single dad of the kid in the class

i’ve had this in my drafts for as long as i can remember omg bc i wanted to write headcanons for it i’m sorry

  • ok so stiles never really planned on being a kindergarten teacher but then he did this volunteer thing at beacon hills elementary and suddenly, bam!! he just wanted to be there for the kids and treat them as equals and not like they weren’t smart
  • derek’s a single dad to his lil’ girl evangeline and literally dotes on her
  • but she’s still a young wolf w a sensitive nose and so she doesn’t do well around new people and is shy so she’s v nervous to go to kindergarten
  • but stiles clicks w her almost immediately
  • she draws things for him (which he hangs on his fridge at home because goddamn, this is so cute) and is super tactile w him
  • derek can never pick evan up from kindergarten so laura/cora will go instead and when he comes home everyday, there’s that scent on him and it feels so warm and fuzzy and so ,,,,, home 
  • and then derek catches that scent around town so often, lingering on his boss, the sheriff’s, person and everywhere tbh
  • and then comes the talent show 
  • stiles has been preparing for this day for the longest time
  • evan told him that her dad’s gonna b coming to the event and that she’s really excited for them to meet (secretly, she’s been planning mr. stlinsi’s and papa’s wedding) 
  • and when stiles sees derek for the first time, all packed up w scruff and a leather jacket, he almost cries
  • but stiles is loyal to his students and refuses to be anything but professional w their parents even if he wants to cry
  • and derek’s dying because wow this lil hipster teacher with his plaid shirts and sleeves rolled up, showing his forearm, and the black nerd glasses that look like they were stolen from cineplex. wow he’s gonna cry look at those moles
  • but derek’s too scared to pull a move too bc that’s his kid’s teacher, alright?! he has to remain professional. evan > anyone else tbh
  • but then they hit it off as friends and a few meetings later (arranged by evan + laura + talia ofc), evan asks when they’re gonna get married and they both realize that evan had been trying to hook ‘em up
  • idk what’s happening here but i like it

The Hive Five Style Visuals

MAYA HART: Artsy/Bohemian.

When it comes to style, Maya’s reflects her artistic side. Her closet is mostly filled with flowy peasant tops and denim with the occasional appearance of suede or corduroy. Her go-to accessories are boots with a slight heel for added height (bc she’s a short lil stack of pancakes).

RILEY MATTHEWS: Romantic/Girly.

Layers. Lots of layers. Riley’s choice of outfits are shown to be girly, patterned, and usually layered with many tank tops, jackets, and leggings. She is usually wearing bright colours and girly patterns. More often than not, she wears flats instead of heels because of her height.

FARKLE MINKUS: Laidback/Casual.

Farkle’s style is quite traditional, especially for someone who is experimenting with their looks. Farkle’s colour palette is much darker than everyone else’s, and he is usually seen wearing graphic t-shirts, slim jeans, and beanies. On occasion, Farkle’s graphic t-shirts will have a scientific or educational meaning behind them (good lil genius).

LUCAS FRIAR: Outdoorsy/Classic.

Lucas is the most traditional dressing boy on the face of the planet (and it’s not at all bad, he works it tbh). It’s been shown that Lucas wears a HECK TON of blue, with the occasional appearance of red. He’s often wearing simple pocketed t-shirts as well as flannel, plaid, and button-up shirts with his sleeves rolled up (bc arms ayye).

ZAY BABINEAUX: Classic/Comfortable.

Zay Babineaux’s style is very classic, but with lots of colour. He’s usually wearing plain denim jeans, a flannel shirt, and a colourful/graphic t-shirt underneath. I can see Zay’s style becoming much more experimental, where he probably starts wearing more colour and patterns, as well as hoodies (heck ya).

expanded on this set of redesigns a little today… like, i get what araki was doing, and it works great for him, and im sure it was exactly what he needed after part four with most of its major players in gakuran

but like. puttin these kids in clothes that look like real people might wear them is fun for me, so i did it because i wanted to. tried to keep the important parts of their canon outfits while making them more……… wearable. maybe you disagree with my decisions. thats ok, i already drew them. ill probably draw them plenty in their canon outfits too. dont even worry about it

important notes: 

giorno is lit just wearing a school uniform with minor embellishments. he gets tighter pants after joining passione? hm

fugo gets to wear a goddamn shirt

not only does mista get a proper hat (he can still store bullets in it! its fine!) but he also gets cowboy boots, because why not. you cant stop me. the tiger print is restrained to cuffs and collar of his shirt. sleeves are rolled up to show off the fuzz

narancia and abbachio dont change too much? just simplified a lil, but narancia gets aviator goggles and big ole boots and abbachios hat is just his roots growing out now

bruno can change his pants into two different lengths of capris for increased mom powers