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[Civil War Fake Cut Scene] Maria Hill talks to Wanda after the event in Lagos •• I’m not telling you to fight without rest, you deserve to have some. I’m sure sometimes Sisyphus looked at the mountain and thought “It’s too hard, I can’t do it.” Then after a while, he took his rock and tried again. But you’re not Sisyphus. You’re a living human being in the real world. You can achieve your goals. You can succeed. Yes, you will fail along the way. You will think you can’t do it. And when you feel like that, don’t try. But there will be a point in your life when you’ll find yourself able to make the change, and you will. And maybe some day, the name Wanda Maximoff will be sang. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will be the Scarlet Witch.

Mythology Rewrite: The Apple of Discord

Or How Paris Took The Words ‘For The Fairest’ Literally.

The Shepard, Paris of Troy, stood before the three Goddesses. He rocked from side to side, his eyes darting to each of the glorious beings before him.

Queen Hera, Goddess of Marriage and Women.

The Lady Athena, Goddess of Wisdom and War.

The Lady Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty and Love.

And he, a lowly mortal shepherd, had been chosen to chose the fairest.

The Lord Hermes, Messenger God of Transitions and Boundaries, had brought an order from King Zeus to judge this matter fairly. Of course, no one would conceive of defying an order from the King of the Gods, so Paris agreed.

This is what had brought him to the unfortunate situation he now was embroiled in. Each goddess was undeniably beautiful, powerful in her own right. Paris knew that if he chose one, the remaining two could cause much misery. How could he possibly choose?

Lord Hermes stood with him. It was a small comfort to know that his patron God had not abandoned him with the three.

In another lifetime, the Goddesses would become impatient with Paris’ dithering and begin to offer bribes, resulting in the Lady Aphrodite being chosen and a war that would destroy an entire city.

In this lifetime, however, Paris had a sudden thought. The Apple he held in his hands was inscribed with the words, ‘For The Fairest’. When Paris thought of Fairness, it was not beauty he thought of. The idea of Fairness brought forth another Devine Being. 

And Lord Hermes had not said that Paris could only choose between the three before him, only that the Apple had to remain intact and that his verdict would be upheld.

Just as Queen Hera was about to bribe Paris, the words tumbled from his lips. “I have decided.”

Each of the three drew up to their full height, confident in their victory. Lord Hermes tensed next to him.

Paris twisted the Apple in his hand and licked his lips. “Before I give my verdict, please allow me to explain. The one I chose is the Fairest as dictated upon this fruit. It does not say the For the most Beautiful nor the most Sensual. If that had been the case, I am sure it would cause me much consideration to decide between the three of you, most likely to point I could never decide as each of you truly embody Beauty and Power that no mortal could ever comprehend.” The Three nodded, quelled by the words but still curious. Lord Hermes’ eyes darted to Paris, twinkling with mischief as he began to understand what the clever mortal was doing.

Paris bit his lower lip before continuing. “Please understand the one I have chosen is due to fairness, not beauty. The one I chose looks to all mortals and judges equally. From the highest King to the lowliest slave. The Wisest Elder to the most innocent Youngster. The one I chose treats all mortals with the same honourable actions and does not treat us with favouritism nor discrimination.” Paris took a deep breath and turned to Lord Hermes who looked to be holding in his laughter with eyes filled with amusement. It gave Paris a small amount of courage. “Please pass this Apple onto Lord Hades. He does not take anything that does not belong to him and he judges all mortals with fairness and equality. He treats us fairly. Although another might have chosen differently, I am but a mortal and my opinion is that he is the fairest.”

The bewildered and stunned look on the three Goddesses almost cause Lord Hermes to laugh but he visibly reigned himself in and nodded. “I shall do as you ask, young shepherd. 

Paris’ eyes darted to the Three and muttered so only the God could hear. “Hopefully, I won’t be there to tell him that in person soon.”

As Lord Hermes darted off to award the prize, Paris turned to the Three. He cleared his throat and bowed lowly. “Might I please be excused from your glorious presences, My Ladies? My flock has need of me.” Paris kept his head bowed and tensed.

Lady Athena broke the silence first. “I will admit that I did not expect that.“

Queen Hera shook her head slowly as Lady Aphrodite brushed an invisible speck from her dress. The Three disappeared.

Paris gulped. He turned back to his flock and began to tend to them, muttering shakily under his breath, “Never ever again.”


Lord Hades was very touched by Paris’ decision. He mounted the Apple above his throne as a reminder. When Paris finally died of old age, never having discovered his royal heritage, Lord Hades thanked him.

Lady Persephone would rub it in the other’s faces for centuries.

shining like the stars  p52

The summer sky was that perfect shade of blue, a color picked from a box of crayons and scribbled across the edge of the paper; bright and bold and nostalgic all at once. It was broken here and there by thick piles of cotton-white clouds that never seemed to scuttle across the sun, drifting lazily across the canvas spread out above. The smell of saltwater, of sunscreen and sweat, the distant cry of gulls circling overhead, the far-off echoes of laughter and chatter overwritten by the soft crest of waves; the familiarity made Lance choke up just a bit as he sat up on the board.

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To no avail, Kenneth Cummings has been pitching his autobiographical Burning Man-themed reality show, Frog the Bounty Hunter, to various television producers for years. A self described “aspiring screenwriter and full-time pilates instructor” from Lake Elsinore, CA, he generally leads a mundane life. However, when he hits Black Rock once a year, Ken disappears and Frog comes out to “prowl the playa in search of hotties with outstanding warrants for first degree sexiness.” Those looking to “kermit some freaky acts” can find him running the cash register at Poppers R Us, near the Cockodile Mile Astroslide.

I saw an excellent post earlier about how Jack Zimmerman, Canadian 90s baby and confirmed country music lover, is a ride or die Shania Twain fan. And I can’t stop thinking about it, so please consider:

  • Jack loves to belt out Shania love songs like “From This Moment On” and “You’re Still The One” in an unabashedly heartfelt manner while driving.
  • He actually sings them TO Bitty if he’s in the car, complete with grasping Bitty’s hand or thigh on the really dramatic parts.
  • Bitty finds this simultaneously horrifying and endearing. Jack’s taste in music is terrible, but he’s just SO SINCERE when singing these silly country love songs that it makes Bitty a big pile of goo.
  • Bitty actually likes ONE Shania song, “Any Man Of Mine.” If he gets tipsy enough, he’ll do a karaoke performance. He doesn’t have to be THAT tipsy, because he secretly knows he ROCKS it and has a blast.
  • Jack thinks Bitty’s karaoke is both adorable and about the hottest thing he has ever seen (because of course Bitty has great dance moves to go with every song)
  • That’s the other reason it’s not TOO hard to convince Bitty to do it, because afterward Jack will always show him a “teasin’ squeezin’ pleasin’ kind of time.”
March 20, 1826

Prior to the organization of the church the Smith family was known for their work as treasure seekers also known as money diggers or glass lookers.

Rock seers pretend they know where buried coins are and tell their victims there is buried treasure on their property to con them out of money in order to find treasure.

On March 20, 1826 Joseph Smith Jr. was put on trial for Glass looking. Testimony showed he used a rock in a hat to deceive victims. Found to be a disorderly person. http://www.utlm.org/newsletters/no68.htm

Although the LDS Church kept it hidden from the general membership until 2014, we now know Joseph used his glass looking method of a rock in a hat to make his claims of translating The Book of Mormon. https://www.lds.org/topics/book-of-mormon-translation?lang=eng&_r=1

A con and a cover up

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i dont think he grows it long either, but i meant when it grows a bit i hope he still has those rocking curls

I’m sure he will. Harry and curly hair is like peas and carrots! Peanut butter and jelly! Starsky and Hutch!

….yeah I dunno….

Beach Model || Closed


Michael hummed softly as he sat on the rock on the empty beach, wearing nothing but a pair of speedos and a comfortable top just to cover himself up whilst he waited.

He smiled when he saw a man approaching, stretching out and standing. “Hi~ Taylor, right? The photographer?”


Prompt: bucket/fright - Ben/Hikaru Sulu feat. Demora

It’s not exactly an AU considering we don’t actually know how they met, but it’s what I think could happen. Hikaru is a bit of a dork, that we all know. Ben seems like the more serious of the two. He’s the rock and stable one for their small family. Demora, of course, dreams of becoming a Starfleet pilot like her father. If the original movies are followed, Ensign Demora Sulu will fly someday. As a child though, the little girl loved to listen to the stories her papa and daddy would tell her about their life on Earth, how they met, fell in love, and how flowers were a central point in their family.

How her fathers met was Demora’s favorite bedtime story. It always made her giggle until the soft pets of her hair by her papa put her to sleep. It was also a story Ben didn’t like to tell her unless Hikaru was there to help. It just didn’t seem right. The story was both of theirs, not just his, to tell.

Hikaru would always start off by telling her that he was just in that specific flower shop to buy a bouquet for her Baba’s birthday. He had a little extra cash that term and wanted to treat his mother to a nice present. Demora would tell anyone that the type of flowers in the bouquet always changed every time she heard the story. She didn’t mind though. Her daddy was staring very intently between two different bouquets in the refrigerator and didn’t notice the shop attendant come through the storeroom door behind the counter. That’d be when Ben took over. Papa would say how much of a fright he’d given her daddy, and daddy would always say he wasn’t scared, just startled. She knew this part by heart - daddy was so startled by papa’s voice that he jumped back and landed in a nearby bucket of soil.

By that point in the story, all three would be laughing. Ben was always quick to remind his dear husband that the soil wouldn’t have ended up all over the floor if he’d just waited to for the taller man to help him up. Hikaru would then, gazing over their daughter’s almost dozing form, say that when he first looked up from the strong arms to the broad shoulders and smiling face, it was when he knew he’d literally fallen for papa. A shy botanist/flower shop owner and a rising Starfleet officer.

Nemonogatari - Japanese for bedtime story :)