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Untie My Silhouette (4/?)

Emma Swan feels like she’s in a rut and after spending the last day of December alone and in self-pity, she decides she needs some changes in her life. A New Year’s resolution list might do the trick and she intends to keep to every item she scribbled down.

Killian Jones thinks Emma’s just as perfect as she is, so when he gets his hands on her list it seems like a good idea to propose a bet to her. Especially when in turn, he gets to spend more time with her.

But the stakes aren’t low, they’ll use everything in order to win - and for the other to lose. (Modern AU)

Rating: M for language (and for future happenings *wink)

Words: ~5.5k

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Chapter 4

Going home with a man to his apartment was not a new experience to Emma, each time knowing that their association would be strictly restricted to sex and nothing more, and only for one evening. She didn’t know them, didn’t feel anything for them except a temporary attraction. The sex was never bad - some of the men were exceptionally kind and more attentive than others - but still, Emma always felt as though something was missing from all those encounters.

She hasn’t had a one-night stand in a while now, the last one being before she met that bastard Walsh. She thought she’d finally found a man who genuinely cared for her, with whom the sex meant more than just two bodies colliding for pleasure. But she should’ve realized that the reason he stayed at work late at night wasn’t because he was a diligent employee but because he was fucking one of his co-workers.

And now, as Killian fishes out his keys from his back pocket and opens the door to his building, as they step into the silent hallway without exchanging a single word, Emma is suddenly thrown back in time. Then, the only thing that mattered was to satisfy her needs. In those moments, she was free and spontaneous, never thinking ahead, just acting without caring about tomorrow.

Now, the situation is different. She doesn’t want to sleep with Killian.

No, that’s a big, fat lie.

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