he replied im crying

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YEAH IT’S ABOUT ME!! He was very hyped up about them at the con already but it’s always the con environment. I was wondering with a friend what does he do with the art and all he gets given, does he just slip them into a box and forgets about them? Does he go back to them from time to time like “aww fun to get these”? NO APPARENTLY HE FRAMES AND PUTS SOME ON HIS DAMN WALLS ALRIGHT THEN.

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can i just say i looove your baekhyun fics? really thank you for writing them and i really hope you continue to write more in the future :3

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ツ i love u

sms meme ツ an EXCITED text. (( wow what a great coincidence: i ALSO love YOU ))

[txt]: Sorey! I’ve finally done it!
[txt]: The art piece is complete, and I’ve made the cut for the exhibition. 🎉
[txt]: Also, my teacher gave me some free tickets.
[txt]: He informed me that I can give them to my friends.
[txt]: Are you interested in attending? I put one aside for you!
[txt]: I hope you can come! It would be wonderful to hear your thoughts on my piece!

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is it innuendo? is he serious? it’s both

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she’s the reason he takes up smoking in this au lmfao got him like

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Why did Nezumi even need to leave? I mean, he coulda just stayed and chilled with his cute af bf? What does he need to do? These are the questions that keep haunting me since I entered No. 6. This is unreal what is he doing?

nezumi needed to leave because he was so scared. up until now, anyone hes ever loved or has ever loved him died. he was so young when his family died, but old enough to never forget it. his caretaker basically raised him to be vengeful and distrusting to the world around him, never to show vulnerability because anyone hed ever meet is just going to use it against him. 

shion made everything so much worse. never before had nezumi met someone who could break down his walls (pun intended) so fucking fast, like it was nothing. he kept pushing shion away, all the while also being unintentionally drawn to him. he still closed himself off, and once he realized just how deeply hed fallen, it was already too late because shion was in his life, shoving love at him from every direction because thats just who shion is, naive and pure but also determined and protective and deep down, angry. nezumi realized he fucked up because he never wanted this, he never wanted love or like or attraction because it all just leads nowhere. 

at the end, he knew he needed to leave shion. he had to let shion grow on his own, while nezumi grew, too. they both had too much shit to deal with, and while they could do it together, its better that they did it alone. if he stayed at that point, they wouldve just grown dependent on eachother, and while thats not wrong, it would be very toxic for their already shaky relationship. 

he also just needed to leave so that he could accept himself. he was still in denial about his feelings, and he knew he needed to sort them out before he could be the person shion truly deserved at his side. for shion, of course, i dont think this would be an issue because he would accept nezumi as he is, no matter what he did, no matter what he felt for shion (even if itd be painful). nezumi probably knew shion would feel this way, and to him it was all the more reason to leave. 

besides shion, nezumi just needs to find himself. now that no.6 isnt surrounded by walls any longer, nezumi is finally somewhat free, i think. he was always angry at the city and ready to see it perish before him, but now that that isnt needed anymore, he feels… empty, maybe? he could try to get accustomed to a normal life, but nezumi isnt like that. hes always been too much of a free spirit to linger somewhere. hes a hopeless wanderer + everything that happened in the correctional facility wouldnt disappear that easily, either. 

no matter how tough he acts, under all those layers, hes scared and alone. hes used to seeing horrible things, but that doesnt make it any easier to experience them time and time again. hes sad and bitter and angry and he still left with the promise of reunion and the indent on becoming a better person. 

tl;dr nezumi is an angry and scared teenager that has seen some pretty bad shit and i understand why he had to leave while i still believe he will come back for shion


so i got to meet my idol today, the one and only tom hiddleston. i made him laugh twice, he gave me a hug and held my hands. it was the best experience ever for me. to meet my favourite celebrity and him actually speak to me for a few minutes. 

I also had the honour of meeting jessica, she was absolutely perfect and nice and friendly. she gave me a hug and gave off happiness

i just want to say thank you to both for making may 6th 2014 a day i will never forget

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Hey annonie!

The eyebrow thing is something me and nini-soo noticed. It’s a movement of the eyebrows he does when he feels genuinely happy and carefree, they like go upwards kinda idk how to explain lol

See like the start of the eyebrows go slightly up, since he was a kid ;w;

It’s a thingy that super super common during mama era, cos he was still young and full of amazement lmao

He used to do it especially during fansings 

It was a common thing he used to do along with the O_O face yaknow lol

And especially it was a thing he use to do a lot while looking at nini, and it’s not us being delulu it’s like a fact, he might do it with other members too but it’s especially with jongin~

He does it while acting too! He really loves acting..

Or like he did it a lot with In sung, during movie and drama promotions and red carpets and interview cos like he was…truly happy imcry

It’s kind of a rare thing now, at least for US to see, like he does it less on camera/ stage. But I bet it does it a lot off stage, with the members, off camera etc. Tbh we don’t know why it’s a less common thing now, maybe he grew up and he’s more professional on stage so he’s a lil bit more serious but like it still happens, sometimes he lets it slip like today to jongin ç_ç

They eyebrow thing it’s important for us cos it has a lot of meaning in our opinion! I mean we don’t know if this thing is legit but it is for us~ (cos honestly it’s there i mean he does it lol) 

check out Teea’s reply here lmao