he replied im crying

@princestarlord TUMBLR IS REALLY DROPPIN THE BALL W/ NOTIFICATIONS i didnt see this til now!

i mean i get, i can get WHY taako did what he did, but also, like…if they had just Hit Trust things would hav been So Okay for everyone! please!

sterling makes me especially sad b/c when griffin tells us about sterling having aged a lot he says he’s “not the baby man he was before” which, like, really implies to me he was very very young. i think early 20′s, maybe like. 18-19 at the very youngest. he’s not a KID but, idk, there’s something really sad and scary about someone so young and inexperienced being put thru shit like that

Dan’s Livestream // 7.7.15

There’s an alarm going off in the background

His browser was being slow so he was late

YouNow-ception (which killed everyones ears)

“Nipple tart. Your YouNow name is Nipple tart?”

He talked about the Jonas Brothers, HSM, Suite Life, Hannah Montana, etc

His hairdresser was on holiday so he couldn’t get his hair cut ig?

Talked about his 2012 hair

“I will buy you food if you adopt me. Tempting offer there.”

Talked about people taking offense to his self-sassing about his hobbit hair in his latest video

Talked about visiting the school

He had a huge crisis this week

The book making video will be up as soon as the book is printed (so probably the week it comes out)

He hasn’t watched Shane’s video yet

“Not as in a stalker waving pieces of paper at me, I have a metal fan.”

“Never compromise your aesthetics, people.”

His tag is seriously #DanielTheManiel 


Dan fact: he showed us his fan remote

He is an “awkward holder”

He talked a bit about their radio show 

“Meaty legs. I said that.”

“There were a lot of things there, there were a lot of thing.”

He was scared Phil was going to fall and die when the floor was lava

He did a fish impression?

Being vegan is going okay for him

“I just want to make it until vidcon so I can be like Anthony Senpai are you proud of me?”

He’s trying to not wear real leather now because he’s vegan 

“Have you guys ruined Akinator?”

“Is he living with a guy who has the same haircut is like half the questions.”

“It guessed the snake from the chair fic and that’s a beautiful time to change the topic.”

He discussed his new video and other vloggers

His phone background is a picture apparently (of what we don’t know)

“I just wanted to mock myself because lord knows that what I do best. Hashtag coping mechanism.”

Sister Daniel appeared

“Lord knows. Lorde with an e. No she doesn’t shut up.”

He gets very into his videos

He referred to it as a passing a baton (so inspirational)

He “detaches” from his videos once he uploads it because he has to move right onto the next thing (radio shows, gaming videos, etc)

“There’s nothing as amazing as binging on a TV show.”

He’s very happy for Louise

He sits sideways so he doesn’t fall off of his chair

He apologized for making people cry about his last video

Phil chose Helena but their show was running long so he couldn’t explain why he chose it

“Helena by MCR is a good song, but you can’t just play it.”

“I need all of the compliments you can give me because I have terrible self esteem.”

Subtly mentioned his square hair when someone said his hair has never been bad

He’s leaving again tomorrow for the BBC documentary 

“You could live in the middle of a fishing island and I could just be like oh I’m here.”

Someone’s getting a cat whiskers tattoo

Tour planning is going well and he promises it will be great

He recently played Splatoon with Phil (he said it was very intense) 

He’s mad you can’t play with other people


He hasn’t been wearing his earrings because he needs a haircut and he doesn’t like wearing them inside

He talked about K-pop bands

“Hey Dan you look like Madonna. Thank you.”

He’s loving True Detective 

“When Haru was having his big existential crisis, Mako was the friend that cared”

Talked about Formula 1

“I am a colossal Lewis Hamilton stan.”

Apparently people were offended by Phil’s Formula 1 tweet about the shells?

He’s been eating nuts that he thinks tastes like squirrel food

“What’s on your neck. Um nothing it’s a um- a shirt rash.” as he proceeded to crush his neck into his shoulder

Talked about the HSM/Uptown Funk post he reblogged (which he played)

He stalks people us a lot apparently

His favorite FOB is either From Under The Cork Tree or Folie a Deux 

“Do I LIKE Panic! at the Disco? Where have you been?”

He talked about his need for a new header

“Brendon or Gerard. You can’t make me make that choice, but it’d be Gerard.”

“Fight me irl. Make it a goal.”

He left to go eat 


“Don’t have too many cringe attacks.”

He had to hold the off button on his laptop to leave 

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