he repeatedly tries to kill people or leave them for dead

No Longer You

Summary: Now a shell of her former self, the reader runs into an old flame. 

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,761

Warning: implying an abusive relationship

Nichelle’s 4K Angst Challenge - “I hope you find the happiness you’ve been pretending to have.” @nichelle-my-belle

Green cancels out red.

Yellow cancels out purple and brown…no purple and blue.

And lavender cancels out…yellow?

Jesus Christ. This shouldn’t be that difficult, hiding the evidence of your home life is a normal occurrence. The three concussions you’ve acquired over the years must be catching up to you.

You’re squinting harshly at the Revlon concealers on the top shelf before you. Trying and failing to remember which ones work the best, basically whatever hides the fucking truth.

Your exhausted brain is practically mush at this point in time, you used to know this shit. You used to know a lot of shit. You used to be a strong, independent take no bullshit kind of a woman that took care of herself. But things clearly change. People fucking change.

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Entry #11 - The First Beta - Smut - By @thelittlestkitsune

Originally posted by lets-imagine-tw

Author: @thelittlestkitsune
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Theo Raeken/Reader
Words: 10,541
Prompt:  “What, no witty repartee? What kind of villain are you?”

You’d always thought that being clawed by a werewolf would be the worst pain you’d ever felt. Worse than appendicitis, worse than the time you fell off the slide at the park and cracked your head open. But it wasn’t. Not to say it was enjoyable. It wasn’t a ten out of ten would recommend kind of pain but it was tolerable. I can get through this. You thought to yourself as you dragged yourself through the dirt, your broken skin brushing against the rough ground. Painful enough, but I’ll live. You heard the rustling behind you, knowing that whoever clawed you wasn’t far behind you, their footsteps or pawsteps getting closer to you. Maybe being a werewolf wouldn’t be so bad, I could get revenge on my landlord for jacking my rent up really high. You thought to yourself sardonically as you paused. “You shouldn’t be trying to get away from me sweetheart. You’re only going to injure yourself more.” You heard a male voice say, recognizing the tone. “Theo Raeken? Really? I mean of course you’re a werewolf, you’re like the sketchiest guy I know.” You sighed, the pain finally setting in as you rolled onto your back.

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Good Vs Bad

Nolan x Werewolf!Reader

Requested: nope

Summary: In which Nolan and Y/n are best friends but Nolan doesn’t know Y/n is a werewolf.

Warning: Swearing (shouldn’t be a warning really.), blood, fights, car accidents.

Notes: dedicated to @chimeracuddles because she loves Nolan/Froy and has made my hatred for Nolan became a love hate relationship.

“Hey kids.” You say as you walk to the table where Corey and Mason were sitting. You see their facial expression as they looked up at you.

“What’s wrong?”

“Brett has gone missing.” You nod your head.

“Liam went to help find him. We called Lydia to try to help and all we got was the number 68.”

“Number 68? That’s Nolan’s lacrosse number.” You tell your friend.

“Oh? Well, I don’t think we bother her anymore. I did a lot of things while she tried to focus.” Corey’s face reddens. You giggle.

“So I have a bio test and I also have a history test, which one first?”

“I say bio, because its harder.”

“Okay then, history it is.” Corey glares at you as you get up to find a book.

“So Nolan’s your best friend right?” Mason pops behind you. You jump and turn your head to face Mason.

“Mason, You scared the shit out of me. Don’t ever sneak up on me like that again.” He laughs.

“I am best friends with Nolan. Why do you ask?”

“Just curious. Have you told him you’re… you know… the same as Liam?”

“No. I don’t want him to know. I want to protect him from this world.”

“Are you saying that the pack is all dangerous?” He jokes.

“No! Of course not! I’m talking about the supernatural world in general. It’s dangerous and humans can barely survive it. Unless its you and Stiles.” You find a book and take it out. You head back to your seat. All of a sudden, Nolan slams his things against the table. You jump and look up at your best friend.

“Hm Nolan? Are you studying for bio?” You ask.

“Yeah actually, I am.” He sits down, his knees hit against yours, sending shivers up your spine. Needless to say, you were in love with your best friend.

“Trying to understand how organisms can change.” Mason and Corey start to help him understand while you tried to ignore the feeling you got every time Nolan’s knee brushes against yours. You tuned out of their conversation and opened your book to read. You were only interrupted when Corey got up. His hand was bloody, so was Nolan’s pen.

OWH.” Corey covers his wound as everyone in the library got up to look at what was going on. Nolan quickly grabs Corey’s injured hand and shoves it your face.

“Look at him Y/n. Look! Look at him!” Corey pulls away. You stand in shock of what just happened as Nolan leaves the library.

“Holy shit, Corey I’m so so sorry about him.” You apologize after you snap out of what had just happened.

“It’s okay Y/n.”

“I’ll talk to him, don’t worry.” You say before packing your things to go home. You wave goodbye to your friends and started texting your best friend Nolan. 

You: Meet me at my place in 20

bff<3: Okay 

When you reached your house, Nolan was already there.

“Nolan? You’re here early.”

“Yeah I got nothing to do.”

“Mmhm.” You say as you open your front door.

“Why didn’t you go in? You knew where the spare key was.”

“I wanted to wait for you.”

“How did you know I wasn’t home yet?”

“You were in the library. Also I looked at your room window. The light wasn’t turned on.”

“Hm okay. Anyway, I just wanted to ask why did you stab Corey?” You ask as the two of you enter your room. 

“I wanted everyone to know about him. I guess I wanted to prove something.”

“Nolan, you can’t go all stabby stabby on people to prove something.”

“I’m sorry. I wanted to show you that he is not a human and that he is dangerous.”

“Corey is not dangerous. If he was, I would’ve stopped being friends with him.”

“All of them are dangerous Y/n. You can’t trust them!” Nolan raises his voice.

“I can! I know them! and I believe them! They will never hurt me!”

“Are you saying that you believe them more than your best friend?”

“Nolan you know that’s not what I meant. I know you are paranoid about the situations that have happened around school but it’s not gonna happen again.”

“How do you know Y/n? What if your friends are the cause of everything that has happened?”

“They are not! Can you stop attacking my friends?”

“Why are you on their side? You’re my best friend!”

“I’m on the side that’s right and I believe that what you did to Corey isn’t right.”

“You like one of them don’t you?” You look at him confused.

“What? No I don’t! Nolan, if my friends are dangerous and are monsters, then I would be dead by now.”

“All I want to do is protect you from things that could harm you!” Your heart fluttered. 

“Nolan, I know you care about me. But I can take care of myself okay? You don’t need to worry.”

“If I lose you, I would have no one left.” He mumbles out, fidgeting with his fingers. You walk up to him and touch his hands,

“I will never leave you. You’re not gonna be alone. You are never gonna be alone.” You hug him tightly. Your phone vibrates from your pocket and you take it out.

duMbar: Help me and bring ice cream

You: Why?

duMbar: I did something very stupid, I need cheering up and icecream pls.

You: I can’t help u if you dont tell me wat u did. u always do something stupid.

duMbar: I don’t like u sometimes.

duMbar: So like I exposed US to the world and now I’m ashamed. 

You: dude, how could u? I’m coming

duMbar: really?

You: to kill u :)


You: did u save Brett? Is he ok?


duMbar: he is fine btw

duMbar: hello? ru ignoring me?

You: sry was debating about if I should waste my $ on u.

duMbar: plsss we’re buddies pls bring me icecream.i will love u forever if u do.

duMbar: all I want is icecream is that too much to ask?

You: k i’ll bring the icecream and then I leave 

duMbar: no! don’t go, stay over plssssssssssssss

You: stop being annoying and I will come over

duMbar: oki, come thru window it will be unlocked for u:)

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Okay. So I’ve been stiring on this for a while so I finally decided to take a really good look at what’s actually happening.

I’d like to start off by saying that Steve was pretty much a dick the entire film. I mean I get that he didn’t want to sign the accords but the way he went about it was just so completely wrong. Thing is I completely agree with Tony because he had it right because he knew what was going on. I mean, out of the two of them who actually knows the politics of the 21st century and has worked these sorts of things for decades? Tony.

Tony knew, as soon as the Sokovia Accords were made that he had to sign on. It wasn’t about guilt, although that was part of it. It was about the fact that if they didn’t do it now, it would be much worse later and or done to them and he knew that. (He actually says this in the film.) He also knew that the only way to have ammendments was to prove he was willing to cooperate. As with any new law and it’s affected parties.

Tony knew they needed oversight. Everything has some sort of chain of command. Military. Police. Business. Etc. And Tony knew the value of having that chain.

Steve Rogers on the other hand, doesn’t seem to understand the necessity. Need I remind you that he repeatedly went against that chain and was rewarded for it? Sure, he saved a bunch of people when he went to get Bucky, but that’s not the point. He ignored the chain and there could have been dire consequences (as we see in the future after S.H.I.E.L.D fell)

Another thing. He went after Bucky. Only Bucky. Noone else. It was pure chance that he let those guys out first, but they were used as a distraction so he could get to his main goal. Bucky. We see time and time again that Steve gets tunnel vision when it comes to Bucky.

And in Civil War it escalates to the point where he’s injuring and getting innocent people killed for Bucky. Only Bucky. When it comes to Bucky, everyone and everything else is inconsequential and unimportant as long as Bucky is fine.

Steve did not read the Accords. Fact. He left for Peggy’s funeral while he was skimming. Even if he did read it all, there is no possible way (and Tony Stark would bet his fortune on it) that he understood all of it enough to make an informed opinion. Laws use a lot of big words. Big words that would have been invented in the 70 years Cap was gone. So no, Steve didn’t actually know what the Accords were about.

He probably had no idea what the UN was either. Did you see his notebook in CAWS? Pop culture. 7 decades worth of world history? No, Moon landing, that’s it. Politics? Nope. New laws or government organizations (like the UN)? Nada. I think it’s safe to say that Steve wasn’t really caught up if pop culture is the sort of thing he’s catching up on.

Steve had made his mind up already. And he can’t use the Bucky excuse because by then Bucky wasn’t in the picture yet. Steve never gave a thought to the Accords and then Bucky fueled that fire and made him stubborn to a point beyond stupidity.

So, to sum up here. Tony knew that the Accords were going to happen no matter what and was willing to help make ammendments to suit everyone affected by the law. Steve went “Fuck you, I know better that 117 countries” and got a lot of people hurt and or killed.

Here’s another kicker. Tony convinced Steve to sign the Accords. He was literally about to and then Wanda was brought up, which is another thing.

Okay, a) why the fuck is she an Avenger? She was a HYDRA agent. A willing one, might I add. She and her brother volunteered to be experimented on and then work for them. She was the cause of Ultron.

She did mess with his head, and arguably, because it probably was, it was worse for him. He was alone. He didn’t know she was there, then suddenly he’s shown his worst fears mingled with a shit tonn of major PTSD triggers. He probably didn’t even know Wanda gave him the vision. He has PTSD, he’s probably used to attacks where he sees things.

I mean seriously, Tony has made AI’S before and none of them went bad. (DUM-E, U, JARVIS, then FRIDAY) They (Bruce & Tony) even say in AOU “We’re not even close to an interface yet” which means something jumped the mind stone to hijack the incomplete program.

Then you’ve got to think, an AI is made, with incomplete programming and whatever the mind stone did, and then was instantly thrust into the Internet. No wonder he wanted to kill everything. Information overload much, then attempting to make something of it all.

She had(/has) an illogical and unreasonable hatred for Tony Stark. Sure, the bomb thing was probably traumatizing, but she’s like ~23 now. That’s over a decade since it happened and you’ve got to think, why didn’t the bomb go off?

Stark weapons were brilliant. Top of the line never failing basically. So. Two bombs are dropped, and from the sounds of it, there was no explosion or if there was it was really small. Otherwise how could they be so close to her parents without dying too?

So, this leaves two possibilities. First, was the bomb actually Stark tech? Her home was war torn at the time. I’m sure some sides would like to intimidate their enemies with the idea they have Stark weapons. OR, the bomb was never armed. Again, war torn country. It’s entirely possible the plane carrying it was shot down.

So, unreasonable and illogical. If someone stabs you, who do you blame? The knife, the manufacturer/designer of the knife, or the person who stabbed you? The third one, obviously. So why was Tony Stark to blame? We’ve also got to remember Obadiah was dealing under the table.

b) She is NOT a kid, and I don’t understand why pretty much everyone thinks she is. She’s ~23. She can drink. She can vote. She can drive. She’s killed people. She became HYDRA. In what way is she a child? The way I see it she hadn’t been one in a very long time.

c) back to CW. Steve got all pissy because Tony kept Wanda in the compound (the lap of luxury need I remind you) for her own safety and the safety of those around her. It wasn’t a matter of her starting a fight. If she’d gone out and been attacked and defended herself, the situation would be made so much worse for her. Especially if someone got hurt or dead when she did so.

Now we get to the airport. Tony tries to talk. Steve is dismissive and unwilling to listen. Steve refuses to share vital information that would have helped the situation and the threat they had every reason to believe exists.

Steve starts the fight. His team doesn’t hold back like Tony’s does. They destroy a lot of property and nearly killed T'Challa and Spiderman several times. I mean, fuck you Steve, who just drops a huge heavy walkway create thing on someone who is obviously a teen? And then WALK AWAY while they struggle to hold it up. What if you had overestimated Spiderman’s strength? Congrats, you just killed a kid because once again you show no regard for anyone else besides Bucky.

He leaves his team. They probably knew even less about the situation than he did, because he knew fuck all about the Accords so I can’t imagine the bullshit Scott and Clint were told.

Then fucking Natasha. Ffs, she could have easily either disabled/sabotaged the quinjet or delayed them from leaving. But she didn’t. Then she has the nerve to tell Tony to watch his back after she betrayed him.

Also, Rhodey. Oh my god. Everyone gives Tony shit for point blank shooting Sam, but think about it. If Sam had taken the hit and turned into a glider, Rhodey would be fine. It doesn’t completely make sense, but there was a long moment where Tony was watching Rhodey fall to his death. Sam was a quick way to lash out. He also didn’t hit him that hard, just enough to knock him down.

Zoom ahead, Tony gets evidence that prove Bucky is innocent and admits he was wrong. (About what though I’m not sure, because all he wanted to do was give Bucky mental help and a fair trial but whatever. It’s not like Steve told him about the threat or anything. Because that would have been helpful.)

Clint makes a crack at Rhodey’s condition which is such a dick move. Sam then tells Tony the information he should have been given from the beginning by Mr ‘I-Dont-like-my-team-keeping-things-from-me’ Rogers. Tony heads to Siberia as a friend.

Steve gets a little arrogant cause he’s got this attitude of ‘I knew I was right the whole time and I’m glad you’ve finally seen sense’.

Then the video. This pissed me off the most I think.

You’ve just witnessed your parents brutally murdered by the person standing not 10 feet away from you. This reopens unprocessed greif and causes emotional backlash. Then you find out someone you thought of as a friend had known. Known for years. Since CAWS. And never said a thing in an environment where it would have been okay, instead of watching the murder and then being told someone close to you knew the whole time who had done it. (Again because it was Bucky. Bucky is more important than the world, remember?)

And his face. It’s so broken and betrayed. (I’d add a picture of Tumblr would let me) and he attacks, because who wouldn’t?

And then Steve does the worst possible thing he could in that situation. Fight back. When someone is having an emotional breakdown like that, you hold them until they calm down and Steve was well within his power to do so. If he’d tried he probably could have talked Tony down.

Fighting more fighting. Steve starts disabling the suit. To you can no longer fly properly. Then he proceeds to continue to be violent and make it worse and acts like it’s not a justifiable or reasonable reaction for a human to have (especially one with PTSD and a past of horrible things happening when he’s betrayed by someone close to him)

They gang up on him. Then Bucky had him pinned and is trying to rip out the Arc Reactor. Once again, PTSD. Also, need I remind you that he’s only recently had it removed from his chest. That was the only thing keeping him alive for a long time. In the state of mind he was in, he wouldn’t have remembered he no longer needed it to survive, hence blasting off his metal arm.

By this point he seems to have calmed down a bit and isn’t actively going for the kill, he’s just defending himself at this point.

He tells Cap to stay down, because he doesn’t want to fight him, and when he’s momentarily distracted Cap jumps on him and slams him to the ground. Tony barely does anything and then Steve is punching the faceplate. Then he’s smashing it with the sheild.

There’s this moment, you can kinda see it in the 3 secs of gif tumblr would let me use. There’s this moment where Steve is seriously considering decapitation. Tony sees this, is terrified and emotionally unbalanced and covers his face.

Steve slams the sheild into the reactor and leaves it there. Tony goes wide eyed with terror and let’s out a very not good sounding breath. He’s looking at Cap with such fear because he saw what Steve was about to do. Saw him stab him in the back and literally break his heart. (Kept him alive for years, remember?)

There is so much fear and Steve looks at him with no regret for what he just did and twists the sheild out of Tony’s chest and walks away.

When he drops it, his expression is like indulging a child in something stupid.

Then he leaves him there to die basically. Tony can’t fly, the suit is dead. Can’t contact anyone. The suit is dead. Noone knows where he is and T'Challa took Steve and Bucky with him when he left.

Steve Rogers beat Tony to a pulp after he witnessed something truly traumatizing and then left him to die in the middle of nowhere in an old HYDRA base.

They act like it was Tony’s fault for the Raft as well. I mean, they’re powered and dangerous and also criminals. The Raft was a bit much though, I’ll admit. But Tony didn’t put them there. He brought them in because he was following the law like everyone else on the planet should. Because he didn’t think himself above the law the Steve did. (Aka flipping the bird at 117 countries whose people say they’re scared and what someone to oversee the Avengers) and the jacket and collar on Wanda was unethical. I think the collar on its own would have been fine but wearing a straitjacket for too long is really bad for your health.

And then just to put the icing on the cake. The letter. The damn fucking letter. It’s mocking. It’s arrogant. Not once is there an apology or true regret. Other than regretting that they’re now criminals who hurt so many people that is. But mostly just the fact they have to hide when 'they did nothing wrong’. No remorse for anything. Not for Tony, defiantly not. That would be decent. Not for anyone else either.

“I know I hurt you”. That’s not an apology. There was no mention of the destruction he left behind in his quest for saving a single man, who has killed people. A lot of people. By choice or not, it was still his body. His life was not worth the loss of so many innocent lives. There was no acknowledgement of how deeply you hurt Tony. How much you damaged him.

Steve basically says. “I forgive you for being wrong and because I’m such a nice and just person when you see I’m right I’ll be here for you and all will be forgiven. Because we’re still friends/family. Even if you fucked up.”

Argh. Angry ranting at 2am. I’ve probably missed points I wanted to make but my wrists are cramping and I’m tired.

I just… I used to like Steve, but Tony a little more because he always seemed more relatable to me. (And had a more interesting backstory.) And then this movie just made me hate Cap so much. He was such a dick in it and it annoys me that the movie was obviously trying to get you to side with him. Feel free to add anything to this.

Kim Jongdae// Collision Course - Part 4

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Summary: You were the typical girl with big dreams who moved to the city as soon as she had the chance, and somehow ended up in the wrong part of town - but you manage to get swept up in an entirely different situation than you’d planned. (1 / 2/ 3/ 4 /5)
Scenario: mafia!AU/hacker!AU
Word Count: 2,288  

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playing with fire (6) | taehyung

Originally posted by kths

genre: fluff, fuckboy taehyung, smut                                                           

pairing: taehyung x reader 

summary: you knew what you were in for, but it was too late to get out. besides, it’s not like you wanted to anyways. 

last chapter: here

     Here’s some good news and bad news. Good news is, Taehyung has ignored you for about 2 weeks straight. Bad news is, you miss him. As much as you didn’t want to, you did. But it was your fault he was gone. It was your fault he doesn’t glance your way anymore. Your fault that you were invisible to him. Your fault that he was back to being the fuckboy he always was. 

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don’t breathe

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in which you seem to always hold your breath around him.

genre: fluff 

word count: 2227

― vampire!yoongi x reader

a/n: word vomits with bora at 1am

     FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE, YOU WISHED YOU WERE ON DRUGS. It would make trying to make sense of what was happening before your eyes way easier. You stood in horror, watching the infamous-for-so-many-wrong-reasons Min Yoongi feed off of a classmate of yours. You couldn’t quite remember her name, something like Sooyeon. What was more revolting was the fact that her face showed pure euphoria, as if he weren’t sucking the life out of her. 

Placing a hand over your mouth, you slowly took one step back from the classroom. The almost inaudible sound of your shoe hitting the tiled floor made Yoongi glance up sharply. You blanched, feeling your stomach lurch. His eyes were glowing a deep scarlet, the blood dripping down his chin was almost the same color. 

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Kintsugi (n) ­ The Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold

Characters: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Word Count: 32,683

Warnings: Depression is a constant theme in this story, so if it’s something that makes you uncomfortable then please keep it in mind!

Author’s Note: The Taekook version is now up on AO3 if you’re interested!

Summary: Jungkook never expected to meet her, the girl that shone as bright as a million suns yet carried a darkness so heavy in her heart that it left her soul shattered, scrambling to pick up the splintered pieces and put herself back together again before she fell apart once more. He never expected to meet her, but he did, and he wouldn’t change it for a thing.

Fridays nights were supposed to be a student’s greatest sanctuary – a time for winding down and finally breathing after the weight of a week that seemed to be never ending had been lifted from their shoulders. Some chose to party until they no longer remembered who they were, some chose to have movie marathons until the sun was high in the sky and their eyes were burning from the pixels that were now ingrained in their brains, and some chose to bask in their solitude and block out the world until Monday came around and forced human interaction again. Whatever it was, it was supposed to be that one moment of freedom before reality came crashing down once more.

It was supposed to be relaxing.

It was supposed to be calming.

It was supposed to be rejuvenating.

So what, pray tell, was sitting curled up on the floor against the wall in the hall, shivering in nothing but pyjamas with murderous thoughts as her sole company?

Anything but that.

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anonymous asked:

What proof do we have that Eris is abusive, other than that characters have said he is? Most held a similar opinion of Rhys, what's the difference? That we have a first person narrator who is privy to the backstory of one but not the other? I'm not trying to be aggressive but I want to know your thoughts. I thought showing was more important than telling in storytelling.

Okay then, like, what ‘proof’ have we got for literally 90% of the things in this series???? Feyre is a 19 year old human girl in a world full of immortal fae. You want an eye witness account for everything in this thing, do you?

 How do I know the war happened the way they said it did? Feyre never saw it, she’s only had characters tell her about it. How do I know Rhys actually hated what he did with Amarantha and didn’t just swap sides right at the end? How do I know Rhys’ dad sucked but his mother was a good person, I’ve only heard him tell me about her, I’ve seen it. How do I know Tamlin’s brothers were awful? Never seen them either. How do I know Beron is really that awful either, I mean maybe he’s wearing a mask too and all the characters are just wrong. How do I know Mor is queer? I’ve never seen her with a girl before, I just have her word for it, maybe she lied. How do I know literally anything in this entire series because WE GET TOLD MOST THINGS NOT SHOWN THEM. 

This is what happens when you have a limited first person pov. The character HAS to get told things in order to tell us things like ???? A little bit of common sense please, do you want me to like, historically fact check Prythian for everything that Feyre tells us about it??? 

And tbh SJM has a pretty crappy habit of doing the whole ‘telling over showing’ thing anyway. See: the entirety of the Throne of Glass series, Mor’s powers in ACOTAR (she’s awesome, really, we promise, we just haven’t actually SEEN her do anything), the assertions that Rhys and co are ~the most powerful ever~ have I actually SEEN that? Can I actually see that? No.  Do I really question these things? No. Because I understand that this is the only way I can actually get some information out of this story and if I only went with what I ‘saw’ and disbelieved everything else I’d have literally nothing?? 

And when it comes to the whole Eris thing, like, dude, it’s not just a couple of characters who’ve said he’s abysmal it’s like, wait let me make a list: 

Tamlin: “His father had her put down. Executed, in front of Lucien, as his two eldest brothers held him and made him watch.” That would be Eris. So at best you’ve got conflicting statements here. 

Lucien: “Lucien crossed his arms, leaning against the back of the couch. “I have to agree with Cassian. Eris is a snake.M, yes, Eris, HIS OWN BROTHER. If anyone was going to know Eris was ~not a bad person~ it’d be Lucien. Lucien who lived in that court. Who knew him. Who Eris apparently cared enough to protect/save, according to him. Eris who apparently cares so much about his mother (as we have seen Lucien does SEEN that is SEEN with our own two eyes) Why the hell would Lucien not know Eris was ‘wearing a mask’. Or maybe…Eris really does suck. 

Rhys: “Eris refused to marry her. Said she’d been sullied by a bastard-born lesser faerie, and he’d now sooner fuck a sow. […]Rhys said with soft wrath, “Eris left her for dead in the middle of their woods.” Idgaf how he tries to spin it later, this is what happened.  

Cassian: “You’re working with that prick,” Cassian cut in, whatever catching-up now over, apparently. He moved to Mor’s side, a hand on her back. He shook his head at Azriel and Rhys, disgust curling his lip. “You should have spiked Eris’s fucking head to the front gates.” 

Amren: “Your whole family is despicable,” Amren said to Lucien.

Mor: At Mor, whose face went white with dread. […]Or at Eris, heir to the Autumn Court, as he strolled into the room. 


And I had the terrible sense that Mor had gone somewhere far, far away as Eris set down his goblet and said, “You look well, Mor.”

The sight of him triggers actual real panic attacks and flashbacks that we can literally see from Feyre’s POV. Five hundred years after the fact and Mor is still traumatised enough by what he did to her to react like this even after all that time. 

Then we have Feyre’s POV herself. Through her we’ve seen Eris laughing alongside his other brothers as Lucien was tortured and nearly killed. 

“I don’t suppose your handsome brothers know, Lucien,” she purred.

“If we did, Lady, we would be the first to tell you,” said the tallest. He was lean, well dressed, every inch of him a court-trained bastard. Probably the eldest, given the way even the ones who looked like born warriors stared at him with deference and calculation—and fear.

 Ah, yes, that would be Eris actively promising help to Amarantha in order to damn Feyre and continue her reign. Then there’s the way Eris hunts down Lucien and Feyre in the Winter Court, actively harms them both. So that’s like…Basically every single main character in this book who’s told you Eris sucks. 

What’s the basis for believing that he doesn’t, out of interest? I mean what ‘evidence’ do you have that he is actually wearing a mask, what do you have that’s so strong it goes against the testimony of multiple characters? Oh I know! You have Eris’ word for it and that’s it. Wow. So unbiased. So convincing. Eris tells us he’s not really a bad guy and that outweighs the half a dozen people who tells us he is! That’s just. Damn. What logic. Can’t argue with that. 

Also, like, I’m sorry, but Rhys’ arc was done properly, Rhys’ redemption wasn’t a retcon it was a followed-through on plan. There were hints UtM that Rhys was not as black as he was painted (He killed the Summer Court faerie outright rather than leaving him to suffer, he repeatedly came to visit Feyre in her cell when no-one else would, he was honest with Feyre about the treatment he received at Amarantha’s hands (a vulnerability on his part), he told her why he was making her dance every night as well as the steps he put in place to protect her, he sent music to her and saved her life, he saved her life and Tamlin’s with the kiss (which Feyre is aware of), he tried to save Feyre’s life while Amarantha was torturing her) 

Rhys was a complex, morally grey character UtM and it’s possible to show a different side to him and a ‘mask’ because there were always hints of him wearing one. What if Ianthe told Feyre she was actually a secret agent working for Prythian but she was forced to act the way she did to keep her cover? What if Amarantha said she’d only dominated Prythian that way to save it from something worse and she too was wearing a mask and working for the greater good? What if Hybern said there was a bigger threat facing them and he had an ulterior motive to this war (and also, I mean, how do you really know Hybern is that awful, we’ve only ever had people tell us about him, maybe he’s misunderstood too!!!!)  @valamerys wrote this out far better than I could in this post, read it too. 

My thoughts are pretty simple, tbh: SJM decided to “”””””redeem”””””” Eris, likely to have him set-up to take over Autumn, now Lucien isn’t an option for that before what with the whole dramatic lost son of Day thing and she did a crap job of it. Like this isn’t some grand morality based character debate that’s going on here, SJM just handled this poorly. In order to make him seem not so bad she had to undo all of the canon that she’d set in place before hand and offer ‘alternative’ explanations for what happened that we’ve never heard about. 

If she planned this all beforehand, if Eris was always wearing a mask why weren’t there hints of it before? Why didn’t she have Tamlin tell Feyre he got an anonymous tip-off the day he saved Lucien’s life from his brothers (which is what Eris claimed). Why wouldn’t Lucien defend him a little, say at least he cared about their mother/was sometimes kinder to him than the others? Why wouldn’t Rhys say that in the arranged marriage that petrified Mor, Eris was as unwilling as she was, that he argued against it? (Eris would have gone through with this marriage regardless of what it did to Mor if she hadn’t slept with Cassian) Why wouldn’t Eris stay quiet UtM or not show up to watch Lucien’s torture (which he does repeatedly)? Why, why, why, why, why would SJM not do something to show us that there might be more to Eris? Unless this was just a sloppy, last minute retcon to redeem a gross, abusive character who still to do this day petrifies his victim? 

Like, if you consider showing to be of more importance than telling in stories….You’ve picked a mighty weird hill to die on here with Eris. Because this is literally the worst example of telling not showing in this entire series. There is no basis for anything that happens with Eris’ character in ACOWAR and the only thing we have stacked against the evidence of two and a half books is what Eris says and how he personally spins the story like ????

 Idk dude, we can have a convoluted, let’s bend over backwards to redeem this guy and show he was misunderstood and has been wearing a mask so convincing it’s never ever ever cracked even once this entire time, to anyone! Even people who’ve known him for centuries….Or we go with the simpler: SJM really didn’t plan or execute this story very well at all. Which seems more reasonable?  

Either Crowley is alive or the Spn writers are more shit than I thought:

Crowley isn’t dead and here’s why.


“But the spell needed a life”

~1.~ IF this is true, and that’s a big if (I’ll get to that “if” later) WHY WOULD CROWLEY SACRIFICE HIMSELF. Crowley is WAY smarter than that and would find ANY way to complete his plan without it involving his own demise.

Eg: He values demons as pawns and he uses them as such. This scenario would have been no different. Crowley would have gotten any demon and used them for the spell. And don’t try to tell me “Crowley is weaker tho cos he’s cut off from the throne and isn’t really king anymore” because before he was king (and was just a regular demon) he killed an entire nest of demons (5.20 I think) just to spread a rumor. I’m sure capturing any low rank demon would have been easy for him. OR EVEN EASIER, CAPTURING A HUMAN -but anyway, I doubt the Winchesters would have allowed that so he would have just gotten a demon and sacrificed it.

~2.~ Secondly, do you seriously think Crowley would sacrifice himself FOR THE WINCHESTERS OUT OF ALL PEOPLE? LITERALLY OUT OF ALL PEOPLE? THEM??? The same two have repeatedly tried to kill him? No matter how much he’s helped? The same who threatened to kill him in the same fucking episode and stabbed him in the fucking hand? Although there has been this whole weird storyline written for Crowley lowkey having a fondness for them (which was only really written in an attempt to get more of the mainstream fandom to like him) (which is totally out of character but moving on), he’d never fucking sacrifice himself for them ever, even if it did mean taking out Lucifer. If it’s not a world he’s living in, why would Crowley bother? That’s not his character. Which therefore makes it implausible for him to sacrifice himself for the Winchesters or “the greater good”.

~3.~ Now for the IF part.

“There needed to be a life taken for the spell.”
You think Crowley couldn’t just lie about that? He’s lied before and lying isn’t exactly the hardest thing.

“Why would he lie tho wyd?”
Crowley said he didn’t want to be king anymore. He was not only sick of people coming for his throne, but just demons in general and the Winchesters trying to kill him/get him killed. He was sick of dealing with all their problems and just getting shit in return. He was sick of it all and didn’t want to deal with anymore trouble. For me of course, to completely wipe yourself off the radar (as has been done by many other characters in different shows), you fake your death. And he fakes death in front of the ones that bother him the most - Lucifer, Castiel and the Winchesters. If they think he’s dead, they won’t come for him and they’ll finally leave him in peace. And it seems logical to me and him because it worked THE PREVIOUS TIME HE FAKED HIS DEATH.

“But Crowley glowed and everything! 
You know, Crowley faked his death once, I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to do it again. I mean… he already did this: 

- a lil glow is child’s play in comparison.

“He stabbed himself with an angel blade!”
You know you can make replicas right? Fake knives? Yeah I’m sure it wouldn’t be too hard to make a fake angel blade nor would it be that much trouble to stab yourself when you’re technically already dead (in the human sense).

More proof: Is Crowley dead? Nah. When Mary and Lucifer went back, I didn’t see his body anywhere… SooOOOOOOooo.

But now he’s in an alternate dimension!”
BUT he’s alive. Which is more than what I can say for Castiel. The portal opened to the alternate universe, it can be opened again. And, Bobby’s there, so I’m sure Crowley will have that company back that he’s always missed ;)

BUT IF Crowley is really dead, once and for all, then this is just showing HOW FUCKING SHIT the writers are. Because not only is it EXTREMELY OUT OF CHARACTER, but it makes zero fuckin sense.
Men’s Lives Have Meaning, Part 5: The Hour of Ghosts

Series so far here

“There’s a tipping point in every tragedy where inevitability locks the exit doors on free will and you know that after this, there is no turning back.”


Hello everyone. My name is Emmett, and I could have been imagined, designed, constructed, and sold as a consumer for the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy. I had just turned twelve when the first one came out at the end of 2001, I’d read the books that summer, and the infusion of swelling Hollywood orchestras and Peter Jackson’s beloved action schlock was perfectly calibrated to take my love for the material and shoot it into the stratosphere. I still look back on those movies with love…mostly. There are moments, especially in Return of the King, where the tone tips overboard: 

On one level, that’s what we want our heroes to say, right? We’re up against the odds, we might not be rewarded for our efforts, but let’s do it anyway; that’s the lesson a lot of great genre fiction is meant to leave us with, in one form or another. The problem with that clip is the knowing wink, the sly acknowledgement that after they’ve escaped so many other hair-raising disasters, this is just another day at work. I get the joke, but it would make more sense for (say) a Bond or Indy movie, where it really is just another day at work and part of the enjoyment comes from how what’s over-the-top for us is normal for them. In the context of LOTR, it’s tonally off, because this is not supposed to feel episodic. It’s supposed to feel climactic, like our heroes are genuinely in danger as everything comes to a head, and that’s marred when you expose the plot armor so blatantly. If this is just another day, why are we supposed to be invested in their risk? 

Of course, Peter Jackson didn’t invent that problem. It’s a storytelling problem. And that is why GRRM created Quentyn Martell. It’s why he tries to tame a dragon and why he fails: to reclaim the stakes and re-sensitize us to the risk. It’s not just that he dies, it’s how and why he dies. What does it mean to not have plot armor? What does it say about quest narratives that they can collapse so completely and yet the quester clings to tropes as if they’ll save him? How are we to live if Story fails as an organizing principle? “The Spurned Suitor” brings these questions to the forefront, right before “The Dragontamer” sets it all on fire. It’s the most reflective and dialogue-heavy of Quent’s chapters, the most thematically explicit; it’s the one that cuts through the hellish imagery dominating this storyline right to what it all means. In genre terms, where previous Quent chapters soaked the fantasy tropes in blood-red horror, this chapter has a distinctly noirish feel to it, in terms of both imagery and theme.

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Kill ‘Em With Kindness - PART THIRTEEN

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

You had been detected.  You were now on their radar.  You were recruited for one mission only.  You’re trained and put to the test.  With your background, everyone realizes it was mistake recruiting a college student who would soon be faced with the thing that drove her to kill in the first place. 

Warnings: swearing; major violence; blood; mind games; mentions of torture 

Word Count: 4,506

“You are the most beautiful person I have ever seen… I want to ruin you.”

“You’re too late.”

A/N: I know how I’m going to end this but dear god I am having so much trouble writing what leads up to it. Enjoy! 


“It’ll be me, Vision, Thor, and Wanda.  We’re the strongest to protect Y/N,” Tony ordered.

“I beg to differ,” Bucky scoffed.  You rolled your eyes and patted his shoulder.

“I can protect myself.  I have said it many times before and I’ll say it again.” Bucky smiled at your confidence, gripping your shoulder and placing a kiss on temple.

“Sam, Steve, Clint, Bucky- your job is to protect Natasha.”

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anonymous asked:

I asked you first. You tell me your side and I'll tell you mine :)

Well I’ve already had this argument with an anon, for all I know it could’ve been you but fine, let’s do it again.

I’m not saying that Katherine didn’t go through her fair share of trauma. Her parents took her child away from her and then Klaus wanted her blood to break Tatia’s spell so she turned herself into a vampire and she came home to find her family slaughtered. No one is saying that that isn’t traumatic. But. I don’t think that means she went through more than Bonnie when the writers consistently entwine not only Bonnie’s plot line but her worth as a character with how much she can sacrifice for the people around her and how much pain she can withstand.

Like there are the actual life and death situations:

Not only does Bonnie die to save Jeremy because she loves him and so Elena can have her brother back

But on the Other Side she watches a man who looks exactly like one of her friends slit her father’s throat without being able to do anything because she herself is dead

When she finally comes back in season 5, she has to withstand the physical pain of being an anchor

and then she dies again when she had just come back to life in the same season

and then after being stabbed with an arrow, she sacrifices herself so Damon can see Elena again:

And then she and Kai have a brutal chess match

And then is in the prison world alone and becomes suicidal

And in the previous argument that anon said that it’s not as bad as Katherine because through all of that Bonnie had people in her life she could count on, the thing is though, she didn’t

Damon and Elena were too busy thinking about the future of their relationship,

they didn’t meet Bonnie half-way in the prison world and of course they ran out of time

Bonnie has no one to count on because she is the one that everyone counts on, the show uses the fact that she’s strong as an excuse, it’s emotionally manipulative for her friends to be like Bonnie you’re so strong so be strong for me so I can get through this, it’s self-serving and it’s the show not allowing her any sort of catharsis

What her friends do is they verbally abuse her or use her:

Bonnie was once again in excruciating pain because of the Phoenix Stone and Damon chose Alaric over Bonnie’s well-being

Or they only think of her when they need her to sacrifice for them or help them with something.

Bonnie is traumatized because the witches punished her by hurting Grams:

But when Stefan comes, the show doesn’t let them talk about her pain for long before she has to do something for the core group

Elena only realizes that Bonnie is dead when she wants her to do a spell for Stefan’s memory and the funeral isn’t even about Bonnie, it’s about Elena and Caroline and Matt 

And then there’s the fact that we consistently see Bonnie brutalized onscreen whether it’s emotional or physical trauma and these are essentially day-to-day occurrences

And when Bonnie is finally supposed to find ultimate happiness with Enzo, Stefan kills him

Once again no one really comforts her, Matt legitimately just goes “Sorry” and then leaves and then the show forces her to watch her best friend marry the man who killed the man she loves, she’s supposed to repress her resentment and her sadness and her hurt to be happy for someone else because she’s just that strong and that good of a person?

And in season 2 when she saves Jeremy’s life, the consequence for that is Jeremy being able to see his ex-girlfriends which leads to her being cheated on?

Like the pain Bonnie experiences is daily and it’s per season and it’s emotional and psychological and physical and never-ending. It’s the small things, it’s the big things, it’s the in between things, it’s in everything.

Like I said before, the writers entwine Bonnie’s “worth” with being a support for others and by how much pain she can endure

DRIES:  We’re going to see Bonnie continue to try to adjust to life in the prison world.  She tried to have Christmas, and it just made things worse for her.  She’s going to have a birthday in the prison world, which is going to be worse.  She’s really going to hit rock bottom before she pulls herself up by the bootstraps and says, “You know what? Let me get out of here!”  She will finally find her way back, and it will come at the perfect time for our friends, who are in need of a friend rejuvenation and beautiful reunion.  So, she comes back and is emotionally scarred from it. 

“"Bonnie will continue to be a loyal friend to Damon and a very supportive person for him to lean on as he goes through the drama of the second half of the season,“ she explained. “But their relationship will also face its own obstacles down the road. Bonnie and Stefan are grounding forces in Damon’s life. So for him to put his relationship with Bonnie at stake would have really, really bad consequences for Damon, for sure.”

By virtue of being Bonnie, she suffers more than anyone because the show has an obsession with seeing her get smacked down and smacked down repeatedly and refuse to allow her to live for herself.

With Katherine, the framing is different: she is a survivor with hidden vulnerability because she had to deal with tragic incidents in the past:

Katherine never ceased to surprise us as a character. She was a 500-year-old vampire and for almost all of Season 1, we had only seen her in 19th century flashbacks. So when she arrived on the scene in present day Mystic Falls, we as writers expected her to be an old-world, distinguished woman with a taste for the classics. But she wasn’t. She was a sexy, modern-day woman of the world who wore designer heels and drove an Aston Martin. One carving knife and four severed fingers later, she quickly made her way into our hearts forever.

Using both seduction and good, old-fashioned blunt force trauma as her weapons of choice, she was never afraid to do whatever it took to get what she wanted. But over the years, we really got to see what was underneath those snarky one-liners and cascading curls. Katherine wasn’t born evil. Her life made her that way. Her infant daughter was torn away from her at birth. She lost her entire family to a rampaging Klaus. And she spent the next 5 centuries running, with no real place to call home. The closest thing she had to a family was her vast network of sketchy underworld contacts.

That romantic framing changes thingsbecause there isn’t a preoccupation with seeing her struggle and seeing her in pain, there is a preoccupation with humanizing her and redeeming her or gassing her up as the baddest bitch of all, which means yes, Katherine went through some shit but she isn’t consistently tortured by the show.

Not Infected (The Walking Dead Group x teen! Reader)


Y/n - your name   Y/l/n - Your last name  Y/e/c - your eye color  Y/h/c - your hair color

Prompt - She burst from the tree line and the moment she saw the group, she put her hands up and shouted “Not Infected!”

Word Count : 1,569

Warnings : cursing, blood, gore, mentions of death, its the fucking walking dead what you expect? (Takes place in Season Four. Terminus)

Originally posted by raylangives

She put her head in her hands and sighed, tears streaming down her face as she realized her entire family was gone. Though it may have been a week since it happened she felt sick, when would they just end her suffering by killing her. Y/n knew they had lured more people in which meant her time would come soon, but that didn’t mean she’d go out without a fight. “Zip ties. They tied mom and dad up with zip ties” She exclaimed in a whisper, she had been taught how to free from a zip tie in case she was kidnapped so she needed to be careful. She looked down at the laces of her converse high tops and sighed, she needed the plastic part at the tip of the lace to do this and those were long gone. Impatiently tapping against the support beam in the corner she thought of a way to get out of her mess, flinching when something poked her finger. Looking down at her finger Y/n realized she had a splinter, the old wood could help her loop her laces through the zip tie and she could get free.
She crawled over to the beam and ripped a section of her hoodie’s sleeve off, it had worn out and torn anyway so she could find another use for the useless fabric. Y/n stuck the fabric, that had become stiff and rough with blood, in-between the pillar and a piece of wood that poked out before sawing. When she deemed it lengthy enough she yanked it off, being careful of hurting her finger any further and using the back of her nail to scrape it down a little. Y/n pulled her finger away when the splinter was thin enough but still looked somewhat sturdy, she took the end of one shoelace and stuck it through the fabric until it looked like a sewing needle with thread. She tucked that safely away into her shoe only minutes before the smoke bomb came in and she was dragged out by two men, slowly losing her consciousness. Y/n was the first to wake up, she was on her knees in front of a trough with her legs and arms tied behind her back with a dirty rag in her mouth.
She discreetly looked to either side of her body, on one side there was a young Asian man and the other was a slightly older man with longer hair. There were more men around her, all lined up in front of the same thing she was and all a significant amount of years older than her. Y/n shook her head a little to move some of her y/h/c hair from her y/e/c eyes, seeing the rest slowly wake up she decided she should most likely start working on breaking out. Feeling around her shoe she looked for the point, wincing slightly when it poked her hand but ignoring the pain so she could work on her plan. She stuck the wood through the small opening of the zip tie around her feet and used her other hand to pull it through, beginning her sawing through the plastic as the thump of baseball hitting head rang through the room. Y/n clenched her eyes shut trying to block out the noises and focus on the task at hand, gagging a little as she hears the man’s throat is sliced open and his blood spraying against the metal trough.

Wrinkling her nose and breathing through her mouth she began sawing faster, not catching the attention of the two men doing the acts but the older man with long hair to her left. Daryl had seen the young girl struggling and cringing beside him, looking at her without moving his head he saw she was sawing through the plastic that bound her feet. She ignored him after his eyes burned holes in her skull, internally screaming in triumph as the zip tie gave and broke when another guy walked in. Y/n blocked out that conversation as well, quickly shoving the stick in the zip tie and sawing quicker in a more creative way because this was much more difficult. Her breathing quickened when they moved onto the guy next to the Asian guy next to her, her flesh burned from the friction and her heart pounded in her chest. When Glenn noticed her moving he tried not to acknowledge her in case she could actually make it, images of Maggie flashing through his mind before their eyes met.
The look in his eyes only made her move faster and try harder, feeling the pressure relief from her wrist as the zip tie finally broke. Now all she needed was a chance to attack, she wasn’t going to be able to take the three men present in the room. All she needed was for one to leave, that was all she needed to save Asian man’s life and it was as if someone read her mind. A boom sounded and the earth shook around them, a series of gunshots later and the third man left the other two to continue the festivities. Just as baseball bat guy got ready to swing Y/n grabbed knife guy’s arm and brought her knee to his face, when he went to touch his face she took the knife from him and stabbed him as hard as she could in the stomach. And repeatedly. She pushed him to the floor and turned to the other guy who had a surprised look, he went to swing but she used her first instinct and kicked him where the sun doesn’t shine. He doubled over in pain and she shoved the knife in his neck, pulling it out and shaking the blood from her hand with a sigh.
She ripped the makeshift gag out, stuffing it in her pocket because in the apocalypse you never know when fabric will come in handy. Y/n walked over to the men, beginning to cut the two who hadn’t gotten free already free and ignoring the inquisitive looks “You’ve got to hurry, with that amount of noise all the biters within a mile’s radius will come running”. They ran to the weapons and the older man who was on her left dragged her along, she grabbed her parent’s weapons and hers along with everything they had with them. Once outside the men ran one way and Y/n ran the other, this place was going down in flames and there was plenty of stuff that she could take. She took all of their zip ties, even the ones on the now reanimating dead bodies that she gave mercy to and walked into another room to witness a woman shooting another. The woman attempted to call out to the y/h/c haired girl but she ran before the woman could, trying to wade through the biters and get away from people.
She may have been young but Y/n knew that people weren’t to be trusted, this was the reason she was so confused on why that man’s passion made her want to save him. She climbed the fence and hopped back down, trying not to cry out as she landed on her ankle wrong. The fence behind her collapsed and she groaned “Fucking awesome!”, limp running away from the many walkers behind her as she tried to navigate through the thicket. Her ankle screamed in protest and tears pricked her eyes, she pushed faster as other zombies in the woods noticed her. She had learned that the creatures mostly relied on their smell and hearing, if she hid in a smelly bush and threw one of her popping noisemakers in the other direction they’d be distracted enough for her to escape. Now all she needed to know is what bush to hide in, a grotesque sight told her what she’d be hiding in. A biter must’ve been blown up or something in front of a holly tree and it’s remains were splattered all over it, though absolutely revolting this was the only thing that’d save her. She pushed into it and calmed her breathing, watching the biters sniff around clueless made her believe she truly made it.
She picked a handful of the noise makers out and chucked them against the furthest tree she could reach, just as she had hoped the brainless idiots all groaned and searched in that area leaving her a chance to book it. Y/n pushed through the branches and bit her lip to yet again keep from hissing in pain as the leaves poked her, it was painful but not as bad as her ankle. She advanced to a road, hearing somewhat familiar voices of people she couldn’t name and just realizing any familiarity right now would be perfect. She burst from the tree line and the moment she saw the group, she put her hands up and shouted, “Not Infected!” so they all lowered their guns. “What’s your name?” One of the men from the lineup asked as he looked at the younger girl “Y/n Y/l/n sir”. “How many walkers you kill?” “Too many to count” “How many people you kill?” “Four” “Why?” “They were bitten and begged me”. “Well Y/n Y/l/n my name is Rick Grimes and welcome to my group” He said, sticking his hand out that you shook. Maybe you should scream not infected at strangers more often…


Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 16.)


Part 1. - Part 2.  - Part 3. - Part 4. - Part 5. - Part 6. - Part 7. - Part 8. - Part 9. - Part 10. - Part 11. - Part 12. - Part 13. - Part 14. - Part 15.

Character(s): Negan x Reader x Simon (post-apocalypse)
You join Negan and Simon for their late night mission to deliver some vengeance, and a wake-up call, to the group that attacked the outpost filled with about thirty Saviors. 
Word Count: 2,845
Warning: Violence, blood, gore! 
Author’s Note: Man, oh man. I have missed this story so much and I am so gland that you all have been patient with me during the brief hiatus! Also, this chapter is based off the first episode of season 7! There will be content that sound very familiar (ie. character deaths), but I did my best to not make it sound too similar. This is mainly set in the Reader’s POV. Enjoy! :-)

(GIF Source: @heartfulloffandoms​ || @stevenblogg​)

You had been driving with Negan and Simon all night, wondering just exactly where you were going. Though, when Simon moved to another truck, leaving you alone with Negan, you began to realize how serious this was.

“Negan?” you whispered quietly, catching sight of an RV.

“Yes, doll?”

“People are dying tonight, aren’t they?”

Negan nodded, gripping the steering wheel. “They will pay for what they did. I will not look past that. Thirty of my fucking men… Boom. Gone. Just like that.”

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The Kanadovs Part 1

Summary: In order to retrieve some important documents, Y/N has to pretend to be the wife of the person she hates the most; namely Pietro Maximoff.

Chapter List


Part One

“Not a fucking chance. Nuh-uh. No way,” you stated, starting to push your way back again. Clint rolled his eyes and grabbed your shoulder, turning you around.

“You’re doing this.”

“Over my dead body,” you hissed, but Clint was forcing you forward. The agent removed his sunglasses and placed them in his jacket pocket, using his heel to push himself swiftly away from the wall and make his way over to you.

“Barton will meet you at the tower and fly you out to Rome tonight. The other agent, aka your partner, has already been out there for a few days, gathering intel.” 

Maria looked out the window.

“Who is the other agent, if I may ask?”

She shrugged.

“No idea. Coulson picked him out. I’ve heard he’s good, though.” 

You nodded and joined her in her looking out the window.

“Why am I going? Surely Natasha would be a better option?” you asked.

“She’s on a different mission. You’re the best suited candidate out of all the agents, considering your history in espionage.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment, I suppose.” 

She snorted with laughter and unbuckled her seat belt.

“We’re here.” 

She waited for the van to stop, before getting up and sliding the door open. 

You jumped out, grabbing your bags and making your way into the tower.

You entered the jet and placed your bags on the floor. Clint was already inside when you arrived, tapping his fingertips on the armrest impatiently.

“You ready?” he asked, and you nodded.

“Yeah,” you answered, sitting down in the co-pilot’s chair. You fidgeted a bit, trying to get comfortable.


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theories or something

*crashes through my own window*

So in my recent pattern of being minorly majorly fixated on Darkiplier and Antisepticeye and what little ‘lore’ we have on them, I came across this post. Which, first off, is just funny. But secondly it gave me an idea.

We know that Anti has pretty much told us that it’s our attention that keeps him alive, and we know that he has accused us of just ‘sitting and watching’ him kill Jack. These two pieces of information imply two thing: that simply by virtue of thinking about him we can impact him, and that we are capable of interfering somehow– otherwise, wouldn’t he have mocked us for being helpless, rather than choosing not to act?

If these things are true– then it’s entirely possible that fanon lore built up by enough of the community could carry over and impact Anti. I don’t think we could defeat him that way, since our attention seems to fuel him, but what if we could give him weaknesses? That would be a fascinating development, particularly if our fav demon boys end up going against one another later on– we could set Dark up for victory, or we could set Anti up for victory, depending on where the majority of fanon falls. It would also be interesting if Anti continues to antagonize us but doesn’t go up against Dark– it could, potentially, give us a way to interact more directly with him, and to stop him from doing things we don’t like.

At the same time of course, if the fandom picks this up and tries it, we’ll have to be careful to make sure that exploiting Anti’s weaknesses wouldn’t also hurt Jack– so no dislike/like ratio on videos Anti appears in, or anything. Maybe we could have him vulnerable to a particular phrase, or cursed to obey someone who sets off a particular code or incantation against him. 

Okay, next theory shit: Darkiplier.

As a lot of people picked up on, Dark indicated that “he” (presumably Markiplier) promised to “let him back in” and “didn’t even invite him on this adventure”, that he was tired of giving people– not just Mark?– a choice. It’s also repeatedly stated that he wanted to get to the viewer and to spend time with them, he didn’t care about Mark himself, unlike the dynamic with Anti and Jack. Anti points at us for being too distant and not interfering, while Dark pulls himself closer to us by choice. There is also the EXIT ‘ending’, wherein we see Dark seemingly manipulate time itself, or possibly just the video sequence. He pulls other shit, like warping our perception when he first appears, seemingly teleporting (? time/space manipulation?), indicating that he is consciously aware of what’s going on while not in control of Mark’s body, marking himself as superior to Mark, able to take us places (more teleportation evidence??)… but most crucially:

“There’s nothing you, or he, can do to stop me!”

While Anti told us we let his actions happen, Dark has told us that we don’t have a choice. In essence, Anti has admitted to being stoppable– and Dark has denied it… although if you choose the RIGHT he fails to reclaim control of Mark’s body. The flickering of his influence in that ending, however, may indicate that he isn’t dead– and indeed, even in LEFT Mark may not be dead– but only injured, unable to take control but still there. Following that thought, as I said, LEFT may not lead to Mark’s death, even though Dark clearly has control at the end. It may be that the shot similarly only wounded Mark, leaving him unable to even fight Dark’s control– making it exceptionally easy, even easier than it already was, for Dark to keep Mark’s body (and us). 

Also interesting, and something I didn’t really pay attention to my first run-through: While deciding to shoot RIGHT or LEFT, the one on the LEFT (Mark) says you “have to trust [him]”, while the one on the RIGHT (Dark) says “he needs to die”, among other things, like “He’s Dark, he’s a bad influence”, “he’ll [indecipherable] everything you ever loved”, and ”he’s a bad man, he does bad things to good people”. Mark, meanwhile, is much vaguer and less accusatory– “he’s got the weird eyes and all that stuff”. It’s very interesting to me that it is Dark himself who calls himself ‘bad’ and warns that he does bad things to good people. It may provide an interesting insight into how Dark views himself, and how he knows the world views him– and may be a powerful warning, not to underestimate him just because he hasn’t hurt us, not to underestimate him just because he was mocked.

Absolutely none of that last paragraph helps me dismiss the irrational urge to hug Dark and tell him that we, the fans, we do want him. It seems to be a desire I share with a… rather large portion of the fandom. For all that Mark is clearly being imprisoned while Dark takes control, Dark’s desires to spend time with us, his gentle reassurances in LEFT, his promises and offers… are all very, very human, and very relatable. He seems lonely, and combined with the well-tailored suit and power play aesthetic, it makes us sympathize with him and accept him, even though by all rights we should be majorly concerned that he’s taking Mark’s body from Mark. Whether accepting him and trying to rehabilitate or make a compromise with him would ever possibly be wise, whether his relatability is a calculated move in its entirety on Dark’s part… is hard to say. His desperation to see us and his repetition of wanting to get to know us certainly seem genuine.

Billowing Smoke

Hamilsquad x reader where they have been friends with the reader since they where kids and the reader slowly starts to grow more distant until she kinda disappear for awhile and they get worried so they stop by her home and they knock on the door and she refuses to let them in telling them she’s fine and after a while of them persistently begging to be let in she finally opens the door and she stands there with a black eye and covered in bruises cigarette burns (her boyfriend had been using her)

Pairing: starts out as Charles Lee X Reader, IS REALLY POLY!HAMILSQUAD THOUGH, BLESS TF UP

TW: Abuse, violence, description of blood, beatings, domestic abuse, verbal and emotional abuse, cursing, death of a character, reference to sexual assault and rape, smoking

A/N: hey y'all! I hope you enjoy this piece! I know I didn’t follow the anon completely, and I’m sorry, I got carried away with my writer’s brain. I tried my best, and i hope you love it! Thank you for all the requests! I’m doing my best to keep up! If you want me to tag something, please let me know! I want you to feel safe when reading my work! I love you!

If you need help, please reach out. My ask is always open, tell someone you trust, or call a hotline! I love you, and I want you safe!
Hotline for Victims of Sexual Assault: 877-995-5247
National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-799-7233

Word Count: 2498

You never bruised easily. You fell out of a tree in the fifth grade and damn near broke your body in two. A week later, you had a small, purple bruise on your hip, but a fairly bad limp for two weeks. You knew people that bruised like melons, but you weren’t one of them.
You were standing on the balcony of the hotel floor for a smoke, black, thick curling tendrils that snaked up into the cold night air. You had on a man’s white dress shirt, clumsily buttoned, and no pants. Your hair was in the messiest bun yet. You leaned on the railing and looked out at the stars. You used to love them. Now, they just reminded you of smoldering cigarette butts and dead dreams. Disgusted, you looked away. You put your cigarette out on the metal railing, a satisfying “tsss” sound reaching your ears. You reached into your thong and pulled another cigarette and a lighter out from the band. You lit up and kept smoking.
Across the parking lot, you saw four figures get out of a car. You’d never been good at identifying cars. All you knew was that it was black, and it looked like a box.
They made their way across the lot, and you watched them, mildly disinterested. They climbed the stairs, level by level, and when they didn’t stop, you felt your stomach clench with uneasiness. You didn’t remember four boys on your floor.
You held your cigarette away from your mouth between two fingers as you watched them approach you, the dark shrouding them completely.
Then you heard it. It was a quiet whisper, barely carried on the wind, and delicate like a butterfly. “Y/N?”
The boys reached the top and froze, down the walkway, staring. You knew them, and you felt shame burn your stomach.
“Y/N?” John whispered as he was the first to approach you. He reached out for you, but you cringed away. His eyes were filled with tears. You put the cigarette out on the railing again, letting it fall to the cement below. John caressed your face, turning your face to his, lightly running his fingers over your bruised and swollen cheek. “Sweetheart… Why didn’t you tell us? Why didn’t you let us help?”
You turned from him, unable to meet his eyes, and the others had slowly flocked around you. There was no escape, you realized.
“Where’s that son of a bitch? I’ll kill him!” Herc shouted, his hands clenched, but you shook your head with a small smile.
“He’s not a problem anymore, Herc. I promise,” you felt your lips curl upward, then winced at the twinge of pain you received.
“Don’t lie for him, Y/N! This has to stop!” Alex spoke up, then he noticed you shivering. He shrugged off his coat and draped it over your shoulders. You hugged it around you as the boys stared you down.
“Well?” Alex persisted, and you shrugged.
“If you really wanna see him that bad…” you mumbled before you led them to your room. You unlocked the door with the key and shoved it open. It was a small room, but it got the job done. The chair was overturned. The bed was nicely made, though. The small, wooden table was in splinters. The curtains were drawn tight over the nice view. A lamp was knocked over, and the bulb was shattered. The room had a safe to keep your stuff safe in the corner. Your bag was sat on the bed, but some of your clothes were in tatters on the ground. There were soothing paintings above the bed.
“Where is ‘e?” Lafayette questioned, speaking up for the first time.
You led them to the bathroom door, and knocked lightly. “Sweetie?” You called, then knocked again. “Charlie?” No reply. You smiled shyly to the boys before you opened the door and turned the light on.
You had taken the liberty of some light remodeling. The tiles were red… the sink was red. The toilet was red. The walls were red. Everything was red. It was a good accent color, after all. In the bathtub, you had placed a nice accent piece to bring everything together. It was your ex boyfriend! Well, what was left of him.
“Mon Dieu!” Laf cried out, and he covered his mouth in horror. Herc had put an arm out in front of the other boys, as if to protect them from the scene.
“Y/N,” Herc whispered, “What have you done?”
You grinned at him before you turned the lights off and shut the door, blocking out the scene from the obviously traumatized boys. “Only what I should’ve done from the start.”

It had started simple. You guys had been arguing. He had come home late again that night, smelling like he’d drank the bar. You were sick of it. He’d slurred his words, called you a slut, and you wrote it off that he was just drunk. When he hit you the first time, you wrote it off that he was just drunk. He repeatedly apologized. He bought you nice things. He treated you better than he ever had. When he hit you the second time, you wrote it off that he was just drunk. He desperately pleaded you not to leave him, promising to change, to stop drinking. And he did.
He stopped drinking, but that made him worse. He’d lash out, shove you against the wall. The sex was rougher, and he demanded it more often, but he still brought you roses and gave you sweet kisses.
When he slammed you into the wall by your throat, he was sober. Later that night, he cried at your feet and told you about how he was abused as a child. He begged you to stay, and you willingly ran back into his arms.
He got angrier, beat on you more. He’d slap your face and pull your hair. He’d throw you on the ground and call you a whore. But he’d still cover it up with tender kisses, holding you until you fell asleep, and those sweet lies of love. So you stayed. You stayed, and you loved him.
He started to use you more. Even when you didn’t want sex, he’d come knocking. He started to carry scissors with him. The next day, he’d mutter a sorry and hand you a bag of new clothes. He didn’t say “I love you” as much as he used to, but you knew he still cared for you.
When he put his cigarette out on you for the first time, you thought you were going to pass out. You’d never experienced a pain like that before. Your own screams were all you could hear. He told you he was sorry and brought you a bag of ice from the machine down the hall. He held you while you cried.
One day, you woke up, and you asked yourself, “What happened to me? How did I get here?” You were covered in bright red burns, dark grey ash, crusty crimson blood, and swollen purple bruises. You didn’t go to work that day… And you got beat for that, too.

You had grown up with the boys, inseparable since high school. College didn’t come between you. You still managed to keep in touch. They’d always tried to ferociously protect you, almost to the point of overbearing. John punched Thomas Jefferson in the nose when he tried to ask you out junior year. Herc was supposed to deliver James Madison’s love letter to you, but instead, he threw it away. They didn’t think any man in the world deserved you, and you let them hear about it. Maybe that’s why you waited until you were in love with Charlie to introduce him to the boys. And of course, they didn’t like him. Alex said he was too quiet. John claimed he lacked bravado. Lafayette complained about his lack of passion. Herc mentioned his cowardice. You declared that you loved him. The boys disapproved. They said they loved you better than he ever could.
They made Charlie uncomfortable. They excluded him, and they were openly judgmental about his flaws. They were unafraid to make an alphabetized list of all his shortcomings as your lover. You told them to shove it up their asses. Slowly, you stopped taking Charlie out with them, embarrassed that your friends could be so cruel. He was grateful, since he had been pleading with you to not be around them so much.
Charlie would complain when you’d come back after being around them, saying that you acted differently. He said they changed you, made you worse, and he didn’t like it. He wouldn’t always hold you as tight on those nights, and eventually, you stopped going out as much.
They had noticed that you were wearing more clothes than usual. They noticed the long sleeves and heavily applied makeup. They commented on it a few times, but you were as defensive as a rabid dog. They didn’t want to get bitten by you again, so they stopped asking. However, when Alex noticed the bruise on your hip when you bent over to pick up the keys you’d dropped and your shirt slipped up, he asked you about it. Of course you lied. Of course you played it off. You loved Charlie, and he had said he was sorry.
The boys had noticed you become more distant, and they took note of how you didn’t like being touched anymore. You used to love Herc’s hugs, but now, every time one of them reached for you, you jumped out of your skin. And it broke their hearts. They began to wonder if you didn’t like them anymore. When you started to dodge their calls, they gave you space.
They still worried about you, and they stopped by your hotel room when you were in town one night with a few packs of beer, but you didn’t even open the door wider than a crack. You wouldn’t let them in. They begged with you, pleaded. John cried, asking you to please not turn them away. You promised you were fine. Over and over when they begged to see you, you said you were fine. You wanted space. You needed time on your own. You were fine. Fine. Fine. Fine. It was hard for you, but you shut the door on them as Charlie shouted for you from the kitchen your hotel suite had. You couldn’t let them see the black eye you were sporting.
When Peggy ran to their apartment with smudged mascara and a runny nose, screaming about the bruises on you when she accidentally walked in on you in the bathroom one day, they immediately rushed over. Charlie had moved the both of you all over, city to city, never in one place long. It kept you isolated and vulnerable. They went to your hotel a few cities over, desperate to check on you. You had to be okay. They blamed themselves for not seeing the signs, for being blind. They should’ve beaten the shit out of him when they had the chance. When they came up the stairs and saw your marred body, their hearts broke, and you just smoked your cigarette because it was your fucking life. It was your reality. You lived that shit every day, and for you, it was just another Thursday night.

This trip had been different. You knew that. Charlie was angrier, antsier. He had slapped you around in the car more than usual on the ride up. He was rougher with you, his hands like sand paper and his lips like a soggy ash tray as he grabbed you by the hair and tasted your skin. Maybe you didn’t love him anymore. You were too scared to leave though. He always did love to remind you that you could never do better.
You thought of the puppy love you two had shared. The tender kisses. Hand holding. Love letters-they were still sweet even though Alex felt the need to mark them up with a red pen, commenting on every mistake, and inevitably giving them all failing grades. You had been so in love. But now the seasons were colder, the sex was rougher, and waterproof makeup didn’t hold up as well as you had hoped.
He threw you down on the bed, slapping you around. He spit on you at some point. “You never fight back, you little slut,” he had said. “You enjoy this.” Hit after hit. “Maybe this time, I’ll just fucking kill you. You know, maybe then you’d shut your damn mouth, and I’d be able to love you.” He threw you to the ground and went to take a shower. Your mind was blurry. You were afraid for your life. Charlie was never good at bluffing. When he’d played poker with you and the boys a million years ago, you could always tell when he was shit talking. Now was not one of those times.
You grabbed the scissors from the bag and followed him into the bathroom. He’d never hit you again. He’d never hurt you again. You were leaving him for good. You’d make sure that piece of shit got what he deserved.

It had been two years. The body was long gone. No one missed the piece of shit. Your wounds were healed, faded scars on your body. You still had nightmares. You’d bolt up in bed, screaming and sobbing, fighting to get him off of you. Herc would grab your thrashing frame and hold you against his chest until you calmed down. Lafayette would whisper in French to you, calling you sweet names like “mon ange” and “ma chérie.”
John would braid your hair for you, knowing it calmed you down, when you’d had a hard day. Sometimes, something would trigger you, but he knew how to handle you. He’d kiss you on the forehead and hold you until you rode out the panic attack, talking to you about small, seemingly meaningless things, wiping your tears away with his fingertips.
Alex showered you with love letters after he’d shouted “let me show you how it’s done” and picked up his pen. Love letter after love letter with sweet, clever words that filled your mind and soul to the brim. He also wrote you spicy ones, but those you kept in a separate drawer.
Your boys knew you had needed time, but they’d never stopped loving you. They had told you that no man would love you the way they do, and maybe they were right. No man loved the same way. But you loved the way they loved you. And the only time they put their hands on you was when you had verbally asked and consented for it. They loved you the way you deserved, not just the way you needed. And it was enough.