he reminds me of myself a lot tbh


- Even more hyperactive than normal
- “Wait, I just thought of a cool guitar riff, lemme show you.” Proceeds to fall flat on his face after tripping on his blankets.
- Wraps himself in the blanket and lays on the floor. “This is my home now.”
- You end up having to drag his lanky ass frame back to his bed
- “You have to make a dope ass playlist for my funeral.” “Jae, it’s just a cold.” “I can see the light.” “Yeah, the light from your bedside lamp.” “Oh.”
- Still talks to the members through Kakao
- It’s mostly just weird stuff and boasting about how good you are at taking care of him
- Would probably dab after tasting your soup
- Actually can’t even taste it but he likes embarrassing you

- “I’m fine.” “Brian, there’s so much snot dripping from your nose, I could fill a bucket with it. You are not fine.”
- Insists on working on the lyrics for their next song but his handwriting looks like scribbly lines
- Tries to hold his bass but drops her accidentally. Cries and apologizes to her for the next three hours.
- Starts trying to apologize/thank you at the same time but it comes out as “I’m sorry that you’re being such a great friend.”
- Would thank you properly after he got better
- Lots of groaning and self-pity (basically whining tbh) about being unable to work
- You’d have to comfort him like a child while he’s sniffling and crying
- Would also be embarrassed about how much he cried after he’s healthy again. Denies it when the others tease him.

- Would definitely call himself Bob
- Busan accent so thick he sounds like a gangster on the street picking a fight
- But actually he’s saying stuff like “Thanks for helping me and always taking care of me. You’re a good person. I’m glad I’m friends with you.”
- Accidentally sneezes on you and looks like a deer in headlights afterwards
- Lists all the reasons why he can’t get sick now
- “Wait, let me just text our manager and the members that I’m sick.” “Okay, fine.” “And also our composer, producer, arranger, JB, Jinyoung, Jackson–” “Sungjin, no.”
- Also tries to act like he’s not sick
- When he finally accepts he’s too sick to do anything, he’ll suggest some home remedies his mother taught him
- Which ends up tasting really gross but he sucks it up until you stop him. “I think you’ve had enough; your face looks like it’s going to implode.”

- The worst sick person
- Would be so out of it
- Confused as heck
- Sweaty as heck
- The type of person to start stripping bc it’s too hot but stops halfway - with only one arm out of his sweater - because it’s the perfect temperature
- “(y/n), you were here?” “I’ve been here for the last two hours??” “Really?” “You’ve been talking to me the whole time???” “Ah, I was wondering why my head voice sounded like a girl.”
- Sleeps a lot
- Mumbles incoherently
- “I can drink water by myself.” “Are you sure?” “Yeah.” Spills it all over himself and the bed
- Also smiles a lot
- Would refuse to eat the food you made unless it tasted good
- Would totally forget about what happened while he was sick
- Apologizes after you/someone else reminds him

- Needy as heck
- Also whiny as heck (about how sick he is)
- So much aegyo
- Probably even more cross-eyed than usual
- Would still be able to play the piano decently tbh
- “You should leave. I don’t want you to catch my cold,” he’d say while cuddling you on his bed
- Would smile while you were talking to him but actually he’s not listening and just looking at you
- Wants you to fuss over him
- “I want strawberry milk.” “Okay, I’ll go buy some. Let go of me, first.” “Don’t wanna.”
- And his face would just scrunch up deciding what to do
- Eventually, he’d let you go but would end up cuddling you again when you came back
- Is embarrassed about how he acted afterward

- So quiet normally that you wouldn’t even notice
- You just touch him un/intentionally and he’d be burning up
- “I have a cold?” “Yeah, you idiot.”
- Hoarse voice
- Gummy smile
- Would giggle a lot
- Cries after eating the food you made him. “It was delicious.” “I literally just boiled rice and added salt. You know I can’t cook.” “But it was so good.”
- This is literally the only time he would ask, “Can I hold your hand?” because he’s normally too shy to
- Also cute as heck
- His fingers would still be tapping his bed and it’s amazing because the beat actually sounds good
- He’d be reluctant to ask for your help so he just whispers it and hopes you’ll hear
- “Can you get me some water?” “Huh? What did you say?” And then he’d just shake his head
- Sniffles a lot

Natural Born Killers (Langdon)

“Baby, I love it when you can read my mind.”

“Shut up! Stop being so fuckin’ cute!”

“It’s me, your lover, not some demon.”

“Shit, man, I’m a natural born killer.”

“I know a lot of people who deserve to die.”

“What about that crazy motherfucker Ted Bundy?”

“He has the sad sickness, lost in a world of ghosts.”

“Ain’t love grand?”

“I got more feelings than I ever did before.”

“I’m not really as bad as they say I am. I’m actually a really nice person.”

“I love you more than I ever loved myself.”

“Nobody can stop fate. Nobody can.”

“You know something? Badasses never die.”

yes idols seem perfect. yes they have flat stomachs and white teeth and skinny limbs, but please remember this: idols have a team of people to make them look how they do. they have makeup and hair artists to cover any blemish and flatten any frizz. they have strict diets that make their parents worry and hours of dance practice that wear on their bodies. the bags under their eyes and zits on their face are caked with concealer and edited out of pictures. they break down from the stress of looking perfect and being perfect and many struggle with eating disorders and suffer with mental illness from all the pressure to look how they look and look how you want to look. so please, stay healthy. don’t skip a meal to have that idol’s thin thighs, or this idol’s tiny wrists. don’t cry out of frustration when makeup won’t hide the bumps on your cheek while the photoshopped skin of the idol on your computer screen looks smooth. don’t tell yourself that you’re ugly just because you don’t have a team of people to make you look red carpet-ready or a job that forces you to overwork your body. yes you don’t look like an idol, and that’s ok.

taompon  asked:

its about our main gays & i have to ask who do you think tops? most people assume Xi because he looks manlier & acts more stoic than JY but i always kinda felt Xi gives in easily to JY & is more sensitive (to JY's love) than people think. art of jian yi carrying Xi kinda reminded me of just how passionate & excited JY is about Xi. i kinda believe both would switch, but i still feel JY is the assertive one who is greedy & cant get enough of Xi while Xi would just be content with his idiot haha

you basically summed up all my thoughts on the matter tbh, i agree with everything you said!!

i feel like a lot of people (myself included at the beginning) just assume that jian yi is the bottom because he is more emotional and doesn’t fit the stereotypical personality traits of seme characters that we’re used to see in yaoi, but we have to keep in mind that 19 days is not the stereotypical yaoi, so it doesn’t have to respect or use the common tropes that we would find in one (and im using the term yaoi here because i feel like a lot of us are influenced by this genre, but i definitely think that’s something we shouldn’t apply to 19 days, since it also comes from a completely different culture)

one of the reasons why i love 19 days so much, it’s because old xian manages to give a lot of depth to the characters despite how short the chapters are, they feel very real to me, and i can see that old xian really cares about telling their story, which is very refreshing, so i try not to let myself fall into common tropes when i analyse them but do my best to understand them and what would they want and like best

when it comes to jian yi and zheng xi, it’s true that zheng xi is the one who is physically stronger and acts more mature, whereas jian yi is more emotional and childish sometimes, but this is not all there is, because like you said jian yi can also be very assertive and dominant while zheng xi can feel more uneasy and bashful, especially when it comes to a certain kind of physical contact

(………sorry for the crappy picspam, i wanted to show some example of what i mean)

of course zheng xi’s feelings about jian yi are not the same as jian yi’s feelings for him yet (at least, in my opinion), so it’s definitely possible that he will become more comfortable about this in the future and make their dynamic change a little, but even in that case i personally can see jian yi being the top and im actually very fond of this headcanon (you can’t tell me that jian yi wouldn’t feel absolutely ecstatic about being inside zheng xi)

so, yeah, i do think they switch a lot, but im very partial to top!jian yi (though i don’t know ho wmany chance it has to happen even if we get an actual sex scene between them) and i definitely think that he is a power bottom when zheng xi is the one to top