he reminds me of a turtle here

Is this really turtle soup?

I’ve never had it before. It’s marvelous.” 

Jamie was unmoved by contemplation of Fergus’s tender state. 

“Aye, well, he’ll be wed a long time,” he said callously. “Do him no harm to keep his breeches on for one night. And they do say that abstinence makes the heart grow firmer, no?” 

“Absence,” I said, dodging the spoon for a moment. “And fonder. If anything’s growing firmer from abstinence, it wouldn’t be his heart.” 

“That’s verra bawdy talk for a respectable marrit woman,” Jamie said reprovingly, sticking the spoon in my mouth. “And inconsiderate, forbye.”

 I swallowed. “Inconsiderate?” 

“I’m a wee bit firm myself at the moment,” he replied evenly, dipping and spooning. “What wi’ you sitting there wi’ your hair loose and your nipples starin’ me in the eye, the size of cherries.” 

I glanced down involuntarily, and the next spoonful bumped my nose. Jamie clicked his tongue, and picking up a cloth, briskly blotted my bosom with it. It was quite true that my shift was made of thin cotton, and even when dry, reasonably easy to see through. 

“It’s not as though you haven’t seen them before,” I said, amused. 

He laid down the cloth and raised his brows. 

“I have drunk water every day since I was weaned,” he pointed out. “It doesna mean I canna be thirsty, still.” He picked up the spoon. “You’ll have a wee bit more?” 

“No, thanks,” I said, dodging the oncoming spoon. “I want to hear more about this firmness of yours.” 

“No, ye don’t; you’re ill.” 

“I feel much better,” I assured him. “Shall I have a look at it?” He was wearing the loose petticoat breeches the sailors wore, in which he could easily have concealed three or four dead mullet, let alone a fugitive firmness. 

“You shall not,” he said, looking slightly shocked. “Someone might come in. And I canna think your looking at it would help a bit.” 

“Well, you can’t tell that until I have looked at it, can you?” I said. “Besides, you can bolt the door.” 

“Bolt the door? What d’ye think I’m going to do? Do I look the sort of man would take advantage of a woman who’s not only wounded and boiling wi’ fever, but drunk as well?” he demanded. He stood up, nonetheless. 

“I am not drunk,” I said indignantly. “You can’t get drunk on turtle soup!” Nonetheless, I was conscious that the glowing warmth in my stomach seemed to have migrated somewhat lower, taking up residence between my thighs, and there was undeniably a slight lightness of head not strictly attributable to fever. 

“You can if ye’ve been drinking turtle soup as made by Aloysius O’Shaughnessy Murphy,” he said. “By the smell of it, he’s put at least a full bottle o’ the sherry in it. A verra intemperate race, the Irish.” 

“Well, I’m still not drunk.” I straightened up against the pillows as best I could. “You told me once that if you could still stand up, you weren’t drunk.” 

“You aren’t standing up,” he pointed out. 

“You are. And I could if I wanted to. Stop trying to change the subject. We were talking about your firmness.” 

“Well, ye can just stop talking about it, because—” He broke off with a small yelp, as I made a fortunate grab with my left hand. 

“Clumsy, am I?” I said, with considerable satisfaction. “Oh, my. Heavens, you do have a problem, don’t you?” 

“Will ye leave go of me?” he hissed, looking frantically over his shoulder at the door. “Someone could come in any moment!”

“I told you you should have bolted the door,” I said, not letting go. Far from being a dead mullet, the object in my hand was exhibiting considerable liveliness. 

He eyed me narrowly, breathing through his nose. 

“I wouldna use force on a sick woman,” he said through his teeth, “but you’ve a damn healthy grip for someone with a fever, Sassenach. If you—” 

“I told you I felt better,” I interrupted, “but I’ll make you a bargain; you bolt the door and I’ll prove I’m not drunk.” I rather regretfully let go, to indicate good faith. He stood staring at me for a moment, absentmindedly rubbing the site of my recent assault on his virtue. Then he lifted one ruddy eyebrow, turned, and went to bolt the door. 

By the time he turned back, I had made it out of the berth and was standing—a trifle shakily, but still upright—against the frame. He eyed me critically. 

“It’s no going to work, Sassenach,” he said, shaking his head. He looked rather regretful, himself. “We’ll never stay upright, wi’ a swell like there is underfoot tonight, and ye know I’ll not fit in that berth by myself, let alone wi’ you.” 

There was a considerable swell; the lantern on its swivel-bracket hung steady and level, but the shelf above it tilted visibly back and forth as the Artemis rode the waves. I could feel the faint shudder of the boards under my bare feet, and knew Jamie was right. At least he was too absorbed in the discussion to be seasick. 

“There’s always the floor,” I suggested hopefully. He glanced down at the limited floor space and frowned. “Aye, well. There is, but we’d have to do it like snakes, Sassenach, all twined round each other amongst the table legs.” 

“I don’t mind.” 

“No,” he said, shaking his head, “it would hurt your arm.” He rubbed a knuckle across his lower lip, thinking. His eyes passed absently across my body at about hip level, returned, fixed, and lost their focus. I thought the bloody shift must be more transparent than I realized. 

Deciding to take matters into my own hands, I let go my hold on the frame of the berth and lurched the two paces necessary to reach him. The roll of the ship threw me into his arms, and he barely managed to keep his own balance, clutching me tightly round the waist. 

“Jesus!” he said, staggered, and then, as much from reflex as from desire, bent his head and kissed me. 

It was startling. I was accustomed to be surrounded by the warmth of his embrace; now it was I who was hot to the touch and he who was cool. From his reaction, he was enjoying the novelty as much as I was. 

Light-headed, and reckless with it, I nipped the side of his neck with my teeth, feeling the waves of heat from my face pulsate against the column of his throat. He felt it, too. 

“God, you’re like holding a hot coal!” His hands dropped lower and pressed me hard against him. 

“Firm is it? Ha,” I said, getting my mouth free for a moment. “Take those baggy things off.” I slid down his length and onto my knees in front of him, fumbling mazily at his flies. He freed the laces with a quick jerk, and the petticoat breeches ballooned to the floor with a whiff of wind. 

I didn’t wait for him to remove his shirt; just lifted it and took him. He made a strangled sound and his hands came down on my head as though he wanted to restrain me, but hadn’t the strength. 

“Oh, Lord!” he said. His hands tightened in my hair, but he wasn’t trying to push me away. “This must be what it’s like to make love in Hell,” he whispered. “With a burning she-devil.” 

I laughed, which was extremely difficult under the circumstances. I choked, and pulled back a moment, breathless. 

“Is this what a succubus does, do you think?” 

“I wouldna doubt it for a moment,” he assured me. His hands were still in my hair, urging me back. 

A knock sounded on the door, and he froze. Confident that the door was indeed bolted, I didn’t. 

“Aye? What is it?” he said, with a calmness rather remarkable for a man in his position. 

“Fraser?” Lawrence Stern’s voice came through the door. “The Frenchman says the black is asleep, and may he have leave to go to bed now?” 

“No,” said Jamie shortly. “Tell him to stay where he is; I’ll come along and relieve him in a bit.” 

“Oh.” Stern’s voice sounded a little hesitant. “Surely. His … um, his wife seems … eager for him to come now.” 

Jamie inhaled sharply. 

“Tell her,” he said, a small note of strain becoming evident in his voice, “that he’ll be there … presently.” 

“I will say so.” Stern sounded dubious about Marsali’s reception of this news, but then his voice brightened. “Ah … is Mrs. Fraser feeling somewhat improved?” 

“Verra much,” said Jamie, with feeling. 

“She enjoyed the turtle soup?” 

“Greatly. I thank ye.” His hands on my head were trembling. 

“Did you tell her that I’ve put aside the shell for her? It was a fine hawksbill turtle; a most elegant beast.” 

“Aye. Aye, I did.” With an audible gasp, Jamie pulled away and reaching down, lifted me to my feet. 

“Good night, Mr. Stern!” he called. He pulled me toward the berth; we struggled four-legged to keep from crashing into tables and chairs as the floor rose and fell beneath us. 

“Oh.” Lawrence sounded faintly disappointed. “I suppose Mrs. Fraser is asleep, then?” 

“Laugh, and I’ll throttle ye,” Jamie whispered fiercely in my ear. “She is, Mr. Stern,” he called through the door. “I shall give her your respects in the morning, aye?” 

“I trust she will rest well. There seems to be a certain roughness to the sea this evening.” 

“I … have noticed, Mr. Stern.” Pushing me to my knees in front of the berth, he knelt behind me, groping for the hem of my shift. A cool breeze from the open stern window blew over my naked buttocks, and a shiver ran down the backs of my thighs. 

“Should you or Mrs. Fraser find yourselves discommoded by the motion, I have a most capital remedy to hand—a compound of mugwort, bat dung, and the fruit of the mangrove. You have only to ask, you know.” 

Jamie didn’t answer for a moment. 

“Oh, Christ!” he whispered. I took a sizable bite of the bedclothes. 

“Mr. Fraser?” 

“I said, ‘Thank you’!” Jamie replied, raising his voice. 

“Well, I shall bid you a good evening, then.” 

Jamie let out his breath in a long shudder that was not quite a moan. 

“Mr. Fraser?” 

“Good evening, Mr. Stern!” Jamie bellowed. 

“Oh! Er … good evening.” 

Stern’s footsteps receded down the companionway, lost in the sound of the waves that were now crashing loudly against the hull. I spit out the mouthful of quilt. 

“Oh … my … God!” 

His hands were large and hard and cool on my heated flesh. 

“You’ve the roundest arse I’ve ever seen!” 

A lurch by the Artemis here aiding his efforts to an untoward degree, I uttered a loud shriek. 

“Shh!” He clasped a hand over my mouth, bending over me so that he lay over my back, the billowing linen of his shirt falling around me and the weight of him pressing me to the bed. My skin, crazed with fever, was sensitive to the slightest touch, and I shook in his arms, the heat inside me rushing outward as he moved within me.

His hands were under me then, clutching my breasts, the only anchor as I lost my boundaries and dissolved, conscious thought a displaced element in the chaos of sensations—the warm damp of tangled quilts beneath me, the cold sea wind and misty spray that wafted over us from the rough sea outside, the gasp and brush of Jamie’s warm breath on the back of my neck, and the sudden prickle and flood of cold and heat, as my fever broke in a dew of satisfied desire. 

Jamie’s weight rested on my back, his thighs behind mine. It was warm, and comforting. After a long time, his breathing eased, and he rose off me. The thin cotton of my shift was damp, and the wind plucked it away from my skin, making me shiver. 

Jamie closed the window with a snap, then bent and picked me up like a rag doll. He lowered me into the berth, and pulled the quilt up over me. 

“How is your arm?” he said. 

“What arm?” I murmured drowsily. I felt as though I had been melted and poured into a mold to set. 

“Good,” he said, a smile in his voice. “Can ye stand up?” 

“Not for all the tea in China.” 

“I’ll tell Murphy ye liked the soup.” His hand rested for a moment on my cool forehead, passed down the curve of my cheek in a light caress, and then was gone. I didn’t hear him leave.

Voyager: CHAPTER 56 – Turtle Soup

To my Dearest Regret, With Hope

Request: Listen. I’m legit bawling. I’m crying. My heart has been broken and scarred. You did that! I need a part 4 please or I might just die, M. Your writing is gonna kill me someday, you queen of angst, you. AND other sweet comments! THIS IS A PART OF THE To Newt, With Love series

Word Count: 2,627

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Part 1   |   Part 2   |   Part 3

Tag List: @dont-give-a-bother @red-roses-and-stories @caseoffics @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @gemininomad @fangirlingandcrying @adellyhatter-blog @ryeosomnia

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Newt stares at the brick house in front of him, taking a deep breath before dipping his head and walking toward it. The leather case in his hand bounces against his right leg with every quick step he takes. He times his steps, falling into the same familiar rhythm as the creak of the neighbor’s porch swing.

Climbing up the three hole-ridden steps, Newt curses under his breath. He pauses at the top and sighs. It’s now or never.

The door slams open halfway through his third knock. He nearly smacks his mother in the face as he stumbles forward, but she just ducks under his hand and wraps her arms around his stomach.

“Erm, hi mum.”

“You finally remembered I’m alive!”

Newt rolls his eyes over his mother’s head. “I never forgot it. That would be hard with all the owls you kept sending.”

She steps away from him, leading him into the house. “How could I not send them? You never replied. I didn’t know if you were getting any of them.”

Newt pulls the door shut behind him as he steps inside. “I’ve been busy.”

“I know, I know,” Mrs. Scamander waves her hands, walking down the hall to the kitchen, “Your animals mean more than your own dear mother.”

“That’s not true.” He follows her, eyes trailing over the pictures of him and Theseus at various ages, hanging in rotting frames on the cream walls.

“Well, you aren’t very good at showing that, are you? Come in here, I just finished baking some biscuits.”

Chuckling at a picture of him and Theseus grinning ear to ear in front of the ocean, stacks of shells balanced on their sopping curls, Newt heads into the kitchen. It hasn’t changed much since he was young. The same dog and cat salt and pepper shakers sit above the stove. The same row of flower vases with the same nine vases are lined up on the far counter, like soldiers ready to march at any moment. The same wooden frames hold up the same moving pictures.

Well, almost all the same pictures. Newt tries not to see the different faces in three of the frames, changed courtesy of Theseus.

“How have you been, honey?” Mrs. Scamander sets a cup of tea and a plate of two bite-sized biscuits down in front of Newt.

“I’ve almost died five times since I last saw you.” He fights a smile at his mother’s frown as he bites into a biscuit.

She falls into the chair across from him. “Do you want to kill your mother? Merlin’s beard, Newt, didn’t I raise you better?”

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A Time Pirates Theory (SPOILERS) [Now ‘Same Coin’]

(…AKA, Stan is not what he seems.  Again.)

I have a theory based on the secret page of the new Time Pirates book, the one with the axolotl that Bill invokes in the finale for the show - who gives Dipper and Mabel some very interesting information about our favorite floating triangle and the terms of his resurrection (included under the read more.)

Basically:  I have a cool idea about how Bill is going to come back.  Or should I say, came back?  

((I would love to hear what y’all think.  Also, a big thanks to everyone I rambled to about this spoiler [most of whom I ended up tagging below ayy] as well as @fordtato for walking me through general spoiler theory post etiquette!))

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anonymous asked:

For your requests, perhaps your take on a trans Donatello? Because female turtles are usually a lot larger than males, and he's always been so much taller than his brothers, I always liked the headcanon that he might actually be biologically female and wasn't aware of it until later or something along those lines.

I’m always a slut for trans scenarios, especially when I can slip my OT3 into things.


Casey has been staring at Donnie for a full three minutes now without a word, and Donnie is starting to think this was a mistake.

“If I’d known I could make you shut up this long just by outing myself to you, maybe I would have tried it sooner,” Donnie says, crossing his arms and trying for levity in their situation. Fuck. April hadn’t been like this, and Donnie had been hoping Casey wouldn’t either…

Casey opens his mouth, then closes it, and keeps staring at Donnie across the lab table they’re sitting at. Donnie can almost hear the gears churning in his friend’s brain.

This isn’t going well. Donnie can feel it. Casey is either going to throw a fit, or… well, worst case scenario is him rejecting Donnie for being even more divergent from the norm than he already is as a mutant, or he’ll keep being friends with Donnie, but insist on using female pronouns, or or or-

Donnie isn’t feeling well. He feels like his stomach is trying to flip and invert and maybe ouroboros itself all at once. He’d wanted to do this, or told himself he had, because in order to go any further with his relationship with Casey and April both, Casey needed to know. Because otherwise it would have been lying, and then if Casey had somehow found out afterwards, then it would have been so, so much worse than just rejection right from the start, and Donnie-

Donnie needs to step out and breathe. Give Casey space to wrap his head around the idea of Donnie being trans. Maybe things’ll be less awkward if they both take a moment.

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thepalaceofmelanie  asked:

For the prompt. You and Finn trying to figure out what kind of pet to get.

- Finn’s leaving for work again. His two week break is over and you’ve started pouting as the days draw closer to his departure.
- “sometimes it just gets lonely living by myself in this apartment.” You sigh
- Finn wraps an arm around your shoulder: “you just need a distractor baby”
- “A distractor like what, a pet?”
- Finn’s eyes grow wide with excitement. “Oh that’s a good idea too!”
- He quickly scrolls through a pet adoption website.
- “Finn, a pet is a great responsibility.” You try to reason with him
- “You’re responsible enough, babe.” He smiles at you teasingly.
- “So you like turtles?” He wiggles his eyebrows at you.
- “Uh. Not really.”
- “What about goldfish?”
- No
- “How about we get a chicken? It’ll at least benefit us with some high protein eggs!” Finn amused the thought of rearing one with you.
- “Finn. Why do I get the feeling you want to eat our pet? I just want a cuddle buddy.”
-“But I’m your cuddle buddy!” He protests.
-But you’ll be gone :(
-“So we get a pet that reminds you of me!”
-You throw your head back and snicker at him. “We can’t possibly get a polar bear here”
-Finn rolls his eyes at you. “I’m more of a lion thank you very much”
-“Sure you are.” You ruffle his short hair and decide it was time for bed.

(Early morning)
-“Babeee.” Finn whispers into your ear. You slowly rouse awake to see him beaming at you.
-He gestures for you to look at the edge of the bed.
-The cutest little husky pup stares at you with its big blue eyes holding a tinge that somehow matched Finn’s own :)

anonymous asked:

Ever thought of showing off all the Omochao voice clips that were unused when you pick him up and take him to the Goal Ring? There appears to be voice clips even in the Shooting and Treasure Hunting stages!

He has 20 (18 in SA2B) unused lines for that in total!

  • City Escape: “Phew! That big truck scared me.“ (Used in SA2B)
  • Wild Canyon: “What’re you thinking, trying to finish this stage holding me?!”
  • Metal Harbor: “All I can see is water. Where is my home?”
  • Green Forest: “I gotta get outta here before the island blows up!”
  • Pumpkin Hill: “A Pumpkin ghost! I’m afraid!”
  • Aquatic Mine: “Maybe it rusted because of the water?“
  • Pyramid Cave: “Wow, that was scary. I’m going home to watch TV.”
  • Death Chamber: “Where am I? Somebody help me.”
  • Meteor Herd: “How’d I get into outer space? Oh well.”
  • Final Rush: “I’ll find my own way home. Bye bye!”
  • Dry Lagoon: “I’m going to play with the turtle now!”
  • Radical Highway: “I feel dizzy.”
  • Egg Quarters: “I’m outta here, before the robot gets me.“
  • Security Hall: “Let me out of this safe!”
  • White Jungle: “This fog reminds me of San Francisco.” (Used in SA2B)
  • Sky Rail: “Wow! It’s getting late, I gotta go to Kindergarten.“ (?)
  • Mad Space: “You should always tell the truth!“
  • Final Chase: “I’ll use my propeller to fly in space! Why is that?” (?)
  • Cannon’s Core: “I’ve never been here before. I’m going sightseeing!”

If the stage doesn’t have a line set for him (I think?), he says this instead:

“I can’t believe you cleared the stage holding me!”

Crazy Gadget is the only time AFAIK where you can hear him say one of these lines normally in the original game, due to the Omochao that talks about the spring to go back to the start of the Tetris maze:

“Hmm… This looks like a game I’ve seen before.”

They won’t activate if you clear via 100 Rings/Emerald Shards while holding him, but they do play for the Lost Chao. I don’t think you can reach it with him in any of those stages either though.

This picture

It reminds me of the cold war turtle telling people to duck and cover and the little song. 

There was a turtle by the name of Bert

and Bert the turtle was very alert;
when danger threatened him he never got hurt
he knew just what to do…
He’d duck! [gasp]
And cover!
Duck! [gasp]
And cover!

Sorry History geek over here

angel-ite  asked:

Hey there!! I kinda have more of a scenario inquiry than a solid question, but here goes nothing: let's say the turts stumble into their crushes apartment super drunk? What happens next? Thank you 💜💜

Drunk turtles… Good ask friend ^_^

Originally posted by gameraboy


Okay, Castiel from Supernatural reminds me too much of Leo.  So I’m gonna use the drunk Castiel as a reference.

He stumbles and rambles on a lot when he gets drunk, which is usually never.  How did he end up like this?  But you found out one late night when Leo came barreling through the door.

“Leo?  Are you alright?”


“What happened to you?”

“I found a box full of liquor above the sewer grate to the lair…”


“… I drank it.”

He then burps and stumbles to the floor.  You bite your lip wondering what you should do; calling Splinter may not be the best choice but it seemed to be the only one.  Leo’s on the couch now, and
it doesn’t take him long to sleep.  Why did this have to happen tonight?


He’s the love-drunk when he gets smashed; constant hugs, kisses, and although you love these he can get too mushy.  You push him off and make him sit on the couch, demanding him to sit there until you come back from the kitchen.  You’ve got him a cup of water and demand that he drink it.

“What’s ‘his fer?”

“To flush out your system.  Now chug and don’t move, I’m calling Leo to come get you.”

He tries to take the phone from you but you glare him down so much that he sits immediately from sudden fear.  How he found alcohol you didn’t know, but he was going to regret it in the morning for sure, not just from a hangover but from his father.


He’s the sappy drunk, crying and clinging onto you.  When he came to you you never thought you’d see the day that Donnie touched a drop of alcohol so it really surprised you.  And he gets BAD hiccups.

“I’m sorry for every *hic* bad thing I’ve done to you (y/n)! *hic*  I shouldn’t even be with you!  I’ll *hic* make it up to you I swear!”

You awkwardly pat his back and let him cry on your shoulder.  You sit with him in the couch until all that alcohol finally makes him fall alseep.


Boy doesn’t he make a racket.  Sing, oh boy, does he sing.  You try to quiet him down immediately in hopes no one will hear, but it’s doubtful.


“Mikey, shut up!  You’re gonna wake everybody!  The last thing I need it a noise complaint taped to my door…”

If you could duct tape his mouth shut yo would.

timelordfreya  asked:

((@alathazoulay)) 😭 for Donnie, please.

Cry Meme. 

1// Donatello // Send me “😭” for a drabble where my muse cries in your muse’s presence!  

It had been a damn long fucking day. Stockman had piled on seven more projects onto Donatello’s already overflowing plate. Projects that he knew he would not be able to complete within the allotted time. Projects that had no value to his or Stockman’s research; he couldn’t help but think that they were purposely tormenting him with pointless studies and experiments. Maybe they were doing it so they had reason to bring him back to the labs. You aren’t doing what you are told, Donatello. But he was trying, he was trying so fucking hard. There was only so much he could do, he was just one turtle. He had no help, he had no support. He had nothing. Just him against the world. 

On top of those stresses, within the next forty-eight hours Donatello was to expect a visit from one of his past abusers who, according to Stockman, was just going to check in on him. Those visits always involved a young woman who was equally as unwilling as the genius turtle was. Who could forget that Donatello himself was an experiment too? One of the only successful ones to come from the foot labs. He was special; he would rather be dead.  An overwhelming sense of fatigue fell over him, he just wanted to stop and lay down and not worry about who would be looming over him when he awoke. 

It was just too much. 

The automatic lab door silently closed behind the genius turtle. Donatello let out a rattled breath as he steadied himself against his examination table. The cool metal did nothing to soothe his burning skin. Through blurry eyes, he stared down at his trembling hands, things weren’t this bleary a minute ago. Everything was piling up on him and he felt too heavy to stand anymore. So, he allowed his quaking knees to give out underneath him. His palms stayed pressed against the edge of the table; a broken sob escaped him when his knees hit the floor. He knew Alath was in the room, but he couldn’t bring himself to care. He was hit with wave after horrible wave of trepidation and agony. The one sob turning into ten and the turtle let himself voice his anguish in the form of short yells and exclamations. 

Why him? Why his family? What had he done to deserve this?

He just wanted everything to go back to the way they were when Splinter was alive. Back when his body was his and only his and his brothers were whole. He hated looking at them, they were all so damn broken. He hated that he had a daughter that he was not able to hold and protect like a father should. He hated that he didn’t know what was happening to her. Who knew, she could be going through the same things he did. The last thought tore a ragged cry from the turtle and his grip fell from the table and his palms pressed into the floor below him. His glasses slid off and landed between his hands. 

There was no way. He couldn’t do this anymore. He just couldn’t. 


The song I listened to while writing this and a song that reminds me of Donatello: Rocket Man by Elton John.

And I think it’s gonna be a long long time
‘Till touch down brings me round again to find
I’m not the man they think I am at home
Oh no no no I’m a rocket man
Rocket man burning out his fuse up here alone

Behind The Scenes (10/???)

Author’s note: Like the last part, I included a bit of the previous part in the beginning so that it wouldn’t start too weird. Sorry for any errors.

Genre: tiny angst (jin), some fluff (suga)

Word count: 2746

Other parts: HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

In defeat, his mother gave Jinjin a kiss goodnight. She went to the door and handed Jin the boy’s things for the night. After their quick goodbye, you heard Jin tell his son to continue playing while he went to put his things in the bedroom. You heard footsteps getting closer, expecting them to go towards the bedrooms. Instead you heard them coming into the kitchen. You felt someone grab your wrist tightly. You were violently swung around to find Jin towering over you.


“Why were you outside my door? What did you hear?”

“I, uh, I… I… I… um…”

“What the fuck did you hear?” he asked sternly under his breath, pulling on you, making a wave of pain go up your arm.

You winced in pain and looked up at him “I’m sorry. Don’t worry I didn’t hear much. I was outside your door cuz I was trying to hide Hobi’s stash. RapMon told me to help you out tonight. I didn’t intend on eavesdropping, but I was curious. I suspected you were dating someone.  I didn’t know you had a son. I just wanted to be updated, no one was telling me anything. All I was able to hear you guys say was that you were going to ask Jinjin if he really wanted to sleep over. I swear!”

Jin looked down at you suspiciously, his hand still holding on to your wrist.

“Ok. Go check up on Suga. I think he still had beer in his room. I don’t want him drunk while Jinjin is here. If he’s already drunk keep him in his room. Every few hours or so check on Jhope.”

He finally let go of your wrist. He looked down at you, his dark expression gone from his face, as if it was never there. He let out a small apology and thanked you for helping him tonight. Then he turned around and walked to his room.

You were really scared. Tears began to escaped your eyes and you ran to Suga’s room before Jin had a chance to walk back to the living room. You wiped your tears away before busting into Suga’s room.

You found Suga with his backpack pulling out a third bottle of beer. You quickly ran over to him, pulling it out of his hand before he had a chance to open it.

“What the fuck Y/N?!?” he said getting up from his desk to try and take it back from you.

You quickly dodged his move and with ninja speed kicked his backpack away from his side and towards the door.

“How the fuck did you get this beer?” you asked

“You never got here so I told the manager to go buy me some. Now give it back!”

“No! No drinking for you tonight! Jinjin is here and Jin doesn’t want you drunk while he’s here. Rap monster is making me stay the night to look after you and Jhope.”

“I don’t need a fucking baby sitter, especially not one that is younger than me. I just going to be in my room all night anyway!”

     “No! Jin already got after me! I don’t want him mad at me! I am scared enough as is!”

Without giving him a chance to respond, you took the beer and went over to Jungkook’s room. You knocked on his door. He saw the beer in your arms. Without needing an explanation, he pulled the backpack from you and slammed the door in our face again.

You decided to go check up on Jhope. You walked up to his bed and leaned over him to make sure he was still breathing. You then moved him onto his side, pushed the blanket away from his face and repositioned his pillow. You turned to go back to Suga’s room but let out a squeal to find Suga standing behind you.

“You scared me!” you whispered

“Why are you whispering? This fucker is out cold. Go get Jungkook to give me my beer back. He locked the door and isn’t answering me!”


You pushed Suga all the way back into his room.

“Y/n c’mon” he protested.

You close his door behind you and turned back to him, “Shut up! I already told you that you’re gonna end up getting me in trouble with Jin again! I scared enough as it is!”

This time, he registered what you told him and concern flashed across his face. He stopped fighting you and moved himself close to you. He gently grabbed your face and asked, “Y/n, are you okay? What happened? Why did he get mad? What did he do to you? What did he tell you?”

You got annoyed and pushed his hand away from you, “Why are you acting so weird today?”

“Just tell me” he insisted

“He didn’t really do anything. He caught me eavesdropping on him and Jinjin’s mom. He gave me that death stare of his and he grabbed me by my wrist really tightly. It hurt a bit but he let go when I told him what I heard. It wasn’t anything major, just that I heard him and Jinjin’s mom wanting to ask Jinjin if he really wanted to spend the night. Look, Jin is one of the few people I get along with here, I don’t want to get on his bad side. Please don’t drink tonight.”

“Fine, only because you are asking.”. He went to his desk and began typing on his computer. You went over to his bed and laid down. Like the last time, his bed was just as comfortable.

“Yoongi. So, uh, Jin’s kid…uh, can you tell me more about all this?”

“Um, I don’t know too much about the whole thing, but fuck it. I’ll tell you whatever I know”

You sat up getting ready to hear the story

“Uh, well Jin and his baby mama. I’ll call her “the chick”. I don’t know the chick’s name. I know they meet in high school and dated for a while. Not long after Jin began auditioning and training, they broke up, but the chick had gotten pregnant. When her family found out they like disowned her, so she came back to Jin. They were on and off until a few years ago. But the reason they didn’t work out is cuz Jin…. Jin is abusive… you might have already figured that out though…. The chick couldn’t take it anymore so she took Jinjin and they left him. Jin hadn’t seen Jinjin in person since then very often. Just once here or there.”

“Well…. Uh…. okay then….”

“Yeah. But uh. That why Jin has so much Mario stuff. Jinjin is like obsessed with him and Jin would buy all that crap for Jinjin to play with if he ever came over, or to send it to him as a gift.”

“Ooooohhhhh” you said putting the connections together.

“Yeah so that it…”

“Jinjin isn’t his real name is it?”

“Ha, no. We just call him that. Actually we don’t know his real name”


“Jin doesn’t tell us”



There was an awkward silence for a bit, but then Suga spoke again. “You know that you never answered my question this morning”


“Do you actually like working for us?”

“Uh, yeah. The pay is great! And uh, how many other fans can say they get to do this?… But honestly though, you guys weren’t what I expected.”, you said laughing. “But, um, despite Jimin and Jungkook…. And maybe Jin now… you and the rest of the guys are pretty cool”

“I only ask because I feel like at this point you are only at the surface of what we are like. You know? You haven’t been with us when we have photoshoots or when we go on tour. Don’t get me wrong, so far your handling the whole me, Jin, Hoseok, and Jungkook thing well, but it all gets more complicated when times get more intense…. Again don’t get me wrong, I like you and stuff, but that’s reason I would wish you quit now before things get too intense for you. I trust that you wouldn’t reveal anything about us. So thanks for not doing that so far…”

“No problem. Um, but I actually don’t mind all this. I understand that you guys are all individuals, no one is perfect, so why should I expect that from you guys? I took this job to get extra stress off you and the guys. If things get more intense, doesn’t that mean you’ll need me more? I feel like I’ve at least helped you guys out some way already… Tae told me he actually likes walking me home, but that might stop now that I have the car… but Jin has told me that he is glad I took this job, he tells me that I’ve helped him out a lot. I imagine I help RapMon out a lot too since I do more for him than what I do for your guys… You seem a lot better too! Finally, you don’t rant as often as you used to! And you have been writing again!… So what is this inspiration you keep getting?!?”

“Ah, you’re right. You do help out a lot, but I don’t know… I, like, don’t want you getting hurt or anything. But, um, I think from now on try to steer clear of Jin.  He does get abusive with us too and I’m scared he’ll get comfortable with you too and be the same with you.”, he said, avoiding your question.

“Okay… how many beers did you drink? You’re just spilling the beans about everything! I should get you like this more often and see what other secrets I can get out of you.” you said jokingly.

“Shut up” he said turning back to his computer

You got up to see what he was working on. You wanted to try and get a clue to what was inspiring him. However, he quickly turned around, grabbed your shoulders and pushed you towards the bed. “No peeking!” he scolded, returning to his work

“Are you sure you’re drunk? You seem so full of energy. Usually you’re a little turtle when you drink”

“I didn’t get enough to make me drunk…Because someone rudely took my beer from me! If I don’t sleep tonight I’m going to blame you…. Why are you still here anyway? Leave! Leave me to work in peace! You’re really getting on my nerves already”

“I babysitting tonight remember! Which reminds me I need to go check on Jhope!”

“Yes! Please leave me in beautiful silence!”

You quickly and quietly went to Jhope’s room. On the way you peeked in on Jin, V, and Jinjin playing a Mario game in the TV.

Jhope was still knocked out. Once again you double checked he was breathing and made sure he didn’t have a fever or that he wasn’t sweating. He seemed fine, you moved him back on his side and headed back to Suga’s room.

On your walk back, Jin came up to you as cheerful as ever, throwing you that famous smile of his. “Y/n, thanks for taking care of Yoongi and Hoseok so far, it seems like Jinjin and I will be staying up really late tonight, so since I’ll be up, I’ll check up on Jhope. You should just worry about Suga.” Then he walked off into the kitchen. His attitude, it was as if he had never gotten after you.

“Jin wait!” you said following him into the kitchen.

“What’s up?”

Avoiding eye contact you said, “Well, um, I, uh, just wanted to let you know that Yoongi let me know a bit about what happened between you and Jinjin’s mom and how things are with Jinjin…”

“What exactly did he tell you?” he grunted, his expression shifting from cheerful to back to his death stare.

“Um nothing much.”, you lied. “just that things did workout between you and his mom and that being an idol kept you from seeing him for a long time.”

He let out a sigh of relief. “Yeah, this is the first time in a long time that I finally get to see him.” he looked over to his son playing the video game. “He’s gotten so big. I missed out on so much. I wish you had seen how cute he looked as a baby.” he said turning back to you. “He was the cutest thing ever. He gets all his cuteness from me.” he said going back to his friendly persona.

You let out a laugh in order to hide your nerves. Jin was starting you creep you out. He kept switching back and forth on you. You began to regret starting the conversation.

“Maybe later I can find his baby pictures and show them to you some other time.”, he said completely oblivious to how nervous you felt you looked.

“Yeah I look forward to that. I gonna go back with Yoongi now. You go back and have fun with Jinjin”

You took a peek into the living room. V and Jinjin were still playing the game. With the way V changed around kids, you couldn’t tell who looked more adorable. V came off as a larger version of a five-year-old the whole time.

You went back into Suga’s room and went straight to his bed.

“Uuugggghhhh. Why are you back?”

“Shut up! I’m just here for your bed at this point”

“I think I drank enough to make me want to sleep, maybe not. If you fucking fall asleep in here again don’t be surprised if you wake up on the kitchen floor tomorrow”


“Hey! Wait a minute! Go home and get more clothes! I don’t want to give you another one of my shirts.”

“I’m too tired to drive! Plus, your shirt was so comfortable. Can you spare me one more t-shirt?” you said trying to do aeygo.

“Fuck no. C’mon I’ll go with you in the car. Then you can get me more beer and then well come back.”

“Ah I see.  Well if you put it that way then fuck no to you too!”

“Fine, but seriously let’s go. I’m not going to give you any of my shirts.”

He went to the computer and saved whatever he was working on. He dragged you out of the room and into the living room. He told Jin that you two were going to go get your clothes for the night and then come back. Then you two went to your car.

“Why are you making me do this?”

“C’mon start the car”

“I’m tired”

“Fine, do you want me to drive?” he asked giving you a gummy smile


“Then let’s fucking go!”

At your apartment you change into your pajamas and grab your tooth brush and a change of clothes. As you walked out of your room a black figure jumped out at you knocking you to the ground. You screamed and began hitting the figure on top of you. The black figure turned out to be Suga covering himself with the black blanket that was on your couch. He pulled it of himself and began laughing hysterically.

“Yoongi! You asshole!”

Still laughing he got himself off of you and helped you up. You began hitting his shoulder getting after him for doing that.

“Aawwww was little Y/n scared?” he asked mockingly. He gave you a small hug as a form of an apology. It wasn’t much of an apology when he was still laughing in your ear.

“I only did it to wake you up” he said.

“Fuck you. Seriously, why are you acting so weird today? What’s going on with you? You don’t hug people. You don’t pull scares like that. Did you switch bodies with Tae or something? What happened to my grumpy grandpa Suga?”

“I can’t be a happy or what? Watch, when I go back to my grumpy self, you’re gonna wish I was like this again!”

You two went back the car and drove back. At the dorm Suga went back to his laptop and you went back to his bed. You tried to stay awake and get a conversation going, but he really did go back to his grumpy self and kept telling you to be quiet. You didn’t care too much, you got really sleepy after a while and fell asleep.

Things I have learned from Fifty Shades Darker (part 5/?)

1. Ana: “Oh. I feel so impotent.” – I feel like she could have used a different word there…
2. „my scalp prickles” – I will seriously pay someone to tell me if they have ever experienced this scalp prickling that the author keeps shoving into our faces.
3. Everyone is losing their shit over the possibility of Leila being in the apartment. Christian has security people with him and on their way, and everyone is overly dramatic because let’s create drama out of thin air in order to further the plot, no matter how ridiculous it is. Also, Christian entered the apartment alone, yet the security people do not go after him. This makes no sense.
4. „Taylor and his crew are checking all the closets and cupboards” – I’m imagining Leila tucked in a cupboard. Seriously. A cupboard? Does she have a nest there?
5. These people have the most boring and unoriginal sexy talks ever. *snore*
6. “You opened the balcony door?”  “No.” I don’t remember doing that.” – DUN DUN DUUUUUN. Several people trained in security detail managed to not find Leila, because she eluded them all. Criminal mastermind, that one. Leila the Magnificent. Please. *rolls eyes*
7. “She’s still fucking here,” – no shit, Sherlock.  What gave you that idea?
8. “Approximately three seconds later, Taylor and one of the other security guys, burst into Christian’s bedroom.” – HAHAHAHAHA. 3 seconds. This is reminiscent of Twilight and Meyer’s „tenth of a second” shit.
9. My eyes go into aggressive rolling mode whenever these two refer to each other as Miss Steele and Mr. Grey.
10. Seriously, these people react as if this woman, Leila, is the Antichrist. I get that she’s „unstable” and all that, but with their grim expressions and words, it’s like everyone is dying a very slow and painful death. Like me, at this point, trying to read this garbage.
11. I find it sad that Ana finds out more about the man she’s sleeping with/has a relationship with from his family, than from him. This is not how relationships are supposed to work, fyi. It’s not romantic to do guesswork every day and to be afraid to ask your partner about their life.
12. “I told you, Christian, I’m not going anywhere, no matter what you’ve done.” – let’s see the list, shall we? Stalking, physical abuse, emotional abuse, manipulation, a dangerous ex after both of you… yup, I think he can pretty much kill and entire village and she still wouldn’t leave him. Okay then.
13. Let him beat you, my subconscious sneers at me.” – WHAT THE FUCK. I’m nauseous right now. This is disgusting.
14. “I want nothing more than to run my tongue through his chest hair to savor his taste.” – gross
15. “With all the fucked-up stuff, I am losing sight of his simple, honest journey with me.”simple and honest. I am laughing so hard right now. This girl is delusional.
16. “My inner goddess jerks awake suddenly, all disheveled with a just-fucked look.” – how about we give your inner goddess a just-murdered look? It would be great on her. Trust me. *evil sneer*
17. “it would be the height of carelessness and bad manners to knock you up.” – fuck you, Christian. Just… fuck you. Go in the depths of hell and stay there. Tell Hades I said hi.
18. “My natural inclination is to beat it out of you, but I seriously doubt you want that.”Christian, I hope your favourite book gets adapted into a movie. And I hope that movie sucks so much, that it keeps you up at night thinking about it. I hope that the characters are so unrealistic and shallow and that they change every single thing you loved about that book. And I hope you’re forced to watch that book-to-movie adaptation over and over again.
19. “He knows nothing about relationships, and neither do I, except what I’ve learned from him.” – what you have learned from him. Please check the list at number 12.
20. The scene in the shower is actually moving. She washes him, despite the fact that he’s afraid of touch and I actually felt something. I FELT SOMETHING YOU GUYS. FEELINGS AND SHIT. HOLY SATANIC LEAF-TAILED GECKO.
21. He told her he loved her. Well, she told him he loved her and he agreed. Huh. So romantic.
22. Also, how to completely assure the submission of the girl you’re abusing? Tell her you love her.
23. “I think my virtue was offered up pretty freely and willingly. I wanted you, too, and if I remember correctly, I rather enjoyed myself.” HOLD THE FUCK UP LET ME SEARCH SOMETHING
24. „YOU DO NOT FUCK A VIRGIN. ESPECIALLY NOT HARD. YOU DO NOT SLAM INTO HER. YOU DO NOT RIP. YOU DO NOT POUND.” – I have quoted myself here, Miss Steele. You seem to need a reminder, because you conveniently forget the most abusive shit in the world.
25. “And it means you’re mine, completely.” – here we go again. I think Christian needs a stuffed toy. That is a thing and that is completely yours, Mr. Grey. Not a human being.
26. Books keeps shoving „playful, wannabe sarcastic” banter at me. It fails. Miserably, I might add. Author should refrain from trying to use sarcasm. Ever.
27. “Yes, I do, he said.” – friendly reminder that he did not actually say I LOVE YOU. Just putting it out there.
28. Fifty this, Fifty that, please shut up shut up shut up.
29. Holy chicken turtle.
30. “What color do you want me to have?” – LET. HER. CHOOSE. THE. DAMN. COLOR. OF. HER. FUCKING. CAR. YOU. DICKNUGGET. ASSBUTT.
31. “Oh, he’s going to let me choose.” – The fact that he’s letting her choose something is reason for amazement. THIS is fifty shades of fucked up.
32. Holy leafy seadragon.
33. “My inner goddess performs a quick arabesque.” I hope she fucking trips.
34. “My subconscious glares at me. Mentally I shrug at her and glance at Christian” – I’m not even going to try explaining this sentence.
35. “Yes, you’re a lucky bitch, my subconscious snaps.” – wow. Ana’s subconscious is a dick to Ana. Wow. Seriously.
36. “Hurriedly I tear open the condom” – calling it now, she’s going to be pregnant. I know it. Because the book needs drama like we need air.

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Things I have learned from Fifty Shades of Grey masterpost

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Yes! It was actually weekly this time! lol Gonna try to do better about that - got out of the habit for a while there. You can blame this one on belatedbeliever1127 and theyusedtocallmethewhitecheetah, haha. I reblogged an art meme and asked for suggestions, and between these two I got “Raph doing something he doesn’t normally do, and Mikey doing something he doesn’t normally do, beaten up, making 3 different expressions.” I’d say Raph doesn’t normally kill Mikey, Mikey doesn’t normally die, he’s certainly beaten up, and he looks shocked, then “it’s ok, Raph, it’s not your fault”, and finally *dead*.


said: NO REGRETS. I never look back, it distracts from the now. ~_^ (Remind me of this when the doodle comes and I wig out. :p)


Anyone who feels like giving me an idea for next week can choose from the meme >here< or just suggest something. I’m always open to ideas for weekly doodles.


Turtlebaek by EXObubz

Swimming across thousands of miles is no easy task, but Turtlebaek knows that he can’t give up. When his daddy said, “Tell papa I love him and I miss him. Make sure he eats the food I packed him,” Turtlebaek knew that he must get to his papa.

When he sees the island of Micronesia, he knows he has made it. He is lucky. He sees his papa at the shore attempting to catch fish, but as soon as he arrives on shore, the filming crew is done filming and are taking a break.

“Papa,” turtlebaek whispers. “Papa.”

Chanyeol looks around to see if anybody is around him. Then when he is sure, he starts looking down. “Turtlebaek, is that you?”


Chantelle smiles when he sees the turtle poke out of the water. “What’re you doing here, baby? Papa’s working.”

“I know,” Turtlebaek shyly says, “but daddy told me to come over and visit you.”

“How is daddy?” Chanyeol asks.

“Daddy’s fine,” Turtlebaek says, nodding his tiny head. “He said he misses you. Oh! Papa, make sure you eat daddy’s food.”

“I know, I will,” Chanyeol assures. When he hears the crew calling him, he pets Turtlebaek with a finger. “Swim back home now, okay? Be careful. Tell daddy I love him.”

“Okay,” Turtlebaek says before asking, “papa, can you pick me up?”

Chanyeol laughs. “Of course! Come here, baby.”

Grunting, he picks up Turtlebaek and Turtlebaek puts on the happiest face in the world. As he is flapping his flippers in happiness, a crew member catches the moment on camera.