he reminds me of a teenage girl at this part

I saw this, and even if he is talking about the Teen Titans, it remind me of this quote from Looking for Alaska by John Green, kinda part of the last words of the book:

“When adults say, ‘Teenagers think they are invincible’ with that sly, stupid smile on their faces, they don’t know how right they are. We need never be hopeless, because we can never be irreparably broken. We think that we are invincible because we are. We cannot be born, and we cannot die”.

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What are those rumors about them?

“I’m still confused,” Percy said quietly, taking his eyes of the glowing embers. This was the first time in a long time that he had sat down by a campfire, the last time being a couple of years earlier on a family vacation to his mother’s beach cabin when Lucy was first born. It was summer then, like it was now, but unlike then, he didn’t have to worry zombies or Raiders. His biggest worry back then was simply getting too much sand in his swim trunks. Now, it was simply surviving. 

“About the camp?” Annabeth answered, bringing Percy’s mind back from past memories. 

“No. No, I get why we need to go there,” Percy replied, watching Annabeth shrug on the thick plaid shirt she always wore around her waist. “Do you remember when we first met?”

She finished buttoning the last button on her shirt before she raised an eyebrow at him. “Considering how it was only yesterday, I’m going to have to go with yes.”

“Do you remember what you said to me? Something about the rumors being true? What did you mean by that?” When he mentioned that, Annabeth’s  grey eyes got weirdly focused on him, the way they did when she was about to brain a zombie. A smart man probably would have stopped talking right then. Percy didn’t. “You knew about us. You knew that I was traveling with a kid. With Lucy. How?”

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Lexa x Reader - Lost Boy

Lexa x Reader - Lost Boy

(Request): “Could you do a Lexax(fem) reader to the song ‘Lost Boy’ - Ruth B.”

You have just introduced me to this song AND I LOVE IT AHHHHH! Thank you so, so much! I’ve changed some gender terms in the song, so it fits, so no hate! I don’t own the 100 or the song, (I know you know this, just in case there is some copy write….thing). Right, here we go! :)


“There was a time
When I was alone,
Nowhere to go
And no place to call home..”


She had fallen in love with you from afar. Lexa had been there to watch the drop ship fall; like a lone star from heaven, estranged by a God that she had never met. First, she had watched with a sort of odd love, a love for the unknown force that had bonded you to the sky. She thought you all had angels wings.

But that illusion was crushed quickly.

She had been appointed with another grounder to keep track of your movement, to make sure that the sky people wouldn’t cross borders. Being told that all of the sky people were nothing but a danger, she pushed away the thought that you were all angels; that you just needed a place to settle so you could fly to heaven again.

The first actual sight she had of you was of a teenaged girl, splattered in mud.

“Just give it up!” She had seen a short, pointy nosed guy with brown hair yell, “you took that part!”

“Don’t push me, Murphy,” you had growled, a thunderclap, a cloud ready to spout lightening, “alright, I took it. So what? I needed something to remind me of where I came from.” He pushed you again, prodding your shoulder.

“Give it back; Bellamy says Monty needs it.”


“Why can’t you just let it go, Y/n!” Y/n. Your name rolled off of her tongue like the sweat rolled down your skin in the midday heat.

“I can’t,” you resided, using your sleeve to scrape the mud off of your face, “I have to remember.” Sighing, you handed him the part, and he pondered upon this for a second, but then decided to push you into the ground painfully.

Lexa watched as the dirt filled your mouth. You thought that the Earth could never be beautiful, but she was determined to show you differently.

“My only friend was the man in the moon,
And even sometimes
He would go away too.”


Night was the worst time of all, a cycle of torment, a purgatory before dawn came. Sleeping was impossible; you hadn’t the heat, the silence, or the love left to drift away from your conscious mind. The mud still stuck in your ears, you couldn’t clean all of it out. Your hammock felt like it was trying to break your back in two, stretching your body.

You wanted to go back to the sky.

When you were a kid, your mom had told you that the Ark was a star, and that you had all been invited to bask in its glow.

“But don’t ever anger the star,” she had told you, wagging her finger gently, making you smile, “because if you do, it will send you falling back to ground, and it will clip your wings so you can never come back.”

Nearly crying at the memory, you turned over. You didn’t know what you had done wrong.

You hadn’t angered the star, yet your wings had been shredded into pieces.


“Then one night
As I closed my eyes,
I saw a shadow flying high.”


Your state of insomnia continued, but you were roused out of your misery by a sharp splash of colour in the crack of the drop ship door.


Widening your tired eyes, you crawled on all fours, careful not to wake anyone, and followed the now fading light, feeling your knife beneath your jacket. Someone was here. Closing the door, hushed, behind you, you braced before the cold night air. The moon glowed, huge and ominous against the black sky, a large cats eye watching you. For once, you thought you actually saw something beautiful.

“Wonderful, isn’t it?”

The low voice startled you, and you turned to see a taller woman with black war paint, and a torch in hand, looking almost heavenly against its glow.

She was the most beautiful person you had ever seen.

Brown hair, flowing like a fountain from her head, skin paler in the light of the moon, standing tall against the backdrop of the sky.

“Y-you’re not supposed to be here,” you stuttered out, backing away slightly, but she grabbed your hand, and you were shocked by how warm it was. Was this the warmth of the Earth? All the same, fear still churned within you. She was still a grounder - she wasn’t supposed to be here.

“I know,” she quickly whispered, cupping your hand in hers softly, “I just had to meet you.”

“Not now-”

“-then when?” She looked as if she was hanging onto your every word, syllables like drugs to her.

“Tomorrow. No one will miss me.” You were confident of this. She knew what you meant. Turning back, she started towards the wall. You could see her strong shoulders, blades moving as she walked with a straight back; no hesitation.

“Wait.” She stopped for you, “at least tell me your name.”

“Lexa,” she twisted to face you once again, her eyes like the moon, “I’ll be waiting, Y/n.”


“She came to me with the sweetest smile,
Told me she wanted to talk for a while..”


Her hand coursed up your face, nails gently tickling your cheeks as it went. It had been about a month since meeting Lexa, and your relationship had blossomed into something enviable.

“Alright, Forest Girl,” you giggled, pulling away, “I’ve gotta go.”

“Y/n…” Whined Lexa, wrapping her arms tightly around yours as you tried to drag away, “just few more minutes…”

“Nope,” you scuffled to your feet, brushing the odd leaves off of your trouser leg, “I have to meet everyone for the weapon gathering-” you stopped immediately. Tension had been growing between the both of you since you knew that both of your people were preparing for war.

Against each other.

Though it was awful, you knew that you would have to fight eventually. She came from behind, tucking her hands under your arms and sitting her chin on your left shoulder lovingly.

“I know. You don’t have to feel guilty for them.”

“But I am them.”

“No,” she turned you around gently placing a warm hand against your neck, “you are you. And one day, we will leave, and never come back.” Nodding, you slid her hands away, and trekked back to camp.


“She said…Peter Pan,
That’s what they call me..”


Blood spurted out of the indent you had opened, knife in your bloody hands. You were now a murderer. The grounders had come in the morning, intercepting your ten strong hunting group like a fist crushes paper: quickly and powerfully. Splitting from the rest, you had been chased by a smaller grounder, but she eventually caught you. Jostling for a while, she finally climbed upon you, threateningly placing a knife to your throat, about to make the slice that would end you…

But you were faster.

The knife you had prized as a source of protection now made a home in her neck, and you pondered on whether she was on a star of her own now. You wondered about what Lexa would think. But you didn’t have to wonder for long.

There she was. Screaming.


“And I promise..”



Her holler seemed to slice your brain in two. Her hatred was the worst feeling that you had ever felt. Pushing you aside violently, she ripped the knife away, skidding it across the ground towards you.

“You killed her!” She wept, tears melting the war paint further down her face, her lips curling into a predator like snarl, “I thought you didn’t want to live like this!”

“I don’t!” You protested, standing back up through the support of a tree, “She was going to kill me!”

“Liar,” pure distain rolled out of her mouth, and she stood with you, unsheathing her sword slowly, “you’re just like all of them.”

You bolted, your only escape in this Hell following you, sword in hand, ready to kill you.


“You will never be lonely.”



Faintly, you could catch Lexa screaming whilst she dragged you into some kind of clearing. In the blur, you could see faces of all kinds of people, but you could register no familiar ones. You recalled the pain in your side, you falling down, Lexa panicking, apologising for what she had done, but you didn’t know what was wrong.

“It’s okay,” you had reassured her dizzyingly, “you didn’t do anything.” Fading in and out of nothing was sort of a relief, you barely slept anyway, and you supposed that it was because of your hammock, because now you were sleeping quite well. You felt another pair of hands grab you by the waist, increasing your pain a tad, but they weren’t like Lexa’s, they were so cold.

“Y/n,” she shook your right shoulder a bit, “live.” As if a sedative, her words lulled you to sleep.


“And since that day….”


Your frigid arms were being brushed by angel’s wings. You wondered if you were back in the stars, whether you had died, and were with your mother, and she was here to fix you, so you could have wings of your own. But something felt wrong about that. The stars were cold, so cold, and Lexa was so warm…..the warmth of the Earth felt better than any heaven that you would be offered.

“Angels?” You questioned gingerly, and you recoiled, eyes still closed, as you heard a crashing of some kind of pans clattering to the floor, and a pair of feet hurrying towards your resting place.

“Y/n, open your eyes,” the voice instructed, but you shook your head drowsily.

“I don’t want to,” you moaned, but the voice was persistent.

“You need to. Now open up.” The sunlight burned your eyes, and as they adjusted, you looked around. The woodland scenery was familiar enough, and you could see a metal pot suspended above an active, but low fire, across from you. You were lying on a furry blanket, the bottom of your shirt exposed, except from a bandage around your side.

“What…oh God, I’m so sorry-”

“- you don’t have to. I stabbed you, so I guess we’re even.” Her voice was forlorn, but you laughed, causing her to scowl at you.

“I..I thought you were going to die. I actually thought that I was going to sit and watch you die, and for it to be my fault-”

“-I wouldn’t let that happen. I want to die on my own terms.” She placed a comforting hand on your shoulder, but didn’t face you, instead, she braced the wind, just as you had done.

“I don’t want you to die at all. We left them all, Y/n, we’re free.” You nodded knowingly.

“Yes. We’re free. We are free.”

Fuck managers story
I work at a fancy location just a little outside of Oxford (UK) that hosts weddings and events on weekends while I’m living at university. They also have a quirky restaurant attached to generate some income when they’re not hosting something.
I actually love my job, the people there are really lovely, and I’ve yet to have a bad guest or customer (at least so far). The hours are long and I’m on my feet a lot so I often get out exhausted and it’s normally 2:00am by the time everyone has left, but I enjoy it.
The reason I got hired here was because the company came to my university looking for students to hire.
It sounded like a great job, they offered us free food on the shift left over from the guest buffet and a free taxi ride home back to our campus, so naturally I signed up for what sounded like a good deal. Note the ‘free ride home to your campus’ part.
I got interviewed, they wanted me, and they reiterated in the interview what I’d receive out of the job, the free food, the free ride home back to my campus. 
The manager even asked me what campus we were to be driven back to, so we said which campus he lived on. 
'Sure,’ he said, ‘we’ll make sure you get dropped back at (campus name)!’
Note that I do live on the other side of Oxford from the establishment, but it only takes about 20 mins to drive there via a route on the motorway. Oxford is quite a small city anyway. I would drive there myself but there is a huge fine if you own a car in the city. Also I was extremely grateful because as a piss-poor student, I can’t afford a taxi home from my wages/student loan. 
I’m barely skimping by. Living in Oxford (even in student accommodation) costs so much, and stuff to buy gets taxed like crazy.
Anyway so after my first shift I got dropped home, no real problem, except the driver seemed a bit grumbly about how far I lived. No problem, I know it’s late and all but I didn’t think much of it because the company are paying him to do this.
Later down the line the taxi driver starts complaining to our manager about the fact it’s 'too far’ to drop us off and naturally me and the girls from my campus feel worried.
So now every shift I’m here, I keep getting told by my manager (after I remind him where I live) that we need to find a 'solution’ for me and the other girls to get home and the taxi driver refuses to take us because it’s 'too far’ and it 'takes too long’.
What the fuck? Aren’t you paid to do this? He can’t just leave us in a city the dark. We’re young girls, barely adults, wearing miniskirts (part of our uniform, we’re meant to have a 'niche’, quirky look). They have busted illegal prostitution rings in our area, teenage girls even younger than us who were kidnapped, beaten, and forced into sex with strangers. It’s definitely not safe.
Apparently they also 'don’t have the money’ to hire another taxi company to drop us back. One of my friends complained about this and my manager was like 'well fine, would you rather get paid minimum wage? You won’t get free food either.’ He also denied that he said himself we’d be dropped straight to Campus Name.
Which is a load of fucking shit because they rake in thousands every night. They’re not tight on their budget there. 
Also all the food left over from guest buffets only gets thrown away if we don’t eat it so wtf, you’re still losing the same amount of money either way.
The last few times I’ve had to get home is through the cars of other members of staff who have to leave way earlier normally or have to stay later normally, so that makes it difficult for them even though they’re kind about it. On another occasion I had to pay for my own taxi and it took me VERY out of pocket for cash.
Also the original taxi driver said to one of my friends after dropping me and some other girls home (a rare occasion, this was earlier on) 'We’re gonna have to start laying off the people from Campus Name’ … Fucking excuse me?
If that’s such a problem then don’t hire students from our university. I got little choice in where I live because it was a randomly drawn allocation.
Whole situation is just shitty. 
Managers, work your shit out financially and in every other way before you promise something to vulnerable young girls.