he reminds me a lot of you

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you're being really soft and full of love for dan 2night and that makes me rlly happy because you said that you sometimes don't like him because he reminds you of yourself?? and this may not be true, i don't want to over analyze you as that would be a terrible invasion of your privacy, but i really really hope that means you feel good abt yourself today. :) or if you're just rlly soft for dan tonight for no particular reason, that's also good. i love dan, & i love u a lot jas. <3

ily2 i def am feelin nice u know? dan makes me feel nice

A lot has happened and changed since I started youtube, hopefully I haven’t let any of you down

honestly, everything going on the past couple of days reminded me of this video (and the follow up he did one year later) Jack did titled “The Fear of Failing”. And with the community currently seeming to be divided right now, watching it again really struck a chord with me. 

And i think paired with the community not being itself right now, it’s important to remember the theme of the fof party that we would have one year later in celebration of this video:

I Am There For You, You Are There For Me, We Are There For Each Other: Why You Haven’t Failed Me

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My friends made fun of me and bitched and harassed at me when I told them I loved Slav. I don't have OCD but I have cPTSD and major panic and I ramble a lot and come off as annoying. It's heartbreaking when your friends make fun of a character that reminds you so much of you and your mental illness and trauma. I'm just really glad you like Slav he's a good and important character even if he's played off as a joke.

yeah,,, like the voltron crew could have treated his mental illness (ocd) less like a joke tbh and there’s definitely room for improvement there.

also im sorry that your friends did that. that’s terrible. i would try explaining to them why you like him (if you haven’t already). 


Request: http://kpoppsluff.tumblr.com/post/144854107379/can-i-request-a-mark-got7-sluff-if-thats-what

A/N: I changed the writing on this one, so there isn’t really a lot of dialogue in this one just a lot of detail hope you guys enjoy <333

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emoji reviews: unicorn

im bored rn so lets go

a pleasant child, though spooky and deadeyed. this unicorn is judging your sins. it has a neck rash 8/10

his name is craig and he’s a single father. he roots for the underloved sports teams. matching deadeyed gaze with the apple one, but less so because of the lack of shadowing. pretty dull 5/10

as usual the outline kills it a bit. he reminds me of that that kid in middle school with the shaggy hair who skateboards everywhere. the blue hair is nice though 7/10

very my little pony-esque. a gentle, soft-nosed baby who likes to make small children giggle 8/10

changed it up a bit with the front view, but kinda dopey looking. the horn looks sort of out of perspective with the rest of the face. has very cute ears though 6.5/10

very sassy. this is a damn fine unicorn with a lot of character. she looks like she’s wearing winged eyeliner and is ready to beat the shit out of you. 9.5/10

oh god. this unicorn is dead inside. it’s horn is a carrot and it has absolutely no personality. it is however, not terrible to look at and clearly a unicorn, so i’ll give them that. 4/10

a spunky, friendly lesbian who just wants to hug the whole planet. the zigzaggy rainbow horn is a really nice touch 8/10

emojidex didn’t screw up this time. this a beautiful take on unicorns as they were seen traditionally. she’s demure and peaceful. her hair trails behind her. she looks like she’s from an 80s anime or the last unicorn. she looks like she should be flying through space, stardust trailing behind her as she grants the wishes of the pure and good. 10/10 this is the best unicorn.

“At the moment, nothing”

FUCK YES. Sorry I know it’s all angst and sad and Malec are going to have to deal with a lot. But Let me tell you how much I love cold and calculating Magnus. It brings me life. Because everyone takes Magnus’ kindness for granted, they take his compassion and his love that he pours out so devotedly for granted. And when Magnus says ‘nothing’ you can look in vacated eyes and see nothing. I live for things like this, because it’s a reminder of what Magnus has gone through his immortality. Magnus Bane can be compassionate, loving, empathetic but he can also be cold and calculating and nonchalant if people push him. I LOVE IT.  

Hi my name is Alexander Hamilton and I have long powdery grey hair and a lot of people tell me I remind them of George Washington (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to John Laurens but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m also a Founding Father, and I work for a government called the United States of America where I’m the Secretary of the Treasury. I’m a federalist (in case you couldn’t tell). I love Hercules Mulligan and I buy all my clothes from him. For example today I was wearing a black coat with matching black breeches and a white caravat. I was walking outside in New York. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about so I could go home and write unlike John Adams. A lot of Democratic-Republicans stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

What its like dating Dick Grayson

-Him being very affectionate. He loves to give forehead kisses, neck kisses, kisses on the cheek and his favorite is kisses on the nose because he loves the way you scrunch up your nose afterwards.

-Him carrying you to bed from the couch when you fall asleep after binge watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

-You love his long hair very much and can’t help running your hand through it. Whenever you do, he seizes your hand and kisses it very gently.

-Him calling you ‘babe’ or ‘sweetie’.

-A lot of hot make out sessions.

-Him waking up before you and watching you sleep.

- “Were you watching me sleep?”

- “Yeah, you look so peaceful. I like watching you sleep.”

- “Okay that is very creepy. No idea why Bella didn’t find it so when Edward said it to her. Remind me to build up a wall between us so that you stop doing that.”

-Him constantly using cheesy pickup lines on you.

- “Your eyes are blue like the ocean. And baby I’m lost at sea.”

- “Dick?”

- “Yes?”

- “My eyes are brown.”

-Him talking shit and yelling at the screen whenever you two play video games.

-Dancing at 3am in the living room to old romantic songs when both of you are in your pjs.

-Him whispering very inappropriate things in your ear at inappropriate times.

-He’s the one who hogs the blanket during the night.

-Whenever he goes out on patrol at night, you stay up all night worrying on the couch even though he insists that you should go to sleep.

-He calls you during patrol at the worst times.

-“Hey babe, what’s up? What are you doing?”

-“Just grabbing a snack. Why are you calling during the patrol?”

-“Oh it’s very quiet. As quiet as a- *something crashes in the background*”

-“Dick?? What the hell was that?”

-“*grunts* Construction, babe.”

-“Want me to prepare the first aid kit?”

-“Yes that would be preferable.” 


I just saw the video of Johnny Depp that Amber Heard filmed and I can’t believe people are still defending him.

I’ve been abused and been around a lot of abuse and that video was giving me anxiety because it reminded me of it.

“But he was hitting the cabinets not her”
First of all abuse is not only physical. You’re seriously underestimating how terrifying it is to be around a man who’s that angry. I’ve been so scared for my safety that I had to call a friend and stay with them when the anger wasn’t even directed at me.

Second of all we only saw the brief bit that she was able to film before he aggressively took it from her. I can almost guarantee that he started directing his verbal and physical abuse towards her after the video.

“She was baiting him!! All the things she was saying were provoking him!”
Anything she would have said would have provoked him. Not saying anything would have provoked him! All she did was ask if something happened and if he was drunk, she most likely was asking so she would know how to deal with him and try to calm him down.

“He was drunk!!”
That literally doesn’t excuse him at all??

Johnny Depp abused his wife and you all are excusing him because he was in some movies you like. You are being misogynistic and victim blaming. This is why victims of abuse are so scared to come forward.

headcanon that keith might be oblivious a lot of the time but after he gets to know people a bit he gets like…intensely fine tuned to how their mind works and lance is like looking at a piece of grass like “that reminds me of something” and keith is like ”it reminds you of that episode of spongebob where spongebob gets on all fours wearing a hat and eats a clump of grass” and lance is like “how did you- what the fuck

How BTS would be in bed. [SMUT]

A/N: This is my personal opinion and you can fight me about it if you disagree.

Kim Namjoon:
Sex with Namjoon would involve a lot of grunting and moaning. He’d also be the very dominant type and be obsessed with being in charge and reminding you who’s kitten you are. He’d also have such a big fetish for being called ‘daddy’ and reward you every time that word escapes your lips. If you don’t behave, he’d be such a fucking tease and deny you several orgasms.

Kim Seokjin:
He’d be such a sweet, passionate lover in bed and his focus would lay on satisfying you the most. He’d definitely appreciate if you dever to his very few kinks. His biggest turn on would be to see you sitting on top of him with your head thrown back in pleasure. That perfect view of your sweaty body would throw him over the edge a lot quicker.
After sex, he’d focus on getting you cleaned and then cuddling up on the bed with you, his hand running through your hair.

Min Yoongi:
He’d be a very passionate kisser during sex and would want to mostly use his mouth on your body. He’d be such a tease and would make you say the most sexual things before rewarding you. He’d be very cocky and confident, sometimes pushing his limits too far. I see him being really into spanking and teaching ‘his little girl’ when she didn’t behave like she should. His biggest turn on would be your ass.

Jung Hoseok:
Hoseok wouldn’t be as dominant and wouldn’t want to do things you’re not into as well. He’d adore whenever you’re in charge and get turned on even more.
He’d sometimes ask you about your interest and make you find out together what kink really goes with your kind of relationship. Hoseok would completely lose himself in whatever kink you discover together. He wouldn’t be able to hold his pace and change it quite quickly.

Park Jimin:
He’d be the most kinky one in bed and would live for his kinks. He’d be mostly into BDSM, tying blindfolds around your eyes or tying your hands behind your back. He’d love the feeling of being in charge and would be completely dominant and definitely be into slight breath play as well~
He’d be really into spanking because of the moans they get from you and oral (mostly recieving). Jimin would also adore to use toys on you during sex as well and overstimulate you a lot in one night, making your body a wrecked mess at the end of the night.

Kim Taehyung:
He’d take you when- and wherever he can. Meaning, he’d throw you over the kitchen counter and fuck you rough, pulling on your hair to see your face react. He adores seeing your face during sex but would preferably want to fuck you from behind since he’s such an ass person. During sex he’d be a lot into dirty talk but would want to hear it from your lips as well. He’d definitely be the one to smirk up at you from between your legs.

Jeon Jungkook:
Don’t be fooled with our golden maknae. He’d worship your body the most and would not leave out any part of your body during foreplay. He’d be such a tease and slightly bite every inch of your body to gain a moan from you. He’d be really turned on by recieving oral. His hand in your hair, pulling you further down on him, silent gasps escaping his cherry lips. 
But if you try to tease him, he’ll flip you over in a matter of seconds and be rughtless with you, his manners thrown out of the window.

Love, Youngmi~

i remember that one of my history teachers idolized andrew jackson. would go on and on about andrew jackson, the president for the common man, day after day. i sat in front of a native american student, and every time good ole mr. sherril would say, “president andrew jackson - ” i watched that boy’s face crumble, but he never once said a word.

imagine what it’d be like, sitting in a class, day after day, having to listen to someone sing the praises of the man who tore your ancestors off their land, killed thousands of them in doing so. who stuck your ancestors on reservations. imagine having to hear someone praise the genocide of your people.

What it’s Like Dating Peter Parker

((ok so i saw civil war last night and that movie just reminded me how much i love peter parker so here we go))

  • at first he’d be super nervous to talk to you so he’d stumble a lot when trying to carry a conversation
  • and then you’d laugh at something he said and he’d loosen up a little
  • he’d wait for you by your locker every day after school so you can walk home together
  • having a harry potter marathon at your house one day when he randomly blurts out that he likes you
  • he’d then get super panicky bc he thinks he messed up your friendship and his eyes instantly light up when you say you like him too
  • he’d leave your house grinning and then come back 3 seconds later to ask you out 
  • peter would take you to a nice restaurant in manhattan for your first date, and after he’d walk you home and kiss you on the cheek before turning around to leave - you’d catch his arm, turn him around and kiss him square on the lips, leaving him giddy af
  • he loves to touch your hair, some days he’ll sit with you and just run his fingers through your hair all the time
  • sometimes he’d just randomly come over when you’re doing work just to be near you 
  • he’d always hold your hand in the school hallways just ‘cuz he can
  • you’d find out he’s spiderman one day when you barge into his room and he’s modifying his suit - he’d get super nervous and would try to cover it up
  • “um what- i mean it’s- no i just help him out sometimes”
  • “peter i know you’re him, drop the act”
  • “i swear babe, im not spiderman”
  • “peter!”
  • when he knows you’re super stressed peter will get takeout and come over to yours and just make you relax and sit with him to destress bc he loves spending time with you
  • he’s always gonna make you laugh, even when you’re crying 
  • surprise hugs from behind every day at school
  • he’d take you on long walks just around new york and buy you hot dogs from the small carts 
  • he wakes up before you and just spends the whole time memorizing every detail of your face
  • he’d say i love you first - and then he wouldn’t stop saying it
  • PET NAMES omg peter loves giving you pet names like “babe” or “baby” or “sweetie” or “my love” 
  • he’d probably wear his spiderman costume under his prom tux tbh bc he’s such a dork
  • “i can’t believe the prettiest girl in the world is my girlfriend”
  • peter’s a boy who’s a sucker for grand gestures
  • like you’d be chilling on a friday night and you’d get a text from him saying to look out your window and he’d be standing there with a bouquet of roses and your favourite song blaring from a boombox
  • you dragging him to central park in the evening because you love watching the sunset from there
  • one night you’d fall asleep there with peter’s arms around you and you’d wake up the next morning to the sound of little kids running around
  • peter would be really nervous to meet your parents for the first time but a week later he’d be coming into your house and opening up the fridge like it’s his own
  • your parents LOVE him, they think he’s an absolute cutie bc he charmed the heck out of them with his dorky smile and cheesy jokes
  • he’d use infinite pickup lines on you even after you’ve been dating for forever
  • “do you believe in love at first sight or should i walk by again?”
  • “pete we have been dating for a year”
  • watching star wars and cuddling with him because he’s such a lovable cutie pie i want a peter parker 

You talk to the dead fairly regularly. Lately, you’ve gotten the distinct impression that the dead wish you’d just shut up.

To be fair, you do talk a lot. You can’t help it, really. No one alive seems to listen to you. 

“That actually reminds me of when—”

“Yeah, my dog is the cutest,” Penny continued, not even acknowledging your attempted addition.

You hunched your shoulders, mouth clicking shut. You wanted to tell them about your dog, who was undoubtedly the best dog in the known universe. He was dead, of course, and had been for almost six years, but just because nobody else still talked to him didn’t mean that you wouldn’t. After all, you knew what it was like to be ignored.

Pushing the mashed potatoes around your plate, you stared blankly at the off-white tablecloth. Wasn’t this day supposed to be about you? An eighteenth birthday only came once, after all. 

But still, it seemed like everything was the same. Your family was caught up in their own conversations and their own lives, and they just didn’t have any time for you. It’s alright. You didn’t mind. Because when dinner was over and everyone retreated to their rooms, you were the only one who would have someone waiting for you.

When the time came, you practically bolted from the dining room. There was no cake— your mother was allergic to eggs, but that was okay.

You raced up the stairs, almost slipping. You managed to grab the railing at the last moment, and brushed it off. You had way more important things to worry about.

“Clark!” You called out as soon as you closed your bedroom door, excitement rising at the thought of him floating in air, that same anticipatory expression on his face as it always was.

But there was no one there. Not Clark, the fifties greaser who tried way too hard to be cool, not any of the little whisps of spirit that hung around, not anyone. Even Goat was gone.

At that, you felt a bit of panic emerge. Goat was always here. He was your dog, your faithful companion— he followed you everywhere he could, and waited patiently in your room every single day.

So then, why—

“Oh, hey,” Clark blinked in surprise as he almost floated through you from where he emerged from the floor. “You’re back already? Damn, the days seem to go by faster and faster, huh?”

“Yeah,” you said weakly, emotions battling between relief and anxiety. “I get what ya mean. How was your day?”

“It was fucking awesome!” Clark crowed, pumping his fist in the air. “I finally got one over on that Samurai bastard at the museum! He’s not gonna go calling me a hoodlum anymore, that’s for sure.”

You barely resisted the urge to facepalm. Clark had been involved in some kind of ridiculous (and entirely one-sided) feud with Yukimura ever since the man’s armor had been brought to the nearby history museum.

Yukimura was a much different type of ghost than Clark— he was attached to an object instead of a place, for one, and he also had common sense. Which Clark, unfortunately, didn’t have too much of. You tended to blame it on all of the head injuries— if someone actually got that many concussions when they were alive, it had to do something to them when they were dead.

As far as you were aware, the whole thing had started when Clark had been messing around with some of the other spirits at the museum (which he spent almost all of his time doing, since he apparently still had the same sense of humor as a middle-schooler), and Yukimura had stepped in.

You didn’t quite know all of the facts of what happened, seeing as all you had to go by was Clark’s many, many angry rants, but Yukimura had essentially called him a no-good punk and kicked him out of the museum.

Hence— feud.

Usually, you found this pretty amusing. You would be all for listening to how Clark gotten beaten up this time, but somehow you weren’t really in the mood today.

“Is… something wrong?” Clark asked cautiously, floating over a bit so that he could look at you face-to-face.

“Do you remember what day it is today?”

He bit his lip, eyes darting around as if your bedroom held the answer. “Not really… Sorry?”

You sighed, not having expected much. A ghost didn’t need to pay much attention to the passage of time. Still, though. It hurt, just a bit. Most ghosts ignored you. Everyone was busy with their own thing, even in the afterlife.

Clark was one of the first to really listen. He was callous and blunt and didn’t understand any kind of social cues, but he listened to you.

“Did I do something wrong?” he said, and his voice seemed very small in that moment. “I’m sorry, really. I’ll make it up to you, I swear!”

Suddenly, it occurred to you that maybe you were the only one who listened to him, too. He never talked about any friends— the only person he really talked about was Yukimura, and that was never in much of a complimentary light.

“No, it’s fine,” you shook your head, giving him a soft smile. “So what happened at the museum today? Did you finally get your revenge?”

“Fuck yeah I did!” Clark said enthusiastically, his whole body brightening up in a way no living person’s could. “See, I go in, he’s on me immediately, right? Starts telling me that my kind ain’t wanted there, calling me a ‘yakuza’ or some shit. And I’m like, fuck off bro I’ve been around here longer than you, and then he says—”

You let his rambling wash over you as you laid back on your bed. A quiet ‘woof’ caught your attention, and Goat’s head popped through the covers. You pulled him close to you, cuddling into the slight pressure his body held. It was a lot like what you imagined it would be like to hug a cloud.

“And then, he brings out his fucking sword—”

“Did you hit him with your baseball bat?” You asked sleepily, already able to tell how this confrontation went. 

“I was going to, but I decided to be the bigger man,” Clark shrugged, looking very smug for someone who had definitely gotten his ass kicked and then fled in terror. “It doesn’t matter, really. I’ll always win in the end.”

“Oh?” You said amusedly.

“The others actually like me. They’re all petty bastards that I want nothing to do with, o’course, but at least they tolerate me. They all hate him. Think he’s too uptight or something, which is pretty rich coming from a bunch of old farts like them.”

You sat up, narrowing your eyes in thought. “He doesn’t have any friends? At all?”

“No,” and here, Clark looked a bit irritated. “What’s it matter? He’s my eternal rival, am I supposed to care if he’s by himself?”

“Next time, try talking to him,” you suggested, the beginning of a plan swirling around in your brain.

“What, why?” Clark asked, though he thankfully seemed more bewildered than hostile.

You shrugged, settling back down. “Everyone needs someone to talk to. Maybe that’s why he keeps fighting you. Besides, what could it hurt?”

“My inner organs,” he said dryly.

“You’re a ghost,” you pointed out, rolling your eyes. “Nothing he does actually hurts you.”

“It hurts my pride,” he grumbled, but you knew that tone of voice. He was giving in, just like you knew he would. Yukimura wasn’t the only one who could use someone else to talk to.

“That sounds like a personal problem,” you said airily.

Clark scowled at you, turning to float upside down. You only smiled serenely. Goat was licking your chin, your family wasn’t bothering you, and you were here harassing your best friend. What more could you need?

“Fine,” he said shortly, and you valiantly smothered the urge to start gloating. “But you’re coming with me.”

Now that caught you off guard. “What?”

“Come with me,” Clark said, and he was staring at you intently. The dead didn’t have to blink, but it was only in moments like this that you recalled that fact. Gray and misty, they seemed to pierce through you. “I want you to go.”

“I—” you swallowed compulsively, unsure of what to say. You’d known Clark for almost six years now, and he had never asked to really do anything with you. “Why?”

“Everyone needs someone to talk to,” he parroted, something almost gentle in his expression. “And everyone needs someone to listen, too. So will you come?”

You grinned, more happy right now than you had been all day. “Yes. I’d love to.”


Well, that was fun! This is part of the ‘Caffeine Challenge’ by @caffeinewitchcraft (who is an amazing writer that you should follow if you don’t already), so I just jotted this whole thing down in the last hour. My first time doing this, but I definitely like what I came up with!! Hopefully I’ll be able to participate again next time. 😊

High Cut Jo Insung interview: Kyungsoo mention

Q. Nearly 3 million people went to watch Brother in theaters. It feels like no one could be happier for actor Do Kyungsoo than you.

I think I was like him when I was younger. He reminds me a lot of myself back then. Kyungsoo was around twenty years old when he debuted in EXO. I met (Cha) Taehyun hyung around that age, and now I see how I used to lean on him as Kyungsoo does [with me]. As I listen to the things Kyungsoo tells me about, I wonder if I had been as curious about so many things as him. I don’t want Kyungsoo to be alone.

And Kyungsoo isn’t attached to things like popularity. He doesn’t ask about what to do if a project doesn’t do well. This kid will say he’s just happy to have done it. It’s lovely of him. It’s the type of thing that has to be acquired or taught, but this friend is already aware of it. It’s good if a project does well in the box office, but if it doesn’t, he’s still glad to have done it. That’s how he gets over things. I learn from him too. Kyungsoo is quite admirable in that way.

If a movie doesn’t do well, he says “hyung, it didn’t do well” and leaves it at that. He doesn’t press the matter, but instead goes, “There’s another project coming up, and it’s interesting as well. I think I could try it too.” It’s eye-opening and odd of him. Ah, I really should learn how to simplify like that. The usual thing is to get greedy, to overthink with things like “the box office numbers have to reach this level so that I’ll be in a better position for my next project.” But Kyungsoo keeps to what’s essential. He loves acting for its own sake. He’s remarkable. 

There are two mistakes young people can make. They try to overcompensate with how adult or how collected they appear - because we make them like that. They get told to grow up as they are judged through older eyes. If I don’t take to a twenty-one year old, it’s because I see them from the eyes of a thirty-six year old, not from someone their age. But this friend couldn’t be doing better. How could he? That makes him my age. Kyungsoo is never too much or too little. 

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Friendly reminder, that ...

… Rhys dreamt about Feyre, sent her stars, Feyre received it and painted it on her drawer, Rhys risked himself to go out and met Feyre, he saved her from the lower faes, he meant it literally when he said: ‘There you are! I’ve been looking everywhere for you! Thank you for finding her for me!’, she thought that he was the most beautiful man she ever saw and he thought that she was the most beautiful woman, he was the one who kept her from falling apart in Under the Mountain and helped her as much as he could, he fell in love with her, when she threw that bone at Amarantha, he fought against Amarantha not caring about his own life, he kept her alive and persuaded every High Lord to make her immortal, he felt the mating bond snap in place and chose to go for her sake, he would have let her live in happiness being married to another man even tho she was his mate, he teached her how to read and write, he took her to Night Court when the tool literally locked her up, he never expected anything from her, he let her heal and helped her, she went into fucking badass mode and saved him, he helped her to control her powers, he let her made her own choices, he loves her, she loves him, chapter 55 exists, she is fucking HIGH LADY OF THE NIGHT COURT AND THEY ALREADY DID THE MATING CEREMONY and that Sarah J. Maas gave us this amazing story and this wonderful couple.

Tonight’s Facebook post:

Fair warning - Whether Trump wins or not (and I’m still praying he doesn’t), I’m going to spend the next four years and probably the rest of my life being a lot less tolerant of bigotry in my presence. I don’t care who it is, I don’t care what it is, I don’t care how they “actually” meant it, I don’t care what they “think” they know about whoever it is they’re belittling. If freedom of speech allows you to be casually hateful of your fellow human beings, then it also allows me to remind you that what you’re saying, however funny you find it, is disgusting and has no place in any kind of progressive society.

If I have to live in a country where I have to worry about my friends being shot or imprisoned for being black or latinx or non-Christian or immigrants or LGBTQ, then the least I’m going to do is stop being quiet about how much it pisses me off.

If it’s going to be a fight, then you best believe I will come out swinging.