he remembers the song

the way you workin’ that motion, boy you got me in a trance

  • Shiro: Keith you okay?
  • Shiro: Is this about the 'I cradled you in my arms' with Lance thing?

remember when zayn literally put the pakistani flag on his studded marc jacobs jacket and auctioned it off for a mental health organization and when he sang a song in urdu on his #1 album and when he spoke about nusrat fateh ali khan multiple times and designed merch with urdu writing with a literal urdu pun and thanked his parents for making him asian and supported the british asian trust and specifically singled out desi fans in his complex mag interview and made it a point to cook desi meals and talked about being brown and how it affected societal perceptions of him and talked about his fave bollywood movies and songs and then remember when he talked multiple times about eid and fasting and put the shahada on twitter and bought islamic art and made sure to mention his gratefulness to god and carried around a tasbih and yet people still have the audacity to say he only “claims his heritage when it’s convenient?”

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Wow, ivory, I'm so sorry people aren't understanding the damn point. Its still BTS, and they're still a team, so if everyone could stop being petty and support the boys, it'd do better. Bighit isnt stupid, hobi got the most lines in wings and this time he got the least, thats okay, if he had a problem with it this wouldn't have even happened. So much immaturity and I'm so sorry you have to put up with that, wow.

Yeah the extremities that some fans are going to is really unnecessary, and again, I will keep on bringing up the fact that this has happened to Seokjin an endless amount of times throughout their comebacks since day one, though there has not been such chaos like this. I suppose, since Hoseok received a lot of exposure throughout the Wings comeback that a lot of fans expected it would continue on this way. Unfortunately, that has not really happened in the feature song  – though he was the only one who was given an extra verse in the Outro: Wings song, shares the most amount of lines with Namjoon in A Supplementary Story: YNWA, and has a verse in Not Today.

To put it into juxtaposition against Seokjin, here are how many lines he has throughout the entire comeback:

Spring Day | 3 lines and supporting vocals in 4 lines of the chorus

Not Today | 2 lines

Outro: Wings | 2 lines

A Supplementary Story: YNWA | 3 lines

And how many lines Hoseok has received: 

Spring Day | 12 (36 – inclusive of all the choruses) supporting vocal lines

Not Today | 8 lines

Outro: Wings | 18 lines

A Supplementary Story: YNWA | 15 lines

I am not providing the above information to invalidate the feelings of those who are upset about Hoseok not getting proper lines in Spring Day, but to shed light on an alternate perspective.

I think a lot of people need to start realising as well that BTS have said in the past (I am pretty sure on the Wings vlive preview that they did last comeback) that they are not all that phased by line distribution, since they all contribute to the production of the song nonetheless. Anger and confusion is always valid, but when it gets to the point of insulting the other members and the company over a process that literally none of us know about in terms of how they plan the line distribution of their songs – it is just wrong and very anti-fan.

My AP gov teacher came up with the line “Maybe we found gov right where we are” and he was literally so proud of himself. It combines two of his favorite things. Government and Ed Sheeran.


There are more reasons why he’s unobtainable

It was after I booked the role, and I was driving in LA, and it was maybe May. I think it was just after we got picked up. I was listening to KCRW, and I heard this voice. I heard this song, and the poem is called “To Artina”. I didn’t know it was a poem yet. I just heard this song. I heard this man’s voice and it sounded almost feminine. I pulled over, and I started recording it, and I was so moved and so inspired. And a friend of mine at that time - I played it for them - he said, “This is a poem. I know this poem. I studied it in college. And I was like, "What?!” What are the odds you would even remember that?

So he ended up finding the song for me. I do believe it’s Darryl Taylor who’s an opera singer, and the title of the song is “To Artina”. And it is so dark, and it is really intense. I think one of the lines is, “I will take your heart for my own. And that song, till this day, if I ever feel like I’m a little out of touch or not quite there. Or "it’s been a while. I’m a little rusty, and I gotta play the Queen in a bit”. I’ll listen to that song, and it just puts me right back in.

—  Lana Parrilla on her music playlist for the Evil Queen
“Why Now?” Suga Scenario

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Yoongi sighed as watched his members dance and sing the songs he should be performing. His head dropped as he watched one of his fellow members performing his part of their songs. He listened contently and told himself to remember to praise his member on doing a good job at his solo. He had his usual gummy smile on as the boys started talking about whatever they were asked about also mentioning him every now and then.

Yet his smiled faded once he heard a faint announcement that his members would be sharing the stage with the group, the group which he had been following since they debuted also the group which homes his ultimate crush. The boys were all very aware of his obvious crush on her just from the way he smiled when you talked and how he wouldn’t listen to anyone if you were on screen. He wouldn’t be able to explain how gutted he was that these were the shows he was missing. The ones which you just happened to be at.

A little while later when your band had joined with his, he watched you and Jungkook laughing at something and jealousy ran through his entire body, cursing at himself for getting injured in the first place. He watched in awe as you got along with every member in his group, amazed at your charisma to easily talk and laugh with a bunch of strangers. He had seen the interview where you had announced that you were bad at making friends and confronting people and how you were trying to get that sorted, he was amazed at how far you had came already. 

As you looked at the camera his heart flickered because it felt like you were looking at him even though he knew there was probably a load more other people thinking the same thing.”Y/N, As you seem to ave gotten along with all of the present members of BTS, what would would you say to Suga who is currently at home hopefully watching?” He looked up at the screen shock written all over his face at the question. He was so excited to hear your reply.

“Suga!” You squeak looking dead into the camera. “I’m sorry that you are not here as I really wanted to talk to you. Maybe we could get in touch one day. Stay strong and fighting!” you giggle into the camera covering your mouth with your hand as your members nudge you in the side. His members laughing probably imagining how flustered he was right now.

“How will I get a hold of her?” He whispers to himself still speechless at her request. “She’s smart I’m sure she has thought of a way” he smiles laughing to himself about how shocked he is. Quickly he grabbed his phone and opened twitter and answered her.

“Of course @Y/T/A, I would love to meet you. Personally I’m your biggest fan” he tweets immediately locking his phone staring in disbelief that you wanted to meet him.

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Thank you Anon for requesting means a lot to us! As some of you knew I am the biggest Yoongi stan so I like jumped on writing this request and I hope you all liked it :3

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This might be a little long, but I had this idea that Tsukki is like a human Shazam app - he constantly listens to music but he doesn’t like listening to the same stuff over and over so he’s listened to like, every song at some point and remembers them all.

Well the team is walking through the sports complex to get to the gym and they pass a practice room with idk ballet dancers. Suga’s like, “wow that’s a pretty tune…” and Tsukki pops out an ear bud to listen for a sec, then says “oh yeah that’s Polovskian Dances by Alexander Borodin” and they all just look at him like O.O because they never expected him to know and Yams is blushing and grinning because Tsukki shared that song with him one time.

Tsukki always uses music to express his feelings to Yams because he’s so bad at putting it into words, but Yams can translate because he knows how important music is to Tsukki.

— Okay this is me with classical t b h ~ Mod Han

“Mercy on Herr Wright’s eardrums, I could hear you from the parking lot.”

A lot of people liked my last piece so I decided to draw something with Apollo in it. Poor guy needs a sequel. ilu ;-; Who should I draw next?