he remembers nothing about me

I can only say so much with these words you’ll never hear,

As my words aren’t meant for you anymore.

anonymous asked:

what does 'plush god' mean?

Hi Anon!  Plush God is my main tag for Jin on my blog and man - I’ve been using it for over 2 years now so (as of today there’s 632 pages of Plush God goodness on my blog holy balls), it’s sort of hard for me to put my feelings in to words (in a concise way that isn’t just screeching and flopping), but here I go!

 Plush God just means that (to me) Jin is the God of Plush, the Lord of Velvet, the King of All Universes (plush or not) Silky on a Cosmic Scale, inside and out from the tips of his toes to the tips of his ears The Most Opulent, cut from the richest, heaviest yet lightest and strongest cloth.  This is Inside and Out.  Jin’s Liver is Plush, his SPLEEN IS PLUSH, and ESPECIALLY Jin’s VOICE is more verdant and alive than all the rainforests, Softer and Stronger than spiderweb, he shines like the Softest Sunrise and sounds like the feeling of a butterfly’s wings.  

To me, Jin is just a sumptuous, delightful, thick, rich, LUSH PLUSHLICIOUS concoction of all things good in this universe and the next, and I can’t even really explain Jin’s Plush, but he just rules my world with softness and laughter and strength and light, so Plush God he is and Plush God he always will be.  

The first time I tagged Jin as Plush God was on October 8th, 2014 and it was this photo that did it: 

 Blessed are we ALL by the Plush God Jin anon!!  He’ll make your life 1000% more velvety in every way < 3

ML Fluff Month Day 25 - Favorite Things

Favorite Things

Rated: G

Pairing: Adrinette. Some DjWifi

For: @miraculousfluffmonth


Day 1 / Day 26

Marinette’s fingers were intertwined with Adrien’s as they approached their two friends who both sat on a bench in the school yard. Alya seemed to quip something before smacking Nino with a magazine, in which, he crumpled and tried to guard himself with his forearms.

“Jeez, Alya, you’re so violent,” Adrien teased as they reached the other couple.

Nino nodded, keeping his arms up in defense. “I know, dude!”

Whacking her boyfriend again, Alya turned to the pair. “He deserves it! He remembers nothing about me?”

Marinette glanced between the two of them, her brow furrowed. “What do you mean?”

“I mean,” Alya waggled the rolled up magazine at her. “Nino can’t even pass a stupid couple’s questionnaire. He can’t even remember my favorite color!”

What? That was an easy one. “It’s orange,” Marinette said, implying that it was the simplest question in the world.

Alya jutted a hand out to point at Marinette. “See! It’s not that hard!”

Flailing wildly, Nino shook his head. “It’s Marinette! She remembers everything about everybody!” He snatched the magazine from Alya. “I bet Adrien would do just as bad as I did!”

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honestly the most bomb teacher I’ve ever had was in 7th grade my English teacher was this super cool dude with a whole lot of degrees and an amazing accent and he’d hold weekly spelling bees with a pizza party for the winners and he’d give out fountain pens and lychee jelly cups and he had a shelf of books at the back of the classroom that we’d do book reports on and whoever did the best book report got to keep the book and at the end of the year we watched Studio Ghibli films for like a week and he motivated everyone to write from their heart and got the class published in a book of essays and was so cool and inspiring and one of the best teachers I’ve ever had

Smooth moves  -  We Got Married 229