he refuses to sleep so he can bother me for all 24 hours of the day

BTS Reaction - Arguments with their S/O: requested

Anonymous said: So I was wondering what would make BTS upset/angry enough to start a fight with their gf? (like what reasons would cause arguments between u 2). I hope I didn’t confuse u and bother u by asking that 😅

Hi! I hope you like it. I do not own any of the gifs :)


He would get mad that the two of you could never spend time together as a couple. He felt that whenever you two would make a plan to spend time together, it would fall through because he had to stay at the studio, or you needed time to work on a project for work. When Jungkook was mad, he would stay quiet and ignore everybody, including you. He’s the type to dwell on it, and wouldn’t give it up until he was ready.

“Jungkook, I’m sorry, I know I cancelled on you but let’s just move past it. I don’t want to fight.”

“Whatever, Y/N.”


Lately, you’ve been getting closer with your guy friends. Since Jimin is at the studio mid-morning to late night, you’re left on your own. A lot of the days, you’ll go a complete 24 hours without talking to anyone since he’s so busy with the comeback. Jimin knows, and blames himself because he’s gone a lot, but when you refuse to drop your guy friends, the two of you get into a heated argument.

“What makes you think I’ll ever cheat on you, Jimin? I love you for gods sake.”

“I know, baby, I’m sorry. I know I’m gone a lot. But you can’t be with them all the time. Where is Y/B/F/N? I’ll go insane knowing you’re with that one guy who never keeps his hands off of you. You’re mine.”


If he feels like you don’t care about his feelings, things get a little worrisome. You are focused on your job and the two of you are apart a lot, despite sharing a house. He expresses his feelings towards you, and explains that it always feels like you don’t care because of how busy you are with work. The fights get resolved pretty quickly though, because the two of you have learned to take advantage of the time you do have with each other.

“How come when you tell me how you’re feeling, I try my best to help. But when I tell you how I feel, you brush me off?”


You’re very mellow while he’s energetic. You can be energetic, too, but lately you’re just feeling quite tired. He says that you are never up to do anything anymore, and everything tires you out. 

“Hobi, I’m just tired. I don’t sleep well without you next to me since you’re always working overnight.”

“I’m sorry. I’ll try to be home at night more often, but in exchange can we just do something fun tonight? I know you’re tired but it’ll be nice to get out.”


Not being able to get pregnant causes a lot of tension. The two of you have been trying for a year and there’s been nothing, except for multiple breakdowns where Taehyung has had to hold you while you sat on the bathroom floor, completely upset. Because there’s nothing happening, the two of you fight over what’s going to happen next. You feel like you can’t give him what he wants, and he feels like he’s not supportive and you think that maybe the two of you just need a break. It’s stressful, always hoping for a positive test.

“Now, what? What do you want to do? This is impossible, there’s no reason for us to stay together if we can’t make anything out of it.”

“Y/N, let’s just keep trying. We have each other, when fate decides for it to happen it’ll happen.”


His parents are difficult to please. It causes a lot of problems when the holidays come around, because you and Jin want to spend time with each other and each family. The two of you don’t argue a lot, but this subject gets him on edge. He hates that the two things he loves most in the world - you and his family - are kind of at odd ends. You’re trying your hardest to become friendly with the family, and Jin hopes with time they’ll come to love you like he does.

“Why does your family not like me? Did I say something?”

“No, babe, of course not. They’ve always had this picture in their heads of what my future would look like. Give them some time to come around and they’ll love you just as much as I do.”


The reason the two of you fight is because of how much Suga sleeps and works. He’s doing one of the two at all times - work then sleep. Sleep then work. It’s gotten to the point where you’re noticing that he’s not leaving time to eat - and when you bring it up he gets defensive. The two of you fight tooth and nail over it for days until you say something to him again.

“Please do me a favor and eat more during the day. I’ll even pack you a lunch. I’m really concerned that you’re not eating enough.”

“Y/N, I’m fine, I promise. You don’t need to worry, jagi. Although, I think having a sweet lunchbox like back in grade school would be awesome.”

I hope you enjoyed it! Requests are open.

Translation: “Ao no Exorcist” Chapter 88 Translation Summary (SPOILERS!)

So, I do this with Noragami every month, but this may or may not become a monthly thing depending on my schedule.  Anyway, I did it this month, so I figured I’d throw it up here.  If there are mistakes or typos, my bad, I type this up as I read it.  Spoilers, obviously:

The title is “Happy (Merry Christmas) Birthday! Eve”

Rin is upset about Shiemi’s decision to quit being an exorcist.  There’s a flashback to her suggestion about a big birthday party for everyone.  Yukio tells them to have fun but Shiemi says “No, you are going, too!  That’s obvious, right!?”  Yukio gives in, and Rin says that’s the first time Shiemi’s ever been so forceful with Yukio and the others agree.  Rin says “this just occurred to me, but… could she be dying…?”  The others stare at him, but Izumo says “I also thought that”, and Bon says it, too.  Izumo says “I’m serious, isn’t it strange that she would suddenly do that!?  She was fixated on becoming an exorcist, and she worried about being opposed!”  She keeps going until Yukio tells them to calm down.  He says it’s not very probable because her health examination was excellent, and everyone calms down.  Rin decides he’ll ask her directly, and Yukio and Izumo hold him back and tell him it’s a their secret.

Shiemi gives everyone their assignments for the part (Rin and Miwa on food, decorations Yukio and Suguro, and cake is Shima and Izumo).  She takes on the tree duty.  Rin tries to bring it up again and Yukio grabs him and they leave.  Afterwards, the group is discussing it again and Yukio says there’s no way she’s dying, but there’s a high possibiity that something else happened. Konekomaru thinks it might be a hopeless situation instead.  They think of some really…strange…reasons, and Shima laughs and says “she just wasn’t suited for this and wanted to do something else, and maybe she just wanted to have fun with everyone at the party.”  Yukio agrees, and then we see them go on their separate ways.

Izumo and Shima are together (in the Cake Team).  Izumo wonders why she’s stuck with him, and he says “Let’s have some fun.”  She replies that she’s worried about Shiemi, and asks “Do you know something!?” but he replies that he’s not a spy like that and that he doesn’t know anything.  They come to the cake shop, but there’s a really long line out the door.  Shima balks, but Izumo says there’s no many opportunities to buy a whole cake, and that if he wants to go home, he can.  He says he won’t because it’s his chance at a date with her.  They fight about him being a spy some more, and she says that she never thought she’d do thinks like stand in like for christmas cake or worry about Shiemi Moriyama.  Shima says Izumo is different from him now, and she says they are the same.  They get into the shop and she is very girly over the cake while Shima calls her “cute”.

The Decoration Team, Yukio and Suguro, are shopping.  Yukio says he’ll leave it to Suguro since he’s not good at this sort of thing, and Suguro tells him that if he’s busy or still too hurt, Yukio can go home and just come to the party the next day.  Yukio refuses, and he says Suguro must also be busy, and Suguro agrees.  Yukio realizes that he was mistaken about who invited him…that the other party is the Arch Knight Lightning, and there’s no way to refuse him.  Yukio says “I heard that Lightning is taking you around everywhere, it must be tough”, and Suguro says he he likes it.

Rin and Konekomaru are on the Food Team, and they are pricing out Turkey (and wow, it IS really expensive - $200), and they decide on karaage and chirashi (yum yum) instead.

Back with Suguro, he’s going through documents while Lightning sleeps on the couch.  He says “Lightning has slept straight since then” and as he starts going through the clone paperwork, he sees the name “Shiro” for number 004.  When he looks at the picture, he’s shocked because it’s Shiro Fujimoto, the former Paladin.  He was Azazel’s clone.  He then notices that the experiment record for 005 is missing.  Lightning wakes up and asks him what he’s doing, and he says “005 is probably Satan” and asks to take out more materials on it.  He then says “Furthermore, Shiro Fujimoto is Azazel’s clone, so does that mean the Okumura brothers inherited the blood of Azazel’s nephilim…?”  Lightning tells him “You should get a little rest, Ryuuji”, and to leave it to him.  Suguro gets mad because all he’s done since coming back from Azazel is sleep, eat, sleep and sleep.  Suguro wonders what this world is, and what Gehenna is.  He then asks lightning what Satan is, and Lightning says that’s something he also wants to find out, but they have to find the Illuminati’s headquarters first.  Lightning says Mephisto isn’t reliable on that, and that he sleeps when he reaches an impasse.  Suguro asks to go to the party the next day and Lightning says yes.  Lightning tells him “Listen, if I give you an order, it’s not like you have to abide by it” because he’ll go crazy if faced with ‘that kind of thing’ directly.  Suguro says “I understand, now let me sleep” and tucks Lightning back in.

Elsewhere, Shura tells Yukio he can go to the party, too (she’s drinking juice, btw).  Yukio says “Honestly, if you could give me a mission, it would help me out.  I don’t really know what to do at parties.”  She tells him that he needs to have fun with people his own age sometimes, and he says he’ll trade places with her.  She says she’s busy for the next 24 hours, and he asks if it’s a date.  She says it’s a dating party because she wanted to start looking for a lifelong partner after she got back from Aomori.  He says she’s changed, and she says that she has a longer lifespan, so she’s even watching her health (wow).  He says he’ll pray for her happiness, and she notices something off screen (but we don’t see what).

We see Rin and Shima celebrating as the semester has ended.  Shiemi has found this magnificent tree, and Suguro and Yukio start decorations.  Suguro thinks that Yukio’s arm is still too broken to make decorations, but he says that he’s just always been bad at arts and crafts.  Yukio says “But it brings back memories…we had to do this kind of thing when I was little, this time of year the monostary was busy with this event” (Obvioiusly, it’s Christmas).  He says that he and his brother were clumsy and made awful stuff, but their father didn’t care and would use them to decorate anyway. “Quantity over quality” he would say, but they didn’t improve at all.  Yukio stops when he sees Suguro’s face, and asks him what’s wrong.  Suguro says “It-it’s nothing, I was just thinking that’s a nice story, let’s finish decorating.”

Yukio says “Forgive me…” “-ther” and we see a flashback.  Little Yukio asks where their real parents are and what they are like.  Shiro asks “Do you really want to know?” and Yukio says yes, and Shiro says he knew this day would come.  He says he found them on a cold morning under a bridge on Dec. 27th, and that he doesn’t know who their real parents are.  He says that they don’t need to worry since he found them, and to eat, brush their teeth and get in bed, because Santa (not Satan, for once) is coming.  Little Yukio thinks “he’s lying” and says “He definitely knows!  Why does he hide it?” and Rin says “if he says he doesn’t know, he doesn’t know” and “I’m fine with not knowing.”  Little Yukio asks “Why?” I don’t know think Rin wants to know.  Then older Yukio thinks “I want to know.”

And that’s it.  There’s a little extra story after, but I’m not going to bother with that right now.  Enjoy!

Not A Date (9/9)

Summary: Bucky Barnes is an infamous player with a well-known reputation. Can he woo the weary girl who had her heartbroken too many times? Or will she woo him so he changes his ways?

Warnings: Swearing, College AU

Words: 2.1k

A/N: This is the final part! Thank you guys for the support throughout this, it means a lot. Send tag requests/feedback here.
Also my requests are still open so please send some in.


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Bound - Part 2 (Julian Albert x wheelchair!reader)

Words: 1,228

Note: The below isn’t my GIF, credit goes to its owner.

Part 1

“Hey, Julian,” Barry turned his chair around, looking at the meta-human CSI Specialist who was carefully picking a sample from a small piece of evidence with a pair of forceps, “can we talk about something for a second?”

“What?” Julian didn’t bother with lifting his head up, just concentrated on the tiny sample in front of him.

“Actually, I want to talk about Y/N.” Barry sighed, rubbing the back of his neck.

Julian’s hands instantly froze in the middle of the air after your name fell from Barry’s lips. He set the forceps down and turned around to meet Barry’s gaze.

“What about her?” Julian asked, crossing his arms in front of his chest, certainly not fond of any men, especially the always-late-for-work-without-a-proper-excuse Barry Allen, calling your name.

“I saw her the other day, you know… the day she brought your lunchbox to the precinct… and… I might know someone who can help her.”

“Help her with what?”

“Well…” Barry suddenly felt nervous under Julian’s cold stare, he cleared his throat and rapidly searched for the least offensive words inside his head, “I notice she is in a wheelchair… so… um… I think she might want some medical help?”

“My wife doesn’t need that, thank you.” Julian refused sharply, turning around with his back facing Barry.

“But the person I know is the expert in bioengineering field, she might be able to hel-”

“I SAID my wife doesn’t need that.” Julian raised his voice, feeling irritated.

“Why?” Barry frowned.

Julian was so done with Barry’s continuous asks, he really wanted to end this displeasing conversation, “It’s none of your business, Allen.”

Barry was discontent with Julian’s reaction, he scowled at him challengingly, “I’m sorry, man, there is a chance of getting Y/N out of the wheelchair, but I notice you just help your wife decide everything and block all the hope of recovery from her.”

“The last thing my wife needed is hope, Allen.” These words were almost pushed through Julian’s clenched teeth.

“I don’t think it’s the decision you should make, Julian.” Barry crossed his arms over his chest, “It’s up to her.”

“Since when you developed a sudden interest on my wife, Allen?” Julian pinned his suspicious gaze right on Barry, his features went totally grim, “You barely know her.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I already have Iris.” Barry defended himself, “I’m just saying that keeping hope away from Y/N isn’t a good thing.”

“Good? How do you define what’s good for her?” Julian barked, the rage he kept holding back finally broke, “She bore intense pain and disappointment every time the doctors said there is nothing they can do to help her. This is torture, and I won’t put her into a torture like this again.”

Barry went silent after hearing the unexpected outburst. He comprehended why Julian didn’t want you to go for a medical treatment now, he was protecting you from any possibility of shattered hope.

Julian glared at Barry one more time before walking out of the lab, “This is for Y/N’s own good, let’s keep it this way.”

“Dr. Caitlin Snow.” Barry uttered behind Julian, who stopped at the current spot without looking back, “If you change your mind, you can find her at S.T.A.R. Lab.”

“Goodnight, mate.” Julian said and stepped out of the lab.


Julian twisted the handle and swung the door open. What’s greeting him was the fragile you sleeping with knees and body curled up on the couch. Julian sighed, he dimmed the light and turned off the television which was currently on the 24 hour news channel.

Every time. Every time there is a crime in the city, you would be worried sick about his safety. Although he already told you he would not participate in any crime fighting as he was just a forensic scientist, you still stuck to the TV anyway and watched every news just to make sure he was okay.

He undid his tie and leaned down to gather your tiny body into his arms. He gently lifted you up and let your head rested against his chest. He carefully not to wake you and carried you up to the bedroom.

He lowered you onto the bed and sat beside you. A slight smile coiled up on his lips as he watched you sleep. He laced your hand with his and stroked your cheek with the back of his fingers. He then sunk into the memories.

“Am I able to walk again?” You sobbed, tears almost dropped from your eye frames.

“You will.” Julian assured, gripping your hand tight and firm.

“Promise?” You whimpered, voice cracked.

“Promise.” He reassured you and placed a soft kiss on the back of your hand.

Oh god, what was he doing? He once promised to make you whole again, but what had he done? He just left you broken and vulnerable. And damn it, maybe Allen was right, he did keep all the hope away from you because he, Julian Albert, was scared to hear the bad news from the best doctor in Central City again.

Feeling something poking his shoulder, he looked back and found you blinking at him.

“What are you thinking about?” You asked your lost-track husband, bringing him back to the reality.

“Nothing… Just…” He pushed away the memories and pull you up gently, he settled you onto his lap and wrapped his arms around your waist, “Do you remember Allen?”

You nodded, letting your head rested on his shoulder and feeling his hot breath smacking on your neck.

“He… um… He said there is an expert in S.T.A.R. Lab who might be able to help you…” He murmured, tucking a stray of hair behind your ear before eyeing you softly, “Do you want to give it a try?”

You looked him in his sapphire blue eyes. Those eyes were tired, barely happy, and beyond that, you found pain hidden behind those irises. It wasn’t the first time you saw him with regret and guilt. He always thought that he was responsible for putting you in a wheelchair. But the truth is, it was never his fault. And you would never, ever blame him for what happened that night. But learning that you could no longer use your leg again, he beat himself up over that accident even more.

If you are able to walk again, maybe he will eventually be relieved and let himself out of the self-blaming cycle.

“You know… I really miss those days when you and I ran around the garden and collected samples of insects…” You said with a grin, “I will give it a try.”

Seeing something lit up inside his eyes, you pressed a soft kiss on his lips, “I love you, you adorable dork.”

He let out a small laugh and kissed your lips again, “I love you too.”

“You should go to shave.” You said between kisses and chuckles, his newly grown beard somehow made your face itch.

“I rather not.” Julian smirked, he was already on the top of you before you could notice.

He buried his face and planted endless of sweet kisses along on the side of your neck while another hand of his started unbuttoning his shirt.

You giggled at the itchy sensation and pulled your husband closer.

This is definitely going to be a lovely passionate night.

Part 3

agxntkeen  asked:

for the domestic ship meme: Lizzington 😌

Thank you! (And for the anon who also requested Lizzington, here you go!)

  • Who’s more dominant:
    Red is more dominant in most of his relationships, so it follows that he will be with Liz too, she certainly feels that way. But she definitely has all the power. He is ready to do anything for her 24/7.
  • Who’s the cuddler:
    Red is a serial cuddler, but Liz also can’t resist just wrapping her arms around his cuddly torso, and sticking her face into his neck.
  • Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:
    Red likes being the big spoon because then he can hold Lizzy real close and kiss her hair, he just really likes it. Also, despite it being the biggest cliche, Liz feels really safe wrapped up in his arms.
  • What’s their favorite non-sexual activity:
    Since Red gave her some pointers, they like baking together. It’s very relaxing and has almost no chance of anyone dying so, when they’re not running from anyone, that’s what they like to do. This leads to a recreation of that Ghost scene but instead of pottery it’s dough.
  • Who uses all the hot water:
    Red does. He takes his sweet time in there, which leads to exasperated Liz barging in on him most mornings (which is not entirely accidental on his part).

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As if you didn’t already know, It’s Valentine’s day! @radvinesandheadbands and I thought it would be fun to each write a wolfstar and jilly fic. So here’s mine!

James looked up to see Sirius burst through his front door. “Shouldn’t you be in class?” James asked.

“This is a disaster” Sirius moaned, falling onto the couch.

James rolled his eyes. “Don’t tell me. Remus’ face is causing you to have another existential crisis?”

No Well, yes, but that’s not the issue.” He rolled onto his back, his head resting on the arm of the couch. “He spoke to me and I made the biggest arse of myself.”

“You talk to him every day.”

“But this wasn’t during class. We went to coffee yesterday and I fucked it up.”

“You make an arse of yourself every day in front of me and I haven’t run off.”

“Yeah, but you’re you… and now I have to see him again for class.”

“So you’re, what, skipping class to pout at my house?”

“That’s the idea.” He rolled back onto his stomach.

James shook his head. “You’re the thirstiest bloody ace I’ve ever seen,” he deadpanned.

“I just want to hear his voice and touch his face. Is that too much to ask?”

James stood up and stepped towards the couch. “Nope.” He grabbed Sirius’ hand.. “We’re going to class and settling this.”

Sirius stumbled as James pulled him off the couch. “But what if – “

“I don’t care,” James announced as he grabbed his car keys and opened the door, still pulling Sirius along.

Sirius groaned as he climbed into the car. “What am I even going to say? ‘Hi, we’ve only had a cup of coffee together, but I’d really like to buy you something nice and maybe put my face on yours’?”

“I don’t even care. I’ll tell him something.”

Sirius’ eyes widened. “No you can’t – ”

James turns up the music at full volume, blocking out any further complaints.

When they got to the school. Sirius continued to attempt to reason with him.

“You can’t just talk to him for me . Hell, he could be straight for all I know!”

“Don’t care. You can’t do anything by pinning from a distance.”

They turn down the hall when James stops and scans the few people sitting outside of the classrooms.

Sirius sees Remus, waves, and feels himself turn bright red. Before he waves back, James heads towards him.

“How do you know what he – ”

“You don’t think I can piece together anything from the absurd amount of time that you take talking about how he looks?”

Remus greeted the pair of them, looking equally curious and confused.

Sirius mouthed “sorry” before James began talking in an irritated monotone.

“Okay, my friend here likes your voice, your humor, and your face, among other things. You are cordially invited to dinner and a movie tomorrow night. An actual date. Valentine’s Day. Full romo.” He motioned towards Sirius, whose head was in his hands, his face blushing furiously.

Remus looked mildly surprised, his eyebrows raised, but a small smile grew on his face. “Full romo, huh?” he asked, looking at Sirius, who put his hands down and laughed nervously. “So, I’ll meet you at the Stix at 5 tomorrow?”

Sirius stared for a moment, his mouth agape. James elbowed him in the ribs. “Uhh, err, yeah. Yes. That sounds great!”

Remus laughed softly. “We should get to class, I think.” He held out a hand towards James. “It was nice meeting you – err – ”

“James,” Sirius whispered.

“James,” Remus repeated. “Of course it’s James.”

James shook his hand. “I’m offended that Sirius hasn’t mentioned me.”

“Oh, he has,” Remus said, still smiling.

“Good things, I hope”

“Mostly,” Sirius answered.

James rolled his eyes as the other two turned to the classroom.

Over the next day, James almost regretted helping Sirius at all. If he wasn’t with Sirius, being forced to look at a thousand outfits, he was being sent constant texts.

9:03am What if we run out of things to talk about?
9:04am Would it be too much to being a list of extra topics?
9:05am What the fuck, go back to sleep

10:30am Do I look better in red lipstick or darker shades?
10:35am Is hair glitter too much?
10:37am I can’t think this early, let alone give fashion advice
10:45am But reds and no on the glitter. Burn the glitter instead

11:01am What if the ace thing is weird?
11:04am What if we kiss and he thinks I’m lying?
11:04am What if he wants more? I cant deal with that!
11:06am What if he doesn’t even want to kiss me?

11:10am Did u see his smug fucking face, of course he wants to kiss u.
11:10am And if he doesn’t or if he says shit about your sexuality, then he’s not worth anything anyways

11:30am Does he even like lipstick?
11:31am Im in class
11:32am How can you concentrate at a time like this? I am going to die
11:35am only bc Im coming through this phone to kill you
11:40am What? You need me to hold ur hand through the date? Ill just hide under the table -.-
11:40am Sod off
11:43am wait;
11:44am You could sit at the bar!!

11:50am Really?
11:51am (✿◕‿◕)
11:55am Come on
11:55am (✿◉‿◉)
11:57am How do you know I don’t have plans?
11:58am With who? Peter? Your hand?
12:00pm Fuck off
12:02pm Maybe you can find another sad single at the bar?
12:10pm u owe me
12:11pm ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
12:12Pm Stop that shit before I change my mind

After a few last minute changes (“What’d you mean ‘my ass looks better in the black ones’? You couldn’t have said something an hour ago?”), the boys headed to the Stix, Sirius on his bike and James in his car.

The atmosphere was different than what Sirius and James were used to at the Stix. There was a buzz to the usually calm atmosphere – an anticipation.
As Sirius walked in, his phone buzzed.

4:58pm I’ll b there in 5

James came up behind him, bumping into his shoulder before heading to the bar.

Sirius walked up to the rather harassed-looking host. “Y-yes? How can I help you?”

Sirius smiled. “I called in ahead – a table for two for Black.”

The host shoved his glasses up the bridge of his nose and stuttered while grabbing menus to show Sirius to his seat.

James could see Sirius’ table if he walked just a few paces over. He ordered a beer and. as he set his phone on the counter, it lit up.

What if I got here too early?

As James unlocked his phone to respond, it lit up again.

He’s here? He’s fucking gorgeous! Who makes clashing patterns look that damn good! This is illegal!

James rolled his eyes and thanked the bartender who set down his drink.

As he nearly choked on the first sip of his beer, when he saw the person who decided to sit a couple of seats away. She had dark red, wavy hair that made her light brown skin glow. Her eyes were an impossible bright green. As she glanced down at her phone, the corner of her full lips turned into a smirk.

He tried focusing on his beer, telling himself that there is no way that she isn’t just here waiting for someone.

Being there with Remus, Sirius has no idea why he worried about conversation running out. Talking to Remus was like breathing – smooth, natural.
Even when the issue of family came up, Sirius had his worries, but Remus was very understanding.

“They don’t act like I exist, so I act like they don’t, for the most part. Part of me wants to go visit the part of the family that’s still in Korea, but I worry that the only sensible one passed away last year.”

“Most of your lot sound like my dad… After my accident, my parents grew apart. They divorced and kept moving in complete opposite directions. Dad is convinced that I’m looking for attention. He refuses to see me outside of larger family functions. Mom’s pretty great though. She loves cooking, even as frail as she is now. I’m sure she’d love to have you over some time.” He flinched, his eyes widening. “Like , in a while – maybe – if you wanted or were in town – ”

Sirius laughed. “It’s okay, you’re good.”

Remus cleared his throat. “She doesn’t really get why I can’t ‘pick a side’ or whatever, but she’s supportive regardless.”

As they move on to talk about their high school experience, James had decided that twenty minutes  was more than enough time for Red’s date to show up. He took a deep breath and moved to the seat beside her.

“Why are you drinking alone on a day like this?”

She looked critically at James for a moment before speaking. “Mostly to watch out for a friend.” She motioned towards the section of couples tables.

James laughed. “Good to know I’m not the only one.”

Lily raised a skeptical eyebrow. “Really?”

James nodded. He leaned slightly towards her to point. “The dolt with the glitter in his hair.”

Lily smiled, less guarded. “No kidding? My moron is the one at that table, too.

The one that decided not to listen when I told him not to wear the stripped button-up with the sweater that’s… whatever the hell that pattern is.”

“Sirius bothered me for a full 24 hours about what to wear, only to insist on keeping the damn hair glitter.”

“Oh, Remus bothered me about it too. He also decided not to listen.”

The two dove into stories about their friends, which soon turned into stories about themselves. They were so engrossed that neither noticed the message on their phones until they saw the ten minute time stamp.

6:20pm He’s taking me on his motorbike to go to the cinema. I’m getting on a motorbike. If I die, keep my record collection safe

6:21pm We’re going to the movie. He’s going to be on my bike. Touching me. I might explode
6:21pm Also, I’m not the only one that had to bring a friend along. So, you can’t make fun of me

“Well, I guess they’re going on well enough,” Lily commented. “Maybe now, I can buy you a drink.” She winked.

“Uhh-err-yeah. I mean, yes, a drink sounds nice.”

When they arrive at the theater, Remus is shaken by the ride, but excited for the rest of the date. Remus paid for the tickets since Sirius had bought dinner. They got tickets for the only movie with seats available. It was a cheesy horror film that had been out for a few weeks already.

The small theatre was empty when they walked in. They sat at the top row. They watched the previews, noting to one another when a movie looked good – or, more frequently, hilariously bad or “great, another heterosexual drama”.
As the movie started, there were a few good jump scares that gave Remus a reason to cling to Sirius.

The theatre was still empty, so the two continued their commentary on into the movie.

“Five pounds says she dies first.”

“It’s raining ketchup.”

“What is he doing with his face?”

They left the “horror film” nearly in tears from laughter.

Sirius drove Remus home and walked him to the door, holding his hand. “This was wonderful.”

“It really was. I’m glad James asked me out.” Remus laughed.
Sirius blushed and shook his head. “Me too I’ll see you in class tomorrow. And maybe for lunch after?”

“Sounds great.” Remus reached down and kissed his forehead. “See you then.” He let go of Sirius’ hand and turned to his apartment.

As Sirius was unlocking his door, James walked up the stairs.

“You have fun?” Sirius asked, smiling.

“Well, I had to call a cab thanks to Lily,” James answered, slurring his words slightly.

Sirius opened the door. “Lily? Remus’ friend?”

James nodded. “She kept buying me drinks, so I had to buy her them too. No choice, really. The only noble thing to do.”

Sirius rolled his eyes. “You’re ridiculous.”

“Have you looked in a mirror lately, Mr. ‘his face is so pretty, it’s literally killing me’.”

Sirius rolled his eyes again. “At least I got a date out of it.”

“Who says I didn’t,” James said with a wink.

conflict. [johanbeck]

claras-wintersoldier said: If you’re still accepting Johanbeck prompts how about their first real fight? Like slam the door and have to leave the room fight.

I spent a lot of time thinking about this. A lot. And I just couldn’t pull together an authentic, believable scenario in which either of them would be fighters – yelling, door-slamming fighters. I feel like they definitely know how to push each other’s buttons, but at the end of the day, the ‘life is too short for this’ mentality keeps them from losing their cool. That being said, I really wanted to delve into their biggest sources of conflict and explore how those arguments would pan out. I’m actually really happy with this, and I hope you guys like it.


On the Hermes, they were insulated from the outside world, from things like bills and relatives and schedules. Beth and Chris recognized that – they knew their weird life situation granted them a certain level of protection from some normal disagreements. But they were also in a close, confined space with one another for over two years. And about a third of the way through that, their close, confined space became even smaller, in the form of a single bunk. How could they not get under each other’s skin every now and then?

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Control (Jungkook)

part one

Word Count: 1.4k

Genre: discusses sensitive subject of mental illness and other suggestive and triggering things.

A/N: part three will come real soon. i updated the second part only 24 hours after the first part! new record. booo-yasas!!!! :D shell shocked part two should be up real soon, so anticipate that
(dt; @kumpmk and @viralvernon - you both helped me so thank you for being my friends<3)

summary: It doesn’t matter how crazy or normal someone seems. We all have fears, we all have something we’re afraid of. I know what it’s like to be scared of your own mind. And all I can wonder is, who really is in control?

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How to Know When to End Your Relationship

Hi girls!(:

So as some of you may now, I broke up with Marcos. Looking back on our relationship, I have learned a couple new things that I think will be useful to those of you who are wondering if your current relationship is worth keeping or not.  My relationship with him was very stressful to me, but our bond of endless inside jokes was what made us click. Marcos did not cheat on me. I did not cheat on him. We broke up for the first time a week after our anniversary, and got back together the next day. Then we broke up again mid November. The first time, I was completely crushed and heartbroken. This time, I feel liberated and free to love myself. In the end, I saw him for what he truly was:

 Fucking Disrespectful.

Here are my signs of when you should get out of a relationship.

1) You find yourself constantly planning to make him jealous by hanging out with your guy friends. If you hang out with your guy friends because they’re your real friends but it makes your boyfriend a little jealous, that’s fine. If you think to yourself “I really need my boyfriend to pay more attention to me, so I need to hang out with a guy friend”, then that’s not fine. Doing extra things like that means you’re already losing.

2) You find yourself obsessing over his social media. Who did he just follow on Instagram? Why is there a star next to his name on Snapchat-you tf rewatched his snaps? Who’s pictures did he just like on Facebook? These are signs of insecurity and distrust in the relationship.

3) He doesn’t make you a priority, ever. Yes shit happens, and yes we all need our “me” time, but if he keeps canceling on you or hasn’t paid you back that $50 he still owes you from 8 months ago even though he keeps saying he will (but he apparently has money to go out with his friends), then you’re not a priority at all. You’re just available.

4) He never compliments you, but its easy for him to compliment other people. I understand that some people have trouble communicating, or they feel weird giving compliments, but if he can say things like “Rashida Jones is pretty”, he should be able to call you pretty too.

5) You find yourself begging/fishing for compliments. You shouldn’t have to send him a Snapchat selfie for him to compliment you. You shouldn’t have to ask him “Don’t you like my dress?”. You just want him to acknowledge you, and you shouldn’t have to beg for that from your significant other.

6) His manners towards you fly out the door. I’m not talking about things like burping. I’m talking about when he stops holding doors for you, when he stops saying “please”, “thank you”,  “excuse me”, and “sorry”.

7) He doesn’t react when people disrespect you, even when its front of his face. Of course you don’t expect him to beat everyone up, but a simple “hey, don’t talk about my girlfriend like that” would be nice. Even him just agreeing and saying “that was wrong, they shouldn’t have done that to you” would be fucking fantastic!

8) He turns things on you. Lets say theres some drama with your friends who have been very nasty to you lately even though you’ve been a great friend to them. When you tell him about it, instead of listening and understanding, he says things like “Well maybe if you didn’t snap at them so much, they’d like you more”. You are always the villain. 

9) He stops replying or treats you like a stranger when you’re stressed. When you vent to him, he says things like “stay up” or “that sucks”. He doesn’t want to deal with you when you’re not happy because he feels like its a burden on him. 

10) He doesn’t care about your stories or daily activities anymore. He doesn’t ask how your day was anymore. When you say “have a good day!” he says “thanks”, not “thanks, you too”. 

11) He stops being excited about celebrating the relationship (ex: Anniversaries, Valentines day). He seems like he doesn’t care or is forgetful about them. He doesn’t care where you guys should go for dinner. He doesn’t care when you guys should have dinner. He doesn’t care what you want as a gift. He doesn’t care that you got him a gift. He just doesn’t care.

12) You see him care about the little things other girls do, like feeling flattered that a pretty female friend left a normal/friendly comment on his picture.

13) You appreciate the compliments coming from other guys than from your significant other.

14) When you’re upset or sad, he dismisses you. Instead of listening to you, talking to you, or comforting to you, his attitude says “go away then”.

15) He rolls his eyes every time he apologizes.

16) He gets defensive when it comes to his phone. Just you trying to look at the time on his phone backs him jump for it.

17) He makes you hate something about yourself. He didn’t force you, but something about loving him made you hate yourself. In my case, I had to beg for compliments from Marcos. I settled with the fact that he doesn’t show affection through words. Even then, I knew I wasn’t the type of girl he typically went for. I was the exact opposite. I started to hate myself more than ever. My face. My weight. My skin color. My height. My hair. Me. I felt like I was never going to be good enough for him, appearance wise. I bought things that
I thought would make him like me more like skin lighting creams/soaps, products that promised longer hair, and contacts to make my eyes seem bigger. They weren't for me, they were for him. He never asked me to change, but he never once said “You’re beautiful” even though he knew I wanted him to. He saw it as a problem with me, not a problem with us. Im not normally an insecure person, but he’d tell me “just feel secure” - how? How? Your significant other is supposed to bring out the very best version of you, but I didn’t feel like I was getting better. I made him better, and he made me worse.

18) You feel yourself becoming someone else, in a bad way. I felt myself becoming jealous and insecure. I felt myself being a self-loathing person that desperately craved the affection of someone that I thought loved me the way I loved them. I lost myself.

19) You find yourself constantly pointing out what needs to be fixed in the relationship. Relationships take work and time, but if its becoming exhausting, its not worth saving anymore..

20) It doesn’t bother him at all when another guy is constantly texting you or hitting on you to try to steal you away from your significant other.

21) When you’re crying yourself to sleep at night, even when you two didn’t fight. It was a good day. You laughed. You kissed. But when you went home, something happened in your heart. You remembered something. You thought about something. All of a sudden you’re in fetal position sobbing and you can’t explain why.

22) You give a lot more than he does. You feel like the relationship is unbalanced.

23) He puts his ego before your emotions. He’d rather be stubborn than acknowledge the fact that he hurt you.

24) When you want to calmly talk about an issue in the relationship, he’d rather ignore you for 8 hours or be rude to you.

25) You’re constantly thinking about that happy honeymoon phase from the beginning of the relationship, and then you realize hes so different now.

26) He doesn’t appreciate you or the things you do. Hes not flattered by random little gifts or supportive texts anymore. He doesn’t care for warm long hugs anymore. Doesn’t care to use tongue while kissing anymore. He suddenly stops talking about introducing you to his family or friends. He doesn’t seem excited to hang out or have dates anymore. Hes just not into it.

27) You constantly have to repeat how when he doesn’t ___, it  hurts you, or that you like it better when he ____, but he doesn’t change. He didn’t forget. Trust me, he heard you. He just doesn’t care enough to do anything about it.

28) You feel like if he moved far and tried to do long distance, he’d probably hardcore flirt (but not cheat) with other girls. You feel like if you weren’t physically there to keep an eye on him, he’d stray. 

29) He doesn’t care if you look at him in a negative light. If you say hes being mean to you, it doesn’t phase him at all. He seems numb to it.

30) He basically tells you to get ready to settle because hes not going to change for you or anymore, aka “deal with it”. This is his ego speaking, which is apparently more important than you or basic self improvement. He makes you feel guilty for wanting a basic, fair, and healthy relationship.

31) He thinks you’re needy just because you want affection. He doesn’t care to give or receive affection. You start to feel like you’re being treated like “just a friend” that he has dinner with once a week. You start to question if hes just with you because he’d bored.

32) You’ve been looking up ways online to fix an issue in your relationship for the past couple weeks. You want to be extra careful on how you handle it, and thats fine, but at the end of the day, it feels like you’re cramming information for a big test. Whats stopping you from just talking to him? Fear of him leaving? If he wants to leave even though you’re putting in this much effort and “research” into fixing the issue, then its a clear sign that you two aren’t on the same page anymore.

33) When he’s expressed that he thinks you feel like hes always doing things wrong in the relationship. This is his way of saying “I tried, but you keep nagging me and its frustrating”. Hes close to giving up, or already has.

34) He completely denies that hes been slacking in the relationship. He refuses to take any responsibility about it. He refuses to acknowledge how hurtful he can be towards you.

   I may add more to this later. It was a little painful to type all of this out. I didn’t realize how much I was being mistreated towards the end of our relationship because I’m a very patient person, and I loved him (or thought..I did at one point, till I realized how badly this relationship was hurting me). It sad for me to type all of this and think “Did I really let myself be treated like this?”

   I stuck through it because before me, his longest relationship was 1 month, while our relationship lasted a year and 1.5 months. I kept making excuses for him like “he doesn’t really know what to do in a long term relationship”- all of that doesn’t matter! If you feel it, you’ll know how to treat your significant other. I also stuck around because although he didn’t give me that verbal affection that I love, he had other traits like his humor was the exact same as mine (which is rare), and that I knew he wasn’t cheating on me. He gave me that “high school” feeling that I haven’t felt since my first love 5 years ago. He made me laugh and I adored him the way you adore a puppy - you’re always excited to see them. So many guys have called me beautiful or or said they loved me, but they still cheated on me or took me for granted. The right words from the wrong people truly mean nothing. Marcos’ traits were like a trade off, and that in itself is me settling for less.

   I felt like I was completely losing myself in our relationship. Now that I’m single, I feel better than ever. I have good days and bad days, but I don’t hate myself anymore. I’m working out more - FOR ME. I’m going out more. I’m getting to know myself again. I smile more. I laugh more. I love more. I feel free, free to love myself.  

   I’ve never experienced self hatred like that before. You need to love yourself a little more than you love him so that you can recognize when you’re being mistreated. I did not love myself. I loathed myself, and therefore I could not see that I was being mistreated.

   I’m finally back to my old self, and it feels amazing. Don’t let a guy disrespect you in any way, because I promise you, his ass ain’t worth it.

Thank you all for being so patient with me and my lack of posting. My mind is clear now, I feel amazing, I’m talking to new guys, and I have plenty to share!

 I love you all so much (:



The Voice Inside Your Head Part 5

*Demon Jack Gilinsky*

Parts 1-4

 He leans against the alley wall casually, twisting a piece of lustrous black hair around his finger. He nearly blends in with the night, his black robes enveloping his statuesque body. He knows he won’t have to wait long. He saw him. And he knows his time is up.

Predictably, Jack turns into the alleyway, an irritated scowl marring his face. He isn’t in the mood for a family reunion.

“What do you want, Asmodeus?” Jack sneers, crossing his arms over his chest.

“No hello? No warm greeting for your father? I raised you better than that,” the prince of hell arches an eyebrow, his red eyes glowing against the dim surroundings.

“You didn’t raise me at all,” Jack scoffs.

“Believe it or not, I’m not here to talk about my parenting skills.”

“Of course you’re not. You’re here to ruin everything. Just like you always do,” Jack grimaces.

“I am a demon. I am one of the nine princes of hell. I’m not designed to be a nice guy, Jack. And neither are you.”

“Would you just get to the point,” Jack snaps.

“Why? Getting anxious leaving her alone with, what’s his name? Sam?” he taunts.

The point.”

“That is the point. You know you’re not supposed to interact with humans for a prolonged period of time. You’ve been here too long. You have to leave,” Asmodeus explains brashly.


You are going to leave,” he stresses.

“And if I don’t?” Jack quirks an eyebrow in a similar fashion.

“I will make you and then I will kill everyone she’s ever loved,” he says nonchalantly.

“I don’t understand why you can’t just leave me alone.”

“You can’t keep pretending to be something you’re not. You are a demon and you don’t belong here. You cause havoc and then you leave. You don’t take up residence with some girl who caught your eye in the park and then shadow her for the next 6 months. She doesn’t even want you here.”

“Things are different now…” Jack scratches the back of his neck awkwardly.

“Oh I’m sure,” Asmodeus snorts.

“I can’t just leave.”

 Asmodeus abandons his post against the wall, circling his son. He can feel all of the emotions radiating off of him. Anger. Irritation. Desperation. And some kind of variation of love that he only recognizes from encountering humans. This is not the way cambions are supposed to turn out. Something went horribly wrong along the way. He’s too human for where he comes from. There are some mundanes more wicked than him. How could this happen?

“You have a month,” Asmodeus decides.

 And then he’s gone.

 Jack stands in the alleyway by himself, a cold gust of wind tousling his black tresses. A cold sensation settles deep into his bones, chilling him from the inside out. At first glance his father’s agreement may seem generous, but he knows it’s the cruelest kind of punishment. The longer he stays the more he will grow to care for her. If he were to rip off the Band-Aid and walk away now he might come out of this without too much scarring. But instead he slumps against the wall, letting his head fall into his hands as the agonizing pain of slowly tearing off the Band-Aid begins.


“What was that about?” Sam asks as she walks back into the room, shutting the door behind her.

“I don’t know why don’t you tell me,” she scowls.

“Are you joking? Don’t get pissed at me,” Sam glowers.

“Are you joking?! You were being an ass! Who gave you the fucking right to show up at my apartment, technically uninvited I might add, and then proceed to interrogate my friend?!” she shouts in exasperation, throwing her hands up.

“Why have you never mentioned him before?” Sam arches an eyebrow, scrutinizing her.

“Since when do I owe you a report of everyone in my life? It’s none of your business who I choose to associate myself with.”

“Is he really just a friend?” Sam inquires, a weird edge to his voice.

“I don’t know, Sam. Why does everything have to have a label? Once you label something you kill its potential, you stop it from being able to grow. I don’t know what he is to me, but I do know that he isn’t stagnant. He’s just a boy I’ve spent a lot of time with that I’m seeing in a new light. And I refuse to give something so transformative a label,” she crosses her arms over her chest.

“Are we friends?” Sam stands up.

“Yeah, we’re friends,” her features scrunch with confusion.

He laughs humorlessly, his mouth twisting into an ironic grin.

“Why does everything have to have a label?”

He starts for the door, letting those be his parting words.

She watches the door click behind him, not bothering to move from her position beside the kitchen counter. She’s not even sure what exactly just happened. It’s a lot to take in. Everything is changing before she can even notice that something is different. But isn’t that how all changes happen? Day by day nothing seems different, but then you get to a point to where you look back and you realize that nothing is the same. And you have no idea how you got here.


He’s not sure how long he’s been sitting against the wall, staring at the concrete beneath him. It simultaneously feels like no time has gone by at all and a millennium has passed. A door swings open, causing him to lift his gaze to lock eyes with the boy coming through the threshold.

 “What are you doing out here?” Sam gasps, taking a step back in surprise.

“My dad is a dick,” Jack groans, rubbing his temples, “What are you doing out here?”

“I’m a dick,” Sam sighs, sinking down next to Jack.

“I attest to that,” Jack chuckles.

“Shut up man,” Sam frowns.


“Are you really?”

“Not particularly.”

Sam rolls his hazel eyes.

 As much as Jack wants to get up and walk away whilst telling Sam to kiss his ass, he knows that’s not the way to go. When he’s gone she’s going to need Sam more than she ever has before. From what he gathers, Sam has always been a steady constant in her life. She can rely on him; he’s safe and predictable.

“She loves you ya know,” Jack informs, shifting his gaze.

“Just not the way I wish she did,” Sam looks down at his hands, “I’m ‘stagnant’.”

“I think she’ll come to appreciate that in time,” Jack muses tiredly.

“Yeah? So what does that make you?” Sam counters.

“A fleeting plague from hell,” he mumbles.

“What?” Sam asks, taken aback.

“Nothing. Look, if you really do love her you’ll want her to be happy no matter what that means for you. Everything will turn out how it’s supposed to. Whatever that entails.”

“Okay,” Sam considers the statement.

Sam casts a sideways glance at the boy beside him. Everything about him is so oddly calm. It’s like he already knows how everything will unfold and something about the dark vibe leaking out of his pores tells Sam that it doesn’t work out in his favor. He’s dying on the inside, but then again he’s not fighting to stay alive either.

“I don’t get you,” Sam says out loud.

“And you never will.”

 Sam nods soundlessly, picking himself up off the ground. He gives Jack one last glance before leaving him alone where he found him.


She lies on her back staring at the ceiling. It is completely dark and silent in the apartment as time passes by indistinguishably. How long has she been lying in bed? She’s not quite sure. She doesn’t really care to know either. She’s not tired enough to sleep, so she waits. Waiting has a tendency to become tedious. She used to know the exact time of everything. 6 months, 24 days, and 17 hours. And now she doesn’t even know how long Jack or Sam have been gone. Funny how things like that change.

“Miss me?” she feels the bed dip.

“Where’d you disappear off to?” she flips onto her side to look at Jack.

“Nowhere,” he shrugs.

“You’re not going to tell me?” she huffs.


“Why not?”

“I have to maintain some air of mystery,” he grins, laughing lightly.

“Oh my god you are such a piece of work,” she groans, laughing.

“Yeah? Well so is Sam. It should be no change of pace for you,” he cocks an eyebrow.

“Think you guys will be able to play nice?” she asks.

“I’ll be fine, and I can only speak for myself.”

“He’ll get used to you,” she shrugs.

He only has to tolerate me for a month, Jack thinks.

“He’s a good friend, he really cares about you.”

“He still doesn’t own me.”

“I know, he knows, we all know. Just don’t take him for granted okay?”

“I won’t,” she looks at him oddly.

“Good. Now go to bed, it’s been a long day.

She nods in agreement, snuggling into Jack’s chest.

 He wraps his arms around her frame, letting his one hand brush through her hair softly. She sighs contentedly, her breath fanning his collarbone. He closes his eyes, relishing the moment. This is everything he’s ever wanted, but he can’t get his father’s voice out of his head.

 You have a month.

Part 6

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Baby (N.M)



|based on the request: Can you do an imagine where Nate wants a baby?|


(edit: I accidentally made the title w/ Sam’s name bc I’ve posted 4 Sam’s in a row oops I’m sorry I’ve corrected to Nate)

One of my friends has just had a baby and today I’m going to visit her and meet the baby for the first time with my boyfriend, Nate. I dragged him shopping with me to get a gift for the baby and since then, he’s been pointing out pregnant woman in public and audibly ‘awing’ every time he sees a baby.

Nate Maloley has baby fever.

“Are you ready to go, babe?” Nate calls up the stairs. I push the backing of my earring onto the stud and spray some of the perfume Nate gave me over my neck and wrists. “Y/N!”

“I’m comin’!” I yell back, playfully rolling my eyes. “No need to friggin’ yell about it!” I check my outfit over in the mirror once more before leaving the room.

I look down the stairs at my boyfriend, “Well maybe if you hurried ya ass up, I wouldn’t be yellin’!” He tries to keep a straight face but fails, his dimple protruding through his smiley cheeks. “You look great, now let’s go.”

“God, you’re so desperate.”

He raises one eyebrow and stares at me, “Excuse me?”

“You’re literally so desperate to see the damn baby.”

“What’s wrong with that?”

“The guys congratulated me on being pregnant.” I deadpan. “They think your newfound baby obsession is because I’m pregnant.”

He can’t stop himself from laughing, throwing his head back in utter shock and amusement. He claps his hands together as he laughs and when he’s done, he wipes under his eyes and let’s out a final sigh.

“Are you serious?” He asks with a smile, finally opening the front door and holding it open for me. I nod in response.

“Sam, John, Jack and Jack were arguing over who would be the best uncle.” It was pretty funny to witness because Sam was getting so worked up about it, I thought he was going to hit someone. “And Johnson then called the guys back in Omaha and a huge argument started… That’s when I told them I wasn’t pregnant.”

Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to let them all argue and ruin their friendships over an imaginary baby, but those boys sure do bring up a lot of dirt about each other.

Nate laughs again, but quietly because we’re outside, and wraps his arm around my shoulder. “So that’s why Sam was so pissed with me.”

We make our way down the 7 flights of stairs, joking and laughing about Nates baby fever and the idea of me being pregnant.

“You think I’m bad on my period? Just imagine me pregnant, babe. It’s like, ten times the amount of hormones than on my period, eating for 2, my stomach will be big, my boobs and ass will be growing, and I’ll be a moody bitch.”

I’m kind of scared of myself as a pregnant woman. My mood swings would be through the roof! We wouldn’t have to baby proof the apartment, it would already be Y/N proofed so I wouldn’t break anything in a hormonal rage.

Damn, if Nate ever knocks me up, be better watch his back.

“I could handle that.” He shrugs, dropping his arm from my shoulder and down to my waist.

“Maybe you could, but the boys would probably steer clear for 9 months.” Especially Sam.

“They’re all the youngest out of their families so they don’t know what it’s like to live with a pregnant woman.”

He’s really putting a lot of effort into what he’s saying, it’s like he planned out this conversation before it happened.

“Nate, you were a kid when your mom was pregnant with Stew.”

“I was still alive!”

“That’s different.” I argue, glancing up at his semi frustrated face. “She was your mom and she was pregnant with your brother. I’m your girlfriend and I’d be pregnant with your baby.”

His disgruntled mouth curls up into a short smile with his dimple poking through. “You’d look adorable pregnant.” His fingers dance along my hip, tucking themselves in the waist of my jeans. “The boys would spoil our kid rotten.”

“Yeah, and he or she would turn into the biggest brat of all time.”

Along with all of the presents from my family and Nates family (especially his mom because it would be her first grand baby), our baby would be a real brat who would expect everything and everything at a click of their finger.

I would honestly beat my kids ass if they were like that.

“Maybe we should have a baby and find out.” He stops walking when we get to his car, standing in front of his designated space.

“Nate, babe, I am not having a baby anytime soon.”

“But baaaaabe,” He whines, staring down at me with a pout. “We’d be the best parents ever.”

I shake my head and turn to face him. I lightly lean against the front of the car and cross my arms over my chest. “I’m 18, Nathan, I’m not going to risk losing the body I worked so hard for, just for it to be ruined and stretched out.”

“I know it’s a pretty weird request but I think we’d be really good parents, babe, and I think I’m ready for a baby.”

“Nate, listen to me okay?” I reach out and cup his jaw in my hands. “I think you need to actually think about what you’re saying right now. Babies are a lot of work! We would have to splash out cash here, there and everywhere and we’d never get any sleep. Neither of us would have any freedom to do what we want, when we want because we would have a kid that needs all of our love and attention 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

“You’re already stressed out enough with making your music and performing and travelling and you wouldn’t be home that much. I’d be looking after the baby by myself while you’re out there living your dream and that wouldn’t be fair on me or the baby.”

Nate clenches his jaw and looks down at the pavement, dropping his arms from my waist and letting them dangle loosely by his sides. He keeps his eyes hooded and refuses to look at me.

“Nate, are you okay?” I ask quietly and he just shrugs. I sigh in defeat and drop my hands from his jaw. He quickly turns around and makes his way to the drivers side, leaving me standing alone. “I guess not.” I mutter and climb into the passenger seat.“


“What’s his name?” Nate asks my friend, Myleen, as I hold her little baby boy in my arms. She hasn’t told anyone the name yet, only her and her partners family, because she wants to keep it a surprise.

“Bodhi Gage.”

“That’s really unusual,” I comment, continuing to look down at the gorgeous baby boy. “It’s very whimsical.” The name totally suits Myleen’s personality.

“He looks so much like Toby.” Nate says, looking between Myleen and baby Bodhi. “He already has the jawline, doesn’t he?”

“And the hair,” I add. He’s only a few days old and he already has a full head of hair. “He’ll have a beard in no time.”

Myleen rolls her eyes playfully, shaking her head with a little laugh. “Oh god, Victoria, you know, Toby’s mom, said that and now Toby is excited to teach his son how to shave.”

I can already see how much facial hair this baby is going to have by the time he reaches puberty. If he’s anything like his father, he’s going to be Chewbacca by the time he’s 19.

Myleen takes out her phone and snaps a quick picture of us holding her son, telling us that we look like ‘naturals’ holding him. When she says that, I can feel Nates eyes baring into my skin.

“You two look so good with a baby, it’s making my heart clench, when are you two finally gunna have one?”

I look up with a snorty laugh. “Not anytime soon, that’s for sure.”

“Aw, why not?” She whines, pouting slightly. “You both look so cute sitting with him and you’d make amazing adorable babies!” Please, can we not start this again?

Nate throws a hand into the hair in agreement and yells, “That’s what I was telling her!” I lightly hit his side and tell him to quieten down. He just rolls his eyes. “But she doesn’t want to give up her body just yet.”

“Nate, I’m 18, I don’t want to willingly have a baby just yet, I’m not ready for one. I’ve literally just become, what the law says is, an adult and I can’t even drink yet.” I argue out, adjusting the position of my arm to make Bodhi more comfortable. “Why would I want a baby when I haven’t been able to go out and party - legally - with my friends yet?”

I personally think that’s a damn good reason, but I shouldn’t have to argue or reason with anyone about this, it’s my damn body! I don’t want to carry a human inside of me and then push it out and be in pain for hours and hours at the age of 18. It’s not like I don’t want to have kids in the future, because I do, but I just don’t want to be a mom at 18.

Plus, my parents would murder me. And Nate.

“I just- I, we- fucking forget it then.”

In a huff, Nate slides off of the couch, sliding his hands into his pocket and heading towards the door. I just stare at him in disbelief.

“Nate!” He doesn’t bother replying, he just carries on walking with his head down. I carefully hand Bodhi back to his mom and make a rush for my over reactive boyfriend. “Nathan!” I grab onto his shoulder and swing him as best as I can to face me.

He refuses to look at me. I can feel his shoulder twitching under my hand, a small tic of his when he’s angry or upset, so I instantly remove it in hopes of it calming him the slightest bit down.

“Just stop, Y/N!” He yells, throwing his arms in the air. “We clearly want different things so I’m just trying to give you what you want!”

“So you’re just going to rush out and act as if I don’t exist?” He doesn’t answer. “We fucking live together, Nathan, we brought a fucking maisonette together! I think that was a pretty fucking huge step in our relationship!”

“I can always move back in with Sam and Swift, I have options.”

“Yeah, and I fucking don’t. I moved out here, for you. I have no friends out here. I’m skipping college to be here for you and you think breaking up is the best thing to do because I don’t want one thing you think you want?” He takes a step back and reaches for the car handle. “You’re really fucking selfish, Nate. Fine, lets break up and forget about every, single fucking thing I’ve ever done for you that sacrificed my own future.”

I sacrificed my entire life for him. I make every decision based on him and his schedule. I’ve skipped going to get a better education so I can be there, right by his side, to support him and his growing career. And he doesn’t seem to care.

What a fucking asshole.

His jaw clenches, along with his fists, in anger as he stares right at me, “Stop it, Y/N.”

“Stop what? Going through with another one of your decisions because that’s what you want?”

“You’re making me sound selfish.” He mumbles through his teeth.

“Because you fucking are! You’re a fucking asshole, Nate!” His eyes immediately glaze over and he stares at the ground in shame. He can’t even own up to his own mistakes and words. He’s a coward. “Fuck you, Nate Maloley.”

"Two week trial"

“Two week trial" chapter 1

He came to her with two duffel bags in each paw. She was surprised to find him outside her front door so late into the evening. His fur was tattered and bristled with his eyes low and baggy, as if he had suffered a traumatic event. She glanced down to find his pants completely soaked in water. Her brow raised as her eyes trailed down the hallway of her apartment building, to find wet footprints leading up to her door.

She heard him sigh heavily. “Can I come in?”

She stepped aside, hearing his feet slosh with each step on her carpet. She cringed seeing the mud he was tracking in. Holding her tongue and ignoring the mess, she closed the door while she watch him throw his duffle bags onto her couch.

“What happened?” she asked, concerned. Nick never visits without calling her first. It was a common courtesy. He wasn’t one to come over unannounced..

“My place flooded.” he stated dryly. He sat down on her couch, utterly exhausted. “And my landlord kicked me out thinking that it was me who caused it.”

“Oh Nick, that’s horrible!” She gasped, placing a paw over her chest. She rushed over to him, sitting down beside him as he told her what happened. “One of my pipes burst when I was sleeping and I spent the whole day trying to save as much as I can, but I only managed to grab the essentials.” He said motioning to the two duffel bags. He lost everything, his furniture, his eletronics, anything that was close to the floor was ruined by the flooding. It didn’t help that his landlord automatically put the blame on him as the cause of it. Nick knew the real reason why and it was because he was a fox.

“That jerk-” Nick muttered bitterly. “It was the rusty pipes in that old building that did it!”

“I can’t believe that happened to you Nick.” She said softly, stroking his back gently in comfort. His shoulder slumped when he stared at her. A small smile appeared across his face from her kind gesture. After all he went through, he was glad to have someone like Judy. “Did you managed to save anything important?”

He grabbed one of the duffle bags, setting it down at his feet. “Just clothes, pots and pans, DVDs and some money-” he zipped it open, revealing a bush of green cash. Her eyes almost fell out of her sockets from the amount of large bills.

“Where did you get that?” She demanded. Nick put his paws up in defense from hearing her almost accuse him of theft. He knew she would never think of him as a thief, even if she did sound like she was.
“Relax, it’s my life savings from the past decade or so, it’s a good thing I kept it in my mattress.” He grinned. Judy couldn’t even fathom the idea that Nick, kept thousands of dollars underneath his mattress.

“Nick, that is so irresponsible. Why didn’t you put this in the bank?”

“Don’t trust them.” He said swiftly. She pivoted her hips to the side, crossing her arms from his nonchalant response.

“But you trust a dirty mattress?”

“If it’s mine, then yes.”

“Nick! Some animal could have mugged you on the way over here!”

“Aww.” He cooed. “Are you worried about me, Judy?” Her eyes went down in a serious glare. His ears went back from her shooting daggers. He gave her a smirk, waving it off. “Don’t worry, as you can see, nothing happened on the way over here.”

Judy sighed, rubbing her temple. “Okay, do you know where you’re going to be staying?”

Nick turned to her, scratching at his neck. “Yeah, about that….”

“What?” She tilted her head, wondering why he was acting so strange. He was giving her a larger grin than usual. Almost as if he was about to tell her a joke.

“I was hoping I can stay here?”

She blinked, followed by a scowl. “Excuse me? I already told you I am not moving in with anyone until I’m married.” She was very adamant about that fact. Moving in is a very big step in a relationship. Nick knew it all to well. While they did have overnight sleepovers (from a long night of binge watching movies) he was asking more than an overnight stay. She crossed her arms, moving her head aside. A sign Nick didn’t want to see. It meant that the conversation was over and Judy was a hard bunny to convince after. He place a paw on her shoulder, moving his head down to lock eyes with her. Judy refused to look because she knew he would be doing his classic puppy dog look.

“Please Judy!” He begged. “I’m not asking to move in, I just need a place to stay for a week or two, just until I find a new place.” She moved his muzzle to the right, trying to catch her eyes. She turned to the left, rejecting them.

“Than stay in a hotel.”

“Do you know how expensive that is in a city like Zootopia?”

She huffed. “I think you have just enough money.”

“Whiskers please! I can’t stay in a shady hotel, let me stay here with you.”

“What about your sister?”

“You’re kidding right? Her place is too small.”

Two weeks living with Nick? Who is a complete slob, a snorer, and an insomniac? He must be out of his mind. No, she would not have it. A part of her thought that she should let him stay, it was only for a while, what will it hurt? It might be even fun! They could eat together, watch movies together once they come back from work. Spending almost 24 hours with each other. In the morning, the first thing she’ll see is Nick. It would be like a dream. She shook her head, her sensible side coming in. He was a male, which was the first problem. She only has one bathroom. Sharing a bathroom might be a bit intimate. He might leave the toilet seat up. She shivered at the thought. He was always so snooty too. He might even take a peek behind her medicine cabinet. She would die if he ever did that. If he takes a shower, his fur will cover the drain. She would gag if she sees that. Yet, on the other paw, she might catch a glimpse of a clean Nick after he showered. When still wet, his fur almost looks roughish. She blushes every time to see his neck fur out of place.
She slapped herself mentally. No, she cannot be swayed. The second problem is the obvious one, he was a slob. Everytime she visited him in his apartment, he never bothered cleaning up. His floors were always dusty, the kitchen sink full of dirty dishes and the place smelled like a locker room. Her apartment was her sanctuary. She kept things in order and with Nick in the picture, it will be a dis-order. The third is the largest problem, he is her mate. A mate looking for affection. One minute they are talking and the next he is trying to flirt. His arm around her shoulder and his lips to her ears. Whispering all sorts of compliments to her, making her insides melt. He always knew what to say, which might be a problem since he is always looking for a kiss or two….sometimes three. She bit the inside of her cheek, will it really be that bad?
She glanced up at him, seeing him smile at her. Wanting to woo her over with his charms, he wiggled his eyebrows for added measure. She held back a giggle making him cheer mentally. She could never resists the eyebrows. Judy sighed, she really couldn’t turn him away, her apartment is built for two. She would feel guilty if she says no to him, after all they went through, what’s wrong with just two weeks?

She flashed him a smile. “Okay, I guess I could let you stay here.”

Nick gave her a wink, smirking for having won. “I knew I can count on you, Whiskers.”

“But since you’re going to bum around here-”

“Bum?” His face fell, losing his confident smirk. “Isn’t that a bit harsh?” Judy placed a finger on his chest, leaning in. He stared at her as she gave him a mischievous grin, before finally responding in a low and cruel whisper.

“You have to pay half of the rent.”

He frowned, unamused. “After everything I went through, your making me pay half of the rent?” She nodded. His lips move to a respectful smile. “I think I’m finally rubbing off on you.”

“I suppose.” She said, acting unimpressed before letting out a giggle. He grabbed a handful of money from his duffle bag, placing it in her open paw.

“You’re worse than my landlord.” he teased, pressing the tip of his nose against her soft pink one. She pulled away giving him a happy grin.

“But you still love me-” she pointed out.

“I suppose.” He muttered pretending not to care. She punched him in the shoulder making him chuckle.

“Well, since you’re going to be staying, I’m going out to get groceries. I have to cook for two now.” She looped the purse over her shoulder, stuffing the was full of money inside it as she walked to her door. Nick followed. Before Judy could open the door, she felt Nick wrap his arms around her waist. She paused when she felt his chin on her shoulder, a blush forming.

“You’re making dinner for me? Great! Pick me up some fried crickets.”

Her nose recoiled. “Ew no way, plus that’s really unhealthy, all you eat is fast food. No, I’m going to make you dinner and you’ll love it, I promise!” She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, pulling away. He frowned as his arms became empty, watching Judy wave goodbye as she closed the door behind her. His arms slumped down, he was hoping to at least spend a little “quality” time with her.

He grabbed his second duffle bag, going into her kitchen. It was time to make himself more at home. He took out his burned pots and pans, opening her lower cabinet doors and placing them besides her shiny ones. He went around towards her coat closet, he knows she only kept her spare sheets there, leaving the rest of the spare space to put his shirts and pants in. He didn’t bother hanging them, he threw them inside in a large pile and shut the door. He emptied out his DVDs, placing them on top of her television, setting them up as two towers. It looked out of place since Judy kept her DVDs on a large shelf beside the television, kept behind a glass door. After tossing his bag off to the side he decided it’s the right time for him to change out of his wet clothes and take a shower.


Judy was carrying bags full of food, the most she had ever gotten. She held a large grin, skipping along the hall to her door. She was excited on cooking for someone other than herself. She usually ate by herself, it was bit lonely at times. Sitting in silence and watching a bit of tv but with Nick, she wouldn’t have to worry about being alone. She popped open the door.

“Nick! Can you help me with the bags?” She called, kicking the door close behind her.

“Sure thing cottontail.” Nick said coming to her rescue. She smiled looking up as he took half of the bags.

“Oh thank you I was-!” She stopped mid-sentence when she saw what he was wearing. He was wearing a bright red, loose t-shirt and black slacks. She had never seen him wear those type of clothes before. She was so used to his cheesy green Hawaiian shirts, she never thought he had any other type of clothes. She also noticed that Nick’s was glistening from how wet his fur was.

She blushed lightly. “You cleaned up nice.”

“You like it?” He asked coyly, raising his eyebrows. “It was the only clean clothes I had, the rest is hard and crusty from the water.”


“So I shoved them in your washer.”

“My washer?” She gasped, dropping the groceries. Her own clothes were in there. “What about my clothes?”

“I just put them together, I thought you wouldn’t mind.”

“Oh Nick no!” She rushed down the hall, towards a set of laundry doors at the left side of the wall. Nick cocked a brow as he peeked down the hall.

“What? They were dirty right? Consider it my good deed of the day.”

“I had only whites in there! The colors are going to mix!” Her eyes widened as the washer stopped. It buzzed loudly as a red light flashed on the controls signaling that it was done. She threw open the door. Her ears lowered when she took out her favorite white blouse, which was now light green from Nick’s shirts. Her white socks, pants and shirts-ruined. Stained with blotches of green. Her ears lowered and her mouth moves into a hard scowl. Nick slowly retreated back in the kitchen. This was going to be a long two weeks.
I realized that people are getting confused with the name change, this is the “sleep over” 5 chapter long story but there is another story with that name and with a similar “plot”. So to avoid confusion I changed the title.
I do hope you all enjoy this ^_^
This is unedited and many of you wanted to read it.
I will post the edited version in a reblog.

1D Preference "Those Little Moments"

(Sorry this isn’t that good, I just wanted to quickly make something. I also ran out of ideas for Zayn, don’t kill me D:
These are pretty much just random moments you and your favorite had idk)

Niall: “Y/N?” You heard a thick Irish accent behind you. You turned around in your bed to see Niall’s head poking through the door that he had opened a crack. “What are you doing up so late?” You sleepily rubbed your eyes. “I… I can’t sleep,” He shyly said, opening the door a bit more to reveal himself. He was just in his boxers, his hair disheveled. You got the idea of what he hinted at, so you made room for him, patting the spot next to you. He stepped in, turning for a moment to close the door before walking up to the bed. You pulled up the covers so he could crawl in, which he did, the heat of his body instantly warming you up in the cold room. “Thanks,” He mumbled, moving around to get comfortable. “No problem,” You smiled sleepily. He lay there, staring at the ceiling and at everything else around him. You let your eyes close, only opening them up a few minutes later to still see him awake. “Want to talk about your day?” You asked him, hoping that maybe if he talked a bit he’d drift asleep. He nodded, starting to ramble on. You listened to him talk, watching his lips form the words. You felt comfortable in his company, glad that you didn’t have to sleep alone tonight. Eventually, Niall’s eyes started to close and he just stopped talking. You felt yourself fall back asleep when you felt him latch onto you. He pressed his body against you, nuzzling his face in your neck. You were surprised by his actions but let it slide, feeling quite comfortable in this position. You found your hands trailing up to his hair, running your fingers through it.
Your eyelids grew heavy, falling asleep in his arms and your legs tangled with his.

Louis: You and your best friend, Louis, were next in line for ‘Superman.’ A huge roller coaster. You felt a bit nervous but excited at the same time. “This is gonna be so cool,” He beamed, then turned to playfully poke your side, “Bet you’ll be screaming your head off.” “Shut up, Lou,” You laughed, swatting him away, “I can handle this.” You and Louis were led to one of the seats and you sat down, buckling up. A few more people got on before the ride started to move. “Here we go,” You anticipated, kinda regretting you actually got on the ride. The ride started right away with a steep fall, causing your stomach to flip. You screamed but most of it was out of delight. Louis seemed to scream the loudest out of everyone, slightly distracting you from the terrifying heights. You laughed at his wild facial expressions. You started to feel his hand grab yours as the ride started doing twists and looptyloops. This gesture seemed to calm your nerves a bit as the ride went up, up, up a really steep incline. “I think I need new boxers,” Stated Louis, causing you to laugh. Just before the ride fell down you heard Louis yell, “Before I die, I’d like you to know I always loved you!”
At the end of the ride, you turned to Louis. He had a wild look in his eye, his hair all messed up. “Did you mean it?” You asked him. He looked down at you, a grin spreading across his face. “Yes.”

Harry: You furiously threw your stuff in a duffel bag, muttering curse words under your breath. You zipped it up and stood up. You got ready to walked out when Harry blocked you. “Get the fuck out of my way,” You spat. “No.” He clenched his jaw, trying to keep calm. “Why do you want me to stay? You don’t care anyway! Just let me go,” You tried to push past him, instead he wrapped his arms around you. “Get. Off.” You pushed him away, hurt and anger flashed in his eyes. You walked down the hallway, you felt a firm hand around your wrist. You quickly pulled it away, “Stop!” “No! Stay here,” He followed you as you briskly walked towards the door. “You’ll do just fine without me, you asshole,” You put your hand on the doorknob when he slid between you and the door. “No. I can’t do it,” He told you. “Do what?” You knitted your eyebrows together. “I can’t live without you.” You rolled your eyes, “Very cheesy, now move.” He refused to budge. “Ugh, Harry just MOVE. Let me go,” You yelled, growing more and more frustrated and angry. He kissed you, a bit forcefully, but still lovingly. You suddenly relaxed, melting into his arms. “Please, stay with me,” He breathed. “Fine, you dickhead.” You grumbled, upset you had let him win, but also a bit relieved that you didn’t have to walk out. “I love you,” He pulled you into a hug. “Whatever.” He chuckled, “I know you love me, too.”

Liam: You awoke hearing groans and whines. “Liam?” You squinted against the light coming from the bathroom. “Love, do we have any medicine for upset stomachs?” Liam asked, digging through the cabinet. “I’m not sure, want me to run to the nearest 24 hour pharmacy?” You offered, sitting up. “No, it’s okay. It’s not that bad, just go back to bed, sorry to bother you,” He mumbled, closing the cabinet door and switching of the light. “Okay… Are you sure?” You watched him sleepily walk towards the bed, clutching his stomach a bit. “Poor baby,” You cooed as he laid in bed next to you. He laid on his back as you laid on your side, resting a hand on his bare stomach. You rested your head on his chest, softly rubbing his stomach. “Thank you, Y/N. You’re helping me feel better already,” He let out a sigh of comfort. You listened to his heartbeat, falling asleep to the rhythm of his chest slowly rising and falling.

  • you're sick, and he's home with you.
  • (i'm going to do this one a little bit different, more of a description than dialogue- let me know what you think!)
  • Luke: He comes home after a long day of practice, and see's you cuddled on the couch. Both empty tissue boxes and cough drop containers litter the floor. He had been texting you all day asking if you needed him home earlier, but after many refusals he thought you were on the mend. He rushes over and begins to question you. "Y/N if I had known you were this sick I would have come home ages ago, why didn't you tell me?!" You weakly shrug your shoulders as he picks you up and brings you into the bedroom, you protest stating you don't want to get him sick. "Y/N would you just stop it already, get comfortable." He orders you as he kicks his shoes off. "I'm going to make some tea, and then I'm getting into bed. I don't want to hear anything about it."
  • Calum: "What time is it?" Calum rolls over in bed and sees the clock reads 2:04. "Babe you sound awful, please let me take you to the doctor." In between coughs you receptively say no- he knows you despise going to the Doctor's office. "Okay well you just wait here." He hops out of bed and hurries into the bathroom, bringing out a small container you have never seen before. "I have more vitamins, and cough syrups in here than you can imagine." He smiles as he starts to describe how each one works. "Okay babe, so you need to tell me what's bothering you, and we can figure out the best thing for you to take. But I'm warning you, if you aren't better by tomorrow night you're seeing a Doctor. End of discussion."
  • Ashton: "Love! Where are you? Hello!?" Ashton yells as he slams the door to your flat. "Jessica called and said you left the restaurant because you weren't feeling well, what happened?" You begin to explain that it is nothing, just a simple bug and you'll be fine. "You didn't want to worry me? She said you were so pale she tried to call an ambulance for you! How could you not call me?" You apologize but state how you know him and and the lads are working on their next album and tonight was a huge night for recording. "No, Y/N I want to be clear about something. Nothing, and I repeat nothing comes above you. Especially your health. I don't care where I am I will fly home that minuet. Please never feel as though you're bothering me. You're my world."
  • Michael: "Bloody, what is going on Y/N?" Michael yells as he gets out of bed, the sky was still dark as you laid on the bathroom floor. He asks what happened and you said you weren't feeling well, and coughing a lot- that you didn't want to disturb him so you laid down in there. "Well this is freaking ridiculous, I'm not going to have to lay on the bathroom floor because you want me to get a few more hours of sleep. I don't care whether or not I have an early TV show gig tomorrow." He then proceeds to pick you up off of the floor and carry you back to bed. "Now just lay here for me okay? I'm going out to get you something for that cough okay?" You protest greatly as it's close to three in the morning, and ask where he's even headed. "There's a 24 hour pharmacy just three blocks from here. Just lay there for me, will you?"