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I'm not one of those who blames Harry for what is happening rn, but man, I'm side eyeing the fuck out of Jeff. I dont know what restrictions Harry still has and all that, but this is some terrible shit tbh. Like, all these rumours about premiering his music before Dunkirk... that would be terrible!!! It would so undermine and overshadow his role in Dunkirk. Terrible business decision. And now the timing of this registration... it couldnt be worst tbh. I really hope Jeff knows what he's doing

I agree with you, and also, I’m going to go on a bit of a rant because I can’t not. I just honestly think everything related to Harry’s solo career is absurd right now. Harry has been almost entirely cut off from the fandom pretty much since hiatus began. I think that’s fine, and honestly, and I know we’ve all missed him, but I think Harry (possibly even more than the others) needed that time to himself. I think it gave him time to recover from such a tough schedule with One Direction, I think it gave him a break from the fan service and BS that really seemed to have burned him out, and it gave him time to focus on Dunkirk, which was obviously something outside of his comfort zone that required his full concentration. But Jesus Christ, man. This is beyond ridiculous at this point.

We’ve gotten countless media sources, celebrities, and others in the industry talking about his debut album. And because he’s not talking, all of these people and sources are talking FOR him - and we don’t even know which of the things they’re saying are correct and which are completely false. And blah blah blah yeah, obviously the media is gonna talk about solo Harry regardless, but you’re lying to yourself if you think that his team couldn’t have shut up some of the people who have run their mouths about solo Harry at this point. And if the media is going to always make claims about his future music, both true and false, why wouldn’t he just speak for himself? Why wouldn’t his team speak for him? Why have they allowed this to happen for so fucking long? And don’t even give me that bullshit about oh, they just want to keep anticipation up - because at this point, that tactic doesn’t even make sense. I honestly don’t even know how solo Harries are alive right now considering they get hyped up for his music every two days based on what so-and-so said to the media. It’s fucking EXHAUSTING and it eventually burns people out to be constantly disappointed when they’re promised that something is about to happen and then it doesn’t. I’ve seen a lot of burnout in this fandom in the last week alone on the solo Harry front, and that’s so sad to see because things could have been so different.

If they’re gonna have a dude from Columbia come out here and tell me that an album is nearly done, and then have Grimmy say he was about to hear the album, and then have a touring company registered like a tour is gonna be in the works sometime soon when they haven’t said jack shit about ANYTHING, that’s beyond frustrating to me. You don’t have to give every fucking detail but god, not even a confirmation that the album is coming? NOTHING. Nothing at all.

Louis kept up fan service pretty consistently last year and eventually dropped music. Liam posts updates about his album progress to his social media, and yeah, his album still isn’t out, but there also haven’t been fifty people saying to the press every four days that it’s almost done. Niall was active on social media and kept up fan service last year before dropping his single as a surprise. Harry has done none of that, and I’m not saying that Harry has to do it the way the other boys did, but this is….really yikes. I don’t understand what the fuck his team is playing at, I really don’t. I know that Harry is the most famous in the band and I know that his music is the most anticipated, but he is not some untouchable artist with a shitload of street cred where his album is guaranteed to top at number one. I know this fandom might want to think that’s the case, but it isn’t. He is not Beyonce with numerous successful albums and decades in the industry. He has never put out solo music, and not only that, but we don’t have even the vaguest clue as to what his solo music would SOUND like at this point because again, we’ve heard nothing from his team.

The way this is being executed screams lazy and arrogant to me, and Harry is neither of those things, so I want to know what the deal is. To have this buildup for over a year with everyone else talking about it except for the people whose voices count the most and just expecting fans to be there, still waiting and ready and foaming at the mouth whenever you choose to drop music even though you never bothered to say anything about it….that doesn’t rub me the right way at all, I’m sorry. And listen, knowing this fandom and how much solo Harries have stayed pumped, it might work for them, it, but god, that is just….I don’t understand how people can respect that method of doing things. Us, the fans, as future consumers of his music, as the people who ensured that Harry is in the position he’s in today, deserve better than this. I know that fandom entitlement is a thing and we don’t deserve a lot of things that we think we deserve, but are people really gonna try to act like having confirmation of an album from Harry or his team is asking too much? Wanting some respect, and some clarity, and some basic fucking facts (for example: Are you coming out with an album? When is it coming out?) for Harry’s FIRST SOLO ALBUM EVER after over a year of almost complete silence from him (and silence about his future plans long before that) is perfectly reasonable, especially considering how much we’ve been jerked around about Harry’s solo career for like five years now, and quite frankly, anyone trying to suggest otherwise is fooling themselves. Harry’s team may not be able to control everything the media or other artists do or say about solo Harry, but they can (or at least, you would think they would be able to) control their own behavior, and at least so far, it seems like they’re just letting everybody else do the work for them (and do it messily at that, considering how many lies and ridiculous speculation has been published and passed around over the past year or so).

I’m just really frustrated because I don’t understand why his team is doing this and why they’re giving this impression of not knowing what they’re doing (e.g. the Full Stop website) or just not caring (e.g. [the metric for success] “is just existing”). With a lot of the Louis bullshit, even without knowing the exact details of what’s going on, you can usually figure out quite quickly that a) they’re actively trying to fuck him over and b) why they’re actively trying to fuck him over. The involvement of the stunts tainting everything Louis does also makes the intentions of his team clear (though no less infuriating). But this stuff with Harry? I don’t understand it and can’t even begin to imagine why things are being done this way. I don’t think it’s fair to the fans and I think it’s doing a huge disservice to Harry, his music, and if the rumors about when he’s dropping the music are correct, his acting career. I just really, really hope that there’s a huge change soon because I’m really cringing at what I’m seeing so far. I wish I understood any of this, but I don’t and watching it all happen is exhausting.

Alright, some of my word vomit is out. If people disagree with me, that’s fine, but this is my opinion. And no, I don’t think negatively of Harry or anything like that, I’m just not pleased with how things are being handled by his team (just as I’m not pleased with how Louis’ team is doing things) and I need to voice that.

EXO react when their kid hits them in the nuts

yeah this is weird but i’m weird af so it’s okie :)

Sehun:*screamed when his kid accidentally threw a ball at his balls but turned the scream into a high note so his kid laughed and didn’t feel bad that he caused immense damage to his dad’s genitalia*

Kai:*he’s so great with kids that when his son threw a toy at his crotch he hid the pain in his eyes, blinked the tears back and laughed along with his smiling child bc he a gr8 dad ok find a better one*

Tao:*silently wiped tears away after his daughter launched a water bottle at him, hitting him right in the nuts. He turned to you with the saddest look on his face you’d ever seen and said:*

“Y/N in the unlikely event my balls can still produce kids after this ordeal, and as much as I love this one, we are not having more”

D.O:*his kid was sitting on his lap and whilst trying to get comfy accidentally punched him in the crotch. He turned round, smiling through the pain, to see you laughing uncontrollably as you’d had full view of the whole thing*

Chanyeol:*you heard him yelling from three rooms away, and when you went in to see what the hell the problem was you saw Chan lying on the floor cry-laughing whilst your son was standing looking down at him in bewilderment, not aware he’d just kicked his dad right in the nuts*

Chen:*y’all were on a family trip out and it was bloody freezing, so Jongdae opened his coat for his daughter to snuggle into. Only she may have wacked him in the balls whilst doing so, but since you were in public he couldn’t make noise so he stood there with this face for like ten minutes trying to recover*

Baekhyun:*was being attacked by your two sons, one trapping him in a headlock the other trying to tickle him but accidentally elbowing him in the nuts instead. You watched the whole thing in amusement and pride that you were raising two kids that could defeat Byun Baekhyun*

Lay:*loves his daughter to death but even his patience was wearing thin with her when she’d decided it would be hilarious to try and punch her dad in the crotch. Once she succeeded he lifted her up, placed her on your lap and left the room to go recover*

“Papa’s leaving it’s mother-daughter bonding time now”

Suho:*your daughter was having a tantrum and was throwing toys and books around her room, whilst Junmyeon was trying to calm her sassy ass tf down. However he happened to be in range of the next book that came flying through the air, the edge just hitting him in the nuts and he winced in pain*

“I’m fine :)”

Kris:*despite the ungodly pain, he was quick to forgive his daughter when she hit him right in the nuts with a toy, since it was an accident and you admired how well-natured he is with her top dad no.2 here*

Luhan:*a total drama queen when his daughter punched him in the balls by accident, and he spent the day contemplating everything*

Y/N:“Lu you’ve been staring into space all da-”

L:“Shh a great mind is at work here”

Xiumin:*he’s so patient and good-natured that he barely reacted when your son elbowed him in the nuts whilst climbing all over his lap. He simply flinched and continued playing with him bc super dad 3.0 lol as you giggled at the whole thing*

I don’t own the gifs, credit to respective owners

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PREV: Keith and the kids got into an accident. (Satan’s and Satan Jr’s ask)

[The Voltron Family] Shiro drove his family back home and the whole time he was holding Keith’s hand, to which his husband found to be so extra. Their kids just giggled at the back. The kids recovered quickly and went back to school after a week. Keith was somehow still struggling to move in a first few weeks because of his broken ribs and Shiro took a month off to take care of him.

Keith: You didn’t have to do this, Shiro. Just go back to work. *groans*
Shiro: But who’s going to take care of you? Rejected.
Keith: It’s not like I’m going anywhere. *rolls eyes*
Shiro: Keith, please, let me… *rubs Keith’s hand* I just—
Keith: *cups Shiro’s face* Babe, I’ll still be here in this bed when you get home.
Shiro: *nuzzles Keith’s hand* But what if you need something and no one’s home? *looks sadly at Keith*
Keith: I’m a big boy, Takashi. *huffs* Don’t underestimate me. *smiles sadly* Hey, I’m not just gonna disappear and—
Shiro: *whispers* I almost lost you. *sobs*
Keith: *pulls Shiro into a hug* *starts rubbing his back for comfort* There, there. It’ll take a whole fleet of alien warships to kill me. *chuckles* Even then, I’ll keep coming back to life because there’s no way I’m going to let other people suffer from your stupid lame unfunny puns.
Shiro: Now you’re just being mean. 
Keith: *gives Shiro a peck on the lips* Go back to work on Monday, yeah?
Shiro: Only because you asked nicely. *slowly smiles*
Keith: Good. Now get out of here! *pushes Shiro away* Get the kids from school. I need to resume my one month of beauty rest.
Shiro: Fine. *smiles fondly* *stands up and then leans down to give Keith a kiss on the lips* I’ll be back, Sleeping Beauty. 

The whole time Keith was recovering, Lance, Pidge and Hunk spent a lot of time with him in bed. Mostly Hunk because he loved to cuddle his Daddy Keith the most and sometimes he would tell Keith a story he wrote on his own. 

Lance and Pidge would always help Shiro bring the trays that contained Keith’s food, until the day Keith can finally move and eat in the dining room, to which Lance would hold his Daddy Keith’s hand—in case he fell he’d gladly catch him. Shiro found it amusing but he knew Keith appreciated the sentiment anyway. Pidge kissed her Daddy Keith a lot recently and Shiro later soon found out that she read somewhere that kisses made people feel better, Shiro could’ve sworn his heart almost burst into extreme fondness towards his youngest daughter. 

One day, Keith was finally fully recovered. He grabbed his car keys when Shiro blocked him and snatched up the keys from him.

Shiro: Where do you think you’re going?
Keith: Uh, I’m going to do some groceries? We’re out of powdered milk and you know how the kids love their milk—
Shiro: Uh, no, sweet pea. I’ll do that for you. Just give me a list—
Keith: *glares* Shiro. Give me back my car keys.
Shiro: No.
Keith: Care to tell me why? *crosses arms*
Shiro: You’re not allowed to drive.
Keith: *shifts his weight* And why is that so?
Shiro: Just to refresh your memory… *looks pointedly at Keith* …in case you forgot, you just got into a car accident—
Keith: —which wasn’t really my fault—months ago. Give. Me. Back. My. Keys. Or so help me.
Shiro: *adamant* No. *hides the keys*
Keith: *groans* Nothing is going to happen to me, except get the powdered milk that we need.
Shiro: No.
Keith: I can drive myself to the store. It’s not even that far!
Shiro: I’ll drive you there. *grabs Keith’s wrist*

They were inside Shiro’s car on their way to the grocery store. Keith was in the passenger seat, brooding, arms crossed in annoyance.

Shiro: Keith…
Keith: When are you going to let me drive, Takashi? *grumpy*
Shiro: …when you get your license back.
Keith: What? *shakes his head in confusion* But I have—

Keith quickly fished out his wallet and lo and behold, his driver’s license was missing! He looked back at his husband…

Keith: YOU TOOK MY LICENSE??!!! *gasping in disbelief*
Shiro: *guilty* I did, I did. I’m sorry, but I had to or else—
Keith: I’m not completely stupid and helpless, Shiro. You know that.
Shiro: I know, but like, I just want to prevent another car accident. *turns his head to look at Keith*
Keith: There will be another one if you can’t keep your eyes on the road.
Shiro: Sorry! *chuckles* I can’t help looking at you—
Keith: Stop flirting with me while you’re driving! Oh my god!
Shiro: I’ll stop now. *laughs harder*
Keith: So does this mean you’re going to drive me to work then? *raises an eyebrow*
Shiro: *turns his head again to look at Keith* YES.
Keith: *pushes Shiro’s face towards the front* Eyes on the road, sweet pea.

It had always been Shiro’s dream to drive his family to school and work. First they drop off the kids to their schools. The kids kissed them goodbye before they leave the car and Shiro saw how much that made Keith smile whenever someone said “Bye, Daddies! Love you two! See you later after school!” Keith was the last Shiro had to drop off.

Keith: *unfastens his seatbelt* Alright, thanks for—
Shiro: *pulls Keith into a deep kiss* 
Keith: *smiles and kisses back*
Shiro: *separates himself* *gives Keith one last peck* Okay, have a good day back at work.
Keith: Will try. *smiles* *opens the door*
Shiro: Keith, wait! *pulls Keith back again for another kiss* Sorry. *chuckles*
Keith: Sap. *rolls his eyes* I seriously need to go, babe. 
Shiro: Okay. *gives Keith what he swears is his last peck*
Keith: Shiro, I’m serious. 
Shiro: Okay, okay. Go now before I do something else. *laughs*
Keith: *leaves and closes the door* *leans down to the window* Pick me up at 4, yeah?
Shiro: Yeah. *smiles* *waves* Bye, love you. 
Keith: *smiles* Love you, too. Text me when you get to work. Drive safely!

Shiro just smiled as he saw Keith enter the tall building. He could honestly get used to this. Maybe he should just keep Keith’s driver’s license permanently?


The years apart had changed many things, but not Gabriel’s obsession with Jack’s scent or their feelings for one another, something that they’re both reminded of when Jack is unexpectedly hit with his first heat for years.

In the same setting as ‘Scenting’. ‘Mi Corazon’, ‘Te Amo’ and ‘Toce Me.’

Disclaimer: As always Overwatch and its amazing characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

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Poetry and Panties

Word count: 1,824

Warning: smut, blowjob, fingering, fluff!

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Summary: It’s your one year anniversary with Cas and the night starts off really lovely and cute but then things get heated in a competition to come before the pizza arrives.

Tags:   @badwolfy08

A/N: Thank you everyone for 100 followers! This is the celebration fanfic, and if you don’t like the smut, the fluff is at the start which is pretty cute so I hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by weallneedcastiel

Tonight you had something special planned for you and your boyfriend Cas. It was your 1 year anniversary, but you two had been best friends for long before that because you had been hunting with the Winchesters since before Cas arrived. Cas had been an amazing best friend and boyfriend for the past year but you hadn’t got a lot of date nights due to the release of Amara and Cas being possessed by Lucifer for a while, and you didn’t need date nights as per say but you always enjoyed spending a night alone with Cas.

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Our Hero

Fic Request: 
“Could you make a fic with MarkxEthanxReader and/or MarkxEthanxTyler where the reader gets badly injured and taken to the hospital? Sorry if its a bit sad but I was thinking like a car accident or something? I dunno just in this weird mood and itching for something sad”

Originally posted by fandomqueen18

The dinner was lovely, a lot of laughs as was expected when you went out with Tyler, Mark and Ethan. 
You were outside, distracted by the conversation you all were embedded in. 
None of you were in a hurry to get home, and it was a nice night out. You didn’t really want to go home yet. You were having to much fun.
A young couple passed around the four of you, thanking Tyler when he opened the door for them. 
You politely smiled at them and the four of you moved away from the door, still chatting. 
But then a flash of lights caught your attention and you looked over to the road. 
The couple were crossing the road, the traffic had stopped by the red lights but a single car surged forward. 
“Hey! Look out!” You rushed forward, sprinting towards them and grabbing the two by the scruffs of their shirts and yanking them out of the way. 
But you weren’t fast enough. The lights blinded you, there was no pain as the hood of the car slammed into you. 
But you felt it, like a brick wall crashing into you and sending you flying across the road. Your body skidded on the ground, the car rushing over you, barely missing your head with its wheels. 
You came to a stop near the other side of the road, the momentum taking you into the gutter.
The ringing in your ears drowned out any other sound. But your blurred vision caught sight of three figures sprinting towards you. 
They fell to their knees around you. Their voices mixing in with the fading drumming in your ears. 
“Oh my God, (Y/N)?” You heard Mark call out to you. “Hey, come on, talk to me. (Y/N)!” 
You felt a hand grip yours. Ethan checked for a pulse, confirming you were alive through trembling lips. 
Tyler was on the road, waving cars to stop and somewhere people were rushing over, phones in hands, calling the authorities. 
“Oh no, is she alright?” Someone asked. 
“Is she still breathing?” 
“Did anyone get that car’s number-plate?” 
Ethan stood, pushing the people away from your twisted form. Mark moved closer, cutting you off from the crowd that was beginning to gather. 
“Mark..?” You finally found your voice. It was small, barely above a whisper. 
“Hey, hey, it’s alright, I’m here.” Mark said, his hand hovering above your face. He was terrified of touching you. How hurt were you? Could he move you? No, moving you would only make things worse. 
Mark settled with holding your hand gently in his. “(Y/N) keep talking to me. Keep your eyes open.” 
“The…The couple, are they…are they alright?” It pained you to talk. Mark could see it in your eyes. 
He nodded, looking over at the two teenagers that were helping Tyler direct the traffic. 
“They’re ok. Thanks to you,” He told you. It took almost all of his strength to keep his expression calm and his voice still. 
He didn’t dare look down over your body. He knew that would break him. 
“Just keep your eyes on me,” Mark told you. “Come on, where’s all that energy you had before, huh? You wouldn’t shut up about that new book you got today.” 
You managed a smile. A curl of your lips that was slow in process and a little tiring to complete. 
“Says the man…who hasn’t stopped talking about…Subnautica.” You grimaced as a tremor of pain washed over you. 

Mark stroked your hair, hushing your groans as Tyler hurried over. He looked pale, almost worse than Mark. 
“How is she?” Tyler asked, crouching down beside you. 
Mark shook his head but you were the one to reply. “I’m..alright, Tyler.” 
Your voice wretched at the men’s chest. “The ambulance is on its way.” Tyler informed the two of you. “They’ll fix you up, don’t worry.” 
“What happened to the driver?” Mark asked, his voice turning bitter. 
“Gone,” Ethan appeared beside him. “A few people got sight of his number-plate. The police are coming as well, they’ll catch him.” 
“Good,” The two older men said together. 
Ethan sat by your head. Carefully brushing your hair off your face. 
“You’ll be ok,” He told you. You caught the tremble in his voice and you tried to smile reassuringly at him. 
“I live with you…idiots.” You said, “Of course I’ll be fine.” 
Just as unconsciousness took you, bright red and blue lights flashed across the street and the siren followed you into the black abyss. 

A little bonus a few months after; when you’ve recovered. 

“(Y/N), shut up! You don’t know anything about chocolate! You don’t deserve this!” 
“I got hit by a car saving two teenagers life! I damn well deserve that chocolate, Mark!” 
It’s now your excuse for everything.

Off The Menu

The kitchen was too small for two chefs: especially when one was an arrogant flirt who was after HER job.

Also on FF.NET and AO3

@chasingawaythefoosa wanted a chef au. Part of my series of tropey fics that I’m currently working on (open for more prompts for a little longer).

I got totally carried away and this ended up 4.7k. Oops.

Killian Jones had a lazy smirk, perfectly disheveled hair, questionably tight dark jeans and a way of undressing you with his eyes that was all too appealing when one’s guard was down. Not that Emma Swan ever let her guard down around him. From the moment she met him she saw him for what he was: an arrogant skirt chaser who was also chasing her job.

When Archie Hopper, head chef and owner of ‘Archibald’s’ had announced that he would be taking on a another sous chef, Emma had been furious. She’d spent three years working her ass off to climb the hierarchy at Boston’s best French restaurant, sacrificing anything resembling a social life to achieve her dream of culinary success. Six months ago when she had been promoted to second in command she’d been elated.

The next step would be her own kitchen. She knew if she continued to show her dedication that Archie would notice; he’d already hinted about opening another restaurant and she knew she had a shot at the head chef position.

But when Archie had formally revealed the opening of another outlet on the other side of town, instead of looking to hire (or promote) another executive chef, he instead employed a second sous chef to work at the original restaurant and began to split his time between the two businesses. Which was completely demoralizing when she was the one who should be in charge. To make matters worse her new ‘co-chef’ (as Archie had called them) was an arrogant Brit who thought he knew everything about French cuisine;‘I’m European, darling,” he would drawl.  In addition, he was an incorrigible flirt and he spent far too much time with the waitresses - and waiters.

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Any fic where they are marines?

heres what I found

Government property by prettyboy_bucky

Steve accidentally harms government property.
And Bucky’s boss is not happy.

I’m a hurricane by burning_brighter (WIP)

Steve Rogers is a recovering war veteran who is now a New York City firefighter. He tricks everyone into thinking he’s doing just fine but he still wakes up in the middle of the night, kicking and screaming, so he paints what he dreams in hope it will help him get better.
Bucky Barnes is a broken veteran who doesn’t remember what happened to him after he got blown up in Afghanistan two years ago. When he finds himself at the VA for a group session led by Steve, he thinks maybe recovery won’t be that hard if he has that man by his side.

Manalainen by rohkeutta

If you get hurt, hurt them back, he thinks as he steels himself for another leap towards the next building, recalling Steve’s orders to another set of Marines on Project Oneiros. It feels like a lifetime ago. If you get killed, walk it off.

I’m fucking walking it off, alright.

Sort-of-prequel to Mesmeria.

Stolen hearts

Originally posted by aleclightwoodaily

GIF not mine

Alec Lightwood x Reader 

Warnings : break downs , crying , yelling 

     Alec was your best friend , from the moment when you two meet you were always together and you living at the Institute after your mum and dad died it was perfect for you two to became even closer . You got on very well with Izzy too and the three of you had an unbreakable bond until Jace appeared and Alec started to spent more time with him than with you and Izzy  . Jace and Alec became parabatai , but you and Izzy didn’t as you thought that it was better not to , it scared you to think that you were bond with someone like that , and it was ok , not everybody gets a parabatai .

     Childhood went away and so did all the funny things , your feeling for Alec grew a lot but when you saw that he is not noticing you no matter what you did you said that it was better to leave it that way instead of trying to tell Alec how you feel . You spent three years of your life thinking about you and Alec just to find out that he likes boys . It was a shock for you when you saw him kissing Magnus but you were happy for him because you saw how happy he was whenever Magnus was around . 

     You were at Magnus’ loft and waited for the Alec , Jace and Izzy to get Clary there so they will summon a demon . 

     “ You know it’s funny how I have been waiting for three years to hear Alec telling me that he loves me and then you appeared and he his head over heels with you , I mean how funny this life can be ?” You said and Magnus came by your side , he looked you in the eyes trying to see if you’re lying or not .

     “ Alec talks a lot about you , but I don’t know if he feels the same way towards you but I think that you should be by his side for a while . We just broke up in the morning and I wouldn’t want to see him suffering and having no one by his side . “ Magnus said and a tears slid down his cheek .

     You couldn’t ask Magnus why they did broke up because your friends entered and you were ready to face the prince if hell that they were going to summon .

     As Magnus said Alec was sad , actually he was broken and you tried to help him as much as you could but he wouldn’t let you do it , it was pissing you off .

     After 3 months of constantly seeing Alec broken you decided that you have had enough and that he is going to get fine starting today .

     “ Alec , get out of that room now or I’m coming in !” you said but Alec didn’t showed up . You slowly entered into the room to see him curled into his bed , with one of Magnus shirts in his arms and his beautiful blue eyes red and bloodshot . 

     “ Come on Alec , you have to get up , it passed so much time ! Magnus moved on so why are you still crying over someone that doesn’t cares about you anymore ?” you voice boomed in the silent room . Alec looked at you as his eyes weren’t sparkling as they would usually do .

     “ Why do you even care ?” he asked his voice hoarse from all the crying .

     “ Because you are my friend ad I don’t like to see you like this . I have feelings for you Alexander and it pains me to see you like this Alec ! Please , Alec ! I know it’s hard but we all need you and we just want to see you smile again , even if it’s fake ,we want just one little thing to tell us that you’re trying to recover . “ you sat at the verge of his bed , your hand caressing his cheek slowly , running trough his hair occasionally “ We all need you Alec and you know this .” you said and bent down to kiss his cheek . “ I’m going to bring you something to eat and after this we are going too kill some demons .” you smiled and him and it just brought a smile on his face to .

     With a little bit of help from you and the others Alec recovered and he was again his normal self , you liked the fact that he was fine now , but you didn’t liked that he became a player . Every night another girl will pass trough his bed and it pained you to hear all that moans and grunts . You were hurt so you started to ignore Alec and to spend a lot of time avoiding him .

     “ Would you tell me what your problem is ?” you heard Alecs voice behind you , as you were trying to train .

     “ I don’t have an problem Alec .” you said gathering your things , not looking at him .

     “ Really ? Because all that you have been doing lately was to avoid me like an idiot and I don’t get why are you doing this.” he said , his words hurting you . You turned around , looking him in the eye while you were crying .

     “ You don’t even realize how much you are hurting me now ! You want to know why I was avoiding you ? Fine , I will let you know ! I was avoiding you because it pains me to see you with all that hickeys on your neck , it pains me to hear all those moans and grunts coming from your room every night , it pains me to see how you are acting around girls now and how you treat them like shit . It pains me because you freaking stole my heart Alexander ! You stole my heart years ago and all that I’ve got for you was getting even more hurt than how much I have been lately . I love you Alec ! I love you with everything I have but it seems like I was never important to you !” you said and ran out the training room straight to your room . You shut the door after you and collapsed on the bed crying . 

     A while later you heard the door being opened again and Alec entered into your room . He sat on the bed and brought you in his arms .

     “ I never knew that you are feeling this way towards me .” he said whipping off your tears and kissing your forehead . “ You stole my heart a long while ago , but I never got the guts to tell you (Y\N) ! I love you more than everything on Earth and I’m sorry for hurting you .  Alec said and his lips found yours , you were happy to be finally with him and nothing else mattered . Just the two of you and your kiss .

The guys who sees fem s/o’s boyfriend cheating on her (WIP)

“Let’s say the guys have a crush on a girl who already has a boyfriend. What would they do if they saw the boyfriend cheating on her?”

Me: This won’t be a long post, i have other asks to work on, and i have to get this done in a couple of hours 

also me, after entire day of writing: shit 

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Chance Encounter [BOTW Link/Reader]

Title: Chance Encounter
Pairing: BOTW Link/Reader [you]
Summary: By some blessing from Hylia, you are able to save the young man from being killed by moblins. But soon, you’re struck by some sense of familiarity.

Previous BOTW fics:
Sidon: Unbearable Distance [pt1] & A Time for Us
Revali: Acrophobia

A/n: ay-yo! this was intended to be a response to a request where link is hurt and mc cares for him, but i’ll probably do another one to fit that more specifically. anywho. i hope this is still enjoyable and i highly encourage your feedback if you do enjoy it!

requests still open!

It was by the blessings from Hylia and the cover of torrential rainfall that you could drag the young man’s unconscious body from the beaten path to the safety of the nook carved into a wall of stone. You had been observing him from a distance for most of that evening, behavior customary to those who made their home in the crevices of rock. He had fought against the moblins valiantly, relentlessly and with a flare of something wild. 

Still, a horde of moblins versus one ill-equipped man almost never boasted a victory to the latter. Often times, the daring travelers were killed and hastily devoured by the moblins before they moved onto next, birthing an opportunity for you to collect supplies and weapons slick with red and absolutely acrid, remnants of tattered clothing trampled into the dirt.

You would be lying to yourself if you claimed those sights never haunted you at night while a haze of red seemed to drape itself across Hyrule like a thick veil.

Still, you couldn’t explain what compelled you to help the young man. A force beyond your comprehension, perhaps divine guidance from Hylia? 

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Anon wanted Klance based on this post. Hope you like it! 

Lance had people telling him all week “you sound like you got yourself a nasty cold”, yet he didn’t feel it. Sure he had been constantly stifling sneezes at work, and maybe his voice was a little raspy thanks to coughing at all hours of the night, but he felt fine. More than fine, really. He felt great despite the persisting symptoms, so when Keith texted and asked for a date night on Friday, he happily agreed.

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Message (Mis) Sent

@asexualdex said something about Bitty accidentally sexting Bob instead of Jack, and this happened.


Me: Hey baby. I miss you so much.
Me: I’ve been thinking about you all day.
Me: Been thinking about your hands, and your lips. Your beautiful ass.
Me: Just thinking about you got me so hot I had to take off everything but my socks.
Me: I miss your hands [picture of Bitty’s hand on his clavicle, a hint of his chest and his little cheeky lip bite]
Me: are you there, sweetheart

Bitty’s phone rings in his hand and it startles him so badly he almost throws it across the room. The lingering arousal leaves him in a rush when he sees Mr Jack’s Dad on his caller ID. He fumbles the phone slightly in his attempt to answer, throwing the sheet over himself and fearing irrationally that somehow Bob will hear it in his voice that he’s naked.

“Hel-hello, Mr Zimmermann,” comes out sounding too high and Bitty winces before continuing. “Is everything alright?” Now that he’s thinking about it, he’s worried; he talks to Jack’s parents semi regularly, but it’s unusual for one of them to call out of the blue.

“Eric, it’s Bob, you know that, son,” Bob is sincere and jovial, as always, and it eases the growing knot in Bitty’s stomach. “And I was going to ask you the same thing, kiddo. I saw a whole bunch of message notifications from you pop up, so I thought I’d call to make sure everything was okay.”

Bitty’s stomach drops. He was texting Jack-sexting him- he hadn’t sent any messages to— oh, shit! Oh no!

When he manages to stop gaping noiselessly, he sounds like he’s swallowed a bug. “Messages? I didn’t, um. Oh, gosh. I was uh, texting Jack. Or, at least I thought I was, but I must have opened the wrong thread. I’m sorry to worry you, Mr- uh, Bob. They were just silly little things. You can go ahead and delete them, don’t even have to look at ‘em really. Just delete them and don’t even worry about it. I am sorry to have bothered you though. But you can just delete that whole conversation, Bob. Just, all of it, really.” He’s out of breath and absolutely mortified, he can feel the heat of a full blush on his cheeks and creeping down his chest.

Bitty has never wished to be swallowed up by a sinkhole quite so badly in his entire life.

Bob chuckles. “That sure was a lot of words, son. I’m glad everything’s alright.”

Bitty takes a deep breath and feels his heart slowing from a sprint to a gallop. “Just fine, Bob. Thanks for checking in, I’ll be seeing you and Alicia at Jack’s game next month, right?”

“We’ll be there! Oh, and Eric? It’s nice to see that Jack’s eye for photography is rubbing off on you.”

Bitty can hear the chirppy grin in Bob’s voice, and as he tries to splutter out a reply, he hears Bob laugh a goodbye and hang up, but it sounds echoey and far away through his embarrassment. He stares at the now black phone screen in shock for several long moments.

When he recovers, he dials Jack in a panic.

“Allo, mon couer,” Jack sounds happy, and it makes Bitty smile. “What’s up, Bits?”

Bitty can’t find his words, he stutters a few nonsensical sounds, and Jack sounds worried when he asks “What’s wrong, baby? What can I do to help?”

That breaks Bitty’s silence, but he still hasn’t thought his words through, so what comes out is a wailed “I sexted your dad! On accident! I think we have to break up, or move, or just never see your parents again!”

There’s silence and Bitty is suddenly afraid. Until he realizes that it’s not actually silent; Jack is laughing so hard he’s barely breathing.

“Jack Laurent Zimmermann! Are you laughing at me!” Bitty can only hold onto his indignation a moment, Jack’s hysterical laughter proves to be catching, and soon they’re both laughing.

When they calm down enough to speak again, Bitty asks “Jack, what am I going to do? I can’t ever look him in the eye again!”

“Bits, it’ll be fi-” a beep interrupts Jack’s reassurance, and there’s a chirp in his voice when he comes back with “Uh, so Papa says to ask you about your photography?”

Bitty makes a distressed sound and Jack starts laughing loudly again. Bitty hangs up.

itty-bitty-baby-face  asked:

for the drabble game gibbs and love ❤️

“Jethro, you can’t just stick me with desk work.” You challenged the Marine. “I’m fine now. I can take care of myself.”

Gibbs didn’t bother to look at you. No way was he allowing you to go out in the field while you were probably still recovering. “No.” He answered simply.

You let out a frustrated sigh, hands coming up to wipe over your face. This was one of the things you could live without; Jethro’s stubbornness. “Why not? If it was Tony who got shot, you’d be letting him work by now.”

“You’re not DiNozzo.” Gibbs stated, finally looking up to face you. And your glare did nothing to faze him. “I’m not going to risk losing you again until I know you can handle it.”

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Hello Detective Chapter 57 (Sherlock imagine)

masterlist  Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7   Part 8   Part 9   Part 10   Part 11   Part 12   Part 13   Part 14   Part 15   Part 16   Part 17   Part 18   Part 19   Part 20   Part 21   Part 22   Part 23   Part 24   Part 25   Part 26  Part 27  Part 28  Part 29 Part 30  Part 31  Part 32  Part 33   Part 34   Part 35   Part 36   Part 37   Part 38   Part 39   Part 40      Part 41   Part 42   Part 43   Part 44   Part 45   Part 46   Part 47   Part 48   Part 49  Part 50   Part 51  Part 52   Part 53    Part 54  Part 55   Part 56  Part 57 Part 58 Part 59 Part 60

You had finally returned to your flat after a few more fast paced cases with Bass. Most of them in Russia and Europe. You felt like you hadn’t taken a breath since you started. You and Bass had been working together for nearly a year now, and you made surprisingly great partners. You had barely unpacked your bag when you heard your doorbell ring and Bass’ voice over the intercom.

“Y/N, it’s me. Gonna let me up?” He asked.

You sauntered over to the intercom and pressed your finger to the button to reply.

“Should I?” You asked.

“Me ringing the bell is really just a formality. You and I both know I could pick this lock in 5 seconds.” He jokes.

“Yes, well you’ve always been slow. The inconvenience is tempting though.” You joked, finally pressing the buzzer to let him in.

Before he made it up the stairs you took your letters to Sherlock out of your duffel bag you were unpacking and stuffed them into a drawer on your TV stand. You were better. Nearly a year and a half had passed and you were able to say his name now without breaking down. You thought that was progress. Your life just felt empty now, even though you were barely alone.

When you were in London between assignments you had tea with Mrs. Hudson at least once a week. She hadn’t let 221B out, and you couldn’t bear to possibly enter it. You’d met John once for lunch since, and he was clearly still not okay. Compared to him you were doing well. Of course he had no idea what you were doing now, though he did know you had quit your job at Scotland Yard. You tried to keep an eye on him, but you were so busy. You had found out that he was seeing someone now and it was pretty serious. You were happy for him. As for you, not much had changed. You worked. It was the one thing you could do to keep your mind off of him.

Bass walked through the door, and after a snide remark about the state of your flat, he made his way over to the couch.

“You know what we need to do tonight?” He asked, putting his feet up.

“Remove your feet from my coffee table?” You asked, and he huffed and moved them back onto the ground.

“We need to go out tonight. Maybe a pub or something?” He said and you rolled your eyes.

“You’ve got nothing better to do than take a recovering alcoholic to a pub?” You asked.

“Well you don’t have to drink, but I need to.” He whined.

“Fine, but we should go now, I’ve got things to do and I’m not staying out all night with you.” You argued.

“I know just the place.” He stood, grabbed his coat, and lead you outside. You both hopped in a cab and headed to the pub. You were okay being around alcohol, and you would probably be okay drinking it. It just brings you back to a bad time in your life, one that you don’t want to remember or repeat.

“No, no, no a blonde drug smuggler who was exposed by an abbot with unusual powers of observation and deduction.” You heard as you entered through the door of the pub, Bass behind you.

“A blonde woman hiding amongst bald monks, that wouldn’t exactly take Sherlock Holmes.” You heard another voice return and quickly whipped around.

“Y/N?” Anderson asked, and your eyes grew wide in surprise.

“Anderson? Greg?” You asked, surprised to see them both here.

“God, how’ve you been?” Greg asked, hugging you.

“Busy.” You smiled, Charles now standing next to you.

“Who’s this?” Anderson asked politely. He had really let himself go: overgrown hair, beard, frumpy sweater. He must have gone downhill after he was fired from the Yard.

“Charles Bass. Friend of Y/N.” He smiled, shaking their hands.

“Colleague.” You corrected him.

“It’s been nearly a year, I think we can be considered friends now.” He joked, and you smiled to him.

“Charles this is my old boss Greg Lestrade, and an old colleague Phillip Anderson.” You formally introduced them.

“So you’re doing well. New job and all. What exactly do you do?” Greg asked.

“We kill people for money.” Charles said casually, and you laughed, panicking inside.

“He’s joking, of course. We work at the Natural History Museum. I run tours and we work on restorations and curations.” You smiled and lied.

“That sounds interesting, I didn’t know you were interested in that kinda stuff.” Greg smiled politely.

“Lifelong passion of mine.” You smiled, looking down to the table and the map Anderson had been showing Lestrade.

“What’s this?” You asked more seriously now. You heard the conversation as you were entering, you knew exactly what this was about. They both stared at you, almost afraid to talk.

“Phillip, he’s dead. Trust me, I wish he wasn’t. Don’t you think of all people I’d know if he wasn’t.” You said, looking to Anderson who seemed unconvinced.

“Well then how do you explain this?” He flipped the map. “Signing number 2, The Incident in New Delhi.”

“You haven’t been titling these, have you?” You asked, slightly concerned for Anderson’s mental health.

He then continued to explain how their police inspector had solved a case by measuring the depth of which a chocolate flake had fallen through an ice cream cone. Which in all honesty sounded ridiculous and made up.

“Clever man, Inspector Rajesh.” Greg said, and Anderson scoffed.

“What police inspector could have made that deduction.” He argued, and you and Charles had pulled up a chair.

“Well thank you.” Greg said sarcastically.

“You know how Sherlock never took the credit when he solved all of your cases.” Anderson began.

“He didn’t solve all of my cases,” Greg said defensively.

“He’s out there, he’s hiding, but he can’t stop himself from getting involved. It’s so obviously him, if you know how to spot the signs.” Anderson rambled, and you shook your head in disbelief. If Sherlock was out there, solving inconsequential cases out in the world, he would have told you, but none of that mattered. You don’t jump off a building and live.

“Klein Brothers, the Tower House thing.” Lestrade began listing cases he had solved on his own, or with moderately little help from you.

“The Kensington Ripper.” You helped, adding another.

“You got Tower House wrong.” Anderson stated and Lestrade argued while he flipped the map again.

“Sighting 3 The Mysterious Juror.” Anderson said, and Greg banged his head on the table.

“I’m gonna need a drink.” Charles said, standing to head to the bar.

“Make that two.” You rolled your eyes. What had happened to Anderson? He used to hate Sherlock, now he’s obsessed with him.

You tuned out of this story but according to Anderson, Sherlock swayed some murder trial in Copenhagen. Because obviously in his free time, when he’s not being dead, he’s on jury duty.

“It had to be him! There’s no one else it can be, don’t you see?” Anderson asked as Charles handed you a beer.

“Phillip, I see that you lost a good job fantasizing about a dead man and him coming back to life, and I know why you want that to happen. I want it to happen, but it’s just not gonna.” You said honestly, but something told you he wasn’t going to stop.

Anderson and Greg eventually left and you and Charles now sat at the table by yourselves.

“Has he always been like that?” Charles asked.

“Oh God no. He was an ass and he hated Sherlock. He helped take Sherlock down, planting the doubt in everyone’s mind that he was some sort of killer. Now he’s obsessed. He came and visited me in the hospital and I could tell he felt guilty, but I didn’t know it was this bad.” You answered, you noticed Charles was looking down at his watch.

“Sorry, am I boring you answering your question?” You asked rudely.

“No, I’m seeing if we have time to grab dinner. Hungry?” He asked. You smiled and rolled your eyes. You seemed to be doing that a lot lately when you were around Bass.

“I suppose, but nowhere too nice I’m not dressed for it.” You told him, and he smirked, clearly knowing a place.

The two of you walked down the street, apparently the restaurant was close by or at least walking distance. The two of you chatted before you were interrupted by someone calling your name.

“Sergeant Gregson?” You heard behind you and turned to see Kitty Riley, the reporter from the SUN. You stopped and she ran up to you.

“Sergeant Gregson, I’ve been trying to find you for a while now.” She began and you cut her off.

“Then you’re not a very good investigative journalist. And I don’t work for Scotland Yard anymore so you don’t have to call me Sergeant.” You told her.

“I wanted to apologize. After everything with Sherlock Holmes I tried to find you, but you sort of went off the grid. You quit your job, weren’t in your flat, or the country it seemed-” She said and you cut her off again.

“Is there a point here Kitty?” You sped her along.

“If there’s anything I can ever do for you, I’ll do it.” She said, clearly repentant.

“Clear his name.” You said.

“What?” She asked, shocked.

“Recant your story. Clear his name. Paint Moriarty as the manipulative villain who even got to you and forced Sherlock to his death after smearing his name. He was an innocent detective who saved lives and solved crimes that even the police force couldn’t. I think we owe him at least that.” You said, and Kitty nodded somberly.

You began to walk away and you felt Charles grab your hand. What you didn’t know was that Kitty took a photograph. You also didn’t know that it was going to be published in the SUN tomorrow with the headline ‘Hello Detective: Gregson Returns and Who’s Her New Arm Candy?”.

“Can you believe this? That bitch!” You yelled, throwing the paper down on the coffee table, Charles trying to calm you. He had slept on your couch last night after having a little too much to drink.

“Well think of it this way. Normally women are objectified in these kind of papers, and I’m the arm candy and you’re the smart, powerful lead. I’d take that as a win for the feminist movement.” He said, and you didn’t know whether to slap him or not.

“Like I give a damn about that! I’m an international assassin, I can’t have my face plastered on Page 6 everytime I leave my flat!” You ranted.

She needed to be taken care of. No, you weren’t going to kill her. There were worse things you could do. You had to see Mycroft, he would have this taken care of. You didn’t care if he paid her off or got her fired, but Kitty Riley needed to learn her place. As an undercover government asset, this threatened the safety of not only yourself but of the nation.

You threw on a dress and stepped outside your flat to call a cab to take you to the Diogenes Club when you saw a black car pull up. You rolled your eyes, did he always have to be two steps ahead of you?

“Hello Giles, it’s been an age.” You said, sliding into the car.

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Watch Out Below (28)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 | Part 17 | Part 18 | Part 19 | Part 20 | Part 21 | Part 22 | Part 23 | Part 24 | Part 25 | Part 26 | Part 27

You were finally back on your feet but could barely manage without the walking stick provided for you. Balin forced his brother to take you on your first tour of the semi-restored Mountain. It was little changed from before other than the lack of ash and newly-opened corridors which had previously been left unventured. You didn’t much care, it was simply a relief to be free of the bed and chamber you had spent weeks in.

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blake-wyatt  asked:

oh and fs + 'things you said when we were 18' + 'things you said when we were 70' pretty please <3

‘Just watch your step.’

‘I am, I am.’

‘And mind your head on that beam.’

‘Yes, I’ve seen it…’

‘Test how heavy the box is before you carry it down.’

Exasperated, Jemma turns to him. From his position at the bottom of the ladder, Fitz has a perfect view of her as she rolls her eyes at him.

‘Fitz, honestly. I’m seventy, I’m not decrepit.’

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ephemereon  asked:

Hello ! For the kissy sentence starters : “ read my lips, no. ” for Varlen and Dorian pretty please ? :)

Thank you for the prompt (and the nonny who also sent this one) <3 

Pavellan. Dorian Pavus x Varlen Lavellan. Set Post-Trespasser. (720 words, some under the cut)

“No one’s watching. We totally could.”

“No, amatus. And, for the record, there are plenty of people watching. This is hardly an appropriate time.”

“C’mon… Just a quick one?” Varlen glanced across at Dorian, who was doing his best to appear amiable despite Varlen’s pestering. He was smiling, waving with grand yet restrained regality. A crowd of people milled about below the balcony, out for some celebration or feast day or… something. Rather shamefully, Varlen had stopped listening earlier when Dorian had explained the significance of the event. He had been far too distracted by the magnificence of his formal robes, a deep crimson, adorned with sharp, intricate lines of gold and silver that fell in a overlapping geometric pattern. It flowed all the way to the floor, the cloth whispering against the stone whenever he walked or turned.

Busy, Varlen…” Dorian said, smiling throughout the response, barely moving his lips.

“You could pretend you were turning to cough? Or dropped something?” Varlen suggested helpfully. Dorian just snorted and rolled his eyes, although Varlen noted with a tinge of pride that his cheeks had flushed slightly at the audacity of his proposal.

“Read my lips, amatus: no.”

Varlen sighed, deflating a little, but opted to let it go. Dorian was right, after all, and it wasn’t his fault he looked so damn good in that outfit. Then again, maybe it was. Can a man be blamed for his bone structure?

After a moment’s consideration, Varlen decided that probably wasn’t very fair. So he behaved, falling into parade rest behind Dorian, arms clasped behind his back, legs shoulder-width apart. The least he could do was look the part of bodyguard. That was the gimmick, after all.

As if surprised by Varlen’s easy acceptance, Dorian turned, eyebrow raised curiously, hand still waving despite his attention being elsewhere. “What, that’s it? No pouting? No we never have any fun anymore?”

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A Fish Fic for (not) Friday

It wasn’t until I went to write that title that I realized I should’ve saved this fic back till tomorrow, but it’s already posted and I am not a patient woman anyway. Oh well! Here is a short West Wing standalone fic about my favorite mystery: what benign force is in charge of Gail’s fishbowl? Personally I still believe it’s magic, but this is a somewhat more mundane explanation. Hope you enjoy! 

“So what’s going on in here?”

Carol jumped at the sudden voice from behind her, water slopping over her fingers as she tightened her grip on the glass bowl. She turned to glare at the interloper, now leaning in the doorway as though he had not a care in the world. “You’re not supposed to be back here, Danny,” she accused. “Margaret’s going to eat you for breakfast.”

“Hey, ease back there, Galatea,” Danny implored, raising his empty hands. “I’ve got a note from the boss, I swear. We’re meeting for lunch.”

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