he really would have been an incredible teacher

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I would love it if they added concept Mercy as a character. We need more support heroes and he looks AWESOME. Just tweak his design and abilities a bit! Hell, I can easily see him as Mercy’s protege or teacher. I don’t really see him as a villain character but maybe he could be Talon’s medic? (I’m just desperate for a villain support) Or could have been a Blackwatch medic?

Yes Villain support!! I’m all about concept Mercy too - he looks like an Overwatch agent so hell, it’s totally possible he’s OUT THERE SOMEWHERE… RIGHT NOW!

Hell yes to Blackwatch medic. Villain medic would be incredible too; I’d love to see non-Talon villain supports in the fray too (Null Sector or Deadlock or Los Muertos or…. So many things!!!)

What kind of parent Starrk would be (if Bleach is any indication)

As requested by anon. :)

Let’s say that Starrk has a kid (who is not secretly his alter ego and/or weapon) - based entirely on his character in Bleach, what kind of parent would he be?

1. He would be very relaxed about, well, everything.

Some parents are strict disciplinarians. Some parents want to be involved in everything their kid does. Some parents demand to know everything. Starrk would be none of those things. 

Kid: Dad, I’ve decided to learn how to shoot guns.

Starrk: Sure. Seems like something that kids do.

Kid: …

Kid: Dad! I was testing your boundaries again. We’ve talked about this!

Starrk: Oh, right.

Starrk: Uh….remember to get to know your gun before you shoot it?

Kid: DA-AD!

2. He would sleep at inopportune moments.

In Bleach, Starrk sure did nap a lot. And sure, that may have been because there seemed to be nothing to do in Hueco Mundo except dust your incredibly large palace, but even so. Parent Starrk would be prone to fall asleep when he shouldn’t.

Teacher: …and sometimes your child doesn’t seem to pay attention in class as much as…

Teacher: …

Teacher: Is your dad asleep? During our parent-teacher conference??

Kid: Yeah.

Teacher: Suddenly you spacing out sometimes seems like a much less big deal.

Kid: Victory!

3. He wouldn’t get angry.

I don’t recall Starrk ever getting angry, really. Sometimes he got more sad, but…

Kid: Uh, dad? I sorta took Wolfie out for a run in the woods and, well……now he’s completely covered in burrs.

Starrk: Well, you’ll have to shave him.

Starrk: Too bad, I guess.

Starrk: I read that you can make a cool coat out of dog hair. 

Kid: I still think it’s weird that you want to dress like our pets.

Starrk: I think I’d look cool.

4. He wouldn’t be affected by tantrums.

Mostly he’d ignore them until they stopped, much as canon Starrk does with Lilinette. 


Starrk: [still alseep]


5. He’d vet babysitters.

While Ukitake was “fighting” Lilinette, Kyoraku commented that Starrk seemed to be watching them pretty closely, like he was worried. In the real world, I think this would be equivalent to Starrk making sure to vet any babysitters for his kid. By secretly watching.

Babysitter: Okay! Well, your dad’s gone - what do you want to do? Color? Play a game? Have a s7nack?

Kid: [Looking over babysitter’s shoulder at the window, where Starrk’s head is visible peering in]

Kid: Yeah, gone, sure.

Babysitter: I don’t understand your tone, but that’s okay!

6. He’d never want to play games.

Starrk just feels like children’s games are dangerous, for some reason.

Kid: You’re cool with me using guns, but the moment I want to play tag, you say it’ll end in “fire, blood, and death”??

Starrk: You have no idea how deadly children’s games can be!

7. He wouldn’t be super involved.

In Bleach, Starrk didn’t like to get involved in things that didn’t concern him. Somehow I doubt that he’d, say, chaperon class field trips very often.

Starrk: Unless you go to the planetarium again. That was cool.

Kid: You slept through the show!

Starrk: It was nice.

8. Sometimes his kid would parent him.

In Bleach, Lilinette sometimes had to make Starrk get up and do his job. As a parent, it would be the same: sometimes Starrk’s kid would need to be the parent for Starrk.



9. He’d be bad at making friends himself.

As a parent, you sometimes gotta interact with other parents. Starrk wouldn’t be super great at that, because as much as he wants friends, Starrk always seems to end up as a loner.

Starrk: Hi.

Other parent: Hi!

Starrk: I think it’s cool that you don’t melt when I come near you. Wouldn’t that be awkward? If people melted when you got close to them?

Other parent: Uh…


10. He’d want his kid to make friends.

But if there was one thing that Starrk would try to teach his kid, it would be the importance of friendship. Since Starrk does know how horrible loneliness can be.

Starrk: Listen, we all go through stages where we paint a face on our hand and it becomes our only friend.

Kid: Uh…

Starrk: But when your only friend is yourself, you still feel lonely.

Kid: Uh…

Starrk: So I guess what I’m trying to say is, you should definitely go to tennis camp.

Kid: Yeah…I already signed up.

Starrk: Oh okay. Cool.

Kid: …you’re all right, Dad.

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papyton prompt: papyrus finds out mettaton is (was?) a ghost. (i dont think he canonly knows this?)

I had a lot of expectations for this but I failed all of them. You are right though, Papyrus is not canonically aware that Mettaton was a ghost. 

“Goodbye Blooky!” Mettaton called waving at his cousin as he looped his arm through Papyrus’ boney one. “We’ll come visit again soon.”

The idol blew a quick kiss to the little ghost whose cheeks flushed a dark blue before retreating back inside his downtrodden home. Mettaton only laughed at his cousin’s antics, already well adjusted to the introverted behavior. He turned to face forward, leaning against the tall skeleton as they walked. He happily hummed a random tune as they walked leaning his head against Papyrus’ shoulder.

“Mettaton?” Papyrus asked after a few minutes of walking, shattering the comfortable silence that had fallen over them.

“Yes dear?” The robot lifted his head to look at the taller monster.

“Why do you call Napstablook ‘Blooky’?”

“Oh that,” Mettaton laughed brightly. “It’s just something I’ve called him since we were young, or I suppose younger, ghosts are never really children though there is a period of time that could be consider childhood.” Mettaton chattered. Papyrus nodded and went quiet as he mulled over the new information then his expression pinched in confusion.

“Wait, how long have you known each other?” Papyrus asked in genuine curiosity. Mettaton hummed thoughtfully.

“I’m not quite sure, since he came into existence?” Mettaton chewed his lower lip absentmindedly as he wracked his brain. “It’s been such a long time I’m not even sure I remember, ghosts aren’t really born or created we just sort of are? Like one moment we aren’t and the next we are. It really is a strange process but no one has ever really tried to explain it.”

Papyrus was quiet through his boyfriends explanation patiently listening and carefully digesting the information. Mettaton watched with overwhelming affection as he could practically see the other monster work through the details, his eyes sparkling with his newly acquired comprehension.

“You have an incredible knowledge of ghosts.” Papyrus complimented. Mettaton giggled and patted his arm gently.

“Thank you darling but it would be unfair of me to take all the credit.” Papyrus nodded in understanding.

“Yes, Napstablook must have been very thorough teacher.” Mettaton couldn’t stop his laughter from bubbling past his lips at the thought of his shy cousin trying to teach anyone. Papyrus was confused as to what he said that was so amusing but delighted to see his lover enjoying himself. Mettaton took a few moments to compose himself, taking a few deep breathes to calm the lingering giggles.

Silence fell over them as they continued to walk. Papyrus was content, one arm wrapped around the robots slender waist. Mettaton was lost deep in thought, hands wrapping around the skeletons arm and pulling him to a stop. Papyrus obediently came to a halt but glanced down at his boyfriend curiously.

“Papyrus, darling,  I have something to tell you.” Mettaton spoke softly his tone implying the seriousness of his topic. Papyrus turned to fully face his lover his expression calm but also obvious concern marring his features.

“What I’m about to tell you isn’t a secret per say but it’s also something you shouldn’t go around telling everyone. I don’t mind you telling family or close friends, so Sans and Undyne are fine, just don’t go spouting it out to someone you cannot completely trust okay?” Papyrus nodded fiercely.

“I, the great Papyrus, will defend your secret with my life!” He declared, Mettaton smiled reaching up to cup the taller monsters cheek gently rubbing his thumb along Papyrus’ high cheekbone. He chuckled as the skeleton nuzzled closer to his hand.

“I know you will sweetheart, that’s why I believe I can tell you this with confidence.” The monster celebrity paused and inhaled deeply before exhaling slowly, though he had no actual need for air the gesture was still calming.

“You see dear, Alphys didn’t create me.” Mettaton paused, watching Papyrus’ expression carefully as he processed what he’d just said. Papyrus’ face screwed up in confusion and his mouth opened, no doubt ready to flood the robot with questions but Mettaton raised a hand to silence him.

“Alphys created this body, that is still true but she didn’t create my soul. My soul already existed and when Alphys created this body for me and then placed my soul into as well. Do you understand?”

Papyrus nodded slowly but Mettaton could still see questions swimming in his eyes. The raven haired idol swallowed the lump of fear that was forming in his throat. He reached out and took Papyrus’ gloved hands into his own. Squeezing them for comfort.

“You see Papyrus, I was like Blooky. I was a ghost.” Mettaton raised his eyes from their interlocked hands to the skeletons face. His boyfriends expression caused his heart to freeze.

Papyrus’ head was downturned, shadows hiding some of his expression but his expression was tight and pinched, almost disgusted. Mettaton felt his fear and anxiety rising quickly and panic setting in. It felt as though a thorny vine wrapping around his heart and giving a harsh squeeze.

“P-papyrus?” He stuttered weakly, his eyes burning as Papyrus pulled his hands away from Mettatons.

“I can’t believe this.” The skeleton murmured. Mettaton fought back the sudden nausea and shuddered as Papyrus expression grew stormy. The barbed vines continued to grow around his heart piercing it deeply and Mettaton was battling himself, attempting not to have a panic attack.

“I can’t believe this.” Papyrus practically shouted. Mettaton flinched back before reaching forward to cup Papyrus’ face.

“Papyrus dear, I’m so sorry! I would have told you sooner! It just never occurred to me and I-I….” His words trailed off as Papyrus pulled away from his lover’s hands. Mettaton felt the sting in his eyes grow stronger and his vision grew blurry as his breath stuttered in his chest.


“You must think I’m an insensitive brute!!” Papyrus wailed. Mettaton froze as he stared at the tall skeleton. Papyrus came forward and enveloped Mettaton in a hug, crushing the glamorous robot to his chest. “All this time,” Papyrus burbled. “I’ve been miscatogorizing you!” Mettaton gaped at his skeletal boyfriend.

“W-what?” Mettaton whimpered into Papyrus’ broad chest. The taller monster pulled away to sorrowfully look down at his lover, guilt written across his features.
“I’ve been calling you a robot,” He mumbled regretfully. “when I should have been saying ghost. I’m sorry.” Mettaton stared at his lover, panic was fading but the leftover adrenaline was making it hard to process the words he was hearing. Then the tears that had been building in his eyes overflowed, cascading down his cheeks.

“See! I made you cry!” Papyrus wailed pulling Mettaton close again, cuddling his robotic boyfriend against his chest. Mettaton laughed weakly against the skeletons chest before pushing away. He reached up to gently cup Papryus’ face in his hands.

“No darling, they’re happy tears.” He assured the taller monster. “Everything is alright.”

“Are you sure?” Papyrus asked worriedly his eyes scanning Mettaton’s face for any sign of falsehood. Mettaton smiled softly as he nodded at Papyrus gently pulling him closer so their foreheads rested together. Mettaton allowed his eyes to fluttered closed as Papyrus gently nuzzled him.

“Yes sugarbones, everything is perfect.” He whispered.

I hope you enjoyed, I appreciate feedback. Feel free to send me a prompt!

The problem isn't necessarily the boys at school, it's the teachers.

Now that we’re coming up on the warmer summer months, I want to share a few incidents I experienced regarding clothing regulations during high school. Oddly enough, two of these incidents occurred during mass, which in my opinions makes them a whole lot fucking worse.

I guess I should start with the fact that I had to start wearing a bra in third grade. Yeah, that shit sucks. It was uncomfortable and embarrassing, but my boobs arrived much earlier than expected. That was my first growth spurt.

The second happened around seventh grade, when I went from an A cup to a C cup pretty much overnight. However, at this point I was used to having boobs, so having larger ones didn’t bother me all that much. In fact, I felt more comfortable with myself, comfortable enough to wear the occasional v neck t shirt (it was 2006, don’t try to tell me that wasn’t the look). Yeah, right until adults decided it was cool to shame a twelve year old for having big tits and a bad posture.

I was sitting alone in mass one afternoon when a teacher I didn’t recognize stormed up to me. My seat was on the aisle, so this teacher literally had to get up in the middle of MASS to walk across the empty space between our chairs in front of everyone. She stomps over to me in this incredibly quiet gymnasium, stares me down and whisper-yells, “YOU. PULL UP YOUR SHIRT, YOU ARE IN CHURCH.”

Do you understand how humiliating that is? I’m already this ugly as hell twelve year old sitting in a stuffy gym with no friends. You really feel the need to make me feel bad for sitting so hunched over that the neck of my shirt was gaping slightly enough to show cleavage? Really? 

What was her reasoning? Was I disrespecting God by being a big-titted awkward weirdo? Thou shall not wear t-shirts on the day we’re herded into a gym that smells like burnt hair and sweat to pray to our Lord?

Was it so that I didn’t entice boys? Because boys weren’t interested in me. And the ones that were, well, it has absolutely nothing to do with how low cut my shirt was. I know this, because I stopped being comfortable enough to wear anything but zipped up hoodies after that day, and yet that didn’t prevent what happened the next time I was in mass.

This time, it was a substitute teacher I DID know. A guy in his thirties with a terribly concealed bald spot and some pretty pungent cologne. He sat beside me and as mass started, he leaned into me and started whispering in my ear. “I know you, don’t I?” “you’re really smart” “I remember you”.

None of this sounds all too threatening on paper, I realize. But please imagine what it feels like, sitting in a dark room, having a smelly adult leaning into you, whispering in your ear. Imagine it. I was TWELVE.

Nothing ever came of it. Eventually he stopped talking to me after I didn’t respond, but for some reason, I’ve never been able to shake this horrible feeling it gave me. To this day, I’m filled with rage thinking about the ways teachers would cross lines, who would move beyond discipline and head straight into humiliation. And I was an incredibly well-behaved kid.

We teach children that their teachers are their gods from nine to three every day, but we never teach them what to do when it doesn’t feel right. We don’t teach kids to fight back when they’ve been humiliated. We teach them to sit down and shut up, and then we’re shocked when they don’t fight back.

This is why I’m always so thrilled to see posts of girls fighting back against clothing regulations at their schools. Stop letting these assholes tell you what’s decent. Stop allowing them to tell you that you’re “distracting” the boys, when almost every person I know has at least one story about a time a teacher crossed a line. Fuck these power dynamics, fuck anyone who shames you, fuck the sexualization of children’s bodies. Don’t let anyone tell you not to get mad! Throw a fit! Now’s as good a time as any to start getting really fucking mad at this shit. Teacher won’t let you go to the bathroom? Fuck them. Tells you to put sweat pants over your shorts in July? Fuck them! 

You’re in school to learn, not to have your worth measured by how closely your fingers reach the hems of your shorts. 

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Hey, I'm super interested to know your thoughts on Snape. I don't know if you've talked about him before - I only recently found your blog.

My blog is pretty new. :)

Snape: I think he’s a fascinating, complex, beautifully written character. He was a man whose bitterness caused him to bully young children. He treated Harry terribly, abused his power as a teacher,  and was never able to see Harry for who he really was. He always saw James instead. Snape was also horrible to Neville and Hermione, and he showed blatant favouritism to his own House. He was not only eager to feed Sirius to the Dementors, but would also have been happy to give them Remus.

He was also incredibly strong, incredibly brave, and had a deep capacity for love, even if it was directed at just one person. Living at Voldemort’s side would have been terrifying for anyone, but Snape didn’t hesitate to resume his role as spy when it was required of him. He risked his soul to protect Draco. He sacrificed the respect and friendship of all the other staff at Hogwarts in order to do what needed to be done to protect Harry and defeat Voldemort.

And he did it all for love. I hate all the “Snape was friendzoned” “Snape was a “nice guy” bullshit I see on tumblr. Snape had known Lily since they were young children. She was the first person he knew, aside from his mother, who was magical. One of the only people in his life who was kind to him, was friendly to him. He loved Lily as a friend before he loved her as more than that, and when he went to Dumbledore to tell him that Voldmort was going to attack the Potters, he did it purely to protect her, not because he thought he’d get anything in return. He called her a Mudblood under extreme duress and out of shame and embarrassment. It wasn’t his best moment, but it was entirely human. He loved Lily as a person, not just as potential romantic partner.

He shows how the world isn’t divided into good people and Death Eaters, and how love can be a saving grace for anyone in the end, even people who have done nasty things and are deeply flawed.