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Eighteen {KJM} (M)

Part 1 | Part 2
The Letter

Description: You’re an eighteen year old bartender and Junmyeon comes in with Baekhyun one day. He hits on you, then feels bad because you’re eighteen, then realizes he just doesn’t care. He likes you.

Genre: Fluff / Smut / Angst

Word Count: 10,384

Warning: Smut

Pairing: Kim Junmyeon (Suho) x Reader (feat. Baekhyun)

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ

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At eighteen, you were perfectly content working at a bar. You just served everybody who came up to you, it was that easy. It was fun for you, but if you had a penny for every time a much older man hit on you, you’d be rich enough to leave the country.

They all backed down when you told them that you were only eighteen thankfully, but you’d begun to wonder exactly why that changed people’s minds. It wasn’t as busy as usual that night, at least at the bar. The floor was always crazy and loaded with people.

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wishing I was pushed against the wall by alex summers?

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“So now you are giving me the silent treatment? Real mature, Summers.” You scoffed, crossing your arms over your chest. You stared at Alex. His back was turned to you while he was looking down at the party that was happening below you. He had taken the tux jacket off and loosened some of his buttons from his shirt. His hands were gripping the railings, allowing you a less than generous view of his toned arms. You huffed, knowing that you weren’t going to get much out of him.

“When your’e ready to stop acting like a three year old, then come and talk to me.” You grabbed your dress, lifting it up slightly so you can see your heels. You walked down the stairs of the Xavier mansion, getting ready to go back down the the formal welcome party that Charles was throwing for the parents of the new students. It was to help raise money to get more and better things for the students (and partially so people can see that they shouldn’t be afraid of mutants). Once you reached the bottom, you let go of your dress, turning to give Alex one last glance. You looked up and saw him glaring down at your through your lashes. You shook your head, rolling your eyes and walking away from him. You spotted Hank, smiling at him. He gave a small wave to you.

“Still haven’t found Alex?” He asked, knowing that you left in the first place to go search for the stubborn man.

“No, I found him. He won’t talk to me though.” You grabbed a glass of champagne from a tray that was walking by.

“He’s probably jealous.” Hank stated, drinking his own glass. You rolled your eyes for the second time that night.

“Yeah right. He’s the one who hasn’t stopped talking to the trophy wives. He knows he’s flirting with them and I know he tries extra hard when I’m looking. It makes me so mad because I can’t lash out when he casually “talks” to girls but he can go out and throw a fit because one guy even looks at me the wrong way.”

“Y/N, I don’t think that he’s mad because you talked to that one guy. I think he’s mad because you haven’t really been paying that much attention to him lately. You’ve kind of been running off with Ben and Elliot and had to cancel more that a few times on him.” Hank informed. You turned to look at Hank.

“You’re kidding right?” You said louder than you should have. A few heads turned in your direction. You apologized to them, before looking back at Hank.

“I haven’t been running off with anyone. Elliot and Ben have complicated mutations and considering that mine is complicated they have come to me for advice. I help them train a few times a week and sometimes we just hang out and talk. Since when was it such an issue for girls to be friends with guys?”

Hank shrugged.
“I don’t know. But you know how Alex can get when he interprets things the wrong way.” He took a drink from his own glass of champagne.

“Why does it even matter to him? He’s been very obvious in reminding me that we are JUST friends.” You sighed.

“I think you should go talk to him. Regardless of the way he’s acting.”
“I’ll go talk to him but I’m pretty sure that he won’t talk to me.” You said goodbye to Hank before leaving to go upstairs towards Alex’s room.

You knocked on his door, switching your weight from heel to heel to relieve your feet from the slight pain that the heels caused. You heard footsteps on the other side of the door before seeing the door swing open. Alex was standing there, brushing his teeth. His shirt was halfway unbuttoned down, allowing you a nice view of his chest. You let your eyes linger on his chest before moving back up towards his face.

“What?” He asked, sounding annoyed that you interrupted him.

“Wow, he talks.” You replied sarcastically. Alex rolled his eyes, moving his arm to close the door before you stopped him.

“No! Alex please just talk to me.” You pleaded, resisting his attempt to close the door with both your hands. Alex looked at you, moving away from the door to allow you in. You walked in, looking around his room. He was neater than you imagined him to be. There was a small pile of books stacked on his bedside table. Before you got a chance to read them, Alex called out to you. You turned to look at him, realizing that he didn’t have a shirt on now. You widened your eyes, letting out a gasp. You felt your face heat up before you turned your attention away from him.

“What’s wrong princess? Can’t handle the heat?” You heard him tease. You refrained from snapping at him. You took a deep breath.
“Alex I just want to know why you have these sudden outbursts with me. We used to be so close and suddenly you give the silent treatment unless there is absolutely no way for you to avoid conversation with me. Then I stop bothering you for a while and hang out with other people and it just seems like I made things worse somehow. I don’t understand. What did I do?” You let out, turning to face him again. His eyebrows were furrowed, as he stood there deep in thought. He opened his mouth and closed it a few times, as if he was debating what to say or how to word what he was going to say. You waited there eagerly, waiting to see what he would come up with. He kept walking towards you, causing you to step back a few steps. His pace increased, until he was pushing you up against the wall next the door of his bedroom. Your breath hitched, eyes alternating from looking at his eyes to down at his lips. His tongue came out and glazed over his bottom lip. His breaths were quiet, calm. Compared to yours, his were a calm sea, and yours were the incoming storm. Every time that you inhaled, your chest barely grazed his. Your heart beat a little faster knowing about the energy blasts that he produced from his core.

“I get…jealous.” He said after a few breaths. “I get jealous that Elliot and Ben have all this time with you. They spend all this time training with you and I know I have mentioned that we’re friends in the past but that was really just for me. I don’t think that I would stand a chance so I tell myself that I am happy with being friends. But I’m not.” Alex mumbles. His voice was slightly raspy from how late it was. His hot minty breath fanned over your face. Your eyes fluttered closed at his next exhale. Your heart was racing. You have dreamed about being this close to him. About being so close to his lips. You parted your lips, the room getting hotter from the close distance. You opened your eyes again, staring up at Alex. His blue eyes were peering into your own. His hands slowly made their way down to grab your hips, pinning them gently to the wall. You craned your neck up to crash your lips against his, moving your own arms up to grab Alex’s hair. You felt him groan against your lips, bringing your hips from the wall to be held against his own. He pushed you back into the wall as he deepend the kiss. There was little to no space between the two of you, but you didn’t care. You were finally getting some answers from Alex’s distance, only these answers are way better than you possibly could have imagines.

A/N: its not my best writing and I’m sorry but I love you amores xox 


Guys, please stop posting those photos of Tom from when he was younger. The photos have been stolen and were leaked online without permission from the family. Some of the photos in there are very personal photos of the Holland family and we should respect their privacy and no longer post or reblog the pictures. I understand that some of you were not aware of this so I just wanted to inform some of you guys and make sure that this doesn’t happen any longer.

ilvermorny / remus lupin

Anonymous said: Can I have a one shot where you’re from Ilivermorny or whatever and you transfer to Hogwarts and James (or Remus) is asked to escort you to your classes and such until you get used to it oml Im in love with this idea😍😍😍   

the gif tho. fUCK

word count// 1,353

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Dumbledore’s office was quite intriguing. Tall shelves of books stretched to the ceiling and the quirky gadgets that scattered the room sparked your interest. Your fingers ran along the columns as you ascended the few stairs that led up to his desk, admiring and soaking in each detail. As you drew near the polished desk, your eyes met those behind a set of half-moon spectacles belonging to a long bearded man. His eyes were gentle and amused and you suddenly felt embarrassed for gawking at everything.

“Your office is sweet,” You exclaimed excitedly and your fingers itched to run along the spines of the hundreds of books.

The headmaster chortled gleefully and appeared puzzled. “I hadn’t a clue an office could be sweet, but I’m delighted you think so!”

You giggled and shook your head, forgetting you weren’t in America any longer. “No, sir. In America, people use the word sweet to describe something that’s cool or really nice.”

He ‘ah’ed’ and nodded in understanding, his eyes squinting as he smiled. “Y/F/N, the transfer student from Ilvermorny. We’ve been expecting you for awhile,” He informed and held a yellow candy out towards her. “Lemon drop?”

Brows furrowed, you accepted the candy and smiled at the peculiar man. You slid the lemon drop into your mouth and shifted awkwardly, waiting for him to continue and unsure of what to say. 

“Since you’ve no idea of your way around, I have spoken to a student whom is willing to escort you to your classes. He should be here any moment.”

“What’s this student’s name, Professor?”

Dumbledore carefully chose another lemon drop before replying. “His name is Remus Lupin. He’s in the Gryffindor house, as are you, and he’s a very bright wizard.”

Just as he finished and you had pursed your lips, mulling the newfound information in your mind, footsteps sounded from behind you and you spun around curiously. You had to refrain from giggling as the boy you assumed was Remus Lupin stumbled ungracefully up the few steps. When his eyes quickly flickered to you, his head ducked but you still caught sight of the pink tint to his cheeks. He tousled his messy hair further as his long, slender fingers raked through it and a giggle finally escaped when he kept beating his eyes toward you, but never for longer than a few seconds. 

“Ah, Remus!” Dumbledore exclaimed and rose from his seat. “You finally arrived.”

Remus rubbed the back of his neck and nodded sheepishly. “Sorry about that, Professor.” He smiled nervously.

“Not to worry, Mr. Lupin. This is Y/F/N, a transfer student from Ilvermorny.” He gestured to you and the attention in the room turned towards you.

You smiled politely at him. “Hi,” You blurted and sent a small wave his way.

He tried not to gape at your enthralling smile and after blinking a few times to make sure you weren’t a figment of his imagination, he smiled weakly. “Hi,” He replied, but it was less bubbly and sounded like he’d ran a marathon beforehand.

The headmaster clasped his hands together and a creamed colored piece of parchment glided from within his desk when he flicked his finger wordlessly. It flew into your grasp smoothly and your eyes scoured over the words while Dumbledore explained, “This is your schedule. I have put you in the same courses as Mr. Lupin to make him escorting you much easier on both of you. Seeing as how it’s Saturday, Remus, you may show her around the school today if you please. Now, you two can be off!”

After the meeting in Dumbledore’s office, your tour of the school commenced. Your mouth remained parted as you walked the corridors alongside Remus, your eyes taking in as much of the surroundings as possible. He had led you to the grand staircase and you heard him chuckling as your head tilted back to admire the portraits lining the walls. The marbling of the stairs as well as the architecture of the arched doorways was simply breathtaking and you found it hard to take in all of the subtle details. 

A palm landed on the small of your back, urging you toward the staircase. He couldn’t stop his eyes from training onto your awestruck face and smiling in amusement. You looked as if you’d never experienced magic in your life as you studied the moving portraits when you passed them on the ascend up the marble stairs. 

Deep within your own thoughts, an abrupt squeak elicited from you when the staircase began to move, gliding through the air to connect in a complete opposite direction. Your body swayed dangerously and Remus instinctively caught your waist to steady you from falling backwards. Your hands gripped onto his biceps and your stomach lurched when his muscles flexed underneath your palms.

“I think you failed to mention that the stairs move,” You joked breathlessly and you weren’t sure if the pounding of your heart was caused by the moving stairs or him touching you. 

Remus licked his bottom lip and bit it, his eyes darting from you for a split second before returning. He smiled sheepishly. “The stairs move.”

You rolled your eyes, but couldn’t bite back a smile. “Thanks for the heads-up.” You laughed and dropped your hands from his arms, placing your firm grip upon the railing instead. “Anything else I should know before I go any further? You know, so I can avoid plummeting to my death.”

“Right. Some of the stairs disappear or will make you leg sink through,” He informed as he continued on guiding you upstairs before pointing at a particular step that you both were approaching. “Like that one, for example. You’ll learn which ones to jump. Eventually.”

“Eventually?” You cried and widened your y/e/c eyes. “Is this school trying to kill it’s students?”

He chortled and hopped over the step with ease. “Hogwarts is one of a kind, love.”

His hand extended for yours which you gratefully accepted. You stretched your leg over the pesky stair and hopped onto the same one Remus stood on. Your landing wasn’t as smooth as his and you stumbled into him a bit. His hand that wasn’t curled around yours went to your waist for the second time and you flushed pink, giggling off the clumsy act. He smiled down at you gently and you swallowed nervously, his close proximity heightening your nerves. 

“Erm, we should probably head to the common room,” He said lowly and your belly fluttered. “It’s getting late.”

Pulling away from him, you tucked a hair behind your ear and nodded. “Lead the way, Lupin.”

The Gryffindor common room didn’t disappoint. 

A fire burned brightly in the fireplace, crackling and popping soothingly. Red couches and armchairs scattered around the room, but the small window seat caught your utmost attention. It had it’s own little nook, little plush pillows perched on top of the seat with a throw blanket folded neatly along it. You could vividly picture yourself practically living there with a book or homework assignments or perhaps charcoal pencils to sketch the view. It was cozy and warm to welcome you as soon as you entered into it. 

“The girls dormitory is that way and the boys is over there.” Remus pointing in the correct direction of the dorms and you watched in amusement as his face flushed. “Not that you needed to know where the boy’s dormitory is unless–”

You nudged him and he closed his mouth immediately. “Maybe I’ll visit you in your dorm sometime,” You teased and winked suggestively, thoroughly enjoying him so flustered.

“R-Right! I-I mean-”

“I’m kidding, Remus.”

“I knew that.”

Smiling up at the messy haired and brown eyed boy, you pushed yourself onto your toes and pressed your lips to his reddened skin. “Goodnight, Remus,” You hummed and just as quickly as it had happened, you had slipped out of sight towards the girl’s dormitory. 

Remus grinned goofily in the direction you had left in. 

He could still feel your lips on his face even as he laid awake in bed that night. 

Mirror For The Sun - Part 9: Las Vegas

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 8  -  Part 10

Summary: (Bucky POV) Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other.

Warnings: swearing, shameless twisting of canon to suit my lazy writing needs

Word Count: 4335

Author’s Note: Ok I don’t know how I feel about this part but this is the second rewrite and I just… here it is.

Originally posted by caps-bucky

After days crammed in the car and a night sleeping in the woods, this enormous suite in this luxury hotel feels excessive. Nat seemed to blend right in, a smug grin painting her face, not a hair out of place, a sleek dress to match the sleek tables and bright furniture. She’s the exact opposite of her friend, linked arm in arm with her, hair a soft tangle, still in that hoodie whose campfire smell lingers every time she moves. Just thinking about the smell of it reminds me of the morning but I shake the thought from my head, there are enough distractions here.

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Companions, advisors, and romances react to an inquisitor who has absolutely no aptitude for battle (no hand-eye coordination, most fights involve a lot of running away) but is basically a walking encyclopedia of knowledge both useful and not so much. (Can't remember if I sent this already or not)

…So if Mod Sarah was Inquisitor, then?

Cassandra: She quickly keys in to the fact that they’re a civilian non-combatant following their complete lack of skill in defending themselves from demons. She takes the lead and tells them to stay behind during fights, not wanting them to get injured or in the way. Following stabilizing the Breach, she tells them bluntly that they MUST learn to fight, and that either she or Varric or Solas can start teaching them, depending on what class they want.

If she is the one chosen to teach them warrior skills, she and the other warriors in the Inner Circle work them to the bone for weeks, months on end of sparring and hours of working out, but they’re capable of defending themselves, even fighting when they’re done with them. As for their knowledge, she sometimes finds it useful, asking for their thoughts on unknown things they find in the wild, sometimes aggravated if they act like a know-it-all. “Clearly, you were a scholar before all this happened, but now you must be a fighter as well.”

Blackwall: Cassandra, Solas, or Varric have already started teaching them to fight, but they’re still pretty sloppy when they meet him, to the point at which he just tells them to stand aside during the initial fight. If they’re learning to fight like a warrior, he joins Cassandra, Cullen, and Iron Bull in training them, sometimes acting as something like a drill sergeant. “You’ll thank me when you can keep yourself from getting decapitated!” he tells them. He does compliment their intelligence and knowledge, however, and finds it useful when they’re out in the field, or if he just wants to know something he’s curious about.

Iron Bull: He basically punts them out of the battlefield the minute he sees them for the first time and tells them to stay put. When they get to talking, he can figure out a lot about them– scholar, never fought a day in their life until the Breach. He agrees with the others that they have to learn to defend themselves, and if they go for a warrior class, he’s right there working them to the bone like the other warriors. He even has Krem help him teach. If they complain, he grins toothily. “You’ll thank us when you can go close a rift without getting eviscerated by a demon.” He quizzes them a few times on their knowledge, to gauge what and how much they know, and finds himself impressed. “Once you learn how to fight… you could have been a great Ben-Hassrath.” he compliments.

Varric: He’s really patient with them– not everyone can fight, or should fight, and he’s sympathetic to them. He likes to ask them for information all the time when he doesn’t feel like doing hard research when writing his book. If they choose a rogue class, he suggests they just learn how to use a crossbow– it’s relatively easy. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of training involved, but he also teaches them to identify traps and how to make traps– “Given the fact you’re a walking encyclopedia, Brainy, this should be a piece of cake for you.”

Sera: She’s baffled when Cassandra pushes them out of the way during the fight in which she first meets them, and is told they have no fighting prowess. “Ooooh.” she remarks. “Well, we’re gonna have to fix that, yeah? You can’t go around… not being able to fight when there’s demons everywhere and you’re the only one who can fix it.” If they choose a rogue class, she agrees with Varric that they should, initially, learn to use a crossbow for sake of simplicity, but states they should also learn to use a longbow. “Crossbows are good and easy for beginners, but longbows ‘re better by a lot. Come on, I’ll teach you.” Well, she and Leliana teach them, at any rate. Unlike Leliana and the warriors, she’s much less of a workhorse, and just has them come and practice when she’s shooting arrows for shits and giggles. Leliana’s the one working them, but she’s the one who teaches them tricks and fun stuff, which actually helps them learn a lot. She also remarks that they have to learn to be sneaky, which she teaches by having them accompany her during pranks. 

Cole: “Blood dripping, heart racing, I’m going to die, they’re going to die, I shouldn’t be here. You’re learning, but you still don’t know how.” If they choose to be a rogue, he smiles. “It’s okay. Sometimes people have to die. I can help. I can teach you.”

Vivienne: She’s sympathetic, but states they must learn to fight. “Knowledge is well and good, my dear, but in your new role, you must adapt. A healthy dose of fear keeps you alive.” If they’re a mage, she completely understands– not all Circle mages learn useful offensive magic. Many specialize in healing and other fields. “With how smart you are, learning offensive spells should be a non-issue. Learning how to react in a proper fight is another story…” She’s remarkably patient with them if she has to teach them.

Dorian: He’s a little envious of the idea of being allowed to learn and study in peace for so long into life without the barest concern for combat, but that time is long past gone for them, and he pities their loss. They get along as academic sparring partners, and often bounce ideas off each other. If they’re a mage, he offers to teach them practical offensive magic. “Fortunately for you, you now have a charming and talented tutor in the art of combat magic.”

Solas: He finds it a little aggravating, how they trail behind the party during Haven, and how often he finds himself throwing barriers and telling them to stay put. When he actually gets to talk to them, though, he finds himself very pleased and enthralled with the intellectual sparring partner he’s befriended. If they’re a mage, he insists on teaching them himself. “While you have spent your years thus far studying non-combat magic, it’s time for something new,” he says cheerfully, “I believe it will be both a learning experience for you and necessary for future endeavors.”

Leliana: At first, she wonders if they’re faking, but watching them for a little while makes her realize they sincerely have no idea what to do in a fight. She’s nicer to them after realizing they’re a scholar, and admires their intelligence. “Nevertheless, your life has significantly changed in a short period of time. You must learn to defend yourself.” she says. If they choose to be a rogue, she works them to the bone, but they’re perhaps the most prepared for a fight when she’s done with them as compared to other rogue teachers.

Cullen: He voices concern immediately over their incapability in a fight. “Your knowledge is good, but the reality of it is you must learn to defend yourself. I’m afraid your life as a sedentary scholar is over.” He ensures someone’s teaching them to fight in their chosen class. If they choose to be a warrior and have him teach them, like Leliana, he trains them and works them to near-collapse, forcing them to drill with the soldiers, but they come out fully prepared for a fight.

Josephine: She sympathizes with them so much. In many ways, she’s a lot like them, and offers her apologies for what they must endure. Whenever they’re done with a particularly heavy training regimen, she makes sure they at least have a comfortable room to return to with plenty of books to relax with. They become book buddies.

If You Want Something, Come And Get It

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Oh Sehun x Reader

Summary: You have been working as a spy your whole life but you definitely didn’t expect to be the one spied on.

Genre: Mafia AU

Word Count: 1,096

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

You looked through the scope of your gun again, you should really start using binoculars more often but the scope has always been your favourite, you can get ready to shoot in seconds if something goes wrong. He was still in the office. Another boring day at work. Both for him and for you. You lay down on your back, staring at the sky above. You have been spying on him for more than a month now, hoping he will slip up and you will finally get the information you needed. Any little detail is crucial at this point. You rubbed your eyes. As much as you were used to your job, this guy irritated you to no end. Some days you were even starting to doubt your mission. Was he really the one? You sighed and rolled back to the gun. You put your eye near the lens. You watched him put something in the drawer of his table and close it. Damn it, if you missed something while laying around… He stood up, stretched and went to the window. He looked around and then stared in your direction. Your eyes met for a second and you immediately moved away from the gun to hide. No. No way. It’s impossible. This building is on the opposite side of the street, there is no way he was actually looking at you. You put your hand to your chest, your heart was beating like crazy. Were you actually scared? You slowly crawled back to the gun and peeked through the scope again. He wasn’t there anymore.

“Shit,” you hissed and took your laptop out. You started searching through the cameras you planted before. There was no one in his office, the halls were empty, the elevator as well. You lost him. After watching him for so long you actually managed to lose him.

“This is bad,” you thought. If he’s nowhere in the building, could it be possible that he’s coming here? You quickly shunned that thought away. If he knew your position he would have dealt with you weeks ago. You grabbed your backpack and started shoving all of your equipment in. You took your phone out and dialled a number, getting the suitcase ready for your gun.

“It’s me. Please connect me with the HQ. Team Red. Code 7040589-“ you were saying as you unmounted your sniper from it’s stand.

“7040589, huh?” someone spoke behind your back. You were so startled you dropped your phone, ending your call. You turned around. It was him.

“You know it’s getting kind of annoying. How long do you plan to hide in the shadows? If you want something from me, you should just come and get it,” he said, leaning on one of the air conditioners on the roof. He bent down and picked some of your papers up.

“Oh Sehun. Born 1994 04 12. Occupation. Family. Investments. Property…” he started reading through the lists. “Uh oh so scary! You know so much about me,” he mocked.

You were just frozen to your spot which was so unlike you but something about him, especially seeing him here, up close, told you that he’s trouble and dangerous. More dangerous than anything you ever dealt with before. You pinched yourself in the hand to snap yourself out of it. You quickly stood up  and was ready to grab your gun from the case.

“Not so fast, darling,” he said, pointing his pistol at you. “I need you to stay right there.”

He started approaching you and you had to come up with a plan and soon. You can’t leave anything behind because that way you will not only expose yourself but your mission. You quickly ducked down and got your suitcase and backpack, dashing to get a cover behind the conditioners as he fired in your direction. You pressed your back against it and slowly peeked out.

“Hey now, no need to get violent. I just want to talk. In private,” he said, going around you. You looked to the other side. The door leading downstairs was right there. You needed a distraction and as if some kind of higher force was listening to you his phone started ringing. He stopped right on the opposite side of your hiding spot.

“What do you mean where I got off to? I’m on a date,” he started. You took a deep breath and flinging your equipment over your shoulder jumped up and kicked him in the knees and the stomach, making him throw his gun aside in the process. You used the opportunity as he rolled on the ground and ran straight to the stairs. He got to his feet sooner than you expected and collected his things.

“I will call you back. My date is trying to stood me up. How feisty,” he said into the phone, as he wiped the blood dripping down his nose.

You got into the elevator just as the door was about to close. You watched his gaze focus on through the small gap as you began descending.

“She’s in the elevator,” he signalled his men, who were now at his side. “I want her. Bring her to me,” he ordered as he went to the stairway.

You wanted to get out of here as quickly as possible but when the doors opened up at the ground floor, you were welcomed by a bunch of men in suits. You grabbed one of the woman who was nearby and taking your knife out put it to her throat.

“Let me through or she dies,” you said, pushing forward. It seemed they didn’t care much of her as they all pointed their guns at you anyway. You clenched your teeth.

“Do as she says,” Sehun said, coming down the stairs. You turned around to face him and slowly began backing up into the parking lot. Once you were at your car, you practically ripped the door open, threw your things inside and let the woman go, before taking a seat. You started the engine and aligned the rear view mirror before speeding away. You swear you saw him smirk at you as he raised his hand up and waved you goodbye. You noticed he was holding something.

“Fuck,” you shouted, punching the steering wheel but you had no other choice now but drive. You can’t go back.

“Shouldn’t we chase after her, sir?” one of his men asked.

“Why bother?” he said, looking at your phone. “I got everything that I need to know about her right here.”

~ Part 2 ~

Bound to Happen (Part 1), Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: The chronicles of being Lin’s assistant to maybe something more.

Words: 1,373

Author’s Note: Title taken from a quote from Donna, that their relationship was ‘bound to happen sometime’. Heavily based off of West Wing, if you never watched it, sorry, but I hope you’re still able to enjoy this.

Warnings: Slow, slow, slow burn.

Askbox | Masterlist | Casting (according to me) | Next Chapter

You knew you shouldn’t have gone out with the girls last night. The slightest breeze had you nearly doubled over in hungover induced pain. Still, Lin needed you.

The Richard Rogers Theater door slammed behind you, a long groan echoing from you and a few girls who had found home on the cold floor of the stage. Their cheeks were pressed against the cement in an attempt to ease their aching heads and bones with little relief.

Hey!” Karen stood at the other side of the stage, completely unaffected by the literal bottles of liquor she had consumed only hours ago. “Is Lin here yet?”

Her eyes were narrowed and her arms were crossed around her chest. She tried not to show it, but she was pissed.

“I’ll let him know you’re looking for him.” You offered, watching her hair swish as she sauntered off. If there was one person you certainly didn’t need on your bad side as your brain pounded for relief, it was Karen.

A glance at your watch confirmed the time and you knew Lin would be turning onto the block right about now. You hustled backstage, pouring coffee into a to-go cup along with the appropriate amount of sugar and milk.

Balancing coffee in your hand and a memo pad in another, you made your way back outside the theater. Shielding your eyes from the glaring morning sun, you watched as Lin skipped down the block in your direction.

“Karen’s looking for you.” You told him as soon as he was in earshot.

“Huh?” Was his intelligent response, readjusting the strap on his backpack.

“Karen is looking for you.”

“Usually ‘good morning’ is an approved greeting for this time of day.” He continued his trek past you.

Good morning.” You forced, head continuing to pound incessantly.

“What’s up?” He stopped at the door when you made no move to follow him.

“Karen is looking for you.” You repeated, eyes threatening. “I’m saying that Karen is looking for you.” Your eyes shined a threatening glance at the importance.

“Oh shit.” He sighed, wishing he hadn’t come in today, let alone be breathing in a world where he had pissed off Karen Olivo, “What did I do?”

You shrugged, offering him the cup of coffee.

“What’s this?”

Coffee,” You gestured to the little logo of a steaming cup on the side, “Says so right here.”

“No, why did you get me this? You never bring me coffee.” He finally decided to man up and swing the door open, taking a few hesitant steps into the theater. He glanced around. No Karen in sight.

His eyes shot to you when there was a lack of response. He watched for a moment as you busied yourself with your memo pad, crossing out paragraphs and starring important deadlines.

“Hey.” He nudged your side, gaining your attention, “How long have you worked for me?”

Technically I don’t work for you. I’m your assistant, but you don’t pay me, the theater does.” You eyes were back on your pad, “They certainly don’t pay me enough.” You mumbled, which Lin chose to ignore for this conversation.

“How long have you been my assistant?” He tried.

“Here? Two years.”

“How many times has Karen been upset with me?”

“How many days are in two years?” You tilted your head, attempting quick math in your head.

“Okay, so we can agree Karen is always mad at me. I don’t plan on dying today. At least, not at the hands of Karen Olivo.” He smiled, though you were still unconvinced considering the daggers Karen had glared just minutes ago.

Lin-Manuel Miranda!” Came her shriek, more than likely from across the theater. She was quite the belter.

“This might be my last meal.” Lin visibly deflated, taking a long sip of his coffee as you pushed him in the direction of where Karen had taken off. “When I die today, tell my story.” He shuffled off, leaving you with your list of tasks for the day and an ensemble of women staring at you from the floor of the theater.


“Nothing.” Mandy smirked, mid stretch, “Nothing at all.”

You hustled off without a second thought to the looks each of the girls shared. Working with Lin for the years you had were rough and patchy. You went all the way back to college, to the very first drafts of In the Heights. Back when he couldn’t get half a dozen musicians to play his music, let alone fill a tiny theater with people who wanted to watch it.

When it was announced that he would be spearheading the student production with an actual band and an actual cast and an actual creative team, it also came with an opening for an unpaid internship. Needing quick experience to top off your resumes, you applied and were never allowed to look back.

Lin took a liking to you immediately and practically called dibs on you. You were by his side whenever you could be, and when you weren’t he was sneering at whoever took you away.

You never expected him to take you this far - to Broadway. Yet, as you bustled around the theater to make sure nothing would fall apart, you didn’t regret a single second you spent by his side.

Most days were spent doing everything under the sun and more. Setting up appointments, shifting through interview questions and making sure Lin didn’t run himself into the ground.

It was a tough job to say the least, but when you went home several hours after you were supposed to be off, you still had a smile on your face knowing you made someone’s day a bit easier.

Meeting up with Lin before the show was routine, although the air seemed a bit tense after his conversation with Karen. You didn’t push it, knowing that if he wanted you to know about it he would have blurted out every detail the second you walked through the door.

You sat on his dressing room chair as he adjusted his collar in the mirror, eyes heavy but determined. Your pen clicked against his desk.

“Stop that.” He told you, eyes not moving from the mirror before him.

You clicked your pen once more to test the waters. His eyes shot to you in a small glare and you pulled back, not wanting to push him before a performance.

“What do we have?” He asked, settling into his couch and fixing his gaze on you.

You reviewed his schedule, a heavy emphasis on the appearance the cast would be making on Lopez Tonight, the first late night show he had ever been on.

“I have a date that night so I’ll miss the performance, but I’ll be able to see you guys off from here.” You added, quickly moving on to the next item.

“A what?”

“A date. You should really try one sometime. I have at least a dozen names whenever you’re ready.”

Lin rolled his eyes as he pushed away the thought of you having a life outside the theater and why he hadn’t been informed of it. In particular, why he wasn’t a part of it.

“That’s fine.” He said, moving to search through his mini-fridge. “Did you get more-”

“Behind the raisin bread.” You muttered, shuffling through your notes, “And I didn’t ask for your permission. Nor do I need it.”

Uh huh.” He pushed aside the raisin bread, greeted with cups of applesauce. “I should vet this guy, what’s his social security number?”

“He’s a teacher, he’s a nice guy, and he’s taking me out to dinner.”

Lin stuck his tongue out at the positive description.

“You haven’t even met him and you’re tossing him in the trash. At least I give the losers you date a chance.”

“I don’t date los-”

Claire.” You quirked your eyebrow, challenging a comeback.

“Fair point.” He tossed the now empty cup of applesauce just as places were called. “I gotta work. Keep my life going while I’m out there, yeah?” He winked before disappearing, not to be seen again until intermission where he would scarf down whatever lunch you picked up for him.

He would surely be dead without you there.

Disposable pt 15

Being friends with benefits with Min Yoongi can be complicated (at best) by itself. But when you accidentally tell your family (and his boss) that the two of you are dating, things get messy. It only complicates things more when you blackmail Yoongi into pretending to date you, and neither of you can quite keep your feelings separate, no matter how much you try.

Angst, fluff, slight smut at times.

Yoongi x Reader

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

Once you got a grip of yourself, you made your way back outside to the party. You avoided Yoongi for the rest of the night, busying yourself talking to anyone but him. Part of you wanted to demand to know why he always had to hurt you, and what you had ever done to deserve it. Another part of you wanted to crawl under the covers of your bed and cry while eating ice cream. Neither were options at the moment, so you settled for evasion. Not that Yoongi was making that very easy, he kept trying to talk to you. He would catch your elbow and ask if he could have a minute, and you would blow him off every time.

“I’m busy.” You said for what had to be the tenth time that night.

“You’re really not, this time. Please, can you just tell me what’s going on with you?” Yoongi pleaded. His eyes looked genuine, and you realized that all the smiles and laughter from the previous day must have been all a show—maybe so it would all hurt that much more when it was over. You guessed you should have known, from the day you first met Namjoon for lunch you had seen that Yoongi was a good actor. In the back of your mind, a little voice was saying that it was your fault for blackmailing him in the first place, because who wouldn’t want revenge in some way after that?

“Nothing is ‘going on’ with me. Don’t you have someone else you can bother?”

Yoongi’s eyes flashed with hurt, and he dropped the hand that was holding your arm. “I don’t get it, what did I do?”

You let out a sigh of frustration. “I said we would talk later.”

You could see the beginnings of annoyance on Yoongi’s face, which just furthered your own. He was the one who was always going out of his way to hurt you, but you don’t want to talk to him for once and he gets his feelings hurt? It wasn’t fair, none of it was, and you realized you didn’t even have anyone to talk to about it. The only person who knew your whole situation with Yoongi was Jackson, and he had left abruptly several hours earlier. He said something about getting an urgent phone call and ran off before you ever got a chance to talk to him.

Taehyung was waving to you, and you walked over to where he sat slightly reluctantly. He was holding his cat, the one he twisted his ankle rescuing, kissing its head before looking back at you. “What’d he do?” He asked. You weren’t particularly happy with Taehyung at the moment either, as long as he had known you (and your mother) you felt like he should have known better than to repeat what Yoongi said to your mother, but you knew that it must have been an accident. Your mother was good at getting exactly whatever information she wanted out of someone, and if Taehyung hadn’t given it to her, someone else would have eventually.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You said tersely. Taehyung rolled his eyes at you, scratching behind the cat’s ears.

“You look like you want to punch Yoongi every time you look at him.”

“You know what, Taehyung? Our relationship really isn’t any of your business. In fact, it isn’t any of anyone’s business, so I don’t know why everyone has to know everything about it all of the time.”

“You’re mad at Yoongi, not me, remember?” Taehyung raised his eyebrows.

“No, I’m mad at everyone who seems to think they have some right to know everything about my life. I shouldn’t have to justify everything I do to everyone I know.” Maybe some of your anger was misplaced, but you couldn’t be bothered to care at the moment. You turned on your heals and walked away from where a completely bewildered Taehyung sat. You didn’t bother to talk to anyone you passed by, ignoring their attempts to gain your attention. You passed Jungkook walking up the stairs to go inside, and he caught your eye for a moment.

“Are you okay?”

“I wish people would stop fucking asking me that.” You snapped as you walked passed him.

The bedroom door clicked behind Yoongi, but he didn’t move further into the room. The party had finally ended, and you still weren’t talking to him. He had decided that maybe he should just let you have your space, but you still had to share a room.

You were on your phone when he walked in, and looked up briefly to scoff and roll your eyes before turning your eyes back to the screen.

“Look, if I did something, you have to talk to me. Just being angry isn’t going to fix anything.” He said, trying to contain his own annoyance. You were being a child, and he really didn’t have the patience for it right then.

“Right, like that would do any good. You just want to hear how miserable I am. You’re a fucking sadist.”

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A little background.  I’m not sure if I’ve talked about this before.

A few years ago, I lived with a guy.  Still kind of nervous about putting his name out there.  Let’s say “Sean.”  (To be clear, Sean is not Rowdy.)

Sean had some red flags.  I’m not gonna lie.  There were definitely some times I went “so he’s problematic, aren’t we all” when I should have been saying “wait, that’s actually not okay.”  But he also was pretty good at making you laugh and an overall interesting person, and he really seemed to be a decent guy deep down, so we dated for a while, and some time after breaking up we were roommates.

Sean was in the kink community, and very passionate about fighting predators in the scene.  He was angry that rapists and abusers were able to operate within the kink community, he was well-informed of who they were and what they had done, and he thought it was important to share this knowledge and to get the predators out of the scene.  In a space where people were pulling a lot of “whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty” bullshit when it comes to the delicate issue of whether we should invite rapists to sex parties, it was good to have a supportive ally.

Until shit got weird.  He went from telling me about people who were generally known in the scene to be rapists or abusers, to telling me about people who nobody else had any complaints about.  And there were more and more of them.  And he was angry at all their friends too, for being “apologists” for these people.  He was adamant that neither I nor his girlfriend should ever be around, talk to, or interact in any way with predators or their apologists.

I was more and more uncomfortable with the situation, but it is uncomfortable to learn how many abusers and abuse apologists there are in the world.  Is what I told myself.

Eventually the list grew to include everyone I knew.

Sean would never tell me not to have friends!  That would be awful!  He simply had the extremely reasonable desires that I take abuse reports seriously, and that I not be friends with abusers or abuse apologists!

And what a sad reflection on myself that all of my friends (here I’m talking about dozens of people, most of whom had never been accused of anything by anyone other than Sean) were abusers.  It’s a damn good thing I had Sean there to set me straight.

Sean started making threats of violence against all these “abusers.”  These threats started getting more and more serious, and closer to home.

I moved out on short notice.  I did not leave a forwarding address.

I’m still dealing with the consequences of this whole situation, internally and externally.  I still haven’t reconnected with most of the friends I lost during this period.  And I still haven’t found a good balance between the need to take abuse seriously, and the knowledge that abuse reports can themselves be a tool of abuse.  Some of the people Sean accused were definitely real abusers, some were complete lies on his part, and for many I have no way of knowing.

I still don’t have a good answer for how to deal with this kind of situation.  I’m very wary of the nasty narratives that build behind “false accusations are the real abuse” and “stand by your friends even if you hear they’re abusers,” but this is the flip side, and it’s awful too.

I’m aware parts of this story do not reflect well on me at all–in fact they show how easily I can be taken in by someone who knows how to play on my vulnerabilities and vices–and I’m still figuring out the ways I need to change.

But that’s what happened and that’s where I’m coming from.

This Is What I Do

It had been a rough handful of weeks. The news of the death of a sister he never knew hit him harder than it should’ve. Maybe it was because he wished he had known her, or maybe it was because of the baby she’d left behind. A baby that was left to Will’s care after realizing there was no one else to watch her.

He could have said no. He could have given her to an adoption agency. But that “could have” wasn’t really a possibility. Not with his heart. Not with the bright blue eyes and curly black hair adorning her face as she looked at him in confusion. Of course Will wouldn’t leave the child to the system. Of course he’d take her and give her a better chance at life.

It meant he had to get baby formula and diapers and toys and he had to babyproof his apartment, all of which he’d only done about two things. For the time being, he had to get back to work… along with the child in a car seat.

He hadn’t found a nanny yet, and after talking with his boss, the company allowed him to go to work with the baby as long as he was able to keep up.

When he walked into his office though, he stopped short at the sight of someone else in his chair. “Uh, who the hell are you?” he questioned.

Dark brown eyes flitted up, one eyebrow arched in question. “Who the hell are you?” the guy retaliated.

Will frowned and put the car seat on a table before turning to the guy who was looking at the car seat in utter confusion. “I’m who the hell’s office this is. Why are you in my chair?”

The guy sat back and scoffed, crossing his arms. “I’m the guy who’s been doing your job. Nico di Angelo.” He held out a hand and Will stared at it suspiciously. Eventually, Nico put his hand down and tilted his head as he looked at Will. “Question; why is there a child on the table?”

“Long story, don’t worry about it. Can you get out of my chair now, so I can do my job?”

Nico scoffed and stood. “Sure thing. If you know what you’re doing.” Will scowled and sat down. As he looked at the computer screen and the paperwork in front of him, he realized he was completely out of the loop and horribly confused. Nico sat on the edge of the desk and leaned forward with a cocky smirk. “Need help?”

The tone of his voice, along with his attitude made Will angrier and added to his pride. “No. Get off my desk.” Nico laughed and slid off, sitting in the chair as he waited patiently. Will could feel his face heating up with embarrassment of being watched and not knowing what to do with his own work.

Finally, he looked at Nico and let out a frustrated sigh. “Okay. Explain. What the hell is this?”

Nico smiled and went around the desk, explaining the paperwork and the presentation that had to be given the next day. “Look, I can do the presentation, you have the kid and you just got back,” Nico said after a half hour of Will trying to catch up with the statistics. “I know the information, so-”

“No!” Will snapped. He put a hand to his temple and shook his head. “No. This is my job. I can do this. Just give me the information, and I can do the presentation myself.”

Nico sighed and shrugged, continuing to walk Will through the data. A few minutes later, a sharp cry broke them both away from the computer. “Your child is making noises,” Nico noted. Will sighed in exasperation and glared at him before going to pick the baby up. He shushed her and fished in the diaper bag for her bottle. “What’s its name?”

Her name is Lily,” he answered. “Keep talking, I’ve got this.” He motioned for Nico to keep talking as he prepared the bottle and fed the baby. Nico continued to give him notes and pointers.

Half an hour later, their boss came in and asked if they were ready for the presentation because it was being rescheduled to that afternoon. “What?” they asked at the same time. Will shook his head. “No, I can’t present it today, I have to get Lily home so I can get more things for her-”

“Well, Nico can do it,” she said. “He’s been here for a while, he’s already presented before. It’s fine.”

Will clenched his jaw as he looked down, feeling defeated. She walked out and Will took a breath before looking at Nico. “Well, you win. Let me know how it goes. I have to go.”

He started packing the diaper bag and gathering his things when Nico’s voice stopped him. “You do it.” Will looked back at him in confusion. “You’ve been working really hard for the last few hours, pacing back and forth with a baby in your arms to get the information memorized. You do the presentation.”

“I doubt they’ll let me in with Lily in the car seat.”

“I’ll watch her. She’s fed, she’s quiet, she’s back in the car seat. I can handle a baby for an hour. But you should do the presentation.” He looked at Will with sincere eyes, his jaw set as though he wouldn’t take no for an answer. “Go,” he said again.

Will bit his lip and grabbed the paperwork. “Thank you,” he said softly. Nico nodded and turned to the baby, his expression melting into a playful smile.

An hour later, after a successful presentation, he went back to his office to find Nico with Lily in his lap while she reached out and touched his face. He kept making silly expressions while she explored his features, widening his eyes, letting out a trill with his lips, or expanding his cheeks.

Fighting a smile, Will knocked on the office door, making Nico jump and blush slightly. “Oh, hey. She’s a quiet baby,” he chuckled. “She has your eyes.”

“She’s my niece. Half-niece,” he answered. Nico raised an eyebrow, but Will shook his head. “Thank you for watching her. I’ll have a nanny by Monday. Have a good weekend, Nico.”


That Monday, when Will got to his office, he saw several shopping bags in one corner. They were from baby clothes stores and toy stores. As Will looked through them, he saw several outfits, booties, bibs, diapers, formula, soft toys, and stuffed animals. He stared at them for a moment before he heard footsteps behind him.

“Morning,” Nico said. He turned and saw him drinking a coffee, relaxed and unfazed. “I hope you don’t mind, but I got some stuff for Lily. I heard you saying you had to buy her things, and I assumed she’s small enough that she’d need this stuff.” He waved a hand in the direction of the bags. “There’s a little stuffed monkey in there somewhere that I think she’d really like.”

“Wh-Why?” he asked. He cleared his throat and shook his head. “I mean, why did you get all of this stuff? You didn’t need to.”

Nico furrowed his eyebrows and smiled. “I guess I’m weak for babies,” he said with a shrug. “Besides, have you seen those big blue eyes?” He took another sip from his coffee and walked away, leaving Will confused.

He sat down and began to sift through all of the items, smiling as he saw the cute little outfits. He couldn’t imagine his coworker looking through baby clothes and choosing things out. He was so reserved and serious, despite the cockiness. Will wouldn’t have thought he had a soft side for anything.

Later, while he was inputting some data into the computer, Nico came back and had a few more files for him. He sat and helped him sort through the information, making snide comments and sarcastic remarks now and then which quickly wore out Will’s positive view of him.

Before his gratitude was completely wiped out, Will decided to thank him for watching Lily and for the items he’d bought. Another coworker came in looking for a document in one of Will’s drawers, and while he looked, Will turned to Nico. “I wanted to thank you for watching Lily for the presentation. And for the things you bought. I know I was pretty rude when I first got back, but there… was… a lot of….” He frowned and trailed off as he noticed Nico tilting his head to look at the coworker who was leaning down to check another drawer.

Will furrowed his eyebrows as Nico’s attention was elsewhere, and when his coworker stood back up, he turned to Will and smiled. “Got it. Thanks.” As he walked out, Will noticed Nico smirking after him.

“Wow, okay obviously Percy’s ass had something more important to say than me, so never mind,” he snapped. Nico blinked and looked back at him.

“What? No. Asses don’t speak. But man, was his calling to me,” he joked. Will clenched his jaw and shook his head.

“Right, okay. So we’re done here, thanks for the help, you can go do whatever else you do in this building.” He waved a hand dismissing him and Nico furrowed his eyebrows and tilted his head.

“Wait a second, why are you upset?” Will looked at him and scoffed. As if. “Is it because I was checking out a guy? Because that’s discrimination.”

Will rolled his eyes and shook his head. “I don’t care if you’re gay or bi or pan or whatever. I’m frustrated because I was trying to apologize for having jumped to conclusions, and then you went and proved my first impression right. You’re rude and pompous and totally unprofessional-”

“And you’re totally jealous,” he interrupted with a smirk. Will stared at him, mouth open mid-sentence. “Right?”

“No,” he said with absolute certainty. “Trust me, I wouldn’t want you trying to check my ass out. You just need to be more professional.”

“You mean like you when you were calling me rude and pompous and-”

“Okay! Okay. Look, from now on, strictly professional. I won’t insult you, you don’t flirt with coworkers in my office.”

“You can’t stop me,” he said with a teasing smile, leaning forward over the desk. “You can’t fire me even if I do things you don’t like.” All of Will’s dislike came crawling back up in angry heat to his neck and he took a deep steadying breath.

The sad part, he was right. Will couldn’t do anything. “Right. Well, you are my coworker. So I suppose all I can do is be painfully polite.” He gave him a tense smile, but Nico seemed unfazed, looking at him arrogantly.

For the rest of the day, Will tried to interact with Nico as little as possible while Nico seemed to try and interact with him as much as possible. Sometimes it even seemed like he was blatantly flirting to piss Will off, but he didn’t seem to care. It was always subtle enough that Will didn’t want to call him out on it for fear of reading into things, but also obvious enough to where the comments made Will blush.

By the end of the day, one of Will’s friends, Paolo, stopped by his work. “Solace, you ready for your birthday dinner?” he asked, leaning against the door.

“Yeah, I’m definitely ready to go,” he said, feeling relieved. “Nico, please leave any other files on my desk, I’ll get to them in the morning.”

“Who’s Nico?” Paolo questioned.

“That would be me,” Nico answered behind him. He went into the office and looked at Will with large dark eyes. “Leaving already?” he asked innocently.

Will clenched his jaw and nodded. “Paolo, this is my coworker, Nico. Absolute ray of sunshine, just about my best friend.”

“Oh, really? Well, are you going to come to his birthday party tonight?” Paolo asked.

Will’s eyes widened and he interceded immediately. “Oh, no, Nico has stuff to do, it’s fine. Come on, you ready?”

“I can cancel,” Nico said. “I didn’t know it was your birthday.”

“Awesome,” Paolo said. “Here’s the address.” He grabbed a paper and wrote it down for him. “Come on, Will.”

With absolute dread, Will took the things Nico had bought for Lily and left with Paolo. “Why did you invite him?” he said tiredly.

“What? I thought you said he was just about your best friend!”

“That entire sentence was filled with sarcasm. How could you not tell?” he asked. Paolo grimaced and Will waved a dismissive hand. With Nico’s attitude and the tension and dislike between them, it was probable that he wouldn’t even go. He only said he would to push more of Will’s buttons.


Throughout the entire party, Will kept glancing anxiously at the door any time it opened. He kept dreading having to see Nico in his house and it was honestly the last thing he wanted on his birthday.

“You know, despite how much you say you don’t like him, you’re acting like a teenager waiting on a crush,” Paolo noted.

Will shook his head. “No, that’s not it. He’s frustrating. He makes work hell and he does it on purpose. Flirting and making a joke out of everything, he’s arrogant and just horrible to work with.”

“Flirting?” Paolo questioned. “Okay… have you ever considered that maybe he actually likes you and therefore finds excuses to bug you?”

“He’s known me for all of two days, Paolo. I highly doubt that’s what’s happening.”

Paolo shrugged and gestured to his room where Lily was sleeping. “He did buy a shitload of things for a kid that’s not even his.”

“He likes babies! He had to take care of Lily for an hour and he said something about her eyes, I don’t know. Liking Lily doesn’t mean liking me. Besides this isn’t elementary school.”

Again, Paolo shrugged and held up his beer. “If you say so.” He turned away and backtracked. “Also, you and Lily have the same eyes, so….” He smirked and walked away, leaving Will dumbfounded for a second.

A couple hours later, his guests were leaving, much to Will’s relief. It was a Monday and he wanted to go to bed before Lily woke him at three in the morning. Paolo offered to clean up while he got ready for bed.

“Actually, I’m going to step outside for a moment. Let me know if Lily wakes up.” Paolo nodded and Will went out to his porch, sitting on a bench. His thoughts wandered to the sister he didn’t know and the life he missed out on.

Did she need someone when she was pregnant? Was she scared? Was she funny? Did she want to be a mom? Did she know about Will? He had so many questions and no answers. Not only that, but he was a father now. He was in his mid-twenties, not dating, and a father. He had no idea how to do these things. He never thought he’d have to.

Someone cleared their throat, pulling him away from his thoughts, and he was surprised to see Nico on his porch. “Hey,” he said in surprise.

“Party over already?” he asked.

“Um… yeah, sort of.” Nico nodded and stepped closer. “It’s a Monday. I’ve got a kid. I don’t get to party like most twenty year-olds.”

Nico chuckled and nodded. “I guess that makes sense.” He lifted a gift bag and offered it to him. “I got you a gift.”

“What? Why?”

Nico chuckled and looked at the bag. “Okay, so usually when it’s someone’s birthday and there’s a party, people bring presents to celebrate-”

“No, I- I know how birthdays work,” he said exasperatedly. “I just… why are you getting me a gift?”

Nico shrugged and kicked at the ground. “I guess it’s also sort of an apology for being such a jerk to you. Here, open it.”

Will took the bag and opened it, pulling out a new, name-brand leather jacket. His eyebrows went up and he chuckled nervously. “This is… really nice, wow.”

Nico smiled and gestured for him to stand. “Come on, try it on.” He took the jacket and held it out for Will to slide his arms into. “Perfect fit. Leather looks good on you.”

Will smiled and looked down at himself, enjoying the feeling of the cool leather and the scent of a new jacket. “See, you can be nice,” he said, looking at Nico with a smile. “Thank you.” Nico smiled and nodded. “You know, Paolo was telling me he thought you were such a jerk because you have… feelings for me? Like we’re in grade school or something.”

Nico chuckled and furrowed his eyebrows. “I mean, would that bother you?”

The comment took him by surprise and he stammered for a second. “I mean… we work together. No, it… I just….” He took a breath and shook his head. “We work together. Nothing to do with you being a guy….”

He hummed in response, with his signature cocky smile. “Right. Well… I do have feelings for you.”

It felt like the ground had been ripped up from under him. He stared at Nico with wide eyes and blushing cheeks. “Y-You do?” he questioned.

Nico nodded. “I feel that you are annoying and controlling.”

And just like that, the world was righted. He frowned and scoffed in frustration. “See, why do you have to do that? Just as I’m changing my mind about you, you go and-”

Suddenly, Nico’s hand gripped his jacket and he pulled him into a kiss, his other hand cupping his face. Will felt his breaths stop and his mind began to race until it was a jumble of incoherent thoughts. Nico pulled away, and Will opened his eyes slowly, breathing heavily as he looked at him.

“Do that,” he whispered softly. Then he wrapped his arms around Nico, pulling him into another kiss which Nico immediately returned with more fervor than before. Will stumbled forward, pushing Nico back into the pillar of his porch as he kissed him. His hands slid into his hair, his teeth grazed his lip, and as Nico pulled him closer, he couldn’t help the dizziness he felt.

Finally he pulled away and stared at Nico with wide confused eyes, flushed cheeks, and tingling lips. Nico smiled and rubbed his thumb across his cheek. “Come on Freckles, don’t look so horrified,” he murmured.

“I’m not,” he answered softly.

His frustrating coworker hummed and tugged lightly on his hair. “Those big blue eyes make me absolutely weak.” Will laughed nervously and Nico pulled him into another kiss. “Happy birthday, Freckles.”

Lotor, meet Lance.

This is the sequel to a fic I wrote about Lance possible meeting Lotor at a space mall! You can read it here

It was a regular day of looking at mission reports and scheduling different platoons to be deployed at different sectors of the Empire. It was also the day after his little getaway and meeting with an interesting creature named Lance. Tan, tall, and flirtatious to a T. Lotor had certainly not held anything back when it came to the welcome banter, especially since it seemed he had no idea who his new leader was. (Poor Lance must have been a part of a recent take-over. So he could excuse the ignorance.)

“Sir.” Auxa greeted, marching in. he hummed in greeting. She had made a grievous error when facing off the paladins of Voltron.

“Voltron has been spotted in this system, attempting to liberate a planet…Noctpo.” She recited from the log she’s looking at.

“Then let’s go meet them.” He says, “Put in the coordinates. I’ll be getting ready.” He was honestly hoping something like this was going to happen. Perhaps he’ll even get a closer look at the paladins of Voltron this way.

In an interesting turn of events, it seemed that half of the Voltron team had taken to the ground to deal with the Galran forces, and the other half took the sky.

So Lotor decided to take to the ground as well, rifle in hand and suit on to hide his features.

It was honestly a twisted form of event that he saw the flash of a sniper rifle picking off his soldiers. So he decided to go deal with it.

Honestly, who had trained this paladin? Why was his armor not uniform with his bayard? Just in pure irritation, he managed to hold himself back from strangling him and just knocked him out cold with the butt of his gun. His body fell limp and quickly Lotor grasped the bayard and pocketed it on the back of his belt.

“Now let’s see who you really are…” And gently he slid off the helmet. He wasn’t sure what to expect, but his Spa partner from just a few quintants ago wasn’t it.

“Well hello, Lance.” He murmurs.

This was simply an opportunity he could not pass up.

He had his Generals set up a room for Lance, nothing too fancy he didn’t want to give off the wrong impression.

It had been a couple of Vargas and then as he was looking over yet some more paper work. (did his father have to deal with this much paper work?)

“Sir? The paladin is awake, and he’s being rreeeeeaaaaaly noisy.” Ezor sweeps in, fingers in her ears, and dramatically doubled over.

Lotor rolls his eyes, “Bring him here and- ask Narti if she can accompany me in here.”

Ezor salutes, “Aye-aye!”

Narti arrived with her familiar perched on her shoulder and he nodded pleased with her punctuality. “I just want you to keep watch and make sure things don’t go out of hand.” His general nodded back and they waited for Ezor to arrive with Lance.

“Hey, watch the merchandise! I swear if I get pimples because of you-“

“Oh come on you have to admit your reaction was HILARIOUS.”

Ezor shoved Lance in who was handcuffed and out of his armor. He only wore his shirt and jeans, the jacket probably missing because he had been in his armor when Lotor had knocked him unconscious.

“Thank you Ezor, you can leave.”

“Awww, why do I have to leave? Narti gets to stay!”

“Can you be quiet while I speak to Lance?” Ezor opened her mouth to say something, shut it, zipped her lips and went to a chair and sat in it, her lips twisted into a smug expression. How amusing. He reached into his pocket and got out the key for the cuffs.

“Those can’t be comfortable, Lance.” And he released the cuffs, braced for an attack, but Lance behaved himself, seemingly impressed in fact that he was released at all as he rubbed his wrists.

“Thanks.” He says confused, looking at his two generals, zoning in on Narti and eyes widening. “Is that a CAT?”

Lotor raised an eyebrow, “You are on my ship, technically a prisoner and your first comment is about Narti’s helper?”

The Paladin floundered, “I- well, okay. First starters: why the quiznak am I here? Why haven’t I been tortured for information about Voltron. What do you WANT from me?”

Lotor chuckled lowly and sat back in his chair. “Simple: I just wish to talk, Lance. Please, sit.”  

Lance sat in the chair, he fidgeted and looked at his generals. Lotor sat back, watching for a moment. He then took an electronic pad and flicked through the paperwork. “Tell me, Lance, have you been well since our Spa quintant?”

“Uh..I guess?” He says, “Hunk kinda…exploded the kitchen?” Lotor laughed.

“Is he still attempting to perfect his soufflé recipe? What even is a soufflé?”

This opened Lance up and for about a varga they exchanged stories. Lance even somehow managed to encourage Narti’s familiar to hop into his lap for affection. Lance was obviously still holding a lot of information back, but that really wasn’t the point of this.

Lotor even exchanged some tame stories of his own. “Really Lance, you should see Narti and Ezor spar. It’s similar to that of an acrobatics show.”

There was silence after that, Lance petting Narti’s familiar and he purred at the head scratches. Good.

“Well this has been fun, but it’s time for you to go. Ezor, tell Auxa to find Voltron’s Location and a corresponding neutral asteroid or planet for us to leave Lance on for safe pickup.”

Ezor frowned, “What? But why? We have him- he can be USEFUL to us, like-“

“Ezor, right now Lance has some things he should think about. I think it is in our best interest, to take this slowly, don’t you? I would prefer this not to end in a bloody battle.”

“Sir. We’re being pursued.” Comed in Auxa

Lotor raised an eyebrow, “By who?” He responds.

“The red lion sir, I think it’s alone.” Lotor looks at Lance who shrugs.

“Guess my ride is here.” It was certainly good to know Lance still had his sense of humor.

“Give the Paladin back his armor and only return his Bayard when it’s absolutely necessary, but PLEASE make sure that Lance gets safely.”

Ezor, still confused, salutes, “Uh, yes..sir.”

As Lance makes an exit he says one last thing, “I’m not like my Father, Lance. I prefer to do things…much more diplomatically. Remember that.” There, perhaps now the seed is buried just a little deeper, now all he needs is for the rotten atmosphere in the Castle of lions to poison Lance, so Lotor could reap the rewards.


For: Anon

Imagine: Eric and Four push you to your limits during initiation because they see your potential, your strength impresses Eric and he develops a lot of respect for you along with a small crush.

“Let’s go Y/L/N! Get your ass off the mat!” You hear Eric yell, your vision is blurred with sweat and blood, but you push yourself off the mat once again and face the monster of a boy that you’re fighting against. You take a deep breath and analyze your options while dodging yet another punch. Okay Y/N, Josh may be twice your size, but you’re a lot faster, what’s his weakness? Think Y/N, think! It finally hits you, you can’t aim for his stomach, he has it covered at all times, you can’t aim for his head because it’s too obvious, but you can aim for his neck. You kick him in the shin to act as a distraction, you take advantage of the split second that you have and you strike him on the side of the neck. You hit the perfect nerve and he’s instantly on the ground, out cold, “And we’re finished, get him to the infirmary, and you, Y/L/N, get yourself cleaned up.”

“Can I go to the infirmary Eric? This gash feels pretty deep,” You ask your trainer, pointing to your forehead.

“Man up initiate, there’s still a lot to do today, I can’t have all my initiates leaving in the middle of training!” This wasn’t the first time that Eric was pushing you harder than the rest of the initiates. No, every single training session was like this, Four and Eric were constantly on your case, ‘You can do better than that Y/L/N!’ or ‘You call that a throw?’ or, your personal favourite, ‘You’re the reason the saying, “You hit like a girl” exists!’. It was as if you were never good enough for them, you were the top of your year, yet they treated every other initiate better than you. You on the other hand weren’t one to back out of something, if they were going to try and break you, you wouldn’t let them.

“Earth to Y/N!” You quickly blink, snapping back to reality as your close friend, Jacob, waves his hand in front of your face, “You might want to get back to the punching bags, Eric is shooting daggers at you with his eyes.”

You look over your shoulder, “Yeah, yeah, whatever.”

“Why does he hate you so much?”

“I honestly have no idea,” You groan.

“Y/L/N! You’re not here to have a nice little chat, get back to training,” Four yells at you from the other side of the room. Without an argument, you go to the punching bags, and even though every muscle in your body is screaming at you in agony, you begin relentlessly throwing punches. Your surroundings disappear, it’s just you and this imaginary enemy in front of you, you attack it with every ounce of your strength.

“Y/N? Y/N!” The voice brings you out of your violent daze, and you see Four and Eric standing on either side of you.

“What are you still doing here initiate?” Eric asks, “Class was dismissed an hour ago.”

“Eric and I came back to discuss ranks and we saw you in here like this,” Four gestures up and down your body.

“I-I just lost track of time,” Your tiredness finally hits you, and you feel like you might throw up.

“Have you been punching that bag ever since we left?” Four asks, his voice is laced with worry.

“Um, I think so,” You honestly felt just as confused as the two instructors looked.

“You look extremely pale Y/L/N, get back to the dorms. Besides you’ll have to be up early tomorrow,” Eric says.

“I-yeah, I think you’re right,” You drawl, exhaustion fill every inch of your body, you can feel the corners of your vision getting darker but you ignore it and walk towards the door. Before you know what’s happening, you feel yourself fall, and everything goes dark.

Eric’s POV

I turn towards the papers that Four has spread out in front of him, suddenly we hear a thud, I look up and see Y/N on the ground, “Shit!”

Four and I rush up to her, attempting to shake her awake, but her eyes stayed shut, Four calls her name but she still doesn’t respond. Y/N was strong, the strongest in the batch of initiates, probably the strongest I’ve seen since I joined the faction, which is why we always pushed her so hard. We knew she could take it and we wanted to bring out the best in her, but maybe this time we may have gone too far, “You finish with the paperwork Four, I’ll take her to the infirmary.”

He nods at me, as I lift her into my arms and carry her to the infirmary, she asked me to let her go to the infirmary earlier, she never accepts defeat, she must have been really hurt, I should have let her go, I was so stupid! What was I thinking?!

I visit the infirmary the next morning before training and the nurse informs me that Y/N still isn’t awake, but she should be okay.

I make my way to the training room and begin the day as usual, my thoughts constantly wandering back to her.

“Any news on Y/N?” Four asks, coming up from behind me.

“She’s still unconscious, nurse says that she worked herself too hard, she should be alright though,” I say nonchalantly. There aren’t many people who are able to gain my respect in such a short period of time, but somehow Y/N did, she’s truly born to be a Dauntless.

“What did I miss?” A familiar, cheery voice snaps me out of my trance.

“Y/N?” Four calls out before I turn around, “What are you doing here?!”

“The nurse said I was okay to leave,” She shrugs.

“You shouldn’t be here Y/N, you should have just gone back to the dorms,” I say to her.

“I can’t afford to miss a training session,” This girl is truly crazy, and frankly, I really like it.

“Well if that’s wha-”

“No Eric, she needs to get some rest.”

“Four, she can do whatever the hell she wants. If she feels alright enough to train then let her train,” I say.

“Thank you Eric!” She says clapping me on the shoulder before walking towards the bags.

She sure is something special, I catch myself slightly smiling, but I quickly wipe it away, this girl better become a leader after initiation.  

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There Are Worse Things.

Summary: You tend to keep your heart guarded from ever getting hurt, keeping everyone at arm’s length. However, a certain super soldier managed to sneak his way in. Will you let him in or will refuse to see it through? (MCU one-shot, Post-Civil War)

Based off: Daya’s Don’t Let Me Down and Grease’s There are Worse Things I Can Do.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 2,902

Originally posted by rozakuolema

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anonymous asked:

Nessian brown😁

Nessian + Coffee Shop AU

Send me prompts

Nesta was informed that day would be one of the most unfortunate of her life since morning. Her horoscope said so. Of course, she didn’t believe it.  

“Capricorn,” Elain had read from the glossy magazine left on the kitchen counter, munching loudly on her muesli cereal while tying her hair in a bun high over her head, “Retrograde Saturn. Take care, stubborn children of the Zodiac – this is most definitively not your day. Beware of strangers, rain, and unexpected setbacks.”

Pah,” Nesta had scoffed, voice dripping contempt, as she solidly hated each one of those things. “You should stop reading that stuff, Elain. It’s nothing but crap. Utter nonsense,” she added, and went out in the chilly April morning, her black umbrella boldly left resting by the door, just to prove her point.

Seven hours and half later, Nesta was privately – very privately – pondering the wisdom of that choice.  And of challenging fate in so bold a fashion.

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Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.5

                                                 Part F I V E 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: let’s reach for 100, as usual! i really hope you guys enjoy this part as well (bc i kinda really like this part). im so happy to write this series and it makes me happy that ya’ll totally encourage me on it!! 

Parts: one, two, three, four, fivesix, seveneight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]

                                                  I M A G I N E 

Helsinki, 18:28 P.M. (last day in Finland, concert day)

“Where the fuck is it?” Calum growled, throwing Ashton’s clothing up in the air as he dug through his things. You watched in fear as Michael, Luke, and Ashton watched with you. 

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Spidey’s Adventure in Babysitting

Warnings: none
Pairing: peter parker x you
Y/N - Your name
Summary/Request: Im so happy to hear you take requests!! If you have time, may I request a fluff story of Peter Parker babysitting Clint and Laura’s kids? And have maybe a reader/avenger help peter bc my little baby spider just gets so confused! Like, what do I do with the baby!? PLEAS
E!! And thank you!

A/N:Of course! I just loved this idea as soon as I read it, enjoy!

*•*•*• •*•*•*

“Are you sure you can handle this Peter?” Clint asked for the fifth time.

“Yeah, everything will be fine. I mean, I am Spiderman! I fight villains everyday. Watching over two kids and a baby can’t be too hard.” He grinned, but suddenly there was a loud laugh that made his smile falter.

Laura glided into the living-room where the boys were seated, looking stunning in a dark blue dress that matched Clint’s suit. “Well, taking care of kids and taking down bad guys are two completely different things, Parker.”

Clint chuckled. Silently agreeing with his wife, before he walked towards her and offered his arm. “You ready babe?” She nodded with a giddy smile on her face.

How long has it been since they’ve been on a date? Peter thought to himself. They both looked extremely tired judging by the bags underneath their eyes. Was taking care of kids really that exhausting?

“Here’s the money for babysitting. Paid up front like I said.” Clint handed Peter $300, with a grin.

“Woah!” His eyes bugged out of his head, this much money for babysitting!?

“Its too much! I mean, not that I’m complaining. Thank you, really- but, this is a lot. Are you sure?” Laura and Clint looked at each other in amusement.

Laura gave Peter a hug, pushing away his open hand with the money. “Yes. It’s just the right amount for babysitting our kids. Thanks again for agreeing to do this.”

Peter started nervously shifting from side to side. Watching over Clint and Laura’s children started to make him antsy. He only agreed to this when he heard it was the couples wedding anniversary.

He thought they deserved a night off without having to worry about their kids.

And when the rest of the team said they were busy -excluding Tony since Clint said he didn’t trust him with his kids- Peter felt bad that their night might’ve been ruined. So once Aunt May made it clear she was fine with it, Peter enthusiastically agreed.

After Clint and Laura hugged their kids goodbye one more time, they gave Peter a list of phone numbers in case of emergency and told him that they’d be home no later than midnight.

“Goodluck with them spider-boy, they’re a handful.” Clint patted Peter on the back sympathetically.

Not knowing if Clint was joking or not, Peter could only nod awkwardly before the archer closed the door to his house and headed to his car that was parked out in the dirt driveway.

Peter anxiously shook out his hands before he took in a deep breathe. Time to be a good babysitter, he thought as he headed up the stairs.

*•*•*• •*•*•*

Two hours later: After three tantrums from baby Nathaniel, two fights over a toy spaceship from Cooper and Lila, and non-stop crying from all three, Peter had, had enough.

Not only was he exhausted from running around to tend to the kids needs, but he had a horrible headache. Having enhanced hearing wasn’t making things any better. Instead, it made the noise 10 times worse.

A shrill voice boomed inside the house making Peter jump,
“Pete!!! Cooper took one of my chips!”

“NO I DIDN’T!!” Peter sighed, banging his head on the wall of the kitchen. He was just trying to make himself a sandwich. One. Small. Sandwich.

But no, he couldn’t even do that. He did his best to compose himself, but his nerves were fried and he was panicking. How can I do this? I can’t do this. Oh my god what was I thinking?! I can’t do this, I can’t-not alone. I’m alone! All alone taking care of three kids! Wait…

He suddenly got an idea, and rushed past the kids in the living, yelling over his shoulder “Cooper give her one of your chips since you took it! And no more arguing please!” Rummaging through his school backpack that he brought with him, he finally found what he was looking for. His phone.

He quickly dialed a number he had memorized by heart. He was calling his other bestfriend besides Ned, an avenger best friend.

After two rings she picked up. “Hello?”

Peter instantly felt calmer just by hearing her voice, it was soothing and smooth, but that calm was quickly replaced by anxiousness when the baby started crying. “Peter? Is everything okay?”

He had to yell over the crying to be heard, “Actually I really need your help. I’m babysitting Clints kids…and uh…I don’t- I don’t know what to do anymore! This is so much more stressful than I thought! Please help me y/n.”

All it took was for you to hear how panicked and desperate Peter sounded, to quickly rush out of bed to change your clothes. “I’ll be right there. For now, rock little Nate. It should comfort him.”

“Okay.” He scurried up the stairs to do what you said, thankful to finally have some advice.

You quickly got dressed and headed out of the Avengers tower to Clint’s house. With you being an Avenger, you’ve been to Clint’s many times before. And quite frankly with your powers, you could actually handle babysitting. Being able to put anyone to sleep by singing could really be helpful in a lot of situations. Of course, you could kill people by singing too- but only when you wanted to. Usually you choose to make people unconscious, it really helps with getting information out of them later.

But being able to put people to sleep, was not the only reason Peter called you. You’re great with kids. They love you and you love them. No one knew why but kids actually listened to you. They could be the most mischievous little rascals yet you could control them.

Peter waited patiently for you to come, rocking back and forth on the couch with Nataniel like you suggested.

Once you finally arrived, and opened the door (that was conveniently unlocked thanks to Peter) you were greeted with the sounds of whines, cries, and the sight of your tired looking neighbor.

His face immediately brightened when he saw you, and then somehow got even brighter when he saw the Deli food that was in your hands. His stomach audibly grumbled causing him to blush and you to laugh.

“Auntie y/n! You’re here! YAY!” Lila rushed at you and gave you a bone crushing hug, crushing some of the sandwiches in the process. You giggled, when suddenly another tiny body joined in on the hug. “Hey Cooper! How have you guys been?”

They shrugged nonchalantly, before running off to their rooms. Probably to play you thought.

“Oh thank god!” Peter sat up as fast as he could with the baby in his arms.

You laughed, “Glad you’re happy to see me Parker.” He made a grab for the bags of Deli in your hands, but you swiftly pulled it out of his reach.

“Nuh-uh.” You wagged a free finger at him. “I guess you’re just happy to see food. I was hoping it was me that made you happy.” Peter blushed a deep red, looking down at Nathaniel to avoid your playful gaze.

“Uh- I mean, well. Of course you make-um of course you make me happy. But, uh. I’m sorry, I’m just really really really hungry!” After moving to the kitchen and unpacking the food, you took little Nate from Peter.

“Enjoy your food Pete, I’ll take care of the kids for now.” With a smile he happily nodded and thanked you many times before he actually sat down to eat.

“Oh wait,” Peter called, you turned around and started bouncing Nathaniel softly on your knee. “Here.” Peter pulled out $300 from his pocket, and after counting out $200, he handed it to you.

“I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t share the money I got for babysitting. Plus theres extra for the food.” He sat down again, and you were grinning so much your cheeks started to hurt.

“Thanks Spidey!” And with that you turned around, heading towards the stairs.

The noise of Lila and Coopers yells increased with each step you took. But, Nate started to make little cries so you got a baby bottle full of formula from his baby bag in his room.

Deciding to check on the kids you placed baby Nate in a rocking swing and sang him to sleep. It was only to make him sleepy, not the lethal kind of singing you could do to enemies. This was just a soothing song to make Nathaniel want to go to sleep. Once his eyes closed you headed to Cooper and Lila’s room.

Just as you were about to knock, the door swung open, and you were pulled inside.

Using the training you learned from being an Avenger, you flipped up in air,successfully shaking off whoever grabbed ahold of you.

Once you landed, your body was already in a fighting stance, and you looked around to see what was happening.

“Woah! That was so cool Auntie y/n!!” Cooper looked at you with big eyes while Lila was squealing and jumping around-trying to flip like you just did.

You started to relax knowing it was just the kids and not a threat. With a sigh, you smiled at them “Thanks little man. But next time, please don’t surprise me like that.”

They nodded hurriedly, “So… Did you get the money?” Asked Lila.

With a smirk you pulled out the money and handed them each $25.

“Told you the plan would work!” Lila practically screeched.

You laughed and nodded your head. “Yep, but its thanks to you two little actors that you made Petey call me. Great job guys, we all get money!”

All of you jumped up and down clutching the money in your hands.

When all of a sudden Peters voice rang throughout the whole house.


Looking at the kids you whispered “Run!” And all three of you ran off to hide.

But not before you called out over your shoulder “A girls gotta make a living!”

And with a smirk sent at Peter, who was running up the stairs, you disappeared into one of the many hiding places in the house. Thinking, this is gonna be fun!

anonymous asked:

Hello there you beautiful creature! May I request a Bakugo x Reader fic in which reader and Kirishima are besties but reader is kinda shy around Bakugo because of her crush on him, and starts acting strange after realizing it? Like, she'll suddenly shut up (which is rare since Kirishima) or go red or just make up an excuse and leave. Bonus points if she's super cuddly with Kirishima and others but not him and creates a jealous Bakugo. Thanks! ✨

 There was something weird happening to [Reader]. Kirishima may not be the most observant guy in the world, but he could definitely tell when something was up with his best friend. Usually [Reader] was super hyped about life, she was full of energy, she was cracking jokes, she was laughing and always had her arm wrapped around someone. However, something changed recently. He isn’t sure when the subtle changes in her attitude began, but lately, they’ve escalated from a subtle decrease in volume when she spoke, to just immediately silencing herself regardless of the situation.

For example, yesterday in the classroom [Reader] was in the middle of telling a story to him and Kaminari. The class wasn’t set to start for another 10-15 minutes, everyone around them was having their own conversations, and suddenly at the climax of the story, she sees the door open and she abruptly shut her mouth [she stopped halfway through a word] and faced the board in silence. She sat there, silently, for fifteen minutes. She didn’t acknowledge that anyone else was even alive in the room, she was just focused on the board.  There have been several times where she;s done this, and they all had one thing in common. They all started when Bakugou entered the room.

Kirishima didn’t know what exactly was going on between [Reader] and Bakugou, but he was sure as hell gonna find out. When the final bell rang for the day, he immediately walked over to [Reader]’s desk with a smile, “Hey, let’s walk home together today. There’s somethin’ I wanna talk to you about.” 

She nodded and grabbed her stuff and they began their walk, “So, what’s on your mind Eiji?” She said in her usual upbeat voice. This was the way his best friend was supposed to act, not like that silent zombie he’s been seeing. 

“I wanna know what’s goin’ on with you and Bakugou. You always seem to get all weird when he comes around. Did he do something to you, has he been bugging you or something, because I’ll totally fig-”

[Reader]’s eyes widen at Kirishima’s accusations and she immediately intervenes, shaking her head and gesturing to further prove her point, “No, no! Eiji, relax it’s nothing like that! Bakugou hasn’t done anything… Or well, maybe I can’t say he hasn’t done anything, but like he hasn’t done anything bad to me personally. It’s just he, uh, well you see I realized some stuff about him and about myself and I have just a lot of feelings and I’m not really sure how to handle them because they’re so ‘Ah!’ and I’m so ughh-”

“[Reader]! You’re rambling. Take a deep breath and just tell me what’s going on with you.” Kirishima said, placing his hands on her shoulders and looking her in the eyes.

“I think I might have feelings for Bakugou… Like, romantic feelings. And I’m not really sure what I should do about it, so I get this like awkward feeling in my stomach and I just can’t even function.”

Kirishima took a moment to really comprehend the information he was given before offering up a solution, “Okay, well if you can’t deal with this whole crush thing, then maybe we need to force Bakugou to do something about it instead? I’ve got a plan.”

Bakugou was irritated. He was normally irritated, but he was extra irritated today. Lately [Reader] has been clinging to Kirishima a whole lot more than usual. He knows he probably shouldn’t care, that it’s not his business, but for a while there he was starting to think she might have been into him. She would always get a little red when he spoke to her, she’d occasionally glance over at him but when he looked at her she’d turn away, she basically gave him all the cliche ‘I like this guy but I’m shy about it’ signals and yet here she was; clinging all over Kirishima.

What the fuck was he supposed to do about all these goddamned mixed signals he was getting? Were you interested in him or that red haired idiot? Was he misinterpreting everything? Were you always this touchy with Eijirou, like even for friends sitting in his lap like that is a bit much. 

No, he wasn’t dealing with this shit. He doesn’t need to waste his fucking time wondering if you’re into him or Kirishima or whatever. It was making him lose focus and he couldn’t afford to do that if he was gonna be the number one hero. He needed a straightforward answer, and he needed it now.

Without wasting another moment he was out of his chair and stomping over to Kirishima and [Reader]. “You and I are gonna talk, right now.” He reached over and took her hand, pulling her from Kirishima’s lap, and lead her into the hallway.

“Alright, now you need to tell me right the fuck now what they hell you’re into. Do you like me or am I just wasting my fucking time here with some bullshit unrequited pining. ”

 “I’m sorry what? Unrequited pining? Bakugou, are you saying you like me?”

“Obviously. I know you aren’t fucking stupid, so quit acting like it. Now answer me, do you like me or are you dating that shithead Kirishima?”

“I’m not dating Kirishima, and yes, I like you.”

“Good. Meet me after class ends, we’re going on a date. Don’t make me wait too long.”

You watched as Bakugou walked himself back into the classroom and you ran a hand through your hair. 

“Jesus christ, I can’t believe the jealousy plan actually worked. I definitely owe Eiji for that one.”

#2 | 100wtsily

“It reminded me of you” + hanahaki disease au + kim taehyung
word count: 1,955
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There’s something about growing up underneath the spotlight that has always been unsettling to Taehyung—the fact that it’s gotten to the point where millions of people know everything about him but he can barely remember the name of that nice woman who interviewed his group from just a week ago. He just sees so many people, so many faces, so many passing individuals, that the thought of having to know everything about everyone on top of everything else he has to deal with only leaves a nauseous feeling in the pit of his stomach.

And he doesn’t need this nauseous feeling in the pit of his stomach—he already has enough of a problem to evoke a very physical reaction from the exact same place, something that tears through his organs and leaves him breathless underneath the cover of night or within the walls of a bathroom where he can just be left alone with his thoughts and a pile full of bright, yellow lilies—!

A nudge at his side snaps him out of his thoughts, momentarily distracts him from the already ever present, positively permanent twist in his chest, but that point only lasts for an inch of a second before that sickness is coming back, washing over him like a wave, because it feels like his wound is still fresh, still present, and no, no, no, he can’t do this, not right now. He wants to run and hide, he wants the ground to swallow him whole, but most of all, he wants to relive the spiking, swirling pain in his stomach through the only practiced way he knows how to but he can’t, not here, not in front of everyone, and most certainly not in front of you.  

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A Job Well Done

Originally posted by taronegertononline

Eggsy Unwin x Male!Reader

Length: 1425 words

Warnings: swears, the age-old ‘kissing to get out of trouble’ trope


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