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Hi there, I live for your writing💖💖💖💖 so I was hopping that you could make a hadcanon for the rfa+v+saran+vanderwod. If they were on the beach with mc who's doing some back taning when some kid stole her top. What would they do? Sorry if my English is not the best...

Hello @amitcanthandleit ! :) 

Oh my God this was so fun to write, thank you! 😄 I’m not super familiar with the minor trio yet, so let me know if I got some of their traits/reactions wrong 😄 Enjoy!

(Your english is fine btw! Don’t tell yourself otherwise :) )


  • Super excited to go to the beach with you like he’s already thinking about all the fun you guys will have
  • But after some fun under the sun, you tell him you want to work on your tan and you ask him to apply some sunscreen on your back
  • Turns into a stuttering, blushing mess
  • Specially when you untie the strings of your bikini top and lie down on your stomach
  • You put aside your top and Yoosung is so tense, he doesn’t know where to look
  • But theeeen a little kid runs over and grabs your top and Yoosung panics
  • He stumbles over his own feet trying to catch the kid
  • But when he finally does, he starts screaming at the kid and the kid starts to cry
  • Ends up apologizing and comforting the kid ;;;
  • When he comes back, he’s exhausted but hey, he got your top back
  • The next time you guys go to the beach and you want to work on your back tan, he makes sure to stay close to you and hang on to your top at all times


  • Babe, you can’t go to the beach wearing a bikini”
  • “All men are wolves, babe” ;;; specially me
  • He doesn’t really stop you though, because he wants you to wear what you like
  • He has to constantly remind himself to push the beast back inside its cage
  • He’s oblivious to the looks that girls are giving him because he’s worried that other guys might try to make moves on his princess
  • He goes to buy you guys some cold shakes and doesn’t bother making small talk with the people who are trying to get his attention
  • Is actually impatient because he wants to get back to you ASAP
  • When he comes back and sees you laying on your stomach and your top on the towel beside you, he freaks out
  • As he was putting down the drinks though, a kid snatches your top and runs away
  • Thanks to all his exercises, Zen runs after the kid and catches him in no time
  • Sternly lectures the kid and runs back to you
  • “Zen the knight to the rescue!”
  • He returns your top and when you’ve put it back on, he holds you close and tells you he’ll always be there to protect you and keep you safe
  • Keeps your top safe next time you guys go to the beach


  • You want to go to the beach? Arranges for a trip to his own private island (what else do you expect from him? ;;;)
  • You want to tan without your top? Go ahead, there won’t be anybody around since he owns the island
  • Even his bodyguards are instructed not to come near the area where you’re tanning
  • Of course you didn’t really get to work on your tan much, since your husband kept distracting you with “accidental” brushes to your body
  • And he’s actually the one who steals your top and refuses to give it back until he gets what he wants wink wink
  • “I think we should do this more often, darling. It’s quite refreshing.”

Note: For me, Jumin’s more conservative when he’s around other people because of who he is and the image he needs to maintain sooo he wouldn’t really allow his wife to go to a public beach and remove her top but we all know what he’s like when nobody’s watching ;)


  • You’re going to the beach? Yahoo!!!!!
  • Is super excited because he rarely got out of the house before he met you
  • This guy will probably bring water guns and inflatables to the beach :))
  • When you tell him you want to work on your tan, he gives you a salute and puts the robot cat right in front of you
  • “Saeyoung, is that the one that breathes fire?”
  • “I have no idea what you’re talking about MC!!!!”
  • You take off your top and lie down and begin to relax when you hear kids shouting and crying
  • “Saeyoung, what was that?”
  • Apparently a couple of kids were making a bet about who could steal your top and get away with it
  • So when they got too close Saeyoung held up his water gun and sprayed them
  • With PhD Pepper
  • And when their parents came by demanding to know who made their kids cry
  • “Sensing threat. I will self-destruct in 10 seconds unless you apologize meow~ 10…9…8…”
  • “Saeyoung no, turn it off!”
  • “I can’t, MC! It’s gonna blow!!!!”
  • The parents are terrified and run away
  • But they tell the cops
  • It’s a good thing you can run as fast as Saeyoung
  • You never go back to that beach again in case someone recognizes Saeyoung and calls the cops again ;;;;


  • He’s heard of the beach but has never been there so he’s a bit nervous
  • Specially since you’re only wearing a bikini
  • Specially when you ask him to put sunscreen on your back
  • Oh boy, he turns red and avoids looking at you while he’s slathering your back with sunscreen
  • And then you untie your bikini top to start tanning and he goes red and sort of angry like MC must you really do this???
  • Is silently fuming because he doesn’t want anybody else to see his girlfriend’s body when this kid rushes over to steal your top
  • But Searan has lightning fast reflexes
  • Grabs the boy by the back of the neck and gives him a death glare
  • Doesn’t even need to say anything, the boy just shit his one-piece swimsuit
  • You don’t know what to feel because your boyfriend saved you but at the same time the little boy ran away crying and smelling really bad
  • Nobody even dares to look in your direction, they’re too scared of the looks Saeran’s giving them ;;;
  • Relieved when you finally put your top back on and takes you home, telling you he never wants you to go to the beach again


  • It’s been a while since he’s been to the beach and he’s really excited to take a lot of photos of the scenery and of course, you
  • His eyesight still isn’t so good and he brings his cane to the beach but you still have fun with him and you make sure he doesn’t leave your sight
  • When you two are relaxing, you ask him to apply sunscreen to your back
  • He’s actually fine with applying sunscreen on your back since he doesn’t want his beloved to get sunburnt, specially since you only had on bikini
  • But when you tell him you’re taking off your top he turns red and immediately averts his gaze
  • But still, he can’t resist taking a photo of you lying on your tummy under the sun, looking so serene
  • Until he hears fast footsteps coming closer to you
  • He turns just in time to see a kid snatching your bikini top
  • And he couldn’t run after the kid because he couldn’t see well
  • Lets you wear one of his shirts and you had to cross your arms as you guys go to a stall that sells swimwear
  • Apologizes profusely afterwards and but you just shrug it off and you guys laugh about it after


  • You manage to get him to agree to take you to the beach
  • But he immediately regrets it
  • MC, stahp
  • Loosen up a little, Vanderwood
  • Only one thing can be loose here, MC, and I’d rather it not be your top!!!
  • Stress level: 1000/10
  • Acts like he doesn’t care that you’re topless beside him but is actually surveying the area for guys who are looking your way
  • He doesn’t notice that girls are ogling him too because of course he’s ripped, he used to be a secret agent!
  • You’re about to put your top back on when a kid runs over and steals your top
  • Vanderwood is on his feet and tackles the poor kid to the ground
  • “You wanna get tasered, kid???”
  • Gets back your top and acts like it wasn’t a big deal but is actually panicking inside like what if I hadn’t gotten her top back on time oh my God
  • But when you thank him and kiss his cheek, this cutie just looks away but you don’t miss the slight blush on his cheeks

Surf Instructor AU Idea:
Bodhi works for Imperial Resort, Cassian works for Wave Guardians’ Surf Shop

“We can’t all be beach bums like you,” Bodhi says, leading the attractive trespasser and his trouble maker dog back out before they are caught and he gets fired.
“I’m going to take that as a compliment. You always wear the spandex when you go out?” Cassian asks.
“Regulation,” he shrugs, he hates it, missing the warmth of the sun on bare skin.
“What about after work? I’d love to see you out of it,” he says making Bodhi blush fiercely.
“You look a little red there.” Cassian smirks going through the gate as Bodhi sputters.
“Sunburn, I should go,” Bodhi answers quickly wanting to bolt.
“Well, you should definitely get some calamine on that…and come find me if you’re ever free,” he says backing away from Bodhi before winking and running off with his crazy dog. Bodhi can’t help but think about him for the rest of the day.

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“Life’s a game, Maynard. And I play to win.”


The eve of Friday, July the 24th. Ibiza.

That was the time and place. That was the time and place when he met her and when his life took a course with which he could not so easily cope with.

He was a sweet-talker, a charmer to whom everything came easily. All that generally worked for him, because he had all that. There was no one he couldn’t sway with those words of his. The problem was she wasn’t affected by all that, because she didn’t fall under the category of all that. All that simply wasn’t enough for her. She played by a set of different rules, a set of her own rules, and her own rules were ever changing.

The summer night was balmy and the air was salty with an ocean breeze. The atmosphere was romantic, but he hadn’t come for romance. He had come for fun and for an unforgettable experience. What happened on holiday stayed on holiday. It was a world set apart from the world and that was why he was searching for the unknown, the untasted, and untried. And she was all of those things.

She was intrigue, mystery, and danger wrapped up into one. He should have known better and perhaps he did know better, but to be quite honest, he couldn’t have cared less.

He leaned toward his friend, trying to be heard over the pounding music. “Joe, have you seen her around here before?”

The answer was immediate.

“She’s out of your league, mate. Don’t even try.”

“I wouldn’t say she’s out of my league. Why do you say that?”

“She’s just not for you. Don’t get involved with her, Jack.”

Jack raised a skeptical eyebrow. “What do you know that I don’t?”

Joe sighed, knowing that his friend wasn’t going to back down until he got the answers he was seeking. “Look, I don’t know her personally, but I know that her name is (Y/N) (Y/L/N), and that she comes here on holiday every summer.” he paused for a moment, mulling over his next words. “She has quite a bit of a reputation.” he continued. “No one really knows much, but there are plenty of rumors. She’s complicated. There isn’t a person on this island that doesn’t know that she’s bad news.”

That was probably the point… That was probably the point when he should have listened, the point where he turned away no questions asked and walked away. But I would not be telling this story if he had.

Truth be told, the prospect of danger intrigued him. Truth be told, the prospect of bad news excited him. Truth be told, he wasn’t thinking straight.

Perhaps it was the alcohol. Perhaps it was the aura of the night. Perhaps it was none of those things but sheer stupidity, but as soon as he knew it he was walking toward her.

That first conversation he could not forget years after the event. At the time it had seemed effortlessly cool, she had seemed effortlessly cool, untouched by anything and everything. She was an illusion, a riddle, a puzzle that couldn’t be figured out. That pulled him in, an inexplicable energy that kept him bound to her, leaving him wanting more.

“Come here often?” he asked the minute he had approached her.

She turned toward him and took him in. Blonde hair, piercing blue eyes filled with a look she knew all too well. Nothing she hadn’t seen before, nothing she wouldn’t see again.

“I guess I appreciate the lame pick up-line. Or lack thereof.” she said, a sly smile playing at her lips. “But yes, I do come here often.”

“I thought it would be better than the fallen angel line.” he answered, a smirk forming on his lips.

“Perhaps it would have been better.” she said, taking a sip from her drink.

“Would you like a drink?” he asked.

She looked pointedly down at her drink and raised an eyebrow.

He laughed. “Right.”

She just sipped her drink wordlessly and turned away from him. She wasn’t a fan of wasting her time.

“Who hurt you so much to make you so cold?” he found himself asking without thinking too much about it.

Now it was her turn to laugh. “I don’t get hurt a lot.”

“How so?”

She looked at him and that light mysterious smile not leaving her face she shrugged her shoulders. “I’m long gone before anyone ever has the chance to.” And then, leaning toward him, she whispered in his ear. “The secret is, you leave before anyone gets close.” And with that, she had already started walking away.

“And if someone were to get close?” Jack called after her.

She stopped for a moment as if thinking about it.

“What’s your name?” he asked after a few moments of her not answering.

“I assume you already know that.” she answered over her shoulder and without turning back walked away and out of the club.

Jack sighed and walked back to where Joe was standing, pretending not to have seen the whole thing.

“Don’t.” Jack said before signaling to the bartender for another drink.

“I told you so. You can’t win her over.”

“I highly doubt that. I can win anyone over.”

“I don’t know, mate.” Joe said, taking a moment to look down at his drink as he swirled around the liquid in its glass. He then looked back up at Jack. “Perhaps you’ve met your match.”

And perhaps he had.


The afternoon of Saturday, July the 25th. Ibiza. The beach.

That was the second time he saw her. She was lounging on a sun bed, listening to the waves of the sea hit the seashore, eyes closed. Nobody was around her. A few people sneaked a look at her now and again, but no one dared approach her. No one except him.

“Hey, (Y/N)!” he said, standing right in front of her. “Lovely day, isn’t it? Nice and sunny.”

“Yeah, except you’re blocking my sun.” she said, opening a single eye to glare at him.

“No greeting?” he teased.

“Yeah, hi, guy whose name I don’t know. You’re blocking my sun.”

“Jack Maynard.”

“Okay. Jack, you’re blocking my sun.”

He took a step to the side and looked at her as she settled back into her comfortable position. After a few moments, surprisingly, she was the one to speak.

“I see you have found out my name.”

“No. You were right. I knew it from before.”

“Everybody does.”

“That’s rather vain.”

“It’s a fact.”

She kept her eyes closed and fell back into silence.

“Mind if I sit down?” Jack asked.

“Yes.” she answered tersely.

Nonetheless, he still sat down on the sun bed next to her. And that moment he could swear that he heard someone nearby gasp.

“What is it about you that has everyone acting like that?”

She opened her eyes and her gaze fastened on the clear blue eyes of the boy sitting next to her - or rather the curiosity written in them.

“Haven’t you heard?” she asked, disdain in her voice. “I’m a force to be reckoned with.”

“Are you now? I’ve been told that I am too.”

“Watch it, Jack. You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into.”

And with that she picked up her stuff and walked away from him yet again.


The morning of Sunday, July the 26th. Pool bar.

“Why do you keep walking away from me?”

(Y/N) set down her drink and slowly turned toward the boy who had now started to become a regular occurrence in her life.

“Why do you keep stalking me?”

Jack grinned playfully at her. “It’s not my fault that we happen to be staying at the same hotel.”

She scoffed and turned away from him again.

“Seriously, I can show you my room key if you don’t believe me.”

She didn’t answer, but instead just sipped her drink, completely ignoring him. Jack felt all eyes on him and the feeling of anticipation in the air.

“That was the same drink you had at the club. You like ‘Sex on the Beach’.”

“And you say you’re not stalking me?” she asked, still facing away from him.

He laughed and took a seat on the bar stool next to her. “I can’t help being a good observer.”

“Of course you can’t.” she answered sarcastically.

“So, going to the beach today?”

She didn’t answer.

“You’re supposed to answer. And then I’m supposed to say something. It’s called a conversation.” he said teasingly.

“Does it really matter? Whether I go or not you’re going to show up where I am, anyway.” she retorted.

“Ha. Ha. Funny.” he answered in the same tone of voice. “Come on, talk to me.”

“Why is it so important to you that I talk to you?” she asked suddenly.

He was rather surprised at the question, but he just shrugged his shoulders and said, “Why is it so important to you that you don’t talk to me?”

“Because I don’t talk to anybody. And nobody talks to me. Maybe we shouldn’t wreck the equilibrium.”

And that was the third time she stood up and walked away from him.


The afternoon of Sunday, July the 26th.

“What are the rumors?”

“The what?”

Joe was currently lounging on a sun bed near the pool, scrolling through his Twitter, only to be interrupted by his friend asking him stupid questions.

“The rumors. About (Y/N). What is it that makes her the way she is?”

“How should I know?” Joe asked. “Maybe she’s just crazy.”

“Then why is everyone so afraid of her?”

“I don’t know. Maybe because she’s crazy.” Joe answered, completely uninterested.

“So, you know nothing?” Jack asked, bewildered.

“I know that apparently she got arrested and that ever since then everyone’s been watching not to step on her path. She’s considered dangerous.”

“Do you believe any of that?”

Joe stopped scrolling through his phone and looked up at Jack. “Frankly, mate, I don’t care. It’s her business. Why do you?”

Jack didn’t have an answer to that question.


The evening of Sunday, July the 26th. The moon-bathed beach.

“I didn’t think I’d see you here.”

“Honestly, how do you keep finding me?”

He sat down on the sand next to her. “I’m not. I kind of just run into you.”

“Yeah, such a coincidence.” she answered, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Seriously, I’m not trying to look for you. I hope I run into you, but I don’t follow any type of logical path to find you. Hand on heart.” he answered and put his hand on his heart. He was being honest and he wanted her to know it.

She looked at him for a second and then let out of a light chuckle. “You really are something.”

“Something good?”


“I guess I’ll take it.”

“Take it or leave it, I don’t care.”

“You don’t seem to care about much, do you?”

“Caring is fatal.”

“But not caring makes you cold.”

“Are you here to be my therapist?” she snapped.

He looked at her for a moment in the moonlight before shaking his head. “No… I’m just here to… hang out. What are you doing here?”

A few moments passed before she answered. That always seemed to happen whenever he talked to her. She seemed to like leaving some space for a dramatic pause. It was as if she thought she was in some sort of movie or book.

“I come here sometimes.”

“Because?” he prompted.

“Because I can and I want to.” she answered.

“And you want to because?”

“You want to know too much.” she said.

“That’s probably because I don’t know anything. I literally know nothing about you.”

“And you’re not supposed to.”

He sighed. “Why are you playing this game?”

“Life’s a game, Maynard. And I play to win.”

She stood up again. But this time it was different. Before she walked away, she turned to him and she gave him a smile. It was something. It was certainly something.


The evening of Wednesday, July the 29th. The club.

For three days he didn’t see her. For three days there was no trace of her anywhere. Perhaps she was deliberately avoiding him, trying to ignore the little slip in her mask that evening on the beach. Nobody seemed to question it, though. It was just a thing she did. She was the mysterious personality that floated in and out of existence, the inexplicable phenomenon everyone was awed by and too afraid to ask about.

It wasn’t until three days later that he saw her where he had first seen her. It seemed like someone had hit the rewind button on time and everything had returned to the way it had been on that first fateful night. Everything was the same.

Nothing was the same.

He caught her eye just in time. It was only a glimpse before she looked away and then walked away. He followed her. Neither of them spoke until they reached the seaside. A couple of minutes later they were still walking along it, silence between them.

“I saw you look at me.” he finally said.

“Must have a been a trick of light.” But he caught the light smile that gave her away.

“Could be.”

“You’re a very interesting person, do you know that?” he asked, breaking another spell of momentary silence.

There was a different note to her smile this time. Something he couldn’t explain. “That’s only because you know nothing about me.”

“I’d like to.”

She turned to him with a curious look on her face, as if she were analyzing the very essence of him.

“I mean, I’d like to know things about you.”

“Wouldn’t that just make me uninteresting and ordinary then?”

A small moment of laughter. But she wasn’t laughing. It had been a serious question. He composed himself.

“I doubt anything could make you uninteresting and ordinary, (Y/N).”

“Mystery is what makes things interesting and extraordinary.”

“I don’t agree with that.”

“Maybe you need to reevaluate some things then.”

“Why are you like this?”

“Why am I like what?”

By this point they’d started walking in the opposite direction, back to the club. He hadn’t noticed that she’d turned him around. He had been too mesmerized by her to notice what was happening.

“Like… this.”

An entertained smile painted her lips.

The music resounded beneath their feet. The club was merely a few steps away. A crowd of party-goers was right in front of them.

“Perhaps you’ll never know.”

And with that she disappeared in the crowd.

“But maybe I will!” he called after her, but he could no longer see her. She had gotten lost in the crowd. Whether it was a deliberate move or a stroke of luck, he could only guess.


The sunset of Thursday, July the 30th. The pier.

Joe had just gone to his room and Jack was left alone on the pier. He played with the bottle cap in his hands and looked up at the fiery red and orange sky. It was like someone had taken the sky as a blank canvas and began to paint all that they felt on it. If it could be described as anything, it would be feeling. The feeling of passion, the feeling of desire, happiness, tranquility, euphoria… It truly was a beautiful sight.

Someone sat next to him.

He turned to see who it was and was surprised to find that it was… her.

“Well, this is a strange turn of events. I thought I was the one stalking you.”

“I had to return the favor.” There was an obvious note of a smile in her voice.

“Any reasons why you’ve sought me out?”


“But perhaps I’ll never know?”

She laughed and tossed her hair over her shoulder as she turned to look at him. “And you say you don’t know anything about me.”

He shook his head, but couldn’t help the smile that came as a reaction to her words and her demeanor. He wanted to push the matter further… She had come looking for him. The formerly thought of as forever uninterested, elusive, enigmatic girl had for once come to find him and she had a reason for it. However, she didn’t give him the chance to say anything more on the subject.

“This has always been one of my favorite places. This pier at both sunrise and sunset. It kind of shows you the meaning of both beginnings and endings and how both of them can be beautiful.”

“Why are you telling me this?” he couldn’t help but ask.

She turned toward him and looked at him for a second. “Because I think that it is important for you to know that.”

“That being that both beginnings and endings can be beautiful?”

She just smiled in response and turned away from him to look at the sunset. He just kept looking at her, an aura of confusion settling over him. She was trying to tell him something; he just wasn’t sure what.

“Jack, do you understand that sometimes you shouldn’t ask about things? Some things should just be left a secret.”

“I guess I’m just a curious person.”

“Curiosity killed the cat.” She turned toward him and locked eyes with him. He hadn’t noticed it, but she had sidled closer to him, so close that now her face was only millimeters from his and he could feel her breath on his skin. “But in this case it may just break your heart instead.”

Her lips were on his. Her touch was sweet, soft, divine, all the colors in the sky… It was nothing like the girl he had thought he’d met. But in a paradoxical way it just added to what little he knew about her. She was more elusive than she let on.

It took less than a second. The moment she pulled away from him he was in shock. He was suddenly longing for her touch. He was longing for the touch of this girl he barely even knew. Perhaps he should have questioned it, this strange behavior, this strange feeling, but instead he just slid closer to her and leaned in, but she gently pushed him away.

“I’m leaving today.” she said bluntly as if she felt nothing… as if nothing had ever happened.

“What?” he asked, not completely registering her words. Did she just tell him that she was leaving after they’d kissed, a kiss that she had initiated? This didn’t seem right. It didn’t seem like something people did.

“I’m leaving today.”

She had repeated that same sentence as if it explained everything… as if it explained anything at all.

“Why are you telling me this?”

“I felt that you should know.”

“Where are you going?”

“Back home.”

“Which is where?”

There was a moment of tense silence. “You know better than that, Jack.”

“Maybe I don’t. Tell me. Why can’t you? Or course you can. Why do you make it seem that it will be some catastrophe if you tell me anything about yourself? What was so terrible that you did that you can never talk about it?”

She didn’t answer. She just stared down at her clasped hands in her lap. Somehow he knew that she wasn’t going to answer.

He sighed. “How are we supposed to keep in touch if you don’t tell me where you live, give me your phone number, or any form of contact for that matter?”

She looked back at him then and that look said more than words ever could.

“You were never planning on staying in touch with me, were you?”

She touched his shoulder. “Jack…”

“I don’t understand. But- you- we-” He was grasping at straws now. He knew that nothing he would say would get his questions answered let alone get her to change her mind. “You kissed me. Why did you kiss me?”

She sighed and got up. It was a slow movement. It was as if she was preparing him for the weight of the words. “Because… I felt like you deserved a beautiful ending.”

And with that she turned away from him and walked away. He could have followed her. He could have caught up with her. He could have continued this conversation. He could have asked - demanded - for a clearer answer. But he just… didn’t. He knew that no matter what he did it wouldn’t make a difference.

So, he couldn’t win her over. Perhaps Joe was right. Perhaps he had met his match. But it wasn’t even about that anymore. Most of all what disappointed him most was that he hadn’t gotten to know her.

What eluded him most of all was the question of why he wanted to so much.


The late morning of the 1st of September. Local cafe shop.

Jack was in a local cafe shop. Well, at least it was local to the people who lived around here. He had been around Joe’s house to film a video with him and then he had decided to just… wander. He hadn’t been sure where he had been going, in fact he wasn’t even sure where he was. All that he knew for a fact was that one moment the sign of “Gabbie’s Local Cafe Shop” had pierced through his reverie state. And then he went in, not because he didn’t have anything better to do, but because he didn’t feel like doing it.

What happened next some people would have labeled as 'fate’ or 'destiny’. He’d always been a firm nonbeliever when it came to 'fate’ and 'destiny’, but now he wasn’t so sure, because there she was in the flesh, a smile on her face, saying “One cappuccino with cinnamon. Enjoy!”

She hadn’t seen him yet. In fact she wasn’t looking in his direction at all. Her full focus was on her costumers, showing them a smile, asking them about their days, and melodically repeating their orders when they were finished along with a cheerful good-bye remark.

It was so not (Y/N) that for a moment he thought he was mistaken. He must have been for this girl standing at the counter, an obvious friendly and cheerful countenance enveloping her, could not have been the same girl, all wilderness and mystique, that he had encountered in Ibiza.

And then something happened - something that in his mind proved that this was not the same girl. A customer approached, a girl about her age, whose presence seemed to evoke something he couldn’t explain within this person he never knew.


The excited call for what seemed to be her friend was followed by an embrace. At this point all the noise in the cafe seemed to fade out… He couldn’t hear anything, nothing but the high-colored laughter that was (Y/N)’s reaction to whatever it was that Jackie had said. And then he was sure if not by anything else but the way it - she - made him feel. It was her.

He waited as (Y/N) and Jackie made plans to see a movie that same evening and then as (Y/N) took Jackie’s order, while filling her in on what had happened at somebody’s-name-he-couldn’t-catch’s party a week ago, and then while Jackie told (Y/N) all about some guy that had texted her and then while (Y/N) excitedly told Jackie about a pair of twins they had both known back in middle school. Finally, Jackie took her coffee, embraced (Y/N) once more and left the shop.

After what seemed like an eternity (Y/N)’s eyes met Jack’s and her face expression completely changed from one of cheerfulness to one of complete confusion, then worry, and finally a face expression he couldn’t interpret laced with an emotion he couldn’t describe.

“A latte, please.” he said as he approached the counter.

It took her a few seconds to reply, but then with that perfectly friendly and cheerful smile she said, “I’ll get right on that.” Then she yelled the order over her shoulder and someone in the back told her it would be ready soon.

“The last time we talked you didn’t have a British accent.” he said. He hadn’t meant for it to sound accusatory, but nonetheless that’s how it came out.

“Right.” she said after a few moments and then added no further explanation. The wait for the coffee seemed like an eternity.

“I don’t work here.” she finally said. “I’m just covering for a friend.”

“You seem to know everyone very well.”

“I come here sometimes when she’s working a shift, so I’ve met some of them.”


“Actually, I think it’s just because she’s just really friendly. She’s possibly the friendliest person I’ve met.” The voice belonged to the guy who had just approached the next counter. He was wearing the uniform as well, so Jack assumed he worked here too.

He didn’t answer anything to that, but just looked at her. Yet again he wasn’t sure if he recognized her.

She seemed visibly uncomfortable at the remark of her temporary colleague.


The drink was handed to her without another word. She took it and put it in front of Jack.

“One latte.” she said, the cheerfulness back in her voice now, but it was so obviously put there as a defense mechanism that even her colleague glanced at her questioningly.

He looked down at the coffee in front of him and then back at her. It was as if he were expecting something and she seemed to know that. Finally, he took the drink and turned to walk away.

“Have a nice day, Jack!”

The call was one of protocol or something she just did - he wasn’t sure - but he saw the meaning in it. He turned around and looked at her for a moment. Her eyes were searching his.

“Do you know each other?”

The moment was put to an end by her colleague. She opened her mouth to answer, but he beat her to it.

“No. Not at all.” Jack said and then turned and walked out of the cafe.


The late morning of the 5th of September. Gabbie’s Local Cafe Shop.

He’d once been told that curiosity killed the cat. However, curiosity was not what was fueling him right now. He needed answers. In fact, it felt like he deserved him. He wasn’t sure why he wanted to know so much, but he was in so deep right now that it didn’t even matter anymore.

From a psychological point of view, probably none of this was normal. No person could just completely change their personality, right? So, she must have been playing some kind of game with him again. And now he was on a mission - if not to stop the game than at at least to learn its rules.

It was around the same time of when he had last visited. She had said that she was covering for a friend and that sometimes she was around for her shifts. If it was fate, she would be there.

“Can I help you, sir?”

The question was more or a warning. He assumed he looked more flustered than he actually was. He quickly composed himself and looked up at the girl at the counter and gave her a quick smile before looking around. She wasn’t here. Apart from him and the girl at the counter the cafe was empty.

“Hi,” he started, approaching the counter. “I’ll take a cappuccino.” He gave her one of his charming smiles.

“With or without cinnamon?”


“Cappuccino with cinnamon!” she called over her shoulder and got a signal of approval.

“Thanks.” he said, wondering how to pose the next question. “Listen, I’m actually looking for someone. (Y/N) (Y/L/N). I was hoping she might be here.”

“She doesn’t work here.” Her answer was plain and uninterested.

“Yes, I know. Do you know where she might be?”

The girl just gave him a bored shrug of her shoulders as a response just as her colleague approached behind her with Jack’s coffee.

“One cappuccino with cinnamon.” he said, handing the steaming cup of coffee to the girl before looking up at the customer.

“Oh, Jack! Right?” It was the same guy from last time.

“Yeah, hi, um…” He was suddenly embarrassed that he didn’t know the guy’s name even though he shouldn’t have been, because honestly did he even know this guy? Lately, he’d been having a lot of strange interactions with people he barely knew.



“(Y/N) doesn’t work here.”

Why did everyone keep telling him that?

“Yeah, I know. I just hoped I might find her here.”

Derek gave him a smirk. “I know you two had something going on.”

It was certainly something, but it definitely wasn’t what he thought.

“We don’t.”

“I won’t tell. I promise.” That and the unrelenting smirk. He wasn’t sure which was more disturbing at this moment.

“Listen, do you know where she is?”

“Oh, yeah, totally. She should be at UCL. She’s an assistant there. Hey, you forgot your coffee!”

In an odd way, it all felt too familiar. It was Ibiza all over again. It was like chasing shadows. It was looking for something that didn’t want to be found. In fact, it was the same game, except a new level.

When he got there he wasn’t sure how to proceed. He should have stayed at the cafe and gathered more information, but the moment he had heard where she was it felt like a pointer, a pointer on how to play this game. For one moment he had felt as if he had had the upper hand. Now, he just felt stupid for how was he supposed to find something that did its best to hide?

However, just like back at the beach when she disappeared into that crowd he now too got his stroke of luck, because as soon as he approached the building he found her. There she was just like the time before not having registered his appearance.

“Jonah, look, I appreciate your opinion and I know that you are the professor and I’m just the assistant, but I think I have a say in this, because I’ve been a student - not just a student, but a student here who has taken this class. These students come here with hopes and dreams and a zest for knowledge. Do not enforce some stupid system on them. Let them learn, don’t just teach them. Do you understand what I am trying to tell you? I know that you are a person who listens to reason and that is why I am telling you this.”

Jonah nodded and said, “Your opinion is always appreciated, (Y/N). I will think about what you have told me.” And with that he turned around and headed in the opposite direction.

“So, I’ve met the one that doesn’t care about anything, the one that cares about everything, and the one that cares about the right things. Have any more up your sleeve?”

His voice startled her so much that she swiveled around to find its source. As soon as she set eyes on him her face changed into that same unrecognizable face expression that he couldn’t explain the last time he saw her. But that only took a moment, because it was gone as soon as it had come only to be replaced by what looked to be a trained expression of professionalism.

“Jack, hi.” she said plainly, ignoring his former comment.

“(Y/N), hi.” he repeated in the same tone of voice.

“Are you mocking me?” she teased, beginning to walk forward. He was quick to follow.

“No, just trying to understand you.”

“I’m a hard person to understand.”

“Clearly. So, what are you doing here?”

“I work here. Judging by the fact that you knew exactly where to come, I would have thought you’d have known that. Who told you?”


She chuckled. “Of course.”

“He told me you were an assistant.”

“Yeah. English and Literature. I used to study here and they kept me as an assistant.”

“English and Literature.”

“English and Literature. I like adventures.”


“You don’t seem that convinced.” she looked at him and smiled.

“No, I am. I just wondered how that ties in with last summer.”

“It doesn’t.” she answered tersely. He opted to drop the subject for now as the reply had had a hostile note to it.

“Are you single?” he suddenly asked.

“Depends on who’s asking. For some boys, I am. For others, I’m in a serious relationship. And to friends, I tell the truth.”

“I thought you and I were friends.”

He spotted the smile, but there was no verbal answer.

“Okay, then, what would you say if I asked to take you to dinner?”

“Jack…” That one word conveyed more meaning than anything she could have said.

But he couldn’t stop. He knew that it was cruel of him, that she should have left her alone, that he should have forgotten about this whole messed up situation, that he should have just said “Well, nice knowing you.” but he just couldn’t stop. He had come this far. He didn’t want to lose this game.

“What? Finish your sentence.”

And that’s when… something broke. Something in that rock solid interior gave way. He could see it in her face, the eyes that refused to look at him.

“You’re not supposed to be here. It wasn’t- It wasn’t supposed to go this way.”

“What wasn’t supposed to go this way?”

“You. You were supposed to be… Ibiza. Not this. Not now.”

“What are you talking about?”

But she didn’t answer. She just shook her head. “I should have known that one day it would catch up with me. It couldn’t go on forever.”

“What couldn’t go on forever?”

An exasperated sigh. And the shield was back. The air of professionalism in full force.

“Don’t you understand, Jack? The person you met in Ibiza wasn’t me.”

“I’m not sure this is you either.” he said, taking a step back. “(Y/N), I don’t understand.”

“This wasn’t supposed to happen. You and I… It was only supposed to be Ibiza. You weren’t supposed to encounter me anywhere else.”

He was in shock. Suddenly the game was dropped, the rules didn’t matter anymore, the controller he’d thought he held in his hand vanished. “You mean, you planned all of this?”

“It’s not like that.”

“Then what is it like?”

“I just…” She ran a frustrated hand through her glossy hair. “It’s just people have different opinions of me and I react the way they expect me to.”

“Like in Ibiza everyone thinks you’re dangerous and mysterious, so that’s the way you act?”

“See, you get it!”

“I’m afraid I don’t.” The reply was bitter, emotionless.


“Tell me, are any of those stories about you even true? Apparently you got arrested, you’re someone to watch out for, you’re dangerous…” he let the words drift into time and space.

She was silent for a second. “I told you… they-they’re just rumors.” Her voice was quiet, barely above a whisper.

“And the friendly cashier who talks to everybody, the professional who works at this school? Which one is you, (Y/N)?”

She didn’t answer.

“That’s what I thought. I’m sorry I overstepped my boundaries in this funny little game of yours. I’d just thought I’d met an actual person, not someone who changes personalities to keep life fun for herself. I guess one thing was right about you’re Ibiza personality. You really don’t care.” He took a deep breath. “I was only supposed to be Ibiza? Life’s not a book. You don’t get to plan its plot. But okay, don’t worry. I quit the game. Find yourself another player.”

And with that he walked away, ignoring her calling his name one more time.

It turned out that Joe was right. He had met his match. And this match, he wasn’t going to win. So, he might as well forfeit before he lost.


Late afternoon of October the 1st. Hyde Park.

The thing about life is that it’s never going to go according to plan. As much as he thought that that was her biggest mistake it was his too.

He planned on never meeting her again. He planned on never speaking to her again. He planned on never thinking about her again.

But life is strange that way. Our plans never seem to turn out exactly the way we want. And perhaps it’s for the better.

He was sitting on a bench with his roommate, Josh, as they were both waiting for his friend to show up and give him back the camera he’d lent her. Jack was scrolling through his phone as Josh stood up and waved to someone, calling them over.

Suddenly a silence fell over them as the person in question failed to acknowledge Josh, but stepped away from him and directed her eyes toward Jack, who still hadn’t looked up from his phone.


The voice sent a shiver down his spine and he immediately looked up.

“(Y/N). What are you doing here?” he asked, an evident shock lacing his voice.

“How do you know (Y/N)?” Josh asked.

“I don’t.” Jack said before (Y/N) could say anything. “Nobody does.” The hostility in his voice was tangible. She cowered into herself, her gaze hitting the ground.

“I just, I want to say I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you.” she said to Jack, pulling the camera out of her bag quickly. She thrust it into Josh’s arms, looking completely ready to bolt.

But then she seemed to change her mind and turned toward Jack again, who was now looking at her with a surprised kind of curiosity swimming in his blue eyes. “Really. I am.” she said, touched his shoulder, turned around and left without saying another word.

“Where have you met (Y/N) before?” Josh asked his friend.

“In another world.” Jack answered, still staring after the retreating figure of the girl who cared about nothing, cared about everything, and cared about all the right things simultaneously.


Noon. October the 15th.

Sometimes the situations we get from life seem like too much to handle. Sometimes we struggle. Sometimes we even give up. But sometimes, despite everything that’s happened, life deals with them for us.

Jack was alone in the apartment. His flat mates were all out somewhere and the quiet was if anything strange. The apartment was usually filled with a hustle and bustle and without it it didn’t seem much like home anymore.

Trying to ignore the unnerving silence, Jack tried to focus on the task at hand which was editing last night’s video. But it seemed as if something wouldn’t let him focus. If he had been as absorbed as he usually was in his work he might not have heard the doorbell ring. But he wasn’t and the sound came as a welcome distraction from all the other distractions that seemed to be keeping him from his work.

What was behind the door was… less than welcome.

“Josh isn’t home.”

Set rewind to the summer and he would have been both overjoyed and awed at her presence. Now he was just annoyed and bored. Or at least he tried to put off a vibe as if he was. But the fact still stood. (Y/N) was just a regular girl with all her flaws, insecurities, and strange tendencies. And he hadn’t the energy to deal with her. A promise is a promise. And he had promised himself that he would forget about her.

“I wasn’t looking for Josh. I was looking for you.”

“I wonder why.” he said, stepping aside and walking back to his laptop, leaving the door open. “I barely know you. In fact, I don’t know you. Tell me, which (Y/N) does Josh know? Is it any of the ones I’ve met or a completely different version that I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting?”

He expected her to argue with his statement. He expected her to retort with an equal kind of sarcasm. He expected her to try to excuse her actions. He didn’t know why. It wasn’t as if he had ever known what to expect from her. That was what all of the versions of her he had met had in common. They were all unpredictable. And the fact of the matter was, no matter how much he tried to ignore and deny it, no matter what 'version’ of (Y/N) it was that he came across he couldn’t get the picture of that high-colored sky and the sound of that high-colored laughter out of his mind. She was all of the emotions of the sky. All of the colors in her laughter. She was high-colored. In her purest and most basic level, he felt he knew her, or at least gotten a glimpse of what was her.

“I’m not going to argue with you.” she said and then paused, took a deep breath and continued to speak. “I’m not even going to apologize to you. I’ve already done both of those things. But I do need to tell you something. And after I have, you can decide what to think of me. But not before.”

She paused and waited for his response.

His curiosity piqued, he said, “Go on.”

“The thing is, I don’t really like 'Sex on the Beach’. I prefer champagne. I don’t think I’m a force to be reckoned with, although people on Ibiza seem to. I never got arrested, but I went along with the rumors because I thought it would be fun. I wanted to see what it was like to be wild. I am not as nice as I pretend to be. Far from it. Although, I’d like to believe my heart is good. I am terrified of roller coasters. I like long car rides, but I don’t like driving. I think Beyonce is overrated. I love classical music and I wish I played an instrument. I have hidden talents in business, although I think economy is the dullest thing ever invented. I have no problem with blood on TV, but in real life I faint at the sight of it. I’m not very good at drawing, but I do it anyway. One of my proudest achievements is getting over my fear of public speaking. I don’t like the color brown and I hate wearing all black. I oddly like wearing black and brown together. I like color, but not too much. The sound of thunder gives me goosebumps, but I like the rain. I have an odd fixation to the villains in stories and I like to believe in the good in people. I have an unreasonable fear of heights, but I pretend not to. The reason I don’t let people get close is because I’m scared they’ll hurt me, so I push them away before they do. I read too much poetry and not enough prose. I dramatize everything, so that I can pretend it has any meaning, because otherwise I’d be completely lost.” She breathed in and finally finished her speech. “The truth is I don’t know anything about myself and now you know as much as I do.”

She took a step toward him. “You were right, Jack. You don’t know me. Nobody does. Not even me. But if I know one thing is that I’d like to. I’d like to get to know me. And for some odd and strange reason, I’d like you to know me too. And I’d like to know you too. The real you. The real me.” They were face to face now. “What do you say?”

“I’d like to know us too.”

She smiled. And for the first time since he had met her it was a full and honest smile. A smile full of color.


The eve of Saturday. July the 30th. The following year. Ibiza.

“Do you think they’ll ever stop doing that?”

“What? Staring when they think we’re not looking? I doubt it. I have a reputation.”

Jack and (Y/N) walked toward the bar. The way was paved for them as no one dared to step in their path.

“What do you suppose they’re thinking?” he asked her with an amused grin.

“Well…” she started, chewing on her lower lip in thought. “Either they think you’re the guy who tamed the beast or I’m the girl who turned you wild. Take your pick.”

He laughed. “They’re entertaining stories. Even though they’re not true.”

“You know, we could just tell them the truth.”

“I doubt they’d believe you. Everyone likes to daydream. Leave them their fantasies.” He reached down to take her hand in his. He was pretty sure he wasn’t imagining the laser beam of eyes on their intertwined hands. “Besides, I can see the thrill of doing this. This make-believe story is exciting. We might as well have fun with it.”

“Whatever you say.” she said, laughing at his amusement with the whole situation.

“Let’s give them something to look at, shall we?” he said as they reached the bar. He leaned down and kissed her on the lips. He could taste the color that she was on her lips. And for that single moment, she wasn’t Ibiza’s mystery girl anymore. She was his girlfriend, the girl of color. As entertaining as it was to play along in her world of make-believe, he would never trade knowing her for who she was for any amount of mystery. And everyday he was happy to get to know her even more.

They pulled apart and he turned toward the barman. “A 'Sex on the Beach’.” Then stealing a glance at her next to him, he turned back and said, “And a glass of champagne.”

She laughed at the fact that he’s remembered and shook her head.

And as he looked at her then, he realized something. She had been right. Life was a game. But it was much more fun playing together instead of against each other.

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Anything You Can Do - Part 1

Idea provided by @avengersrulez1536Hey again I have had another idea so the reader is Hook’s daughter and she’s ends up on neverland with Baelfire and they have a brother/sister bond. She fights against pan and pan enjoys the challenge and he always win but she had caught him off guard when Baelfire escapes… then years later when Henry is there she takes Henry right from pan under his nose and pan takes Henry back. She meets her father and the charmings, Emma, Rumplestilskin, older baelfire (neal)and Regina and tries to help them to save Henry but Pan has other plans for her..

Note: This was quite a detailed idea and as you can see from how long this started to get I am going to have to do it in two parts. The second part will be up at the weekend :) Hope this is looking good so far!

Peter Pan x Hook’sDaughter!Reader

Words: 2,248

Warnings: Intimidating behaviour, threats, mild sexual advances (used as a distraction so nothing too detailed)

Disclaimer: None of the GIF’s used are mine so all credit goes to their creators <3

“Bae hide!”

In a hushed demand you placed a hand onto the young boy’s chest before pushing him behind some of the foliage that surrounded this part of the island. He may not have spoken out to make his presence known yet but you had been here long enough to know exactly when Pan was about to make an appearance….he never did leave you alone for that long. If you didn’t know any better you could have sworn he had some crush on you the way he followed you around like a lost little puppy.

“You stay there until I say otherwise okay?”

Your whole time on Neverland had consisted of some cat and dog chase with ‘The King’ as he liked to call it. He got one over on you once and apparently that meant it was now a daily requirement to continue doing so.

He was getting closer, you could feel it, it was like his smugness was at such a level that it radiated around the entire island. For the love of pixie dust if you could just outwit him….just once, you would be the happiest person on this island. You had dreamt of seeing that look on his face as he realised that you had bested him.

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Colour Me Blind

First of my new Soulmate au stories.

Tag list:  @rabidwrestlingfan @wrestlingnoob @anonwriter-lady @somehow-lovable-trash

Warnings: There will be some major angst in this.

Summary: Imagine spending your whole life only seeing in black and white, with various shades of grey thrown in. From a young age you’ve been told that one day you will find someone that will immediately fill your life with colours. What if the person who brings you colour isn’t what you’d hoped for?

Word Count: 3337 (it kinda ran away from me a bit lol)


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The Beach (Bucky x Reader)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 1,649

Genre: Romance/Fluff

Warning(s): Mild Cursing

Summary: Bucky takes reader to the beach on a hot day when the AC in the tower is out.

A/N: I started this a while back and it had just been sitting around so I decide to finish it. I hope you enjoy!

(Y/N) = Your Name

(Y/F/B) = Your Favorite Book

You sat on the couch in the common room fanning yourself with the latest issue of Forbes magazine, and guess who was gracing this month’s cover? None other the genius who blew out the entire Tower’s AC with his latest experiment, Tony Stark. Tony stood, arms crossed, feet apart, stupid, smug face staring up at you from the glossy cover. You tossed the magazine onto the coffee table, leaned your head back, and let out a long groan.

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Bucky X Reader X Pietro

Summary: After Bucky breaks up with you, he goes back to your room to get all his things back. He then says that he regrets breaking up with you and wants you back. But the mess he left you in was too much too handle. Broken and a little famished you find yourself in the kitchen where a certain speedster makes a bold move.

A/N: HI!! Sorry it took so long for me to post this. I didn’t have much time to get into writing last month because of my finals and theatre. Please don’t hate me. 
If you guys want to be tagged in the next chapter just drop me a message. I add and remove by request. :)


Warning: fluff. angst? emotional stuff really.  

Part 1, X, 3, 4



There was a long while before you got used to the tower. What made it bearable was seeing him every day and it filled you with every bit of emotion you could feel. It was two months after your first arrival at the tower that you noticed him acting different around you. He started getting nervous around you a lot and he tried to avoid eye contact a lot, and you swear you could see him blush a bit whenever you talk to him. It made your heart melt every time you think that he could feel the same way.

It wasn’t until your fifth month in the tower that you started getting flowers at your door every morning with a sweet note attached. “Good morning, doll.” “Good luck on your mission today, hope you get back safe.” It was a different note and type of flower each day. It was easy finding out it was him because of his pet name for you and that you asked FRIDAY to show you security cameras. You approached him after a week of receiving flowers every day. That’s when he asked you out on your first date. He took you to a nice little restaurant for dinner and then a stroll around central park. You lied down on the grass admiring the stars together.

It was on your third date that he asked you to be his girlfriend. From then on you two were inseparable.  He took you on dates every now and then, it was romantic. He’d think of new ways to make you feel like a princess every date. One time he took you to a 1940’s themed dance and he taught you how to dance, it was the first time you saw how Bucky was before he became the Winter Soldier. That was when you first spent the night in his room taking things to a more intimate level. Everything was pure bliss, it was smooth sailing for two years until you felt him becoming distant.

You feel the tears streaming down again as you reminisce. Last night was just a confusing mess. You turn to the side of your bed where he usually lies, it still smells like him. You can’t deny the fact that you miss him, but you can’t really do anything about it now. You hear the door open but you don’t have the strength to sit up. You were a broken mess without him and last night didn’t really help at all. Sure you were bound to move on someday, and you know you have yet to explore your feelings for the silver-haired Maximoff, but today wasn’t that day. It wasn’t going to happen in a flash, you needed time.

“Hey. I’m just here to get my stuff.” You hear his voice echo in the room. You abruptly sit up and wipe the tears off of your face.

“Go ahead, they’re right where you left them.” You say as you bite your lip to try to stop yourself from crying again.

He moves around the room and your eyes follow his every movement. He stops suddenly and lets out an exasperated sigh. He turns to face you and brushes his hair with one hand.

“Look, (y/n), I’m sorry. I don’t really want to do this.” He says as he sits down on the bed with his back facing you.

“If you want I’ll just take your stuff out myself and have them by your door tomorrow morning if you really can’t do this with me here.” You say coldly, still trying to suppress your tears.

“That’s not what I meant.” He says as he slouches down a bit.

“Then what?” you look at him questioningly.

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Picture Perfect (pt. 5)

PT. 1 | PT. 2 | PT. 3 | PT. 4 | PT. 5 | PT. 6 | PT. 7

Reader x Yoongi

Plot: After finding yourself in the same situation day after day, a stranger with a camera happens to change up everything with just a snap of a button and a lot of misunderstandings.

Genre: Drama/Romance

WARNING: sexual assault

(gif to rightful owner)

Count: 7,740

A/N: I wrote this in less than two days when normally it takes me… awhile haha. The beginning is suuper fluffy (no spoilers though) and the end it gets super messed up. Why did I write this? Let’s hope there’s not too many errors…

“No, But I’ve Kissed You With It.”

I didn’t really sleep that night.

I wasn’t flustered or over-thinking what had just happened, though. I just felt sad more than anything. I felt sad because I could never have a normal night out with my friends. I felt sad because I was never going to realistically achieve my dream of becoming a doctor. I felt sad because I knew my love life was non-existent – and I especially felt sad because the only guy that did pay attention to me was a freeloader who didn’t actually like me. The worst part was that it was a Saturday night, which meant I didn’t have work in the morning and I’d have to face him.

How awkward. I hated confrontation, almost more than Yoongi. But mixing both of them together was a dangerous game.

When I did wake up, I stared at my ceiling for what felt like forever – dreading coming out of my room. I knew he was right there on the couch. There was only a thin wall separating us, really, and I prayed he had just left in the middle of the night.

No, you don’t, I sighed deeply.

I considered falling back asleep and enjoying my day off, but I knew I was just trying to procrastinate. Rolling out from the sheets, I looked down to see I was still in my clothes from yesterday.

What a wreck.

A part of me wanted him gone, but then again I had no one. The company sucked – he sucked – but it was better than what I previously had. I mean, sometimes he was nice. He had that going for him after all. He’s also not bad to look at, a small smile played on my lips briefly, before returning to the default frown I held and I shook my head. Though I tried to dismiss whatever just went through my head, I couldn’t deny it. He’s not that bad at kissing, either. Perhaps, just maybe, he had forgotten what happened last night. My heart dropped at that thought though, but I didn’t think about it too hard before I started towards the door.

The squeak of the hinges seemed dangerously loud, even with the TV that was playing in the next room over. He’s not gone, I breathed a little. I didn’t dare to call out to him though – even if I wanted to, my throat felt tight. I ended up lowering my head and quickly pacing to the kitchen to start coffee. Passing by the living room, I glanced to where he normally slept on the couch.

He’s gone.

My throat tightened more, and I tried to ignore it by thinking, “why did he leave the TV on” and, “when did he go”. I clenched my hands, the palms still achy from last nights abuse. I winced slightly, opting to reach for the remote that was close by to turn the television off. Turning back towards the kitchen, I sighed deeply again to try and compose myself. Why do I feel so disappointed that he left? Of course he would – I would.

I really should have stayed in bed.

If my throat was tight before, it was strangling me now. On the island counter, out for full display, was a box of donuts.

Cautiously, I moved around it, my eyes boring into the cardboard. Carefully, I began opening the lid, afraid to breathe. Why? It’s just pastries. I closed my eyes before I was able to see anything. Why are you so nervous? Why are you always so damn -

“Yah, you turned off my show.” Yoongi’s voice scared me, my eyes springing open to stare at the donuts. “I was watching that, you know.” I didn’t know what to feel. I was emotionally drained. I wasn’t breathing. “Hey, are you okay?”

I didn’t know how he had done it, or why, but spread out in the box were the donuts – some cut to fit into the word, “sorry”.

“Why?” Was my first word. I didn’t know what I was asking though.

I heard him cross to the couch, sitting on it. “I’m not good with words.”

“Well you just spelled one.” I finally looked up at him, my heart aching as my eyes landed on him. I’m so emotional today.

“I go out of my way to do something nice, and this is what I get?” His lips thinned, eye’s squinting. His hair was messy, a little all over the place. “Not that I expected a thanks, but I mean, I did expect a thanks.” He looked tired, like he also hadn’t slept much. “Hello?”

I cleared my throat, looking away, “Ah, thank you. You didn’t have to.” I closed the box, “There’s nothing to be sorry about.” Is that true? I couldn’t answer my own question. “Did you want some?”

“Yes?” He answered sarcastically, breaking the ice-thin air. Instead of feeling surrounded by a cloud it felt warm now. Better. “Can you just bring them over here and set them on the coffee table? I don’t want to get up.”

I frowned at him, but did as he said. “The coffee table is so far from the other -”

“Then sit on the couch with me.” His face kept straight, “I don’t take up the entire thing.” I only frowned deeper.

Sitting the box down, I curled up in the corner of the opposing side he was on, leaving as much space as possible between us. He immediately reached for the donuts, pulling out one that was part of the “Y”. Yoongi took a large bite of it, his jaw working. I still felt awkward, not wanting to grab one let alone move from my tight position. It was uncomfortable, but I felt better wrapping up into myself.

“You don’t want one?” He asked, looking over while licking his lips. I shrugged, looking away as quick as possible. You can’t even look at him? Pathetic. “What’s wrong? You’re quiet, it’s weird.”

“Shut up.” I rolled my eyes, instantly reaching for what was part of the “S”.

“That’s better.” I heard the smile in his voice. I hid my small smile by shoving the doughnut into my mouth. “Wow, you were hungry.”

I glared over at him, swallowing. “And that’s a bad thing?” He shook his head, reaching into the box for seconds. We ate in silence, my knees still hugging my chest.

I didn’t have much of an appetite, my mood still low. I couldn’t bring myself to look at him much either. Why are you acting like this? There had to be something to offset what was happening to me – why I feared him leaving so much. I closed my eyes, head leaning against a cushion, and trudged through my memories. I kept hitting dead-ends and walls before a face flashed through my mind.

Jinwoo. My first boyfriend.

We had dated for over two years as teenagers. Though we were young, we always promised to marry each other, that we’d have kids, that we’d grow old together. Looking back at it, it seemed cheesy. Everything about us screamed “gooey couple”, and we were naive to becoming adults and graduating. At first I was confused – he was a beautiful memory. Then again, it’d been six or seven years since we had separated.

Separated. I opened my eyes in time to see Yoongi finish another doughnut. He left me, I felt a boulder fall onto my chest, making it hard to breathe again. I remember.

The night of my seventeenth birthday Jinwoo had finally convinced me to have sex with him – since I was too nervous before that. The whole “I’m old now, it’s going to be fine” motto kept surging through my veins. In the end I had woken up to an empty bed and a short text message saying “Thanks, see you around”. Confused, I tried calling him and the only voice that greeted me was his voice-mail. I texted him an endless amount of times, asking him what he meant – begging him to reply.  After two weeks of ignoring my calls, not texting back, and even avoiding me at school, he finally messaged me.

How did you not catch that I was cheating on you this entire time.”

I called his best friend, desperate for an explanation. All he did was chuckle and say “I mean, he did get what he wanted.”

“What do you remember?” I finally spoke, my eyes drifting from my hands to his confused face. “From last night.”

He swallowed quickly, “Enough.” I nodded. “And I’m sorry. That was… dicky. I know I should of probably just left but -”

“No, it’s okay.” I interrupted with the words still on his tongue, “You were drunk and those things happen. You didn’t hurt me or anything, so it’s okay.” My nervousness prompted me to grab the next part of the “S”.

“I don’t think it is.” He leaned back in the couch, “I heard you crying.” I paused, not knowing what to say. “I couldn’t remember if I had done something, I couldn’t sleep.”

My hand finally reached my mouth, “That’s… embarrassing.”  I took a bite, trying to distract myself. “It wasn’t because of you. I don’t even remember doing that.” I tried to laugh. “Thanks for saying thanks though, that’s the first time you’ve said it to me, I think.”

“Sorry if I said some weird stuff. I was -”

Really drunk? I figured.” I look at him, taking another bite. Yoongi’s eyes were straight ahead, his hands clasped as he rubbed his thumbs together. You look so exhausted. “It was kind of cute.”

A blush took spread across his cheeks; his thumbs halted. “Hmm, try creepy.”

“No, I’m serious.” I smiled, setting down the rest of my doughnut, “It was more creepy that I kind of enjoyed it.” I mumbled the last part, embarrassed. Did you just really say that? “Ignore what I just said.” I looked down at my hands again.

“No, what? I didn’t hear you.” I looked up, relieved. “Just kidding.” He smirked playfully, my jaw dropping. Oh, fuck you too. I went to turn before he reached out to me, “Wait, Y/N.”

“What.” Blushing, I mumbled. I cannot believe you just did that.

“You have some icing…” His hand touched my face, his thumb that was just fiddling with his other now dragging across my bottom lip, “…right there.” Yoongi’s voice was almost a whisper, shaking slightly a lot like his hand was. I was frozen in spot, mouth slightly agape. What is he doing? Why did he do that? His thumb slowly left my lip and his hand followed before he brought them both to his own. Opening his mouth, he placed in thumb inside and sucked on it softly.

My breath hitched as my heart began beating faster. Whoa, what the fuck. My eyes left his fingers and rested on his. Instead of the usual dark and stormy presence they took a hold of in situations like this, they seemed cautious – nervous even. Never the less, though, they were still gigantic; engulfing me. What do I say? Do I even say anything? Should I act like that never happened and continue on with my life knowing this?

“I’m sorry,” his voice quivered a touch. I had never seen him like this, leaving me dumbstruck, “I think I missed some.”


I expected his thumb to touch my mouth again, but it ended up hooking under my chin and pulling up as he gently leaned forward. Suddenly I was thankful that earlier my knees had dropped, the space had shrunk to next to none as his lips landed on the corner of my mouth, kissing the spot.

Yoongi left his lips there for a second, not a breath fanning from his mouth. His thumb left my chin, his hand’s warmth disappearing from my neck, and he dropped it to his lap. He leaned back, blinking rapidly like he was trying to concentrate. “I’m sorry, that was wrong.” He let out a frustrated sigh, “Why do I keep doing this to -”

“Hey, it’s okay.” I reached out, touching his clenched fist, “It’s all okay.”

Why is it? I leaned forward, copying what he had done except this time our lips met. Why is it he’s so manipulative?

“Are you going out tonight with Taehyung and Hoseok and all o’them?” Yoongi asked, coming out of the bathroom as he dried his hair, “I’m honestly only going because Namjoon is – he’s not, well, at least he doesn’t act young like the rest. They get annoying sometimes.” Nodding, I sifted on the couch so I was laying down on it.

It hadn’t seemed that long since he had bought apology donuts for me, but we were almost nearing three weeks since it had happened. Why are you counting? It didn’t seem like a significant event, but I felt like I had broken down one of the many walls that Yoongi surrounded himself in. He doesn’t like you.

“You’re quiet today…” he disappeared, but the sounds of a drawer opening and closing gave his spot away, “It’s weird, you should stop.” Yoongi’s voice was farther away yet it still echoed in my head.

Every time he talks it does.

“Hey, it’s weird you’re caring – you should stop.” I retorted, sighing as I placed my phone on my lap. “You’re also really talkative. It’s annoying.”

In the time that had passed – him still mooching off of me – nothing had happened between us. Not even a glace or something said that seemed flirtatious in any way. In a sense I could tell he was just trying to stay away because of what he had done, but even while I did respect that I felt… lonely. The only thing he seemed to like was his camera.

He poked his head out of the door, frowning, “Aw, now you’re just being a dick.” Turning off the light, he opened the door before coming to the back of the couch and kneeling as he rested his arms on the back. “Is it that time of the month or something?”

“Whoa that was sexist, buddy.” I shook my head as I shot him a look of disgust, “Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

“No, but I’ve kissed you with it.”

“I’m…” I stared at him. Yoongi’s face didn’t so much as crack a smile and his eyes shined playfully, “….not going to try to even reply to that. You’re disgusting and twisted.” Rolling my eyes, I picked up my phone and punched the pass-code in, “And ‘FYI’, no, it’s not – but thanks for checking in.”

“Jesus Christ Y/N, it’s just a joke. Chill the fuck out.” Yoongi scoffed, standing up, “I’m just trying to lighten mood, make you laugh or something.” He turned, starting towards the bathroom again.

Don’t leave.

“Yoongi stop.” I clicked my phone off, swallowing thickly, “I’m sorry I’m acting bitchy…” The comment about kissing me threw me off guard. I was finally getting used to nothing, and there he goes being the sneaky, little bastard. He tried to make you laugh, that’s it. He doesn’t like you.

It stayed silent for a moment, his back still turned to me. I was about to call out to him and apology again when his head turned slightly towards me, “Did you want to ride with me?” I tried to hide my smile, but he didn’t let me answer before turned on the light in the bathroom again, “Be ready in forty-five minutes… and look nice – my car is too nice to be treated that way.”

“I thought I said forty-five minutes, not forty-five hours.” He tapped his knee impatiently as I opened the passenger’s door.

“It was just an extra ten minutes? We’re fine, no one’s even going to be there yet. Did you text Taehyung?”

“Haha, no. That’s your job. I got enough of him just by sleeping at his house for two nights.” I closed the door and he drove off, the engine making a small rumble. “Did you really need those extra ten minutes? It would have literally made no difference.”

“Hey! It matters.” I mumbled, still buckling, “You have to match your shoes or you just look ghetto.”

“You’re ghetto anywa-”

“Min Yoongi.” I warned as we stopped at a light, “Don’t you dare finish that sentence. Who’s the one being dicky now?” I glared, the light bouncing off his skin as he turned his head. My tall stance faltered as his eyes met mine, my senses suddenly becoming acute to the cologne he wore. Stop, he doesn’t like you.

“Oh shut up, I’m just giving you crap.” He chuckled, and the red turned to green. “You look great either way.”

My heart took a punch – or at least, that’s what it felt like. Stop. I bit my cheek, leaning my head on the glass. He doesn’t like you. I closed my eyes, breathing in deeply. Why do I keep saying that, anyways? ‘He doesn’t like me, he doesn’t like me.’ Why would it matter if he did or didn’t? I felt the car come to another stop. He doesn’t care if I like him or not…. I opened my eyes, glancing at him even though I knew he was focused on the road.


“I won’t drink much tonight.” He blurted out, his eyes shifting to me briefly, “Well, I mean, you’re getting a ride home from me right?” I nodded. “Then I won’t drink much since I’m driving.”

“Okay…? Thanks? I mean you could and then we could call a cab or something. They exist.” He’s acting weird. I eyed him, biting my cheek again. He’s acting too nice. “It’s really no problem, they’re cheap too since I don’t live far.” He doesn’t like you.

“No, no. I like my car better. Plus I’ve been trying to drink less.” The words fell out quickly, “It’s a bad habit, and I… don’t want it turning into an addiction….” His voiced reeked of excuse-making. “Yeah… those are bad, you know?”

“Okay, I’ll take your word.” I breathed out, stiffing a chuckle, “You’re acting super weird, are you okay?” He nodded, my fingers finding each other to fumble. “Ahh it’s okay though.” Yoongi’s eyebrow raised questioningly, and I shook my head. It’s really cute…

“What was that?” The car pulled in the parking lot, ‘Did you just say… ‘It’s really cute’?”

“N-no? Why the fuck would I say that?” God damn it all, you said it out-loud. “That’s not even remotely cute. What… what even is your definition of cute? Because that’s not mine.” Stop rambling, oh my God. You are making a complete fool of yourse-

“You.” He parked, shifting the gear and turning to me as he leaned into his seat. His smirk only deepened as my jaw fell open.

“Are you flirting with me?”

“I’m not the flustered one,” He opened his door, shrugging, “and I didn’t start it.” Scoffing, I left his car. What just happened.

We walked into the bar in silence, him trudging in front of me. The sun had only just set a few minutes ago, and twilight leaked into the windows of the building. The honey color was a nice changed from the retro lights, and instead of pop music bleeding from the floors the walls echoed soft rock. I should come early more often. I looked at Yoongi in front of me, his figure walking towards the booth where we normally sat. He’s so small. Scratching his shoulder, he slid in the seat. He seems so delicate. My body slid in right next to his.

“Why are sitting right next to me?” Yoongi’s voice interrupted my thoughts. Some thoughts those were. “There’s the other side? I know the bench is rounded but you have all this room.” The tone of his voice was serious; annoyed, but a small smile hid on his lips. “Unless…”  Dipping his head into my neck, his hand rested on my thigh as my heart skipped a beat. “…you want our own room.” His lips ghosted across my ear and I could feel my cheeks heating up. I can’t breathe, I swallowed hard as his thumb pressed into my skin and began messaging it.

Out of the corner of my eye, a flash of brown hair caught my eye, “Hey Hoseok, we-we’re right here.” I cleared my throat, leaning away from Yoongi, “You’re early…” He doesn’t like you. I felt Yoongi stop hovering over me, but I was too afraid to look back at him. What was that?

“Yeah, I guess.” Hoseok slid across from Yoongi and I, “I got ready quicker than I thought I would.” He grinned.

“Unlike someone.” Yoongi grumbled, and I could just feel him eye-rolling at me. Thanks.

“At least I look nice, unlike someone.” I slid out from the booth, “I’m going to the restroom.” I need to get out of here.

By the time I had returned from the bathroom, everyone had seemed to rush in. Any trace of the sun was gone now, and to my dismay the guitars had been replaced with the electronic beats once again. It wasn’t crowded yet, but glancing at the time of my phone told me that people were only just starting to arrive. Casual Saturdays. Saturday’s weren’t as busy as Friday – of course, but the amount of people that came was still overwhelming. I wove my way through a crowd, smiling as Taehyung called my name as I arrived back at the booth.

“It’s a little crowded.” He smiled sheepishly, rubbing his neck. “Hoseok had to get up so that others could fill in.” I shrugged an, ‘It’s okay’ and looked at Yoongi who was at the edge of the seat, on his phone. He’s ignoring me, the little shit. “We can mash in closer if you want -” I’ll show him..

“Oh no, it’s okay. No one has to get up for me.” Yoongi glanced up curiously, “I’ll just sit with Hoseok, he’s right on the edge of the seat, anyways.” I smiled, that’s right. “Hobi, can I sit on your lap? I won’t crush you, I swear.” I leaned towards him, looking right into his widening eyes.

“Oh – uh, yeah.” He rubbed his neck, “Yeah, of course.” He sat up straighter to make room for me as I took a seat on his thigh. This wasn’t weird – I had actually done this many times before when we had a lot of people at the booth. Just not with Yoongi here.

“Thank you so much, I don’t know what I’d do.” I whispered into Hoseok’s ear flirtatiously right before I glanced at Yoongi. His eyes met mine, before he raised his eyebrows and returned to his phone in a bored manner. Oh, come on. This is ridiculous. Hoseok nodded quickly, his cheeks brushing against my nose as he smiled softly.

I’m sorry Hobi.

Taehyung’s ordered rounds came along with the waitress that Hoseok had previously flirted with. I tried not to look her in the eye because oh wow, that’s awkward but sadly she caught attention of ‘her man’. Her eyes lighted up for a second before landing on me and the position I was in, turning them into daggers as she squinted and quickly clicked away in her heels. The twelve drinks turned into only two as some took seconds – one being named Yoongi.

I thought you were driving? Dipshit.

“Who wants these? I’ll call the waitress over and get another round but… you know.” Taehyung tilted his head towards the shots, his hand already holding one.

“I will, I haven’t had one yet.” Reaching for one, my hand stopped, wheels turning in my mind. “Hey, Hobi…” A grin spread through my face, both of my hands now grabbing the last two. “You should have this one.” I placed it in front of him.

His jaw slacked, “No, no. You know I don’t drink. And I don’t as in I never.” He raised his hands defensively.

I moved my lips to his ear, “Oh please?” My vision wandered to Yoongi again, who was – finally – staring at me with a working jaw, “Come on. Just one, it’s only this one. It won’t do anything.” I placed mine into his hands and my fingers moved down to lightly wrap around his wrist and rub circles into it. “Just one.” I saw Taehyung’s eyebrow raise at me.

I’m sorry Hobi.

I’d never once seen Jung Hoseok drink a shot, let alone touch liquor, in the entire four years I had known him. He was the complete opposite of is best friend – Taehyung never missed a chance to get alcohol in his system. In a way I felt very concerned, since I didn’t know what would happen if Hoseok did end up getting drunk – I bet none of us did. His head tilted back and the drink was gone in a second, the clank of the glass following quickly after. The table stirred, everyone except Yoongi and Taehyung cheering on Hoseok.  I felt the skin beneath me flush, an embarrassed grin flooded his face.

Surprisingly, it was really easy to get Hobi to continue taking shots through-out the night. The first few were harder, but after there had been time to let the booze seep into his veins he loosened up. After every drink he took, Taehyung would shoot me a look of concern – and they only grew worse as the number went up. Yoongi had disappeared somewhere, claiming he had to go to the bathroom, but it’d been close to fifteen minutes.

“It’s really hot in here, huh?” Hoseok shifted under me, shrugging off his jacket.

“I’m sorry,” I awkwardly leaned away from him, “I can get off of you, there’s seats now. I’m probably not helping you out much.”

“No, no,” he grabbed my waist, stilling me, “you’re fine.” A blush crept down my neck, my shoulders shied into my body from the touch. His hands stayed there a second too long, before sliding down my body and resting by his legs. I distracted myself, my eyes surfing through the crowd in hopes of seeing someone I knew.


I spotted the tall figure leaning against a wall near the bar stools, talking to someone who was covered from view. I felt myself looking from person to person, each a stranger. Who exactly am I looking for? I wasn’t in the best shape, I had taken a shot or two more than Hoseok and was suddenly thankful that they didn’t have a high percentage or I would have been really wasted at this point.

“What’s wrong? You’re tense.” Taehyung asked, scooting over so he could sit directly in front of me. “Are you okay? You’re not really like yourself.”

My eyes met his, “Oh yeah, I’m fine. Just thinking about work.”

“Well don’t, it’s a night out with your friends.” He smiled as he rested his chin on his hands, “Don’t think of stressful things. Just enjoy yourself, okay?”

Easier said than done, “I will… Thank you Tae.” I grinned, trying to seem better. What am I even worried about?

“I’m going to find Namjoon or something, I’ll be right back though.” He pointed to nowhere, sliding out and leaving the booth. I looked around the table, seeing two other people – a girl and boy, whose names were Jongin and Kyrstal, I think – having a conversation amongst themselves.  Just Hoseok and I.

“Hey, did you mean that?” Hobi asked, tilting to side so he could look at me, “About being fine and everything?”

“Yes…?” I knitted my eyebrows together, only looking him for a second before adverting my eyes into the crowd.

There. Right there.

They landed on someone sitting on the bar stools, close to one the workers. His blonde hair was only visible for a second before being groped by a hand with long nails. The two were close for having a conversation – too close really, and I squinted, trying to see what was going on.

He’s making out with someone.

“Are you sure you’re sure?” Hoseok’s playfulness helped ease the sting of jealous that stabbed my chest. I looked cautiously at him, my head turning quickly so I couldn’t look at what was happening anymore. Why would he do that?

“Oh yes,” I tried not to grit my teeth; it was hard to breathe all of a sudden, “I’m positive. You wanna go dance or something? I’m getting bored.” Why am I freaking out? I knew he didn’t like me. I kept telling myself he didn’t and I still got let down. What the fuck is wrong with -

“I’ve been waiting for you to ask that,” He chuckled, his teeth on full display, “You never dance. This should be fun.”

“I have two left feet.” Breathing in, I began calming myself down again and I got up from his lap and slid from the booth as he followed closely behind, “Sorry about that.”

“You’re all good.” Laughing, he stood behind me, breath fanning across my neck, “I’ll help you.”

I led the way to where a mass of bodies were, passing by Yoongi. Our eyes met for a half a second, before the witch hands were back on him and I looked over just in time to see it was the waitress from earlier. Oh God, you should have seen that coming. The flashback of her glaring at me from earlier played in my head, and I only quickened my pace as I tugged Hobi behind me.

The music was much louder where everyone was, and the floor pounded against my feet to the beat. I blinked hard, swaying backwards into Hoseok as the last shot I had just taken finally hit me. He can have that slut anyways. Hoseok turned me around, a look of ‘hey, are you alright there friend’ flashing through his features.

Why should I care who he kisses?

I nodded a yes feverishly quick, my eyes finally focusing as I grabbed Hoseok by the neck and attached my mouth to his.

He doesn’t care who I kiss.

After a second of shock, he kissed back. It wasn’t like I had never had a rough make out session with someone before, but I was still taken aback from the dominance he held since the last couple of times I had kissed someone it was more… soft. Stop thinking about it.

It ended as quick as it had started, and only when I took a step back from him did I notice that he was just as drunk as I was. His pupils were blown up, lips slightly swollen from what had just happened, and his stance wavered. I look him over quickly, thinking, damn, he’s so much taller than me. I knew I wasn’t wearing the highest heels I owned, but I never knew that Hoseok was this tall. He was so soft spoken and even though his personality was big it wasn’t giant. I had always thought of his height like I thought of him – child-like.

A new song began through the speakers, making me come back to reality. “I love this song,” I shouted. It was a lie, of course. I don’t know what to say. He grinned, leaning back and bouncing to beat. It actually is hot in here. I bopped my head awkwardly, since I’d never really danced when we went out. You were always such a wimp. I wasn’t off beat, but I certainly didn’t have any tricks up my sleeve.  

Hoseok’s hands sneaked around waist, pulling me closer to him as his body kept moving in a steady rhythm. “I said I’d help you.” They traveled down to my hips that made them sway in time with his. Your dance classes really payed off. My own hands found themselves in many places. One snaked up his arm and then moved to the back of neck, while the other trailed up his torso before stopping near his heart and then going back down again.

With every beat we got closer and closer together, before barely anything was between us. His lips had gone to my jaw, sucking and biting wherever he could. My fingers threaded through his hair, tugging at the strands hard enough to made him groan sometimes.

We had turned throughout the dancing, leaving me to face Yoongi now. Oh yeah, he’s here. He turned just as I focused on him, his eyes shooting from mine to my neck and then Hoseok’s hands, before traveling back up almost squinting. That’s right. I could see him swallow, being turning back to whoever was sitting next to him now. Probably another girl.

The thought of that made my step falter, he doesn’t like you. “Hey, Hobi. Where’s your coat?” I tipped my head and spoke in ear, earning a questioning groan. “I don’t want you to lose it.”

He stepped back from me slightly, his hand coming up to my neck to rub a sore spot as he examined it, “S’at the booth,” his words were starting to slur, “Come with me, I don’na lose you.” He wrapped an arm around my waist, beginning to walk surprisingly steady for his condition. That’s so sweet of him… Something nothing Yoongi would never do.

Why am I comparing Hoseok to him?

We passed Yoongi, and I avoided eye contact though I could feel him burning holes into my back the entire time.  Reaching the booth, we met Taehyung and Hoseok sat down as he picked up his coat.

“I’m’a go to the bathroom.” I spoke into Hoseok’s ear, earning a nod, before I trudged off trying not to step on anyone’s feet.

After washing my hands, I stepped out of the restroom. So fucking hot in here. Looking to my left, I remembered the backdoor was right by the bathrooms, for the smokers. Sighing, I wove through a few people to find the exit to just step outside for a minute because my make up was about to melt off at this point. Pushing the door open and stepping outside, my breath hitched from the sudden temperature change. I hugged myself, closing the door as I leaned against the wall of the building. The music shook the walls and the smell of booze was overwhelming even out here.

“Hey, ar’you ditchin’ me?” A voice whispered into my ear before a hand clamped down on my mouth. I didn’t even hear the door open. I tried pushing the person away from me but they had wrapped their other one around both of my arms that hugged my chest. “Shh, s’just me. S’Hobi, don’t worry.” The hand removed itself from my mouth and wrapped around my chest like his other one, “Just wanted to spook you.”

The cold air and the sudden shock sobered me a touch, and I wasn’t as unsteady anymore. Why are we both outside? “Hoseok, let’s go back inside…” I started towards the door, shivering slightly.

“No, s’fine ri-i-ight here,” he sang, “not as many people, jus’us.” Pulling me back from the door he began further into the alley. “The music’s loud still.”

“But Hobi I’m cold.” I tried, still pushing against him. “S’chilly out -”

“You’re okay.” He huffed, stopping finally as he unwrapped his arms, “Isn’t it fun out’ere?” Grinning, he pushed me back up against the wall, towering over him. He grabbed my jaw, lifting it up as he leaned down and pinned me back with his hips.

I turned away, “No Hoseok,” I ducked into my shoulder, “Let’s go inside, right now.” You’re scaring me. The alcohol was rapidly leaving my system as this kept happening, my heart began pumping quicker the longer he kept cornering me. “Let’s find Taehyu-”

Hoseok’s hand returned to my mouth, “Where’d m’nickname go?” His hips dug me harder into the wall, “Just were saying, ‘Hobi’ a’sec ago.” I began feeling a hand at the hem of shirt, slipping under it and running it up my stomach, “N’you don’t feel cold.”

He’s not letting me leave.

The palm on my mouth barely let me breathe, let alone could I cry out. “Y’look nice in your skirt.” He whispered into my neck before he returned to the spot from earlier. I was too scared to move. I didn’t even know where I could go – he’d catch me before I could go anywhere. He’s just drunk, snap him out of it.

My mouth was finally uncovered, only for it to be again by Hoseok’s. The hand under my shirt traveled higher and pushed my bra over my breasts before it came back to grope one. I shivered from the coldness, and began wiggling underneath him to try and get out. I grabbed his shoulder’s attempting to push him away from me. This is useless. I began kicking my legs to try and shock him, but he only ended up spreading my feet far apart with his. His fingers began prodding at the waistband of my skirt, slipping into it.

Terrified, I shook my head fiercely, my fists punching his chest and his neck before he growled and grabbed them with one hand and kept them above my hand. My heart felt like it was going to rip out my chest – I didn’t know what to do. Finally his lips left mine to go to neck and I attempted screaming out but my throat was so tight it came out as a sob. A sob? I’m crying?

The finger’s left the waistband of my skirt to only touch my thigh and trail up my leg. “St-stop. Just-t stop.” I banged against him. “Let’s find Taehyung.” My vision wasn’t clear anymore, tears welled up in my eyes. His palm rubbed through my thong; my hips trashed while I tried to close my legs. It felt like that happened for hours, and I almost decided to give up since he wasn’t moving. I couldn’t move him. The tears from my eyes started streaming down my cheeks.

“What the fuck?” Someone shouted, and then Hoseok suddenly left my body and I heard a something hit the gravel. “What the fuck are you doing?” Thank you, thank you thank y-

I suddenly was on the ground too, my weight dropped down since the only thing that was holding me up before was Hoseok’s hips. I instinctively covered my hands, sobbing into my hands as I curled into a ball in the dirt.

“Shit, shit, shit…” Taehyung’s voice came closer to me, “Y/N are you okay? What – I –“His voice cracked as he leaned down tried sitting me up. Once I was in his arms I fell against him and hid my face in his chest as I heard another string of profanities from… Yoongi?  

“Hey, hey. Shh, please calm down – it’s okay, you’re okay. It’s safe now, I’m here.” Tae soothingly rubbed my back as he tried helping me up. “I’m taking you home… Hey! I’m driving her back!” He shouted behind us. “We’ll get your stuff, you’re going to be all good, I promise.”

He’s crying.

I don’t remember the ride home. I only remember walking the steps up to my apartment with Taehyung’s help and closing the door behind us as he kept saying soothing things. He didn’t push for anything. From there he took me straight to the bathroom, telling me to take a shower and try and relax in the water. Taehyung left me in the bathroom sobbing, his face a mixture of sadness and hatred. Ripping my clothes off, I threw myself into the bathtub; quickly turning to turn on the shower head.

I didn’t stand up – either because I didn’t want to or if I didn’t know if I could, I don’t know. I sat under the streaming water, crying still but not as much. I don’t know how long I was in or how long I was going to stay in there for. The initial shock of it was finally gone. It’s done, it’s over. Taehyung came for you – helped you. My heart slowed down along with my breathing. So did Yoongi, he came for you. He - A sob wrecked my body.

He doesn’t like you.

My bathroom door opened, closing with a click, “Y/N?”

“Tae-Taehyung?” I tried stiffing my weeping. Why did that make you cry again? “Is that you?”

“It’s… It’s Yoongi.” Why are you making me cry again? “I’m sorry if you wanted Taehyung. He just left. I have your stuff, I went inside and picked it up.” His voice was hoarse, like he had been screaming.

“No,” I sniffled, “it’s not disappointing me.” I reached for a bar of soap, fumbling with it in my hands. “Were… were you just screaming now?”

“You bet.” Sad humor rippled through the words, “I also busted my knuckles pretty bad beating the shit out of him.”

That only made the sob I was holding back come through, my hands abandoning the soap as they hugged my knees, “I’m sorry. I’m so, so fucking sorry this is all my fault.” I leaned against the tile. Why did you do all this? You’re so stupid, this is exactly why he doesn’t like y-

“Why are you saying sorry?” Yoongi’s voice cracked, “Why would you ever say sorry for that? Because of my knuckles? They’ll heal, I did that on my own. That was for you -”

“No not for your knuckles!” I wept, “I did this on purpose, this is all my fault.”

He was silent for a minute as my sobs filled the room, the sound of water not even being able to dull them. “You purposely made him molest you?”

“Wh-what? No! No, that’s not… that’s not what I mean.”

“Then what do you mean?” I was expecting his voice to be angry, annoyed – disgusted. “Please tell me.” His voice was soft instead, careful like he was going to break me. You’re worn-down.

After finally catching my breath, I started, “I mean, as in, I-I wanted him to be all ‘up on me’. I know he doesn’t dr-drink and I made him t-take shots so he’d be like that…” Stop hiccuping, Jesus Christ.

“Why?” Yoongi asked, but I didn’t answer.

“Why?” He asked again.

“Because…” I hiccuped, “I really wanted to.” Just tell him, it’s now or never. “Because I really wanted to makeyoujealous.” My last words shot out and I hid my face in-between my knees even though we couldn’t see each other.

“You wanted to make me what?” Peeking out I saw his silhouette sit down next to the tub. “Just spit it out.”


Instead of replying, I heard him sigh. You fucking blew it. I reached for the soap near my feet, beginning to try and clean myself as best as I could from my position. At least you’re not crying anymore. At least you’re not lying anymore. At least it’s just… out there. Thoughts kept racing through my mind. Please say something – anything. I placed the bar on the soap tray, and my finger’s went to my hair and I fingered through it.

“I’m dying.”

“What…?” I asked, freezing.

“I’m dying. I have cancer.” He spoke softly, but the words seemed to crush the room. “It’s all in my pancreas. We didn’t catch it early on.” The shadow of his head dipped, hands coming up to run through his hair. “It’s only… what, maybe two years? If I’m lucky. I’m actually lucky my hair hasn’t fallen out yet or -”

“Why are you telling me this?” I rubbed my face, “Why did you bring this up to me?”

“The reason,” I could barely hear him over the water, “the reason I came here – why Jimin got so upset about me leaving – is because I went to the doctor and after that I left a voice-mail for my family and left town. I… I don’t know why I left. I couldn’t stay. The doctor told me that since it was late it’d be a slim chance that I’d live. And to hell if I’m going to just sit in a chemo room all day when I know I’ll probably die.

“He also told me to try and spend my days doing stuff I love. ‘Live life to your fullest’, he said, and then I was out the door. It’s not like I had anything here when I came – and that’s why I chose it. I could forget that I a chronic patient, and no one would know, either. I could be myself again.”

“I still don’t know why you’re saying this all.” I reached for the curtain, only my head peeking around so I could look at him. “Out of everyone, you tell me?” He looked at me, his shoulders slumping.

“He said to do things I love. That I enjoy. Do something that makes me happy.” Yoongi shook his head, shifting towards the wall so he could lean against it and still look at me. “That also means being with people that make me happy, that I enjoy.”

“That you love?” My own voice was so small, but he heard it and a small smile took his lips as he nodded.

“I was trying to think of a way to say it better, but, after tonight…” His gaze shifted to the floor, hands clasping together, “I guess it was something to say to you other than, ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘it’s okay’, you know? And when you said you were trying to make me jealous – oh, that made the icing on the cake.” He tried to laugh.

“You know, what I said a couple weeks ago about wanting to spend time with you was true,” his eyes looked into mine, “At first I was really needing a place to stay – but honestly, how do you think I wear these nice of clothes and own that car?” I bit my tongue; my cheeks lifted, “I could really spend the night at Taehyung’s if I wanted. I could even afford my own place.”

“So you’re a freeloader?”

“…Yes? But I have a good reason.” Smiling, his ears turned red.

“And what would that be?”

His expression evened out as he looked at me again, fingers carefully raising from his side to brush a strand of soaking hair behind my ear, before it retracted.

“I can’t get enough of you.”

99% so Let’s Call It Over

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And since this entire series was created and survived due to the amazing influence of the perfect human, @bloomsoftly it seemed fairly appropriate to serve the last piece as a virtual slice of birthday cake. Bloombloom, you are the nicest person. Hands down. I am convinced. I hope your day is awesome!

Read all the bits for the full experience! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Words: 1031

Pairing: Johnny Storm/Darcy Lewis

Rating: T

He’d been sitting at ninety-nine percent for the last two weeks. He’d stopped asking for updates after the first few days but Darcy’d only gotten more skittish every time he walked into the lab. And he knew that maybe he needed give her some room because something was up. But he was a little afraid that if he did, she would stretch the distance even farther between them.

And yet…stalled out at ninety-nine for the fifteenth day in a row? He felt farther away from gaining Darcy’s trust than he had in the single digit days at the start of everything.

So he spent two days moping around the Fantastic headquarters and hunting doombots on the east side, hoping to hear from her. Which, technically, he did. She sent him a little two second video bite of Tony getting charged at by one of his electronic minions and a cat-cry-laughing emoji.

So now he was in the resident quarters of Avengers Tower (turns out Steve Rogers wasn’t so bad really, cause he’d helped him get in without much convincing) pacing the hall outside of Darcy’s apartment door.

He hadn’t knocked yet. He wasn’t sure he was going to knock. He wasn’t sure he was going to leave and head back home either, though. He might just pace the hall until she appeared and hope that…that she would want to talk to him.

No. No, he was going to knock.

His first ‘rap’ on the door was harder then he meant to be, the next two too soft. He made some kind of intricate pattern of knocks just in his attempt at finding the one that sounded normal. Non urgent. Chill.

But no one answered.

He tried two more. More half-hearted. And then he paced.

And then he thought it was time to give up and go. He should have texted. Or just waited for her to text him.

He turned in place and saw Darcy at the end of the hall, a bag slipping off her shoulder to the crook of her arm as she stared at him.

“Hey,” he said and a moment later he lifted a hand in a small wave.

“Hey,” she said, voice small from the other end of the hall.

“Um. Can we talk?” he asked.

She shifted her bag and pushed her glasses up her nose and looked around the hall, as if he might have been speaking to someone else.

“Yeah,” she said. “Okay.”

They met at her door and Johnny felt like running in circles, trying to burn off some of the nerves rattling under his skin and the heat sparking through his blood. She walked in ahead of him and dropped her bag on the kitchen island counter, fiddling with the straps and keeping her back to him.

“I think we should stop with the percentages, Darce,” he said as the door clicked shut behind him.

She whirled around, eyes wide. “What? Why?”

He hadn’t even really known how tied up in knots he was until she looked at him with that startled disappointment and one of the knots loosened in his gut.

“Cause it’s making you nervous and avoid me and I just… don’t want to stop being…the way we were.”

“Oh. Which part?” she asked, and she let go of her bag and took a step closer to him.

“All of it,” he said.

“The kiss?”

“Yeah that too. And the you yelling at me in the hall part. And giving me shit over every little present. And not putting up with my crap. And…like…teaching me about how to really …care about someone.”

She blinked. “I did that?”

“It’s a pretty specific case for who I’m caring about at this point, but yeah,” he said and he didn’t bother fighting his smile.

“I’m really nervous, Johnny,” she said. “I do…I am…” she huffed and tried again, “I just…don’t want to be wrong.”

“About me?”

She nodded and bit her lip.

“You’re not wrong about me,” he said with a shrug. “You never have been.”

He tried not to fidget under her gaze. She seemed to be studying him, considering him, and he wanted to let her. He really needed her to be sure.

“Can you come over here?” she asked.

He started walking but she was on her way to him too and they met at the edge of the hall. He wanted to touch her and he was ninety-nine percent sure Darcy wouldn’t mind. But he got it, he really did. That one percent was kind of scary right now.

“So…if we aren’t doing the percentages, does that mean our dinner and walk are out?” she asked.

“Nope. Nope, definitely not. Our dinner and walk are available whenever you want them,” he said, eyebrows raising.

“Tomorrow night,” she said

“Tomorrow night? Yeah! Yeah, you got it. Tomorrow night,” he said and his head was bobbing up and down and would not stop.

She smiled up at him and then took her glasses off and hung them from the collar of her t-shirt.

“So we’re just…doing our thing now?” she asked.

“Yeah. Yeah. Let’s do this thing.” He realized that his face actually hurt. He’d been smiling for awhile now and he was only just realizing how hard he was smiling.

This time, when Darcy reached for him, lifted her face up with a glance at his mouth, he was ready. This time he kissed her, trying to catch every texture of her mouth, every happy sound from her throat. When she jumped up, he lifted her and buried the flare in temperature at the feel of her winding around him. When they broke apart for air he found the spot on her throat where she would press her thumb when she was nervous or angry, and he sucked a mark there until she was shuddering in his hold.

“You’re staying,” she said, ordered. “You’re staying the night, Storm.”

He pulled off her neck with a soft ‘pop’. “You sure?”

She giggled and looked down at him with a brilliant grin. “One hundred percent.”

All For You - One

Jey Uso/OC

AN: Its short but just to give y'all a little something. I’ve been keeping y'all waiting for too long.

“Queen, I’m trying to take my stuff inside, I’ll call you back.”

Freedom had been trying to get off the phone with her sister since she had turned into her neighborhood. Queenie was inviting her to dinner, attempting to set her up with one of her husband’s colleagues.

“You’re gonna make me drop my stuff. Bye, Queen, bye. Tell Kennedy and Derrick I said hi.”

With that Freedom disconnected the call, stuffed her phone in her back pocket then grabbed a few more grocery bags.

“Hey, Ms. Free!”

Struggling with bags, she looked across the street to her neighbor’s house. The kids were outside playing with some adults sitting on the porch.

She smiled and waved as best she could witht he bags on her arms. “Hey, Jayla. Hey, Jaiden.”

“Can I help,” Jaiden asked standing at the end of their driveway.

“Sure, baby.” Freedom laughed knowing Jaiden would help no matter what she said. He’s a very helpful, well mannered eleven year old.

She brought the bags to the kitchen, sitting them down on the island. Jaiden wasn’t far behind her.

“Is that it, Jaiden?”

“No ma'am but my Uncle Josh said he’s got the rest.”

She stopped going through bags to look up at her young neighbor.

“Josh? Have we met,” she asked.

Jaiden shrugged his shoulders starting to put away groceries.

“Where you want these, lil mama?”

“You can just,” her voice trailed off as she look up from the bags.

Tilting her head a bit, she stared at the man in front of her with a confused expression. She wasn’t aware that Jon had a twin. And though she was sure they are identical, his twin was a lot more attractive.

“Ms.Free, that’s my Uncle Josh.”

“You’re uncle,” she asked looking to the young boy.

“Yes ma'am.”

“The bags?” He asked lifting them.

“Oooh, oh. I’m sorry,” she said embarrassed. “You can sit them up here with the others.”

Freedom went back to putting groceries away, turning her back to them. She could feel his eyes on her, watching her every move.

“You can go on, Jai. I’ve got it,” she said passing him a ten dollar bill.

“Thank you, Ms. Free. You comin’, Unc?”

“In a second. You go on.”

“Thank you for bringing my bags in. I always tell Jaiden that I’ve got it but he doesn’t listen.” She laughed.

Josh smiled at her, sizing her up as much as he could.

“Ms. Free, is it?” Josh asked pinning her down with a stare.

“Freedom Parker. And you’re Uncle Josh?”

“Josh Fatu,” he said still staring into her eyes. “Out of all the times I’ve been to my brother’s house, I don’t know how I missed you.”

“Well, I travel for work sometimes so I may have been out of town, Josh. And again thank you,” she said softly.

For a moment, they held each others stare then Josh moved slowly around the island until he was in front of her. Her back against the island, leaving her nowhere to go.

“If you really was thank me then you should let me take you out.” She bit her lip, resisting the urge to rub her fingers through his beard and over his lips. “What you say, Freedom?”

“You didn’t ask if I had a man.”

“For one, if you had a man, he would’ve been helping you with the bags. And for two,” Josh said leaning down to kiss her lips, “I didn’t ask cause I don’t care.”

All she could do was look at him in awe. Josh was forward and not afraid to ask for what he wanted.

“I’ll be here to pick you up tomorrow night at 8.” He kissed her once more then eased away from her, leaving the kitchen.

“What should I wear?” She called after him. The only response she got was the sound of her front door closing. “Okay, guess I’ll figure it out then,” she mumbled to herself.

Can’t Be Real 3

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader

Request: @rohanwood Idea for a one shot/ series where eggsy & the reader meet outside of kingsman & neither of them know the other is an agent at kingsman. They start dating & each end up walking out on dates bc of missions, but make it work? The other is suspcious but dont have any idea what they’re hiding. Eventually they discover each other at work & angst ensues? & the reader is a legendary sort of myth at Kingsman & no one knows who she is except for high ranking officials like Merlin & (formerly) Arthur?

Warning: Swearing, sexual themes

A/N: I am incredibly sick


Part 1 Part 2

Originally posted by fiveguysfiction

Nine dates. They had had nine dates together and every time, Eggsy would have to leave in the middle of it. Normally, Y/N would understand having to work late, however she hadn’t worked at all in the past two and a half months, so this was starting to get annoying.

Y/N never brought it up to him though. Every time he told her he had to leave in between dinners or while they were out at some of the museums she had worked for, he would kiss her on the cheek, apologize gently and leave.

The tenth date was no different. They had decided on a fancier restaurant this time. She had been wearing a nice dress that Eggsy had not been able to take his eyes off her from the moment he saw her. She had given him a smug smile in return.

Eggsy ended up getting a phone call while they were eating, forcing him to step outside. Y/N, having had enough of this back and forth thing they were doing, followed him out to listen in on the phone call. She went back to her seat after hearing the word Merlin coming from her date. That gave her warning signs. Eggsy came back in a moment later and kissed her on the cheek.

“I’m so sorry, Y/N. I have to go into work,” he said, pulling his wallet out to hand her cash to pay for their meal. Y/N gave him a slightly annoyed look, but the possibility of him being a Kingsman as well was making her edgy. He gave her an apologetic smile and tilted her chin to press his lips against hers.

Then he was gone and she was stuck in this restaurant with their half eaten meals. Y/N got up after waving down a waiter and paying, apologizing about not being able to finish the meal. He gave her a sympathetic look before she left.

Once Y/N was home, she sent her hawk to Merlin asking if she could have a mission yet. This hadn’t been the first time she had asked, but most of the time he sent her back a flat no. He didn’t answer right away like he normally did. She sighed and laid on her bed, annoyed with Eggsy and Merlin and Kingsman and just everything involving that.

Eggsy didn’t contact her for days though. This was what normally happened when he left their dates early. It made her anxious. Where did he go? What was he doing? What kind of work did he do?

She refused to believe that he was also a kingsman. There was no way that the one guy she decided to date was a Kingsman. That didn’t stop the prickling feeling that told her that he might be.

Y/N waited a few more weeks and as time went by, she dug a bit deeper into Eggsy’s father, but she couldn’t dig up anything about him being involved with Kingsman. It didn’t have anything about his death either, but Y/N felt it was a little too much to be digging through those kinds of files.

Eggsy showed up at her house after another week or so. She stared at him blankly before going to shut the door in his face. Weeks with nothing, not even a response to her texts and he thinks he can just show up.The door stopped just before it stopped and Y/N looked down at the foot blocked the way. She pulled it open again and glared at him. He gave her a gentle smile.

“May I come in?” he asked. The look she gave him was so blank, he probably wasn’t sure how to react.

“Why the fuck would I let you in after you keep running off in the middle of our dates? You haven’t talked to me for weeks,” She hissed and she could see him flinch a bit in response.

“I did say it was for work…”

“For a month? An entire month at work?” She asked, exasperated. Though that was a bit hypocritical of her since she was almost always gone for long periods of time.

“Look, I’m sorry, but my job has me leaving the country some of the time and when that happens, I tend to be gone for long periods of time,” Eggsy explained, looking more apologetic than what was probably needed, but Y/N felt the need to make him suffer.

“With no contact?” She asked, crossing her arms. He gave her a sort of shrug before she just moved away so he could come inside. Eggsy made his way through the entryway, passed her and towards her living room.

“I can make it up to you,” He said as Y/N slammed the door behind him. She raised a brow at him, moving passed him to lead him into the kitchen rather than the living room. He followed with an easy swagger to his steps as if he knew she would forgive him.

“I’m sure you would try,” She sassed.

“Please? Just one more chance,” He asked, sitting at the island in her kitchen. Y/N sighed and gave him a firm look.

“Look, I should be going back to work any day now. I really don’t think it’d be fair to both of us if we continued this when I’m going to be gone for even longer periods of time. Our work,” She gestured between them. “Is not going to work for either of us. You keep disappearing and I will be gone for months at a time.”

“We could make it work if I went with you,” Eggsy said, smirking. Y/N stared at him, surprised.

“You want to come with me?” She asked. He nodded, crossing his arms smugly as he smirked. Did he have any idea what third world countries were like? That she spent most of her time in the middle of nowhere, wearing the same clothes for months because she couldn’t keep more than one other outfit in her bag without having to let go of other necessities.

“What’s that face for?” He asked, getting a little unnerved at her silence.

“No, absolutely not. It really wouldn’t be fair to either of us. You have your own job, a house, your family. I can’t take all that away from you,” She said, leaning on the island across from him.

“What if I want you to be taking it?” Eggsy asked, winking at her. She raised a brow at him.

“You’re a perv,” Y/N hissed.

“Yeah, but I think you’re enjoying it.”

Y/N seemed to ponder whether or not to give him another chance. She wanted to. He was handsome, but he was also caring and sweet. She wanted to give him the chance to prove that maybe she could mean something to someone.

“You get one more date, Eggsy. If you walk out of this one, that’s it. We’re done,” She said, giving him a serious look. Eggsy nodded and leaned himself across the counter to plant a kiss on her lips.

“You won’t regret it, Y/N.”  She really hoped she didn’t.


Eggsy took her to a very fancy club. Something she was not used to. He had asked her to invite two friends, but she didn’t have any. It had turned out, Y/N was meeting his coworkers at this club. His reaction to seeing her open the door was priceless. Though she was littered with scars and scratches, all his eyes seemed to focus on was the very low cut chest of her dress. She had to snap her fingers to get his attention.

When they finally got there, she immediately didn’t want to stay. Though she wasn’t under or overdressed, she didn’t like being in loud urban areas and this was extremely out of her comfort zone. He sat her at a table before sitting next to her, dressed in a very fancy looking suit like he had when he took her to the first fancy restaurants.

They talked for a bit before Eggsy’s friends showed up and they were, by far, the most surprising thing she had seen. Roxy was sweet, even a little flirty and very competitive with Eggsy. It was his other friend, they called him Merlin, that was getting her attention more.

After a few drinks though, Y/N didn’t bother asking. She wasn’t drunk and she could tell that Eggsy wasn’t either. She was having fun despite how uncomfortable she was in the club itself. It was then that she allowed Eggsy to drag her to the dance floor so they could dance.

He held her close by her hips, pressing his lips to her ear in a way that made her want to kiss him and slap him at the same time. After a few more minutes of him antagonizing her with his pelvic sorcery, she grabbed him by the tie of his suit and dragged him outside.

The drive home was quiet, him tapping his fingers slightly against the steering wheel while she picked at the glitter of her dress. As soon as they were standing at her doorstep, she grabbed his tie and dragged him inside.

His lips met hers feverishly while she pulled the jacket off his shoulders. Eggsy walked Y/N backwards towards her room as he ran his hands up to her shoulders to pull the shoulders of the dress off. As soon as her bare back hit the bed, she knew that she would enjoy this.


Eggsy was up first. He yawned as he sat up slowly. His gaze shifted to Y/N’s back turned to him. He leaned over and pressed a kiss to her shoulder before getting up to pull on the boxer briefs he had been wearing last night.

Slowly he made his way to the bathroom to relieve himself. He didn’t bother putting on any more clothes than that after washing his hands. Eggsy made his way back out to the kitchen to make them some breakfast. He stopped only to look at the pictures hanging on the wall.

There were pictures of her mum and dad, some of her as a child, but there was one that caught his attention the most. It was a picture that was small, but it was probably the most significant.

In this picture was her father, standing in a suit next to Harry and the old Arthur. Eggsy stared at the picture before taking it off the wall. Quickly, he sent a picture of it to Merlin after quietly retrieving his cell from Y/N’s bedroom. He waited in the living room, fidgeting as he ran his fingers over his phone nervously.

The text he received after a few more minutes was not comforting. It was stating that Y/N’s father was Agent Gawain. Eggsy sent another text back on everything about the old agent and Merlin agreed. Eggsy stood up and went back into Y/N’s room.

He left a note on her pillow after dressing before he left the house silently. Eggsy made his way over to the Kingsman shop. He went inside and into one of the fitting rooms so he could take the shuttle to the Kingsman house. Nearly running, finally he was in Merlin’s monitoring room.

Merlin looked at him, clearing uncomfortable. He pulled up a screen of everything having to do with the old Gawain. Eggsy moved closer to read even the small parts. What shocked him more was that there was Y/N, going through the Kingsman training with Arthur being the one who picked her as a candidate.

“No…” He muttered as he watched. “She had to have been sent home!”

But the video showed she was the only candidate remaining, with her father by her side and Arthur smiling proudly at the both of them. It was then that Arthur said the name that made Eggsy’s mind go blank.

“Welcome to Kingsman, Bedivere.” Merlin turned the video off and looked over at Eggsy. He bit his lip as he observed the boy sit slowly in the chair.


“I said Agent Bedivere was not real… But I’m dating her.”

“Eggsy, you couldn’t have known that she-”

“I want everything of hers right now. I need to talk to her about this,” Eggsy said, recovering from his shock. Merlin pursed his lips and nodded, getting to work on getting his friend the information he needed.

neverenoughpercy  asked:

Could you do one about a meaningful reunion between Calypso and Percy after the war? I felt like it wasn't really addressed in the books. Thanks!:)

Going to continue off of this.

  • Percy was pacing near the lake. He didn’t like the fact that Calypso was back. 
  • She shouldn’t be here. And Annabeth shouldn’t have been so forgiving. She should be pissed. She should be furious! 
  • “Percy?” He heard from behind him. 
  • He turned and saw Calypso standing there. She looked sad and disappointed. 
  • “What do you want?” Percy spat.
  • “I’m just going to say I’m sorry. I am really sorry. I know you’re mad. I know you can’t forgive me.”
  • “I felt awful leaving you on that island. I felt awful for not coming back for you. And the only way you could make me feel worse, is by placing a curse on my girlfriend!”
  • “I know. I’m sorry. I was just mad that you loved some other girl that wasn’t me. And you never came back…I wasn’t thinking.”
  • “So you cast a curse?!” 
  • “Percy, I’m so sorry!” She stressed. “I’m really sorry. I wish I can change it.”
  • He ran his hand through his hair. He looked at the ocean. His gut was telling him to not forgive her. But Leo. Leo became a close friend after the giant war and was now dating Calypso.
  • “Look,” Percy took a deep breath. “I’m not going to forgive you for putting a curse on Annabeth. But for Leo’s sake, I can try and make amends with you.” 
  • Calypso smiled a bit. “Thank you Percy. I really appreciate it.”  
Turn loose the mermaids(Part 6)

Me:*sees drama|Me:….Anyway, did anybody asks for Captain Noir getting  a heart attack? Here is part 6 guys

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When Chat Noir came back in his cabin, it was midday. His mermaid was still in his bed, her tail taking the place of her legs. Yet she was still covered in his jacket and holding it like it was her most treasured possession. Her rosy lips were parted slightly and her long, dark eyelashes rested against her pale cheeks. She gave a content sigh and Chat almost dropped the tray with her food. It was by far one of the most heavenly sounds he had ever heard.

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neglectedrainbow  asked:

ooh #19 for any DEH ship, please!

So hey, wow. This is two months late. I have no excuse at all, so I’ll just apologize profusely. I’m so sorry!

Anyway, here’s a lof of little Kleinsen for you. Enjoy!

19.  “Then come here and make me.”

Anyone that knew Evan Hansen knew that he wasn’t a fan of parties. They were too loud and too crowded and he always felt like he was in someone’s way. He never knew who to talk to or what to do with his hands; he didn’t even really like to drink that much due to the nasty headaches and dry mouth he was left with the next day. Needless to say, Evan was not a frequent party-goer.

That hadn’t stopped Jared from inviting him to different social gatherings, though. Ever since they had started college, Jared had been insistent that they both needed to branch out, meet new people, and behave as recklessly and irresponsibly as adults experiencing their first taste of freedom ought to. Evan did not share his feelings, but that didn’t always matter to Jared.

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Open Water: Pt. 6

A Bucky x Reader / AU

Master List

A/N: Here is part 6! I hope you guys like it. You’ve been sending me some great responses so keep em’ coming! I love hearing from you. Your reactions give me life (especially about Steve the iguana, who has become somewhat of a mascot of this series)!

Word Count: 1,830

- language.

Tags: (at the bottom)

*gif is not mine.

Hand in hand is how you and Bucky walked back to your camp, the orange glow of the fire he’d made showing you the way. With no choice but to put your disgusting clothes back on, you vowed to go back to the spring when you woke up to wash your clothes. Your skin felt less dingy now, which was a plus, and your lips were still tingling where Bucky had kissed you. You bit your lip as you thought about the kiss, your mind wishing for more. He glanced in your direction on the way, a huge smile spread across his face.

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The Dinner

Hey guys so this is my first jake x mc fic and it’s set after they get back to La Huerta and they’re all at a graduation dinner held by the school.  The setting is black tie. I’ll be writing this from both perspectives so enjoy and feel free to message/ask box any criticism or future ideas :) Listen to the matching song of this fic here.

MC’s Perspective:

As I put the finishing touches on my makeup, Michelle finished helping me with my hair, which she ended up doing a sleek updo. I got up and slipped on the black dress that had crystals embroidered on the top. Suddenly the door went wide open as Zahra emerged from the bathroom in her fitted deep red dress. “Yeah, yeah I know okay…” “BUT ZAHRA THAT DRESS LOOKS STUNNING!” Michelle looked completely shocked. “I think you look wonderful.” Quinn said in her blue dress with her innocent like smile. “I just can’t believe it!” I teased. Zahra rolled her eyes and slipped on her heels. Estella arrived at Michelle’s sorority house and met us all upstairs, into Michelle’s room that had suddenly turned into a beauty parlour. She looked really good in her dusty rose dress, it definitely complimented her dark brown hair. “Hey, the boys should be here any minute for the dinner, so I suggest we make a killer entrance. Shall we?” “Definitely!” Grace smiled, smoothing down her elegant purple dress. And like clockwork, the door bell rang.

Jake’s Perspective:

My heart raced as Aleister rang the door. God I feel like I haven’t seen princess in forever with all her finals. “Well boys here we are in these Tuxedos. It’s like high school prom all over again, except this time we won’t get caught by the teachers for drinking.” “Craig I think that was just you my dude, I never got caught….” Raj said. Grace opened the door, and there she was. Waltzing down the stairs looking like a piece of priceless art. She was so effortlessly stunning. And she was mine. “Uh Jake, come on let’s go, we’re gonna be late.” There she was staring right at me, an urgent look on her face. Without a word I pulled her into a passionate kiss, sinking into her lips. “Let’s go then princess.”

As we arrived to the banquet hall the room was bustling full of waiters and people mingling, full of penguin suits and ballgowns. Tonight was the night I was gonna propose to her. I felt it. We all sat down into our seats and chatted for a while, laughing at old stories from the island. “Remember that first party we had on the island that first night? We really didn’t know what was coming.” Said Raj. “Guys I’ll be right back I’m going to the washroom.” Said MC, getting out of her chair. I counted: 1…2…3…4…5. I got out of my chair. “I’m going to get a drink.” Before she headed into the washroom I caught her hand. “Where are you going, when I can’t take my eyes off you princess?” “Oh shut up ‘He who needs a haircut’…” She laughs “…Actually in that suit I should call you 007.” “Oh yeah?” “Yeah.” She said in a dreamy voice looking into my eyes, pulling in to kiss me. “Lets go find somewhere else?” I grab her hand and lead her through a door I found walking into the entrance. I guess it looked like some kind of room to freshen up, It had a mirror and a bunch of toiletries with a pretty white couch. Like a gun going off, I locked the door and pushed her up against the door, kissing passionately like we can’t handle being apart from each other. The minute I saw her come down those stairs, it’s like she had known it would make me go crazy. She pushes me onto the couch and I feel the ring box as soon as I sit. Shit, she’s gonna feel it. I jump up and head towards the door. “Uh you know what on second thought we should go downstairs… Dinner could be served soon hmm?” She tilts her head “Uh okay.. but let’s finish this later.” “Uh huh” I say already making my way out.

Mc’s Perspective:

What the hell was that? One minute he’s kissing me, and the next he just gets up and leaves? Did I do something wrong? Confused, I leave the room and make my way back to the table where Quinn is there to greet me. “They just announced an open mic!” “Yeaaaaah.. Hey if you go up there I”ll pay you fifty bucks and drinks on me!” Chimed Zahra with her signature smirk. “To hell with all of you!’’ I laugh, roll my eyes, and I walk up the stairs of the stage. Except instead of feeling a wave of anxiety, I feel confident in what I’m going to sing. I tap the mic. “This song goes out to one of my favourite sarcastic assholes… This song is very dear to me because after taking a joy ride up in the air in Costa Rica, he’d always play this song for me.” I breathe and I begin to sing. “Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars…” I search for his eyes in the crowd and throughout the song I can’t find him anywhere.  “…In other words, please be true. In other words, I love you.” The song ends and I can’t find his face in the applause anywhere. Suddenly I feel a tap on my shoulder from behind. It’s Jake. There he is standing there with the stage lights in his eyes. Before I get the chance to do anything Jake gets down on one knee, and opens the box to reveal the stunning engagement ring. “ Well I thought I’d make use of those weird gems on the island. The moment I met you, I knew you were mine, princess. I love you and don’t plan on stoppin’ anytime soon. So… Will you do the great honour of marrying me.” I nod, and I jump into his arms. “Hell yeah I will.” I melt onto his lips and everyone begins to applause. 

some post-game Guzma+Team Skull headcanons

Guzma spends some time in the hospital after his experience with Nihilego. He’s not as badly affected as Lusamine, but there are still some lingering effects of the poison in his system and it takes him a while to recover. Plumeria and various members of Team Skull visit him frequently, and there’s a giant handmade “GET WELL SOON BOSS” card in his room when he wakes up.

When Guzma goes home, it’s mostly for the sake of reconnecting with his mother. His relationship with his father is still pretty chilly. His dad does seem to genuinely want to make amends for what he did before, but they’re nowhere close to real reconciliation and Guzma isn’t sure if he wants that or not. It’s a bit of an uneasy peace when he’s there, but it’s better than nothing and he’s genuinely glad he made the decision to reconnect with his mom.

Golisopod is really aggressive toward Guzma’s father - it was with him as a Wimpod when he still lived with his parents, but far too weak to protect its trainer from the abuse. Now, though, it’s a six foot tall monster bug and it remembers everything. Guzma sort of half-heartedly discourages it, but secretly it makes him feel safer to have Golisopod with him.

He lives with Hala for a while after the game as he’s getting back on his feet, and spends most of his time training. At first he’s really uncomfortable and kind of expects everyone to hate him, but Iki Town is a genuinely friendly and hospitable place and he’s caught off guard by how everyone’s just so nice to him - even Hau, who he figures has the most reason to hate him after all trouble he caused for the kid and his friends. Instead Hau just seems genuinely glad that he’s doing better, and frequently invites him to train with him and Ilima or just go out and get some malasada together.

He basically cuts himself off from the people he knew in Team Skull for a while, which really pisses Plumeria off because some of the grunts - a lot of the grunts - don’t really have anywhere to go and she thinks he should help and she misses him, a lot

eventually he goes back to Ula’ula Island. the Aether Foundation, after a long public silence with Lusamine on indefinite medical leave, unexpectedly announces a charitable grant dedicated to the restoration of Po Town. Though he doesn’t really make his involvement known to anyone, Gladion is mostly behind it. his feelings on Team Skull aren’t entirely positive, but he knows a lot of those kids don’t have anywhere to go, and he knows what that’s like. It’s the least he can do. 

The money mostly goes through Nanu, as kahuna, but he uses it to help what’s left of Team Skull as Gladion had known he would. He gets Plumeria involved and she ropes Guzma into helping with the restoration project. 

Guzma makes several attempts at challenging the Elite Four and Champion, and never quite manages to succeed, but he becomes a strong and well-regarded trainer and is eventually invited to join the Elite Four.

Harry- Violent & Drunk

** I would like to start this off by saying Harry never in a million years would do this. And I highly doubt this would happen.**

HAPPY READING LIL JUICE BOXES :) Oh and BTW I didn’t use Darcy as your kids names bc I don’t like it all that much lol sorry.

“Come on Dad, you should go to bed.” You woke up when you heard your 14 softly speak to your husband. Your eyebrows became furrowed in confusion until you heard Harry start to talk.

“I d-don’t wanna.” Your drunk stuttered to Sydney. You groaned before slipping out of your warm bed and heading downstairs. You went to collect your daughter and ship her off to bed. No fourteen year old should see her father being a drunk idiotic fool. You arrived at the bottom of the stairs being softly calling out to your daughter.

“Syd, go back to bed.” Sydney’s head turned up from her father’s to yours and started to sleepily trudge upstairs. As she passed, you whispered, “I’m sorry.” Sydney just nodded her head before brushing past.

“Harry, babe, come one we should really go back to bed.” You tried to convince your unwilling husband to come return to your bedroom with you.

“No.” He slurred. “The brown head girl kept telling me to go back to bed but, Haley never told me to.” Your eyes began to water at the thought of Harry calling his oldest daughter and his self proclaimed ‘baby girl’, 'the brown head girl’. The fact he remembered some random slut from the clubs name made you even more sad and angry.

“Harry, I think we should talk.” You said sliding on the stool that stood by your island in the middle of the kitchen. You fiddled and stared at your hands because the thought of looking at your careless drunk husband would make you cry.

“Mhm kay, Y/N.” Harry said while falling up against counter laughing. Wow, you thought to yourself, he actually remembered your name.

“I don’t er think you should go to the club as much.” You stated quietly. You knew Harry would be pissed and a drunk AND pissed Harry wasn’t a good thing. You moved your head up to look into his deep green eyes that were glaring at you.

“No. I can do what I want. It’s not like I have to do anything else.” Harry said defensively. Your mouth almost dropped to the table at the naiveness.

“Harry, you have to be a father, you know?” You said without thinking.

“Ugh, whatever. I spend way too much time with them anyways.” Harry said waving his hand around.

“I bet you don’t even know what Emma’s middle name is? Ha! You probably don’t even know who she is.” You stated raising your voice. Harry glared at you sharply before pushing him self away from the counter and coming threateningly close to you.

“I don’t have to do anything you say.” While he did this he gabbed his finger into your chest hard. You ignored the light pain and tried to move away but you suddenly felt Harry’s fingers dig into your arms. It hurt really bad so you whimpered out,

“Please let go, Harry.”

“NO!” He roared. “THIS THE LAST TIME I’M GOING TO TELL YOU THIS, YOU DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!” After he said this he kicked the stool out from under you and forced you to stand. You whimpered again.

“Harry, please, it hurts. Please just let go.” You pleaded trying to grab his wrists.

“FINE!” He yelled before shoving you in front the fridge. He stared at you chest huffing up and down. You stared at your hands that you just used to touch the back of your head. When you pulled away you felt a warm sticky that coated your fingers. Your eyes widened as you looked up at Harry. Harry’s eyes became enlarged too and he looked as if he had sobered up a bit. He opened his mouth but was interrupted by Sydney.

“Mum?” She questioned, voice wavering. Harry spun around facing his young daughter. She almost fell back at the sudden reaction her father had given her. She peered past him before continuing. “Are you okay?”

“Yes, baby, I’m okay. Can you go get Emma and some of your guys things please? We’re going to aunt Caroline’s.” You answered. Sydney turned on her heel before staring to head up the stairs. You started to follow her before you felt Harry’s cold fingers on your shoulder. You gasped at the touch which made Sydney turn around and stare at the two of you.

“Honey, you’re bleeding.” Harry’s voice stated, not being able to accept the reality that he caused it. You just shaked your head before brushing past him. Both you and Sydney jogged up the stairs to your rooms. You went to your room to grab and began to randomly shove clothes in it. You returned to the hallway to fund Sydney holding a very sleepy 2 year old and both their bags. You pulled Emma out of Sydney’s grasp before walking down the stairs. Sydney followed and you both headed out the door. Before you were completely out, Harry drunkenly staggered forward.

“Madeleine.” He breathed out.

“What?” You questioned.

“That’s Emma’s middle name.” He answered. Sydney’s eyes widened before she spoke.

“Mine is Madeleine. Emma’s is Sophie.” You both walked out the door and Sydney slammed it shut. Once you guys were far from Harry, Sydney started to break down and cry…

Part two my lovelies? Feedback would be wonderful!