he really loves this sweater

Sweaters uwu

Rich Goranski’s presquip wardrobe is sweaters ok 

He’s a baby boy.

Cuddly Iris who:

  • Walks up behind her boyf mid-rant and hugs him around the waist as he continues a spirited debated with HR and Wally over Lay’s chip flavors;
  • Falls asleep at the table, head on open book, and Barry just yawns deeply and says, “Babe.  Babe.  Babe.”  until she grunts, “Bar.” and he sighs and carries her to bed;
  • Snags The Flash by the front of his suit and reels him in for a hug and they’re at a would-be crime scene and in public but he can still spare a winning smile and Speed-kiss for her;
  • Will climb over the back of an overcrowded couch to join her future hubby as Cisco and Barry have a thumb-war, almost spilling the popcorn in Caitlin’s lap in the process, and Jesse and Wally snuggle on the opposite side; Barry forgives her because he really, really loves hugging her;
  • Likes to sleep in Barry’s sweaters because they’re so soft – Speed has a spectacular effect on clothes;
  • Curls up on the hospital bed beside him when he’s too hurt to come home because she wouldn’t hurt him ever but he doesn’t sleep as well alone;
  • Lifts an eyebrow dramatically from her sprawl on the couch when Barry shows up at the apartment, covered in soot, and tries to collapse in his usual catatonic cuddly stupor on the couch; she puts her feet up on his chest and says, “Barry,” to which he grunts, “Iris” before Flashing off for a shower, returning and promptly finding room to collapse beside her, all Speed-warm and fresh-soap, aka irresistibly snuggly;
  • Puts her legs up over his whenever she can, enjoying and exploiting the fact that he’ll absentmindedly run his hands over them as he talks;
  • Walks up to Barry at the precinct after a long day and just plants her forehead against his chest, frustrated and tired, and he wraps those long arms around her in that soothing speedster hug of his and practically purrs, radiating comforting warmth and holding her as long as she needs;
  • Rolls and twists and even kicks in her sleep, but still manages to not wake Barry in his because he sleeps like a Rock;
  • Practically lives on top of Barry for the three days she’s down with the flu, head pillowed on his chest, sleeping most of the time and it has to drive him crazy to be off the clock for three days but Jesse and Wally are on and he doesn’t even bring up the fact that he should be out in the field;
  • Sleeps light and wakes up as soon as Barry sneaks into the space beside her, sometimes just cuddling up to his back and holding onto her favorite speedster so he won’t run off again;
  • Loves that he’s pretty cuddly, too, seeking her out when she walks in the room, putting his arm around her, putting himself in front of her whenever there’s danger but letting her be the one on guard as he sleeps in their apartment.
  • Will comfort-hug a sweat-soaked, exhausted Bar after a particularly awful mission, getting the cowl off his face and the suit off his shoulders so she can hug him;
  • Sways in his arms all night long on their wedding night, savoring the fact that she snagged this wonderful dweeb for herself.

Love the Passing of Time by  weatheredlaw (for @weatheredlaw)

Newt feels, in this instance, closer to humans than ever has in his entire life.

Tina’s hand in his, their future laid out before them – he counts himself lucky to be one.

or: Tina meets the family.

he is the smell of coffee in the morning, the smell of new and old books, the texture of a soft blanket. he is the stars and the sky and the moon, all at once. he is the feeling of an oversized hoodie. the feeling of warm socks and cozy sweatpants on a really cold day. he is the sweater paws you love to do with your jumpers. he is that weird, indescribable smell of wet soil just before it rains. he is the little droplets of water you watch race when it rains. he is that beautiful light blue, purple, pink, and orange sunrise that makes life look like a comic drawn by a really patient artist. he is the feeling of finally completing homework or chores after working so hard on it and getting some rest at last. he is your favourite colour, your favourite smell, your favourite flavour, your favourite word. he is lovely.

happy pride month!!!!!

thought of contributing to the month of happiness by drawing my favourite character Guren is a Bi sweater XDDD

Zelo’s laughter gives me this warm feeling ❤

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Headcanons about batboys and outfits in which they like to see their s/o? I hope my idea is clear enough ;) Btw lovely blog

Thank you, flower!


• Honestly does not care

• But really loves seeing you in sundresses

• Also thinks you look adorable in sweatpants and a hoodie

• Can’t keep his eyes off you

• Whenever you wear sundresses in public he gets really affectionate

• Holds your hand the whole time and keeps giving you forehead kisses

• Likes the way the skirt of the dress spins a little when you move



• He really loves oversized sweaters and jeans

• He thinks you’re absolutely adorable

• Especially the sweater paws

• But also really loves giving you his leather jacket when it’s cold

• Always holds your hand when she has sweater paws

• Lots of hugs when you have his leather jacket on



• Tim really likes seeing you in the fancy ballroom dresses for galas

• Thinks you look absolutely stunning

• He likes the way the skirt sweeps across the floor when you dance or walk

• Loves having you on his arm during galas

• He’s so proud to show you off

• Lowkey brags to the guests about you



• Actually thinks you look best in your vigilante outfit

• But for civilian clothes he really loves seeing you when you dress up for dates with him

• He buys you nice dresses and clothes and leaves them for you with little notes attached

• Insists on doing it even when you say it’s not necessary

• He likes the color green on you

• He also likes red

• I wonder why

• Loves seeing you in nice sweaters


JCW - for “Hallyu Pia”, Japanese Magazine [x]

Surprise - N.A

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So….this is long overdue. I’m so sorry. Again, this request has been sitting in my ask for months. (Since the olympics tbh). So sorry it took so long. Also, this went in a completely different direction than I anticipated so……..

Y/n shifted her weight on the bed as she sat waiting for Nathan to return from his morning training session. It was meant to be quick, Nathan competing in the 4x100m freestyle later that day giving her just enough time to get to his hotel and make herself comfortable. His trainer had been worried desperately about him knowing that he didn’t leave on the best terms with y/n.

It had mostly been her fault, getting fedup with him not being home, she had told him she was sick of coming second to his ‘hobby’ and that he’d need to pick, sooner rather than later. It didn’t settle well with Nathan, only having a month left until his third Olympic games, he chose to ignore her comment and brush it off, not wanting to deal with her bullshit knowing damn well this was her way of saying she missed him. She wasn’t one to come out and straight up say her feelings, and that was the biggest issue because the morning he left, she practically threw him out of the house screaming at him telling him she didn’t want to see him when he came back, but of course she was bluffing, and he knew it, but it still hurt especially since she had been dodging his phone calls.

“You’re so stupid!” her mom had said, practically screaming at her when she told her what happened only hours before, y/n on the verge of tears. “Don’t let my relationship with your father dictate your relationship, y/n. He’s a good one. You need to keep him.” And that’s why she was in Rio, despite hating to travel on planes, just the thought of the plane going down with her on it enough to give her the worst anxiety in the world. But she’d do anything for him, even risk dying in a plane crash just to hold him, even if it was for one last time.

“No, Ry, she won’t call me back.” She could hear his voice just outside the door, obviously talking to another person.

“Maybe she needs time. You were really pushing yourself back in Seattle and she might’ve just felt a bit lonely. Don’t think too much about it…you need to focus for tonight. Let me know if you need anything.” She could hear Nathan sigh just out the door before hearing the lock click open, the door opening slowly revealing a tired Nathan, eyes looking down at the iPhone in his hand as he seemed to be scrolling through something before tossing his gym bag to the side. He looked up from his phone for a moment, looking back down before quickly snapping his eyes up doing a double take. She was seated on the bed in his sweatshirt, no pants and bare footed. Her hair a slight mess, most likely having taken a quick nap before he returned, her bottom lip wedged between her teeth. “Babe?”

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Gotham Preference - How You Spend Christmas Together

Author’s Note: I know it’s like November but I really love Christmas and tend to get into the holiday spirit way too early haha! Also, these are all Christmas (as said in the title) since that’s what I celebrate and have first hand knowledge of celebrating, but I do have some one shots and preferences planned for other holidays (some of them not for Gotham). 

Another note, none of the gifs are mine! If these or any other gifs used in posts that this message are in are yours, please tell me and I will source them!

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Pocket Sized!Jin

So a while ago, someone requested a pocket sized bts and those lil imagines are always s o cute so I decided to do it today !! To start us off like he always does is our sweet prince with the cute lil smile that makes his eyes do the thing that I love s o much, Kim Seokjin aka Jin

  • Okay but visuals real quick
  • He sticks to brown hair most of the time
  • There’s this one time that one of your friends is dying their hair blonde and they come over to your place to do it
  • Jin sees the lil container of hair dye but it’s already been mixed up and most of it is already in your friend’s hair
  • It’s Jin’s first time seeing hair dye but he doesn’t actually know it’s hair dye he just thinks it’s some sort of conditioner
  • So he lathers it on and he’s so happy like he’s sitting there thinking his hair is gonna be so soft, it’s gonna be shiny and amazing like this conditioner has to be special bc you two are taking the time to put it on outside of the shower
  • He’s literally got an extra skip in his step, he’s :D the entire time
  • You just look over to see his hair completely covered in the dye and you don’t know whether to laugh or whether to try to get it off of him as quickly as you can
  • The dye has already started to soak in and you just know that it’s too late to take it out
  • So you help him with all of it and he ends up having blonde hair but surprise it actually looks really nice and he loves it
  • He wears a lot of comfy sweaters and it’s s o adorable to see how happy he gets when he sees that it’s winter or that it’s a cold day bc it means he can pull out his giant sweater that’s literally as big as he is and he just walks around with it on all day long
  • It drags when he walks but he doesn’t mind, he’s just so warm and cozy it’s like a blanket
  • He also loves just simple t-shirts with cute lil drawings on it or a phrase or just something simple and some jeans, or if he’s at home, just some sweats
  • He’s your lil ball of sunshine tbh
  • Jin is such a sweetheart and that wouldn’t change at all if he was pocket sized
  • There’s this one time that you get sick so he takes care of you
  • He sits by you with a box of tissues and is super ready to just pull a tissue out and hand it to you whenever you need one
  • He feeds you your soup even if the spoon is bigger than he is, he’s a strong lil man he can do it
  • He brushes your hair out for you and adds these tiny lil braids
  • He likes sitting by whatever book you’re reading and he just lays his tiny head in his tiny hands and read along with you
  • He taps on the end of the page when he’s done but if you aren’t he’s okay with waiting bc you do the same thing when he isn’t done reading it yet
  • He makes studying fun bc he just sits right in that lil gap between you and the book and he asks you questions and for every one you get right, he feeds you one of his lil goldfish crackers that he likes to snack on when he’s reading
  • If you get a question wrong, he gets to try to throw the cracker into your mouth
  • It’s not much of a punishment but it’s just funny to him and it’s also funny to watch him lifting up this tiny cracker that he makes look huge
  • He likes it when you wear a shirt that has a pocket so he can sit in it and just look around
  • He’s in charge of the list when you two go shopping, whether it’s for something like clothes or something like food
  • He has his tiny notepad and just lists it off as you two go along
  • You just see this tiny hand point at the watermelon
  • “We need a watermelon bc it sounds really good rn”
  • “I didn’t know it was on the list?? I don’t remember that??”
  • “It is, it’s just that I added it a second ago”
  • Okay but there’s this channel called tastemade and they do this thing called tiny kitchen where they make actual recipes but just make it a tiny lil doll house type of kitchen and tHAT IS POCKET SIZED JIN
  • Except he would be the appropriate size for the kitchen
  • He likes making his own lil meals there but he’s also totally okay with just snacking off of your plate
  • He likes to take care of you even though he’s the tiny one
  • He likes helping you do laundry
  • He can always be seen right behind you dragging along a pair of socks or maybe some shorts
  • He likes to sit on your pillow and just sing you to sleep bc his voice is s o soothing like it’s like a lil lullaby just so soft and comforting
  • He waits until you’re asleep then he gives you this lil kiss right on your forehead
  • “Goodnight, I love you”