he really loves his dongsaengs

sequestered - five

genre: fluff // angst // secretly dating au
pairing: yoongi x reader
summary: the OG linguistics queen and the self-proclaimed photography hipster absolutely love - I mean, loathe each other
words: 2.4k

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To say that the mall was crowded would be an understatement. The two of you were practically crushed with the number of shoppers walking around the mall, unable to reach your destination for the crowd was pushing you in the general direction that was definitely not where you wanted to go. Yoongi glances at you, immediately linking his pinky with yours the moment he sees you biting your lip. You release your bottom lip the moment his skin touches yours, the contact startling you.

“We can’t exactly hold hands here — especially since your sister might be lurking, but stay close to me, alright?” He murmurs, his hot breath fanning against your ear. You nod, your pinky gripping onto his tightly.

His broad shoulders makes it easy for him to manoeuvre through the crowd, and with your pinky latched onto his, you follow him closely, occasionally bumping into him when he stops in his tracks. The scent of peppermint and pine fills your nose when you stop, comforting you. You feel him chuckle when you rest your head on his back, with him looking over his shoulder to give you a small smile.

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Little Namsong Things Pt. 4: that one time poor Seungyoon opened his heart to the maknae writing a meaningful love letter and Taehyun immediately thought it was from Mino without a doubt like it’s a natural and common thing for the hyung to tell his dongsaeng how much he really loves him. 

Bonus: an embarrassed Taehyun mocking his hyung’s voice while actually enjoying all the love.

D.O. hitting his hyungs... (Part 2)

Park Chanyeol is his second victim, even thought Chanyeol (92) is his hyung… Now let’s see how D.O. treats him his hyung haha

and Chanyeol really enjoys it haha

Even D.O. didn’t do anything, but Chanyeol got hurts…

The only reason that he gets hurt is Chanyeol REALLY LOVES HIS FUCKING CUTE SATAN DONGSAENG KYUNGSOO <3






[Chanyeol wrote “Chanyeol-nim’s dorm” on the step. When Kyungsoo walked up the step, he decided to write “crazy/idiot” with an arrow pointing to Chanyeol’s name cr:mongdo]


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D.O. hitting his hyungs (Part1)