he really loved marvin

i feel like growing up jason was constantly told how mature he was for his age by teachers and it irritated the ever loving shit out of him bc he had been through so much growing up, a divorce, parents who fought, and the death of a really close friend, so obviously he’s going to be mature for his age but he had to grow up faster than everyone else and it’s just one more thing that makes him different from everyone else

Falsettos Headcanons

marvin and whizzer ♡♡♡

•whenever whizzer says something stupid, marvin just raises an eyebrow and says nothing and then whizzer gets all flustered and is like “shut up I hate you” and Marvin laughs and kisses his cheek like “I love you”

•Marvin has a cute chubby belly and thicc thighs and he’s really self conscious about and anytime he says anything negative about it Whizzer ways rubs his thighs and stomach and tells him how cute it is and how much he LOVES it

•Marvin really likes giving whizzer hickeys but one day whizzer decided to give one to Marvin and Marvin soon found out he loves getting them just as much as he likes giving them

•whizzer wears Marvins old sweaters and they’re short on him so they’re basically a crop top and Marvin always looses his shit bc he thinks whizzer is so beautiful in cutE in them

•whizzer most definitely runs baths every Saturday night for him and Marvin to get into after Marvin gets back from work.

•and yes whizzer raids lush for the best bubble bars and Marvins favorite bath bomb (the sakura one)

•whizzer likes being pretty so he has makeup for special occasions but he hides it from Marvin bc he thinks he’ll get mad and not like it

•when Marvin finds out about the makeup he DEMANDS for whizzer to put it on and then smothers him in kisses and affection bc whizzer is literally god to marvin

•Marvin has a praise kink

•whizzer likes having his hair pulled

•whenever Marvin is have a shitty day, whizzer takes him out for ice creme and Marvin holds his hand and hangs off of him like a koala and whizzer finds it so cute

•they both fucking love mac and cheese and they have it a lot

•one time Jason heard them fucking in the other room so Jason banged on the door and yelled for them to shut and whizzer PURPOSEFULLY made Marvin moan louder

•they’re both switches

•they literally won’t stop touching each other

•Marvin crawls on the counters to get things from the cabinets bc he doesn’t want to ask whizzer for help, but whenever whizzer catches him he lifts him off and carries him the the chair and gets whatever he needs

•Marvin can’t stop grabbing whizzer’s ass in public

•whizzer is obsessed with Marvins thicc boi thighs and sometimes hickeys end up on them along with bite marks 👀👀👀

Alternative Titles: Falsettos

Four Jews In a Room Bitching: Into song that introduced basically nothing but is catchy as fuck (don’t sing it in public)

A Tight-Knit Family: Marvin’s a greedy bitch

Love is Blind: Your husband- sorry, ex husband gave you STDs but damn you fine

Thrill of First Love: You can’t even agree when you got together?! You two are fucked

Marvin at the Psychiatrist: 1) Marvin really does love Whizzer but he definitely doesn’t show it well 2) Mendel fucking sucks at his job 3) How do I parent? (Aka Marvin, you incompetent shit)

My Father’s a Homo: My family’s a mess and it’s my dad’s fault (aka Jason, that’s not how genetics work)

Everyone Tells Jason to See a Psychiatrist: Jason, you’re anti social (he’s not), get therapy (aka My family is nagging and annoying- oh, wait, my dad’s boyfriend thinks I need a psychiatrist? I definitely need a psychiatrist)

This Had Better Come to a Stop: Marvin’s an asshole and caused all of our misery

I’m Breaking Down: Trina’s desperate call for help from 1979

Please Come to Our Home: Mendel, please keep it in your pants

Jason’s Therapy: Jason is the most mature character in this musical like wow (aka Mendel fucking sucks at his job reprise)

A Marriage Proposal: I can make anything work if I get at it long enough so fuck you and your dry tone Marvin, I get that I’m fucking awkward; I don’t need your sass

A Tight-Knit Family (Reprise): I’m gonna be a better husband than you ever were motherfucker (aka Fuck you Mendel- No, fuck you Marvin)

Trina’s Song: I hate every other character in this act

March of the Falsettos: What the actual flying fuck? (Aka This was either the biggest big lipped alligator moment I’ve ever seen or this is actually a clever nod on Trina’s view on the men in her life and I don’t even know what’s going on?)

Trina’s Song (Reprise): Ok, if you guys promise not to ever do that again then I’ll love men again just don’t do that like ever again

The Chess Game: Marvin’s a dick and a sore loser (aka I knew they were fucked)

Making a Home: Fuck Marvin

The Games I Play: I think I might actually love him and I realise this after he broke up with me so fuck him

Marvin Hits Trina: Marvin, that’s assault you ass (aka The song where Marvin fucks up royally)

I Never Wanted to Love You: The song in which everyone is sad and regretting things

Father to Son: You can be different from me and that doesn’t make you any less of a man kid (aka Marvin tries to fix everything he fucked up, starting with his son)

Falsettoland: Say hey for the lesbians next door

Year of the Child: No one asked for your opinion Mendel (aka Jason say you guys need to chill)

Miracle of Judaism: I’m maturing into a very horny teenager yay

The Baseball Game: Homosexual tension at a little league game (aka Marvin has no chill and it’s kinda weirding me out like personal space doesn’t exist in the head of this man)

A Day In Falsettoland: Fucking lies

Everyone Hates His Parents: Marvin and Trina really need to chill (aka Guilt tripping your kid is bad, Mendel doesn’t approve)

What More Can I Say: The last happy song

Something Bad is Happening - What Would I Do: Fuck, my heart!

Falsettoland (Reprise): Whizzer deserves better, fuck you! (Aka I can hear the piano part from In Trousers (The Dream) at the end there and it ills me so fucking much)

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Here's a prompt if you want!: Whizzer wants to cuddle Marvin but has way too much pride to not be incredibly embarrassed about asking. Marvin's smug but Whizzer keeps telling him it doesn't mean anything. Neither of them believe that.

lmao this doesn’t entirely match up with the prompt bc im Too Soft pls forgive me anon!!!! It’s still cute cuddles I promise,,,,,,

Marvin wraps a towel around his waist as he leaves the bathroom, steam from the post-sex shower still fogging up the mirror.

He is all-too aware of Whizzer’s predatory gaze from where he is still in bed as Marvin emerges from the bathroom and begins rummaging for underwear in his dresser.

Marvin casually drops the towel and replaces it with clean boxer shorts. Whizzer makes a needy whine from the bed.

“What it is now?” Marvin chuckles, turning around to face him. Whizzer merely makes lazy grabbing motions in the air, causing Marvin to raise an eyebrow.

“You know what I want,” Whizzer huffs, cheeks tinged pink with embarrassment.

Marvin loves sex, but this- seeing Whizzer get so flustered over his innocent desires- this is what Marvin really loves. Not that he would ever admit that to Whizzer. Both men have too much pride to talk about moment like this.

Marvin slowly steps towards the bed. With each step, Whizzer’s smile seems to stretch even further.

Marvin pounces on Whizzer and attacks him with a loud raspberry to the collarbone. Whizzer screams with delight and retaliates by playfully tickling Marvin’s sides.

“You bastard!” Marvin chokes out through his uncontrollable laughter. He nuzzles his nose into the crook of Whizzer’s neck and laughs against his skin until Whizzer stops.

“Is this okay?” Whizzer asks as he readjusts himself so Marvin is spooning him.

They never used to cuddle after sex, but it’s quickly become one of Marvin’s favorite things about their whole affair. Whizzer was always so warm and solid and safe.

And as much as Marvin hates to admit it, he thinks he’s beginning to fall in love.

“Yeah,” Marvin answers  honestly, kissing Whizzer’s shoulder. He laces his fingers through Whizzer’s and smiles. “Much more than okay.”

The Hero’s End

He had won, he had saved them, but at what cost? Jackie lay injured in Henrik’s operating room, his heartbeat slowing. He has just saved Marvin, Chase and Dapper from Anti corrupting them, but risked his life in the process.

“I can’t lose another!” Henrik cried out, trying to drain poison from Jackie’s body.

Anti had previously dipped his knife in poison, allowing for a more painful kill. He had stabbed jackie in the gut and chest, letting the poison work, but failed to get to the other egos, who had escaped the room.

“M-marvin….” jackie muttered, his strength fading away.

“J-jackie…?” Marvin took his lover’s hand into his own, holding it to his cheek.

Jackie smiled, gripping Marvin’s hand, “I never got time…” he coughed, “to tell you how much… I really loved you…”

Marvin was crying, he had taken his mask off once Jackie had saved him, “I love you so much.”

Henrik soon started CPR as Jackie’s heart failed, trying to save him, “No! Don’t die on me!”

“Jackie!” Marvin cried out, trying to get his partner to wake up, “please! Don’t leave me here!” His voice quieted as Henrik stopped working, “don’t leave me alone…”


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drunk whizzer hcs

-clings to Marvin’s arm the entire night, nuzzling against it, Marvin finds it adorable

-either gets drunk on wine or whiskey, no in between.

-really emotional?? will start crying about how much he loves marvin or that jason’s baseball team lost yestersay

-his speech is sort of funny and he’ll trail off mid sentence half the time

-after trailing off he looks at the others enthusiastically as if saying “y’know?”

-once marvin brought home wine from Walgreens and he refused to drink it

-overshares a lot. “how are you whizzer?” “i once drank my weight in prune juice and cried in a target bathroom,,,,”

-gets really giggly?? someone could say anything and he’ll just start chuckling

-he’s basically an emotional teenager mixed with a hyperactive three year old

-before he became a better person (in act two and stuff), he was more of an angry drunk who would blame marvin for everything and leave the house for the night

-but now he’s just a goofy cuddle boy

-charlotte caught him trying to give Jason some alcohol and when she told him he couldn’t he started crying

-also has bought a stuffed dog while walking home drunk and told marvin that it was in the window looking v sad and needed to be adopted and miraculously they kept it???

- (when whizzer dies marvin put it on whizzer’s dresser so when he woke up in the mornings he’d chuckle instead of cry)

-his fashion sense either dramatically heightens or he’ll bumble around in a large sweater that most definitely belonged to marvin at one point (he woke up in one of Marvin’s sweaters and cried once)

-when marvin decides whizzer needs to go to sleep, he takes him by the hand, helps him change into pajamas, and lies with him until he falls asleep (marv usually falls asleep before whizzer honestly)

-whizzer’s always an absolute bitch with an overhang though

Hey im feeling really strong feelings abt marvelsepticeye tonight so have some headcanons:

  • Jackie is really muscular, because of course he is he fights crime and works out all the time. Marvin constantly has to stop himself from staring because gosh, Jackie is so handsom and just,,,,,mUscles👀👀👀 and marvins just sO gay oh no
  • Jackie absolutely catches Marvin staring at him dreamily more than once and smirks as Marvin blushes extremely hard while looking pointedly away at the ground or something
  • On the other hand Jackie just loves how soft Marvin is, no matter where his wandering hands find their place his body is always soft to the touch and he usually just really wants to hold him forever
  • This being said their absolute favorite thing to do is cuddle up together, Marvin loves just being held in jackies arms because he makes him feel so secure and safe. It’s jackies favorite because he loves having his pillow of a boyfriend so close, especially after a hard day of crime fightin’ n cat savin’
  • Jackie is a really affectionate dude and is really glad he gets to shower marvin in all this love when he isnt really used to receiving it. Jackie loves how red he goes when he so much as kisses his cheek or hand but also finds it a little sad since he’s so sweet but isn’t used to being told he’s loved on a regular basis.
  • Once Jackie was being so sweet with him that he cried. Jackie was so scared he did something wrong but Marvin hugged him close and explained that he wasn’t used to being so loved and fuck okay, yea, Jackie probably started crying too
  • Marvins less good at being outwardly affectionate all the time but when he’s tired,probably from over working himself on a spell, he’ll find Jackie and get real clingy. Refusing to let go and hinting not-so-subtly that he wants to be picked up and carried to whatever cuddling destination he sees fit, which is usually the couch.

Not that Jackie minds at all, he thinks its fucking adorable when Marvin tiredly whines abt wanting to cuddle.

Okay id add more but im getting rely tired thanjs for reading this gay trash okay byee

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I've been reading your blog to learn about falsettos but it's been like two weeks and I'm still lost

It’s a lot! It took me a hot second to really get what was going on. I’ll give you a run down here. If you have specific questions PLEASE feel free to message me. I love to talk about it and no on in my rl will talk to me about it


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I see your ships and raise you 2 headcanons for AntixMarvin: When Marvin has a particularly bad day Anti will almost aggressively hug and kiss him. Marvin will purr when he's really happy and Anti loves it,(aka Anti loves cats)



Sure Whizzer loves fighting and getting on Marvin’s last nerve. But he really loves Marvin’s vulnerable moments. 

He loves it when he comes home from grocery shopping and Marvin is asleep on the couch after a long day of fighting a nasty cold. He loves how Marvin has no energy to do anything but sit on the couch and suffer and curl into Whizzer’s side when they watch tv. Whizzer just secretly loves doting on him. 

He loves when Marvin has too much to drink and gets giggly. There’s rare times when Marvin is actually a happy drunk. Whizzer has to help him undress and get in bed and Marvin tries getting busy but Whizzer makes him drink a glass of water and go to sleep instead. It’s cute how clumsy he is. 

He especially loves when Marvin gets so angry he’s moved to tears. They’ll fight, someone will say something that goes too far, and next thing Whizzer knows Marvin is holding back sobs. It’s nice to know that deep down Marvin is human. Whizzer calms down, and they sit next to each other, not saying anything. But Whizzer puts his arm around Marvin until he stops. 

I unexpectedly fell in love with this small headcanon the other day. I’m lame, but I love these boys just being cute and happy and whatnot.

No warnings, just pure fluff. Marvelsepticeye.

At this point, Marvin is pretty convinced Jackie either thinks he himself is a blanket, or that Marvin is a pillow. Or both, even. In other words, Jackie’s favourite place to nap by far is “on Marvin”.

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Hey,,,,im sure u kno but im antimagic tRash,,,,wpuld u happen to have any hcs or imagines for that?👀👀

Mmm, can do~

Anti smiled at the old lady behind the counter.  “Can I help you?” she asked, snaking her way through the clustered tables and shelves to the front.  He was going to need a lot of help.  Marvin’s birthday was coming up soon and, even though he insisted he didn’t want or need anything, Anti refused to let that slide.  He wanted to get his boyfriend something special, something that would show just how much he cared about him, but also something practical cause he knew how much Marvin appreciated dual purposes.

“Yeah, actually,” Anti said, fiddling with the black gauge in his ear.  He explained the situation to the shopkeeper and she smiled.  

“Ahh, well, I think I might have just the thing for you then.”  She led him down towards the end of the shop.  There was a large wooden table with various gems and crystals of every size displayed on it.  She eyed over the stones before gesturing to the dark green gems.  “These are Green Emeralds.  They help promote loyalty and faithfulness as well as are a symbol of unconditional love.  If you’re dearest is as into magic as you say he is, he’ll understand the meaning immediately.  Go ahead, pick whichever one seems to call to you.”  Anti eyed the stone hesitantly.  Slowly, he reached his hand out and rested it on a palm-sized crystal.  “Good choice,” she said.

Anti got a few other stones, namely a blue sapphire and an amethyst which apparently also have similar meanings, but slightly different effects.  He paid for the stones and headed home to wrap them.  Part of him felt bad about just getting Marvin three rocks, but to his defense, Marvin did really love them.  He wore crystals and gems on himself all the time and always carried around a small pouch of them.  Anti supposed that’s just what one does as a magician after all.

As the next day rolled around, Anti woke up early, which was rare for him, and cooked one of Marvin’s favorites for breakfast.  He laid it out as nicely as he could and carried the tray of food to the bed where Marvin lay, snoring softly.  God, he looked beautiful.  The sun from the window streamed through the curtains just enough to give him a soft, angelic glow.  Anti still waits for the day Marvin wakes up and realized how much better he could do, but for now, he’ll keep worshipping the man that makes his life worth living.

Anti set the tray gently over Marvin’s lap as he pressed a kiss to his forehead.  “Good morning, love,” he purred, smiling as Marvin yawned awake.  He rubbed his eyes as they adjusted to the light.

“You’re up early…” Marvin mumbled against his hand.  Anti chuckled.  

“I made you breakfast.” Marvin sniffed the air, his eyes widening.  The magician sat up and stretched his arms, careful not to move the tray too much.

“Gods, this smells amazing…” his eyes narrowed as he glared at Anti.  “Wait…. is this because it’s my birthday?”  Anti scoffed, placing a hand over his heart in false offense.

“What?  Of course not.  I can’t make breakfast for my lovely boyfriend once in a while?”  Marvin continued to glare.  Anti sighed.  “Well, if you’re already mad about breakfast, you’re gonna be more mad about these,” he said, handing the three wrapped boxes to Marvin.

He groaned.  “I thought I said no gifts?”

“Yes.  You did.  But I didn’t listen.” Anti smiled.  “I think you’ll like them.”  With a final look from Marvin, he started to open the small boxes.  His eyes widened as a smile formed on his face.

“Do you know the meaning behind these or did you just think they were pretty?”  Anti shrugged.

“They were pretty, but yes.  I know the meaning.”  Marvin tried to fight the smile, but lost.  He pulled Anti close to him and kissed him.  Anti wrapped an arm around Marvin’s shoulder.

“Thank you,” Marvin whispered against Anti’s lips.