he really looks like direwolf now

that the ice was so thin under the snow - chapter two  

on ao3 | chapter one

TW: vomiting, somewhat graphic description of a wolf hunting and killing prey, blood mentions, vague non-graphic descriptions of violence

Dinner was an…interesting affair.

The men who’d found Blue—Ransom and Holster, Eric called them—were loud and boisterous, and eerily in sync at times. They one called Shitty was somehow even louder, and the only woman among them, Lardo, uttered maybe three words during the entire meal. Still, between the looks she gave Jack and the way she appraised him when she thought he was distracted, it felt like she said more than all of them combined.

Blue ate with the other two dogs in the kitchen, already at home in this strange, strange house. The dog food itself appeared homemade, meat and rice and sweet potatoes. Jack wondered if Eric was a chef, or maybe the house husband of this ragtag family unit. Either way, he piled dish after dish onto the table in front of them, beaming when Jack’s mouth fell open in shock.

“It’s not every day we get a guest for dinner,” he said in explanation.

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