he really looks like a little b.o.d

Happy birthday to Ink !!!!

I really like Ink sans/// (*´∀`)~♥

especially [Under all the clothes, his ribs are “tatooed” with weird ink markings.]

OMG what the wonderful design(((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Uh(◕ H ◕)


I draw this σ ゚∀ ゚) ゚∀゚)σ 

This is Ink’s birthday party

Everyone has party hats can draw  d(`・∀・)b

And Ink wearing a high hat to make him look not to short ((###

UT sans : 

(Just lazy to draw and also lazy waiting pigment to dry) 

(Been eating)((what? ###(●▼●;)

Error sans : 

(He always uncooperative

So Ink deliberately gave him a bright rainbow hat)

Ink : I always think you are too gloomy you need to add a little color ( ˘•ω•˘ )

Ink : Like it?

Error : NO!

blueberry : 

(He was still thinking about to draw what)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ヽ(∀゚ )人(゚∀゚)人( ゚∀)人(∀゚ )人(゚∀゚)人( ゚∀)ノ


All the ideas in this are SO cute, everything is brilliant, it’s simply wonderful!! Q///v///Q <3333 I love the cake it looks so delicious and with the adorable tophat Ink has OH GOSH THIS IS REALLY REALLY HEARTWARMING I LOVEIT!!

Thank you for your adorable compliments and THISAMAZING FANART YOU DESERVE ALOT OF LOVE SWEETHEART!! Thank you gosh thank you!!

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Bts reaction to you chillib with then in pj but you have no bra and your boobs are very big because curvy, and you sqeeze his arm between your boobs because its more comfortsble like that, also the pj shirt is kinda love cut so yeah 😂

ooh la la ;) SPICY

BTS reaction to BOOBS basically

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Jin: He’d try to behave…oh lord, he really really would. I think out of all the boys he’d be trying his best to behave. But he is a man, and as a man, he’d still have a hard time trying to keep his eyes off of your chest, or his mind off of the fact that your boobs have claimed his arm as a prisoner.

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Suga: *fans self dramatically to cool down* oh lord he would be…you would have let out the beast with this one. Whatever movie you were watching, or show, or even the news I don’t even care what it was, it would be forgotten and pushed to the background. Unlike Jin, he wouldn’t even try to behave himself. He’d just lean right in and whisper in your ear “you started this…help me finish it”

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J Hope: See, at first he probably wouldn’t be paying attention. He’d be really into what you guys were watching on tv. He’d be cuddling you, not paying attention to your low cut shirt. Once you put his arm between your breasts for comfort though…WELCOME TO HOBI LAND. He’d probably tease you, giving you the sexy look he has in the gif hot damn he could get it and he’d be squeezing your breasts, teasing you by pulling the low cut shirt down a bit more, and he’d be whispering how much he wanted you.

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Rap Monster: always just a lil bit horny This guywould be very similar to Suga in that once you waken the beast there’s no taming him. See those fingers in the gif above? No, he’s not flipping you off. He’s demonstrating what he’s going to use on you. He’d be all about trying to work you up, squeezing your breasts, pulling your shirt down to play with them…fingering you into oblivion

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Jimin: look at his thighs goodbye world He would be much more playful and thoughtful about how he approached the situation. Would he be turned on? Yeah. Would he activate into a complete sex demon like some of his friends right off the bat? He’s made of actual marshmallow fluff, of course not! He’d 100% be draping himself over you though, whining about how you looked so good he just wanted to do things to you. I can guarantee, he’d win you over with that whining I am secretly super Jimin biased and I just ruined my own life g o o d b y e

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V: Your breasts are gonna become his new favorite pillow. He wouldn’t get super perverted like the other boys okay maybe a little but I could see him wanting to really cuddle you. He’d lay his head on your chest, probably leave little kisses on the skin that’s exposed from your low cut shirt, maybe every so often giggling while he leaves you little hickeys. Yeah, he’d be on cloud 9.

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Bts reacting to their girlfriend being nearly the same height as them and thicker? Thank you! :) I love your blog sm istg idbksbd

AHHHHHHHHHH thank you!! You made my day :’)

Bts react to their gf being their height and thick

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Jin: ooooh baby, I think you’ve just made this boy’s entire life. For one, he loves that you’re thick. I could see him really digging that about you. Also, being similar to his height, he’d really like it too because it would make kissing you just a bit easier! And trust me, you’d get lots of kisses I’m sorry for any Jin stans out there but LOOK AT HIS GORGEOUS LIPS AND THANK ME LATER

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Suga: Yoongi is a guy that I don’t see being all that picky about appearance. To him, the most important thing is that you guys have a connection. Once that connection is made, you’ve got him. That being said, once you two were together, I think he would really appreciate you for being thick, and if you were similar to his height (omfg especially if you were just a liiiiittle bit shorter) I think he would tease you about it a bit. Like if he saw you reaching for things he’d be like “ha, shortie” but in reality you know damn well he wouldn’t be able to reach it either

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J Hope: I feel like he’d really appreciate your thick body and he would appreciate the fact that you guys were basically on the same level height wise too. It would make holding hands easy! And let me just say…I think he’d be always trying to hold your hand.

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Rap Monster: oh my god look at yoongi in the background why am i paying attention to him? this isn’t even his gif okay I feel like Namjoon is all for a thick girl. He wouldn’t so much care about height, but please picture him leaning in, resting his forehead against yours and looking in your eyes as he tells you how much you mean to him. That’s what his favorite part about your similar height would be.

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Jimin: I WILL USE AND LOVE THIS GIF UNTIL THE DAY I DIE GOODBYE Jimin himself is quite thick, especially in his gloriously perfect thighs. He knows thick can be a very good thing, so I think he’d really like that about you. He’d find it sexy. As for your height I don’t think he’d mind either! It would be easier to just lean in and kiss the tip of your nose!

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V: Okay, this little lovebug… *accidentally breaks and has to take a moment because I’m just overcome by how cute and sweet and totally perfect he is* oh my god someone please please help me admin Haru is not okay LOOK AT TAE HE IS SO PERFECT G O O D B Y E he would think everything about you was super cute and perfect and he would call you cute little nicknames all the time and just…he would give you lots of love. This isn’t even about your height or thickness because to him he wouldn’t care if you were actually a giant refrigerator named Fred, he would love you

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Jungkook: I could see him really liking your height! Especially if you were confident about it, he’d find that very attractive! Speaking of attractive…I think you being thick would turn him on a little okay maybe a lot and I feel like he would have to always be touching you somehow!

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OK So wHat if nitori finally decides to confess his feelings to rin so he goes up to him in the locker room one day after everybody’s already left and rin’s all “???is everything alright why are we still here lmao” and nitori goes right for it like “rin-senpai i’ve been keeping this from you for a while now but i really cant keep it to myself anymore……” and at this point nitori’s eyes are glued to the ground like he doesnt even attempt to make eye contact w rin   meanwhile rin’s freaking out like “what’s going on holy shit hoyl shi t” but he doesnt say anything he just lets nitori go on and nitori says “i care about you so much aand i like you more than just a friend and i understand if you dont want to talk to me anymore after this but i just needed to tell you………” and he’s still looking down at the ground he’s so scared bc rin doesnt say anything back right away  and after a like two minutes nitori looks up bc it’s tAKIGN HIM TOO LONG and rin’s just goT TEARS RUNNING DOWN HIS FACE LIKE HE’S IN A STATE OF SHOCK AND NITORI STARTS FR EAKING OUT LIKE “OH MY GOD IM SO SORRY IM SO ST UPID I DIDNT MEAN TO MAKE YOU CRY OH MY GOD YOU HATE ME THIS IS ALL MY FAULT IM SORRY I’LL   GO” BUt rin grabs him by the shoulder and hE LOOKS SO SCARED AND UNSURE OF HIMSELF and nitori’s just totally heartbroken  he’s nEVer seen rin like this and after a minute or two rin’s just like “… r eally?” and his voice cracks a little and hE’s shaking and nitori’s like “! !!YEs yes really senpai i really like you and………. i kindawannabeyourBoyfriendifthat'sokwithyou” and it takes a second but rin laughs and wipes his eyes like “wow im really dum,b…” and nitori’s like “???no oh my go d you arent dumb  im dumb” and rin’s like “naaah im pretty dumb hahh ha/” and he pauses before he’s like “you’re dumb too” and nitori’s like “>:O” and rin ruffles his hair and it’s just cUT E and the next day they’re boyfriends      the end