he really looks good in this photo ; ;

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What are your fave pics of Sid? Pls include as may as possible!!

This is like,,, probably the best ask I’ve ever received. I have so many faves. SO MANY.



i just ?? really enjoy these sunglasses

the asg was top notch for sidney photos

sidney and flower is always good

he just looks great when he laughs his face gets all stupid and scrunchy i love it

the fucken NERD asleep with the cup

no comment


and because this is getting long im gonna wrap it up with this

i just like when he wears long sleeved black tees

Friendly reminder that Yuuri is the top skater of the Japanese Skating Federation and he is literally

the face of figure skating on their website.

And in case you want close-ups:

They’re pretty good shots, too.

So yeah, in case you weren’t sure how big Yuuri was in Japan - he is literally the biggest, the best male figure skater in the country. Sort of puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?




I was not ready for any of these photos…like is that fucking MARK TUAN?!?! Na that’s got to be his double or some shit cause I DO NOT REMEMBER MARK LOOKING THIS GOOD. He is really trying to be my bias wrecker so badly…like no stop.

Tom Hiddleston Has Never Looked Better Than He Does in Kong
The reviews for Kong: Skull Island are in, and so far they're glowing. The movie is being praised for its action-packed plot, the crazy post-credits scene, and King Kong in all of his massive, CGI glory, but there's one thing I have yet to see get the attention it deserves: Tom Hiddleston's t-shirt.
By Quinn Keaney

As tracker James Conrad, he spends much of the movie kneeling down to examine broken underbrush, eluding King Kong, and rolling through the dirt to escape giant, underground lizard monsters who want to rip him limb from limb. In other words, a typical day at the office. But his greatest asset is not his gun. It’s not even the Samurai sword he uses to slice his way through a flock of razor-beaked birds. It’s his plain, gloriously tight, gray-blue t-shirt. To put it simply, he looks good as hell. Possibly better than he does in a suit, which is really saying something.

I don’t know how it magically stays perfectly tucked in, or what exactly it is about it that has inspired this obsession, but as a reward for you taking the time to read about this important, high-priority matter, please enjoy the next photos of him and his t-shirt in action.

Very professional revenge for unprofessional behavior.

As humans often do, I became tired one day at work. I decided to use one of my 15 minute paid breaks to take a nap at my desk. One of my coworkers, who I have not only never wronged but never really had a conversation with prior to this, posted incredibly unflattering photos of me sleeping on Facebook all captioned by him with insults to my character and appearance. So, I got to wake up to a bunch of comments from people I’ve never met about how I’m a lazy, special-snowflake, millennial who looks like she used to be a man. That was super fun. What was even more fun was the fact that he’s firmly planted in the Good Ol’ Boys Club, which makes him bulletproof. The manager agreed that it wasn’t professional, but the poor man was suddenly and inexplicably stripped of his ability to do anything about it by those jerks in corporate.

I decided to do my poor manager a favor and take the responsibility off his hands. I sent all the screenshots I took to HR. They can’t fire my jerk coworker, but there are fates worse than firing. He is now currently becoming more and more annoyed by the mandatory harassment training he has to do. I can see him watching it at his desk, making annoyed comments to anyone who walks by and generally looking like he wants to shoot himself. I’m having a very good day today.

The kicker to all of this? I’ve been keeping track of all the 2 and 3-hour paid lunches that Mister Champion of the Company takes. To loosely quote the same man in his hilarious Facebook tirades against me, “How dare someone steal company time like this. What’s wrong with people?” I’ll be sending all of that to HR, plus some recordings of his racist/sexist tirades, when I leave in a week or two. I have interviews lined up, all for better paying jobs with lesser commutes.

Sayonara, shitty company, you gave me the experience and the resume boost to ditch you like the sack of crap you are.


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After practice at St. Petersburg:
  • Yuuri: [after seeing younger photos of Yakov online] Yakov, I hope you don't mind me asking, but how did you lose your hair? I mean, it was really thick and long when you were younger.
  • Yakov: *looks into the camera like he's on The Office*
  • Camera: *pans to show the faces of Viktor "I am the biggest drama queen on and off ice" Nikiforov, Yuri "Oi, camera man, make sure to get a good shot of my tiger shirt *thumbs up*" Plisetsky, Mila "I wonder what I can do to annoy Yurio today *breathes* *Yuri screams in the backfround*" Babicheva, and Georgi "I am so emo for Viktor and Yuuri they are relationship goals"
  • Yakov: I don't know, age, I guess.
[CNETZ] Idol Who Is Anti-ed By Pictures The Most

*Note: About how photos cannot capture Chanyeol’s irl beauty

*Note 2: One of the screencaps in the post was of a pann post discussing the same thing 

Source: Sohu Hallyu

[+682] I saw him irl before. I’d say even his bare face is sparkling and could dazzle you. How I wish I could throw myself into his arms. Omo.

[+539] I don’t know if I should cry or smile. He already looks so good in pictures. It turns out pictures don’t do him justice. He is really so beautiful irl that I’m gonna die.

[+412] he already looks so handsome in pictures, he must looks 10000000x more handsome irl.

[+298] lbr! He is really more handsome irl!!

[+283] lol, to my surprise, park chanyeol, pictures don’t do you justice

[+248] yes, yes. He is so handsome irl that your nose will bleed.

[+246] I’ve heard about this from many people.

[+226] you would not be willing to marry anyone after you see him irl.

[+221] *screencap of someone’s comment in another website which says: “stop it (tn: meaning stop judging solely from pictures), he looks totally different irl than in photos. I’ve seen him irl. I’d say his pictures are all fake. This is the first time that I’ve ever seen that pictures could anti the real look to such extent (tn: cannot capture his irl beauty). So it’s very unfair to judge his look only from pictures. You could not simply use handsome to describe him [after seeing him irl], he’s literally astonishing.”

[+208] Chanyeol looks so handsome in pictures already and you’re saying that pictures don’t do him justice? How astonishingly handsome is he irl?

[+208] I must not see him irl. He already looks like this in pictures. I bet I’ll pass out if I ever see him irl.

[+160] Those who have clearly outlined faces would not look as good in pictures as in real life.

[+141] omg…so called “pictures don’t do him justice”..i’m..dead..

[+128] I’m a fan of his voice, visual, and talents. I’m 20 yrs old but I could only lick his pictures at home. If I ever see him irl, I would definitely hold him in my arms and never let go.

[+60] I was shocked when I saw him irl. Never expected his face to be that small, his eyes to be that huge, naturally and beautifully huge. He is so thin, so tall. He was wearing a dark green t-shirt. I met him together with my college mate, who was a muggle. I asked her afterwards. She said she didn’t know anyone, couldn’t remember anyone and couldn’t see anyone, she only saw Chanyeol who was standing in front, he was so beautiful that he doesn’t look real, she had never seen anyone so beautiful in her entire life. This is exactly what she said.


[Trans] 170315 fansite Godetia-N account of Yixing at Kagoshima airport (Kyushu island, Japan)

At today’s airport a lot of sakura girls (a Chinese way of calling Japanese fans) were waiting for Yixing. I chatted for a bit with a few. Some came from Tokyo and some were locals. They said it’s too rare for Yixing to come over here so they all came to see him. A lot of people came with support goods and Yixing took all the letters. He was really very gentle and when he replied to the sakura girls he was really too gentle. Maybe it was too tiring flying today so he didn’t look very spirited in the photos, but he really responded to the fans. He really is a super super good person.

He didn’t walk fast either. Everyone surrounded him yet he didn’t get impatient, really the very top of a good person. Also, when other travellers who were at the airport knew Yixing was coming, they were super excited. Boss Zhang’s popularity is really steady.


These are pictures of Chalo running a race against himself, and I have good news: he’s winning.

RFA + Saeran at the Zoo

Requested by someone: Sorry! Tumblr deleted our messages, so we hope this is what you wanted! 


  • He wanted to take you to see different beasts ;)
  • He has to wear a hat and a mask to make sure you aren’t disturbed by fans
  • Complains that his selfies with animals aren’t as nice as they could’ve
  • Whenever they get to the bigger, scarier animals, he comes behind you and hand bites you
  • You scream in surprise and he gushes at how cute it was
  • By the fiftieth time, you’re getting really annoyed
  • You lose him in the penguin section
  • “MC! Look at them waddling! So cute!”
  • He imitates their walk and people stare, but you think it’s so cute
  • Buys you a stuffed wolf
  • Howls and nuzzles you with it
  • Gets flustered when you say you’re going to name it after him


  • You take him here as a surprise
  • Because he absolutely adores animals, and is studying to become a vet…good gift, right?
  • Lights up like a puppy as soon as you get there
  • There’s a photo booth with a green screen letting you take pictures with different animals
  • Yoosung was unfortunate and wore a green shirt, effectively making him a floating head
  • He’s so bummed, but you have to suppress your laughter
  • He rattles off a bunch of facts about all the animals
  • He’s high-key trying to impress you and show he’s been studying
  • Both of your phone storage gets full by the end
  • He has hundreds of pictures of animals, and you have hundreds of pictures of him looking at animals
  • You might take him to the zoo every week because him around animals is just soo cute


  • She’s been really stressed with work lately and finally has a weekend off
  • A new zoo opened up in town, and she says she hasn’t gone since she was a very little girl
  • You immediately get tickets
  • She’s a little hesitant and weird at first, because she feels out of place
  • Then she gets to hold a koala
  • She has a new found love for animals and gets very interested in all of them
  • She compares all the animals to Zen
  • Her favorite animal, she finds, is the peacock (you wonder why)
  • While she’s occupied, you buy her a peacock bobble head and planner for her office
  • She proclaims they are now her most prized possessions–next to her DVD collection


  • He googled “cute date ideas” and the zoo came up (dork)
  • Tells you to get dressed
  • “Wear something wild” he says.
  • “What????”
  • He actually forgoes the three piece suit for once…instead wearing only a button up and a tie.
  • The tie has paw prints on it
  • When you get to the zoo, you finally understand his comment earlier about dressing wild.
  • He’s a bit smug when you find humor in his joke
  • He buys those passes where you can go behind the glass and pet certain animals
  • He’s a bit disappointed when they won’t let him pet a tiger
  • “I’m really good with cats though.”
  • You convince Jumin to get those animal hats
  • You take so many pictures of him in monkey ears
  • He buys you a HUGE stuffed animal
  • Also brings home a few souvenirs for Elizabeth the 3rd since she couldn’t accompany you…this time


  • You get home after a long day at work
  • There’s a note on the counter and a small, pink bag
  • The note says, “They say you should buy something you wanna see your girl in. ;) See you at 3pm, babe.”
  • You’re a bit nervous and check the bag
  • Inside is a t-shirt half a tiger on it and accompanying tiger ears
  • You wear it and when he comes to pick you up, you see he’s also wearing the ears…and a shirt with the other half of the tiger on it
  • A few selfies later, you’re off to the zoo
  • It was literally like you two were the only one in the zoo with you having your own little conversations
  • Selfies with all the animals
  • You both pitch in to buy Saeran a stuffed hyena with a button to press to make it laugh


  • He needed to get away from his enthusiastic brother for the day
  • You’re both casually eating ice cream and see a sign promoting the new zoo
  • Since you both were free–and he was in no rush to get home–you decide to go
  • He’s actually really fascinated by all of them
  • You take a bunch of pictures of him staring at them, his mouth hanging open
  • They have a dolphin show that day
  • The only seats open are the splash zone
  • You. Get. Soaked.
  • Although, he tried to protect you from a few of the larger splashes
  • You really want to get something matching from the gift shop, but not being too flashy
  • He picks out turtle bracelets for you both
  • They’re so cute, and he’ll never tell you but he rarely takes it off 

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hey you obvs don't have to but if you're still doing those au things maybe one for jooheon?? literally anything I just love him so much ((also love u so much u r an angel))

  • professional dressage rider!jooheon
  • talks to his horse like it’s his best friend
  • “listen to me pot of honey,,,,,,we are gonna crush the other team,,,,,,,i don’t care about how good wonho and starry night look, we are gonna get first place!”
  • looks really good in the tight riding pants, long boots, and blazer,,,like a prince,,,,,
  • unlike some other riders who hand their horses off to assistants in the stable after shows, jooheon spends time taking off the saddle and brushing pot of honey’s mane
  • and he actually loves all the horses, he doesn’t leave the stable until he has to go out for photos or something
  • whips are allowed in most competitions, but jooheon barely ever carries one. he really doesn’t like them
  • you’re working on someone else’s horse, brushing it and getting it ready for the show when you see jooheon come in still in costume
  • and you’re like oh he’s here to drop off his horse??? but then he starts tying up the horse to get the saddle off and you’re like ,,,,he’s gonna do all this work????? still in costume?????
  • and you go over and you’re like “i can take care of your horse-” and he’s like “no problem, i love doing this myself!”
  • and you can’t help but watch him because not a lot of the professionals wanna deal with the stable,,,,,like it doesn’t smell the best and it’s not easy work to take care of a horse
  • but then you see jooheon smiling, petting his horse and even whispering to it
  • and you’re like,,,,he’s so,,,,,,,,,cute,,,,,,,,,
  • but you’re like don’t stare!!!! you’re just a lowly stable hand
  • but then jooheon comes over and he’s like “i have some extra grain, is it ok if i give your horse a treat??” and you’re like they’re not mine,,,,but i think the horse would love it
  • because she’s already nipping at jooheon’s elbow and he grins and puts his hand out 
  • and you smile because he looks so happy around the animals,,,,,just like you,,,,,,,and jooheon asks about your job and stuff
  • and you’re like “the stable is my favorite place, that’ll never change.” and jooheon is like “i know i should say i love the performance space, but,,,,,i love the stable too.”
  • and you guys laugh with eachother and it’s cute jooheon is like 
    my group is performing again at 5, you should come and watch if you can
  • and you’re like,,,,ill try to sneak away from work for a bit
  • and jooheon leans forward a bit and he’s like “you’ll be my goodluck charm this time around, right?”
  • and you blush like oh,,,,,and he kind of stutters a bit like i!! didn’t mean,,,,,to be ,,,,,weird
  • but you’re like no no no it’s fine ill totally try to watch you and cheer you and honey on!!!
  • jooheon grins but as he turns around he’s clutching the front of his blazer because,,,,,,,,,,cute stable hand??? making his heart beat?????? what is this???????
  • his horse, pot of honey, makes a noise and jooheon is like “did you just tell me im having a crush?” 

“Bitty, look at this photo.“ 

"Mhmm, nice." 

"No Bitty, it’s more than nice. It’s indecent. How dare he look this good." 


"No, you don’t get it Bits. How do I wake up to that everyday? Every. Day. I want to kiss his stupid face. How???" 

"You could just kiss his face’." 



"Bitty. Bits, my bro- you’re a genius." 

"Go get ‘em, tiger!” 😉

(In which Holster is pining away for our boy Ransom and confides in Bitty)

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What do you think/what are your headcanons about what Yuuri and Viktor do when they can't sleep at night?

  • Viktor or Yuuri would sing each other lullabys in Russian or Japanese
  • Viktor would comb Yuuri’s hair with his fingers
  • Viktor would endlessly list all the reasons he fell in love with Yuuri
  • Viktor asks Yuuri to tell him a story, and also adds his own commentary (Yuuri: Once upon a time there was a little prince, Victor: A beautiful, charming, handsome prince, Yuuri: who was always so dramatic)
  • Yuuri would trace patterns on Victor’s skin 
  • Yuuri would give Viktor a massage because he’s really good at it
  • They’d cuddle with Makkachin in bed
  • They’d talk about anything that’s on their mind
  • If one of them has a rough night or a nightmare, the other would hold them close and softly whisper sweet soothing words in their ear
  • They ask each other 20 questions until they lose count of numbers and fall asleep
  • They’d look through all the photos they took together on their phones
  • There might have been one or two pillow fights
  • Late night kisses
3rd gym prom headcanons

I’m bored af so yeah.

-Kenma and Hinata are the cutest couple. Everyone loves Kenma’s man bun and their corsages. They’re outfits are really nice soft colors.

-Kuroo manages to pull his hair back and everyone loves it 💯👌🏼 he and Tsuki are both kind of matching Kuroo wears a black and red, Tsuki is in a classic tux with a white shirt. Kei loves his fucking hair but before the photo it just goes poof! And his awful bedhead is back.

-Bokuto is all black n blue and Akaashi is white n blue Bokuto fixes his hair like Kuroo but it doesn’t go poof. He looks fucking good and he just keeps snap chatting everything. Everything

- Kuroo and Bokuto steal like half of the fucking snack table. They even steal the whole tray of strawberries for Tsuki from the chocolate fountain.

- Kuroo and Bokuto are the first to dance and they’re pretty good. They dance alone for a good time until they fucking haul Tsuki in with them and just sandwich him for the rest of the prom. They only let him go when he wanted to take off his jacket but Akaashi pulls him back in.

-Kenma and Hinata sit basically the entire prom because shou respects that Kenma’s doesn’t like big crowds they eat and take selfies for most of the time. They only do the slow dances and it’s really cute.

-Kuroo: *slow dancing* I love you babe. Tsuki: I love you too… Bokuto-san that’s my ass. Bokuto: *slow dancing on him* sshh just move to the music.

-Akaashi manages to steal Tsukishima from them on the last slow dance and just smirks at Kuroo for the whole time. Kuroo tries to not get jealous because he wasted all his slow dances with Bokuto.

-none of them managed to get prom pictures. So when they went to McDonalds they took them there.

-they stay wake till 4 at Bokuto’s watching movies and eating their 100 chicken nuggets, order of 12 large fries, 7 pocket pies ((Kenma only shared with Hinata, he fucking hissed at Bokuto for trying to get one.)) and milk shakes.

-Akaashi starts crying because that was Kuroo and Bokuto’s prom and he’s not going to see their pain-in-the-asses anymore. Tsukishima starts choking up too because he remembered he’s two years younger than Kuroo and he can’t really see him. They all eventually start crying they stop when something in a movie made them laugh.

-They spend the night at Bokuto’s all in the living room snuggled up against each other. Bokuto wakes up first finds his selfie stick and takes a picture of them all sleeping. He wakes them up with his crying because he really doesn’t want to graduate anymore like he used to.

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Lin in green is all very great but have you seen him wearing GLASSES??!!?? IN THE ENCORES! PRODUCTION OF MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG??? This is something you have to see bc honestly im freaking out about how fetus and kyut he looks in plaid and glasses. cant send links here but go search it up on youtube!!!

I concede that it’s a good look, but I’ll also point out that there’s green in the plaid.

Exo Reaction: Sasaeng Leaking Private Photos Of You


*Sad that somebody would go this far to destroy your life*

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“How did they even find these photos?”

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“Why would someone do this?”

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*They leaked funny photos that he took of her*

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“At least you all know how good she looks with lingerie”

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“Some people are so dumb”

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“oh, i remember that night…”

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“They really went that far…”

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*Trying to cheer you up*

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