he really likes green day

"Get that fucking asshole out of the fucking White House"
Billie Joe Armstrong, Jimmy Kimmel! Live, 11/21/2016

“How you guys doin’, huh? We’re fucking still alive, right? We’re still alive! It’s all good! This shit’s gonna get fucking better, I’ll tell you that right now. As soon as we get that fucking asshole out of the fucking White House!”


@letterbombed was crushed by a man roughly shoving himself to the front during the Sweet Children show at the House of Blues. When the band saw what was happening, they interrupted the song to make sure she was okay. ()

»John Kiffmeyer came over and then Billie Joe had walked over in front of me, and was leaning over and said “Are you good?” and I think my friend said something like “No, she’s hurt”, and he said “Are you good? Are you good?” again. I just remember crying with my head in my hands and my friend saying ‘HANNAH, HANNAH, HE’S TALKING TO YOU’, so I looked up at him and he said "Alright”, and smiled at me and then said “I love you.” And then I cried some more because it was so sweet and I will never in my life forget Billie Joe smiling at me and telling me he loved me. It was just really nice to feel like he cared.«


makoto saw a beautiful creature one day

and know he is truly in love with him

i saw this and i couldnt resist

can i introduce a really cool headcanon

so theres this one davekat fic called “Growing Pains”

now i personally dont ship this but i really liked the idea of trolls having an adult molt

so if u dont wanna read the (rather well written) fic (it gets steamy-ish in chapter 3 btw) then here’s a quick version

trolls pupate from wrigglers/grubs into their ‘child form’. so naturally they pupate into an adult form!

normally, they molt in their recuperacoon, in sopor. their skin cracks and peels off in the moisture, dissolving into the sopor and providing extra nutrients for the adult troll that will come out of the sopor.

normally, the eyes of the troll will slowly turn their blood color, alerting them that their adult molt is gonna come in.

when they turn adult, they become those darker-skinned tall trolls that are adults. all the adult trolls in homestuck are shown with black skin, so it makes sense, and honestly, its pretty cool.

karkat though, in his amazing luck and mutant blood, doesnt have sopor and has to settle for a water tank and becoming an adult without any alert and almost dies

Inked (Tattoo Artist Michael au): Chapter 1

A/N:This is the first chapter in this series, in which Michael is a tattoo artist who meets y/n. Feedback is always appreciated

You traced the space on your arm as you dialed the number of the shop.19 years of life had lead up to what you were about to do. All that filled your mind was excitement. Your first tattoo, a celebration on completing your first semester of university. Although you’d finished your first semester a number of months ago, the courage had finally built up enough for you to make your appointment, which was just hours away.

“Are you excited?” your best friend questioned

“Yeah, but petrified at the same time”

“Did you go over the design with your artist yet? I mean do they know what they’re in for?”

“Well yeah, when I booked the appointment he gave me his phone number and email and I sent him the drawing.” “Hopefully he’s not a total creep, I’ve heard horror stories about people getting these things done you know. I could never get one.”

That night you paced around your room, all that ran through your mind was what could go wrong. What if he messed up, you’d never met Michael, how reliable could he be? And what if he’s a creep? What if he thinks you’re pretentious because of what you were getting done? You lay down and shut your eyes, trying to calm your nerves. It’s going to be okay, you thought, as you dozed off to sleep.

You were awoken by the door slamming shut, signaling your roommate was leaving for work, alerting you of the hour, 12:00, crap. The appointment was set to be at 1:00, and with a half hour bus ride to the shop, being late was on your horizon. Twenty minutes later, after fumbling to get your belongings together, you shot out the door.

Rushing down the street, checking your phone, 12:56, Fuck. Finally, you reached the shop, pushing though the door. The shop was nice, plain walls with pictures of tattoos, famous people who had visited the shop and display cases filled with piercings lined the front walls.

A tall broad brunette greeted your flustered self. “hey there can I help you?” he questioned

“Yeah, I-um have an-um appointment? I think it’s with a guy named Michael?

“Yeah, y/n right? I’m Calum. Mike’s break just ended so he should be out in a second he’s expecting you” he smiled “have a look around the shop, we just got in some merchandise for the shop and some new jewelry, so if you’re into that then just have a look around!” You thanked him, and went to look at a case with earrings in it. The shop had a number of people in it, some waiting to get various parts of themselves pierced, others waiting for artists to ink their skin or look over their designs. Some were simply browsing through the various products the shop sold.

“hey there I’m Michael, you must be y/n” a deep voice said behind you. Spinning around you looked up at a tall man covered in tattoos. His blonde hair messy, and the scruff on his jaw and neck complemented the pale hue of his skin. He had an eyebrow piercing, and green eyes that were littered with flecks of gold. You silently hoped to yourself that he wasn’t a creep, because he was by far one of the most attractive people you’d ever seen.

“y/n” you extended your hand, and he shook it “nice to meet you” “lets get going shall we? I share a studio with Cal, and its right through this door” he motioned to his right as he began to walk towards the open door.

You stepped into the clean room, one wall had two cork boards with pictures, on each of them, one with Mike in cursive in the corner, and the other with Cal in cursive in the corner. You studied the pictures, some were drawings others were filled with friends and smiles.

“so y/n have a seat on that bed and I’ll grab your design, and we can get started. I got your transfer done this morning to speed things up, so I think we’re good to go” he spoke, breaking you out of your trance.

“hm? Yeah sure. Sounds good”. Sitting up on the bed, you felt the nerves setting in again. This was really going to happen, you thought as your leg began to shake.

“this is it right?” he questioned holding up a drawing of a rose with the words “I am enough” scrawled underneath. “Yeah, that’s mine” You smiled at him

“I’m guessing this is your first?”

“That obvious?”

“I’ve been working here for almost a year; I’ve mastered the art of detecting the classic first tattoo scared shitless look from a mile away.” He laughed

You let out a shaky breath, attempting to laugh along.

“hey don’t worry. I got my first one when I was 18, wasn’t that bad. Now look at me I’ve got almost two full sleeves and more on my thighs and stomach.” His eyes were sympathetic. “lets get started okay? Where do you want it?”

“My upper arm please” you told him motioning to the area on your inner arm where your shoulder ended and arm began. “Great” he said moistening a cotton pad before running it over your skin. “this is just to disinfect the area, next I’m going to put the transfer on so I can trace the design on your skin.” He silently worked, cleaning your skin and applying the transfer, before moving to get his gun. Alright so I’m going to start soon, but I need to ask you a couple questions, I know you’ve already filled out the waver and signed off but these are just some basic questions I need to ask.

After the questions concluded he switched on the gun. “I just have to let it warm up for a minute or two. But before I begin I need to let you know don’t worry I’ll start slow. If it gets too much tell me and we can stop okay? Fuck that made it sound like we’re going to fuck sorry.” he laughed awkwardly, rubbing his neck “sorry that was so creepy I swear I don’t mean to be like this I just don’t think about what I’m saying” his face now bright red, as he laughed again. You noticed how his face scrunched up when he laughed “what I’m trying to say y/n is that if it hurts too much, tell me to stop and we can take a break, for a few minutes so you can get yourself together. I’m sorry for being so dumb before”

“it wasn’t dumb. Certainly took my mind off the impending needle that’s going to be in me momentarily.”

“okay good” he grinned “I’m going to start now, alright? Are you ready?”

With a quick nod from you he pressed the needle to your soft skin, as soft wince left your lips. “You’re alright” he spoke soothingly “lets get your mind off the pain, tell me about yourself.”

“well I’m in university, second semester, first year. I’ve wanted this done for as long as I can remember. I-um-shit” you stammered, glancing over at his concentrated face, working away. “that really hurt”

“need a break?”

“I’m good its good, keep going”

“keep talking y/n. It’ll help”

“Well I finally saved up enough for this, and I work or am in school pretty much every day”

“That kind of music do you listen to? What are you into?” he questioned

“Well I really like Twenty-One Pilots, Green Day, Blink 182-and-um-fuck I can’t think right now it hurts too much” you laughed “tell me about yourself”

“well I’m Michael. I’m 22, 23 in November. I went to art school for two years, then did an apprenticeship here after graduation, and now I’m working here”

“I’d ask you more but I don’t want to distract you” you smirked.

The conversation kept going steadily after that. You were shocked by how easy it was to speak to him. Everything felt so natural and easy. He was funny, and kind and made sure you were comfortable at every moment. You told him about work and school, and he asked about music, movies and books. You loved talking to him, he was one of the nicest people you’d ever spoken to. You found out he was in a band with some of his friends, including his co-worker Calum, in his words “we’re kind of shitty but playing in the band is my favourite thing, next to this”

A little over an hour had passed when he pulled the gun from your skin. “alright champ, you’re done” he smiled widely. “How are you feeling?”

“great, little light headed but aside from that I’m good” You glanced down at your arm. “Michael it’s beautiful thank you so much” “I’m glad you like it, remember right when you get out of here get some food. Make sure it fills you up, okay? I don’t want you to faint”

“okay Michael. Thank you, anything else”

“yeah let me just grab you an aftercare kit and then we can ring you up.”

He went through the steps you needed to take, and walked you out of the studio, before ringing you up.

After you paid you gave him a quick hug, thanking him for the intricate art he put into your skin.

“I can walk you out if you’d like” he smiled rubbing the back of his neck.

“Sure, that would be great” You smiled at him

He walked you to the door, in silence, offering to do your next tattoo, if you chose to get it one.

“So-um-y/n I was wondering if maybe you’d like to um maybe, I mean its totally okay if you don’t want to-“ he stammered over his words. “Did you want to maybe get something to eat sometime? Or just hang out?” you finished his sentence

He exhaled nervously. “yeah”

“you have my number from when I sent you the design, right? Just call me or text me when you’re free and we can work something out! I have class and work most days but I’m sure we’ll figure something out” you smiled at him before exiting the shop. You turned to him and smiled.

“I’ll see you soon okay?” you grinned “I’m going to get something to eat, but good luck with any other appointments you’ve got today” “thanks, see you soon I guess” he beamed back, shades of pink tinting his pale skin.

With that you walked down the street, excited about the new art on your skin, and hoping that meeting Michael was the start of something great.

other chapters

no but you know what i love? michael’s guitars and how used they look like here

like luke always has those brand new guitars and calum’s TWLOHA bass is from like three years ago but still looks like new but michael’s two guitars are so old and used and there’s something really punk rock about the way he just leaves it be okay i love michael