he really is too cute for his own good

I bet you Sherlock and John were pen pals when they were little, they just don’t remember it. Like Sherlock would have really cute bee stationery his mum bought him  - without lines, because he’s too old for lines - and one of those address stickers but with bees on them. And he wouldn’t really want to have a pen pal at first, because who needs those, and also, the name is stupid, his mum makes him write in pencil anyways. Which is okay because he has one with honeycomb designs. But his mum signs him up anyways and he gets a letter from John in the mail, and his letter has pirate stationery and Sherlock thinks this is so cool and Sherlock (Billy) writes to John about pirates, and John returns with another letter complimenting him on the bee stationery and asking him how he made the address sticker, and it just goes on until they get a little too old for pen pals, or John moves away. And years and years later they’re living together and in love and Rosie starts getting older and Mrs. Holmes thinks she should get a pen pal too, but who even does that nowadays, like no one, it’s an old-fashioned concept, but Mrs. Holmes gets her these fancy address stickers and Rosie just needs to use them, so she does. And she shows John and Sherlock her first letter and asks them to take her to the post office to mail it out and they both see the bee address label and think….oh

A small post I decided to do for Seokjin’s birthday!!! 

  • He is really a sweet heart who took good care of their members
  • He love AMRYs a lot
  • He trended “car door guy” because of his stunning visuals
  • He loves to take polaroid
  • He would bring out his cutlery set out to public so he can eat anytime (HOW CUTE IS THIS?)
  • He has his own eating show called “eatjin”
  • HIS VOCALS. (who disagree come fight me)
  • He love Mario, alpaca and maple story
  • His toes are magical. He can open packet of chips using his toes
  • He cooks for his members
  • He won in a staring quiz
  • His best friend is Ken from VIXX
  • He doesn’t have much experience in singing or dancing BUT LOOK WHERE HE IS NOW (so proud of him)
  • He have an adorable dog just like him called Jjanggu
  •  He loves strawberries, but not strawberry flavoured things.
  • He doesn’t like chocolate, he likes chocolate flavoured things.
  • He pinched Jungkook nipples to wake him up (OMG? Hehe)
  • His traffic dance
  • He slayed in his vocal when WINGS #7 was out
  • His broad shoulders
  • His seductive lips!!!!
  • He is the oldest but sometimes he doesn’t act like one (gahhh)
  • He can speak Chinese
  • He lost his self-confidence once because it was the first time he wore a beanie
  • He love to give flying kisses
  • He always wave to fans at the airport
  • His wind-shield wiper laughter!!!
  • He danced in front of armys on 2015 ISAC
  • He has a lot of aegyo
  • His sweet smile 
  • He prepared/covered a song called “I love you” during his birthday and shared to his fans
  • He drove jungkook to school
  • There was a video where he and Jhope tried to practice their beat boxing and ended up laughing nonstop (MY FAV VIDEO)
  •  He is very humble (though he boast about how handsome he is) BUT HE is really kind and sweet
  • He is very very hard working
  • During AHL, he went to a stranger to ask if he could have his fries, and he took it shamelessly (jhope was so done with him HAHA)
  • He helped yoongi to put his contact lens
  • Sleeveless Jin during Danger era~~~
  • His magnificent acting skill

By: Currently-jin-ed :)

I didn’t want to know that

Anonymous said: “Can I request something where an innocent Kookie accidentally finds out you sleep without any clothes on? Thank you~ “


You loved shopping with Jungkook. He was always good at spotting good prices, and was ridiculously good at finding things that looked good on you. 

“Look at these, y/n!” He said, pulling you by the hand over to a rack of pajamas. They were light green and had elephants and balloons on them. “They’re on sale, too.” He had decided that he wanted to buy you a birthday present, but didn’t know what to get you. His solution was to take you to the mall, so you could pick out your own gift. “What do you think of them?” He asked, and you shrugged.

“They’re really cute.” You said.

“But?” Jungkook knew you well enough to know when you weren’t saying everything on your mind. 

“But I wouldn’t wear them.” You added. Jungkook didn’t look particularly phased, just pulled you by the hand over to another shelf with different sleepwear on it. 

“What about these?” He asked, pointing to some dark blue ones.

“Nope.” You shook your head.

“This one?” 

“No, I don’t wear pajamas.” You said it without thinking, and hoped Jungkook wouldn’t read into it too much. 

“What do you mean, you don’t wear pajamas?” Jungkook blinked at you, looking thoroughly confused. “Do you sleep in your clothes or something?” 

“No.” You busied yourself re-folding one of the pajamas Jungkook had held up to you.

“But you have to sleep in something.” Jungkook said, then froze when you didn’t say anything else. “Oh my god, I didn’t want to know that!” He dropped the piece of clothing he had in his hand back to the table, turning and walking away.

“Jungkook!” You called after him, but he just shook his head and kept walking.

“I didn’t need to know that, y/n!” He said, walking faster. “My poor mind didn’t need that image!” 

TMNT Christmas headcanons

Its that time of year, so why not?

-Wraps his presents really beautifully, like nice paper, ribbon, neat little name tags
-But he’s actually TERRIBLE at buying gifts. Like, he tries so hard, but he always accidently gets someone something they already own, or just something they’re not actually interested in
-Rewatches the Space Heroes Christmas special every year, makes everyone else watch it too
-Is not allowed anywhere near the kitchen when dinner is being made

-1000% done with Mikey constantly singing Christmas carols
-Generally wraps presents in newspaper
-Actually surprisingly good at gift-buying
-Secretly loves watching all the cute Christmas films

-Wraps his presents in newspaper like Raph
-Generally makes his own gifts, designs neat gadgets for his friends and family
-His family refuse to let him do any work in the lab on Christmas. He gets to chill out with hot chocolate all day. He generally falls asleep really early, cos he’s warm and happy and ate a lot at dinner

-Wants to start decorating on November 1st
-Tries to wake everyone up at like 6 in the morning
-Gets people really wacky and fun presents. He totally gets gag gifts and stuff
-Goes overboard wrapping presents. Ribbons, bows, glitter, the whole shebang
-He is the master of Christmas dinner. Three types of potatoes, giant turkey, over the top gingerbread house. Christmas dinner is not a fucking game

-Probably spends Christmas day at home with her dad, but she sees the turtles on Christmas eve
-Definitely wears ugly Christmas sweaters
-Maybe she and her dad used to go to church on Christmas, but they fell out of the habit
-Maybe she and her dad volunteer at a homeless shelter? Perhaps not on Christmas Day, but sometime in the holiday season

-Sees the turtles on boxing day, not sure when he meets up with April. Maybe he brings some alcohol, and they all get tipsy before Splinter confiscates the bottle
-Christmas at the Jones is pretty chill. They sleep late, bundle up in blankets and watch movies all day
-Maybe his dad works a lot over Christmas, so Casey does most of the decorating and cooking
-Casey tries to get nice presents for his friends, bit they’re generally pretty small and simple because he spends most of the cash he has saved on his sister
-They don’t have a big Christmas dinner, neither Casey or his dad are great cooks. Maybe they just have a roast chicken, with store bought mince pies after

Karai and Shini:
-They probably visit with the turtles, but they spend most of the day cuddled up in their new Foot headquarters watching the crappy Christmas specials and folding paper cranes -Maybe Shini jokingly wears mistletoe behind her ear, and keeps pulling Karai in for kisses

Ideal Type // NCT Dream

Request: Can you do an NCT Dream ideal type? I’m literally only older than Jisung and Renjun is just so adorable my heart has been aching omg

A/N: Thank you for requesting!!! Awe your so young then! XD Ikr~ Renjun plus Chenle too both of them are so cute!!! 😍 😍 😍

(This isn’t accurate because its just what I think their ideal type would be)

Mark: A girl thats a bit shorter then him, someone that can speak up what they want or think with their own opinion. Someone that can be brave and speak up for them self when they feel unfair. Someone that is not so cutesy but more on the mature type that can understand him more and help him and listen to his worries. Best is if the girl doesn’t really get jealous much cause he can’t handle it good and the relationship would most probably go downhill. I think a girl around the age range of 1997-1999 would suit him most.

Renjun: A girl that would always have a bright smile on her face, basically with a very bubbly personality that can joke around with him and match his energy level. Unlike Mark, Renjun wouldn't mind a bit of jealousy, he’ll actually find that really cute if she gets protective over him. Someone that he can protect and care for but when needed she can look out for him too.

Jeno: Someone that can act cute just like him. Someone he can just sit down and have a mature conversation with but also have fun just hanging out together. A girl he can watch over and take care of basically someone that will depend on him to take care of her. 

Haechan (Donghyuk): Definitely a girl that can handle his personality, everyone knows that Donghyuk can be savage if he wants and sometime he might just accidentally step over the line of playful and hurtful without even meaning to, so a girl that can sass back to him as much as he does it but can also control him if he does go over board with his jokes. Outgoing & playful but also someone that can have a deep and meaningful talk with him from time to time. Donghyuk did also say he likes someone with a good voice, so someone that can have fun and sing with him to have a bit of fun too.

Jaemin: He would prefer someone shorter then him so he could rest his head on hers when he hugs her. A girl thats independent, who doesn’t need him to keep an eye out for her too much. Someone with a playful personality, he’ll love to have little inside jokes between them two. Someone that loves skinship or doesn’t mind it cause Jaemin can be clingy when he wants to be. He can just random wrap his arms around her or hold her hand without letting go for hours.

Chenle: I think he’ll prefer someone his own age(2001) to date until he gets a bit older. Someone around his own height or a bit shorter would be perfect for him. Someone that could be mischievous and likes to joke around. A really nice and kind girl that likes to lend a helping hand whenever she can.

Jisung: Outgoing, brave & straight forward, Jisungs not gonna make the first move on a girl even if he likes her so most probably she would have to step up and do it. A girl that can be initiative and someone that can understand his personality well. He wouldn’t really like it if the girl nags or tell him off, so someone not too controlling or he’ll easily get annoyed.

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How would the Fell, Tale and Swap skelebros react if their S/O got so excited about something that they forgot all about it in their excitement?

((Mods reaction would be to laugh and then cuddle you cause that’s too cute.))


Sans: “Geez babe, just a come here.” He hugs you and teases you for being so cute. Then starts rambling out random stuff, saying his just trying to jog your memory.

Papyrus: Will just smile and say that its okay! And then sit there and wait patiently until you remember what it was. If you were so excites you forgot, it must have been really good!


Sans: “Damn. Seriously? How did you survive this long on your own.” He shakes his head, trying desperately not to smile cause damn that was too cute and not fair you can’t pull that adorable shit on him just out of the blue like that!

Papyrus: “Well then I suppose it wasn’t too important if you forgot it already.” Honestly, what is going to do with you? He just pats your head and returns to his work, not at all phased by the adorable scene he just witnessed.


Sans: Don’t worry, happens to him all the time. Though he never admits it, he just says its so awesome that his afraid you might faint from the sheer awesomeness of it. Chase he totally didn’t just forget it or something that’s impossible!

Papyrus: He loves it. You rush in all excited, and the minute he asks why, poof! Your faces flies from hyper happy to confused, to adorably pouty cause you can’t remember what it was you were so excited to tell him about.

At this point, he just drags you onto the couch with him, smiling and fading back to sleep as you babble about how cool it was, whatever it was.


Lee Joon Gi & Lee Dae Hae chemistry in My girl appreciation post

LJG: No because the person that hit me was a person that I like.. (clears throat).

LDH: Lee Joon Gi is really pretty but still manly. I think he’s hot in his own way. In real life he’s not girly at all.

LJG: She’s got talent that’s really hard to find these days.

LJG: She has a lot of flaws. (..) She’s too pretty and she’s too cute.. These flaws are so hard to deal with.

LHD: I can’t act well in front of LJG. He’s so good looking and has captivating voice. I can’t concentrate.. To busy looking at him.


“Sirius!  Sirius, you wanna go to Diagon Alley with us.  We’re gonna get school supplies and get ice cream,” your younger brother asks.  Sirius had been dating you for a little over a year now, and it seemed that your family took a liking to him.

“Yeah, yeah, sure, that’d be great,” Sirius replied with a smile, a bright look in his eyes as he turned to face you.  He’d always had to go to Diagon Alley alone while his parents went to Knockturn Alley.

“I’ll go, then we can just apparate there,” you say, smiling as you look at your boyfriend.

“I’ll apparate with Sirius!”

“No, I will!”

“You always get to be with him!”

“Yeah, ‘cause I’m older than you, dummy!”

“Guys, guys, he does happen to be, you know, my boyfriend.”

Foreandy asked for Kup/Springer with  “Even though I’m not going anywhere because I’m alone, at least I look really good.” This is the cute happy one. 

The whistles and catcalls followed Springer throughout the ship-and through both the command meeting and the crew meeting. It was his own fault-he’d been nervous. Polished too much, too early.

Newbie mistake.

It was time to go now though, and okay. Maybe the extra round of wax really hadn’t been necessary. He’d done it anyway though, and suffered through the jokes good-naturedly. He was out of comebacks by the time he reached the dock but the teasing hadn’t dimmed his spirits any. His crew meant well.

Even if they were too damn nosey for their own good.

“Look who’s all dressed up with nowhere to go!” Blurr crowed, smirking as Springer walked past. He rolled his optics at the speedster, intending to ignore him entirely–when a comeback came around the corner, in Kup’s voice.

“N’ what makes you all think he’s not going anywhere?” The older mech asked, grin curling around his cygar.

“Oh? You think he’s goin’ out? When the whole planet’s celebrating some conjex based crap?” Twintwist snorted laughter through his vents. “Only idiots out right now are those with dates.”

Springer saw Kup’s expression too late–but really.

He should have known better. Should have interrupted a lot sooner.

“And that’s exactly what he’s got.” Kup challenged back, offering his arm to Springer with a flourish. Like a proper gentlemech of old. “Come along sweetspark!”

Two jaws and Springer’s dignity dropped. Kup transferred his grin to Springer when the younger mech didn’t take his arm right away, but continued to hold it out until, finally, the Wrecker broke and grabbed it.

Kup strode forward the second he did, forcing Springer to keep up with him and wave with his other hand over his shoulder.

“Don’t wait up for us, kids!” He bellowed, the noise drowning out Springer’s groan.

“That is not the way I wanted to announce our relationship publically.” Springer said, once clear of the ship and firmly on the planet.

“Nah they don’t really think we’re serious. That’s what made it fun.” Kup shot back, smug satisfaction floating about in his field.

Springer sighed, but kept his arm where it was, looped with Kup’s. It’s where it belonged, after all.

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Fluffy headcanons of Silver with his s/o? Thanks!

sweats nervously These are not good… ~Admin Kiawe

  • Silver isn’t into PDA, and the only time he would be alright with it is if he is alone with his s/o and in a really good mood, which is kinda rare
  • He is a grumpy pants and really likes his own space but if he has an s/o who is usually on his tail, the moment they aren’t and off doing their own thing, he is gonna wonder why they aren’t bugging him
  • At night he just wants to sleep, but if you catch him at the right moment, aka where he is too sleepy to comprehend anything, Silver can be really sweet and cute
  • ….that is until you mention it in the morning…
  • Catch him being nice to his Pokemon and don’t ever let him live it down
  • He’s the type that gets jealous really quick and it’s one of the best ways to get him to (roughly) kiss or hold you. Sadly this also means getting an earful from him later on. 
  • Catch him off guard by kissing his cheek or forehead. Blushing Silver is a Cute Silver. 
  • These are completely all over the place and I’m sorry they are horrible

lance: a Bad memer; only shares the worst and most amateurish of memes. sometimes theyre really old and outdated but mostly theyre just Bad.

keith: a non-memer; has never known a single meme in his young life

pidge: a Quality memer; knows All the memes. delivers memes with perfect precision and expert comedic timing. the best at memes.

hunk: a kindly memer; only shares positive memes like the good friend he is. while his memes can sometimes be outdated, no one can possibly blame him, hes just too pure. takes pictures of dogs (or cute alien animals maybe) and writes his own captions before sending them to the whole group

shiro: ?????; everyone thinks he too is a nonmemer but in fact, he knows like, exactly four fairly quality memes. he makes reference to something at some point and everyone is just, stunned into silence

Modern AU

Alex is a bisexual author who’s always working and basically lives off of coffee and energy drinks. Always tired, always stressed, wants constant affection but doesn’t want to admit that.

John is a gay blogger who runs a really aesthetically pleasing blog with photos he’s takes and cute things like that. Has a turtle. Wants to be a photographer. He’s doing his best.

Hercules is a bisexual wedding planner. Has his own business and makes all the dresses and suits himself. Makes Laf model them for him. Sometimes makes Angelica, Eliza and John model them too.

Lafayette is a pansexual wedding planner with Herc although he’s in charge of the food side of the planning, like the cake. Peggy helps out by testing them. Likes wearing makeup sometimes and looks hella good in eyeliner.


Eliza is a bisexual piano teacher who is really patient with her students and doesn’t get upset or anything when someone messes up. Calms them down when they grow frustrated. Precious.

Angelica is an asexual dancer and singer. Herc and Laf ask her to sing at weddings and other events sometimes. Strong, independent woman. She does really love hugs though, so hug her.

Peggy is a non-binary pansexual who kinda just… Hangs out. They usually either stick with Angelica and Eliza or Laf and Herc. Loves cake. Will fight you if you insult their friends and family.

Maria is a lesbian singer who joins Angelica in events and is really passionate about what she does. Really loves Eliza. She’s not as bad as some people seem to think.


Thomas is a pansexual coffee shop employee. Is annoyed by Alex who comes by every hour or something to buy more coffee. Loves his small sick boyfriend.

James is a gay coffee shop employee. He reads when there are no customers to serve and backs up Thomas in just about anything. Is ill a lot. Has lots of soup to feel better.

Aaron is a bisexual coffee shop employee who never speaks his opinion and stays out of trouble as much as possible. Only got into one big fight before and regretted it immediately. Shares good books with James.

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HiHi! Could i request a scenario where Karamatsu's crush asks him if he wants to see a movie or go to lunch, and he takes it the wrong way and thinks its a date? Thank you! ♡

Aaaa this is really cute!! ouo

Standing by the bridge, Karamatsu leaned against the railing and looked dramatically up to the sky, the reflection of the sun on his glasses temporarily blinding a child.

“Karamatsu!” a familiar voice scolded him, removing his sunglasses. “You just made that little kid cry!”

Karamatsu gasped, and looked to a five-year-old who was rubbing his eyes and crying, as his mother tried to comfort him. “That was me?”

[Name] nodded, blowing out air. “You’re too… Karamatsu for your own good.”

“I’m Karamatsu for the good of the earth,” he responded.

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starter for phantoms-lair

What a day…

Arthur practically collapsed onto the familiar couch. It wasn’t reserved for him by any means but he sat here all the time so it might as well be his. The med student waited a minute before opening up his laptop to get to work. The wi-fi at his apartment sucked and at the coffee shop it was at least decent. The coffee here was pretty good too.

That was totally the only reason he came here all the time. Not to look at the cute guy serving coffee, oh no.

He had spoken to him a few times. Learned his name and that this was a family-owned place (that explained the three kids he saw running around here all the time). Seemed like a nice guy too…but Arthur never really was that great at making friends. The only one he had traveled around all the time so he didn’t get to see her all that often.

The shop was a little slow today. “Hey Lewis,” Arthur said with a small smile as the larger man made his rounds.


resquested: yes

“hi there love i was just wondering if you could possibly do a written pregnancy imagine where your about to be a single mom and the pack is helping you through it until one day you just get really stressed out (which is not good for the baby) and so the pack calms you down and just make it really cute at the end if thats possible!!!! And the pregnancy is from a earlier relationship and also it’s for teenwolf”

warning: anxiety; swearing

Your life had been chaos. You recently got out of a really complicated relationship were you weren’t even dating, you were just really hooking up. You loved him and did everything he wanted for you but only needed you for his own pleasure until he decided to move on to someone else. The heartbreak was too much for you and seeing him everyday was making you fall apart so you moved to Beacon Hills, where your dad lived, to pick up your pieces and glue yourself back together. Your father worked in the police station and was really close friends with Sherriff Stilinski, who introduced you to Stiles, who introduced you to the pack. They greeted you with open arms, making you feel better, and your new life by their side was insane but fun. Slowly you started to get better and you even started to feel something for one of the pack members, Isaac. But, after a month or so of this new chapter in your life, you got sick. Getting out of bed was too hard and you kept throwing up non stop. The pack got worried with you and after a few days it clicked and you took a pregnancy test, confirming “the worse”. Your world crumbled again and you felt lost, without knowing how to tell anyone. So you were able to hide it for more 3 months until the hole pack found out. And you would be able to hide it for even longer, if it wasn’t for Lydia.

You were having an awful day. You had too much school work to do, all of your baggy clothes were in the washing machine making it harder for you to hide your belly, your back was hurting and your anxiety was insane. You kept taking deep breaths and holding back your tears, while pacing in your room from time to time only to sit down a few seconds later because of the pain you felt in your back. Malia and Lydia talked to you earlier, sensing something was wrong so the hole pack surprised you at your house to help you and brought a lot of treats to cheer you up. As soon as you opened the door, you began to cry.

“Oh babe what’s wrong?” Lydia asked while holding you close to her.

“Did we mess up? Did we get the wrong donuts?” Stiles asked starting to panic, looking inside the large box of donuts he had in his hands.

“Fuck. See I told you she wouldn’t like those. You should have listened to me.” Isaac answered.

“Seriously? What about her favorite drink? I told you EXACTLY what to buy and you still messed up.” He fired back.

“There were a lot of them plus too many different colors.” Isaac excused himself for his mess up.

“Lies! You had one job.” Stiles cringed while staring Isaac in the eyes, making you laugh at them.

“I have too much to do, I don’t even know where to start! If I’m like this with no baby yet then I’m going to screw up big time!” You cried out. You covered your wet face with your hands with shame. You sobbed so much that it was harder for you to breathe. Scott rushed over to you and hugged you.

“No you’re not. You have us here to help you with everything. Please calm down, this is not good for you.”

“We’ll take care of homework and help you always. We can even take turns and take care of the baby!” Liam shouted out excited.

“And you have options to consider and a little bit of time to decide what you want to do. We will support you in everything, through everything.” Malia added.

You started to feel better with all of their kind, sweet words.

“What that fucker did to you? He’s going to pay for it. You’re the sweetest, most incredible girl we know and he’s the biggest loser ever for what he did.” Stiles let out in frustration, now holding your hands, removing them from your face so he could see you. You glanced at him and felt like everything was going to be ok. His smile warmed your heart and calmed you down.

“Thank you. This is amazing, you guys are the best. I love you.” The pack got in a group hug with you in the middle.

“We love you too.”