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Submissive (M)

Words:  967

Warning: Smut, handcuffing, teasing

Yoongi X Reader

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“You what?” He asked, obviously amused by your request.

 You and Yoongi weren’t dating exactly; you were best friends who always fucked.  That was working. The big deal was that he was the dominant. He was the one who decided everything, and you loved it, but that night, you wanted to be the one saying the rules.

“You heard me, babo. Just one night, let’s try. I’m so open to trying new things, so do it for me” you asked. He looked at you, thinking about your request. You both were sitting onto the couch.

“Ok. Let’s try it” he said. Did he really accept that? You didn’t expect him to say yes so easily. But who cares.

 He started leaning in to kiss you, and you kissed him back happily, but when his hand started pushing you down to lay, you pulled away.

“No, baby boy. I’m the dom here” you said teasingly. He chuckled a little and nodded, his lips curved in a slight smile. Those lips… Fuck. Once he was laid, you straddled him, leaning in to attack the exposed skin of his neck, sucking at it harshly.

“No marks, I’ve to perform tomorrow” he groaned. You started playing with the edge of his shirt, soon it was completely off. His belly was so cute and sexy. Argh!

You started moving your hips against him, your clothed pussy making contact with his clothed and semi hardened dick. The friction was turning you on quickly, but you managed to control it. Your lips were working on his collarbone, then his stomach, and then you managed to take off his pants. Once it was off, you started teasing him, kissing his dick over his underwear as your hands massaged his thighs.

“Fuck, Y/N” he groaned. You finally took off his underwear, leaving completely naked while you were still dressed.

 You took his length in your hand, pumping it till there were pre-cum dropping down, which you used to lub his dick. You ran your hand up and down his shaft, earning groans from him.

“Please, Y/N” he begged. Is he begging? Yoongi? No way.

You leaned in to lick his tip, looking into his eyes in an intimate stare.

“Is that what you want babe?” you asked, your tongue playing with his tip.

“Fuck yeah”

“I’ll suck you. But if you touch me, I’ll stop” you said and he nodded. You took him into your mouth, bobbing your head up and down really slowly, testing him. One of your hands cupped his balls while the other pumped what you couldn’t fit, and he couldn’t contain himself anymore. He grabbed your hair and forced your head down, making you gag as his tip hit tour throat.

 You pulled away from him, glancing at him.

“What did I say?” You asked, faking angriness.

“I-I just wanted to-” he started saying.

“Don’t. I’m not sucking you anymore” you said and he raised his eyebrows at you. For sure he was surprised by your actions because he was not used to that. So did you. You didn’t even know how you were doing that.

  You stood up and took off your clothes, getting naked in front of him. He sat up and leaned against the headboard, licking his lips at the sight.

 You did lay in front of you and did spread your legs, giving him a great view of your dripping pussy.

“Watch me” you whispered and let your hands grab your boobs. You played with your nipples, closing your eyes, imagining it was his hands. He whispered as he realized what you were doing.

 You felt him move and stopped touching your boobs immediately.

“Don’t touch me. Just watch me” you hissed as one of your hands traveled down your pussy and rubbed circles on your clit.

“Hmm” you moaned and pushed one finger in, pumping it in and out fast.

“Y/N please let me touch you” Yoongi whimpered. That was so hot for you both.

 You felt you were close and stopped. You needed to feel him already.

 You reached your desk and took a handcuff. Yes.

Yoongi eyes widened.

“I’m not sure If I want to-” he started saying but couldn’t finish; you leaned in and pecked his lips.

“I’m gonna make you feel good, baby. The way you always do with me” You said sensually.

 You handcuffed him on the headboard. Shit… What Am I supposed to do now? You had never done that before, and despite the fact you had proposed, you had never thought you would go so far.

 You sat on top of him, your genitals marking contact. You kissed him, sucking his bottom lip and felt him pulling against the headboard.

“Daddy wants to touch me, doesn’t he?” you teased and kissed his jawline, then his neck and collarbones. You grabbed his dick under you and placed it on your entrance, lowering yourself onto him slowly, you both groaning. Once he was fully into you, you started moving up and down his length, groans and moans filling the room.

“Fuck I really would like to touch you right now” Yoongi hissed. So did you. Shit why have I cuffed him?

 You supported yourself on his chest, fastening your pace, your skin slapping against his harshly. You leaned in, kissing him, biting. It didn’t take long for your walls to clench around his dick, and once you stayed rubbing your clit, you couldn’t hold back anymore. You screamed in pleasure, feeling him following you, cumming inside you. You collapsed against him, both your breaths heavy.

 You let his wrists go, and once you did, he grabbed you roughly, spinning you around so he was now on top of you.

“My turn” he said, grabbing the handcuffs and locking you against the headboard.

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I don’t know if Oliver’s timing was the best but I think that’s how these people live. They’re just trying to survive. Connor, I think it’s smart when he didn’t answer Oliver right in that moment. I think he needs time to process things and I think he’s really grown up. He’s so distrustful and he knows that about himself, but I think the last two episodes really showed him trying to do the right thing and it didn’t work out the way he wanted it to. I’m excited because I feel all the characters are growing up. Even Michaela saying ‘I love you’ to Asher is her growing up in a way. I think they’ve had to grow up really fast, and I think that’s what this finale really was about for me — growing up for the better and the worse.
—  Pete Nowalk answers the question: How is Connor going to cope with his guilt over Wes’ death, then his kidnapping, and now a proposal? (x)
NCT Reaction - Crying because you are happy to be with them

Mark: He’d be very surprised. ‘Why are you crying, Babe? Did something happen?’

Haechan: Haechan would probably don’t know what to do, he thinks leaving your side is the best thing ‘cause he’s doing things worse.

Jaemin: He would be very surprised at first, but as you told him why you are crying, he would blush a lot and would laugh nervously.

Chenle: This little guy would be very confused. ‘Why are you crying? Of course I love you!’

Renjun: As you told him what’s going on, he would blush really hard. ‘AHH, What are you saying??’

Johnny: Johnny would not understand why you are crying, but he would try to comfort you. ‘Stop crying, I have a gift for you!’, but you are just crying even more.

Ten: Ten would be more innocent than the NCT Dream Kids. ‘What’s going on here??’

Taeyong: As you tell him why you are crying, Taeyong would probably tear up, too. He’s very emotional.

Yuta: Yuta looks at you as if he has seen a ghost. Like Haechan, he just leaves your side. 'I’ll come later again, okay? Try to soothe yourself down while I am gone.’

Doyoung: He would try to comfort you, and when you told him why you are crying, he would kiss you 24 hours a day. 'You are so sweet!’

— Hello. Took me some time, but this request was hard. Didn’t really know what to write. Hope y'all like it, if you are finding mistakes, just tell me.

All the Love. -K.

(February the 25th, 2017)

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Do you watch Rick and Morty? Can I request an AU where MC is a nihilstic scientist like Rick and drags the RFA +V on insane adventures like Morty? This is strange, but I just wanted to try asking. Thank you!

I honestly haven’t watched it yet- I… I kinda have a basic grasp of the idea, yet not a clue? I’ll try my best, but… Uhm.. for the sake of accuracy, I’ll tell you this might just. be completely unrelated or seem odd because I just don’t know about the show? I’ll try!


  • he’s honestly, really excited at first
  • will the adventures be cool??
  • honestly this boy is like a puppy- he has no idea what he’s getting into, but he’s excited for it
  • is he good with danger? no
  • but will he try to survive and always be excited? yes
  • it almost surprises MC how willingly he goes with them? not even some hesitation?
  • he keeps saying adventures with MC will always be great
  • honestly MC has a suspicion he just wants to spend time with them but hey
  • what works works amirite


  • *cue the meme-y fast part of night of nights playing in a 2 hour loop*
  • honestly,,, she fears for her life
  • does praying even work in this setting. she’s praying. please let her be safe. what the heck
  • she loves MC sure but. this whole thing is A Mess
  • always trying to complete work on her spare time but honestly?? when does she even have spare time anymore?
  • she tries to turn down MC when it comes to adventuring but a simple “aw… but I wanted you to come” is enough to make her go
  • she’s weak for MC ok
  • probably swears MC will be the death of her about five times per week


  • this is an actor’s dream
  • in some sort of way
  • all this adventuring must have some sort of payoff in his acting right????? 
  • that’s what he tells himself anyways
  • he tells himself that every single time because he wants to believe that no, he’s not just doing this because he loves MC and wants to be with them more. he totally has more reasons than that to go on these insane adventures that are probably risky and he shouldn’t really do-
  • lowkey he’s almost always screaming inside at the smallest danger but he never shows it?
  • he’s not really that scared for himself, he just doesn’t like the risk being…. there


  • is this a normal commoner thing
  • honestly, he’s so disconnected from normal people life it might just be possible to convince him 
  • yes jumin, all commoners take their partner on weird ass insane adventures! completely normal! hahaha guess you didn’t know just because you’re rich haha
  • … maybe not do that. he doesn’t deserve that
  • most of the times, he wishes he could just take his whole bodyguard team with him and MC
  • but also… it’s nice to bond like that, without worrying about the public eye too much
  • it does bother him a bit when he comes home tired and lol nope time to adventure
  • but honestly. have you seen this man. he’d do anything for MC. anything


  • shit son,,, and he thought he was the weird one here.,.,
  • you know how pirates vs ninjas is a trope?
  • he’s going to try that but with him and MC
  • he’s constantly trying to make it a real trope but something tells MC it won’t really catch up
  • don’t expect to see a hacker vs scientist in the cinemas anytime soon
  • for the most part, he loves the adventures
  • his lifestyle can be so… dull and repetitive, yet dangerous at the same time, the adventures are actually very nice
  • ok maybe nice isn’t exactly the word, but they’re better than sitting in front of the computer all day doing Highly Illegal Things
  • maybe not on a moral scale but who cares??


  • one question here:
  • why
  • why did MC decide to do this
  • he’s an almost blind man. why
  • of course he’ll say yes even if he can’t see for shit- when he loves someone, he loves for real. he’d probably go along with MC no matter what
  • still, he’s aware he may be a bother. why take him?? he doubts he’d be useful-
  • so even if it’s risky, and he sometimes doubts he’ll even make it out alive, he feels… flattered
  • flattered that MC is still taking him, even when he thinks he’ll just slow them down-
  • also he’s very very scared the whole time and always tries suggesting to please go for some tea and calm down if he gets out of this one and maybe try to talk MC out of this whole adventure business
  • he never manages to and ends up doing that again

Saw the Lego Batman Movie! It was amazing, adorable, and just as Bat-Family centric as I wish the live action movies were. I loved how it criticized the “dark and brooding loner” schtick Batman movies have had for like, thirty years now, bc that’s not really who Batman is. This is the man who is best known for adopting lots of sad orphans, after all.

And so, to further that point, if/when there is another Lego Movie, when Batman shows up I would ADORE it if he was accompanied by not only Dick and Barbara, but Jason Todd (Robin II), Tim Drake (Robin III), Stephanie Brown (Robin IV/ Batgirl II), Cassandra Cain (Batgirl III), and Ace the Bathound. Cuts to the Batcave would show a toddler Damian Wayne (Robin V) pouting bc he wasn’t allowed to go, due to the fact that he’s like three years old. Alfred carrying around an infant Terry McGinnis (Batman of “Batman Beyond”) is optional but would be much appreciated.

Basically a continuation of the deconstruction of the “loner Batman” thing by reminding people that Batman has a whole lot of kids and a dog. 

Voltron as according to my 51-year-old father

Favorite Character? Coran, because I have red hair

Least Favorite Character? Haggar

Favorite Lion? Red

Best Part/Scene? The case of the Slipperys

Overall Favorite Aspect? Thace (Face to me) saving the day

Least Favorite Aspect? Would have liked a more wrapped up ending.

Pros Of The Series? Lots of action and good characters

Cons Of The Series? Sometimes predictable

Overall Rating? 8/10

Describe The Characters:

Takashi Shirogane: Grown up in the room 

Lance Mcclain: The cool one

Hunk Garrett: Played up more of a goofball than I think he really was

Pidge Gunderson: Smart but needs to just be who they are

Keith Kogane: Very interesting how they made him the ½ breed

Allura: Actually not too annoying

Coran: The real one in charge!

Zarkon: Needs to see a shrink. has issues

Haggar: Guessing no one asked her out in high school, so she went goofy

Thace: A real hero. toughest character

Shay: Goodhearted for a Rock.


Vivienne: “I wasn’t sure what to write about Luca when I first started to write this. He was the best person I have ever known, and yet when I would tell him that he would just laugh it off. He would always say to me, ‘Vivienne, I don’t know what I did to deserve you, but I’m sure glad I did it.’ And he really believed it because he loved me so much.

But the truth is that it was I that didn’t deserve him. I did many things that proved it and still, he loved me anyway. He always forgave me when I was rash and selfish. And loved me even when I was mean and intolerable. He loved me in spite of myself and I hope he knew how much I appreciated it and needed it. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without having had him in my life…….”

anonymous asked:

Why do you think he sorted JK into ravenclaw?? Jk struck me more as a gryffindor hmm but like you said Namjoon knows best :3

Idk jungkook personally obviously but ravenclaw is not just about studious and wise people. They’re really curious, which make them creative and try all sort of things (even the crazier) (jungkook tells us he’s leaning something new every 2 days) theyre also very competitive and like rivalry.
They’re also tolerant and acceptant and I always thought jungkook was a
nonconformist kid

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OH MY GOD BLUE! My boyfriend is really fucking high right now and he's telling his best friend (who's just as fucking high) about Larry! Oh my gosh I'm literally sitting here with my best friend starring at them and eating munchies this is too funny. I'm waiting for him to whip out his laptop and start showing him videos. This is too much. I'm fucking done. His best friend is like so into the story and hes literally sitting there gasping and making surprised faces every minute😂-Larrie boyfriend

😂😂😂 keeps getting better


Gif is mine

Imagene First Kiss with McGoo~ 

Requested by Anon~

McGee was probably more nervous than he should have been. But despite all the blatant signals you were sending him all night, Tim still felt hesitant to kiss you good night.

He could hear Tony’s voice in his head, strangely; ‘c’mon, Probie! It’s just a kiss. Make her think about you for the rest of the night.’ But he just couldn’t muster up the courage.

“Goodnight.” McGee mumbled out, giving a shy smile. And yet, neither of you moved. This was the golden opportunity, and yet, Tim couldn’t move.

Luckily, you were a little braver than McGee. You took a step forward, coming up to your tiptoes and quickly pressing a chaste kiss against McGee’s lips. The kiss was altogether really short and not all that passionate, but it set of a lot of fireworks for both parties. It’s was probably the best first kiss McGee ever had.

my comprehensive review of op episode 778:

- my daughter is adorable and perfect in every way, but we already knew that (pedro calling out how strong she is tho like….y’all best believe iT.  girl can almost murder straw hat luffy himself without batting an eye)

- i’m glad they chose to recap drum island instead of recapping dressrosa, considering dressrosa just happened like a year ago

- really glad they chose to recap wapol’s cover story instead of just throwing in more filler, too!!  they should do that more often

- brook was hella funny this ep???  it was really hilarious and a nice change of pace to see him playing the straight man to carrot’s comedian, since he’s usually the one making the jokes


- finally, and most importantly….


anonymous asked:

i just saw the tweet matt liked and??? i'm so disappointed he doesn't get what we mean at all doesn't he

Looks like it, Anon. I mean I get that it is maybe hard to apologize and admit that you fucked up/made a huge mistake in public, especially since they all can’t change 2A now. We all get that. But is it really so hard to actually assure the Malec fans and more importantly the lgbt+ community that they’ve listen to their concerns and doing their best to make up for it/make it better in 2B? I don’t think so.

This all wouldn’t have happened if that would have been the case from the start. I am telling you. Siiiigh.

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Alpha!Bucky going through his rut the same time you're in your heat and it's honestly just the best sex you've ever had. He's taking your from behind and his hand is tight around your throat and the goddamn noises you're pulling from each are nothing but sinful. It's just so desperate and hot and it goes on for hours and you can't walk right for the next few days when you finish. Not that it matters because everyone knows who you belong to.

guys i really fucking love alpha!bucky 

Sinful Sunday™

A quiet guy (Maine  x Freelancer!Reader)

Prompt #40 Have I entered an alternate universe or did you just really crack a smile for me?

When Maine was new in Proyect Freelancer, almost everyone felt intimidated of him, it took weeks for him to start approaching everyone though he didn’t said a word. 

One particular day he was sitting alone in the mess hall, and you hadn’t talked to him since he arrived, so you decided it was time.

“Hey, Maine.” You smiled, sitting down infront of him, but he just gave you a small grunt in response. “I noticed you were all alone and I decided I could make you company.” You bit your lip nervously when he looked up at you.

A blank stare, no expression, and you put your best smile.

“You’re a really quiet guy, arent you?” You smiled innocently, and he grunted, words this time, but you couldn’t understand them. 

You fell silent, it was that kind of unconfortable silence, but you kept staring at him, until he stared back at you, frowning. And you looked away, feeling your face heating up, and you didn’t know why. 

When you looked at him, his lips curved into a small…a really small smile. 

“Have I entered an alternate universe or did you just really crack a smile for me?” 

That smile dissappered as soon as you said that and you flinched when his hand reached for you, just to ruffle your hair, And you smiled at him.

That quiet guy maybe was too serious, but maybe you could get him to smile more often

shydecidueye  asked:

Headcanons for being Amaimon's best friend? (also did you get an ask about amaimon x rin ship headcanons? i just want to check, sry)

yea, i got it, it’s in my drafts! thanks for requesting it :)

Being Amaimon’s best friend would include:

Originally posted by amaimon-the-king-of-earth

  • Not really being his best friend, but more ‘person he enjoys spending time with and doesn’t want to murder” 
  • Understanding he’s basically emotionless all the time
  • But knowing how to make him grin
  • Exploring Japan and Assiah in general together
  • Being destructive together 
  • “Play” fighting
  • Not fighting because your angry with each other, but more just because it’s considered fun to demons
  • Sharing candy with each other
  • Him talking to you when he’s annoyed with his brother
  • Vents his problems out to you 
  • Not expecting advice but just someone to listen and empathise 
  • Playing his brothers video games together
  • observing humans with each other
  • Finding it strange how they act and respond to things
  • Your familiars getting along well

Originally posted by amaimon-the-king-of-earth

I love Amaimon sm, he’s probably one of, if not my favourite character


“So Dr. Nord didn’t really elaborate on what exactly I would be helping you with.”

“Yes, well he told me that you were the best and brightest in his class. My research isn’t for everyone. Its why I ask the university if they have any forward thinking students.” 

“Well you’ve certainly intrigued me.” 

“Vampires. I am trying to find them. I believe their immortality is the key to unlocking a whole slew of medical advancements.” 


“If this isn’t for you, I completely understand. Just think of the possibilities if they were to be real? I’ve been close before in Louisiana too finding them, I came here based on a lead and a grant from San My to try and find them.” 

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Just wanted to talk about a really cool boy: He's tall, on the swim team (swimmer muscles are so nice), he's a painter, long hair almost always up in a bun, the strongest jawline, really nice smile, laughs at his own jokes a lot (damn he has a nice laugh), he can't dance but he still tries, always happy straight up the most optimistic person I know, and here's the best part: He asked me out yesterday

wow!!! gay omg