he really hit something special in me

Gabriel Agreste is quite tired of this nonsense about Adrien not having enough to eat so with the help of a local bakery he’s organized a special photoshoot to put an end to it once and for all.

Hey so I thought of this stupid fun idea about drawing AdrienxFood for today’s Miraculous March but I hit a wall when I realized that… I…. could not think of anything interesting to draw (not really a foodie hahaha). 

So! Help me out, fandom! All you need to do is suggest a food item in my askbox! My only restriction is that it’s gotta be something that you can find in a bakery. 

Let’s make sure this kid gets fed, yeah?


I’m getting to play this game from the post earlier and this is seriously cute (details are in that post)

karamatsu’s the only one who starts out with a special attack and IT IS USING HIS SPARKLING PANTS TO ATTRACT ATTENTION FOR THREE TURNS

plus here he’s saying  heh… the battlefield is calling me well that is him for you

when todomatsu got hit he he said something like “Hey do that to my brothers not me” it was hilarious they have these tiny speech bubbles that pop up during the fight that is really cute and their winning pose is the SHEESH pose

in short, I want the full version and somebody translate this into english I’m three minutes in and I think this is worth it!


Hello everyone, I’m Eva or @chapter-61, and this is my face. (I spent like half an hour trying to get a good picture, I tried okay?)

This is my first ever snowflakefaces, cus all the other times I missed/forgot it, woops. And yay! I found a flower crown thing!! And you’re lucky, cus my hair really tried their best to stay down today.

Also this is the first picture of myself on this blog, specially for snowflakefaces, but also because…. *drum ruffle*

I hit 2400 followers!!! Ayyyy!! How amazing is that?? (my dad said, when I started this blog, if I ever hit 10k, he’ll give me 3 million euro, so let’s try to reach that in like 2 years or sth ;) )

Is there something else I need to say? Oh yeah.

Thank you all soooo much. It’s unbelievable that I reached so many followers in such a short time, and I love you guys. I love this fandom. I love Carry On. <3

I think that’s it? Don’t forget to post your own snowflakeface today, we do it every last monday each month (or we try to).

Bye for now, I love you, and happy snowflakefacesday!

xxx Eva

Boy in luv Jungkook imagine


That’s how I would be described.

The popular girl who doesn’t want to be popular.

To be honest, I’m only popular because puberty hit like a bus and I got hot. All the guys chased me, but I don’t want just any guy. You see my heart is set on one, one special guy. That guy is named Jeon Jungkook. The cute shy guy that’s it’s in the back and doesn’t really talk to anyone. He’s adorable and something about him is so intriguing. Just another Tuesday, history with Jungkook, anatomy what did jocks, calculus with the nerds, lunch with Jungkook, and English with Jungkook. Maybe I’ll talk to him today, or at least wave at him.

“Hey (y/n)” A group of Jocks called to me. “Hi” I have fast reply and continued walking. I walk down the halls and heard a door open, but when I turned around there was no one. I open my locker and placed my books inside. I stepped back and someone slammed my locker closed. My eyes met the persons. Jin, one of the only people Jungkook will talk to. He grabbed my hand and suddenly began leading me down the halls. Finally, we made it to a dark classroom. Jin lead me inside. “Wait here” he ordered before walking out. Never have I been so confused in my life. A light turned on above my head and I saw a silhouette. “Who’s there?” I called out. The figure moved closer and stepped into the light. “Jungkook?” He stopped and looked up at me holding a rose. “(Y/n)” he spoke, his voice coated in a thick layer of nervousness. “Y-yes?” I stuttered out. “I’ve liked you for a while now, and seeing so many guys chase you made me realize I need you, I can’t let them take you away from me. He paused for a second. The pounding of both of our hearts was evident. "Will you be mine?”

All of Me

Hey there Maksyl fam! This is just a little drabble I wrote about the rehearsal for Meryl and Maks’s Week 3 Foxtrot. I hope you enjoy it!

“We need to do something memorable as the chorus hits the first time,” Maks said as he paced, “something really special.”

Meryl looked up at him, watching him pace as she leaned against the wall. “We could do that death spiral thing we had started working on- the one where you spin me around on the ground,” she suggested, trying to help him.

He shook his head. “I want that to go at the end.” Maks sighed softly, frustrated at the creative blockage he was feeling. He started the music over, and “All of Me” filled the room as he walked back towards Meryl, leaning against the wall beside her. He turned so that the wall touched his shoulder and he looked at her, his mind at work.

She turned so that she was looking back at him, their bodies only inches apart, just as the chorus began. “Cause all of me loves all of you…”

All of a sudden something clicked for Maks as he gazed down at her. “I think I’ve got it.”

“Okay, what are we going to do?” Meryl asked curiously.

“We’re just gonna stand there,” Maks replied, proud for thinking of what he considered a great idea.

Meryl didn’t seem to understand though. “You mean like we’re doing right now?”  

“Kind of,” Maks answered, a smile on his face, “but we’re going to be closer.”

“So like this?” Meryl asked as she took a step closer to him, peeking up at him through her thick eyelashes flirtatiously.

Maks let out a soft chuckle as he met her gaze before he continued the flirtation, shaking his head softly, his husky voice barely above a whisper, “Closer.”

She bit her lip as she moved forward until their bodies were no more than an inch apart. “Better?”

Maks moved his hands to her waist, his fingers pressing against the small of her back, and he brought her towards him so that his body was pressed against hers. “Now it is,” he replied, his warm breath sending chills up her spine as it hit her skin. “Now put your hands around my neck,” he instructed as he looked down at her, smirking softly as he spoke again, “like you’re going to kiss me.”

“What?” Meryl asked after a moment. She had to have heard him wrong.

“You heard me,” he responded. “Act like you’re going to kiss me.”

Meryl took a deep breath before moving her hands to his neck, going up onto the tips of her toes to reach him as she drew his face closer to hers. “Like this?” she asked again, whispering.

“Just like this,” Maks replied softly, Meryl’s eyes drawn to his lips as he spoke. They had been flirting with each other since day one and had grown accustomed to touching and being close. But this was different, and they could feel it.

Before he really knew what he was doing, Maks began to tilt his head, thinking only of bringing himself as close as he possibly could to her and immediately Meryl followed, her eyes closing as they moved closer.

At the last moment, just as their lips were about to touch, Meryl’s phone rang, breaking the silence. Their eyes opened and Maks pulled back, clearing his throat, as Meryl dropped her arms.

“Sorry, I should…” Meryl trailed off, her eyes still glued to his, as he released his grip on her.

“Yeah go ahead,” he replied with a nod.

Meryl scurried over to her bag, grabbing her phone out of it. But before she answered, she turned back around to look at him. “Hey, Maks?”

He looked over at her as he ran a hand through his hair. “Yeah?” Perhaps he had overstepped his boundaries. After all, who knew what would have happened if they hadn’t have been interrupted.

She bit her lip, a smile pulling at the corner of her lips. “Wanna go out to dinner with me tonight?”

At this a smile spread across his face. Nodding, he replied, “Of course. I’ll pick you up at 8.”

“It’s a date then,” Meryl said, the flirtatious tone returning to her voice, before she turned away answering the phone.

Maks leaned back against the wall, looking at her, and laughed softly to himself. “It’s a date,” he mumbled, his smile growing wider. 

Thanks for reading, and feel free to send me prompts or suggestions for what you’d like to see me write next!


This is something I get hit with every so often and I’ll probably flail about it a lot, but it really struck me at one particular moment in episode 11, just after he’d pulled that Super Special Ninja Move with hurling the basketball across the entire court and Midorima is like wtf dude.

The thing that I really love about this moment is that the background music is super dramatic for this intense moment, I still feel that pressure of the entire scene, and yet Kuroko’s face!  It really doesn’t change expression.

This is what I love about the character, he really is entirely blank on his face, there’s no malice or glee or sadness or happiness or much of anything written there, it looks pretty much exactly as he does at any other moment, and yet I never once find Kuroko boring or flat.

His personality still comes through entirely fine, even as yeah he really is that hard to read, no wonder Midorima can’t stand that guy!  I’d probably feel the same way if I had to play against this unreadable bastard.  ♥