he really flew

Do you ever think about how hard harry tried to miss the 2012 NYE haylor fiasco?

1. “forgets” his passport while at the airport checkin counter at Heathrow and waits 3 days before attempting to fly again to NYC

2. Goes to a Coldplay concert the SAME NIGHT (missing her performance lol) on the complete opposite side of town

3. Actually got the kiss to not be televised after it had been promoted continuously all night that it would be

He tried So Hard :(

Voltron Meta: Lion Switching Redux

For once, this is not a meta about Shiro and the Black Lion (shocking, I know). This is about the other Paladins. I want to make the case for why the Lion Switch we saw in season 3 isn’t going to be permanent and why everyone will eventually revert back to their original season 1 line-up. And what it basically boils down to is this:

The S3 Lion Switch left 3 of the 5 Paladins in the wrong Lions

There are a lot of signs in the show that indicate that the S3 line-up isn’t going to be permanent. Lance’s sadness at leaving Blue; Keith’s reluctance to lead and his willingness to immediately hand over the Black Lion to “Shiro” when he came back; the fact that none of the Paladins have switched uniform colours, despite switching Lions. In general, neither Lance nor Keith seem happy about the Lion switch, and neither of them seem to enjoy flying their new Lions, or their new role on team in general. Keith certainly doesn’t enjoy being leader, and makes it very clear that’s not a role he wants; likewise the switch leaves Lance feeling insecure and unsure of his role on the team. They’re clearly not 100% happy with the situation, nor are they embracing it (hence the uniforms remaining in their original colours).

It’s also worth noting that, as much as Allura is able to adapt to the Blue Lion… this is not the Lion she actually wanted to pilot. She wanted to fly the Red Lion, in honour of her father. At this point, neither Keith, Lance, or Allura are in the Lions they actually want to be in.

However, for the purpose of this meta I want to focus on one thing in particular, which is the fact that all three characters who piloted new Lions struggled with those Lions in a way we haven’t seen anyone struggle before.

(under a cut because many pictures, lol)

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Race bought an elf on a shelf during their sophomore year of college. 

He put it on a shelf in Jack’s dorm and never admitted to it, freaking Jack out.

The next week, Jack had moved it to Race’s dorm.

After that, even though nobody knows who originally bought it, it gets moved around every Christmas. It freaks all of them out because everyone always denies moving it, even when they logically know who did based on who had it last.

Until Davey moves it from one place in Jack’s dorm to under his covers and manages to do it in a way that meant nobody should have been able to move it, and now all of them are convinced it’s alive. 

It moves every winter, now, into people’s apartments and cars and luggage, and they’re all scared. They call him Nikola.

The best one was when Specs and Romeo packed up all their stuff from the holidays when Nikola was still in New York with Jack and Crutchie instead of in Minnesota with them, and when they unpacked the next year Nikola was in the box. Nobody had visited them that year, they had gone to their friend. Nobody will admit they did it. Everyone is scared of Nikola.

everything-anime-posts  asked:

Can you do a prompt where Lance just breaks because the others always say 'why can't you be more like _____ and _____'

Oh yeeeesss, give me that langst goodness. Hope you like it! 🖤
Lance has been compared to other people his entire life. When he was growing up, he was compared to his siblings.
“Why couldn’t you do this like your sister?”
“Why can’t you act more like your brother?”
And it got to Lance. Every time he was compared to someone else, he would feel as though he weren’t enough, that being himself wasn’t good enough. And all Lance wanted to do was make others happy, not caring about his own happiness. So, whenever he was compared to somebody else, he would swallow the hurt and try to become more like that person. He began to lose himself. But then he finally got a break. He got accepted into the Garrison, moved to fighter class even. He thought surely no one would compare him to anyone else then. He could finally be himself and that would be enough. But he was wrong. Lance knew who Keith was, like everyone did. Lance essentially took Keith place when he got kicked out and Iverson never failed to remind Lance of that every chance he got.
“McClain? What was that?! That was some of the worse flying I’ve ever seen! Kogane could’ve completed that simulation in his sleep! Surely you must have at least some flight skills like him!”
Lance bit the inside of his cheek, curtly nodding. He would never let anyone see him cry. He saved that for the nights where Hunk was in a deep sleep, and the pain and hurt was just too much. There were many night where he would sleep on a tear-stained pillow, only to wake up with bloodshot eyes that had dark purple bags under them. He would cover them up with countless face masks. But Lance still continued to endure it, never snapping or breaking down. That was until he ended up in space as a defender of the universe.
Getting practically abducted into space was honestly a blessing in disguise at first. Nobody compared him to the other Paladins. Lance finally felt like he could truly be himself, and that he was enough. He wouldn’t have to pretend to be somebody else; the team was happy to have Lance. Normal regular Lance. And Lance was happy. His smiles seemed less forced and his eyes shined brighter. He finally felt like he belonged and that he was going a great job. Until he accidentally messed up during a flying training session with the team.
It was a simple mistake, really. He flew left when he should’ve gone right. Lance chuckled and said a hasty “Sorry guys! I guess my brain’s not all here today.” He went to fly to the correct position, but Allura cut them off, coming over their coms. “Paladins! Return to the hangar immediately!” The annoyance was easily heard in her voice. Lance took a deep breath, knowing that he was the cause. As he flew back to the castle, he was mentally preparing for a simple scold from Allura to pay more attention and that would be it. But Lance is never that lucky, is he? No, when they all landed and walked out of their lions, Allura was already marching toward Lance, not even giving him the chance to take off his helmet.
“Lance, what happened out there? We’ve been over this plan hundreds of times, and you still messed it up!”
Allura huffed, crossing her arms and gritting her teeth.
“Lance you should really start paying attention. Try to be more like the others, okay? Keith had this plan memorized in almost one go, and you’re still having trouble! The others Paladins haven’t had any trouble either!”
Lance could feel the familiar heat behind his eyes, breath becoming quicker. He had to get out of here.
“I-I’m sorry. I just need to get out of here.” Allura’s face turned red in outrage.
“What?! Lance this is serious! I’m taking to you about your behavior! You need to be more focused and serious-”
“Like Keith?!”
Lance snapped.
“Like any other person of the damn castle but me! I get it! They’re all better than me, but I trying! I’m trying so damn hard. But I get it.” Lance ripped off his helmet, throwing it to the floor. The team gasped as they saw the heavy flow of tears streaming down his face, dripping onto the ground with little splatters.
“I need to be more like them! I’m not good enough and I never will be! I promise from here forward, I try and act more like my teammates. I’m sorry I couldn’t be enough.”
Lance turned his gaze to the floor, chocking on his sobs. He laughed bitterly.
“You know, for once in my life, I thought that I was good enough. I’ve been compared to people as long as I could remember. In Cuba, I was always compared to my older siblings, told to be more like them. At the Garrison, they would always get compared to Keith, always reminded that I would never live up to his expectations, that I would never be half the pilot that he was. But when I got here, it stopped. I could be myself. I-I thought that was enough. That I was enough. But nothing has changed.” He looked up to Allura, whose eyes were wide and hands covering her mouth.
“I’m sorry to disappoint you Princess. I’m sorry team. To everyone. I’ll be better, I promise.”
With that, Lance exited the hangar, sobs echoing throughout the room and hallway. The team had shocked and horrified faces. Allura’s wide eyes were filled with unshed tears, ashamed of her words.
“What have I done?”

cracking up at the idea of jason with a nest 

He shaved the ‘stache! 😭 I mean his hair looks nice 👌 but he shaved the ‘stache! 😭😭😭

Bestfriend Benefits [4]

Word count: 1.8k

Warnings: lots o’ cursing, sexual implications, and Warren still has a daddy kink

A/N: this is probably going to be the last part in the series unless you guys really want the bonus chapter ! ! ! But yeah I hope you enjoy this roller coaster of emotions!

Read      [Part One]     [Part Two]      [Part Three]

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Taeyong as a Newlywed

Group: NCT

Member: Lee cutie Taeyong

AN: i love taeyong

***if you guys want me to make this a new series on my blog just tell me! aka like the ______ as a boyfriend or ______ as a bestfriend!

Originally posted by nctinfo

  • to start off
  • he texted you and asked to stop by the practice room
  • of course you said yes
  • you love to go to the practice room because love to see tae of course and the boys
  • so first you go buy snick snacks for everyone
  • picking up their favorites
  • when you arrive to dorm it was odd
  • all the lights in the building were off
  • you even wondered if anyone if was there
  • you pressed the door bell on the door and someone had to be there because the switch went off that unlocked the door
  • this was odd
  • so you slid through the door wishing someone was there to help you there with all the bags
  • ((((there had to be a lot of food to feed a lot of kids))))
  • so you walk up the stairs to the room where the boys usually practice
  • and it was weird there was no noise
  • like no giggles or music you could hear down the block
  • was it your birthday? no
  • was it your anniversary? no, you could never forget that
  • what was it?
  • you grab the door handle and hear the door click as you open it
  • you now start to hear faint a “shhhh” from someone coming from the corner
  • you start to reach for the light switch but someone beat you to it,
  • that someone being doyoung
  • “errrr, hello doyoung?”
  • you turn your head and see everyone standing with one rose in their hand
  • and you eyes followed each person until they finally landed on taeyong.
  • he’s sitting in a chair with a full bouquet of roses
  • he gets up and crosses the room to you handing you the flowers
  • he then leads you to the chair he was previously sitting in
  • “y/n. i didn’t ask you over to bring food or just hang out with the boys and i. i brought you here because i have something to ask you. i love you so much and i will never stop loving you. i want to grow old with you and i want you to be the mother of my children. i want little y/n’s running around the house i will buy us. i want you in my life forever. so will you do my the honor and marry me?”
  • when he finishes you are sniffling and wiping your eyes but you manage to let out a soft “yes”
  • he picks you up from your chair and swings you around
  • this is the start of your life with taeyong
  • you and taeyong get married in a lovely traditional church
  • there are flowers hanging from the ceiling and fairy lights hanging down the walls
  • taeyong’s sister was a really big help helping you plan this since taeyong himself was no help
  • “i do” taeyong says looking deeply into your eyes
  • you almost got choked up on saying “i do” because this is the man you truly love and you have so much love for him at this very second
  • “you may now kiss the bride”
  • taeyong softly held your face and got so close your lips were grazing his and he whispered “i love you” and pressed his lips deeply into yours showing how much he really loves you
  • the butterflies flew all throughout  your body
  • after you broke the kiss you gave him another peck and whispered back “i love you too…so much”
  • for your honeymoon taeyong took you to honolulu, hawaii
  • it was so beautiful
  • when you first arrived you both were so tired from the last couple of days you both just laid down and took a nap
  • “we will be well rested y/n” was taeyong’s only argument before he pulled you down on to the bed with him
  • when you woke up you could hear the waves crashing on the sand because the balcony door was open which was odd
  • so you got out of the bed and made your way outside and you saw taeyong sitting down staring at the ocean
  • you sat down on his lap and noticed he was playing with his ring
  • “is it bothering you?”
  • “no no of course not,” taeyong said moving his arms around your waist while you laid your head on his shoulder “it just doesn’t feel real yet. i mean i married to the love of my life. and i just love you so much y/n.”
  • the whole time was just i love you’s and kisses
  • you both shared so many memories that you could never forget
  • every person he would meet or heck even just see on the street and would just scream “WE JUST GOT MARRIED!!” with the dorkest grin on his face
  • every morning you wake up to some new breakfast you “just had to try”
  • and everyday you would go to the beach and end up being thrown in the water by taeyong
  • and every night you and taeyong would lay face to face in bed spilling everything you love about each other
  • taeyong was perfect
  • and taeyong thought you was perfect
  • you both are perfect for each other
Rough week

I’m gonna write this out because…its not been the best week, but, the sheer bizarreness of everything is really rather spectacular. I shall try to do it justice.

So, last Thursday, I cleared out a bunch of poison ivy from the yard. I was really careful and I wore gloves. Afterwards, I also showered and scrubbed with All-Stop scrub and then afterwards used the All-stop gel. However, none of this prevented me from getting poison ivy basically everywhere on my left side. The worst is all down my left arm…but, apparently I managed to get the oil on my waistline, torso, left breast left ass, and forehead. So…things got steadily worse and by Sunday I was on steroids. 

Lets put it this way…the steroids are trying. They may actually be helping on the torso bits, but…the arm is like “HAHAHAHA, that’s funny…why don’t I just keep heading towards your armpit because that’ll be amazing!”

Meanwhile, my daughter is in a camp this week, so, this is my one week to GET STUFF DONE. But…by Monday I basically had no more function from my left arm, other than things I could do with it extended straight, and sometimes the pain was so terrible that all I could do was lay with the fan blasting on me and wait for it to chill out. I kept on trucking though, determined to make the most of my ‘alone hours’. I have finished two dolls for DragonCon in this time, but I wasn’t able to do things like…face-ups because I’d need to bend my arm. 

Yesterday, despite being stuck in a wonderland of pain and oozing blisters, I finished up my Showcase doll for the artshow. He’s really going to impress, I hope. I’m really proud of him. So, today I decided…I will get out all my photography equipment and take some nice shots. I go into my walk-in attic to get the folding table and that’s when I see it.


Now, the occasional bat taking up roost in the slats of my attic is usually OK by me. However, they are ALWAYS on the other side of a screen, so they can’t actually be INSIDE the attic. But though there were a few bats chilling on the other side of the screen, there was one bat that was INSIDE. That’s not good. I don’t want bats inside the attic, pooping all over stuff, so, I ran to get the broom. A few seconds later, I’m shooing all the bats off the screen, and that leaves me with just the one bat that’s on MY SIDE of things. I scared him and he flew around really confusedly, and then thankfully, landed on the floor. I dropped a box over him, then slid another flat box under that one, and trapped the bat, then carried the whole thing outside. Thankfully, we’re getting some painting work done on the house and there was someone to get the door. 

I go back into the attic and continue to shoo bats that tried to come back a couple of times, until they finally gave up, and then I got the vacuum so that I could clean up and decide what to do about the screen. I decided to stand on one of my storage benches, and guess what…the bench broke and I broke two of the shelves. At this point I needed two bench shelves, and new screening for the attic slats, because I determined that I couldn’t just fix the hole, that a lot of it was compromised.

Off I go…painfully trucking around Lowes to get the new shelves and the screening, a staple gun and staples. Man…I live in South Carolina, and believe me when I tell you that playing in an attic at 1PM was not /exactly/ on my list of things to do today. ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS TAKE PICTURES. Its hot. I’m sweating super lots. Like dripping sweat all over my poison ivy but this has to be taken care of right away or who knows how many bats could get inside when I’m not watching! I’m moving everything around to get the ladder up in there, to staple the new screen. 

I do know that its a mistake to not wear shoes, but my attic is part of my workspace and I keep it really clean. Anyway, I regret that decision. I was nearly done and I dropped some staples on the floor, but I was just trying to get done and get out of the heat and get a shower so I could pick up my daughter from zoo camp, and I stepped off the ladder and right onto a row of staples. Immediately, blood is everywhere. Dripping, bloody footprints leading from my original location, to the bathroom, to immediately wash the wound, and that’s when I realize that not only am I alone in the house now with no one to help me, but that I have gone from ‘human mobility’ to basically…’baby mobility’ and I can’t drive myself or handle this on my own. So I called my Dad, because the hubby is at work. 

Dad comes rushing over and does some boyscout first aid action and gets me into the van and off to the ER. I spent the next two hours in the ER. The ER doctor, even, was super impressed by the sheer amount of poison ivy I am dealing with. They tried to do suture tape…I stood up and blood went everywhere. Meanwhile, the ER doctor calls DHEC to see if I need to go into another hospital for a round of rabies vaccines because I was wounded in an area with bats. And I get a tetanus shot. As the doctor continues to listen to the story of my week, he just boggles more and more at the strange circumstances, and I’m a little proud of that. So, on to stitches. He asked if the stitches were hurting too much and I was just, ‘bring it’. 

So, now I have 5 stitches in my left foot, a set of crutches because I can’t walk on it, raging poison ivy, mobility issues and no pictures. 

I don’t need money, sympathy or a pep talk. I haven’t cried yet and I can make it through. 

But please reblog my Dragon Khan doll when I do get those pictures, because…I have never suffered more while making a thing.

it’s been a fuck of a week since I logged off

  • the family dog died
  • we learned my uncle has an adult daughter he never knew about - she contacted my grandpa on facebook first and he immediately invited her to thanksgiving dinner so that was a hell of a phone call
  • a bat got into our house last night and me and my roommate had to catch and release it (everything was fine, just very stressful for us)
  • I cooked dinner for myself, which is much more of an accomplishment than it sounds
So when Dany is talking to those Lannister bannermen next episode

“So first of all, let me say congrats for not getting roasted by my dragon, so sorry about your friends…

I guess basically you can either fight for me or get eaten because really–he flew a long way and expended a lot of energy with all that fire breathing. He’s really going to have to have something before we get back, he gets so cranky when his blood sugar’s low.

No pressh, just letting you know your options, but I am gonna need an answer on that soon. Ok then, great to meet you hope to be working with all-well, SOME-of you soon!”


ADDICTED FOR 15 DAYS // day-11: a scene/part you keep rereading

(Addicted After All chapter 21: throwback to Lily and Lo’s first “wedding”)

“Do you remember the Cayman Islands trip?” Lily asks, staring at the water in reverence.

My heart pounds, an added beat, happy it’s her. Here. With me. “When we were seven?” I think hard, trying to wash away the blurry haze of our childhood.

She nods. “Our dads had a business trip for the week, and they brought us on this yacht.”

It starts coming back. We were carted around to most of their meetings instead of being kept in daycare. Just us two and a ton of older cigar-smoking men. “We built a fort in the bow with couch cushions,” I recall. I smile at the image of her thin build and big eyes. She was quiet and shy and when the stewards came around to ask us if we’d like any drinks, she’d whisper her order in my ear.

I also can’t remember a night where we didn’t sleep in the same bed. Innocent sleepovers. At first they all were, and somewhere along the way, we changed. I fell in love with her.