he really doesn't look that bad

I’m wheezing so hard rn.
My dad was looking for One Punch Man manga updates, and went to me really confused like “when do Saitama and the android kiss??”
Turns out he found a SaiGenos doujin.

I looked closer at the panel and I noticed Vanitas’ expression when Jeanne is about to bite him… even though he claimed he likes to be bitten he clearly looks… unhappy? Apprehensive, anxious, unsettled… as if he’s afraid of the bite or the pain? (maybe painful memories?) I can’t quite figure it out, but he looks far from happy or pleased… now the question is, of course, why he would claim to like it then.. Maybe because he loves Jeanne and knows she wants/needs his blood? Or maybe there are ulteriour motives…(which, if, we take Mochijun into consideration, might be the case…also vanitas and his interactions regarding this and Jeanne (and generally tbh) seemed “off” in the first place)
This also opens the question whether he really “loves"Jeanne or not… Or if he does but still has some shady reasons for letting her feed off of him… this has me really intrigued now (aaah praise for Mochizuki) and I can only pray this doesn’t turn out bad for either of them…

Basically, Mikey looked really good tonight - buy this drawing on redbubble

(don’t remove my caption)

and when the math teacher was talkin to me about my bad grade in there he was like.. ‘you’re doing parts of your homework, but not all of it. why is that?’ and i wanted to scream! i haven’t done my homework all year at all and now you’re mad at me for doing parts of it!! i’m trying! so! hard!

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List Of Random M!A’s. 

Two in one: Muse has exact copy of themselves. Only that clone hates and wants to destroy everything that muse loves.

At first the Hound thought he was looking at a mirror, but a mirror wouldn’t let out a scent that belonged to himself. A smell strong enough for a person. Well, this was either really good or really bad. “Aaa… Great.” Both him and the fake one said it at the same time which made it more confusing. Perhaps it would be wise to tie the guy up… Who knows what the little shit thought about, because if it had the same mind as the Hound, then that only meant disaster.

I really want a Hartwin musician!AU so bad like come onnnnnnn guys

Harry is a Jazz singer, you know the kind older women listen to and look up to and kind of go crazy for, and it’s been a while since he’s come out with a new album but he’s looking for ways to attract a younger audience and freshen up his sound

And he hears about this rap artist named Eggsy (who i imagine has a sound like Rizzle Kicks, kind of like this) but who’s lyrics really seem to resonate with his generation

And he asks him to come in to talk with him and possibly help Harry get over his writer’s block and connect more and really put his feeling into his music

And Harry once overhears Eggsy singing one of his old songs really softly in the studio and it turns out his mom always used to dance with his dad to this song and since his dad died she hasn’t been able to listen to this song but Eggsy’s always loved it and it turns out he has a great singing voice Harry proposes that they work on a collab based on this song and he will help Eggsy work on his singing so he can branch more into R&B 

And they slowly fall in love as they create this album which basically turns into a love letter (and Eggsy releases something like Pills N Potions displaying his singing prowess and his rapping) between the two of them through the lyrics 

he’s mad because we started the fire without him


For @lstcbndlvr I regret everything.

I apologize for the bad quality; I have a shitty camera ((and shitty drawings))

But if you can’t read it too clearly, it says:

“He’s used to it.”

Yam: “Ah! Kageyama! Don’t look directly into the sun!”

Tsukki: “Don’t worry about it Yamaguchi, he’s used to it.”

Yam: “EH?”

Tsukki: “See?”

Yam: “oh…”

Hin: “KAGEYAMA-KUUUUUUN! Those were some great tosses today! Mind if ya did some more? pretty please!”

Kag: “Milk for a week.”

Hin: “Deal!”


((His self esteem isn’t that good. Actually, it’s twisted. He’s proud of what he is doing and how he is managing, then looks at other people being charismatic and apparently well-functioning and his feeling of self-worth plummets. 

But really, he just doesn’t like hugs. If you want to be kind to him, either serve cheese or chocolate. Or admire him from an arm’s length. That he can manage better.))

I was trying to draw a music video thing but that’s not oing to happen I don’t think so here is the only good doodle out of the involved doodles

which is this weirdly pretty heterochromic seadweller douche who was going to get killed by angry clowns

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what if one time while Fushimi had to do some hacking into a building during a mission so the ones heading inside would be safe, but when he solved it, it was Morse code saying "Stupid, monkey. Ready to play?" and instantly anxiety hit him like a bitch and started thinking Niki made this code and he started hyperventilating and Enomoto was also in the truck but he had absolutely no idea hot to calm Saruhiko down

I’ve done a lot of ‘what if Niki was alive’ asks so I kinda like the idea that this one isn’t Niki but instead someone who did their homework and is deliberately trying to get into Fushimi’s head, like Scepter 4’s been tracking down this powerful gang of criminal Strains who masquerade as rich private citizens. Their hideout is a high security office building covered with all kinds of traps and cameras and tripwires and all manner of things, and of course the only person who could hack that kind of network is Fushimi. The Strain group has done some research, however, trying to find out all they can about their enemies in order to defend themselves from Scepter 4’s attack  – maybe they’re working for Hisui somehow and he gives them all kinds of info on Scepter 4 and while he’s at it he codes the security system because he’s one of the only people whose codes Fushimi would have trouble hacking into. So Fushimi’s in the truck doing his job and working through all the layers of firewalls and protections while Munakata and the rest get into position outside. As Fushimi’s doing his work this complicated string of numbers starts appearing. He figures out the pattern pretty quick and ends up solving the code, which turns into a drawing of a monkey with the ‘does my little monkey want to play more?’ message and then the screen suddenly goes dark and all that’s on it is a picture of a rubix cube, rotating and flashing in different colors. Fushimi’s headset suddenly cuts out and the sound is replaced by Niki’s laughter (say Hisui used the remnants of whatever Aya did to make Fushimi hallucinate and turned them to his advantage here).

Fushimi grits his teeth and tries to ignore the sound as his fingers move on the keyboard and the cube onscreen rotates, colors changing and every time Fushimi matches a red tile there’s a flash of fire in the background of the screen. If he gets one wrong, little insults appear everywhere, calling him 'monkey, monkey’ all over the place. Poor Enomoto is the only one in the van with Fushimi and keeps trying to ask what’s wrong and Fushimi won’t answer, teeth gritting as he types faster and faster and he doesn’t even notice that he’s hyperventilating and his vision is blurring. Finally he manages to solve the puzzle and break into the security system fully and he just rips off his headset and falls onto the ground, choking like he’s going to throw up. Enomoto’s torn because the headsets have starting working again and everyone’s asking for backup from them, but at the same time Fushimi is clearly not well and Enomoto can’t just leave him lying there on the floor. He ends up taking Fushimi’s seat and jumping between checking the computer and trying to calm Fushimi down any way he can think of, just talking with him nervously and asking what’s wrong and trying to get Fushimi to sit and rest while Fushimi just sits there shaking and dry heaving. As soon as the attack team is busy fighting the Strains and doesn’t really need any computer help anymore Enomoto’s like crouching on the ground next to Fushimi and hesitantly rubbing his back while Fushimi tries to calm down. By the time the whole thing is over Fushimi’s breathing has evened out and he stands a little shakily. Enomoto asks if he’s okay, Fushimi tells him not to worry about it and don’t tell anyone this happened. Enomoto’s not really happy about that because he really is worried and Fushimi raggedly says that it’s fine, it was nothing, just a stupid ruse and he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Alright. So we’re supposed to be rolling through Adrien and his first moments at school…but something occurred to me.

I haven’t talked like, at all, about Nino yet and that’s a fucking crime that I should be punished for.

So I’m going to take a minute and look at what NINO’S day has been like for the last two days.

First, yesterday, Nino go dragged up to the front of the room and was forced to be where everyone could see him.

Like, Nino was so off in his own world of wherever it is that he’s living in Nino Land that he didn’t even really pay attention to Marinette hitting the dirt and killing off all those poor Macrons.

Class ends and he’s fucking happy bro. He gets to put his headphones back on and go to Gym which might be his favorite class. OR he could be looking forward to just the time he gets to spend with his music on his WAY to gym. He’s not really connecting to what’s around him right now, because you know, music!

He leaves the gym before the attack on it by Stoneheart, but when he gets to school the next day, he finds out that one of his classmates, Ivan, was actually that thing. Or maybe he saw it on the news.

But over all, he’s interested and hanging out with everyone else.

See, here, Nino is watching. He’s observing. He’s paying attention. He’s looking at the world and thinking about it, even if he’s not talking.

And Nino is also fucking done with Chloe’s shit y’all.

He has this really exasperated expression on his face like, “Bitch, not again.”

But like, Nino doesn’t LIKE to speak up. Nino doesn’t feel really… apart of this group. Oh yeah, like he’s around. He exists, but to me, it seems as though he’s just content watching it and seeing how things flow so he can get around them. The class? That’s just noise and he’s waiting for those moments when he can be apart of the music.