he really doesn't look that bad

A thought: Modern flinthamilton AU in which Alfred is still a homophobic douchebag but they went ‘fuck you’ and got married anyway.

I call this “Thomas I don’t think your husband is listening to a single word you say…… he’s… distracted”

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hi! this is just a short question but in idol party when they're looking at the aegyo order and yoongi's saying jimin's moved higher in aegyo is jungkook saying "지민형 장난이 아니야"? My Korean's really,,,bad so I don't know if that's right but if he did, doesn't that mean "He's no joke," as in his cuteness/aegyo is no joke??? If it does then,,,,my heart TT how can a maknae always call his hyung cute TTTTT

No, your Korean is great and you’ve got a good ear! That’s pretty much what he said (지민이 형 [애교가] 장난이 아니에요!), but it was mumbled and buried in the background. So yes, Jungkook did say that Jimin’s aegyo is no joke.

I mean, I’m not really surprised anymore. Despite Tae and Hobi having the most overall aegyo within the group, JK has always maintained throughout the years that he believed Jimin was the cutest. 

^ Who do you think is the cutest member? - Jimin

^ What kind of existence is Jimin to you? / Who is Jimin to you? - Kawai(i)

And more recently, he’s called Jimin his jjokkomi and honey - all terribly sweet and cute things. It’s honestly pretty gross.

Keep in mind that Jimin has been vehemently against doing aegyo for a long time, and he’s only just slowly opened up to the fact that he’s just…you know, naturally cute. Something that Jungkook obviously noticed and appreciated long before Jimin himself did.

As for how or why a maknae could think of his hyung this way? Well…

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… Who knows?

I thought i posted this before i left for vaca but i guess that was lie ;v;!

So here is Techie waving at you  *waves back*! 

This will be a sticker c:..just a couple more designs and i can do samples soon!


In this dark time of art block, I bring you…

Baby Reigen

Not even ageswap, just for whatever reason/by some accident he’s a little kid for awhile. Yeah. More to come probably.

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Being on the phone can mean everything & anything at the same time. I agree with u idt jm would use his phone to talk to his gf/bf while on a vlive. I'm always on my phone but I'm not in a rs rn so it really doesn't mean anything. What felt weird 2 me is jk, he seemed restrained, he wouldn't look at jm at times. Jm looked normal but jk was acting weird. It happened several times. Jm would talk to him but jk wouldn't look at jm. I wondered if they got scolded after the vlive from the day before.

hello anon 🌸🌺

Please forgive me for only being able to reply to you now after such a long long time… I feel really bad, but it’s been so hectic and I got really sick too, there wasn’t much I can do TT_TT

And thank you for your insight 💜💜 . So yeah, we both think that Jimin using his phone a lot in that Vlive at 1st doesn’t mean he’s in a relationship. 

About the latter part, I really didn’t pay attention to it when I watched the video. But now that I saw your ask, I went back to see the Vlive again to check it and you’re probably right. There’re times Jimin talking to Jungkook but Jungkook didn’t really look back at him. So yes, there’s a possibility that they got scolded after the Vlive the day before, or Jungkook just wanna be a little bit more careful. Because you know when he looks into Jimin’s eyes, or when they look into each other’s eyes, they tend to get lost in there and have no idea about the earth revolving around the sun…

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We can never know what really happened, we can only assume.

But thanks to you, I went back to the video, and found a few interesting things (which others also found and noticed). Let’s just look through them again~, shall we? (I’m trying to make up for your long wait with this, really, I’m sorry TT_TT) 

There’re still times they look into each other’s eyes

Jimin changes the key for Jungkook (Jin said this and then Jimin said he would raise the key to fit Jungkook’s range)

Jungkook still teases Jimin about the chili pepper (rmb the 1st time we saw them teasing Jimin about this was half a year ago, on Jimin’s birthday. It’s been 6 months, 6 months everyone, and Jungkook still hasn’t let it go)

And he sure enjoys it!

His eyes still follow Jimin when Jimin was dancing jokingly and teasing Jin with the bananas.

Jungkook still looks at Jimin when Jimin isn’t looking.

How he immediately smiles after Jimin’s “thank you for the food”…

And please, notice that he eats the whole piece of meat here (without cutting at all), it’s important for the latter part.

How they both thought Jin was talking about Suran but he meant poached eggs…

How Jimin is being self-critical as always…

and Jungkook tried to comfort him (took him a few secs to think tho)

How Jungkook sings “Bogosipta” to Jimin right after his “I miss you” in English

Jimin said he didn’t like eating mango, and Jin started to tease Jimin

Jungkook joins in with his “Mangae” 

and their reaction to that…

which results in Jimin hitting Jungkook, and Jin points out the “unfairness”, while accidentally cuts what Jungkook wanted to say (about Jimin)…

To which Jungkook replies with another question. Imo there’re 2 explanations for this “Why?”

- He asks this in reply to Jin, why can’t Jimin treat him differently, what is wrong with that? NOTHING IS WRONG.

- He also questions Jimin (as I think he kinda looks in Jimin’s direction), why Jimin treats him differently. (attempt to expose Jimin after being exposed by Jimin a couple of times already)

Either way, we can conclude that Jimin treats Jungkook differently 😏😏

Jungkook is diligently cutting meat, and Jimin steals it. Jungkook isn’t even angry, he smiles happily  

and is content that he still has one piece left…

And here is what I noticed (100% speculation, not fact):

There’s still one piece of meat left in the plate, and Jungkook is cutting it into 2 pieces.

Jungkook could’ve eaten the whole piece, or both 2 small pieces, but he didn’t. He ate 1 and left 1 there. And it’s pretty clear that he’s not full yet. I’m not saying he saves it for Jimin but that’s what I’m trying to say, he saves the last piece for Jimin.

In which Jimin takes it

And cuts it into 2 pieces again (really? you two…)

He says it himself that he’s not full yet… He’s still hungry, yet he cuts the piece smaller to save it for Jungkook…

Of course, Jungkook takes it.

You guys need to go to the actual vid to see how this process goes…

I mean, yes, it’s just my guess, no one knows if it’s true, and even if it’s true, it’s no big deal. But it somehow is to me, seeing them caring about each other so much to even the smallest detail, consciously or unconsciously  🐥🐰🐥🐰

Highlight of the day: the whispering between them

Yes I’ll never forget Jungkook’s pose…  looking all tough and manly…

And after they’re done, as if he hasn’t heard enough, he still wanna enjoys whispering more so he leans towards Jimin…

I mean… Just look at these two, and look at Jin, then look back at these two, and go back to Jin… Ugh… Poor Jin xD

In the end, I think Jungkook ends up saying what Jimin wanted him to say, no? If he did, what’s the point of wanting to hear more whispers from Jimin? Jungkook please explain yourself I don’t get it.

Besides, there’re other things that I can’t capture like them eating with the same spoon, eating and drinking from the same cup, water bottle, Jungkook mixing the rice etc. Really, it’s like they’re on a date and Jungkook taking care of his date to the smallest details, and Jimin also taking care of Jungkook too (giving him the chopsticks, taking away the guitar so Jungkook can eat etc.)

and they look so natural, like they’re so used to it…

So yeah, in conclusion, I think even tho there could have been scolding and stuff, they were completely fine and happy with each other’s accompany. This Vlive is so precious, there’re plenty of things we can talk about.

But I noticed that the replay got cut at some point, was there anything suspicious I wonder, I didn’t really notice anything watching it live, but I don’t remember what was cut.

Oh well, thank you so much for sending me this, and I’m sincerely sorry for my late reply. I hope you have a nice day ☀️☀️

The Signs as Yu Yu Hakusho English Dub Quotes
  • Aries: 'You're hardly the standard for wild outbursts.' -Kurama
  • Taurus: 'Of all the nerve, assault me and then ask for a meal, you're getting squat!" -Kuwabara
  • Gemini: 'You shouldn't talk, it makes you sound stupid.' -Yusuke
  • Cancer: 'Oh, right, I'm killing you. Forgive me, I got distracted.' -Sensui
  • Leo: 'You wanna be buried in that or something decent?' -Koenma
  • Virgo: 'Only 300 seconds too late to matter.' -Hiei
  • Libra: 'Look at it this way, if demons did have toilets, would you really want to sit on 'em?' -Shizuru
  • Scorpio: 'I'm writing a self help book for bad guys and it's called Don't Piss Me Off' -Yusuke
  • Sagittarius: 'Oh, it doesn't help that I'm a blabbermouth and he's a telepath!" -Botan
  • Capricorn: 'Gladly, you patronizing jackass.' -Genkai
  • Aquarius: 'I thought I was crazy, Urameshi, but you take the prize! The hell was that?! You don't make bombs go boom in your face!' -Jin
  • Pisces: 'What are the chances of a demon being a total wuss?' -Yusuke

this is officially the second time in several months that a man has casually told that i’d make an excellent wife

and man was this time a doozy

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Y'all hate Mon-El because he is in a relationship with Kara and that's fucked up. He's actually really nice and tbh he doesn't treat her bad. Don't hate a good character just because he's in the way of a ship.

ok first I don’t hate him because he is in the way of a ship. I hate him because he treats Kara TERRIBLY. its very subtle how CW does it but literally guys he knew full well who she was and when he woke up his first instinct was to strangle her. Also he literally takes awayt from EVERYONE’s screen time, especially the mains like Winn, Kara, James, Alex & J’onn and this drives me INSANE because if you look he gets more screentime than most of them put together. He also stunts Kara’s character growth to a terrifying degree to the point where it makes me uncomfortable. Honestly I have my reasons for disliking M*n-El and if you can’t accept that I have a different opinion than you on the subject than please just unfollow me so that we can both move on alright? I hope you have a lov3ely day nonnie and I’m sorry we can’t agree on this.

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Is Jackson Wang planning on leaving GOT7? I don't why but I've been getting these kinda vibes from the team lately. Regardless of the issue with his health, he hasn't been a 100% himself around the team and neither have the team members been towards him. I don't know but they seem less warm towards Jackson as of late and he's been pretty quiet in their interviews and less of himself. I don't know he just doesn't seem as happy anymore.

He can’t really leave because his contract is until 2021. Breaking it would make him look bad. In today’s backstage video from Music Core he seemed happy in my opinion. But it’s only my opinion and we’ll never know what our favorite idols think. I think his physical state doesn’t help him, he’s always sick (every time he’s in Japan he’s sick for example) and he has anemia now so it’s not easy for him to show people how happy he is.

I’m wheezing so hard rn.
My dad was looking for One Punch Man manga updates, and went to me really confused like “when do Saitama and the android kiss??”
Turns out he found a SaiGenos doujin.

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Is Tetsu in your rev role au older than Misono or not? And what kind of relationsship do they have? c:

In the rev AU Tetsu is younger than Misono, I’d like him to be the youngest of the seven brothers. Their relationship hmm, as you know, Tetsu is slow at thinking and understanding and Misono is really bad at explaining. It makes such a great combo!! Even though it looks like Misono always scolding Tetsu, he tries to be a good older brother for Tetsu (of course he’d never say it out loud!).
Misono is a little jealous of Mahiru though.

It would actually help not to add ‘idiot’ to every second sentence.

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Hi! How would 707 act with an MC who isn't really a fun person. Like, she rarely talks, doesn't get his humor, and she takes a while to open up to people? Also looks kinda cold? How would he approach her when he first meets her and how would their relationship be like?

Eheheheheh I feel bad for the poor kid but let’s see how this goes, shall we? I won’t base this off his route because, well, he’s cold when you two meet irl anyway and I also don’t all out spoilers so I’m just winging it lolol


- when you first met the RFA, he wouldn’t stop making jokes you all know how it is

- and he is s h o o k when you respond so monotonously

- he knows that even though its through a screen ‘cause CCTV

- GOD SEVEN HAS FAILED HIS QUEST TO MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH?!?!?!?!???!!!!!?!?!?!???????!?!!!!!!!??!!?!?

- okay, new mission. Make MC laugh at his jokes

- When you first meet at the RFA party, he’s cracking jokes and puns left right and centre

- this was the s e v e n t h  o n e  i n  t w o  m i n u t e s  h o l y  s h i t, boy bREATHE

- when you answered with a raised eyebrow and a straight face, he flipped

- two years and three RFA parties later, he’s giving up. honestly surprised he’s stayed in the agency for this long

- you’d opened up to the whole of RFA more so you talked a little more than you used to in the chatroom

- he was telling a story about him and Mary Vanderwood and the time she found out about him keeping and feeding squirrels (with honey buddha chips) and promptly flipped out and kicked him out of his own house when he heard it

- it came a little crackly over the CCTV but he heard your laugh



- like he could quite literally fly to the moon and back, thats how happy he is wouldn’t recommend it but okay

- when you two became a couple, he respected that you didn’t like talking too much (thats okay he can talk enough for the both of you) but still wouldn’t give up making a joke or pun every once in a while

- at least humour the boy with a smile pls


ehh that came out different than I expected whoopsies. just tell me if you don’t like it and i’ll try to remake it

bye bye! *poof*

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Killian looks at Emma like she herself painted the stars in the sky & pushed the current of the sea. He has so much loyalty & devotion to her, & I STILL see people claiming he doesn't really love her, or their relationship is unhealthy, or other such bullshit. There's apparently a common theory among $Q Shippers that he's the ultimate big bad of the series & has Emma under some sort of spell, & I don't know how to respond to that other than his constant looks of "name your ❤️desire & it's yours"

ignore them

look at these faces:

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i lob phil with all my heart but boy really looked bad in this vid this hair really doesn't suit him anymore he looks like a dad in his mid life crisis tryin to be hip

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I dddddef think my boy Leo is super self-conscious about the idea that Americans are really bratty and rude tourists so he goes out of his way to be extra wonderful and courteous whenever he travels because the last thing he wants is to make his country look bad and make people uncomfortable!!! Like my boy does RESEARCH on customs and polite phrases before going anywhere because he just doesn't wanna accidentally be an asshole. I lo ve him

Aww what a sweetheart!

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I'm interested what do you think of Mikasa as a character ? I really like how powerful she is but at the same time I think her total obsession with Eren make her poorly written character I wish the writer did more of her character since she pretty cool but wasting her.

Hi, Anon. I got this question before a couple of years ago and my answer was different than how it is now. I honestly feel that the story has managed to progress to a point where Eren isn’t the only thing Mikasa thinks about.

His safety and well-being matter to her with good reason, but it’s not fair to say she doesn’t get a bit hovery with Armin, too. It’s partially her predisposition to loyalty toward a person* but don’t forget that Eren is all she has left of her second family. She lost her first because she wasn’t strong enough and like, immediately after felt this surge of power with Eren that probably has led her to feel that she always had it in her, she could have protected her parents, but…she didn’t. She failed them. And she couldn’t protect Carla, either. So now Eren is all she has and she has to do what she can for him, if only to keep the guilt from swallowing her whole.

Anyway, we’ve seen her express care toward the well-being of Jean and Armin; she might still hover over Eren but it seems to be more that she doesn’t, especially earlier on, trust him not to do something crazy–not that she just ~has to be close to her beloved Eren.

Truth be told, the spin-off garbage makes her out to be this helicopter not-girlfriend of Eren’s and I hate how she’s written in Attack on Junior High and so on. She’s intolerable. She’s petty and jealous and lacks her own personality. NO THANK YOU. And I honestly feel these “characterizations” (if you can call ‘em that) have colored fandom’s perception of the character in the canon, too. It’s unfortunate.

Because the Mikasa we get in the canon isn’t by any means a super well developed character–but then again, neither is Connie or Sasha or even really Armin when you think about it. Eren’s gotten the most actual development (makes sense…). But it’s wrong to say she still has a “total obsession” over Eren this late in the story.

That said, it’s been about a billion years since we really got to see Mikasa do or say or even think anything, so I hope Isayama deigns to focus on her a little bit in upcoming chapters. It’d honestly make my day to see her get some actual screentime. 

*throws up all over the ackermagic bond bullshit–don’t get me started on this rant lmao

"What's your relationship with Barry?"
  • Caitlin: Barry and I are just friends
  • Caitlin: Barry did undress me and then put me in pajamas that one time (still not sure if he saw my goods or not)
  • Caitlin: And totally was checking me out when I walked into the karaoke bar
  • Caitlin: The same karaoke bar where we sang a duet about meeting and falling in love with someone the world doesn't think you should be with
  • Caitlin: And when we were talking about getting over Ronnie and Iris and finding someone new we made really sexually charged eye contact
  • Caitlin: And when Everyman kissed me looking like Barry I kissed back
  • Caitlin: Let's not forget that when I "Frost-kissed" him he pursed his lips before I made contact
  • Caitlin: Or when I used my powers to save Barry from Savitar fully knowing that using my powers is bad for my sanity
  • Caitlin: And he talked me down from being a murderous metahuman because I couldn't stand the thought of killing him
  • Caitlin: Or that we purposefully coordinate our clothes to match
  • Caitlin: But yeah, totally friends

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prompt : chuck tries to get steamy with Betty and she doesn't want to but chuck won't take no for an answer? I thought of this when I saw Betty and jughead slapping/punching chuck so maybe jughead could come in to get him away from her? This is kinda bad but ugh

Chuck is just a typical douche in this, he doesn’t get really physically forceful or anything because I wasn’t comfortable writing it that way. Fluffy Bughead at the end though :)


Betty looked around her in frustration, circling in place. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. All she’d wanted was for a few of Jughead’s close friends to come round to the Andrews house, eat some good food, listen to some good music, have some much needed teenage fun for a night.

But then Hurricane Blossom arrived, trail of debris in tow.

Betty waded through the crowds of people, barely recognising anyone in the sea of faces that blocked her view as she desperately tried to find the birthday boy. He’d disappeared at the first sign of alcohol, running to find some kind of sanctity away from the tormenting masses that invaded his space.

“Betty Cooper. What, no black wig tonight?” The leering voice came from behind her. She closed her eyes for a beat, suppressing the surge of anger that shot through her at his tone, before turning to face him.

“What are you doing here, Chuck?” she demanded, not wasting a minute on humouring him. He raised his eyebrows, gesturing round the room vaguely.

“Err, if you hadn’t noticed it’s a party. Where else would I be?” he smirked.

“It’s Jughead’s party,” she shot back, voice hard as stone. His eyes widened briefly before he blinked away his shock.

“Dracula threw a party? Man, it’s always the quiet ones,” he chuckled, shaking his head. Her fists clenched, nails poised above the skin of her palms, ready to break the surface.

“No,” she spoke slowly, as if to a child. “This party is for Jughead; it’s his birthday and none of you should even be here.” The cocky expression didn’t leave his face as he looked her up and down, not paying the slightest attention to the words coming out of her mouth.

“You know, that sweater’s cute and all but I think I prefer the last outfit I saw you out in,” she sneered, voice low. His tongue flicked out to wet his lips as he took a step closer to her. She took a faltering step back, aware of how close the wall was to her back, how close Chuck was getting to her. He continued his prowl, dark eyes glinting in the dim flashing lights, predator stalking its prey. He was inches away from her now, backing her into a corner. Betty tilted her chin up in defiance, meeting his eyes with steel in her own.

“Do you remember what happened last time you messed with me, Chuck?” she spit through clenched teeth. A spree of emotions flickered across his features, remembrance, fear, anger, before settling back into his lazy smile.

“Yeah, you and your pal Veronica put on a little show for me. Hey, are you wearing that lacy bra tonight?” he crooned, hand reaching forward to begin to rest just the tips of his fingers against Betty’s waist.

In a flash her hand snapped up, slapping him firmly across his cheek. His face whipped sharply to the side, unprepared for the impact. Her eyes burned, a fury building up inside of her the likes of which she’d never felt before. First the party she lovingly prepared for Jughead had been crashed, said boy was nowhere to be seen, and now Chuck had dared to try his luck. It was enough. Her head began to spin, reality blurring with blind range as what was real slipped further and further from her grasp.

Chuck barely had his mouth open, preparing to throw out an onslaught of abuse, when he was yanked from in front of her eyes. She blinked rapidly, coming back down from her adrenaline rush, to see Jughead standing a few feet away, pupils blow wide and nostrils flaring as he braced himself in front of Chuck.

“Get your hands off her.” His voice was ice, the sharp edge slicing through the music as a crowd gathered around the pair. Chuck scoffed, squaring his shoulders as he prepared for a fight.

“Oh, look. Quasimodo gets the girl and all of a sudden he thinks he’s the hero,” he laughed, upper lip pulled back in a snarl. “Why don’t you-” His sentence was cut short as Jughead’s fist flew through the air, landing on Chuck’s cheekbone with a dull thwack. A chorus of ‘ooh’s rang out across the crowd as Chuck stumbled back, the surprise causing him to lose his balance and tumble in an ungraceful heap to the floor.

The feeling suddenly returned to Betty’s heavy legs as she looked at Jughead, chest heaving menacingly as he shook out his injured fist. She rushed to him, placing both hands on his chest, tilting her head to try and get him to look her in the eye. His eyes flew to hers and she blanched at the storm she met there, sky blue replaced by rolling grey. At her recoil he blinked, tension releasing from his muscles as his hands came up to delicately circle her, resting shaking fingers against her back.

“Come on, Jug, let’s go outside,” she soothed, gently pushing on him until his legs started walking backwards towards the front door.

The cool air hit their flushed faces, a welcome relief from the stifling, stale air of the party. He turned from her, edges of his sneakers tilting over the precipice of the Andrews’ front porch. She stood behind him, twisting her fingers nervously as she watched his shoulders rise and fall with deep breaths.

“I wouldn’t have let him do anything,” she began, small voice deafening in the quiet night air. She startled at his humourless laugh.

“I…” he paused, shoulders hunching as he deflated, anger leaving him at the sound of her voice, washing over him in soothing waves. “I know that, Betts.” He turned to look at her finally, eyes sad. “Of course I know that. I didn’t think… you shouldn’t feel…” he sighed in frustration, unable to get his words out. She was inches away from Chuck touching her and she sounded like she was… apologising? “Betty, I just don’t want anything, or anyone, to hurt you. Ever,” he breathed, reaching out with uncertain hands to cup her face. She went to him gratefully, burying her hands in the fabric of his sweater, leaning into his slightly clammy palms. “When I saw him, crowding you like that,” he closed his eyes, trying not to relive the memory. “I just saw red.” Betty pushed herself even closer to him.

“I feel like this is all my fault, Juggie,” she mumbled, lip quivering. “I just wanted you to have a nice birthday and then all this happened, because of me!” Her eyes filled with tears. He hushed her gently, trying to quash her worries with soothing strokes of his thumbs, catching the water droplets from her lower lashes before they could fall.

“No, Betty, don’t say that. I know you only wanted to do something nice,” he smiled, dipping his head to meet her downcast eyes. “I love the thought,” he whispered, rejoicing in the small giggle that slipped from her lips. “I’m sorry that Chuck ruined your party,” he said with a furrowed brow. She just shrugged.

“Doesn’t matter, it wasn’t the night I wanted anyway,” she sniffed, shaking her head. He placed a hand at the base of her neck, pulling her forward to press a gentle kiss to her forehead. She sighed contentedly, breath blowing against Jughead’s throat.

“I’ll never let anyone you don’t want get that close to you again,” he promised against her hair, tucking her head beneath his chin. They stood for moment in silence, wrapped around each other in the bright moonlight.

The sound of something smashing followed by loud cheers from inside broke them apart. Jughead rolled his eyes as Betty pulled back, straightening her shoulders and wiping away the lingering moisture beneath her eyes. Her gaze darted briefly to her own house across the road, windows dark and peaceful. He caught her look, raising an eyebrow in question.

“No one is home… wanna watch a movie?” she asked, offering him a warm smile. He laughed, lacing his fingers tightly through hers.

“Yeah,” he nodded, tucking a lose strand of hair behind her ear. “That’s exactly what I wanna do.”