he really does not like to get his hands dirty

Boyfriend! Jimin

Jimin would be the type of boyfriend that is really playful. He would try his best to make you laugh 

And sometimes, he would even tease you in public and around other members 

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But then pretend to be all innocent and act as though he did nothing wrong 

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Overall though, he would be a really sweet boyfriend. 

He would forever give you little kisses and do his best aegyo for you ( even though its lowkey cringy when he tries to force aegyo)

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But it always makes you smile, which is why he does it. 

I also feel like Jimin is a hugger and so you would always get hugs from him, OH! and LOTS of cuddles !!!

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(ignore the caption ^^)

But let’s not forget, Jimin has a naughty side !

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Jimin is the type to run his hand up your thigh whenever he is in the mood. 

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And whisper dirty things in your ear. 

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And let’s not forget, his constant lip biting just to tease you and pushing his hair back because he KNOWS it drives you crazy.

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And that look he would give you when he is needy:

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But he is a sweetheart at the end of the day, so every day spent with  him would fill your day with happiness. 

Bonus : Pink haired Jimin (ah~ i love it so much)

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Nobody Needs To Know

Can I request a threesome with Jimin, Jungkook, and Suga? Where you’re stressed out having an argument over your s/o (Jungkook) and he decides to try and get you to do stuff with him which you reluctantly agree to. Suga and Jimin are also in the house and you and Jungkook don’t realize it so they plan to come in and join after hearing the noises you two made? Thx 💗💗

Warnings: Pet names, sub!jimin, sub!reader, oral (female and male receiving), tit fucking, choking, smut, smut, and more smut

“Come on princess. I said sorry.” Jungkook reaches for your hand but you move out of his reach before he can touch you. He sighs heavily, head dropping to the floor. “Are you really going to punish me for something I didn’t notice?”

“That’s just it! You never notice! Seeing all these girls flirt with you is… it’s hard on me.” You cross your hands over your chest, willing yourself not to cry. Not right now. Not in front of Jungkook. “All I’m asking is for you to be a little more aware and shut it down when it happens. Is that so wrong?”

Jungkook runs his hands over his face, a sign his patience is starting to wear thin. “But if I don’t notice I don’t notice. Maybe you’re just being paranoid?”

The words aren’t said harshly or irritably. His tone stays even and calm, but you still find your stress level skyrocketing. You’re no good at arguments. Especially arguments with Jungkook. The two of you just end up talking in circles, getting nowhere, resolving nothing. It’s annoying and stressful and half the time you just end up giving in.

“Maybe,” you whisper quietly.

Jungkook sighs, motioning for you to come sit beside him on the bed. “Don’t do that. Don’t just agree with me. This obviously bothers you and I’m sorry. I promise to do better.”

You cover his legs with your own when you sit, burying your face in the crook of his neck. “Does this mean the fight’s over?”

When you look up there’s a dark twinkle in his eye.

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Bathing With Jaehyun

Taeil  -  Johnny  -  Taeyong  -  Yuta  -  Jaehyun  -  WinWin

A/N: A lot of friendos asked what bathing with Jae would be like-

First, I’d like to take the time for you to imagine what Jung Jaehyun would look like; naked in a tub.

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  • Honestly, he has many different personas, so your time together would depend on his mood
  • Usually tho, he’s the one who suggests the two of you bathe together and usually, he’s in a good mood
    “Take a bath with me~”
    “Why are you using that tone?”
    “I just really missed you~”
    *Gets all up on you and smothers you until you give in*

  • His ‘good’ mood can vary tho… He can act like a sly pervert or a dreamy husband
  • He prefers you face him and usually the two of you are leaning against opposite sides of the tub
  • Imagine seeing him; his sculpted body of a god, soft pale skin and warm brown eyes-
  • He loves listening to you yammer, humming in acknowledgment
  • Honestly, he usually acts like a dreamy husband, massaging your feet beneath the water from the other end of the tub and chuckling as you complain about your embarrassing fluke from earlier
  • When he’s in the mood tho he’s a sly dog and will take advantage of your vulnerable state…
  • He loves teasing you, so much so, that you’d probably get so flustered and bothered you’d try to leave
  • He’s good at getting what he wants tho and would trap you against the cold ceramic, his lips mouthing at your neck as his hands slip beneath the surface
  • I’m not going down this rabbit hole, back to bathing-
  • He offers to help you out usually [when he’s not horny… then he has no intention of getting ‘clean’ rather getting ‘dirty’]
  • He’s really good with massages and takes him time, he enjoys being a giver
  • He does other shit like playing with your hair and scrubbing your back
  • He’s very observant as well, letting his gaze trail along you bare form, trying to memorize each crevice
    “Have you been dieting?”
    “Your ribs are more prominent than i remember-”
    “They are?”
    “Take care of yourself, it’s not just your body, it’s mine too-”

  • He can also be annoying tho…
  • He gets wound up… When he’s excited like that his rambunctious laughs will echo along the tile as you threaten to leave if he doesn’t stop splashing you
  • Baths don’t last that long, maybe about 35 minutes or so… unless the two of you delve into a deep conversation; then it could take hours
  • He always gets out first- that way he can watch you get out in all your glory-
  • It’s a bonding experience to be honest and always makes his heart swell with affection
Saeran Choi Headcanons

a/n: I’ll make a separate post for Saeran/Ray headcanons! :)

- one time Saeyoung left to go to the grocery store with MC and came back to Saeran having a panic attack in the corner
- Saeyoung managed to calm Saeran down but made a special RoboCat for when it happens again
- and surprisingly enough, it really helps him
- his RoboCat isn’t as invasive as MC’s, it can give him space when he says a code word and is suited to Saeran’s needs
- he eats really fast and in large quantities because he’s still afraid of when his mom would come home and hit him for eating
- if MC has any gender neutral sweaters he probably steals them
- he won’t admit it because he thinks it’s “too girly” but he likes knitting, it’s mindless and therapeutic
- He’s the #1 player on the LOLOL leader board now because he’s a master player. When Saeyoung found out he got bumped down to the second spot, didn’t speak to Saeran for 3 hours
-it took Yoosung a day to talk to him again
- he has really bad skin! He usually has a lot of pimples on his cheeks but Zen gives him his best face wash to help
- he has realllly light freckles on his cheeks, arms, and shoulders. You can’t see them from far away but they’re definitely there
- he also has bad anxiety, sometimes he feels panicky in public but sweaters make him feel safe, especially if they cover his hands
- his phone is his safety blanket. He listen to music when he feels anxious and likes to play games with storylines
- he likes shows with deadpan humor. Rick and Morty & Bob’s Burgers are his favorite. He does like the Simpsons from time to time, but doesn’t watch it often because Homer’s abusive nature towards Bart reminds him of his own mother :(
- Always feels really jealous towards kids with loving parents because they didn’t go through what he did
- Saeran’s slightly bitter because he’s shorter than Saeyoung
- gets colds so so easy and loves eating chicken noodle soup when he’s sick
- Cats adore him. He’s not sure why and tends to ignore him (because he’s scared he’ll hurt them) but anytime a cat is near it’ll flock to Saeran
- Cannot grow a beard to save his life. He technically can, but it’s really think and sparse. He’s supergrateful for this because he hates shaving;;;;
- Saeran hates cutting his hair because he doesn’t trust anyone so he just kinda let it grow out instead. It eventually came to be pulled into a tiny ponytail at the back of his head, barely long enough for the hair tie to loop around 3 times. He’s self-conscious about the ponytail until he sees how manly Zen is with his and he’s like???? I can do this. He never lets the ponytail grow out to be longer than his pinky finger bc it’s annoying to take care of, but it’s cute!
- Saeran is shorter than Saeyoung and his hair is a tiny bit lighter
- Has a loathing for public restrooms
- Always washes his hands after using the bathroom bc Sanitation Is Good™. Doesn’t matter if he’s just blowing his nose, his hands need to be washed. It’s mostly because he gets sick really easily and tries to prevent it but also because he doesn’t like being dirty
- He does smoke, but only a pack every week and a half
- Prefers Bepsi over PhD Pepper, much to Saeyoung’s chagrin
-everytime Saeyoung asks him to pick up some PhD Pepper, he always picks up a 24 can pack of Bepsi instead

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  • Ahh such a kinky man
  • Power play
  • Rough sex
  • Sex toys
  • I just see him having a thing for mirror sex idkw?
  • Talking dirty
  • Handcuffs


  • Daddy
  • With the best aftercare
  • Wants you to feel comfortable
  • You are his baby
  • Will punish you
  • Because he does not like disobedience
  • Or maybe he does, since he likes to punish


  • Body worship
  • Wants you to know how perfect your body is
  • Lingerie 
  • Just loves seeing you dress up
  • Lap dances
  • Hands on your ass at all times
  • Really likes your ass
  • Overstimulation
  • Gets off on getting you off


  • Man is a freak
  • Marking
  • Teasing
  • Hair pulling
  • Restraints
  • Dirty talk
  • Pet names


  • I don’t see him as super kinky more on the playful side
  • But he has his kinks
  • Public teasing 
  • Roleplay
  • Loves to tease
  • So orgasm denial


  • Choking 
  • Oral
  • He knows how to use that tongue
  • And wants the favor returned
  • Dirty talk is his strong point
  • I mean his voice is hella deep so he will use that to his advantage


  • Freakier than we think
  • Power play
  • If you disobey him expect a punishment
  • Spanking
  • Has you counting
  • You mess up?
  • You get spanked more
  • Bondage


  • Our sweetie
  • Praise
  • Oral
  • Loves to please
  • Pet names
  • But there are times where he is rough
  • Restraints
  • Dry humping 
  • Hickeys
  • He doesn’t even intend on leaving them, he just gets lost in pleasure


  • Shower sex
  • The water dripping down your body turns him on so much
  • Dom
  • Loves being in control
  • Vocalization
  • Wants to hear how much you are enjoying it

chasecharmer  asked:

yknow what I just cannot stop thinking about. Jon's face when he gets to hold his child for the first time. the child he never even allowed himself to want, because of his bastard name. and even though this baby is silver-haired, he imagines there's a grey tinge to those eyes. it reminds him of his father, or perhaps arya. and for almost the first time since he was very small, Jon doesn't have to quash or resist the love he feels because of politics or honor or duty or propriety.


  • he keeps it together during the delivery and he doesn’t leave Dany’s side, but inside he’s freaking out because he never thought that anything like this would happen or that he’d even have a real name to pass down to his future kid
  • and then his eldest daughter is born and she has Dany’s hair but she has his eyes 
  • he’s almost afraid to be alone around her because he’s afraid he’ll drop her or hurt her accidentally. How can a living being really be that small? 
  • then when she gets older he realizes that she has Arya’s smile. She has Arya’s personality too; she loves fencing and swordplay and she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty 
  • and she gets along just as well with the direwolves as she does with the dragons (when she’s a toddler she likes to ride Ghost around the castle; of course Ghost is gentle with her and doesn’t cause any trouble
  • and he’s always worried about being a father and being ‘good enough’ for her
  • they both spoil their kids because they want to make sure that their kids have a childhood that’s as different from theirs as possible
  • and for the first time Jon can love them fiercely and openly because they’re his children and he’s so proud of them 
  • but his eldest daughter is his little wolf. Dany makes him pick a Targaryen first name, but he chooses Lyanna for her middle name after the mother he never knew 

@the-gay-sombra asked: Continuing from the theme of the other ask, what does it take to fluster Reaper, Hanzo and Sombra?

Apologies for the late reply!

Reaper: It takes a lot to fluster this man, but to get any sort of reaction out of him, pay a lot of attention to his thighs and butt. He’ll seem like he doesn’t like it, and will tell you to stop, but don’t pay him any mind. He’s super flustered under his mask.

Hanzo: It’s really easy make Hanzo blush. He isn’t used to any sort of affection, so anything will do, especially in public. Kiss him, hold his hand, whisper dirty things in his ear… the possibilities are endless, and he’ll end up with the most adorable blush on his face.

Sombra: Sombra has no shame, so it’s pretty hard to embarrass her. However, one surefire way to get her to blush is to talk dirty to her. A whisper of what you’ll do to her later, an innuendo here and there, stuff like that will definitely get a blush on this girl’s face. She’ll definitely get you back later by doing the same thing to you, though.

BTS Reactions: Take Me Out


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Jin goes in so hard for traditional romance—he’s the perfect gentleman. He’ll show up precisely on time with flowers, and then take you to dinner at that really good restaurant. You know, that one where guys need a coat and tie, and the food is like dying and going to heaven. Jin will tell you to order whatever you want, and actually mean it. He will absolutely not let you pay, unless you steal the check while he’s in the bathroom. Fortunately, he relaxes his morals a little when it comes to, ahem, “coming in for coffee.” “You look… really great. Uh, and these are for you. Come on, let’s go—we don’t want to be late!”

Namjoon/Rap Monster

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Namjoon tries hard to be creative when planning dates. Maybe he’ll take you to open mic night at a coffee shop, maybe he’ll take you to the weird movie theater that only plays foreign films, maybe he’ll take you to a science museum to play with the Tesla coil. Anything new that he thinks will be fun is on the agenda; he wants to take you with him to experience things. “The planetarium is doing Dark Side of the Moon with the laser light show. I hear it’s amazing, will you come with me?”


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Yoongi really likes staying at home, okay? Home is where he can wear sweatpants and eat Cheetos and no one stares at him. Date night means actually being relaxed, watching bad action movies and making fun of them, throwing snacks at each other, and sitting on the couch with your legs tangled up (even though there are like five other places to sit). “So he’s pretending to be a teacher, but he’s actually a spy? Please tell me this makes more sense in English. Hey, share the popcorn!”


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Hobi likes any date where you walk around holding hands. He especially likes going to the zoo, and gets excited about the big cats and the animals you can pet; he buys food for all the animals, and is very pleased when the llamas eat from his hand. Goes incredibly overboard at the gift shop, so you walk out with like four souvenir pennies, a t-shirt, and a stuffed snake that he will name for you. “Did you see, they’re feeding the seals in thirty minutes. I’m sure that will be cool, let’s go see them.”


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Tae likes to go to antique stores together—if he had more room at home, every surface would be full of vintage knickknacks. As it is, a ton of surfaces in your home are full of vintage knickknacks. He’s very careful not to break or damage anything, and whispers because antique stores are always quiet. He tries on ladies’ hats from forty years ago to make you laugh, and begs you to take home a cowhide rug that’s older than he is, because “it’s like having a pet, only more flat.” “Wow, look at this army jacket! What do you think—do I look cool?”


Originally posted by jiyoongis

Jimin would take you on day trips, sort of mini-vacations where you take a train or a short drive to the nearest beach, or to a pick-your-own strawberry farm, or maybe just to a new town. For him it’s about making memories together, so he takes a lot of pictures. Sometimes he’ll pack lunch, other times you’ll find somewhere to eat (which has gone both very well and very poorly). He never tells you where you’re going, so you’re always surprised. “Wear clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. I’m not telling you anything else, you’ll have to wait and see!”


Originally posted by bangtan

Time of year permitting, Jungkook is taking you to a baseball game. He barely knows one team from the other, but he’ll do his best to explain the rules and make a lot of hand gestures while doing so. If he picks a side to root for, you’ll cheer for the other team just to rile him up, and then whoever “wins” gets infinite bragging points. Secretly, even though he really does like sports, Jungkook just wants the kiss camera to land on the two of you. He’s about two games away from paying off the camera crew. “Okay, so that guy right there is the… shortstop?” nods emphatically “Yes. And his job is to… are you paying attention?”

anonymous asked:

this is a little nsfw so you dont have to do the nsfw part if youd like but!!! but. but what if MC was like extremely flustered. You compliment their hair? flustered, blushing, a mess. You hold their hand? they need to stop themselves from covering their cheeks because theyre blushing so much. (NSFW) you eating them out? well damn man their hands are on their mouth to stop them from saying anything. Could you write SFW and NSFW headcanons for this? thank you so much!!!!

Heya anon! Thanks for the request :) It’s my first NSFW request so far and im excited to get to it  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) . This contains NSFW content (duh) so you can skip over the NSFW hc’s if you want!

♥ Yoosung would be super nervous to ever try to hold your hand or kiss you without permission. He’s a bit insecure as he’s never really done any of this before.
♥ When he finally tries to hold your hand and you wince and start blushing, he pulls back immediately. He’s wondering if he did something wrong.
♥ Absolutely relieved that he didn’t do anything to provoke you. He gets really flustered too so you both just compliment each other to see how adorable and flustered you both look.
♥ When you hold hands for the first time, you look in the other direction blushing. He turns your chin with his hand really softly and kisses you. YOU’RE DYING BUT YOU KNOW HE IS TOO SO YOU GO FOR IT.
“You’re adorable, I just want to hold your hand and kiss your soft lips forever ~ o-oh hehe, was that too much?? >////<”

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Jungkook scenario - Kitty Cat

Originally posted by lets-weird-girl

A/N Don’t get me started on this gif^^ I can rant for days!

“Requested by @unfortunatelypercabeth

Genre: angsty smut

Warnings: spanking, dirty talk, bondage, Dom!kookie

Summary: After a lustful dinner with Jungkook, he decides to teach you who does the real teasing in your relationship. ;)

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http-jack  asked:

I've just been randomly thinking... I feel like Dark would think that Wilford is really dumb and that what he does is ridiculous so he would try to manipulate him and take advantage of him because he'd be an 'easy target'. But then he'd get caught off guard when Wilford actually does something he doesn't expect /and/ makes his way around Dark's plans. And at the end Wilford is just sitting there looking goofy while Dark is all 'wtf??¿?¿'

oh absolutely! wilford’s character is very bubbly and charming, but he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. and i feel like that’s what throws them all off. wilford’s actually rather intelligent, but his rather childish (but adorable) behavior is what masks it, thus making him less suspecting. or something like that.

i think their companionship would be hilarious tbh. just wilford being so bouncy and joyous and joking and teasing with dark, meanwhile dark stares at the camera like he’s in the office lmao 

needless to say, wilford and dark’s relationship can pretty much be summed up by this piece of fan art here tbh (it’s one of my favs and always cracks me up)

whiteladydragon  asked:

Hope I'm not too late! I was wondering if I could get some SFW and NSFW headcanons for Orochimaru. Thanks!

Is that a mythical Orochimaru hoe that I see? For real though, I’m so glad this was one of the first asks I got because Orochimaru requests are rare and I am also a hoe for him. Yessss! Here we go.

Originally posted by ettoh

Orochimaru SFW and NSFW


• Orochimaru would never be with anyone he considers to be boring, so chances are if he’s taken an interest in you, he’s found something in you that he finds intriguing. In the beginning, your relationship may be based solely off of Orochimaru trying to pry into your mind and find what makes you tick, and this is where the test is. There will likely be no romance unless you manage to keep surprising him.

• He would keep you close at all times and explain you away as someone of little interest to anyone who asked who you were, likely fabricating everything about you to avoid unnecessary suspicion. The higher ranking Sound shinobi that have more contact with Orochimaru might notice and think it’s strange that someone he claims to have no interest in is spending so much time with him.

• Every once in a while, when the two of you are completely alone late at night and he’s reading through the endless mountain of research papers on his desk, he will allow you to hold his hand as a reward for your discretion about the nature of your relationship with him.

• It may be difficult for you to tell that he has any genuine interest in you other than what you can offer him, but the longer you are around him the more you will learn that this is new territory to him. He has no idea how to navigate a romantic relationship, so he falls back into his old habits that are more familiar to him. He will treat you like he does everyone else, and that honestly could be hard on you unless you’re really tough.


• More often than not, sex with Orochimaru is fast, hard and dirty. As a Kage and a very active scientist, he has very little leisure time on his hands, so he makes the most of what time he does have. Not to worry though, he has made a point of learning where, how, and how hard to touch you to get you writhing underneath him.

• Loves being on the receiving end of oral. He likes to stand and have you down on your knees, because it is important to him that you always know who is in control. He will thread his fingers through your hair and grip it tightly to hold your head still, then start thrusting as deeply into your mouth as he can without gagging you.

• He uses spanking as a form of foreplay. He has a bit of a submission kink, so he will lay you across his lap, and as he spanks you he will make you count the blows like “one, sir… two, sir… three, sir.” And he will reward you by lightly stroking between your thighs after each slap. However, if you forget to count or if you stutter, he will have to start all over from the beginning.

• He likes to make you plant your hands on the wall and bend over so he can take you from behind. There is no warm up or starting out slow, once he’s inside of you he is going to be pounding you so hard that it will be all you can do to keep yourself upright. Faltering will earn you a sharp slap on the rear.

• After sex, Orochimaru is surprisingly careful with you. He knows he put your body through the wringer and obedience must be rewarded, so he makes up for it in small ways like drawing you a hot bath or bringing an ointment for you meant to ease the aches. There will be no small talk or slow kisses when the two of you settle in for bed, but he will not protest if you fall asleep with your leg slung over his hips.

Title: Close
Characters: Yixing/Shifter!Reader
Genre: Shifter!AU, Romance?, Fluff, Slice-of-Life
Word Count: 2,902
A/N: A part two that no one asked for!


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anonymous asked:

jared and reader hatefuck hcs? like maybe they fuck after a fight and its really intense? like slapping, hair pulling, lots of dirty talk.



- you don’t want to make up
- you don’t want to forgive him
- he grabs you
- bending you over the kitchen table
- fucking you hard
- pinning your hands down
- smacking your ass
- he doesn’t care if you’re cumming
- he just wants to get off
- he pulls out and you sit on the table
- slapping him across the face
- scratching down his back
- he doesn’t talk dirty to you often
- but when he does
- he’s cocky as shit
- “God I bet you like this.”
- “you want me to use you like this? I know you do.”
- “take it, fucking- take it.”
- you’re trying not to whine
- trying not to let him know how hot this is for you
- but he rips your clothes
- pounds into you
- you start whispering his name
- he doesn’t kiss you
- he bites down on your lip
- you cum around him, gripping his hair
- he finishes in you not long after
- he pulls out and slams the door

- you make up after, but Jared starts causing more fights to try and do that again.


Before I say anything else: Go here! Go, and read @thisgirlhastales’ series “Trouble’s making everything all right”.
Warning: klance

Yathir is the green-skinned, six-armed alien uncle/grandpa figure for Keith and Lance in “Trouble’s making everything all right”. He’s an older man who might not look like much, but he can kick some serious ass.
He’s got a staff that might or might not be made out of stone. No one knows for sure but Yathir has no problem handling it. He also owns an inn located in a town named Dagos. He serves drinks. He cooks homemade meals. He also has rules you just DON’T BREAK. Everyone knows it.
Yathir is the first OC I drew because I think I have a pretty good grasp on his character and I wouldn’t change anything about his appearance even if an official description proves me wrong.
I feel like Yathir would wear very simple and comfortable clothing.
Here he’s wearing a well-worn shirt dotted with stains that don’t really wash out anymore. It’s his favourite. It’s a shirt. It does what a shirt should do. It’s okay to still wear it. It’s gonna get stained anyway. Yathir’s a working man and he’s not afraid to get his clothes dirty.
He’s got an apron on, because he needs to wipe his hands on something when he’s cooking or cleaning. It also provides an extra pair of pockets and it’s always a good thing to have more pockets.
While Lance is obsessed with cowboy look and rocks those cowboy boots I feel like Yathir would wear the sturdiest, most comfortable pair of boots he could find on the whole planet. Boots fit for standing behind the bar the whole day. Boots fit for getting shit done (kicking ass, starting revolutions…).
Yathir might enjoy a friendly drink with you, but be careful. If he doesn’t trust you there might be a teeny tiny bomb in that pocket. Just in case he needs it.


Since @voiceintheradio​ asked for it ;p


→ Manipulative through and through
→ Is the surpressed part of Mark’s mind
→ Means: dark, twisted thoughts; forbidden desires; fears; negative thoughts
→ Very classy, prefers tea with a good book
→ Doesn’t like to get his hands dirty but will if he has to
→ Likes for others to do the dirty work
→ Sees himself as the dominating one out of all of Mark’s egos


→ Host:

  • He may look harmless, but Dark is always prepared (just in case)
  • A trusted ally, however can be disposed of if neccessary
  • Loves to indulge in and discuss different subjects with Host
  • Probably his favourite ego

→ Bim Trimmer:

  • A fun toy to play with
  • Not really of any use to Dark
  • Wonders why he let’s him alive
  • Though he does enjoy Bim’s habit of placing cacti everywhere 

→ King of the Squirrels

  • Probably the most annoying ego
  • The peanut butter is everywhere
  • On his desk, the suit, papers, even on the ceiling(???)
  • With the squirrels combined: hair and peanut butter catastrophe

→ Google:

  • Efficient underling if programmed right
  • Does what Dark asks him to if it helps to fulfill the secondary objective
  • Understands Google’s disdain against Bing
  • “Maybe we can get rid of him and KotS someday. Hopefully.”

→ Dr. Iplier

  • Too curious for his own good
  • Often tells Dark to share his feelings with someone
  • May vanish someday through unknown events

→ Yandereplier

  • Has a great potential, but needs to be trained
  • Sometimes aids him in coming closer to his senpai
  • Could be a danger in the future, though
  • Keeps an eye on him every now and then

→ Ed Edgar:

  • Thought about using him to train babies to obedient soldiers
  • The plan was quickly dismissed
  • Too much poo and crying
  • “I know humans are disgusting but this clearly breaks the scale.”

→ Silver Shepherd:

  • No
  • He would rather ignore this pathetic excuse of an ego

→ Wilford:

  • Has been a good support so far
  • His biggest rival out of all
  • Does like to tease Wilford from time to time
  • “I see you still wear the clothes Mark’s grandfather gave him.”
Beat It, Douchebag

Characters: Dean x Reader (sort of), Sam, Castiel, 

Word Count: 1,441

Warnings: A douche bag saying douche bag things, language (should this even be considered a warning?)

Summary: You just got done with a tough hunt and all you want to do is relax. 

A/N: This fic is mostly about the power of a woman. It does involve Dean and the Reader together but only a smidge. Please let me know if you guys like this type of writing! 

Originally posted by tea-dirtbag

It’s been one hell of a night to put it easily. You just got done hunting a very nasty group of werewolves. Luckily, no one got too badly hurt; when you didn’t need stitches, you qualified that as a win. So to celebrate, you and the Winchesters went to the bar across the motel to have a good time.

You needed alcohol in your system to be relaxed while Sam and Dean were at the pool table, trying to hustle poor, young men. You caught the bartender’s eye and smiled at her.

“Can I have a double whiskey?”

“Sure thing.” She smiled and went on to make your drink. Out of the corner of your eyes, you saw a tall man dressed in a suit and a trench coat, making their way to Sam and Dean. You knew that Dean would call Cas to show him how to properly play pool. You saw a glass with the amber liquid placed in front of you.

“Thank you.” You smiled sweetly at the young girl behind the bar.

“No problem.” She went back to what she was doing before and you took a small sip, enjoying the burn it left down your throat.

“Is this seat taken?” You heard a deep voice say. You looked to your right to see a man that looked to be in his mid-thirties that wasn’t ugly but he was no Dean Winchester. Yes, you had a small crush on the older Winchester but that’s all it was; a crush. You never acted on those feelings but if you were drunk enough and Dean was trying to make a move on you, you wouldn’t resist him.

“No, it isn’t.” You looked away from him, hoping he would keep to his own business. You didn’t want trouble and just wanted a peaceful evening. The older man took a seat next to you and ordered the same thing you were drinking.

“What’s your name, sweetheart?” You had to stop yourself from cringing because only one man was able to call you that and he was standing less than 100 feet away from you. You knew that if you were really in trouble, Sam, Dean, and Cas would be on this guys’ ass so fast. But you could take care of yourself.

Once, you took down a nest of vampires all by yourself. It impressed the brothers so much, they offered you to live with them in their Bunker. Every once in a while, you offered to spar with both the brothers separately and together and you beat their asses 7 times out of ten. You were a really good hunter and you would blame your dad for that.

You grew up without a mom because as your dad put it, she was a whore who didn’t deserve you. Your dad was always the one to take you to gymnastics, ballet, and all your cheer competitions. Part of the reason why you were such a good hunter was because of those classes. You were more flexible that you thought you were and you had really great instincts that the brothers didn’t quite possess.

They weren’t bad hunters, in fact, they were almost as good as you were. Anyways, you beat Dean plenty of times and knocked Sam on his ass more times than you could count. However, there are times when they would team up against you and have you flat on your back in the very end.

They were good men to live with and you wouldn’t trade that for the world.

“Alice.” You gave the man a fake name, hoping he would just go away if he sensed the tone of your voice.

“My name is Trevor, it’s nice to meet you,” All you did was smile and nod, not saying a word. “Are you here alone?” He seemed to be coming closer to you, trying to see if he could score himself a quick fuck.

“Nope.” You peeked your head behind you and looked at the three men who were staring at you and Trevor.

“You’re with those guys? Baby, I can show you a much more fun time than all of them put together.” He looked at the men but turned his gaze back to you.

“Oh you can?” You smirked softly and made him think you were interested.

“Hell yes.” He smirked and got even closer to you.

“No thanks.” You pulled away and continued sipping your drink.

“Oh so you’re going to be a bitch to me now?” He said a bit angry. You figured his anger mostly came from the alcohol that he had in his system. You knew that the drink he ordered was not his first of the night. Luckily, you could hold your liquor pretty well.

“If that’s what you want to call it.” You said casually. His voice was getting a bit loud while yours stayed pretty calm. You knew the brothers and the Angel were watching you, ready to step in if you needed them.

“Do you need me to call someone for you?” You looked up at the bartender who looked concerned for you. She must have witnessed one too many bar fights that went a little like the one that was about to happen if the douchebag won’t go away.

“No, I can handle myself. Though you might want to call someone for him; he might be at his limit.” You saw her nod and reluctantly walk away.

“Bitch, what did you just say?” He grabbed your wrist to halt your movements.

“If you knew what was good for you, you would let go of my wrist.” You said surprisingly calm.

“If I knew what was good for me? Whore, are you threatening me?” He growled out as his grip got tighter. At the mention of the word ‘whore’ Sam and Cas had to hold Dean back from beating Trevor up.

“What does it look like?” You smirked and used your other hand to take another drink of your whiskey.

“You’re asking for it now. Why don’t we go outside and your punishment won’t get worse than it already is?”

“Punishment?” You looked over at him.

“Yeah dirty cunts like you deserve a good spanking.” He smirked. He was beginning to bug you and you really wanted him away from you.

“This is your last warning; get the hell off of me or you’ll regret it.” Apparently that was funny since it made him laugh.

“Oh yeah, what are you going to do?” He challenged you. You don’t know what made you snap but you grabbed his hand and twisted it back. Your other hand punched him right in the nose. He stumbled of the chair, holding his nose in pain.

“You fucking bitch!” He spat out. Before he had a chance to react, you grabbed his arm and twisted it upright behind him, locking his head in your other arm. He was trapped and he couldn’t move without getting seriously hurt.

“With one twist of my arm, your neck snaps. Now why don’t you leave before I have to take drastic measures.”

“Let go of me!” He tried to move but winced out in pain and stayed still. Sam and Castiel had to hold Dean with an even tighter grip. If Dean got loose, you knew Trevor would be dead.

“What are you going to do when I let go of you?” You asked.

“Leave! I’m going to leave, okay! Jesus!” He whimpered. You smirked but you weren’t done with him.

“You know, Trevor, I would suggest going to therapy for the alcohol addiction you have. And I don’t ever want to see you degrading women like that again. Do I make myself clear?” You said close to his ear.

“Crystal.” He gulped. He must have realized who he messed with and wanted to get away from you as fast as possible.

“Good.” You let go of him with a shove to the door and watched as he stumbled away. You brushed off your clothes and sat back down at the bar, taking your drink and continuing to sip it like nothing had happened.

The bartender was smiling widely at the scene she just witnessed. You winked at her silently but didn’t say a word. Meanwhile, the boys stopped trying to hold Dean back. They stared at you, impressed at how you handled the situation. Admiration was in Dean’s eyes as he stared at you, taking you in as a whole.

“That’s my girl.” Dean grinned.

“Dude, she’s not your girl.” Sam scoffed.

“She will be one day, I guarantee that.” And one day you were.