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Rogue One Favorite Types of Movies/Entertainment Headcanon

Jyn- Cute Animated Movies

She doesn’t want a movie she’ll really think about later. If she’s going to spend her time watching a movie she wants it to be relaxing and fun. Or that’s the excuse she uses. Jyn finds these so adorable and happy but will never tell. There’s no reason for her to be embarrassed but she really is. If somebody asks

Jyn: That was nice

Inner Jyn: That was so fucking cute I’m going to kill myself and bring myself back so I can watch it again

Cassian- Rom-Coms

Cassian is one of those people who enjoys watching other people mess up. Probably because he knows he doesn’t have to clean up the mess. Watching two really awkward people fall in love in the wrong situation is funny, yet relatable to him. Somehow, when it comes to romance, he just never expects it.

Movie: Check please

Cassian: jajajajaja

Chirrut: Mysteries

Chirrut likes to think he can hear the force through the screen. Something he always takes a little pride in is his wit, and he can use it in these movies. He’s a super interactive person so mysteries and psychological thrillers are his favorite.

Character: Coughs

Chirrut: It was him

Baze: Horror

Nothing phases Baze. He’ll watch the movie and devise mental plans of how he’d defeat the antagonist. Also, it’s his way of challenging himself. Baze likes to be right, and a movie is only “really scary” if it makes him jump.

Character: Hello?

Baze: He’s dying first

Bodhi: Sci-Fi

Of course, this is his area of expertise. Watching these is a time where he can totally geek out. He also loves the idea of a good underdog story. A nerdy kid making  a big choice and becoming a hero. And those mind-boggling special effects make him excited

*huge explosion*

Bodhi: nice

K-2SO: Soap Operas

It is the epitome of human behavior in his eyes. He’ll get sooooo invested in the characters and the stories. He learns and recites every line on the re-runs. He 100% believes that is what life is like


I frickin love requests gimme more pls

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wait, in that scene where yoonbum was deciding to leave the house or not, when sangwoo says "you can go back to your uncle. he has the bed ready for you" im confused. i thought bum never said anything about what his uncle did to him? maybe im interpreting this wrong but how did sangwoo know??

I didn’t think that was the translation? Where did you see that? I thought he just implied that Bum didn’t have a family that really cared (”You have a family that loves you and is probably looking for you” -something to that effect, meant in a teasing manner.) 

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what if s/o was a closeted transgender and finally came out to plumeria/guzma/nanu/grimsley about being trans?

PLUMERIA is all over them so quick. What do you need from me, how can I help, is there anything specific you need? All that junk. She smothers them in love that day, and becomes fiercely protective.

GUZMA is like “Lol k” and then “Holy shit really?” but he’s the same way as Plumeria, but like… So much more protective. Someone looks at them wrong? Golisopod eats them for dinner.

NANU’s exact reaction, and I will swear by this, would just be this blank ass deadpan expression going, “Aite.” He’ll get them whatever they need and never would make a huge big deal out of it. He loves them all the same.

GRIMSLEY might be a tad bit shocked, but he recovers quickly and goes right back to loving his s/o no matter what anyone thinks. He fell in love with them for their heart, not what was between their legs.

Broken Heart

Ship: Jooheon x [Y/N]

Genre: kind of angst-y

Word Count: 1,748

Credit to the owner for this gif. :)

I hope you guys enjoy reading this! I was actually inspired by their song, Broken Heart. .u. )~

Don’t Leave (Kihyun) - “Do you mind if we share…?” (Wonho) - Red Lipstick (Hyungwon) - Be Careful (Minhyuk)

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No one ever knew why he never left his room. The boys were starting to worry about him. Who? Well, it’s Jooheon. Jooheon never left his room, unless if he wanted to pee. It was getting serious as the days passed, he barely ate anything. He would curl up on his bed and just cry all day long. The boys can’t even go near him. There was something wrong. Although everyone lost hope, they knew someone who could fix him.

It was no other than, you.

You were someone whom he really trusts and cherish. For you, it was just another day. Another day for you to go to your damn work, face your boss and bear with all of his outbursts. You haven’t heard anything about Jooheon. Well, you brushed the feeling off and thought that he was just to busy to call you. It was unlike Jooheon. You were in the midst of packing your things, as it was already five-thirty in the evening, when you received a call from Shownu. The call was just out of the blue but whenever Shownu calls, something was wrong. You answered the call right away.

“Shownu, what’s up?” You casually asked as you slung your bag on your shoulder and walked towards the exit. It took Shownu sometime before he could speak up. “We need you here in our down, now.” His voice was firm yet there was a tint of worry on his voice. You furrowed your eyebrows, stopping yourself from your tracks. “Did something happen?” You asked as thousands of thoughts came rushing in, and these thoughts weren’t pleasant. You could feel your stomach churn as you started to get nervous.

“There’s something serious troubling Jooheon, and he hasn’t eaten nor left his room in days.” You felt your heart sank. “Please, hurry..” Shownu didn’t wait for you to reply back as he ended the call. You hurriedly went to your car and started the engine. You drove off and went straight to their dorm. Their manager was waiting for you at the lobby. Parking your car on their parking lot, you dashed right out, heading straight to their manager. Neither you nor the manager spoke up. He led you to their room and punched in their pin code.

Pushing the door open, you saw the members looking glum as ever. Shownu paced back and forth, biting on his lips while being lost in his own thoughts. Kihyun was staring blankly at some area, while I.M rested his head on his shoulders. Wonho was rubbing his face as he was seriously frustrated by the thought that he couldn’t help Jooheon out. Hyungwon was sitting on the corner while listening to some music to keep his mind off from the current situation. Minhyuk was the one who noticed you right away. His eyes lit up as soon as you stepped foot on their dorm. “[Y/N]…” He mumbled. Walking towards you, he held your hands right away and begged, “Please, [Y/N]…. talk to Jooheon..” You softened at the thought of Jooheon being surrounded by people who loves him so dearly.

You ruffled Minhyuk’s hair and said, “Don’t worry.” Letting go of your hand, you made your way towards Jooheon’s room. You knocked on the door, “Jooheon, can I come in?” No response. Taking a deep breath, you pushed the door open, on to see a curled Jooheon. This literally broke your heart. You’ve never seen him this depressed. “Jooheon..” Your voice trailed off as you could feel your eyes tearing up, you could feel your heart tighten. Sitting on the edge of his bed, you could feel him sobbing quietly. You slowly pulled the covers down and hugged him.

Jooheon’s eyes were bloodshot red and puffy. Tears continued to slid down. You kissed those tears away and asked, “Jooheon, what’s wrong?” He got up, making you back away. You held his hand and asked once more, “What’s wrong? Hey, look at me.” Sliding your fingers on his chin, lifting it up. You cupped his face and made sure to make eye contact. Tears continued to spill. Jooheon was still silent.

This literally broke your heart. Who, in the whole universe would want to see the person they love being depressed? Well, not you. Without hesitation, you wrapped your arms around his necks, pulling him into a tight hug. You caressed his back and whispered, “Jooheon, please don’t shut me out.” You could feel him wrap his arms around your waist, burying his head on your neck as he finally cried out. He sobbed loudly as you caressed his back, telling him that you’re there for him. You’ll always be there for him. You’ll always be there to love him even if he gives his heart to someone else. A martyr? Yes, you’re a martyr. You didn’t care about getting hurt as long as you continued to show him that you love him.

As every second passed, his hold around you became tighter. You ran your fingers through his hair, waiting for him to open up. The two of you stayed in the same position for a long time. You cradled him side to side, humming his favorite song. “[Y/N]..” He muttered. “Mmmm?” You still continued to cradle him, cherishing this very moment. “She’s gone… she left me..” She? Who’s “she”? You mentally asked yourself. “What do you mean?”

“She… she broke up with me, telling me that she never loved me as she only used me for my fame and money… [Y/N], it hurts so much…” Jooheon tried his best to speak clearly even though his voice cracked every time he spoke. “Why does this always happen to me, [Y/N]? Am I not enough? Am I not that worth for their love?….. [Y/N], tell me…. Don’t I deserve to be loved?” How could someone have the nerve to do this to him? “She doesn’t deserve to have an amazing, and wonderful person like you, Jooheon. It’s not your loss, it’s hers.” You paused for awhile and continued, “You know, these types of people tend to give us lessons for us to ponder upon. Sometimes because of them, people, who loves us the most, would always be there for us with arms open for us. Well, that’s life… people come and go but that doesn’t mean that we should stop living and never think of accomplishing our life goals.”

Jooheon continued to listen, sniffling from time to time. “Jooheon, does it still hurt?” Jooheon shook his head and whispered, “Not that much… Can we stay like this forever?” You chuckled and nodded. “Let’s sit in a much comfortable position, okay? And we can stay like that until you’re okay.” He shifted, making space for you. You sat beside him and pressed your back on the wall. You wrapped your arms around him, resting his head on your chest while he wraps his arms around your waist.

“Do you want to let out more frustration, hmm?” You asked. “No..” You could feel that he was seriously drained from crying. “Jooheon-ah…” He looked up to you, his eyes looking directly at yours. You pressed your lips onto his forehead and whispered, “You know, the guys were really worried at you. They looked so gloomy, helpless and frustrated. It broke my heart when I saw you this depressed. But, I’m happy that you’re surrounded by people who loves you.” You could feel your heart beat real fast, emotions slowly pilling up.

“Please, don’t cry [Y/N].” Jooheon pulled away, his fingers wiping away the tears falling down your cheeks. You smiled at him and said, “I don’t want to see you hurt, Jooheon-ah. I don’t want to see you shed a tear.” He was staring directly at you. You couldn’t read his expression but you decided to continue, “You know, people told me that I was such a martyr. I continued to love you, never minding the fact that I’ll just get hurt from seeing you in the arms of another. I wanted to see you happy even though it wasn’t me making you smile, laugh and all. Maybe, I just love you to that extent…. that I don’t mind getting hurt.”

“[Y/N]….” His voice trailed off as you finally realized that tears were already brimming down your cheeks. This actually surprised you. “Ha…. why am I crying?” You asked yourself as you wiped your tears away but your tears continued to spill. “God, I’m so sorry for crying.” You tried laughing it off but now, you were completely sobbing. Jooheon stared at you, worry was plastered on his face. “Jooheon, don’t think that you don’t deserve to be loved. You’re worthy of receiving all of our love… my love. You’re an amazing person. Please don’t ever think that you don’t deserve our love, and whatnots.”

Slowly, you felt your chest tighten in pain. Wiping your tears away, you tried your best to flash him a convincing smile. “Do you want to rest up? If you want, I can stay here with you. I’ll just take a day off tomorrow.” Before you knew it, you were the one who’s being enveloped into a tight hug. “[Y/N], I-I’m so sorry…” He whispered. “You don’t have to apologize, Jooheon. You did nothing wrong.” Jooheon shook his head, “I was so blind… not being able to notice your unconditional love for me… I don’t want you to cry because of me… [Y/N], I really am sorry…” His hold around you was so tight, you couldn’t help but burst out in tears once again.

“[Y/N]… you’re the best person that a guy could have. I know that I’m still hurting but will you wait for me?” He asked, pulling away from the hug as he cupped your face. “I’ll wait for you even if it might take decades. I’ll always be here for you no matter what, Jooheon.”

He sighed in relief. He pulled you into a hug once more and said, “C’mon, let’s rest up a bit.” Jooheon laid back down on his bed, pulling you along with him. He wrapped his arms around you, your head resting on his chest.

“You know, despite the fact that I’m broken hearted right now, I can say that I’m lucky to have someone like you in my life, [Y/N].” He mumbled with his eyes closed. “Thanks.”

“And hey, [Y/N].”


“I love you. Please wait for me.”

“I love you too, Jooheon. Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you.”



R: I love you so much, Geno~
G: ~~…
R: What was that sweetie? I can’t heard you babe~
G: Never mind you jerk…
R: Awww come on, say it again!
G: N-No! Let go of me!!

Oh goodness, it’s been a while since I drew something in a piece of paper (…and play some games, what’s wrong with me!!??)

Anyways, I really missed the smell of sharpies, getting messy ink in my hands, the texture of my favorite pencil, yadda yadda yadda…

We need more afterdeath! Oh and if you’re wondering what Geno said it was: ‘I love you too’ but he is so tsundere to say it again lol.

Sorry I couldn’t help myself to redrawing this one.

I’ve just found something about true ending of the ndrv3 (epilogue)!!

and according to that, everything that the mastermind said could also be a lie. (I actually wanted this to happen this morning ahhh) Saihara has a hunch that even if the world is messed up like this and everybody likes watching reality tv shows involving mutual killings, 

he would never have voluntarily joined for an act like this. Although he has no proof of it. 

And according to his speculations, the kibougamine universe might actually exist because the mastermind said they were able to “mimic” everything about the “plan”, even the fact that the plan fails thoroughly before they get executed (this plan must be enoshima junko’s plan to play out a mutual killing game)

Maki says we have no clue what was the truth or what were the lies.. we thought we were in a fictional setting and the world out there was reality but it may not be so

Himiko remarks that then maybe the world of danganronpa could be still be continuing somewhere out there

and the epilogue ends

if this is true then there could be a sequel or a prequel because the ending is extremely open ended and anything could happen afterwards.

I like this idea better than believing all the kids in the game wanted to murder people and got their memories wiped of it before the game took place.

+I’m linking a video that recorded the epilogue onto the post!


Sokka leans against his watch Tower, watching you bend with Katara and Master Pakku, the three of you demonstrating for some of the Southern Tribe children who have developed water-bending. His frown deepens as you and Katara spar in front of the kids, who stare at you in awe as you change snow to water and water to ice. It really is amazing.

And he hates that he can’t do it. He hates that the only thing he can do is fight with a sword.

He hates that he’ll never be good enough for you.

Sokka’s snapped out of his thoughts at your voice in front of him: “Sokka, what’s wrong?” He looks up from his boots to see your worried face looking at him and the class dispersing behind you.

“Nothing,” he mumbles, going to turn away until you take his arm, stopping him.

“Hey, don’t lie to me,” you order. “We promised we would never lie to each other again. Now please, tell me what’s wrong.”

He sighs. “I just hate how the only thing I can do is sword fight. I’m not good enough for you, (y/n). You deserve someone better.”

You blink at him in shock. “Are you serious? You’re one of the bravest men I know.”

“Yeah, one of them.” He looks down.

Rolling your eyes, you take his chin in your hand and kiss him quickly before looking him dead in the eye. “You’re not worthless. If anything, I don’t deserve you. You’re one of the most selfless, kind, brave people in the world, and I love you. Don’t ever forget that.”

He nods slowly, and you kiss him again.

Wake Up

“Seokjin, what is your problem?” you almost yelled.

“Nothing, okay?!” he growled back.

“That’s a lie, dammit! I’m your girlfriend, you can tell me what’s wrong!” You actually shouted at him this time, throwing your arms in an angry gesture. Jin had been brooding and grumpy since you had gotten to the dorm, and he was outright refusing to talk to you. He even lied, telling you that he wasn’t angry. You had tried to be nice; you two had never fought before now, and you were really scared. He was always sweet to you, and nothing had ever been argument-worthy with him. But you couldn’t stand the fact that he was blatantly lying.

“You’re going to tell me that I shouldn’t be angry,” Jin grumbled. He was sitting at the dinner table, his fists lightly clenched on top of the wood. He wouldn’t remove his gaze from the table, not even to look at your standing figure.

“What?” You sounded only half as hurt as you felt. Why did he think you’d react like that?

“You keep flirting with your other guy friends! It hurts to have to watch you with them, even when you’re with the other members. You’re always…” he trailed off, seemingly too upset to continue.

“I’m not trying to flirt with anyone,” you said, confused. Apparently you came off more defensive than you intended to, because Jin seemed really prickly then.

“Well, you are! ‘Oh, Oppa, you’re so funny! I can’t imagine living without you!’” he mocked you. You bristled at this.

“How dare you!” you snarled.

“Do what? Tell you how you act around these guys?” He finally looked up at you with a genuine look of disgust on his face. You felt tears well up as anger and indignation flooded you.

“No! How dare you mock me and put words in my mouth!”

“I bet that guy put something in your mouth,” he spat harshly, returning to his original position of glaring at the table. You gaped at him. The only sound that escaped your mouth was a choked imitation of “babo”, but you couldn’t get it out. You started to cry silent tears. You sniffed and shook, and at the sound, Jin twitched; he seemed to regret what he said, but you didn’t care. Your lips quivered from fear and from your restrained sobs.

“I’m going,” you whispered, turning on your heel before you could change your mind. You were mostly down the corridor when you heard his voice.

“Jagi, wait…! Jagi!” he tried to call you, but you kept walking away. You pulled on your shoes as he started to power-walk after you. “[F/N], don’t go!”

“Too late,” you hissed before you slammed the door shut. You thudded down the steps, and as your feet hit the asphalt, you heard the door open.

“[F/N], wait! I’m sorry!” Jin’s steps resounded behind you. You whipped around to face him, all of your senses blurry from hurt.

“Think really hard on what you want to say to me,” you growled, causing him to stop walking. “I will come over when you have some more sense.”

“[F/N]…” He looked defeated. You turned away once again.

“NO! [F/N], WAIT!” Jin’s almost carnal scream scared you, and you looked around wildly, trying to comprehend it. You heard him running, but you saw the headlights before he got close to you. The car’s horn and screeching wheels resounded in your head, mixing with Jin’s horrified voice. The impact knocked you unconscious immediately.


You couldn’t feel anything but your rapid heartbeat. The only sound was your heavy breathing. You tried desperately to see something, anything, but it seemed like you were flailing in a bottomless body of water.

Seokjin! you tried to call out. Your words got caught in your throat, and a fiery pain shot through your stomach. You tried to cough and splutter, but the thick liquid that surrounded you wouldn’t allow for it. You tried to scream, but it only put pressure on your ears.

Another sound resounded—a faint beeping thudded against the water. You felt like you were being dragged out of the liquid, up, up, up…

You tried to inhale, but you just… didn’t. You looked around the white room, but everything was fuzzy. Shapes finally came into focus, though, and you realized what was happening: you were in a bed, hooked to machines and an I.V. line. Jin was asleep at your bed, his arms folded to give him a makeshift pillow.

Seokjin, you choked out. Your voice had sound, but no substance. You were horrified at the sight in front of you. I’m not dead. I can’t be.

Jin woke up gasping; you realized he was sweating. His head swung back and forth as he checked around the room. He hung his head, looking at your comatose body and brushing your hair back. As he did, you felt a warm, feather-light touch against the same spot.

I can feel him. I’m not dead, you reassured yourself shakily. I’m not dead. You wanted to cry as you saw his eyes well up, but you were physically unable to do so. Seokjin… Seokjin don’t, you pleaded to no avail. He couldn’t hear you.

“It’s been a month, Jagi,” he murmured. He sounded in pain. You stood with something that felt like sickness in your heart. “Please, I love you, [F/N]…” He almost choked. You slumped to the ground, unable to comprehend your uselessness in this situation. You wanted to wake up more than anything in the world. You wanted to hold him and kiss him and tell him you were okay.

Wake up, you told yourself angrily. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up wake up wake up wakeupwakeupwakeup!

You heard Jin whimper, and it made you more determined. Wake UP! You felt a funny thudding in your chest.

“[F/N], I wanted to tell you that I…”


You felt like you got punched in the chest, and you reeled back, gasping. You might have heard what Jin said, but you couldn’t remember. The pain in your stomach flared up again. You had never felt anything like this, like a fire raging throughout your body. You writhed on the floor, unable to scream. You clawed at the linoleum tiles, hoping to alleviate some of the pain by transferring it to the ground. Saliva dripped out of your mouth and was pressed against your cheek by the floor.

“[F/N], I wanted to tell you that I…” Jin was saying. Everything was black at that moment, and you couldn’t even feel your breathing anymore. He was sniffing and whimpering, holding back sobs. “I want… I want to marry you… so please, wake up…”

What was the last thing you guys said to each other? you wondered. You had a fight. The thought made you sick again; your first fight, and you couldn’t apologize to each other…

You felt the agony once more, and you groaned. You could actually hear your voice. The beeping of a monitor became known to your ears, and you slowly opened your eyes. The room was white, tiled, and blurry. The beeping became slightly erratic as you gained consciousness. Immediately to your right, a pretty boy was leaning on your bed. He had thick lips and soft, pretty-looking hair, and his face was swollen and wide-eyed; he’d been crying. You stared at him, confused. You tried to get your voice to work. Before the nurses came in, you finally managed to croak out the words you wanted:

“Who are you?”

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Master Post

Anger Issues

“You need to slow down.”

Michael has this terrible habit of driving too fast. It drives me crazy. We have two kids in the car and he is still pushing twenty over the speed limit. And the way he grips the steering wheel – it looks like he’s trying to strangle it.

“Well then why don’t you tell me how fast to go,” he shoots back at me.

I love Michael. He is my everything. But he has the tendency to be a bit aggressive, even with me. He has never been that way with the kids, thank god. He dotes on those two. Isabella is four and Clark is barely two months. He looks at them like they can do no wrong. I can’t really blame him, especially about Clark. Clark is the perfect baby. He hardly ever cries and has the most angelic face. Looks just like his dad.

We’re driving down the highway on our way to my mother’s place. We left a little later than planned (just a little kitchen accident) so it’s dark out. Michael is driving (of course, he’d never let me drive). Isabella is crying in the backseat (as usual). You’d think she’d tire herself out, crying for that long. But Isabella has always been a difficult child. I’m in the passenger seat with Clark in my arms. I know you’re not supposed to hold babies in the car, and we have a perfectly good car seat in the back, but I just can’t resist. I want to be as close to Clark as possible. He’s sleeping peacefully, even with his sister making a ruckus in the back.

“Honey,” I say slowly, hoping not to make him angry, “We need to slow down. We don’t want to get pulled over.” He glares at me, but finally let’s loose a bit on the gas pedal. We slow to a normal 60 mph. The roads are calm, just a few occasional passersby.

“I love Vermont in the evening,” I say happily, trying to fill the silence. “All the trees are just a bit gray, but the colors of fall still light up the leaves. It’s like a little paradise.”

Michael grunts and pounds the steering wheel. He never listens to me.

“Honey,” I say a little more forcefully, “It’s going to be a dreadful ride if you’re irritated all night.” Clark looks like a little angel in his sleep. “And we don’t want to wake the baby.”

Michael frowns a little. “Fine. What do you want me to say?”

He hasn’t always been like this. When we first met he was sweet and funny. He lit up every room he walked into. But he’s been getting a little bit angrier each passing day. First it was problems with the house, then his father died. Just a series of hardships. But I can still see that beautiful man I fell in love with all that time ago.

I clear my throat. “How about we talk about how we met. Isabella, dearest, don’t you want to hear about how I met Daddy?” I turn around to get Isabella’s attention, but she’s still wailing. “Isabella, are you listening to me?” Her face is red and streaked with tears.

“Belly, please calm down,” Michael says softly. His voice is so kind sometimes. “Please don’t make things harder for me.”

Isabella sniffs and shakes her head. “I want-“

“Belly, hush.” Michael is a bit sterner now. “Listen.”

“Thank you, Honey.” I smile. Michael is trying his best to control his anger. He tries, he really does. “Anyway, what was I saying? Oh yes, how we met.”

Those first days were magical. Of course, we met in the hospital where I was working. I was just a secretary, nothing important or anything. But Michael saw potential in me. He greeted me with the kindest, most beautiful smile. His eyes were blue and shining. He looked like someone out of a Disney movie. We chatted a bit as normal folks do. I checked him in, and he went away to his appointment. I thought nothing of it until a while later when I saw him out at a coffee shop. I couldn’t believe it! That’s how we reconnected, and we’ve been in love ever since.

I laugh. “Who would have thought I’d meet the man of my dreams while checking him in for athlete’s foot!”

Michael doesn’t laugh. He hardly ever laughs anymore.

I turn to Isabella again. “I used to write your daddy the sweetest letters. It was our little way of saying we loved each other.”

The car shakes a bit and I look back to Michael. He has started speeding again and the car is swerving into the next lane. “Be careful!” I hold Clark a little closer. “Do you want to kill your children?!”

“No,” he says quickly. “No, not my children.”

“That’s not nice to say,” I spit back at him. “Especially not in front of the kids.”

“What do you want me to say, then? That I love you? That things are perfect?”

“Well they would have been perfect if you could control your anger!” I clutch Clark a little tighter.

“My anger?!” he starts to shout.

All of a sudden police lights fill the highway with red light. We can hear sirens. “Shit,” Michael whispers.

“Language,” I reply.

“Should I pull over?” Michael’s face is white. He’s afraid of what will happen if we stop. Which makes sense, considering what he did back at the house. He never listens to me.

“You can’t pull over, Honey. You know what will happen.” I try to keep smiling. I know Clark is only a few months, but I don’t want him to hear us fight. He’s such a precious angel boy.

Michael is gripping the steering wheel even harder now. His words are calculated. “I’ll just pull over, and act like nothing’s wrong. It’ll be fine. I’ll just get a speeding ticket. No one will say anything.”

“Say anything! Say anything!” Isabella starts screaming again.

I’ve always been partial to little boys versus little girls. I don’t know when it started. I never had any brothers or sisters. Mother just had me. She always bought me boy dolls. Maybe that’s why.

“Isabella, please quiet down. Your daddy and I are speaking.”

But Isabella won’t stop screaming. “Mommy, my mommy!” Her voice is so grating. The sirens keep howling. They’re going to wake the baby.

“Please, let me pull over. I promise it’ll be fine. I’ll be good.” Michael’s eyes are begging me.

“Now honey, you know-“

“Mommy! Mommy!” Isabella won’t shut up. She is louder than the sirens. The lights are flashing. Michael won’t stop looking at me.

“Please, please.” Michael is looking at Clark now. Always about the kids. Except when it isn’t.

“Fine.” I relax my shoulders. I realize I have been holding onto Clark just a bit too tightly, and he has little white marks from my fingers. “Pull over.”

Michael pulls the car over to the side. Isabella is still screaming. Clark is snuggled neatly in my arms. I hear the car door open from the police car behind us. Michael is sweating. Big drops of sweat roll off that perfect Disney prince nose. His eyes are darting from Clark to Isabella. He knows. He knows.

I can see the policeman in the side mirror. He’s average looking. Boring. He taps twice on the glass.

Michael rolls the window down. He can’t stop his hands from shaking. Michael is so unpredictable, I don’t know what he’ll do next.

“Good evening, folks,” the policeman says in a friendly, almost cliché tone. “You were going about-“

The gun shot was louder than Isabella screaming. That shut her right up. The policeman wavered a bit before falling to the ground. The shot was straight between the eyes.

Michael stares at me, not the policeman. “Wha…….what are you….”

I smile sweetly back at him, lowering the gun a bit to rest nicely on my lap. “You are the one who wanted to pull over.” My tone is even. Sweet. Dripping with honey. I fix my bangs. “You never listen to me. That’s your one fault, you know. You aren’t a good listener.” I raise the gun and fire another shot. I hit my target again. Straight between the eyes. I’ve always been a good shot.

Michael opens his mouth to scream but I talk first. “No, you listen to me. I told you. I told you to do exactly as I say, or else your little brats will end up like your stupid whore wife. Isn’t that what I said?”

Michael is staring at the backseat. Isabella is quiet now. A bullet will do that.

“If you had just listened to me from the beginning. We are meant to be together. I told you that. I wrote to you again and again and you ignored me. You rejected me. You kept sleeping with that bitch.” I stroke the side of Clark’s face with a finger. “But I guess it all worked out for the best, huh? I can’t have kids of my own, but this little angel….he’s mine.” I look back at Michael, smiling. “And you’re mine.”

Michael is pale. He has no words, finally.

“Now shut up and drive, or else I’ll have to put a bullet into you too.”

There is a pause. Then Michael turns the key in the ignition. He’s crying, oh my sweet honey. He’s so sensitive, especially about the baby. We are on the road again. I hum a little and move Clark’s arms up and down like he’s dancing.

“Sweet angel,” I sing softly, “Want to hear the story of how your parents met?”

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What's the favorite scene you've written in The Albatross or is it yet to come? Can't tell you how excited I am for the new chapters. Its one of a kind.

My favorite scene is actually yet to come, anon. It’s going to be an amazing scene, if I can write it like it’s in my head. I’m so excited too!

From what I’ve written so far, god I can’t really pick, but I think that last scene in the first chapter was the most moving for me.  

He was not ready to let her walk away, never to see her again. And he knew he never would, not if he let her go.

He could not let her go.  

His arm shot out before he could command it not to and he tugged her back, the surprise vivid on her face. He stood, gazing down upon that face, that face that one moon ago had seemed quietly beautiful to him. He had been wrong. Her face had been so radiant, glowing, so bright that it had blinded him to her real beauty. He memorized that face-from the pink in her cheeks to the arch of her brows over bright, intelligent blue eyes to the soft, lush mouth and the pert nose to the dark waves of hair she had tied back with a leather cord, the line of her neck visible to his eyes. His eyes brushed over her features, feeling a kind of desperation he did not understand, had never wanted to.

His other hand coming up of its own accord, his rough fingers brushing over her cheek, feeling the warm, soft skin on the way to her lobe, taking a hold of her ear for the last time, feeling the texture under his rough fingers as he rubbed the flesh.

Her gaze softened on his and her hand came up to hold his wrist, rubbing his pulse with her thumb for the last time and he knew he could not let go. He was not strong enough. In such a short span of time, she had become an inevitability.

Moisture pooled in her luminous, blue eyes and he looked down into her face, the thought of not seeing her again making him ache so acutely as though a limb had been severed off his body. And that ache made him do what no gentleman would have done. He was no gentleman by any stretch of the imagination.

He slowly, softly, took a hold of her mouth with his, swallowing her gasp of surprise, and kissed her like he had wanted to for so long, like his blood had demanded for so long.

“Don’t go,” he muttered softly and she blinked up at him.

“And what will you do if I don’t?” she asked equally softly.

He did not have an answer. He did not know what he would do. They could not continue like they had and he could not marry her. But the thought of letting her walk back into her world, never to hear her laugh again, never to hear her curse at him, was not something he could live with either. That was what he should have done. He should have let her go to her house and live her life, marry a man she deserved and become a mother to many children. His gut knotted and a sour taste filled his mouth.

She smiled softly at him, like she always did, squeezing his wrist. “Thank you for everything.”

No. No. No. No.

He had to keep her. He had to keep her just a little longer. Till he was ready.

He kissed her soft lips again and she let him, tentatively kissing him back before the fever in their bloods dictated their mouths, making them devour each other, meshing together like they were meant to. Kissing her was his sip of elixir. He tasted the little sounds she made, and he knew, right there, that she would not be going. He would do whatever he had to to keep her.

Just as he was about to delve in again, he heard a loud shout coming from his front.

“How dare you!”

Pulling back, he quickly shoved her behind him, his hand coming up swiftly to the hilt of his sword when he felt an odd, cold sensation throughout his body. Confused, he tried to take the sword out and felt his blood run cold when he could not move. He could not move. Not a little. Nothing. He was frozen, his muscles locking in place completely, that cold sensation still in his body, his heart thumping with the need to fight, to protect her.

Looking at the group of five people coming towards them with their dark robes flapping with each step, his eyes settled upon the old man in the center, carrying a long, detailed gold stick, as long as his arm, which was pointed at the two of them. The old man had so much hatred in his eyes that it was almost tangible.

He tried to shift and get the sword out again but his body refused to cooperate, not budging even slightly. Frustration, and something akin to fear, filled him.

“Father…” he heard her speak softly from behind him and realization dawned upon him like a bucket of water. The old man was her father, the father she had never spoken of, the father who was somehow responsible for rendering him immovable, wielding that gold stick.

“Quiet!” the old man roared, coming to a stop in front of them, the other four men, dressed in similar robes stopping behind him.

Her father’s eyes cut to him, the disgust in them acute and he looked back, unable to do anything, and getting frustrated at his inability to move.

“Albatross,” her father began, addressing him and he heard her sharp intake of breath at his common name. His gut clenched knowing the way her mind must be wandering, remembering all the horrific stories about him, having heard all the monstrous tales. He did not want her to think him a monster, even if he were so. Not her.

“You have ruined my daughter,” the old man spit out, enraged.

He opened his mouth but his tongue was stuck, frozen like the rest of his body, and he could not speak. Defending himself was less important than defending her.

He felt her step out from behind him, her fingers gripping his wrist for strength as she faced the older man.

“That is untrue, father,” she began and the man roared again, livid, his hand striking the side of her face loudly, the gold stick swinging away.

The moment the stick moved, he felt movement rush back to his limbs and he stepped in front of her again, pulling her close to his side, furious at the man for laying a hand on her.

“She has not been touched,” he stated firmly to his audience, feeling the slight tremble in her body and her cheek swelling where her father had struck her. His anger swelled as he looked at the mark.

Before he could do anything though, the old man pointed the gold stick at him again, making him completely immobile and stepped forward. The sun shone on his back, the heat intensifying as he looked straight at the old man, hatred filling him.

“You really think me a fool?” he started, keeping the stick pointed at him. “A man like you, of you reputation, keeps my daughter on his ship for days and you wish me to believe she is untouched?”

“Father,” she began again.

“You disgrace!” he grit out at her. “Do not call me your father!”

“He rescued me. He did not touch me. Please let him go,” she begged and he felt his teeth grind, wanting to stop her and take her back to his ship, away from the people who loathed her so, who rendered her to grovel for him. She deserved better.

The old man did not reply but instead gazed back at her in sudden silence. The quiet between the two only made him look closely at them, mainly at her.

He saw understanding dawn upon her face and her eyes widen at whatever she read in her father’s face and she started to shake her head frantically at him, paling.

“No, father!” she shouted, rushing forward a step. “Please. Do not. I beg of you. Please.”

He did not understand as he stood rooted to the spot but the palpable fear in her voice made chills run over his body, her grip on his wrist almost painful now.

Turning his gaze back to the old man, he saw his wrinkled, leathery face blank of all expression before he raised his cold, dark eyes to her. He saw the old man’s eyes move to the place where she was gripping him, then at his face, the chill in his blood intensifying at the look in his eyes.

“You have disgraced me, daughter,” her father spoke in a firm, stoic voice. “Now bear the consequences of your actions.”

He saw the old man raise his other hand, palm out, towards her and suddenly, he felt her grip on his wrist go lax. He swung his gaze to her, his heart beating faster and faster, as he saw her knees give away, her body collapsing on the rocky ground, immovable like him, in a mass of limbs with no movement but just blinking up at him.

His pulse was pounding and blood rushing to his ears as he stood looking down, his gaze locked on hers, everything inside him trying to reach for her but unable to even twitch.

The old man turned to him then, his eyes hard and lips pursed, his wrinkled skin tanned and impenetrable.

“I will let her go painlessly for she was coerced, but you,” her father spoke, pointing his gold stick at the wrist she had been holding. “You vile monster, you are going to suffer for your deeds. You are going to suffer endlessly and feel this pain for as long as you will live, every time that you will live.”

His heart pounding, he saw through his eyes as the gold stick inched forward, getting closer and closer to his skin, the man chanting something in a different language, his eyes closed and head thrown back, his voice getting louder and louder. He saw that gold come closer and closer and he could feel it in his bones that the moment it touched, it would reign destruction.

His jaw hurt from clenching it so tightly and inevitably, the gold touched his wrist, exactly where her thumb had been, and the breath left his body in a rush, his knees crumpling, making him fall to the rocky ground hard on his side. He still could not move.

After a moment of chanting, the old man touched the stick to his heart as he lay then turned away. He heard them leave, their footsteps fading away as his eyes went to her.

She blinked at him, her face slowly paling as the sun beat on their backs and the only sounds those of waves crashing against the rocks, hitting them then retreating.

Swallowing down his parched throat, he just started to speak, at least tried to, to alleviate the fear he saw in her gaze, the fear that was more a punch in the gut to him than anything else that had happened, when the spot on his wrist slowly started to grow uncomfortable, the skin on the spot getting mottled, turning hotter, before it began to burn from the inside out. Searing pain consumed him as the inside out burn assaulted his body, inflaming his entire body, the sun that had been warm a moment ago becoming a furnace that blazed his blood. He was burning alive, the scream from the pain trapped in his throat, feeling his skin slowly char under the sun.

His pained eyes found hers just in time to see a tear trickle down into her hair. He saw her inhale deeply and push herself to a crawl, reaching for him.

His skin was completely burnt now, and he knew whatever was happening to him would not be hasty. He would not die quickly.

The fire burned him from the inside, and he felt a sharp pain shoot up both his sides, his legs already feeling severed. Everything was pain. And burn. Raw flesh. Agony.

He saw through his agonized eyes as she managed to move forward slightly and extended her hand, trying to reach for his, her entire body straining and he just lay there on his side, his arm out, burning alive.

The tears never left her eyes. The mouth he had kissed moments ago trembling as she strained, her whole body shaking. That mouth had been his one slice of heaven. Only one.

He did not dare blink lest he miss one movement from her, his own mouth starting to shake as the inevitability of what was happening thrust upon him.

Her fingers passed his, and he watched, every muscle cringing in silent agony as she slowly touched her fingers to his wrist. His wrist.

A tear escaped his own eyes as she watched him, keeping a hold of that burning flesh, giving him another glimpse of heaven in the fires of his hell.

He should never have brought her here. He should have taken her with him and made her his. He should have kissed her every moment and every chance he had gotten and let go of. He should have told her so many things.

But now he could not. Now he could only watch as she struggled for breaths, gasping silently and watch as her eyes shut close. Her eyes closed and brute desperation kicked inside him. No. No. No. He could not accept it. This was never supposed to be her end. She was supposed to live a happy life. She was supposed to read books and laugh and soothe. Her eyes were not supposed to close.

The desperation in him managed to make his wrist just twitch slightly, but enough that she opened her eyes. She blinked once, softly, like she did when she just woke up in the morning and kept her gaze on him. And he watched, his jaw trembling and tears threatening to burst, slowly, as the life seeped out of her face, the light finally leaving her eyes with one last tear.

His insides tore open and he opened his mouth on a silent scream that wouldn’t come, his chest howling in pain that was not from the burns, tears leaving him as he just looked at her open eyes, dead eyes. She did not deserve this. She had never deserved this.

He howled in the hollow of his heart, everything inside him cracking and shattering to pieces.

And he lay there on his side, slowly burning to his death, the scent of burning flesh permeating the air around him, his own body his inferno.

He lay there on his side, fading away in torment, unable to writhe or scream or groan in pain.

He lay there on his side as the sun sank away in the sky and darkness descended but the burn did not leave his flesh, charring it to the rock.

He lay on his side, going through that agony, anchoring himself to her eyes that stared blankly at him, the tears dried on her face.  

He lay there on his side, feeling the pain become white noise, the pain become tolerable, his flesh growing numb as he felt the life seep out of him too, his eyes finally letting go of hers, nothing left for him anymore.

And till his last breath, he felt her fingers, still wrapped around his wrist.

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Hey, you know when you mentioned in one of your posts that you don't care for Max Tennyson? Could you please explain? I love character analysis, and I can't wait to see what you have to say! But no bashing please. I can't take anyone who bashes seriously.

I was not expecting someone to actually ask, but just keep in mind that you did ask for me to open up this can of worms. Everything from here is coming out because you asked. No more, no less.

I don’t care for Max Tennyson, I never really have and even as an older person I still don’t. He rubbed me the wrong way as a kid and now that I can actually pin point why… I don’t know how many times I have ranted with my friends about my dislike for this man. This is going to get long so buckle your seat-belts and get ready for a ride on my honestly rather salty analysis of this character.

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Okay so imagine that Steve gave Tony his dog tags before Civil War because they were together, happily in love. But once the fighting begins, things get messy between them and at the end of it, they don’t really know where they stand with each other. But Tony is convinced that Steve has made up his mind so he plans to erase him from his life even though he struggles letting the only person he’s truly loved go. 

But imagine Tony laying in bed at night, curled up underneath the duvet as he clutches the dog tags that rests so well against his chest. Tony can never let them go and he’s tried so many times but it feels so wrong. It’s painful that they’re there because they remind him so much of Steve as well as a happier and more simpler time. Tony curses himself for not letting them go as it only shows that he’s weak. 

And in love with Steve. 

While Steve stays in his hideout, heart aching and cold at the thought of Tony no longer loving him or wanting him in his life ever again. The thoughts are so painful that they keep him up at night, eyes glued to the phone that rest on his bedside table. 

Hoping one day that it will ring.

He yearns for Tony more than ever. 

At the back of his mind, he can’t help but wonder if Tony still has his dog tags, wonders if Tony still kept that little piece of him despite everything. 

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Wow shinee really can't do any wrong huh? You people are so blind I shouldn't even bother. A 30 year old has no business saying a 17 year old looks good! He can go have a heart attack somewhere instead of trying creeping on them. Jesus christ

let’s get this fucking clear. shinee have done wrong things in the past, nobody’s protecting them. but what onew did is not wrong: he NEVER even said her name for crying out loud! the host during that show said he onew had said that he thought tzuyu was PRETTY. you can’t even say an underage idol is pretty now?? it’s the most unharmful thing. next, onew always changes the name of the person during these questions because, as he said, he does it to annoys the reporters and does not take them seriously. what, do you expect him to truthly say who’s he’s idol type on a fucking show? do you think variety shows are completely truthful?? also, i doubt, really really fucking doubt onew even knows there ages. he probably said nayeon because she’s one of the most popular from twice. so shut the fuck up, don’t you fucking dare ever wish someone death. i hope you grow up, LEARN the full story before you say bullshit.

voicelessthings replied to your post: OP 852 - Afterthoughts

I agree that Luffy isnt going to be one to care that Nami is half naked, but people who are asexual can still be in romantic relationships. I’m totally okay with people shipping anything they like and (please done mistake this for SanNami hate!) but I wouldn’t say that Luffy’s asexuality alone is a reason to say he is a poor match for someone. I’ve never really felt sexual attraction either but I’m married with a kid so I guess I just relate to him

Thank you for your comment. ^^  I think maybe I should clarify my point a bit better.  Someone being asexual doesn’t mean that they don’t/can’t have feelings towards others.  I understand that.  

Just because I don’t agree with something doesn’t mean I’m going to tell others that they’re wrong or that I expect them to agree with me.  There’s a level of respect there that people are going to have different opinions.  It kind of pisses me off when others don’t treat me the same.  Considering that I received troll hate daily for 2 weeks straight because of some immature little shipper treating me like shit for not agreeing with them, I think I’m entitled to state my opinion.

Luffy cares very deeply for his crew, family, and many friends.  I would never say that he doesn’t.  Where I was arguing in my post is that, at this point in the story (and everything prior), I cannot see Luffy having romantic feelings towards anyone.  I just can’t and that’s my opinion.  The pages I pointed out in 852 confirmed that for me.  


“Dean? What’s wrong?”
“Uhm- *wipes tears* nothing man, uh, how was the case? was it Lucifer?”
“Well, yea but.. Dean you look.. where’s Mary?”
“Oh Mary? Mary left. *drinks his beer*”
“Dean, what happened?”
“Well, apparently we weren’t what she thought.. I guess I wasn’t what she wanted, can never please the parents I guess. *Pained chuckle* *finishes bottle, stands up to get another*”
“Dean you can’t possibly think-”
“It doesn’t really matter Cas, it’s nothing I didn’t know! You think I wasn’t aware I wasn’t the son they’d want? I mean with all the shit I’ve done- *voice breaks*”
*Cas walks towards Dean, stands in front of him.. looks at the little human with his head down. Lifts Deans chin up slowly*

“Dean…you are the man I left Heaven for. You are the man I stand next to, I killed my brothers and sisters for you, I gave everything up for you. I continue to do everything I can possibly do for you, I always come when you call, I always try to help you the best I can. Do you think I’d leave Heaven for someone that wasn’t worthy of everything? I wish you’d give yourself credit for everything you do Dean Winchester.”

“Cas… she left”

“Her loss *Pulls him into a soft, sweet hug. Whispering "it’s ok” in Deans ear as he cries silently*

MONSTA X Reaction to You Wanting to Do It With Them, but also Being Scared That it May Hurt {Requested}

Warning this post contains mild smut.

Shownu: You and Shownu were watching TV when you both realized that there were other things you wanted to do. As you start kissing on the sofa, Shownu reaches down and starts fiddling with the button on your jeans. You grab his hand and hold it still. He looks up at you and says “Y/N what’s wrong? I thought you wanted to?” As you hesitantly look away from him you explain that you really want to but that you’re scared. He smiles at you, and brushes your hair off of your face before saying “ Jagiya, I will never hurt you. I promise. We’ll go slow and I’ll hold you close.” You look him in the eye and see that he means it completely and slowly move your hands so that he can slide your pants all the way down. 

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Wonho: Everything was happening so fast! One moment you were greeting Wonho with a kiss at the door, the next moment he had picked you up and laid you out on he bed all while kissing you. As he pulled off your top and reached back to unhook your bra, you suddenly broke the kiss and said “Wait!” He stared at you confused but with eyes still filled with desire. “What is it Y/N?” he asked as he stroked your thigh up and down. You pulled the blankets over your head and whispered “I’m scared of the pain.” Wonnie laughed and you reached out a hand and hit with the pillow. He grabbed your hand and replied “Jagiya, I will never let any harm come to you. I’m good at this and I want this with you. Trust me.” He pulled the covers away and reached for your bra again. You let him take it off and start kissing you with no more hesitation.

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Kihyun: Kihyun and you had been together for a while now. there had been times when you had come close to finally sleeping together but you always ended things early. You knew Kihyun was a little frustrated and confused and that you had to tell him what was going on. As you both sat in his car in front of your apartment you confided that you wanted to sleep with him but that you were a baby when it comes to pain. He breathed a sigh of relief before saying “Y/N, I thought that you wanted to break up or something. I was so scared! Don’t worry baby i promise that when we do make love that it will be beautiful and perfect like you.” As he reaches over to give you a goodbye kiss you whisper in his ear “Do you want to come in right now and keep your promise?” He nods yes and you both quickly hop out of the car and head inside.

Originally posted by kihyeun

Minhyuk: You are in the shower when you hear the door open. “Minhyuk is that you?” You call out. The curtain slowly opens and Minhyuk says “Yes” while admiring your beautiful body. You try not to be embarrassed as he gazes at you and slowly licks his lips. “Let me get in with you” he says. You start stuttering “Umm n-n-o baby um I-i-i i’m almost done!” He doesn’t listen and starts removing his shirt and pants. He says “Baby please can we….” and leaves the sentence hanging. You look down at your feet and tell him that you’re scared. He removes the rest of his clothing hops in the shower and holds you tight. “Jagiya, with me you never have to be scared of anything. Let me show you how much I love you.” He begins to kiss your neck and you feel yourself become weak in the knees. The bathroom mirror starts to fog up but you both know that the steam from the shower isn’t to blame.

Originally posted by shownubot

Hyungwon: You’re doing the laundry when Hyungwon approaches you from the back pulls you in and says “Why are you busy right now? I want you.” You shrug out of his embrace and tell him that the clothes won’t wash themselves. He pulls you back and nuzzles his head in your neck. “Y/N, you know there’s something I’ve been wanting us to do, and we are all alone right now.” You push his head of of you and try to take a step away. He grabs your wrist. “What is it? What’s the matter with me wanting to make love to you?” You take a step closer to him and quietly tell him that you’re scared of the pain that might come because it’s your first time. He smiles and pulls you back into his hug and places his neck on your shoulder. “There’s no need to be scared, sure it may hurt a little but it will feel so much better once we’re done. Let me be your first baby.” His hands drop to your waist and he slowly starts pulling your pants down, you look him in the eye grab his neck and pull him in for a kiss. You love him and trust him and the laundry can wait til later.

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Jooheon: You and Jooheon are the last ones left at the studio. Ya’ll spent the entire day going over his last track for his mixtape and you are both tired. As he steps out of the booth towards you he smiles and says “You know what would make this day end perfectly?” You already have a clue of what he might say but still ask “What?” anyway. He replies with a mischievous grin “Making love to you Y/N” You blush and try to laugh it off. “I’m serious!” he declares “I need you baby.” He kisses your cheek and you push his shoulder telling him that you’re a little nervous to sleep with him. That you have never slept with anyone before. He kisses your cheek again “Well baby that means that I will be your first and your last! Don’t be afraid, I promise to be gentle. Let me be there for you.” as he kisses you lips this time you reach forward and unbutton his pants. He smirks. “You changed your mind fast.” he says lifting your shirt up and kissing your chest. You both know that you won’t be leaving the studio anytime soon.

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I.M.: “I’m scared” you whisper to I.M. as he pulls your panties down. “I’ve never done this before.” He stops. “Me neither” he confesses. “But this feels right, right now and I want us to share this moment together. Let’s be each other’s firsts.” You think it over. You don’t want to let a little pain keep you away from your amazing boyfriend who you know would die for you. You wrap your arms around his neck. “Let’s do it, I’m a big girl.” he smiles at you. “I know you are.” He whispers and pulls the covers over you so that you be hidden from the world, only focused on each other.

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