he realizes she's the real deal

Altean Anastasia AU with Altean Lance and Plance.

Altea is destroyed but the Galra do not get to wipe out the entire race and conquer the universe. Zarkon is killed, though Haggar lives and plagues Alfors living family. Alfor and his wife are dead. But there are rumors that her younger brother, Lance, survived.

Pidge aided Lance in his and Allura’s escape but his pod was lost and crashed. He landed and was found by the Blade of Marmora with no memory of who he was before.

Years later, Pidge and Hunk hope to leave their current outpost with a candidate who can pass as the lost Prince Lance. Pidge and Hunk turn him into the perfect prince, although he seems to know things even they don’t know. Hunk is buttering up Allura’s cousin, Lotor, when Pidge realizes Lance is the real deal. And even more real are her feelings for him.

Allura is tired of being disappointed. Every time she thinks someone has found her darling baby brother, she’s disappointed. She refuses to entertain Pidge and Lance is hurt realizing Pidge had started all of this to get reward money from Allura.

Lance has it out with Haggar when Pidge comes to his rescue. They take Haggar on together but she’s too strong. Sensing their distress, Allura arrives and finishes the witch off for good so she can never hurt anyone ever again.

Half Past 5

Nothing never felt as disappointing to Y/N as feeling impossible to be loved by the one you love. Even more so when she fucked Harry every night.

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Heyy could you please let the Rfa+V+Saeran react to Mc being a reallife princess??

Holy shit, this one is amazing. Thank you.

Okay, before writing this, I googled if Korea had a royal family and… well, holy shit, the history is fascinating.

Here’s the link. I might operate under the idea that she’s a Korean Princess, or I might work under the idea that she’s a princess from a different country (like a European country, or something else, IDK).


  • He was going through a history textbook when he came across a picture of the Empress of Korea before they were forced out
  • Yoosung ended up laughing
  • “Hey MC! Check it out! You look kind of like her!”
  • “Yoosung, that’s my great-grandmother.”
  • “What?! But that’s the Empress!”
  • “I know. I’m technically a Princess.”
  • He just about faints
  • I mean, this is the woman he’s dating
  • They play LOLOL, they hold hands, they kiss, they’ve gotten close to….
  • Yoosung’s freaking out because he’s almost had sex with a literal Princess
  • It’d be one thing if it was in a game, but this is real life!
  • Once the freak out wears off, Yoosung is more interested in protecting her and treating her like she deserves to be treated
  • She makes him stop, to some extent, because he keeps saying he wants to “treat [her] like a princess!”


  • She didn’t really put two and two together (not that MC would have told her anything)
  • She didn’t realize that MC was actually Korean Royalty, especially given the history
  • It wasn’t until her father decided to come to visit from Japan that MC had to fess up to it
  • Jaehee was shocked
  • Secretly, she couldn’t help but think how much this was like a fairy tail (or a fantasy she had as a kid of meeting a Princess in disguise that fell in love with her)
  • MC’s not expected to inherit anything, but a Princess being in love with a woman is a little bit of a scandal
  • MC manages to duck the news and keep things clean so that their cafe isn’t hounded by the press when her father goes home
  • Jaehee ends up taking the whole thing surprisingly well, she just asks that, any huge surprises like that come sooner than later
  • Secretly giddy she’s in love with a princess that loves her back


  • When he first called her “Princess” she damn near had a heart attack
  • How did he know?! Except, then she realized he couldn’t
  • MC hadn’t used her real name as her username, let alone anything related to her name
  • When he did find out, his eyes were the size of dinner plates
  • He tried to bow, but MC stopped him
  • “It’s not a big deal.” The hell it isn’t, MC.
  • Of course, he refuses to give her up for the world, but he calls himself her loyal knight from then on
  • Also, he makes it his personal duty to protect her from all harm


  • … yeah, it was a tabloid that recognized her.
  • Here’s the thing, MC didn’t think it would be a problem, right?
  • Royalty in Korea are just people who live in relative obscurity
  • Sometimes they make the paper, but it’s like a Bigfoot sighting in the US, nobody puts much stock into it
  • But no, MC had to start dating a rich, powerful, famous man, surrounded by paparazzi and people who run background checks
  • Once it’s confirmed by multiple sources and MC herself, Jumin is surprised, but pleased in a small way
  • it’s a good PR move and his father will adore it and be forced to accept their marriage
  • Jumin ends up using it as an excuse to pamper her and buy her expensive things
  • He likes finding traditional, old fashioned jewelry for her to wear


  • Haha
  • He spat out his Ph.D Pepper
  • Seriously, you don’t expect to do a background check on a girl, only to find out she’s a literal princess
  • It’s why he wouldn’t share her photo
  • It’s also why he found it so easy to flirt with her
  • She was, by all foreseeable standards, unavailable
  • The perfect girl for him
  • But when things go well with them, and he starts to see himself having a life with her (a normal one), he panics
  • Like “nope, sorry Your Highness! I’m just a lowly bastard (in the literal sense), not worth the soil you walk on!”
  • Except that Korean royalty were forced out of their own country and are currently just title holders, hold no real power and just kind of…. exists?
  • They do make jokes about how the son of the Korean Prime Minister and a Princess of Korea fell in love


  • He knew she was foreign
  • That, V could deduce for himself
  • Between her distinct accent and red hair, he figured it was obvious
  • He just didn’t know where from
  • One day, while they were sitting at home, watching tv together, there was a knock on the door
  • When V answered it, it was a reporter who was trying to force her way into to talk to “Princess MC”
  • Well, needless to say, MC explains, yeah, she’s a princess, she’s from Europe
  • He doesn’t treat her much differently, but he tries his best to help her hide her identity from the press
  • However, when MC has to go home and visit her family, V joins her on this mini vacation and uses it as a chance to take photos


  • Mildly embarrassed the trope was turned on its head
  • “Prince Charming rescues girl, they ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after!”
  • More like “Princess MC rescues Saeran from clutches of evil cult, then drags him off to a hospital to seek medical and mental help so that he can begin to recover from the life long shit he’s been wading through.”
  • Well, she doesn’t order him to get better, but she does sit with him a lot and basically forces him to get better, even if it’s only so much
  • Saeran takes measures to protect her identity from the public, keeping her hidden in plain sight so that she doesn’t get attention she doesn’t want
  • When a news station plans to run the story about how they found her, Saeran has algorithms that figure it out and he then blackmails the station into dropping the story
  • Saeran’s justification?
  • “MC says she loves me, but she’s never told me about being a princess so she doesn’t want anyone to know so no one will ever know unless she wants them to.”

Was I the only one who loved The Dragonpit/After Viserion’s death scene more than the sex scene? Don’t get me wrong, I loved boatsex but scene’s where Dany and Jon open up to each other are far more touching than any sex scene they can give us tbh.

Daenerys waiting for Jon even though she knows he’s gone for good.

Then Dany seeing his stab wounds. Her seeing them for the first time was more than just Ser Davos confirming what she was curious about. It was also a “Damn, this man is actually the real deal.”

For episodes 3-5, the two liked each other (Which was obvious since Davos and Tyrion teased Jon about staring at Dany, and Dany’s more open expressions about not wanting him to leave Dragonstone.) but always kept their feelings guarded. Its understandable. The two were getting to know one another and didn’t know how to show their affections to the other persons.

But after realizing Dany lost a dragon and Jon almost lost his life, they decided to open up.

Jon, though he was liking Dany, made it clear that there’s no time for romantic feelings when the White Walkers were near. Dany gives him the “Please fuck me now” eyes before he leaves and Jon’s just like “I’ll see you later k bye”, but in that scene, he grabs her hand. He touches her. He expresses his remorse for the loss of her dragon. He calls her Dany, which was cheesy, but was a sign of her being more than just his friend.

Dany is also breaking in this scene over her loss, which is why I don’t understand how people say that she just blew Viserion’s death off. She cries. She lets him know that he was right all along and that she’s there to help him. She opens up about being barren. She opens up about Viserys. She opens up to him. She’s sitting there waiting for him to wake up.

I just loved it.

Cafe Conversation (4 Weeks of Fluff Day 8)

In this AU, Simon and Baz didn’t get together when they investigated Baz’s mother’s murder. Hope you enjoy! @4wksoffluff

Word Count: 1468


Penny was quite obviously annoyed with Simon. They were sitting at a table at a café and Simon was ignoring her completely. A few minutes ago he had spotted a man across the street with longish black hair and an incredibly familiar frame. Simon was almost certain it was Baz but it was too far away to be completely sure. 

“Simon who are you staring at?” Penny asked, cheeks red with frustration.

“Um, I don’t know…does he look familiar?” Simon asked.

Penny glanced in the direction he was looking.

“Does who look familiar? There’s like a million people sitting over there.”

Simon bit his lip. Now he wasn’t so sure it was Baz. He’d hoped Penny would immediately recognize him and reassure Simon that he was right. But if he was wrong he didn’t want to be accused of being obsessed with Baz, even if he actually was. 

“Oh I just thought I recognized the guy with the black hair,” Simon mumbled.

This time Penny turned and gave her full concentration. 

“Oh, you mean Basilton. Yeah I think that’s him,” Penny said.

“Oh,” Simon said, keeping his eyes averted.

Since they’d graduated Watford three years ago Simon hadn’t seen his former roommate ever again. It had been strange at first, no longer sharing a room with someone who’d always been there since he was eleven. Eventually he had gotten used to it, but it didn’t mean he’d stopped thinking about Baz. Over time he’d begun to question whether or not he’d ever really hated him or if it had been something else entirely.

Penny was studying him, a smirk on her face.

“Let’s invite him to eat with us,” Penny said.

Simon’s eyes widened, panicked.

“No! He looks like he’s already seated. Besides, he probably doesn’t even remember us,” Simon said.

Penny snorted.

“Baz was just as fixated on you as you were on him at Watford.”

“Shut up,” Simon hissed.

Penny stood up and grabbed her cloth napkin, waving it in the air like a signal.

Hey Basilton! Yeah, you! Come over here and converse with your fellow alumni!” 

Simon knew his face was beet red, knew it but had no idea how to stop it. He couldn’t look up, couldn’t even speak, as Penny settled back into her seat and watched him triumphantly.

“You’re welcome,” She said.

“Excuse me?” Simon choked out.

Just then, Baz arrived at their table his expression amused but distant. He was wearing dark wash jeans and an expensive looking dark green sweater. His gray eyes seemed to spark against the hazy gloom of the morning. Simon felt his heart thump faster as Baz took a seat next to him.

“Ah, the Watford heroes. How’s life as a retired chosen one and side-kick?” Baz asked.

Penny huffed angrily.

“Side-kick? I’m the one who figured out how to get Simon’s magic back, I think I’ll settle for the brainy tech hero who helps the idiot brave hero in her spare time, thank you very much,” She said. 

Baz glanced at Simon and away.

“So he’s not a Normal after all?” Baz asked.

“I’m right here,” Simon mumbled.

“No he’s not and he’s a lot better at magic these days, now that he has a normal amount,” Penny said.

Baz, without looking at Simon, turned slightly in his direction.

“So how did you miraculously bounce back?” He asked.

“Agatha’s dad noticed that I still had some magical energy. It was really low and nothing I could really access but he assured me it meant I wasn’t a Normal. Then Penny spent some time with various energy spells and tried to channel it to my magic. Overtime I healed, not a big deal,” Simon said.

“Would have been easier with you Baz, what with your connection to Simon’s magic,” Penny said.

“A deal is a deal. He helped me find my mother’s killer and I, well I didn’t kill him. Nothing else was required of me,” Baz said. 

“I’m so glad we got to catch up,” Simon muttered. 

“Damn, they only have the fake sugar packets. I’m going to go ask for some real sugar, I’ll be right back,” Penny said.

When she left, the table went silent. Simon played awkwardly with the edge of his menu and glanced up at Baz. He made a noise when he realized Baz was already staring back at him. There was something in his eyes, something that told Simon not to say something stupid in that moment. Instead, he stared back without saying a word.

“Would it have really helped? Me having done the spells?” Baz asked.

“Probably,” Simon said.

“Do you think…do you think we’re still connected? I mean, to your magic,” Baz said.

“I don’t know. I’m not sure if that was because of all the magic I had or if it was, I don’t know, an us thing,” Simon said.

“An us thing,” Baz repeated.

Simon swallowed nervously. His palms felt slick against his jeans and he didn’t know what to say. 

“Do you want to try it?” Baz asked.

“Try what?”

“Try to share it again…just to see,” Baz said.

Simon bit his lip.

“But we’re in public, won’t it be a little…?”

“I won’t do any spells,” Baz promised.

Simon wanted to tell him that it wasn’t scaring the Normals that he was afraid of but rather the intimacy of it. The last time they’d shared magic had been back in their room in Watford, away from the rest of the world. Simon wasn’t sure he wanted anyone, even Penny, to see them like that.

He reached across the table and grabbed Baz’s hand. He felt his heart jump and glanced up to see that Baz’s mouth had opened slightly, as if the physical contact had surprised him. His skin was just as he remembered it, smooth and a little bit cold. He tried to relax his mind, to push his magic out tentatively towards Baz.

Baz gasped.

“Penny…she said your magic was normal…” He whispered.

Simon looked away.

“Simon…are you sure this is safe?” Baz asked.

“I’m not what I used to be, not at all. There are no more holes. But whoever my parents were, they were powerful. I think I’m even stronger than Ebb.”

“So you were always meant to be made of magic,” Baz said, wonder in his voice.

Simon was about to ask what he meant by that when a waiter came and asked for their orders. Simon tried his best to remember Penny’s order and wondered where the hell she had gone off to find sugar. Baz seemed jittery, not able to shake off Simon’s magic.

“You’re right, it’s not nearly as strong as it was before. But it’s still intense,” Baz said.

Simon shrugged.

“Genetics I guess.”

Baz frowned.

“Is something wrong Snow? You’ve barely looked at me since I sat down,” Baz said.

“I could say the same thing to you,” Simon replied, voice defensive.

Baz clenched his jaw, looking torn.

“It’s not…I don’t think you’d understand,” He said. 

Simon made an effort to keep his gaze on Baz steady.

“Try me.”

Baz smiled briefly and then sighed.

“Simon I…I’ve had feelings for you for a very long time. I thought being away from you would help. That I could meet a nice guy in college and forget all about you but it hasn’t happened. And I don’t think it will,” Baz said.

Simon felt excitement flutter in his stomach.

“I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable. I don’t expect you to do anything about it or say anything. But, you asked,” He said.


“Really it’s not like you have to say anything, I get it.”

“Shut up,” Simon said.

Baz glanced at him in surprise.


Simon leaned across the table and kissed Baz, a brief touch of lips, before settling back into his seat.

Baz blinked for a minute or so.

“Um…” he said.

“Yes?” Simon said.

“So uh, does that mean…”

“Would you please go on a date with me Baz? Maybe next Friday around seven?” Simon asked.

Baz nodded, cheeks slightly pink.

Penny ran over, clapping her hands excitedly.

“How exciting! You two have a date!”

“Where the hell have you been?” Simon asked.

“Getting the sugar, like I said,” Penny replied.

“So, where’s the sugar?” Baz asked.

She glanced down and swore.

“I uh, must have dropped it,” She said.

Baz laughed, his grey eyes crinkling around the corners. Simon couldn’t help but laugh too, especially given how red Penny’s face was. It was cold out, and they all had jobs they’d have to leave for soon, but Simon felt happier than he had in a long time. It seemed that the piece that had been missing from Simon’s life since he’d left Watford had finally come back to him.

You know what makes Dear Evan Hansen so special and realistic and relatable? He has social anxiety and depression and he comes from a normal surrounding. I think people tend to think that depressed people go through extreme situations (abuse, neglect, drugs, traumatizing events), and while that’s true, depression isn’t always like that. But when you’re from a “normal” environment and you say you’re depressed or suicidal people tend to think you’re exaggerating and drowning in a glass of water, you get comments like “things could be worse” or “what could you be depressed about? Your life’s good” and that’s very insensitive and doesn’t help, it does the opposite: you feel ashamed, guilty and ungrateful because they’re virtually right and that makes you’re depression worse. There’s nothing particularly bad about your life, but just because there’s nothing bad it doesn’t mean is good either. And what you’re really saying with that is “I have this idea of what depression looks like and what causes it and you don’t fit so it’s not valid or real”.

But Evan feels alone because he’s invisible at school, his mother is rarely around and he thinks she hated him and Jared always tells him they’re family friends and not real friends. He may mean it as a joke since in Good For You he tells Evan he should remember who are his real friends, but when you don’t know where you stand in most of your relationships comments like that can hurt and you may not be able to realize they’re meant as a joke because when they come from anyone else they’re not, so you don’t know the difference.

Evan has a normal life but he still has depression, because that’s how mental illnesses are: they’re triggered by different situations for different people. What may not kill you may kill other people. And I’m tired of depression always being linked to extreme situations on tv shows, books and movies cause it only fuels that myth. DEH is good and real and relatable because it breaks that myth, and deals with it beautifully. When his mother finds out about how he feels at first she’s angry, but I think she’s more angry at herself than Evan cause she feels she’s not enough and she doesn’t know what she’s doing wrong, but in So Big/So Small she realizes that she’s human and she’s not perfect, and so isn’t Evan. And she accepts him, tells him that she loves him and hugs him. Instead of telling him he has “no real reason” to feel miserable.

DEH deals with a depiction of depression more close to mine than any other I’ve seen before. And I hope people watch it and realize people can be depressed in all kind of environments and situations. Extreme or not. And it’s still VALID.

Title: With a Little Help From My Friends

Summary: You’re bitter and angry after Cas once again leaves on the Kelly Kline case. Except here’s the real kicker. He left with her. Dean is just as upset as you which leads to a rather unfortunate accident.

Pairing: Reader x Dean, Reader x Castiel

Warnings: just some rough smut, y’all

Originally posted by sensitivehandsomeactionman

           You’ve seen red maybe a handful of times in your life, but this time takes the cake. Castiel, the angel you’ve been in love with since day one, the angel you thought loved you back, ran off into the sunset with Kelly Kline and her monster baby. He left you. Again. And you’re fucking pissed.

           Dean’s in about the same frame of mind if his stomping around the bunker like an overgrown toddler is any indication. The two of you fall into a sort of pattern together. He’ll glare, you’ll mutter, he’ll stomp around, you’ll throw things. Usually things you can find in Cas’s room. Like that framed photograph of the two of you at the beach a couple of summers back. The sight of it is enough to have you flinging it across his bedroom with enough force Dean comes running in.

           “Heard a loud crash,” he says. “Thought you were hurt.”

           “Hurt?” Your laugh is bitter even to your own ears. “Why would I be hurt? Because Castiel ran off with a pretty, smart, kind woman to go play house for a little while? Because he abandoned me- us- yet again? Why would I be hurt about any of that?”

           Dean looks you over a couple times. “Because she has something you’ll never get?”

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Bakugou x Reader {Denial}

(A/n: This is my first scenario on here! It’s pretty angsty and sad though!! You have been warned. Enjoy! Also, none of you are weak or annoying, it’s just for the story!! Also, if you are triggered by depression, don’t read, cuz it mentions it)

Bakugou was a man of pride. That was certain. So, the thought that he had fallen for the “weakest” and “most annoying” student in class 1A was automatically dismissed. Some could say he was in denial. That some would be right. Of course, the boy wouldn’t realize it until it was too late. He realizes now, sitting by their hospital bed, that the feelings were there, they were real. He only wished he could realize it sooner. Sooner than a month ago.

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So here is my request: on a hero day Michael refuses to take off his jacket the heat gets to him which makes him start to throw up from the heat stroke I think(?) and Jeremy gets super worried and is like whY MICHAEL -ear

Here you go!! I hope this is what you wanted?? It’s kinda sucky// also can anyone tell me how to do read more on mobile??

Anyway here it is!!

It was hot. Unbelievably so. It was so hot that you couldn’t help but remember the humans were nonchalantly killing the earth everyday, because this was some Global Warming type heat. Everyone was pretty much dying. You’d either be at the beach, eating ice cream, sitting on an AC, or complaining all day. Michael had hidden himself in his basement, laying on the floor in nothing but a tank top and his boxers. He was sweating up a storm, convinced that death was coming and this was the end. He groaned, too hot to game, or smoke, or do anything really. His phone lit up, playing the Luigi’s Mansion theme, he instantly knew it was Jeremy and picked up.

“Yah…?” He sounded awful, but to be honest Jeremy probably did too. The poor kid was so pale that he could get a sun burn just from looking at the sun.

“Hey man! It’s Jeremy-”

“No shit man, who else would call me.”

“Ok so the heats gotten to you, that’s cool no big. But are you still up to picking me up? It’s ok if you’re not I mean- it’s ok cause I- cause I know you’re probably too tired. Everyone is so- hnng yknow??”

Michale’s eyes widened. Shit. He was supposed to pick up Jeremy from a date with Christine in 20 minuets, and here he was laying in his boxers.

“Yeah! Yeah no problem Jere, I’ll be over soon.”

Jeremy let out a sigh, just from that Michael knew he was planning on walking if he bailed. “Thanks man, you’re the best.”

“Anything for my player one” shit, he shouldn’t say stuff like that- he was dating Christine and-

“Haha yeah..see ya soon”

Michael stood up and started to get decent. The second he got out of the basement he groaned. It was so much hotter up here and he hadn’t even gone outside yet. He fixed his hair quickly, and went to grab a pair of shorts and a tank. But…he found his closet empty. All he had was his jeans, a tee shirt and hoodie which were still laying in the bathroom.

“Mother of All That Is Sucky.”

Dragging his feet into the living room, he found his mom over the washing machine.


“Hmm??” She didn’t look up

“Did you wash my clothes already..? I need to go out real quick.”

“Yes, they’re in the wash right now. Sorry…”

Michael could deal with that, he’d just wear a tee shirt with jeans. He’d be a little hot but-suddenly he realized something, a sense of dread washing over him. He had to physically bite his tongue as he asked his mom a vital question.

“Mami…did you wash my gray sports bra” his binder.

“Yes why?? I know that’s your favorite but-”

“Nothing.” He turned around and dashed away “Nothing at all!!”

He stared at the clothes on his bathroom floor and sighed. There was nothing he could do really. There was no way he’d go without his binder, it was the only one he had too. He checked the time…he has to pick up Jeremy in 10 minutes. He sighed and put on all the clothes, including the hoodie. He yelled goodbye to his mom and hopped into his car.

The car ride was even worse. He had an old, used car. Recently the AC had broken, and so had the windows. Michael found himself leaning over as he drove, sweat dripping down his neck uncomfortably. He had to breath through his mouth, panting as he suffocated in the car. He felt like he was really about to die. His heart raced almost painfully, shaking his whole body. In the mirror he could his face was bright red, his hair no longer stuck up. It plastered against his forehead and puffed up from the humidity. He focused the best he could on driving, but all he could think was “hot hot hot”. His jeans stuck to his legs, his jacket felt like a physical oven. He almost didn’t notice that he’d pulled into Christine’s driveway.

As though he were waiting, Jeremy ran outside, waving goodbye to Christine. Jeremy looked pretty cute, the boy was wearing shorts and a loose tank top. The pac-man tattoo on his arm was clear as day, he wasn’t sunburnt surprisingly, he must have spent the whole day inside with Christine. Probably..doing couple stuff Michael thought sadly. The second Jeremy made eye contact with him, his smiled widely like the skinny dork he was and waved. Michael gave a small uncomfortable smile and groggily moved to unlock the door. God he felt like his skin was static, his cheeks and hands tingled, simple tasks felt difficult to do. Jeremy opened the door and yelled a strange noise when he felt the excessive rush of heat hit him.

“HoLY crap!! Michael it’s like…like death in here!!”

Michael wiped some sweat off of his face, trying to keep his breathing steady in front of Jeremy. “Yeah I’m sorry…AC’s broken. I got some water in the back though if you wanna grab some.”

Jeremy nodded and closed the door, reaching over to grab a water as Michael started the car again.

He heard the bottle cap twist, “Mikey…buddy I love you but why are you wearing that? It’s way to hot in here it’s gotta be over 100 degrees!”

“My uh…” he cleared his throat, he would have flushed in embarrassment if he didn’t already have all his blood in his cheeks, “my mom put my binder in the wash.”



Michael felt completely strange, the sides of his vision filled up with black spots, no matter how much he blinked the wouldn’t go away. He didn’t need to regulate his breathing either, he was oddly relaxed, his breathing slow. His stomach though…he felt like there was a rock sitting in it, which didn’t help his dizzy feeling. He was probably swaying, he knew that. He couldn’t hide this, not when his mouth tingled and tasted strange. Like…his mouth tasted fuzzy? Did that even make sense? He didn’t even care about how far gone he was at this point with how garbage he felt.

“Dude you are really sweating…like crazy. You should drink a water too..”

“Yeah that’s fine…just pass me one?”

Jeremy nodded and already handing him one as though he were prepared. He sounded pretty worried, in the back of his mind Michael knew he should reassure him. But they were at a red light and all he could think about was chugging the water.

“Michael no offense but you look like shit. Maybe we should get out the car and relax for a bit? Let the car air out?” Michael’s extremely pale face was starting to concern him, his fingers shook as he gripped the wheel, and Jeremy had never seen Michael so red.

“No..its fine, really we’re almost there.” The light turned green. Michael kept driving.

“Dude I really think that you should pull over. You…you really don’t look good.”

Michael shook his head, that rock in his stomach had grown in size. It was all he could think about. He barely even spoke when he said “how was Christine’s”

“What? Dude that doesn’t-”

Jeremy was cut off to let out a very girlish scream when Michael suddenly swerved to the side of the road, nearly hitting a truck.

“Michael what are you-?!”

Michael got out the car, and quite literally through himself to the ground, so out of it that he couldn’t even cringe as his knees his the pavement. His vision went mostly black before fading back in, and that’s when Jeremy started to hear him gagging.

“Oh shit-”

Michael continued to throw up the water and Doritos he’d had today onto the grass in front of the side walk. Jeremy got out the car, placing a hand on Michale’s back and rubbing it.

“Shit Michael are you- are you sick? Do-do you- shit what do I do?”

Michael couldn’t answer, unable to stop the painful dry heaves that wracked his body. All he could make out was Jeremy saying “shit” every now and then. When he finally stopped throwing up Jeremy held a water bottle up to him. Michael shook his head weakly, not even able to speak.

“Michael ? Come on man you gotta drink after all…all that” Jeremy tried his best to not look, they didn’t need two people throwing up. “…please?”

But again Michael shook his head, his breathing excessively slow and calm to the point of being scary.
“Jeremy I- dude I’m gonna pass out…”

At that Jeremy felt his heart jump. “What?!” If he wasn’t scared before, he was horrified now. He put a hand to Michael’s face and nearly screamed.

“Oh my god! Michael you’re burning up!”

Michael simply blinked sluggishly as a response, Jeremy didn’t even know if he heard him. He moved to unzip Michael’s jacket, and only then did he get a response.

“No…” his words slurred together dangerously, like his tongue couldn’t move, “can’t let…don’t let anyone see”

“I won’t, I wont! But we gotta take this off ok?!”

Either Michael was too weak to fight back or Jeremy’s panicked tone convinced him, either way Jeremy tugged of Michael’s jacket.

Then Michael gagged again.

“Ok…ok listen we’re gonna put you in the car and I’m gonna drive you home ok?”

“Whhat? You’ve..you’ve never driven before you can’t.”

“I can have the SQUIP help..! They’ll know how to drive…it’ll only be temporary-”

Even through his incoherency, Michael has him a death glare.

“Are you-are you fucking stupid?”

Jeremy cringed, “Michael I gotta get you ho-”

“You can’t listen to anything that damn iPhone tells you to…you..you’re so better off now..you got the girl..the..the life.”

“Ok ok Michale you’re right, calm down.”

They had to take a break in their argument as Michael gagged again, bringing up nothing but bile.

“Don’t you…fucking…” Michael’s eyes rolled back as he dropped like a rock, like a puppet cut from strings. Jeremy screamed again, catching his best friend.

“Michael ! Michael?! Can you hear me?!”

When he didn’t respond he weighed his options of using the SQUIP. But no, Michale would kill him if..when he woke up. He brought out his phone and with a shaky breath dialed 911.

When Michael groaned, Jeremy instantly leaned over him.

“Michael ? Dude? You awake..?” Came his unsure voice.

Michael opened his eyes slowly, feeling like he just woke up from a coma. He looked around and saw he was in a hospital and instantly knew some bad shit went down.

“Oh god…what happened?”

Jeremy took a seat next to him and nervously grabbed his hand, fidgeting with Michale’s fingers.

“You…you had some pretty bad heat stroke there. Well..heat exhaustion? I can’t even tell anymore. You passed out and I called an ambulance.”

“Mmm…thanks Jere-bear.”

Jeremy blushed at that, crossing Michael’s finger over one another. He was a nervous wreck.

“You shouldn’t have been wearing your hoodie…especially in your car. You know better than that dude”

“You don’t get it ok Jeremy? I couldn’t let anyone see-” his eyes widened and suddenly he shot up in his bed

“Michael your IV-!”

Michael caught his jacket lying on a chair across the room. His eyes were wide and frantic as he looked down, but Jeremy held his head up.

“Don’t worry I didn’t let anyone see. I covered you with your jacket in the ambulance, and blanket here. You can wear mine when your mom gets here…” Jeremy sounded like he’d planned this out for hours, and honestly he probably had.


But then Jeremy smacked his arm.

“Ow- Jeremy!”

“Never! And I mean never do that again! I think my heart stopped beating there for a moment that was terrifying!”

“I’m sorry Jeremy I’m-”

“Don’t-I know. I know…just…you’re health matters too, you know?”


There was silence for a while. Jeremy was still holding his hand.

“At least I have the best player one in the whole world”

Jeremy smiled at that, and rolled his eyes “yeah, you’re really lucky. Go to sleep, stupid.”

Even if Jeremy was dating Christine, he’d accept this little moment. And as for Jeremy…after all this was over he’d tell Michael he’d broken up with Christine and why.

A Favor Part 6

Characters: eventual Reader x Sam

Words: 1436

Summary: Sam and Dean get back from the hunt, and Sam talks to Crowley about something specific.

Read Part 1 here, Part 2 here, Part 3 here, Part 4 here, and Part 5 here.

Here we go…just remember I love you all! Enjoy!

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The Perfect Girl

Beast Boy dipped a wing lower and began the lazy downwards spiral that would bring him to a landing on the roof of the Tower. The moon was barely a crescent, but his keen owl eyes sliced effortlessly through the darkness, noticing immediately Raven’s figure floating above the ledge in her signature lotus position.

Gone were the cloak and the leotard. She was wearing a short, strapless indigo-blue light summer dress that allowed the ivory paleness of her shoulders, arms and legs to glow in the darkness.

He figured she was probably already aware of him, even if she couldn’t see him. He flared his wings to kill the momentum and landed softly behind her, transforming into himself and walking over on soundless feet. He plopped down beside her, sitting on the ledge, his legs dangling over the void. He looked at her with keen interest in his eyes.

“Hey, Rae! I didn’t expect you’d be back so early. How was your date?”

“It was a disaster,” she replied dryly. Beast Boy winced at the bitterness in the otherwise flat tone.

[More below!]

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I’m toying with the idea of writing a stupid high school based mystery paranormal thing with a “Twin Peaks”-y vibe

So far, I know the main character is nicknamed Ham (no one, not even her, knows why people call her that) and she solves mysteries and creeps people out a bit b/c she’s a gay kid in a small town who is into the occult. Everyone thinks she’s a witch. She runs the “Mystery Solvers Club” in her school, which just consists of her and her staff supervisor, the librarian.

Anastasia is a new student  and just moved to the town b/c it turns out her millionaire dad had been cheating on her mother (ironically,her mother and him got together in the same way) and he’s leaving her, and due to the prenup, she’s pretty much flat broke, so her mom moves them back home. She wants to be an engineer when she’s in university. Ofc there’s romance between her and Ham, who writes her off at first b/c she assumes she’s just a stuck-up rich girl, but soon realizes she’s a sweet lady who is genuinely interested in solving mysteries and being Ham’s friend.

Lincoln is a dude who goes to their school and is known for being a real loner type. Turns out he’s actually a robot and his “dad,” the scientist who made him, went missing and he’s trying to find out where he is. He keeps to himself b/c he knows if people found out he was a robot, it’d be bad news. Ham and Anastasia manage to figure out what the deal w/ him is and offer to help him find his dad, and he begins to warm up to them as he helps them solve mysteries. He lives in an abandoned grocery store and owns like, one flannel shirt.

silverloreley  asked:

Headcanon: Lonnie's actual name is Chinese (Liu-Nin) but she started to play with a lot of AK since she was very small and they couldn't pronounce it right, so it became Lonnie for everyone. As soon as Ben realizes, he starts using the right name, even if she says it's no big deal. I'm not sure about her family's opinion about it.

- Ben realizing that he was the only person who didn’t know Lonnie’s real name, even though he has known her the longest, and just being completely shook.

- The first time he tried to say it, Lonnie had to put her hand over her mouth because it legit sounded like he speaking with his mouth full of pasta.

- For whatever reason, he just couldn’t say it. Ben has never had problem with speaking different languages, learning French since he was a child, but his mouth won’t let him pronounce anything that doesn’t sound like he’s gargling salt water.

- So, being the extra little prince that he is, he immediately pushes all of his princely/kingly duties aside and starts practicing Lonnie’s name.

- Everyday he gets better and refuses to call the dark haired girl anything besides her Chinese name, despite her insisting that it’s fine.

- Soon enough, he manages to finally learn her proper name but of course Ben isn’t done just yet. He decides to learn the entire Chinese language and a bit of the culture.

- And, he does. After a few months he is practically fluent and him and Lonnie speak in the language together all the time.

Bad Girl Ch 17: Slice Of Heaven

I try my best to be as silent as possible as I sneak out of the room with basically six sleeping bears scattered on the floor and bed. After Xiumin has woken up half the house he couldn’t convince the others to leave, which is why Luhan is sleeping on the edge of the bed. The three youngest are on the floor curled up in blankets, I can’t help but smile at the cute sight. But I continue my silent escape  into the hallway. It’s surreal being here again, I take my time wandering through the halls and down the stairs. In Xiumin’s oversized socks I slide across the marble like something out of the movies.

The house is dead silent so I take my time moving around the kitchen to find a large mug and some expensive looking coffee. Their coffee maker is of course top of the line and looks like something from the future. It only takes me a few minutes to figure it out and brew myself a cup of coffee. I find some crème and sugar and just stand there for a minute to appreciate the view out the window. I look at the clock seeing that it is eight in the morning I decide to head back so they don’t freak out when they wake up and I’m nowhere in sight. Sneaking back in is just as easy as leaving was, I tip toe over the bodies on the floor to Xiumin’s desk and make myself comfortable in his oversized office chair. I tuck my legs into the shirt Xiumin gave me last night to keep myself warm and sip my hot coffee slowly.

“Baby?” Whispers Luhan from the edge of the bed.

“Jooyoung!” Xiumin fallows suit with his panic calls. The eldest thrashes in bed, waking the younger two. “Jooyoung!”

“I’m over here!” I raise my hand.

The three sit up with narrow eyes. Xiumin is quick to scold me, “Baby, what are you doing all the way over there?”

“I wanted coffee,” I explain simply.

“You drink coffee?”

I nod, “With plenty of cream and sugar.”

“Come back to bed,” Kris whines.

“I’m coming, no need to whine,” I set my cup down and shuffle over to the bed. With a grin I jump on to the bed and bounce around ignore the complaints from the men around me.

“I want to sleep more, who is being loud?” Tao croaks from the floor.

“It’s time to get up! Lets go get breakfast!”

Luhan’s eyes narrow on me, “You were cooking? I know we agreed to your rules but I’m pretty sure Kyungsoo would have a conniption if he find out you cooked unsupervised.”

“I don’t have a death wish, don’t worry. I’ll go wake him up in a second.”

“But we haven’t been able to have some time with you yet.”

“Well you better get up then, daddy Lulu, you should also get dressed and pick two other daddies to come with.”

“Where are we going?”

“We are going out for some fun!”

“Hyung!” The three youngest jump up eagerly.

“Anyone except Xiuxiu and daddy Kris,” I pipe in.

Kris frowns, “Why not me?”

“Because we have a date tonight.”

He stares at me dumbstruck for a minute, “Date?”

“Didn’t you tell me you wanted to go on a date?”

Before he can respond the older man jumps in, “Why does he get you to himself?”

“You get me the rest of the day, so I would say that is fair.”

“Hyung, pick me!” Sehun climbs up on the bed to get the older man’s attention.

“No me!” Kai joins in.

“I’m going to need time to think, let’s get breakfast well I try to pick,” The older blows them off. He takes my hand and leads me toward the door. “Lets go get Kyungsoo, okay? You guys can wake up the others.”

I let the elder drag me around the floor to Kyungsoo’s room where he busts the door open, not even bothering to knock. The sweet man is just sitting in bed reading a book, or at least he was until we surprised him and made him throw his book. I beam at him, hopping to take the edge off our entrance, “Daddy Soo!”

His face lights up, “My baby!” Luhan lets me go so I jump on to his bed and right into the wide eyed man’s arms. “What are you doing up so early? I figured you wouldn’t be up yet after the night you had.”

“Well I’m up and I’m hungry and if you aren’t cooking in the next five minutes I’m going to do it myself,” I tease with a cheeky grin.

“Like hell you are,” He scoops me up and carries me out of the room with Luhan tailing us. When we reach the kitchen I’m surprised to find everyone already there waiting.

“Hyung! I want to go!” Baekhyun jumps the doe eyed man behind us.

“Go where?” Kyungsoo question as he sets me down on the floor so I can greet everyone crowding around.

Sehun is quick to answer, “Joo is letting Luhan pick two people to go on a date with her today!”

“I already know who I’m bringing,” Luhan quickly kills all hope in the room.


“Yixing and Tao, my Chinese brothers and I have her today,” He wraps his arm around my shoulders and kiss the top of my head.

“Yes!” Yixing scoops me up and spins me around, “I finally get to see you.”

“That means you don’t get her until then, we need to get our daily dose of her now than,” Suho is the next to steal me away. “I hear there was a bit of commotion last night.”

I chuckle, “Yea Xiu and I got some company last night.”

“I didn’t know we could join in,” Chen muses.

“You can’t,” Xiumin snaps, “I swear to god if any of you try that again I will slaughter you.”

“Oh so scary,” I coo pinching his cheeks.


“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Luhan scoffs.

“Daddy!” I whine, “We need to get going, now stop being dramatic and give me the keys. I want this to be a surprise!”

“Hyung just give her the keys,” Yixing sighs. “Remember we need to let her be big sometimes.”

The oldest groans but hands me the keys, I kiss his cheek, giving Yixing a grateful smile, “Thank you for trusting me.”

He chuckles, “You crash my car baby, I will spank you so hard you will not be able to walk for a month, got it?”

I gulp but nod.

“Good girl,” He opens the driver’s door for me before climbing in the backseat with Tao.

“So any hints on where we are going?” Tao muses when we start going.

“I told you it would be a surprise.”

They all share a look before Tao speaks again, this time in Mandarin, “Do you guys have a guess?”

“I’m as clueless as you kid,” Yixing responds.

I hold in my smirk, they have no idea I can understand, who am I to ruin their fun.

“Zitao,” Luhan scolds, “You shouldn’t talk like this behind her back.”

“You didn’t have to respond in our language.”

“You guys,” Yixing takes control of the conversation.

“What are you guys talking about?” I ask innocently.

“Nothing Baby,” Luhan smiles wide at me.

We are all pretty talkative on the way there, though Tao continues to pester the other in Mandarin about where we could be going. Probably worried it could be scary which makes me smile. When we finally pull up to our final destination I can see the relief on his face.

“A hot spring?” Yixing grins big at the sight of the sign across the top of the entrance.

“Coed?” Luhan raises his brows at me.

“Of course! We have the whole big spring to ourselves so lets go!” I rush inside. A familiar man greets me, he bows deeply at my entrance.

“Hello Madame Jooyoung,” He greets.

“Hello to you too. Did you get everything ready?”

“Of course everything is as you requested.”

I beam at him, “Thank you so much for your hard work. My guests and I will go use the springs now.”

He bows once more before leaving.

Tao wraps his arm around my shoulders, “It’s strange to see people treat you like that.”

“Seriously, Madame Jooyoung,” Luhan teases. I roll my eyes at them, I take Tao’s hand and lead them to the changing rooms where we completely ignore the different changing room signs and go in together. We shed our clothes and wrap towels around ourselves. Stepping out into the spring I’m taken back as I always am. The stone floor is cold against my feet, I curl my toes as I rush across to the massive chest deep spring and hop in without hesitation. The boys use the stairs, they stay against the edge sitting automatically on the stone seats.

“This is beautiful!” Luhan wows as his eyes scan the mountain scenery in front of us. The hot water stings my cold skin, warming me up in seconds. I swim around the huge spring, back and forth a few times before floating on my back for a moment. A blue sky stares down at me, contradicting the chilly weather. My chest already feels lighter just floating here, it’s been too long since I’ve felt this at peace.

“How did you find this place?” Yixing wonders, pulling me from the center of the pool, and my trance, to sit in between him and the oldest.

“Jiho took me a here a few times after I got out of the hospital to ease my aching muscles and now I just come whenever I want to relax. I haven’t been able to come a lot lately because of work but now I’m so happy I can be back, this time with you guys.”

“Did you ever bring him?” I know who Luhan is talking about without even thinking about it.


“Hey Baby,” Tao mumbles softly.

I look over at him, confused by his sudden bashfulness, “Yes Daddy?”

“Could I ask you a few questions about what happened while you were with Jiyong?”

I nod, “Of course! What do you want to know?”

“Um, how did you get involved in our world?”

“Um well Jiyong told me if I wanted to know about it or take part in it all I had to do was ask and he would do whatever he could to help me intergrade. At first I just want to peek in but after awhile I wanted to know more and more and the next thing I know he gave me my own little branch. Jiho helped me figure things out until I could take the reigns myself. Then Haneul came along and helped me deal with the more gruesome side of the world.”

“Haneul? As in Taemin’s girl?” Luhan wonders.

“I forgot to ask you about that,” Yixing says with wide eyes, “You are friends with Haneul!”

“I am, and so are you. She told me about you guys right when you got back but I didn’t realize it was you because she used your real names. She talked about how close you are.”

“You are the mommy daughter date?” Tao questions.

I chuckle, “Yes. Is there anything else you like to know?”

“Did you do much traveling while we were gone?”

“Lots, went to the US twice, China a few times, Japan a few times every other month, a few islands here and there.”

“China!” Tao beams at me, “Did you have fun? I want to take you there! It would be so different going with someone who can actually speak the language, I could teach you a little!”

I smirk, “Whatever makes you happy Daddy. Daddy Xing, can I ask you something about Haneul?”

He nods, “I’ll answer as best I can.”

“How did you meet Unni? She is very cryptic about her past.”

“She has ever reason to be. Noona didn’t have a great life and it isn’t my place to tell it. When she thinks you are ready to know, she will tell you. It isn’t a story for the faint of heart.”

“Is she okay?” I worry.

“She is in a very good place now, you don’t need to worry about her.”

We talk some more for an hour or so until our bodies are like prunes. We climb out, discarding our towels for simple robes. There is a room for people to cool down in, there are games, a TV, and a low table full of delicious looking food. I rush straight for the fruit plate full of watermelon and other brightly colored fruits.

“Kyungsoo would be so insulted that you are already hungry,” The youngest teases.

“It’s not my fault that the food here is delicious, here try it!” Before he has a chance to protest I shove a chunk of watermelon in his mouth. “You guys too!” I feed the other two, a bit less aggressive than I had been with Tao, something the younger whines about. I can’t hold in my giggles at his cuteness. We sit around the table and continue our light conversations, snacking lightly on the food in front of us. I show them around the hot spring, the rock garden, some of the rooms that people can spend the night in and a few more things here and there. But I save the best for last.

The spot at the edge of the traditional style home on the porch that looks over some of the farther springs with the mountains in the background making me feel like I’m in a completely different world.  We grab a few thick blankets and wrap ourselves up before sitting down and just enjoying the view. A smile spreads across my face, I love moments like this, a brief moment of peace where all my problems fade away and I’m left with three men sitting around me. Tao and Yixing are sitting on either side of me with Luhan resting his chin on my shoulder.

“You really like it here don’t you,” Luhan hums in my ear.

I nod leaning back against him, “This place is my happy place. Where the world just seems to fade away and I can be myself.”

He surprises me by hugging me tight, “Thank you for sharing your slice of heaven with us, I am honored that you could show us your true self.”

I’m sorry this is so late, I’ll try to update I’m An Alpha tomorrow! Hope you all have a good night, I’m going to bed!

Finally Back

Hey, everyone! Here’s another little fic for the Toon Henry AU by @squigglydigg/ @squigglydigglydoo (Psst, go check it out!)This one’s a bit on the shorter side, and I’m not especially convinced with how it turned out. But it was a scene I thought that wouldn’t leave my head, so here it is I guess! Also a little mention to this fic by @lnicol1990 (which is awesome and you should totally read.)

Oh and it’s in AO3 and ff.net if that’s more your style!

I hope you like it!  

Henry couldn’t even draw a single breath in before his knees failed him. His attention immediately went to the throbbing pain of the old bullet wound above his knee, being the strongest he’d felt it in years. Hissing, he tried to dull the ache by applying pressure with his hand.


Three pairs of hands were hastily placed on his shoulders and back. Taking his eyes off the floor, he could see the worried faces of Bendy, Boris and Alice. They seemed afraid of trying to move him, and the looks they were giving him were starting to make him nervous.

“What is… it?” He found his voice sounded much quieter than he had intended. He realized it was because he felt utterly exhausted. “Did… did something go wrong?”

They all looked at Bendy. He stood confused for a moment before seeming to realize that, unless they brought a mirror or something, he would be the only one there to know the answer to that. With a frown, he walked around Henry analyzing him carefully, stopping in front of him to try to find anything weird. The scrutiny was a tad awkward, but Henry needed to know if it had worked.

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stanisaman  asked:

How do you think stenbrough came out to the other losers? :)

I strongly believe in something along the lines of what I described when that anon asked me to write stenbrough as friends with benefits. I mean, I think they both had a very Let it Be approach to it. They took baby steps, letting it show here and there. Ben was already in a long-distance relationship with Bev (This is my benverly headcanon, by the way), so Ben no longer resented Bill, and Bill had completely realized his brief attraction to Beverly was just a product of his fascination with how much of a free spirit she was.
Like, Bill admired her a lot for her acting skills. He eventually understood she became a sort of celebrity crush of his. But now it was clear that what he felt for Stan was the real deal. The realest.
And they just go with the flow. Mike, for example, thinks it’s funny when Stan and Bill do something couples do and look from side to side wondering if that was noticeable. Being older, it’s all crystal clear to Mike; and he has been so overwhelmingly busy trying to better his grades, do a lot of extra projects as fast as he can. Get into a great college. Mike wishes that kinda of “silly” thing was all he had to worry about… But he only plans on finding himself a girl when he is already at his college dorm.
Sometimes he wants to make little remarks about what he is seeing, but he never actually acts on that impulse ‘cause my boy was raised right! and knows it’s not his place to out anyone.
But Richie and mostly Eddie start to catch him looking at Stenbrough like a proud papa of the puppies in love, and they both hadn’t noticed at the same time as Mike ONLY because they are so obsessed with one another already, LOL

So yeah, one day they just decide to pay attention to what has Mike thinking hanging out with them is so funny, reddie internally goes like “OH! Bill and Stan are in love. OH MY GOD OH MY FUCKING GOD, STENBROUGH IS A THING!!! and their brains run in circles screaming and freaking out, but that’s just for like a day, and they never say it aloud either, they talk about it privately and on the next day everyone is just back to being The Losers Club: Papa Mike and his four gay sons, Featuring Uncle Ben.. who BTW is already also starting to worry about college cause Ben is an overachiever and wants an early admission SO BAD, so he can move to Portland faster, he hasn’t yet ‘cause he is so hashtag DONE with moving around all the time, and he is still kinda in disbelief that he is actually with Bev now, so if their relationship lasts until he is accepted to a college where she is, then he will know he can breathe, and it’s real. 

Aaaanyway, sorry for not describing a lot of Stenbrough here, but I just meant to say I feel that Stan and Bill coming out to their friends was just a natural chain of events… When reddie came out they made such a Scene ™, Stan and Bill knew they could never top that, and they are both too soft and shy to want that anyway. So one fine day, when they are leaving the place they all went out for dinner; Richie goes like: “Until next time, love birds.” It’s not a finger pointed at them, it’s just a signal that ~they know~… And Stan is suddenly just kinda like “I guess we might as well…” and he pulls Bill closer by the sleeve of his sweater, puts his own arm around Bill’s shoulders and they walk towards the sunset like that, Stan kisses Bill’s hair, looks back and declares: // I’m walking this one home tonight.// (!!!!!) And they never did that before, they always went different directions before that evening, and in that moment Bill is just the happiest boy alive, and honestly, pardon my FrENch but BIITCH ME TOO!!! the fuuuck <3 <3 heart eyes fireworks lots of rainbows and confetti, like GODS BE GOOD party up people

*broken machine noises*

Day 3 of Make-Up MariChat May: Injured 

*EDIT: If you like this story, you can read part 2 and part 3!

“Thinking of You” Part 1

She hadn’t meant to, really. He had completely surprised her, and she had reacted out of instinct.

He rubbed his nose, hot tears edging his bright green eyes.

“I’m really sorry about that,” she apologized saccharinely, though still sincere.

“Guess that’s what I get for trying to be sneaky…” he groaned. “Karma. Or my own bad luck.”

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Summary: Chloe somehow get’s a hold of Adrien’s ring. She decides to try it on in class and soon everyone is arguing over who’s the real Chat Noir.

(ao3 link)

Chloe stared down at the floating black cat hidden under her desk. The little thing looked bored and she wasn’t entirely sure, but it looked to her like he disapproved of her existence.

“Well?” It asked.

She glared down at it, not liking its tone. “What in the world are you? Some sort of ugly mutant cat?”

It didn’t look happy at her words. It glanced around the room and a large smirk spread across its face. “I am Plagg, demi-god of destruction.” He said theatrically. “Do you wish to wield my-”

Chloe scoffed, cutting him off. “Listen up, cat. I don’t care what you are. You smell awful; you need get out of my personal space.”

His eyes glinted. “Oh, but don’t you want to meet with your partner?”

Chloe frowned. “Why would I care about-?”

“Ladybug is quite impressive. Surely you’d like to meet her?” He said, boredly looking at one of his paws.

Chloe eyes widened. “Tell me how, cat.”

He bristled slightly before forcing it down and smirking at her. “All you need to say is ‘Claws out’.”

Chloe looked at him suspiciously, but she couldn’t resist a chance to meet Ladybug could she? “Fine then. Claws out.” She said it dryly, not expecting the cat to be dragged into the ring or for her to be enveloped in green light a moment later.

The whole class looked at her in surprise. Her transformation into a leather clad cat girl being at least the third most surprising thing they’d seen that week.

Alya stood up quickly and laughed in triumph. “I knew it! I knew you had to be one of them! I just chose the wrong hero!”

Marinette sat stock still next to her, staring at Chloe with slowly growing horror. Her cute cat partner couldn’t be Chloe! She thought she was supposed to be lucky!

Adrien sat a row down looking blankly at his hand. “So that’s where it went.” He mumbled quietly. He looked toward Chloe and frowned. How could he get it back?

Chloe looked surprised. “I’m not-” She looked around at all the awed faces. “I mean, yes! I am Chat Noir.” She laughed haughtily.

Nino scoffed at her from his seat. “I don’t know how you got that costume on so fast, but you’re definitely not Chat Noir.”

Alya turned to him with a frown. “That was magic Nino, magic. You can’t fake that.”

He narrowed his eyes at her. “Chat Noir is way too cool a cat to be Chloe. You know it, I know it-” He gestured to the rest of the class. “Everyone knows it!”

The classroom filled with murmurs of agreement and Chloe glared at him. “I would-” She shook her head. “I make a great Chat Noir, thank you very much!” She let out a loud humph.  

Alya nodded. “It’s obvious! The signs were obvious.”

Meanwhile, Marinette was knocked out of her panic when she noticed Adrien looking decidedly pale. His hands were clenched together and his shoulders looked tense. She ignored the rest of the class getting out of their seats as they started to seriously argue on whether or not Chloe was Chat Noir. She quickly stole Nino’s seat and put her hand on top of Adrien’s.

He looked up at her, a deep frown plastered on his face. “Marinette…?”

She squeezed his hand. “Are you alright?” She frowned at her own question. Of course he wasn’t alright. Stupid question Marinette, stupid-

“That’s my ring.” He mumbled before realized what he said and snatching his hands up to cover his mouth.

She stared at him and mouthed ‘oh’. “Chloe isn’t my partner: You are.” She realized.

His eyes widened with shock and slowly a smile slid onto his face. His hand cupped her cheek. “…My Lady?”

She shivered and slowly moved towards him.

Chloe hit her desk with her baton, causing a loud ringing noise. “See, it’s the real deal. I’m the real Chat Noir!”

Alya smirked at Nino. “Told you.”

He grumbled at her. “Whatever.”

Adrien frowned at them. “But she’s not…”

Marinette took one glance at his sad face before gaining a look of great determination. “I’ll get your ring back, Kitty.” He turned towards her and she gently bopped his nose. “Promise.”

She stood and got the classes attention by speaking loudly. “Chloe, that ring isn’t yours and you need to return it.”

Alya looked slightly betrayed. “Marinette!”

Chloe scoffed and then smirked at her. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“That’s Chat’s ring. Give it back.” She demanded.

“I am Chat.” Chloe said flatly.

Alya nodded in agreement. “Marinette, I know you don’t like Chloe, but maybe we were wrong about her. Chat Noir is a good person after all.”

Adrien walked out of the room at that and Marinette glanced at him in dismay. She glared at Chloe and Alya. “I’ll be right back.”

The class glanced at each other. Kim spoke. “So, I guess that’s settled then-”

Ladybug slammed the door open. She glared fiercely at Chloe and stalked forward. Chloe swallowed hard and started to back up. “Hey Ladybug, long time no-urk”

Ladybug’s yoyo wrapped around her quickly and Chloe found herself tied up and on the ground. Ladybug bent down and ripped the ring off her finger.

“Don’t touch Chat’s things.” She hissed and then turned and left.

“Knew it.” Nino muttered as soon as she was gone.

Alya pouted. “Seriously. I really thought I got it right this time.”

Chloe sat back down and pouted. I wonder how Adrien got Chat’s ring. She frowned. They’re probably friends or something. She thought dismissively.

EXO Reaction when they meet their idol ex girlfriend in ISAC but their current idol girlfriend is there too

For those who doesn’t know ISAC is the Idol Star Athletics Championship, a  TV program in Korea. Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


“We are going to win Jagi! We’ll show them what a great couple we are, a great team!” *Probably doesn’t know what lies ahead xD*


*Somehow you two disappear from the show* “Sports isn’t my style!”


*Literally him making a lot of noise just for the world(her) to see how much he supports you and only you* “That’s my girl! That’s my Oh girl!”


*Let’s say you are the sassiest couple in the show*


*Judging so hard with you xD* “Even if I don’t like saying it, we have to admit my ex is good in sports”


“You are jealous? Why??? Ahh you are so cute jagi. She’s not the girl of my eyes, you are! Now come, we have a competition to win!”


*This is him as you fangirl over his ex, because you are her fan* “I’m so done with everything in this world… the only thing missing is for them to become best friends”


*The moment he realizes she’s there* “OH no no no, I’m not going in there… last time she almost killed me! Let’s get some choco baobei, let the boys deal with it” *Not feeling so manly this time XD*


“Is this.. a nightmare or something? It must be… feels like the dream I had last week… where my girlfriend and ex girlfriend met..” *Chen trying to convince himself it’s not real*


“Go to ISAC they said…. you’ll have fun they said…” *Someone’s not very enjoying himself xD*


*Probably he won’t even notice because he’ll just be too focused on you to see anyone else* “You can do this girl! My babe can do everything!”


*He’d go to say hi but never let go of you hand* “Hey! How’s it been? Good? Have you met Y/N? Let me introduce you…” *Always so polite*

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