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Uesugi Kenshin 1st Night Event CG Preview

His preview:

Then, his hand that strokes my hair, suddenly seizing/arresting/catching my hand. 

Kenshin: “Even from the beginning, I don’t feel like sending you back to Kyoto.”
Kenshin: “I will not allow you to leave my side.”

While whispering, he brings near my body to hug so that we are getting glued and closer. Kenshin-sama sweet breathing could be heard just behind, that startled feeling makes my heart beating fast.

Kenshin: “There are still things I don’t know yet about you, you know?”

As he turns the back of my body to his side, Kenshin-sama peers into my face from above. When his sigh directly almost come into contact, I reflexively pull away/draw back. The lips that is drawing a soft arc, gently fills up my lips…

His letter:

I’m sorry to deceive you.

Although I’m happy you can spend your time in the castle as a girl, but you will surely become more popular than before. …I wonder if I will be a little jealous? To that extent, please give me Mimi’s time from morning to night. Let me monopolize you.

- Uesugi Kenshin

Mon coeur

Claire and Jamie’s reaction to Fergus calling them Mother and Father.

It was just a regular weekday when he actually said it to them for the first time. He had finished his chores and homework when some of the tenants’ boys asked if he could play shinty. He looked to Claire hopefully for an answer and when she gave him a slight nod he raced away after giving her a peck on the cheek.

Merci, Maman! I promise to return by sunset!” he chirped. He ran off and her heart burst with joy.

All through supper that night Fergus and Jamie talked about everything shinty while Claire beamed at their interactions. When the young man yawned Jamie shooed him upstairs with promises of making his own stick the following day.

Oui, Papa. I will hold you to it!”

Jamie wrapped his arm around his wife with a wink to her and a nod to Fergus.

“That’s a good lad, mon fils. Isn’t he Claire?”

“Oh, most definitely.” she murmured.

Jungkook’s Crush is Heart Broken

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(ew reused art.)

aoi doesnt have much backstory, he lived in the town of ghosts as a quiet and depressed prince, never really going outside or speaking to anyone. his house was complexity silent next to the ocean where it still stands empty, a moon floating in the middle of the castle’s colosseum.

he ran away from ghosts two years ago, and now lives happily serving cupcakes and milk in a stary cafe in a small town on the peek of mt.pyre. 

7 years ago i began the adventure to find myself a snake. Didnt end up getting one for another 4 years… didnt end up getting a corn snake either.

Also, ironically, ended up with a Lavender morph corn snake even though miamis are still my fave.

i wish i could find the guy i spoke to. He ran a website that was called southern moutain corn snakes or something like that. it had a direction and mountain in the name. the dude had SO MANY MORPHS and was very kind and taught me about stargazing.

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Your writing is amazing! Could I request for separate scenarios where Oikawa, Sugawara and Tsukishima's s/o is leaving the country and the guys are trying to stop them from leaving at the airport?

Holy shit, Anon, you know how to mess with my heart! So many emotions!

I have various endings, so unfortunately, not all have a happy ending… sorry. 

Just get there. He just needed to get there.

Oikawa’s breath came too hard, too fast as he ran through the airport, desperate to see the gate he was looking for, ticket he didn’t plan to use gripped tightly in his hand. His heart was beating too furiously against his ribs, chocolate eyes wild in his search. How could he be so stupid as to have let them leave? How could he have thought that everything would be okay it they did?

The gate number was the first thing his eyes honed in on first, their name choking out of his throat as he approached. Just as long as he wasn’t too late, just don’t be late. Tears touched at his eyes when he saw them standing in line to board, their head whipping around at the sound of their name. His heart jumped when he saw them step out of line, their eyes on him in… what was it? Concern? Relief? Regret?

“Tooru?” They sounds breathless, just how he felt as he wrapped them up his arms right then. He vowed to never let them go again. “What are you doing here?”

He didn’t answer - couldn’t answer - as he reached to pull them tightly into his arms, face burying in their neck, his arms trembling. Their smell, their body against his, their breath tickling the hair at his ear, it drove him over the edge, allowing the salty water to escape from his eyes at last. “You can’t go,” he croaked, voice lost in the emotion sweeping over him, “not now. Not like this.”

When their arms returned his hold, he thought he would collapse right then and there, conscious of the wetness touching at his own shoulder. “Oh, Tooru, I can’t just let this opportunity go.” There was regret in their voice, a desperation for everything to work out. Everything that he wanted.

“I know, I know,” he answered, pulling back enough for their eyes to meet, but to more, he refused to let them go, “just… wait. Just for a day even, please, you can’t leave like this.” He wasn’t above begging, despite how proud he displayed himself, how his pride had driven them to this point, and he wasn’t about to let it get in the way again.

They remained quiet, the moment dragging on longer than comfortable. Oikawa was certain he couldn’t breath, maybe he didn’t want to, not if they left, after all.

“Okay,” they finally answered, a tingling relief trailing up his spine, “okay.”

He knew it wouldn’t last. She couldn’t pass up this chance. But at least they could work it out, maybe experience this opportunity together.

It had been a long journey to the airport. They sat silently, eyes focused on the road, neither wanting to acknowledge their destination. They stopped once, pulled over on the side of the road to hurry their bodies into the backseat. Hands grasping too desperately, skin pressed to tightly to skin, and tears were whipped away in an attempt to pretend their ending wasn’t coming.

Sugawara’s hand held theirs tightly as they walked through the airport. His brown eyes looked everywhere but at the gate numbers, maybe if he didn’t see it then it didn’t exist. They’d remain with him; they wouldn’t leave.

“It’s just one year, Koushi,” they had said when it was time for them to board, smiling sadly at him, their hands squeezing at the arms that held them so tightly.

They made it sound so easy. “Yes,” he finally spoke, voice strained, “but it’s a whole year.”

Making this harder on them wasn’t something he initially intended to do. He was so proud when they had gotten the scholarship to study out of the country, but not that the day was finally there, he felt that he couldn’t have the same enthusiasm as before. He wanted so much for them and they deserved this; they had worked so hard for it. But the urge to be selfish, to beg them to stay with him, was harder to resist as he received his final kiss from them. The words lodged in the throat when he watched them turn one last time to wave their goodbye.

His hand rose numbly, returning the gesture as wholly as he could. He knew this was temporary, but the permanence in it felt so real. Swallowing back the rest of his emotion when he finally saw the aircraft launch into the sky carrying his love with it, he vowed to be strong for them. Because they would be together when this all ended.

No. They were saying no.

Tsukishima felt his blood run cold, his hands trembling in their hold on their own. Their eyes were so stern on him, decided. They were leaving him behind, going away to some foreign land. He hadn’t meant for it to turn out like this. There was no discussion, no final decision told to him. Just a note on the kitchen counter that morning explaining they were leaving and they didn’t know they were coming back.

“Do what you want,” his voice carried barely the edge of interest when they had approached him about the offer they had received from work, “not like it matters to me.” Initially, he had intended to give the message that it wasn’t his choice, it was theirs.  At the time he didn’t think that his words would land him here; begging for them to stay, any promise they needed ready at his lips.

“I’m going, Kei,” their voice was too level, too composed. It made Tsukishima want to scream, want to sob.

“Let’s talk about this. We–”

“I’m done talking.”

“But we didn’t–”

“Stop.” And he did. He stopped and he stared, throat straining around the lump that was growing larger and larger inside of it. “I’ve made my decision, end of discussion.”

He wanted to complain, yell that this wasn’t the end of the discussion, that it had barely begun. He wanted to apologize for so many things, too many things. He wanted them to say they would come back, that they would stay, that they would work things out. But no more words were spoken from them, they merely waited. His eyes dropped, his grip loosening yet still trying to hang on to anything he could. “Find me when you come back?” his voice was so small, he didn’t even know he could speak like that.

“We’ll see.”

And they left, without turning back. And Tsukishima let them go, watching the whole way. He’d wait, even if it was pointless, he’d wait for them forever.

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My issue with Bernie was that he criticized the Democratic party and people in it and was never a member until the primaries, but he still tried to run on their label. It wouldn't have bothered me if he'd run as an independent, but it felt a bit unfair for him to run in their primary, and I know other people involved with the Democratic party who disagree. I would have voted for Bernie over Trump, but seeing someone who doesn't care about my party representing it...

You can criticize a party and still care about it. Just like you can critizice the US and still care about it. I don’t understand your line of reasoning. He didn’t like the direction of the party, so he wanted to change it.

He ran as a Democrat because our system is made so that no third party candidates has any real shot. Let’s change the system before we complain about who runs in which primary.

I picked up a ‘CAUTION’ thing for their collar(s) today but was hoping to find something that said ‘NO DOGS’ or something more specific…There are leashes online that I can get but probably wouldn’t get here for a couple of weeks. It would be nice to have something so people can see that Lola and Kilo aren’t dog friendly from afar. 

Mac stared at the attractive, tan man in his bed. He ran his hand through Rex’s hair and smiled. “You’re such a quality lay.” He said.

Rex smiled. “So are you. You’re also really hot.”

Suddenly the door slammed open. Mac let out a high pitched scream. “I am also really hot and ready to bang two hot guys.” He was naked. He was also really pale and sweaty. Mac grimaced at the sweat.

Mac turned to Rex. He wasn’t Rex anymore. It was Dennis. He was drenched in sweat. Both Dennis’s smiled at Mac. Only it wasn’t Mac. It was Dennis, he was also extremely sweaty.

We Are All Dennis Reynolds.

I know some people are upset about the shower scene but I thought it was the perfect way to pay homage to Psycho without being completely predictable and abandoning the entire point of the series which was to humanize Norman as the mentally ill protagonist who does not want to harm innocent people. 

Bates Motel’s version of Norman has already been through the phase where he killed innocent women years ago, he is past that phase. (also that’s another reason I don’t understand these people trying to argue that they only let Marion live because it’s part of their 2017 sjw feminist agenda or whatever, like wtf? norman has killed multiple women and jacked off to marion twice without her knowing, what are you on? lmao did you even watch the series?) I think killing off Marion would have just been an unnecessary step backwards for this Norman as he is a constantly developing character. He has already shown that he has the power to control himself when he ran out of Madeleine’s house without killing her just a few episodes prior. Killing Sam instead makes a lot more sense in terms of this plot and back story and definitely helps bring the audience back on Norman’s side too. I think a lot of fans have unfortunately fallen into the notion that Bates Motel’s Norman is just that static character that he is from psycho and wrongly ignored any attempt of humanizing him in the past thinking they already knew where it would lead. Sam being killed instead and Norman telling Marion to go was a bit of a kick in the face to those people and just further reminds us of everything we’ve already been through with this Norman throughout the series and that the actual Norman is still in there. He isn’t completely gone like Norman Bates seems to be in the film. He has a conscience that is fighting back at his delusions and we’re supposed to be on his side because we were there with him through everything as the audience and he is our protagonist. It also further develops and explains what kind of part of Norman that Mother is. She isn’t a completely awful side of Norman in Bates Motel like she is in Psycho. 

 I also really appreciate that the writers would rather stay true to themselves and their own storyline they’ve already created rather rather then just do what everyone expected and take the easy way out. Like the series was never supposed to be an exact pre quel to psycho and they’ve said it from the beginning. It was always an independent work that was heavily inspired by Psycho, but in the end they wanted to go with their own narrative not to just recreate someone else’s. I also appreciate that they give Norman a chance to beat his demons, unlike in Psycho where he’s already too far gone and it’s over for Norman from the get go.  

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Erik: 1,3,5,7,10

1. Their physical weak spots

On a strictly physical level, Erik does have a few weak points from old wounds or accidents. He guards them closely, which is why when he does get into a physical confrontation you can see that he often snaps to look behind his back to see if anyone is sneaking up behind him. This is because he has a very old scar on his lower back that not only still aches at night but also hurts like hell if someone hits it. 

His ribs are tender as well and tend to bruise way easier than they should since they’ve been through a great deal of trauma. Also, years ago Erik was once shockingly fast when he ran. He’s not the best at out running people any more, due to spraining his ankle one too many times.

But Erik’s biggest weak spot is the bad half of his face. It’s quite tender and sensitive, often breaking out into sores and rashes if he keeps a mask on for too long. His attackers (or victims, depending on the situation) have used that against him before by digging their fingers into his face- it’s extremely painful for Erik. 

3. Scars or painful spots

He has way too many scars in so many different sizes that unless they’re quite big he doesn’t really know how he got most of them. I sort of answered this above already, but I do think his face and back cause him the most chronic pain. Sometimes his wrist will ache too, and on those days he feels like absolute crap.

5. Guilty pleasures

Sweets. Anything sweet and potentially teeth rotting. One of the opera house cooks swears that he caught the ghost stealing from the kitchen once, and the phantom made off with an entire tray of sweet lemon pastries! 

7. Their tickle spots

Touch is new to Erik, he has only known touches with the intent to harm or maim. So when Christine starts touching him she finds out that not only does he crave physical contact, he’s quite ticklish! Her go to place is his ribs and stomach, but he’ll also sometimes just randomly laugh if she touches him by surprise.

10. Fears / phobias 

I always imagine Erik with a fear of storms and of being restrained. 

Storms put him on edge because the rain and thunder make it a lot harder to hear if someone is lurking about, and the fear of having his arms restrained stems from his awful past. 

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OMG can I write a fic about Grindelwald repeatedly catfishing Graves. Grindel is so convincing Graves has started casually trying to throw spells at his dates when they aren't looking. One time a lady got super offended at his attempt and ran out he still doesn't know if she was real or not. Sometimes Grindel revealed himself at the end of the date, once in the morning and his favorite, in the middle of fucking Graves.*cough*sometimes Graves lets Grindel take him home even if he knows it Grindel


I would just like to declare

that Hattori Heiji is the best bro to ever bro.

“That nee-chan is the woman of my best friend. Hands off!”

Kya! He calls Shinichi as his ‘best friend’ T^T. Also no wonder Shinichi’s less trigger happy with his jealousy now. He knows Hattori has his back. (and he and Ran are mutually in love; even waiting for Ran’s response, he knows it. Still that 1000th Chapter better be something special Aoyama-sensei!)

Uugggh, Shinichi, Ran, Heiji, and Kazuha have to be protected at all costs. Just let him confess darn it! (I just need all of them to be happy ;_;).