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So Far So Good

Pairing: Sebastian X Reader

Words: 711

Warnings: thigh riding which is a sin in and of itself. One NSFW gif.

@superpaperclip asked “Could you write something about riding Sebastian’s thighs?

A/N: Welp…I’m horny now because of that gif. Let me know if you want to be tagged here.

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Just a short drabble, based loosely off this prompt:  The monster of the week imprinting on Derek and nobody understands why. It’s super ugly but Derek takes his responsibilities Super seriously, and takes it running in the woods and plays catch with it. Everyone is weirded out. Stiles loves it

Thanks so much to my group at @sterekwritingroom for the encouragement!

“This isn’t going to end well,” Scott yelled to Stiles over his shoulder as he followed Derek’s scent deeper into the woods.

As much as he hoped they weren’t going to find Derek in pieces at the hands… paws… of a Chimera, Stiles knew the monster of the week was just that; a vicious, blood-thirsty monster. “Does it ever?” he said with a snort, and ran after Scott, eventually slamming into his back where he was standing at the edge of a clearing, his mouth open wide in disbelief.

Scott put out an arm to steady Stiles, and asked, “Are you seeing what I’m seeing?”

“If you’re seeing Derek sitting on the ground with a chimera resting its head on Derek’s lap? Yeah. I’m seeing what you’re seeing.” Stiles choked a bit and added, “Derek? Are you sure it’s safe to be scratching it’s mane like that?”

“Her mane, Stiles,” Derek said quietly, raising his head to meet Stiles’s wide-eyed gaze. “It’s a girl.”

Cooing softly, Stiles approached hesitantly, kneeling beside them. “It’s a girl?” He reached out, cautiously, and at Derek’s nod of approval, he ran a fingertip across her forehead.

“Guys, seriously, this isn’t safe,” Scott scoffed, still from his place at the edge of the clearing.

Stiles, enthralled by the fact that a freaking mythological creature was letting him smooth his fingers over her fur, couldn’t bring himself to respond.

Scott tried again.  "Derek, come on, think of Stiles, at least.“

Still ignoring Scott, but meeting Derek’s eyes, Stiles asked, “Can we keep her?”

“Chimeras breathe fire and drink blood,” Derek said, his eyebrows shooting skyward, “but I think we can figure something out until we can help her get to where she needs to go.”  

Stiles knocked his shoulder against Derek’s, and grinned. “I’m seriously up for that.”

forget studying

request: n/a
pairing: peter parker x reader
warnings: uh, pure smut and fluff

what was originally supposed to be a study date turned into a heated make out session, which you were totally fine with.

you giggled as peter pushed his head further into your neck, peppering skin with sweet kisses. you grasped onto his shirt, a breathy moan escaping between your lips when he began sucking below your ear. leaning your head back deeper into the pillow, you closed your eyes as he began leaving numerous hickies along the base of your neck. “peter,” you breathed out, causing him to twitch against your thigh.

he detached his lips from your skin and hovered over you, breathing heavily. peter leaned back down to capture your lips in a deep kiss, moaning into your mouth when you began to run your fingers through his brunette curls, pulling slightly. he ran his hands down your torso, lifting up your shirt and pressing his fingers into your skin, causing goosebumps to form where he touched. his fingers went lower, toying with the waistband of your shorts, when you heard aunt may call you two to dinner.

peter refused to listen and only deepened the kiss when you tried to get up. “y/n, no, just pretend you didn’t hear her,” he whimpered and went down to kiss your exposed stomach, as an attempt to make you stay.

“she will come in if we don’t go now,” you breathed out, trying your hardest to contain your moans as peter began sucking on the skin above your belly button.

“i don’t care,” he muttered into your skin. his warm hands caressing your stomach as he kissed around your navel made it so hard to get up, but you knew you had to so forced peter off of you by sitting up. he groaned again, but he didn’t object this time. “ugh, aunt may is such a cock block.”

you only smiled in response, grasping his hand and leading him out the door to dinner, where hopefully afterward you could finish what you both started.

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Top 5 hinata bathroom moments/meetings? Sound weird ik:(

It doesn’t sound weird at all! I love Hinata bathroom adventures!

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1. When he met Kageyama. I mean, you never forget the first, right? It a meeting that was…meant to be ;)

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2. The ultimate bathroom showdown: Oikawa+Iwaizumi+Ushijima+Aone. Simply, the most iconic. 

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3. When he met Lev (and almost died for the umpteenth time trying to challenge someone taller than him)

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4. When he ran into Kageyama and his petty ex-boyfriend Kindaichi

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5. When the Ohgiminami captain mistaken him for a child (and got his ass kicked right after on the court)

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Produce 101 Kang Daniel Friend to Boyfriend Scenario

Here’s the next part of the Wanna-One Boyfriend scenarios, enjoy! (You + Kang Daniel)

  • You and Daniel had always been acquaintances, there was some brief overlap in your friend group
  • You didn’t talk that much and were rarely alone together, but he was charming and friendly 
  • And of course you harbored a cute little crush on him
  • Ever since you saw him at a pet store, playing through the glass with some shelter cats
  • It was really nothing more than a crush, and you didn’t actively pursue your feelings, they just popped up sometimes
  • When you two were alone together, you pretty much just small talked
  • “hey y/n”
  • “hey dan how are you”
  • You always got super blushy and nervous when talking to him, but he didn’t seem to notice (which was good)
  • He was just a sweet guy who just happened to be very attractive
  • One day you were all hanging out together with friends in a park
  • And you were sitting with your friends, trying to lowkey/secretly watch Daniel on his skateboard, fooling around with his own friends
  • Your friends had already clearly figured out you liked him (you were way more obvious than you had thought rip you)
  • At some point Daniel had fallen off his board while trying to do some trick and you gasped out loud, making it super obvious that you had been watching him hahahahaha you dumbo
  • You tried to cover yourself up, but your friends just pretended like they didn’t hear anything, leaving you to internally sigh in relief
  • Your friends weren’t the type to tease/encourage you ever since you confessed to a guy that didn’t like you thanks to their wrong advice (i’m imagining a reply 1988 kind of thing here lmao)
  • But what you didn’t know was that also nearby was Daniel’s best friend, Sungwoo (everyone just called him Ong though)
  • He very-obviously ran around to look you in the eye, catching you by surprise
  • He caught sight of your red face and wiggled his eyebrows at you, before giggling and skipping away to the rest of the boys, heading to Daniel
  • Shit. Ong was definitely up to no good (like usual)
  • You watched in dismay as Ong whispered something to Daniel, and then Daniel glanced right in your direcTION
  • Embarrassed and almost scared, you got up and quickly said goodbye to your friends, fleeing the scene of the crime
  • You got home as fast as possible and immediately ran to your room, burying your head under your pillow and curling up as worries drowned you
  • Ong wouldn’t say anything, right?? Why did you have to be so obvious y/n seriously why did you do this to yourself
  • But over time, your thoughts started changing, gaining some confidence
  • So what if Ong tells him?? He’s just a human boy, he’s not better or greater than me in any way, liking someone isn’t a crime, I can do whatever the hell I want, I can like whoever the hell I want!!
  • With your newfound confidence, you got up the next day and decided to treAT YOURSELF to some new clothes from the mall
  • After picking up some new clothes, you dropped by a cute little street stand that sold keychains and other trinkets
  • You were admiring a cute little peach keychain, but it dropped back to the table when you heard a familiar deep voice
  • “Y/N? Oh, what a coincidence!”
  • Kang Daniel.
  • You winced, eyes tightly closing before you collected yourself, turning around to see him right behind you
  • Literally right behind you.
  • Like you ran right into him.
  • Shocked, you tripped backwards, stumbling over your own feet before he caught you by the small of your back
  • sldkfjsldfjklsdjfksjdlsdjfsljdfkljdskfjkslfj ← your mind
  • He pulled you up straight
  • You quickly stumbled around out of his arms, failing to notice Daniel’s own cheeks and eaRS REDDENING 
  • You forgot all about the keychain, and quickly managed to muster out a “what are you doing here?”
  • “I’m just hanging out, went shopping for a bit,” he replied, holding up a couple of bags with a toothy grin
  • “Oh, me too,” you replied, holding up the bags of your own
  • Something you bought caught Daniel’s eye as he peeked into one of your shopping bags
  • “Whoa… is that Stussy?? (AKA THE BRAND DANIEL ALWAYS FUCKING WEARS) That’s so cool oh my gosh I also bought some streetwear–” he excitedly rambled, attempting to out his own clothes from his bag when you grabbed his hand and stopped him
  • “Uhh Daniel we probably shouldn’t do this here in the middle of the sidewalk, why don’t we just sit down somewhere first”
  • “Oh, okay,” he responded, grabbing your wrist and quickly leading you to a nearby coffee shop
  • You burned at the contact from the soft skin of his hands that easily wrapped around your wrist
  • Rationality told you that he was probably just really excited to discuss clothes but you couldn’t help but believe in the worst and most likely scenario: he knew you liked him (thanks to Ong). 
  • You couldn’t help but think negative thoughts: Is he teasing me right now? Seriously… why should I have to deal with this… 
  • You both plopped down on a couch in the shop, not bothering to order anything
  • He excitedly looked through your clothes, and showing his to you, giggling and laughing away as you pretended you were okay, completely believing that he was making a fool of you
  • There was no way he would be talking to you like a friend if Ong hadn’t told him you liked him.
  • “And this dark green is just so gorgeous, it totally works in the short sleeve, maybe accessorize it with a cap or–”
  • “Daniel.” You spoke sharply, cutting him off
  • He immediately stopped, looking up to you in confusion, seeing your face that was warming up in anger and embarrassment
  • “You don’t have to act like this. It’s just making everything harder for me. We should just go back to normal, I don’t think I can take this even for a minute more.”
  • “W-wait, what?” Daniel looked completely confused, but you wouldn’t let his innocent act fool you, causing you to sigh
  • “I know Ong told you, please. I know he told you that I like you, it’s really not that big of a deal so can’t we just go back–”
  • “Wait, you like me?” Daniel said, stopping you
  • Oh.
  • Shit.
  • You lost all of your confidence and structure, whimpering out “wait… he didn’t tell you?? Then what was that at the park????”
  • Daniel’s face morphed from confusion into a sheepish laugh, scratching his face in embarrassment
  • “Oh… oh that…” He cleared his throat, with a deep ahem
  • “Yeah uhh Ong was teasing me that I fell off my board in front of you,” he finished quickly, scratching his face again
  • You stared at him in confusion, unable to comprehend why this was a problem
  • “You know… *cough* cause I like you…”
  • sdklfjsdfjslkdjfsldjfsldjfsjlsdfjlkjsdjflksdfjlksjflsj ← your mind
  • And you both just sat there next to each other, clothes draped everywhere, just staring at each others’ blushing faces
  • You finally managed out, “wait, you like me, since when??” (LATE REACTION Y/N WYD)
  • “Umm… it’s been a while… it was at the pet store, when you started playing with the kittens with me,” he confessed
  • “Oh, same here actually!” you exclaimed, before realizing that this was the most casual conversation you have ever had with him… and it was litERALLY ABOUT TELLING EACH OTHER YOUR SECRET CRUSHES
  • what a concept
  • "I can’t believe we are really talking about this, we haven’t really talked much before in the past,” you giggled, letting out your thoughts freely
  • Daniel laughed in return, “Yeah sorry about that… I always wanted to approach you and there were so many times I could have but I’m kinda awkward with people I want to get closer to I guess… lol” (he said lol out loud,,, awkward confirmed)
  • “I always got embarrassed when I talked to you”
  • *snickers* “same here, (y/n)”
  • For the rest of the day, you just got closer to one another, learning about each other
  • You visited the pet store again and saw more cats LOL
  • You both got more comfortable with one another
  • Matching Stussy shirts LOL
  • Your friend group and Daniel’s friend group were both relieved and satisfied (both having known about your crushes)
  • Lots of teasing from Ong he took credit for your entire relationship even happening (LMAOOO)
  • Told that you both should worship him and that he would “officiate your marriage” because it was all his doing in the first place
  • You both still made each other’s heart skip beats a lot of the times
  • Both of you still couldn’t believe sometimes that the other liked you
  • kav is dead from this adorableness goodBYE
  • :’)))))))

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“Sounds like Snakes”

“It’s not enough.” The long haired blonde with the dangerous green eyes bit out, her fingers tight around the suitcase and her eyes locked fiercely on the man in front of her. He was nervous, she could tell, after six years with the Serpents she could practically smell the anxiety when people caught sight of the twisted snake on the back of her leather jacket.

“What.. what do you mean? This is what you asked for.. $50,000. It’s all there..” the older man stuttered, his hands twitching in desperate need of a fix. He was pathetic, bloodshot eyes and rotted teeth, He was a dealer and he was looking for a new supply, the price : $75,000. And Betty was in charge of this deal.

“You owe me $25,000, I could get someone out here right now and just take the money, never hear from you again, I’m sure nobody will miss you.” She sneered, button nose scrunching and wild honey blonde curls flinging angrily behind her. The man before her nearly dropped to his knees and pleaded

“Please. I’ll get it. I’ll have it by the end of the week. Please show mercy.” He cried at her feet.

It was a pitiful display of reduced manhood but.. Betty was human, behind the leather and knives she was just a seventeen year old girl who had found her place far too soon.

Nudging him with the toe of her combat boot Betty sighed
“You have four days, lucky for you my boss is giving you til next week, god forbid I want to do it a little early. If you try and run. I’ll find you, personally.” She hissed, pocket knife drawing dangerously close to his neck, a wicked smirk on her painted red lips.

The man mumbled something that sounded like a promise before he was off, scrambling over his feet as he shoved the suitcase back in her hands.

“I’m so sick of this shit.” The tired blonde moaned, leaning against a nearby motorcycle, her eyes shutting tight as she clutched the suitcase to her chest. It was currently two in the morning and she had school at eight, she was growing bitter, that much was known. Betty Cooper had no friends, no family, her mother was Alice Cooper, former Serpent leader and current housewife of some rich lawyer in Barbados, she didn’t know who her father was but it didn’t matter, she handled herself, took care of business and came home every night to an empty trailer and a bookcase filled with novels that she could get lost in.

Taking the short walk home, Betty couldn’t wait to get to sleep, if even just for a few hours.

“I’ll be fine dude. I’ll fly low and I’ll meet you right after school for burgers at Pops. It’ll be like nothings changed.” Jughead promised into his old flip phone, his voice steady and reassuring as his redheaded best friend nearly lost his mind on the other line.

“You don’t understand! I’ve heard the stories. I just don’t get it! You could just stay here with me and my dad.”

Jughead ran a hand down his face
“You know I can’t do that arch, state laws. I’m fine, I’ll sleep over, it’ll be totally normal, now I gotta go I’m about to walk into what you refer to as “the pits of hell” I’ll see you later Pal.“
After listening to his friends all shout goodbye in the background, Jughead shut his phone and entered Southside High, his calm facade wavering slightly as he went through the metal detector.

Almost instantly he was shoved into a locker, a group of burly looking boys all sporting matching leather, glanced at him in curiosity before walking away with a familiar lazy swagger he had thought he had trademarked, Cole to think of it, everyone here looked like him, flannel and denim, even a few beanies, the haven’t showered in days look was apparently very popular in this part of town.

But they weren’t like him, no, they were angry and dangerous, even though he had been raised on this side of town he had been lucky enough to grow up in Riverdale, sleepovers at Archie’s ensured he was never there for any of the things these kids had seen, F.P had made sure he grew up away from it all, he was a good father.. minus the gang affiliation.

Speaking of Serpents, Jughead felt his stomach lurch every time he saw the Serpent logo proudly displayed on someone’s back, messing with these people had gotten his father out in jail, landing him here. He was going to do everything in his power to stay away from anything and everything to do with the Serpents, that was a fact.

Apparently class didn’t really happen at Southside High, teachers didn’t show up and students roamed the hall at all times of the day. After checking into home room he quickly realized he was the only one in the classroom, the teacher was sleeping soundly on a broken down desk and every other seat was empty.

So he left, no point in staying in a classroom and not learning anything, plus this would give him the perfect chance to find a hide away. A place to escape to, kind of like his office in the Blue and Gold. He ran the school paper by himself and he found solice in the quiet little space he called his own. Jughead Jones didn’t like people, he didn’t trust them. Why should he? Everyone he had ever loved had left him, minus of course Archie.

Most of the classroom were deserted, of course the lunch room was filled to max capacity and outside was crowded with children. Then he found it, a spray painted sign hung over the door, window shattered slightly but otherwise secure.

“The Library.”

The dark haired boy scurried in, his eyes scanning over the books in front of him, they had a good selection, rows upon rows and aisles on aisles. Most of the books were donated, he assumed this was the town “doing there part”
He looked over the hard covers hungrily, grabbing and replacing books.

“You could just take one and read it, might save you time from reading all the titles”
The quiet voice from below him startled Jughead into nearly dropping all of his books to the floor, what he saw next ,however, nearly had him dropping himself to the floor.

She was absolutely gorgeous, the biggest green eyes Jughead had ever seen, shiny with flecks of gold, her lips were lined with blood red and he could nearly see himself in the glossy reflection. She had long blonde hair falling nearly to her waist in waves that reminded him of silky fabric, her tan skin was glowy and the plain white tank top she wore made her appear that much more ethereal. Her tightblack skinny jeans covered legs that seemed to go on for days, tucked into black combat boots. She was like something out of a magazine, he wanted to write it down, every feature.

“You can’t talk? You a mute?” The voice questioned again, drawing Jughead from his trance.

“I could only wish, the things I could get away with.I was trying to pick a book. You guys have a good selection , at my old school we weren’t allowed to have Poe, too morbid,” Jughead rolled his eyes, a swell of pride filled his chest when he saw the girls lips twitch slightly.

“You’re a north sider, you came from that fancy school Riverdale High right?” She questioned lazily.

“Yeah. Jughead Jones.” He stuck his hand out, Betty stared for a moment too long before dropping her own tiny hand in his.

“Betty Cooper. You F.ps son?” There was something in her eyes, not quite pain but something familiar.

Jughead nodded
“That’s my old man, you probably heard of him because he’s some kind of big deal with the Serpents. I’m not like him, I don’t want anything to do with them, they’re nothing but trouble my goal is to just get through this and avoid the gang at all costs.” He reassured her, he didn’t want to come off on the wrong foot, make this beautiful girl think he was in some kind of gang, he wasn’t anything like his father.

Betty scrunched her nose again, the act would have been adorable if her eyes hadn’t darkened at his words, he could practically feel her walls building right in front of him. What did he say?

Betty picked up her books and stood
“Well Jughead Jones it was nice meeting you. I’ll try and stay out of your way, wouldn’t want to cause any… trouble.” She grinned sarcastically, pulling something from the table behind her, when she turned around Jugheads eyes nearly fell out of his head.

As the beautiful blonde walked away from him he could see perfectly clear the heavy leather jacket with the familiar S logo.

She was a Serpent and he was…

Well he was too far gone.


lance got hurt and keith didnt know what to do before he ran in a full sprint to get him
after they put lance in the cryo-replenisher keith never left his side, even when lance was healed and taken to his bedroom to rest
he can’t help it, he doesn’t want to lose anyone else, especially not lance

Vanilla #7

Lance hadn’t meant to say yes, it was his heat and he knew it. Had he been in his right of mind they never would have slept together and even now the blue paladin was having regrets. He was on his bed, nuzzled in close to Keith, head on chest, acutely aware of how loud a heartbeat was, though he wasn’t sure who’s it was. There were many thoughts racing through his head, was Keith as freaked out as he was? Did that actually just happen or is this some sick heat-driven delusion? Oh god, what was Shiro going to do when he smelled Keith on him? Shit. He sat up, the only good thing from this experience was that he had relief for awhile, an hour if he was lucky. “Hey.” Keith’s voice was soft, his hand went to rest on Lances shoulder. Lance flinched away, turning his head from Keith, not baring to look at him. “Hey are y-”

“Don’t.” Lance wrapped his arms around his stomach as he felt queasy. “I don’t want to talk about it.” There was the familiar sting of tears forming in his eyes and instantly Keith was sitting upright.

“Lance we kind of have to.” He cringed at the words.

“At least put your briefs back on first.” Lance bent over the side of the bed and handed Keith his grey underwear. The Cuban boy was covered with a blanket but Keith just sat there in full glory, fumbling with his underwear until they rested on his hips.

“I have questions” there was a serious tone to Keith’s voice. Lance threw him a questioning look. “I’ve been trying not to freak out for the past five minutes but it’s not working.” Keith turned his entire body to Lance “please for the love of god tell me you’re on some kind of birth control.” Lance nodded his head solemnly. “Oh thank fucking god.”

“Gee thanks.” Lance mumbled

“N-No it’s not-”

“Stop Keith.” He turned to the red paladin who looked stressed. This made Lance pause but he closed his eyes and continued. “I…” he suddenly wanted to throw up. “I don’t like that it happened, I wasn’t in my right of mind.” He was answered by an I welcomed silence. “I’d rather just…”

“Forget it happened?” Keith’s voice pained Lances ears.

“I don’t know.” His shoulders rised and he started clawing at his sides, his arms crossing tighter. “I don’t know!” He suddenly found himself pulling at his hair in panic.

“Hey! Hey it’s ok!” Keith reached for Lance to wrap him in a soothing hug, he pulled away and stood up, blanket falling.

“No! No it’s not fucking ok!” Lance suddenly became aware of his nudity and covered himself with his hands in panic. “Don’t look at me!” Keith immediately covered his eyes and and Lance pulled up his boxers. “Never look at me ever again!” He was angry, not at Keith, but at the situation. Keith knew this, so he sat in silence and allowed the outburst to continue. “Get out of my room.” Lances voice was stern and demanding and Keith started to collect his clothes. “I said LEAVE!” Lance growled at him and Keith managed to grab his jeans before he was pushed into the hallway.

“Lance!” The door closed and locked with a beep as Keith attempted to bargain for his shirt. He sighed and mumbled a curse under his breath, turning to leave for his room he was met with surprised eyes. “Hunk!” His face flushed with pink and hunk gave him a questioning look, raising his eyebrows. He pointed to Lances room then back to Keith as if to confirm what he had already put together. Keith stood still, his muscles tense. If he said yes hunk would more than likely have his neck snapped. If he said no, Hunk would see through the lie and probably still snap his neck. He could already see the mans face turning from surprise into disappointment.

“Keith.” His voice was quiet. “I am not a fast man.” There was caution in his tone. “But i have no doubt that in this second I could catch even Shiro.” he massaged his temples with one hand and paused to look at the red paladin, sharing a glare. “So I’m going to give you 10 seconds.” He moved to one side of the hallway, to let Keith pass. The slender man didn’t move, slightly confused. “1,” it registered what was happening and instantly he took off, running as fast as his legs could carry him. Hunk had gotten to 6 before his voice faded through the halls behind him.

He ran into Shiro, reeling around a corner, this time they didn’t fall but Shiro held him in his arms for a second. “Keith?!” His expression changed from shock as he sniffed the air. “Wait. You smell like Lance? And what is that… is that?” He suddenly let his muscles tense in anger “Keith!” He was scolding and angry, his alpha shining through, needing to regain dominance. Keith became acutely aware of the fact that hunk had most likely reached 10 by now, and Shiro was probably going to kill him too. He pushed off of Shiro, dropping his pants and bolting past the black paladin who stood for a second in shock but took off after him seconds later.

“Shit!” Keith kept turning corners, hearing footsteps behind him. He was going to run out of breath eventually, he just prayed it was after they did. Hunk might run out of breath first, but Shiro? Shiro was a perfect specimen. There was a painful realization that Keith was running around the castle in only his underwear with 3 out of 4 of the other paladins hating him and 2 of them chasing him. He found himself in the kitchen, pidge sitting at the island. She looked up.

“PIDGE.” He was panicked. “PIDGE YOU GOTTA HELP.” She looked at him confused and startled. “PIDGE I SLEPT WITH LANCE.”

“ARE YOU INSANE?” Instantly she was on her feet and Shiro ran into the room, scanning it.

“You.” His voice was a rough growl as he pointed at Keith. “I am going to kill you.” He started stomping over to the nearly naked red paladin who jumped over the island and into the kitchen part of the room. He stood on the other side and was ready to run if Shiro gave him a break. They were in a game of back and forth, as soon as Keith took a step to go one way around the island Shiro was ready to fight him. Hunk walked into the room, slightly out of breath.

“You are dead!” He called to Keith.

“I’m fully aware of that thank yOU.” He ducked as Shiro launched a plate with a half eaten sandwich on it at his head.

“Hey that was my snack!” Pidge yelled, stepping in front of Shiro.

“Now is not the time pidge!” He didn’t break eye contact with Keith, feeling for something else to throw at him. “What were you thinking?!” He yelled at Keith, his galra arm slamming on the counter in anger, cracking it slightly. Keith gulped, imagining his head under the strong mans arm.

Hunk made his way over to the island, going to one side, Shiro to the other. Keith was a panicked animal trapped in a corner. Shiro and hunk lunged and Keith hopped back over the island like a hurdle. The yellow and black paladins bashed heads and groaned but Shiro was up again, following Keith’s suit, launching himself over the counter. Keith was almost to the door when Shiro had caught him, tackling him like his life depended on it, straddling him and lifting his hand to punch Keith, who cowered, putting his hands up to try and protect his face. Pidge was beside Shiro in a second, trying to hold his hand back, making just enough of a difference to prevent Shiro from hammering down on Keith.

“Shiro you need to stop!”

“Pidge let go!”

“Hunk a little help please?!”

“I say we let him punch Keith’s face in.”


“Pidge I said LET GO.”



“Shiro I swear to gOD”

“Guys what the hell?” Lance stood in the doorway, gaping at the image that layed out before him. Everyone looked up to the blue paladin and froze their argument. There was a shattered plate in the floor, pidges drink had been spilled in the leaping over the island, Hunk stood angry, leaning on the counter, holding his head, Shiro was straddling a nearly nude Keith, ready to punch him, and pidge, trying desperately to do damage control and failing miserably. “What are you doing?” Allura appeared behind lance and gasped at the scene.

“Paladins! What in the world happened?” Her hands found their way to her hips and she looked at them each for an answer. Keith still hadn’t moved his hands or unclenched his eyes. Lance glanced at each of them, Shiro and Hunks faces had softened as they saw Lance and he scowled at them, turning to storm away.

“Wait! Lance!” Shiro stood up and Keith went to move away from him. “You. Stay.” Keith shrivelled under Shiros gaze as he pointed to the smaller boy in a commanding manner. Allura took a step in front of Shiro and placed a hand on his chest.

“I think you need a few minutes to yourself.” She glowered at him.

“No! I need to go-”

“Shiro.” It turned from a suggestion into a command and there was a growl of defiance before he glanced down to the princess, letting his common sense seep back into his head. Had he really done that? Had he honestly been THAT willing to punch Keith?

“You’re right.” He sighed, pulling away. “I need a minute.” He walked over to the table and sat down, head in hands so he could have his thoughts to himself. Hunk walked over to allura.

“Princess please, I need to talk to him as a protective friend, not as a protective alpha.” Allura let this idea roll around in her head, weighing pros and cons.

“Fine.” She sighed “but be careful.” The princes stepped aside and let the yellow paladin pass. “Hunk,” he froze “send my best wishes, I don’t know what happened but Lance seems distressed.” Hunk nodded and continued down the hallway.

Keith stayed on the floor, his knees pulled into his chest, he looked up at the princess for pity, but received none. She frowned at him. He pushed his gaze into his elbows. His shoulder blades stuck out and he felt weak, he felt small, he felt helpless and had never regretted anything more than he had regretted sleeping with Lance Mcclain.

…to be continued…

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130 drabble with TOM!!!

“You fell asleep in the tub?!”

“Are you sure you can do this?” Tom sighed loudly, dramatically.

“Darling, don’t you have faith in me?” You nodded, getting ready to defend yourself, “You’re going to be gone for a couple of hours to see your friends, you’ll be back in no time! I can keep an eye on the stove for a few hours.” You hesitated but nodded, having no choice but to put your boyfriend in charge of the part of the Christmas dinner you promised Nikki you’d bring.

“I’ll see you in a few, okay?” You kissed him shortly, moving toward the door before pausing. “Are you sure-,” Tom opened the door, pointing toward your car.

“Go.” He instructed, leaning down to peck you one more time before gently closing the door in your face. He moved to the window, watching you walk toward your car, sighing in relief when you finally got in and backed out of your driveway. He made his way further into your home. What could he do for the next few hours? He just had to make sure the food didn’t burn, which left him a lot of free time. So, he decided to go off and explore.

He walked into your bedroom, raiding your drawers. He found a couple of birthday cards he had given you, a few pins from Disneyland, one of his shirts and some snacks you stored away so you wouldn’t have to walk all the way to the kitchen. He chuckled softly, rolling his eyes at how cute you were. He moved on to the next drawer, not finding anything interesting.

He worked his way from the bedroom to the bathroom, looking at all your cabinets. He stumbled upon your stash from Lush Cosmetics, a few bath bombs, some bath salts and a few soaps – liquid and bars. He picked up one of the bath bombs, always seeing one but never picking one up for himself. He was interested, and decided you wouldn’t miss one, and if you did he’d replace it for you.

He ran a bath, dropping one of the bombs in, the one that looked like cotton candy, and allowed the tub to fill up. He decided to go check the timer on the stove, so he’d know when to get out. The timer read 34 minutes, longer than he was going to be in the tub, he thought. He ran back to the bathroom and shut off the water, stripping himself from his different layers and submerging into the hot water. He let out a groan of satisfaction, feeling his body tense under the temperature, but then relax once he sat down.

You walked into your home two and a half hours later. “I’m home!” You yelled out. Your eyebrows pulled in when you didn’t get a response. “Tom?” You breathed in, smelling something. Your eyes widened. “Tom?!” You ran toward the kitchen, seeing black smoke merging from the stove. “Tom!” You yelled again, opening all your windows and trying to fan the kitchen out. You heard something fall, and looked toward the entryway to see Tom groaning on the ground with a towel around his waist.

“Darling, what happened?”

“What happened?” You exclaimed, turning the stove off and putting mittens on, rushing to pull the food out of the stove. “You let the food burn, Tom! You almost set the house on fire!” You coughed, letting Tom pull you out of the kitchen while the smoke cleared. “You told me you could do this!”

“Baby, I – I just-,”

“Why are you in a towel? Were you in the shower?” He opened and closed his mouth a couple of times, nodding instead. “You smell really good, almost like – oh, my god, Tom!”


“Were you in the tub?” His silence was your answer. “You fell asleep in the tub?!” He nodded sheepishly. You started laughing uncontrollably.

“Baby? Baby, I’m sorry! I’ll tell my mum, it was all my fault!” You nodded, grasping at your stomach as your laughter died down slowly.

“Yeah, you will,” you patted his cheek and walked past him, “this is going to make a great table story.” You smirked, hearing Tom groan. “Clean up the kitchen!”

Lars and Sadie's Reunion

Ever since we got the “Lars of the Stars” preview from SDCC, I find myself thinking about how Lars and Sadie’s reunion will play out.

They start out awkwardly standing a few feet apart. Sadie finds herself holding back because, dang, Lars is rocking that space pirate look better than he had any right to before leaving Earth, and Sadie suddenly feels very small and very ordinary seeing him like that. There’s a small, traitorous part of her brain that’s been wondering if he’s been Captain Kirk-ing his way through the galaxy and still cares about her at all.

Lars is holding back because he hasn’t been able to forget that the last time Sadie saw him, he failed her and ran like a coward from Topaz. He knows she’s always been the more badass of the two of them and, as far as he’s concerned, being a resurrected rebel space pirate just means he might finally be on her level. He’s crossed lightyears to see her again and doesn’t know if she’ll forgive him for abandoning her in that fight.

The icebreaker comes when Padparadscha joyfully announces a vision: “Lars will reunite with the girlfriend he’s always talking about!” Cue Sadie laughing and both of them blushing, and you know Fluorite is going to be in full embarrassing grandma mode. Rhodonite might actually calm down enough to enjoy seeing a fellow pair of star-crossed lovers coming back together, and the Rutile Twins will have something to say too. The Space Pirate Mystique is well and truly blown. He’s still Lars. He still loves her. He’s just grown enough that he can actually admit it.

An Unexpected Surprise - Part 2 - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Requested by: @hollandisstilinski @justdreamstars @lotte142 @aarushi9112 @dont-try-and-stop-me @kitty-love-girls @twilight-loveer @deadpoolgirl23 and sooooooo many anons.

Word Count: 3,005

Warnings: Teen pregnancy, hateful things being said by parents, 

Author: I’m so glad everyone liked the first part. Here’s the second part as requested. 

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

Originally posted by teenwolfobsessed

Y/N slowly walked up the front porch steps of Scott’s house with a duffle bag on each shoulder and rolling two suitcases in her hands. She was soaked from head to toe. She had walked in the pouring rain from her house to her alpha’s. She was cold and numb, but that didn’t faze her. She was too concerned about what had just happened, her parents kicked her out of the house after she told them she was pregnant.

She stared at the front door as her mind replayed what happened just an hour ago.

“Get out!” Her mother yelled.

“You are a disgrace to this family!” Her father added.

“No daughter of mine would be stupid enough to open her legs for some stupid boy!” Her mother yelled as she started pulling out Y/N’s bags to pack her stuff and leave.

“I’m sorry, mom!” Y/N yelled back with tears in her eyes. She knew they wouldn’t throw her a party when she told them the news, but this wasn’t even remotely close to what she had expected from them.

“Are you planning on keeping it?” Her mother asked.

Y/N was at a loss for words. She hadn’t even thought about what she was going to do. She thought after she talked to Liam, she would figure out what to do next, but with him out of the picture, she didn’t have an answer to her mother’s question.

“If you don’t get an abortion or give this baby up for adoption, you’re not welcome here,” Y/N’s dad said.

“Either way, we’re not having our pregnant teenaged daughter living in our house,” her mother said before she walked away, leaving Y/N in tears.

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Champ or Should I Say Daddy

Originally posted by beckylvnch

SUMMARY: Baron wins the WWE Championship and while you are celebrating backstage he let’s a secret slip. SMUT.

TAGS: @monsteramongmen-tamer @wildandfreepinkv0dka @hardcorewwetrash @imagineall-the-fandoms @alexispoo @nickysmum1909 @mandazord @panda-girl1999 @alexahood21 @66psychotic99 @jboofanpage @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @pittiemommy22 @unabashedwwesmut @spine-buster @wallflowerfangirl-life @birthday-prinxess @tinyelfperson @nickie-amore @randomfandompenguin @blondekel77 @ridingmoxley @southerndreamz @cfloyd776 @castielscamander @theholyfallenangel @sleepyynerd

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Bare With Me - 4

Also on AO3  You can catch the previous chapters there or on Tumblr (though there’s not a lot of plot here, so it’s not strictly necessary).
Chp 1  Chp 2  Chp 3  Chp 4

Ladybug paced along the ledge of Notre Dame waiting for her partner to show up.  After last night’s festival of eye candy she needed a hard run through Paris, and their usual game of tag would give her exactly what she needed.  

“Good evening, my Lady!” Chat called as he bounded into sight.  He landed smoothly near by.

“Hey Chaton.”  She smiled at him, infected by his happiness.  "You’re in a good mood.“

"It’s just a much better day than yesterday,” he said.  "Speaking of which…"  He beamed, looking mischievous.

“No,” she said firmly, hoping to stop him.

“How did it go, transporting the underdressed model home?” he asked, as  if it were of no more interest than the weather.  He was totally faking.

“Oh…”  She needed to defuse his focus on this.  "It was good.“  Awkward, nerve wracking, and utterly blush-worthy counted as good, right?

"Just good?” he asked, shaking his head.  "Simple drop off, then?  He didn’t offer up any kind of appreciation for the save?“  He huffed.  "I think I’m offended on your behalf.”

“Oh no,” she corrected quickly.  "That’s not it at all.  I mean… he seemed really appreciative.  We played Dance Dance Revolution.  It was nice.“ It really had been, even with the unexpected bits.

"Did he end up putting on clothes, or did you get to admire him in all his glory?”

She shot Chat a glare.  "Why do you care?“

Chat shrugged.  "I have a vested interest in you being happy, and while the circumstances may be unusual, you seem to really like this guy.”

She sighed.  Stupid accepting cat.  "He’s nice.  Actually nice, not one of those fake nice guys who feel the need to point out just how nice they are all the time, because it’s not obvious.“  She clarified.  "Honestly, I think you two would get along really well.  His sense of humor reminded me of you.”

His smile was so bright it could have served as a spotlight.  "Is that your plan, My Lady?  Surrounding yourself with gorgeous blonds who make you laugh.“

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Headcannon for Reid comforting someone after a nightmare

If this isn’t the sweetest thing idk what is

So I feel like it would be after an incredibly hard case and he would immediately know that you were more affected than others and so he’d offer to come over and stay with you as long as you needed. Usually, you’d refuse such an offer but you really didn’t want to be alone and so you’d oblige. He’d, of course, take the couch even after you offered him the bed. He’d stay up reading through his books he’d brought making sure he was ready to comfort you when you needed, so when he heard faint screams and shuffling coming from your room he got up and ran into your bedroom. He found you in a daze, sweat covering your body as you mumbled words, tears streaming down your face. He’d sit on the edge of your bed and take you in his arms, whispering sweet words before grabbing a wet cloth and dabbing it against your forehead.  He’d wait until you were calm enough and tucked you back, getting ready to leave before you grabbed his hand. “Please stay with me,” you’d whisper, his heart swelling at your expression, sliding in the bed next to you, cradling you in his arms. His steady heartbeat causing you to drift off into a deep sleep.