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Running Low (Smut)


Request: Can i request where you and shawn break up but only for a couple hours then you make up? (Make up sex HAHAHA) thankss

Word count: 2,957

Running Low (Smut)

You were lying in the silent hotel room, looking out at the dark sky from the window beside the bed. Your legs were curled up underneath you, as you were hugging yourself tightly. Maybe, it would help put the broken pieces inside you back together.

Tears were still running down your sore cheeks, but you weren’t exactly sobbing anymore. They just quietly ran down, you barely even noticed them any longer.

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“And that’s why I love you.”

warnings: maybe a bit of mature language but not much & fluff🤷🏽‍♀️

where you and Harry are in the car, but you are enjoying the ride a bit more then he is…

“Babeeeee, can we please just turn off so I can go for a wee. I am actually going to burst.” Harry closed his eyes tightly as he was slightly jumping up and down in his seat, apparently his way of stoping his urine from escaping.

“Can’t you just hang your little willy out the window?” You asked, slightly giggling as you changed gear, a look of shock painted across Harry’s face.

“Why are you looking at me like that?”

“Little? Did you just say my ‘little’ willy? Who even uses the word willy?” He asks, raising his head up and towards your direction, crossing his legs on the car seat.

“Fine. If I pull over will you stop your whingeing?”

“Yes, my beautiful angel.” His cheekiness causing your eyes to immediately roll in defeat as you turned the wheel and indicating, towards a lay-by. Harry was the last person you wanted to have during a long car journey, constantly moaning about the uncomfortableness of the car and the temperature, the aux lead was always connected to his phone and both of your music tastes was something you disagreed on and when you needed his company and help to stay awake, 90% of the time he was asleep.

As Harry was occupied with whatever he needed to be occupied with in the bushes meters away from the car, you slowly grasped the aux cord and loosening it from his phone and attaching it to your own. The first few beats played of one of your favourite songs as Harry looked up at you while climbing back into the car, eyebrows furrowed and head slightly tilted. You raised you hand to the beat, creating the sudden realisation for Harry as his small smile fell and head beginning to shake.

“Seriously! Please don’t start, I swe-“

“My mamaaa called, said you on tv son”

His head fell in his hands, obviously embarrassed as you began to take off down the road you were travelling on beforehand.

“Said shit don’t change, ever since we was on.”

“Why this song? Out of all the songs you love? Why this one?”


You immediately let go of the wheel, shaking your head to the beat and using your hands to create a slight dance. Harry immediately grabbed the wheel, fearing for a crash in which he believed was inevitable.

“Now they always say congratulations.”

“This is why we play my music in the car, not yours.” He smiled, secretly loving the way you reacted to the music.

The song closed to an end as you calmed down, your heart rate returning to what it should be.

“Just one more, please?” Your eyes pleading into his as you slowed down to a traffic light. He sighed and smirked at you. “Okay. Just one more.”

The very recognisable chords began as Harry smiled his beautiful, narcissistic smile at you as you took his hand into yours and looked directly into his eyes.

“Sweet Creature. Had another talk about where it’s going wrong, and we’re still young.”

Harry watched you in awe as you sang to him something that was a huge part of he is, his emotions and feelings being poured back out to him by the person he loves most in life. Not long after the chorus finished you are both belting out the words you both knew too well. The song closed as Harry placed a small kiss on your hand.

“And that is why I love you.”

Catch Me

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: A platonic relationship with Bucky may become something more.

Word Count: 3.0k

Warnings: fluff ‘n angst, blood, violence, death (the usual)

Tags: @minervaem @imaginingbucky @buchananbarnestrash @illuminationunknown @aweways @aboxinthestars @marvel-fanfiction @alwayshave-faith @kapolisradomthoughts @johnmurphys-sass @captnbarnesrogers @buckyywiththegoodhair @mellifluous-melodramas @hellomissmabel @alphaabucky @justanotherbuckydevotee @heartmade-writingbucky @hollycornish

Originally posted by xmidnight-moonlightx

“Catch me, Bucky!” you called, dropping from the rafters of the training room. “Bucky, Bucky, catch me!” You felt the air rush by your ears as you approached the ground, the edges of your vision blurring… and then your body collided with a strong pair of arms, breaking your fall. You glanced up into a pair of steely blue eyes that were attempting to hide amusement.

“(Y/n).” Bucky sighed as he gently placed you back on the ground. “You have got to stop doing that. I might not always be around to catch you.” You cocked your head to the side.

“You will always be around to catch me, I have no doubt in my mind.” You strode away from your best friend as he stared after you, a hint of a smile on his lips.

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lololovescheese  asked:

First Squishy Hug. Second, maybe Phil and Clint taking a vacation or trying to plan one.

Phil, a stack of folders balanced on one hip and his coffee cup in his other hand, got one step into his office and froze.”Well,” he said, after a long, still moment, “this is new.”

Clint, sprawled out on his couch under a rather impressive sunlamp setup, didn’t even bother raising his head from the rolled up towel he was using as a pillow.  “Yep,” he said.  He was wearing a garish pair of swimtrunks and an even more objectionable pair of sunglasses.  “Spent all night getting it set up.”

Phil stepped over a pile of cabana chairs and ducked under a set of paper luau lanterns. There were palm fonds everywhere, and he wondered idly how Clint had even gotten them up here.  “I imagine so,” he said.  An MP3 player was propped on the corner of his desk, its speakers vibrating with Caribbean tinged music, heavy on steel drums and happy melodies.  Phil nudged it out of the way so he could put his folders down between a basket of pineapples and a stack of coconuts.  “Can I ask why?”

Clint’s head tipped in his direction, his sunglasses sliding down the bridge of his nose.  “I’m on vacation,” he said, picking up a coconut cup from the floor next to him.  “It took planning.  Dedication.”

“And a mental breakdown,” Phil added, moving a stack of towels off of his chair so he could sit down.  A row of dashboard style hula dancers, lined up on the edge of his blotter, started swaying at the movement.  Phil stared at them, caught somewhere between amusement and complete frustration.  “I said we could take a vacation.”

Clint yawned.  “Yeah.  You keep saying that.  You’ve been saying that for a month.”

Phil let his head fall forward into the cradle of his hands.  “For a week.  Tops.”

“Two months.  Easy,” Clint saluted him with his cup.  It was decorated with two paper umbrellas and an impressive array of pineapple garnishes.  “So I took you up on it.”  He spread his hands wide.  “Vacation.”

The bubble of laughter caught him off guard, and Phil clamped a hand over his mouth.  He wasn’t fast enough, though, because Clint grinned at him, his teeth bright white against the shiny plastic of his straw.  “I got a kiddy pool,” he said.

“You’re an ass, and if there’s sand in my closet, I’m going to have you shot,” Phil told him.

“Aw, you will not.” Clint flicked his sunglasses back into place and settled back, his cup resting on the flat plane of his stomach.  “You’d do it yourself.”

“Maybe.” Phil reached for the blender.  “There better not be booze in this, Barton.”

“There is so much booze in that,” Clint said, grinning.  “Why wouldn’t there be?  After all, I’m-”

“On vacation,” Phil finished for him.  He gave the blender cup a cautious sniff, and gave up, dumping in into a tiki mug. “Fine.  Vacation.”

Undeniable Heat Chapter 34: The Sun’s Warmth

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1150 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

It was the squealing of little children that woke you the next morning. With a groan, you went to move your pillow over your head when your hand came into contact with a warm and naked chest. Lifting your head up, you found that you were using Jensen’s chest as your pillow, your legs tangled with his as his arm wrapped protectively around your waist.

Glancing at the clock, you saw it was past nine in the morning. It didn’t surprise you. Both of you had stayed up late, talking about nothing and everything, enjoying each other’s company, feeling somewhat free of the past. Jensen seemed more light hearted, carefree then he had before, and you were coming to realize how important his talk with Danneel had been.

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Do you desire the grace of the Spirit? Go to your Lord’s anointing. Do you seek holiness? Go to His example. Do you desire pardon of sin? Look to His blood. Do you need mortification of sin? Look to His crucifixion. Do you need to be buried to the world? Go to His tomb. Do you want to feel the fulness of a heavenly life? Behold His resurrection. Would you rise above the world? Mark His ascension. Would you contemplate heavenly things? Remember His session at the right hand of God, and know that He “hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places” (Eph 2.6). I see clearly enough why the branch gets all it wants while it abides in the stem, since all it wants is already in the stem, and is placed there for the sake of the branch.
—  Charles Haddon Spurgeon / The Secret of Power in Prayer
Cooking Shenanigans

A/N: (Y/S/N) = Your sister’s name. Also, the pun used in here was one I actually heard in real life.

Character: Harry

Warning(s): None

(I got the GIF from this post, but not sure if the person who uploaded it is the owner of it. If you know, please do let me know!)

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Before the Show

Type:  Oneshot, Smut, Fluff, Romance

Wordcount:  2464

Summary:  Phil has terrible stage fright before each TATINOF show, and Dan has done everything to try to help his friend, but to no avail.  One day, a few hours before the show, Dan decides to try something a little more…kinky. 

Phil had stage fright.  It was terribly severe, causing him to vomit before each show and causing his knees and arms to shake violently just before they went onstage.  

In the hours leading to the show, he would become tense and quiet, a bad sign that Dan picked up on immediately.  As soon as he saw Phil sink into the car seat and not speak for more than five minutes, he realized what was happening and would try to stop it.

He tried talking, but Phil just responded minimally if at all.  

He tried joking around with Phil, which worked a little better, but still didn’t take away Phil’s panic.

Finally, they both tried doing some relaxation exercises. They downloaded an mp3 of relaxation hypnosis tracks, and played them in the van.  At first, it seemed to calm Phil, but as soon as the track was over, his fear returned and he was shaking in his seat again.

During the shows, Phil was fine.  His adrenaline kicked in and he enjoyed interacting with the audience. But the from 3 hours until showtime until the minute he stepped on the stage, he was in agony and Dan could hardly stand to see his friend in such pain.

Dan, of course, was fine.  He was a theater kid and lived for the stage.  He loved the attention and craved the applause, and was hyped up all day waiting to get to the next venue and step out in front of the crowd.  

He worried about Phil’s noticeable weight loss and his overall health and decided he needed to do something.  

Before their show in Glasgow, Dan was standing behind Phil in the gas station line, and noticed the tension and fear begin to come over him.  He couldn’t watch his friend suffer again.  On a whim, he leaned forward and whispered into Phil’s ear, “I want you”.

“What? asked Phil

Dan leaned forward and again whispered, this time more seductively, ‘I WANT you.”

Phil froze, his eyes large.  Dan never made the opening move in their playtime, and especially, never in  public.  

He turned around to look at Dan and make sure he had understood.  Dan’s face was awash with passionate hunger.  

Phil turned crimson.  He had definitely understood correctly.  

Back in the car, before the rest of the crew got in, Dan grabbed Phil’s neck from the back and held it firmly.  “I want you, Phil.  And I will have you at the hotel.  Be ready.”

He let go just as the doors opened and the rest of the crew got in.  

Phil was left in shock.  Once again, Dan was in new territory.  Phil was definitely the top in their relationship and Dan had never taken such a dominant tone with him.  Phil found himself biting his lip, partially from nerves and thinking about the upcoming show, and partially because he was confused about Dan.  

As they drove through the beautiful countryside, both Dan and Phil looked out the windows and remarked on the brilliant landscapes.  But when Phil caught 
Dan’s eyes, he saw only one thing staring back:  hunger.  He met Dan’s gaze and found himself trying to re-assert his dominance with a subtle look, but Dan did not back down.  What was going on? What was this game?  Phil was completely perplexed, but he was going to figure it out.  

He spent the next thirty minutes devising a plan.  And during that thirty minutes, he didn’t think about getting on stage once.  All he thought about was getting Dan in that hotel room and taking back his control.  

An hour away from the hotel, they stopped at another gas station.  

“Hey Phil, come over here, I want to show you something” Dan called, as Phil was getting back into the van.  Phil crossed over to the side of the convenience store and felt himself violently pushed against the wall with his crotch being forcefully cupped by Dan.   

“This?” Dan said huskily, “This is mine in an hour”.

Then he abruptly let Phil go and jogged to the van.

After Phil had untucked his shirt to hide what Dan had just done to him, he followed to the van and sat in his seat, amazed.  And excited.  And confused.  

As they approached the hotel, Phil decided that Dan must have been joking with him.  There had been no other signs of dominance from him, and besides, Dan was anything but dominant.  He decided to let his guard down a bit, then immediately got shaky.  His face got pale.   Oh my God, he thought, I have to be onstage in 3 hours!  

Dan caught the change and immediately leaned over, lifted Phil’s headphones and whispered into his ear, “10 minutes and counting, bitch”.

The audacity of that whisper in a car full of their friends was astounding and Phil had to forcefully keep his jaw from dropping.  His heart began racing and the color came back to his cheeks.  Was this really about to happen?  Was Dan about to try to take control of him?

They were very quiet in the elevator up to their adjoining rooms, allowing the chatter from their friends to cover the tension between them.  As Phil pushed the keycard into the slot, Dan pushed the door open forcefully and Phil in with it.  The door closed roughly behind them and they were alone.

“Dan, what have you been…” he was cut off by Dan’s tongue thrusting into the back of his throat.  Phil immediately became erect. Dan’s hand found him and began gently caressing him.   He could not believe what was happening to his body.  He was the dominant.  He was always in control.  Who was this young man and what was he doing to him?  

After several minutes, Dan suddenly pushed him away, leaving him breathless. 

“Get on your knees” he demanded, forcefully but quietly.  

And after a moment’s hesitation, Phil obeyed.

“Get me out” he ordered, in the same quiet tone.

Phil began to unbutton Dan’s black jeans, when he felt his hands slapped away.

“No hands.”

Phil looked up at Dan with his jaw hanging open.  He took two breaths and in the silence, he felt his erection growing.   Something was happening to him.  Something new.  Something different.  Something very nice.  

Slowly, he reached up to Dan’s top button and opened his mouth.  It was hard work, but after a minute, he had to top button undone.  

He looked up at Dan, suddenly confused.  His brain didn’t seem to be working correctly.

“Now, the zipper” Dan coached, again in a flat tone.

Phil reached up and took the zipper between his teeth and gently pulled down.  The sound of the links separating echoed through the hotel room.  

Pull them down.  

Phil reached his hands forward, but again found them slapped away.

Dan’s face was stern, serious and towering above Phil’s.  Phil couldn’t believe it.  He was in exctasy.  He grabbed one side of the younger boy’s jeans with his teeth and began to pull them down, lowering his body into a bow as they reached the floor.

“Stay there a moment” commanded Dan, and Phil stayed in a bow, his head resting on Dan’s foot, breathing rapidly and aching between in his belly.  Was this what Dan felt?  Was this the sensation of submission?  Because if it was, Phil began to think he really liked it.

“Now, get me out” said Dan.

Phil didn’t want to leave his spot on the floor, down at Dan’s foot where he suddenly felt he belonged, but he did as commanded.  He slowly raised up out of his bow and used his mouth to separate the opening in Dan’s boxer-briefs.  Then, with great enthusiasm, he reached in with his mouth and had almost reached Dan’s penis when he heard–

“Beg me.”

“What?” Phil heard himself ask.

“Beg me.”

In the silence, Phil tried to think of what to say, He was in a new headspace and didn’t have the vocabulary to express what he was feeling.  All he knew is what he wanted, so he said, simply, “May I please have your cock?”

Dan chuckled.  “Not like that, Phily.  Ask me if you may take my cock out.  You won’t ‘have’ it for quite some time”

“May I take your cock out.”


“Sir” Phil added quickly.

“Yes you may, Phily,” said Dan gently, and Phil slowly reached in with his mouth, encircled Dan’s erect cocks with his lips, and softly pulled it through the slit in his boxer-briefs.  

“Good boy”, said Dan.  “Now, take off your pants, your shirt and your underwear, fold them nicely and place them at my feet. 

Phil did so as if he were in a dream. Soon, he was back on his knees at Dan’s feet, naked except for his mismatched socks.  

“Get on the bed on your hands and knees, head down” ordered Dan.

Phil climbed atop the bed, positioned himself on his hands and knees, and then placed his head down so that it touched the bed.

“Good boy”, said Dan.  “Now back up right to the edge of the bed”.

Phil complied.

The next thing he felt was Dan’s hand on his cock and his lips kissing his back.  The tingles of pleasure travelled through him and Phil thought he might cum right then and there.  He raised his head to turn to look at Dan, but was immediately met with a firm slap to the right cheek of his bottom.

“Head Down, Phil”

“Yes Sir” Phil answered and immediately put his head down.  Dan started milking Phil’s cock as his kisses worked their way up Phil’s spine to his neck.  

“I’m going to cum“ said Phil, breathing rapidly

“Not without permission,” said Dan.

May I cum, Dan?” 

“No” came the answer, and Dan immediately stopped stroking Phil.

“Head up,” ordered Dan, “and turn around to face me”.

Phil crawled in a semi-circle until he was facing Dan.

“Suck me” said Dan

And Phil gently took Dan into his mouth and began sucking softly, moving his lips slowly from tip to base as Dan’s cock began to grow.  

“That’s right.  That’s a good boy,” moaned Dan, who was enjoying playing this part more than he thought he would.  He glanced at the clock.  They still had 90 minutes before they needed to leave for the theater.  Plenty of time.

Phil began to moan.  He felt his cock growing between his legs and could not believe how large it was getting.  Dan reached down and stroked Phil’s head, then gently took it in both of his hands and began to guide him as he sucked.  

When Dan was about to burst, he guided Phil off of him.  “On your back, legs in the air” he ordered, and Phil immediately complied.

Phil lay on top of Dan, taking the younger boys legs on each of his shoulders.  He pressed his cock against Phil’s asshole, something he was almost never allowed to do.  “Relax” he said in a whisper.  “I’ll go slowly.  Spread your legs apart a bit more,” he coached the older boy, ‘There you go, Yes, like that.  Now relax”   

Phil slowed his breathing a bit and Dan applied the lubricant to both of them.  Then, with gentle pressure, he entered his best friend.  Phil’s head immediately arched backward and his eyes rolled into the back of his head.  This felt amazing.  Dan was bigger than he had ever felt him before, but nothing hurt:  he felt like Dan was exactly the right size to fill the ache that was consuming him.  

Dan began to thrust gently, in and out, and his own stomach stimulated Phil’s cock as he moved.  Both boys were close and both knew it.  

“Do you want to cum, Phily?” asked Dan, increasing the pace of his thrusting. 

“Yes, yes!” cried Phil, not caring who might hear.

“Ask permission first” said Dan


“Please, what?”

Phil was using all of his strength to control himself.  He didn’t know if he could hold out long enough to make another sentence.  But he knew he had to.  He knew he wanted to.

“Please, Sir, Please may I cum for you?”

“Yes, you may, baby”

And as Phil shot up Dan’s chest, his eyes rolled back in his head and his back arched as he thrust against Dan’s stomach over and over and over.

Dan began to cum at the same time, emptying himself inside of Phil, something he had never done before and something that caused Phil to gasp and then cum even harder.

Dan collapsed on top of Phil and kissed him hard on the mouth.  Phil held Dan in his arms and kissed him back as best he could, breathlessly.  

“Are you okay?” Dan asked Phil.  “Did I hurt you?”

“I’m okay,” answered Phil.  “I – I don’t know what happened to me..  Or what happened to you!   What was that?!” 

“Just something I’ve been thinking about,” said Dan.  Come on, we need to shower.  

In the van on the way to the show, Phil was chatty and silly–his usual self.  Dan sat back with a small smirk on his face.  It had worked!

The show went smoothly and the fans were lovely and Phil seemed to be having the best time he had had on the entire tour.

After the show, they went back to the hotel and collapsed onto the bed.  The show was fun to do, but very tiring, so the two boys were both exhausted. 

“That was great” said Phil.  “I think that went better than the other ones, don’t you?”

“Yes, I think so too” agreed Dan.  

“I wonder what the difference was?”  said Phil.  “You know, come to think of it, I didn’t really feel nervous at all before we walked onstage.”

Dan began laughing.


“It worked, that’s what!” said Dan, laughing harder now.

“What worked?”

Dan gave Phil a knowing look.

“What?  No, we’ve made love before shows before.  That couldn’t have been it. “

“Lester, you spork, I was toying with your mind all day so you didn’t have time to be nervous!  Since when am I a Dom?!”

“Oh My God!” said Phil, “That’s what you were doing?  I–I didn’t understand why you had changed so much. Oh wow.  Dan.  Wow.  Thank you!”

“You’re welcome!   It was kind of fun. I just pretended I was you.  Did you enjoy it?”

“More than I ever thought I could, actually” said Phil, turning on his side to face Dan.  “You did a good job.  I never knew that was how you felt with me.”

“Well, now we both know”.  

Phil pulled Dan close and embraced him, drawing him into a passionate kiss.  

“Just remember, Howell,” Phil whispered, “Who your Daddy really is”.

Table for Two?

Words: 1,838 
Summary: Prompt from @madelinecoffee : “I walked into the restaurant and you thought I was your blind date and I just kind of went with it because I didn’t want to eat alone.” (Rucas AU)

Riley Matthews is having a lousy day.

“Maya, where are you? I’ve been waiting for the past twenty minutes!” Riley grumbles into the phone, irritated as she paces.

“Riles, I’m so sorry! I tried texting you earlier but –”

“Peaches, where are you?” Riley cuts her best friend off, gritting her teeth as she speaks, dreading Maya’s answer. She knows that apologetic tone, has been a frequent receiver of that tone, and steels herself for Maya’s apology and excuse.

“I’m still at the studio,” Maya’s sincerely apologetic tone makes Riley sigh in disappointment. “I’m so sorry, Riley. I tried texting you but my battery died. Josh just walked in and I called you the moment I could. Honey –”

“It’s okay, Maya,” Riley tiredly assures her best friend, too tired to listen to Maya’s apology and too tired to be angry. She had had a long day at school, having missed lunch because she spent it tutoring a student who needed extra help. And she had not been able to get a snack after school hours because she had been so swarmed with paperwork. The only comfort she had was that she would be meeting Maya for dinner.

It looks like she will be eating dinner alone. Again.

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Fiona Fights with Monica and goes you were my mother to could you do a imagine and instead of Fiona it’s the reader saying that and Carl comforts her
Okay so I had just watched this episode and i don’t want to write any single word fiona actually said cause I want to be creative so yea but I will be saying what the request said:)

Your POV: Everyone was angry and sad, Monica was back trying to take Liam, “Monica you can’t just come into our lives acting like you were always there because newsflash Monica, Fiona and I did your job, we raised your kids, and just because you birthed them doesn’t mean Sh*t okay?"You yelled tears threatening to spill, "I am there mom and just because I wasn’t here for a while doesn’t mean I’m not, I’m here now and I’m staying to be with them, and I’m taking Liam I’m his mother"She said tears spilling from her eyes, "You were my mother to! but guess what I deserve someone who gives a sh*t! "You yelled at the top of your lungs, "I know I can’t fix things with you and Fiona but please I want to fix it with Carl and Debbie"She said walking over to the two little ones, "No you messed up with Y/N meaning you messed up with me"Carl said getting up and grabbing your hand then walked out side with you, Carl had always been closet with you, never once leaving your side, "Y/N are you okay?"He asked giving your shaking form a hug, "I’m okay Carl just angry and upset"You said then asked him, "Are you okay, you didn’t have to come out here"You said hugging him back, "I’m okay Y/N you have done your best both you and Fiona raising us"He said smiling up at you.

A/N So sorry this wasn’t long but I hope the requester likes it! -AdminBrook

Pleasuring Himself

Requested by @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid for my Follower Appreciation Day Random Drabbles from the 100 Kinks List - #13 Caught Masturbating. Sundae asked me to tag @salvachester too, though I don’t know why.

Author: Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Characters: Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count: 894

Warnings: Language, nsfw, smut, masturbation, awkward situation

Tagging: @aprofoundbondwithdean  @jensennjared @mrswhozeewhatsis @the-mrs-deanwinchester @official-shipper @mamapeterson @rizlow1 @eyes-of-a-disney-princess @winchesterenthusiast

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a fic where Lucio rescue his female s/o that was kidnap by the Vishkar Corporation? Love your writing :3

Lucio was so furious. How could they do this to someone who had nothing to do with his past choices? You weren’t involved and yet those monsters had still snatched you up the moment they had found you, only to get at him. And it was working.

God, he hated Vishkar Corporation.

Right now he was working on infiltrating one of Vishkar’s many company buildings but it was this one he knew that they held you. Last year, with your permission, he’d given you a beautiful set of music note earrings that you happened to wear most days. In them was a locator and small comm.

Of course, Lucio never used it but it was meant in case anything…well…like this every happened. The two of you had quietly been talking for the last hour, since he’d found out you were taken.

Overwatch had said to wait and to just let them figure out a safer solution, but when it came to you Lucio held no patience. He’d do what he needed to to get you home safe, even if he had to do it alone.

“How are you doing, baby?” Lucio murmured as he started to glide the walls, going higher and higher. It was difficult, and the fact that the ground was getting further and further away below didn’t help but he didn’t care. “They haven’t hurt you?”

“No,” you whispered in a hushed voice. “I’m tied up in a rather plain room…I’m assuming they think I’m crafty…”

Lucio let out a little laugh, the wind at his current altitude starting to whip around him and you could hear it. “You ARE crafty, y/n. Don’t I know it,” he said affectionately, almost to the top.

“Please don’t fall,” you whisper.

Lucio gasped as he landed on the roof, and instantly you began to panic, whispering his name frantically. A soft smile tugged at his lips. God, you were so cute when you worried for him.

“I’m fine, you silly girl,” he said, heading toward the door to the top of the roof. It was amazing how much adrenaline rushed through ones body when trying to climb a 15 story building…

“You won’t be when I get my hands on you! Don’t worry me like that,” you whispered, eyes flickering up as the doorknob started to turn. “Shhh, I have company.”

Lucio instantly went quiet, pausing as he listened. It was just loud enough in the room that he should be able to hear the other person talking.

A tall lady, very well dressed, walked in with two men in suites. She held a file and sat across from you, looking rather snooty and pristine.  You watched her warily, wondering what she wanted.

“Your aware why your here?” she said in a clipped voice, eyes meeting yours. It made Lucio scowl. “What your…’boyfriend’ has done?”

Rolling your eyes, you glare again. “I told you, I don’t know who your talking about! I’m single and I haven’t dated in three years. Just let me go and I’ll pretend this didn’t happen,” you said seriously. This was completely bonkers to you.

The lady sighed heavily. Your story hadn’t changed but she had seen a picture of the two of you together, holding hands. So unfortunately, she couldn’t even give you the benefit of the doubt. Which was fine.

Lucio was moving stealthily through the building. He figured you’d be a floor or two down, and used the locator to pinpoint your position in the building. To his luck, you were actually right below.

“Look, lady,” said the woman. “We want our product back. What he stole from us.” Her patience was starting to wan, you thought happily.

“I can’t help you,” you insisted, lip curling slightly.

The lady slammed a hand down on the table, making the two men jump as she stood up and leaned over the table. “He stole private property!” she snaps. “And if he doesn’t give it back, then you won’t EVER be leaving here.”

Lucio winced at how she yelled at you. He was almost outside the door now. It was surprising, the little amount of security…but he assumed they wouldn’t be expecting anyone to come in from the roof.

After a moment, you heard him whisper ‘I’m here’, before you smiled serenely at the woman. It rather unnerved her. You weren’t scared-you survived Jack’s tantrums.

Then  you pulled your hands from behind you, which had been cuffed, to reveal you were holding the cuff by a finger. The three of them looked stunned as you leaned back in amusement, dropping it on the table.

“Why don’t you ask him for it yourself?” you suggested, and at that moment, the door opened by a wave of noise. Everyone standing fell over, and Lucio glided in with a grin.

“Am I crashing the party?” he asks.

Immediately the woman scrambles around, trying to find her phone, which held a alarm button. “Looking for this?” you asked, holding it up. She looked stunned and Lucio just laughed as went around the table and picked you up onto his back.

“No-” she started but it was too late. The two of you were gone, the music raising around you as he used his amp to speed up the beat. You two were headed for the roof, and honestly you weren’t aware of it till he opened the door and the wind whipped around you.

“I knew you were crafty, you sneak,” Lucio yells, laughing as he moves you around so he’s holding you like  bride. You couldn’t help the sheepish look on your face at that and your fingers tightened on his shirt as he went to the edge. He was facing the other side of the building, where the sea spread out below.

“We aren’t going to-?” you asked hopefully.

But the maniac smile on his face said otherwise.

“I have you,” Lucio yells over the window, before giving you a firm and yet tender kiss, cupping your cheek. God, did he love you.

Then he leapt, holding you tight in his arms. A scream ripped from your throat but you clung, looking up as the faces of the men and lady who’d been in the room looked over the edge in utter shock.

And you knew, Lucio DID have you. He’d save you a hundred times over, in worse situations, because the two of you adored each other.

“I know you do,” you whispered, pressing your face into his chest so you don’t have to see the water rushing up toward you.

After the Fight

Summary: The reader (Y/N), who is able to generate heat in their hands, and their friend (F/N) are in a crime-fighting superhero team with Peter Parker and Ned Leeds. After a particularly brutal battle, an injured Peter is rushed back to the apartment and the team works to fix him up.
Word Count: 1.7k+
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader, but it’s very, very subtle
Warnings: Angst, injury, sparse cursing
A/N: I originally wrote this a few months ago as a part of a story a friend and I are writing, so I just changed my name to (Y/N) and hers to (F/N); if there are any descriptions that don’t match up with yourself or whoever you’re picturing as the friend, that’s why. Also, I wrote this in a very feely state and ended up sobbing by the end, so please refrain from reading if you don’t like sad stories ;)
I absolutely love writing angsty and emotional blurbs, so if you have a prompt, please, please let me know!! I’d love to do it! I really hope you enjoy :)

Peter collapsed in my arms as soon as Ned hastily opened the apartment door. I held him tight against my chest, whispering into his hair.

“It’s okay, Peter, just to the bathroom, just to the bathroom, keep going, Peter.”

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Lin x Reader

Uh, hi. It’s been about…4 weeks? Since I posted an actual fic of my own? I just finished my first year of college and it has been a stressful set of weeks, but it’s summer now so I’m going to try to be more active. Ps. I suck at titles. 

Thanks to @angeilca-s for being great and helping me through the writers block that has plagued me, being my second set of eyes, and just kind of being the absolute best.

Warnings: None, other than the fact that I can’t write without including swearing and some very slightly implied smut but it’s all joking.

You were pissed. Practically fuming in annoyance and you speed walked your way from your apartment to your best friend’s. A walk that would normally take about 20 minutes was cut down to about 10 as and before you knew it you were walking right through his front door, not bothering to knock because you never needed to.

“I’m done. I’m fucking done with guys. My life is over” You exclaimed, walking in and flopping down on the couch. Lin walked in the room, laughing lightly at your dramatic entrance, two beers already in his hands.  

“Hello to you too,” He handed you one before sitting down next to you, “Wanna tell me what happened?”

“You know that guy? Greg? Yeah, we went on our date, if you can even call it that-”

“Greg. Is that the one from Tinder? Or Match? Famers Only?”

“Oh shut up! Tinder. I only use Tinder,” He only raised his eyebrows in response, making you role your eyes. “Can I vent? I came here to vent.”

“You’re right, I’ll shut up.” He gave you his usual smirk and took a sip of his beer.

“Greg seemed like a decent contender, he didn’t seem like he was just like all the other gross, horny guys on Tinder. He took me to dinner and then we get to my place and he tries to have sex! Why can’t I just meet a nice guy who isn’t thinking with his dick? I’m getting too old for this crap.” You sighed, taking another drink of the beer. The irony of the situation was not lost on you. The fact that the only reason you were even attempting these dumb dates was because you loved your best friend, not that you would ever tell him that.

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everydaytriumphsandtragedies  asked:

Good morning, Father. Do you have a good prayer for those who struggle with lust?

I can’t think of a prayer offhand, so I composed one for you. Here it is:

“Loving Creator, in Jesus’ holy Name I praise you and bless you for all your works, especially for forming us from the dust of the earth and breathing life into our bodies.

I exalt you also because when our race fell away from your grace, your Son Jesus took on our mortal flesh and was like us in all things but sin. Through His precious Blood and saving atonement, He has raised up what was fallen and merited for us the grace to be your adopted sons and daughters.

Thank you also for the gifts of our human nature, so that with mind and heart, with spirit and strength, we might adore you, the one True God, and love our neighbor as ourselves. Thank you also for the gifts of sight, of hearing, and for the ability to embrace and to love others. Your Holy Spirit enters our bodies and transforms them into your Temple, so that you might dwell deep within us and perfect the gifts of our human nature.

Turn to me, now, and come to my aid. I struggle under the weight of temptation, and the wounds of original sin in my flesh. Like your Apostle Paul, I often do, not the good things which I wish to do, but the wrong which I know I must turn away from in order to serve you better.

My spirit is willing, but my flesh is weak. And so in trust and joy, I come to you, Father most holy, and through the intercession of Mary and Joseph, ask you to graciously receive my repentant heart. Help me to give you glory in the body, this body which you have given to me. 

And if through pride or blindness, I fall before my passions, I call upon your grace to keep me from despair or brooding. With firm purpose of amendment, keep me hopeful, and keep me trusting. 

May I never doubt your love and your power to work through my weakness, for through my weakness, your power reaches perfection. Through the same Christ, our Lord. Amen.”

God bless and take care, Fr. Angel

No. Not without me.

Part two to ‘Do you miss him?’

flash backs in italics

Stiles x Younger sister! reader

  Finally, everything seemed to be falling into place. You were beginning to talk to your dad and Stiles more, getting out your room, trying hard to get your grades up, year and you were a sophomore. For once in almost a year, things were going good. But it wasn’t long before shit hit the fan once more.

The Deadpool.

You were sitting in your room at your desk when Stiles barged in. “Have you not heard of privacy?” you asked as your twirled around in your desk chair to face him with a smile, Stiles chuckled, sitting on the edge of your bed, drumming his thumbs on his thighs. “What are you doing?” he asked, peering at your laptop, “Oh nothing, just studying for coaches test on Monday.” you said, turning back around to face your laptop, scrolling through the notes on your document. Stiles groaned, getting up and shutting your laptop, “Stiles!” you exclaimed.

He smirked and shook his head “It’s Friday, come on Scott, Lydia, Kira, Malia and I are having a party at Lydia’s lake house. Just the seven of us.” he said, and you looked up at him, raising an eyebrow, “Seven? Six is all of us, including me” he leaned down and got uncomfortably close to your ear, “Seven, including that boy Liam, that I know you’ve been crushing on…” he said with a smirk. You hummed to yourself and slowly pushed your chair back to glance at him, “You mean the boy you and Scott tied up in his bathroom?” you copied his smug smirk and he rolled his eyes, “You coming or not?” he asked, and you nodded humming to yourself, grabbing your bag and following him to his jeep. The seven of you turned into what seemed like more than hundred when the whole entire freshmen class showed up. “Stiles, you told me a small get together!” You exclaimed with your arms crossed over your chest. “Listen y/n, I need to go help Malia, Scott and Kira are with Liam. Go hang out and get to know people, you deserve it, and hey, have a drink even. I won’ t tell dad.” he told you, his voice growing louder as the volume of the speakers did as well. You huffed as the both of you parted ways. Quickly, you found Lydia and instantly stayed by her side.

Little did you know that hanging with Lydia for the rest of the night would possibly be your biggest mistake. You were there when she discovered that sound proof room. You were there when she unlocked the first code to get the first part of the list. And you were not leaving her side as she tried her hardest to figure out the rest. after figuring out the second code, you were so close to getting the rest of the list. Stiles worried about you. He watched you become obsessive with the Deadpool, but one thing that stood out to him was watching you study the list, as if you were looking for someone’s name…His name.

Sties walked into your room, once again without knocking and ripped the paper out of your hand. “Stop.” he stated and you raised your eyebrow at him, remaining silent. “I know what you’re doing, and I’m not letting you fall back into old habits over…over Isaac!” he exclaimed, almost instantly regretting it. Your expression turned cold, as if the sound of his name turned you into ice. It actually did. You stood up and snatched the paper out his hand, “You have no idea what you are talking about.” you growled at him, walking around him and slipping on your shoes. “I’m meeting Lydia at the sheriffs station, she thinks she found the third code, are you coming?” you asked, your voice sounding so broken, but at the same time strong. Stiles nodded his head, “Yeah, I’ll get the keys.”

You and Stiles sped off to the sheriffs station, arriving in record breaking time. Before Stiles could even turn the car off, you had already swung open the door and ran inside. Meeting in your fathers office, Stiles smiled at Lydia and took a spot behind you. “Are you ready?” Lydia asked. and you bit your lip, nodding. From there on everything moved in slow motion. The way her fingers moved across the keyboard, the way the names began the flicker across the screen, the way the world stopped spinning when his name flickered on the black screen. All of a sudden the world seemed to speed up in time. “If his name is on the list, that means he is back in Beacon Hills…” you whispered, backing up slightly. “I have to find him…I have to–” you began to rant, your hands flying to your hair, as if on instinct. Stiles grabbed your hands to stop you from pulling your hair out. “No.” he said, shaking his head. You went to speak, but he stopped you, “Not without me.”

*there will be a part three, don’t worry, baby boy Isaac will be coming shortly ☺️

ok so last night I decided I was finally gonna rewatch all of lazytown bc nostalgia and memes right? right but just ?????? sportacus????? is so extra??????? why is he like that

but also! the mayor told stephanie that there used to be a superhero that lived in an aircraft with the number 9 on his suit. but like sportacus??? he’s number 10. but clearly sportacus isn’t an immortal being and the mayor just forgetful, as robbie rotten is also old enough to remember this number 9 as he incredulously exclaims “there’s another one??” which begs the question what happened to number 9? why did he leave lazytown? what happened to the eight before either of them? was 9′s name also sportacus or did each of these heroes claim their own name?  is sportacus number 9′s clone? how has he survived alone in a blimp for so long?

what is sportacus hiding?

Guilt and Innocence

Part 4 of Cops and Robbers

(part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (general masterlist)

Words: 1400+

Beta reader: @unsink-the-titanic

Pairing: Sheriff!Gabriel x reader

A/N: I hope you guys enjoyed this series! And yes, there’s most likely gonna be a lot of plot holes, but this is why I’m not a mystery writer. I tried. I hope you enjoyed it! 

Your name: submit What is this?

“Gabriel, we need to talk.” You said, running up to the sheriff.

“Y/N, Metatron wasn’t killed here.” Gabriel said.

“I know. I might know where he was. I also know who was stealing from you.” You explained. You told Gabriel the name.

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Requested by theleaguewhoalwayslocked: Can I request Merlin x Reader imagine where reader is an agent of Russian equivalent of Kingsman and she is working with Kingsman and developing a big crush on Merlin. Merlin (though liking her as well) has no idea of her true feelings until Eggsy plays a matchmaker.
Pairing: Merlin x Reader.
Fandom: Kingsman.
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 1403

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