he raised his eyebrows and his voice was so low

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Yo a prompt here they meet in a pair one night like pastelxpunk punk!Phil being out with some mates and Dan with some uni buds and Dan wears like skirts and stuff and get this that night he's wearing fishnets so when they get to Phil's apartment later Phil just rips them apart bc Dan's been subtly teasing him all night long and they like do it on the kitchen counter thanks

Phil was annoyed, and horny. Lately it seemed like those were his main emotions, but right then, he didn’t want to think about that. He wanted to think about the fact that that extremely attractive guy across the bar kept winking at him.

Or maybe he wasn’t looking at him so suggestively. Maybe Phil was delirious, but really, he didn’t care. He wanted that boy riding him, he wanted him desperate and screaming and he wasn’t getting any closer to that on the other side of the room.

“Phil?” His friend Chris laughed, waving his hand in front of Phil’s face. “You’re spacing out again.”

Phil turned to look at him, raising his eyebrows, licking his lip ring. It was somewhat new, and he couldn’t stop messing with it.

“Was I?” He asked, huffing.

“Uh, yeah. You were.” Chris took a swig of his drink, Phil had forgotten what it was because his own brain had been muddled by the alcohol, and set the glass back down on the counter. “Are you gonna fuck him or what?”

“I don’t even know him,” Phil muttered, rolling his eyes and slowly taking a sip of his own drink.

“So?” Chris smirked. “That’ll just make it better. He keeps looking at you.” He nodded in the boy’s direction and Phil whirled around, catching his eye.

Surprisingly, he didn’t look away. The man kept his gaze, smirking gently and looking him over, before slowly looking away. Chris slammed his glass down on the counter.

“That was a fucking invitation if I’ve ever seen one,” he grumbled.

Phil considered it; what he wouldn’t do to get his hands on that guy. He was wearing a flowy yellow shirt that showed his stomach, and a very revealing skirt, as well as goddamn fishnets. Fuck.

The boy went back to talking to his friends, glancing over every now and then.

Chris held out a small glass; a shot; and grinned. Phil must have missed him ordering it while looking at the guy. “Take this, fucker, and go over there or I will.”

Phil rolled his eyes, tossing it back and setting down the glass. “Wish me luck,” he muttered, clearing his throat and scrunching his nose. “Fuck, that’s strong.”

He stepped down from the stool, straightening his leather jacket and cracking his neck; and he walked over to the boy, who was still talking to two friends.

He cleared his throat when he reached them, and the guy looked over, raising his eyebrows.

“Hey, what’s your name?” Phil asked, rather loudly so as to be heard over the loud music in the bar.

“Dan,” the boy said back, leaning forward, nodding. “You?”

“Phil,” Phil replied, grinning. “And I just came over here to tell you that if you look at me like that one more time, I can’t promise I’ll control myself.”

Dan raised his eyebrows, smiling slightly. “And what does that mean?” He asked slowly. Phil shrugged.

“If you want bruises all over you by tomorrow, I suggest you try and find out,” he answered, his voice low, and turned around, walking back to Chris.

“How’d it go?” He asked, tilting his head. Phil smirked.

“You’ll see,” he said calmly, taking another sip of his drink.

Sure enough, about ten minutes later, Dan walked over to them, swaying slightly. He leaned on Phil, resting his head on his shoulder and pouting.

“I’ve been here all night, and I haven’t found anyone to take me home yet,” he whined, looking up at him with wide eyes. He hopped up on Phil’s lap, and Phil sucked in a sharp breath.

“Yeah, okay, we’re going to my place,” he growled, grabbing tightly to Dan’s waist and making him squeak. “Chris, get a ride.”

Chris just shrugged. “Yeah yeah. Have fun, you two. Be safe, use condoms.” Phil smacked him over the head, and Dan giggled.

So that’s how Phil found himself swaying up to his apartment door, a giggly Dan clinging to him like a monkey. A tipsy monkey.

Phil slammed him against the door, attaching his lips to Dan’s. His tongue slipped into Dan’s mouth when Dan’s lips parted, and Dan moaned into the kiss, smiling.

Phil’s hands were everywhere once the door was unlocked, roaming Dan’s body almost desperately. They only made it to the kitchen counter before Phil was pulling his shirt off over his head roughly, doing the same to his own.

He worked at Dan’s throat, his hands searching blindly for the zipper of his skirt. Dan whimpered, leading his hands to it, and Phil got it off in a matter of seconds.

Then came the tricky part; the fishnets. Phil growled, shaking his head and tearing them apart completely, tossing them aside to get to the part he really cared about.

Dan gasped sharply, clinging to Phil’s shoulders. “Holy shit,” he breathed. “I would normally be mad, but fuck that was hot. Christ.” He tugged at Phil’s belt, pulling it off and fumbling with his zipper.

Phil chuckled, letting Dan work, his breath brushing over his ear. He pulled off Dan’s panties, groaning when Dan automatically grinded against him.

“Fuck me,” Phil breathed, his voice heavy. “Oh Christ, fuck me Phil.”

Phil hummed, chuckling and digging his nails into Dan’s thighs, pushing him back on the counter. “I was planning on it.”

Phil muttered a ‘be right back’ and hurried off to get lube and a condom, in only his boxers, and when he got back Dan was already stretching himself with two fingers inside himself. He looked up, grinning and letting out a soft whine.

“I’d rather it was you,” he said softly, throwing his head back, and Phil was done being nice.

He climbed on top of the counter, pulling Dan’s hand away from himself and straddling him, tugging his boxers down. He kissed him, hotly and open mouthed, and Dan whined into his mouth.

In only a matter of seconds Phil was ready and pushing against Dan’s entrance, making him gasp and throw his head back.

“Fuck,” he breathed as Phil pushed in, moaning softly and biting his lip. “Fuck, more.”

Phil moved slightly, shifting their position and pulling Dan’s hips up so he could get a better angle. He bottomed out, thrusting slowly and watching Dan’s face. Dan was practically desperate, pushing himself back on Phil’s cock and whining.

Phil couldn’t help it; he wrapped his hand around Dan’s throat, pinning him down. “Want more? Huh?” He growled, his voice low and dangerous.

Dan’s eyes widened and he nodded slightly, a high pitched whimper leaving his lips. “Yes, please,” he said weakly.

Phil rolled his hips, fucking into him at a faster but still teasing rhythm.

Dan moaned loudly, his eyes falling shut, and Phil sped up. He couldn’t help it, Dan looked so fucking good like that, desperate, being used. Soon he was pounding into him without mercy, and Dan was letting out incredibly sexy noises.

Phil wrapped his hand around Dan’s cock, jerking him off in time with his thrusts, and Dan was gone. He practically screamed, letting go on his stomach, his cock twitching.

Phil groaned, leaning over to kiss at Dan’s neck, feeling himself get close as well. Dan’s weak whimper, his voice breaking, is what sent him over the edge.

Phil got down from the counter, breathing heavily, discarding the condom and running his fingers through his sweaty hair.

He leaned over Dan, looking down at the exhausted and fucked out boy. Dan frowned.

“I’m guessing you’re gonna ask me to leave now, huh…?” He asked, sounding a little sad. Phil smiled, and shook his head.

“Actually, I was gonna ask if you wanted to stay the night. And if you liked Chinese food.”

Stupid tapes

requested? nope, just had the idea in my head for a few days

pairing: Zach x reader

Summary: Zach doesn’t want to tell his girlfriend about the tapes and she has enough and then Bryce Walker makes things even worse

warnings: mention of rape i guess 

words: over 1.8k

part 2

masterlist | request

Y/N once heard Zach and Justin talking about some tapes and when she asked Zach he only brushed her off with a “don’t worry, love, ‘s fine”. Whoever she asked about those tapes either looked confused or told her it’s none of her business. She asked Zach multiple times about them, hoping he would break and tell her anything, so she would finally know what’s going on, but he didn’t. She noticed how tense he got whenever she asked him about them and how he’s changed through the last few weeks. It was taking a tool on Y/N and their relationship, as the girl thought he didn’t trust her and genuinely knew he was hiding something from her. And one day, Y/N decided enough was enough.

“Zach, I’m asking you one last time, what’s going on with these tapes!” they were sitting in his car, heading for his house so he could help her with her biology homework, as he was a year older and amazing at it.

“I’ve told you so many times that you should forget about them and stop worrying,” he replied calmly, though he could sense that Y/N wasn’t going to drop the topic this time.

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Imagine Loki coming to you years after you thought he was dead.

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You glanced down at your phone for the millionth time that day and sure as you expected the missed calls had increased just as the messages. You knew it wasn’t because he was worried but because you had been actually ignoring him, and Tony Stark was not one to take that easily. You had explained you wanted time to yourself but as much as he tried to understand that he still couldn’t really.

You turned off your phone again and stuffed it in your pocket, fishing the keys to unlock the door to your apartment. You let out a tired sigh as you placed your files on the desk, making your way to living room almost in the darkness as there was practically no lighting.

“FRIDAY lights please?” you asked as you walked down the hallway and a short reply came after they were turned on.

“Yes mis, (Y/n). Mis, I must inform you that there is someone waiting in-”

“The living room.” you breathed out, completing the sentence as you practically stopped dead in your tracks at what stood in front of you “Uh thanks FRIDAY.” you blinked clearing your throat as you took hesitant steps towards the two men, both of them surprising for a different reason each.

“What the hell?” you narrowed your eyes at them “I thought you were- And you were- that you would- and you wouldn’t-you shouldn’t, should you? I saw you- and you- we murned- and you- and Odin- who was I talk-” you stuttered, unable to form a proper sentence as you looked back and forth between the two men, your heart hammering in your chest. You rubbed your temple, finding it impossible to understand what was happening.

“Always on point, you haven’t changed one bit love.” he said in the same smooth voice that would make shivers run down your spine with that kind of smile on his face that at times like this you wanted to whipe off so bad… maybe not in the most appropriate way.

“Shut up.” you growled but his smile only got bigger.

“Lady (Y/n)-” the blond man said with a smile and you blinked as you looked at him you shot him a glare, too mad about everything else to be happy to see him in front of you “It is great to see you.”

“Alive? Yeah I guess considering the shit that went down while you were MIA! I mean what the hell Thor?” you huffed.

“Really, what the hell?” you motioned to the man standing right next to him “What the hell?!” you breathed out looking at him and back at Thor “What the hair?” you whispered for a moment, seeing that his hair was shorter than the last time you saw him “What the hell?” you shook your head.

“Someone’s too excited to see us here then?” Loki asked with a smirk and you shot him a look that could have just as well killed him, for real maybe this time.

“I told you to shut up.” you growled “I thougt you were dead!” you exclaimed, giving him a harsh look “We all thought you were dead!” you huffed and he only smiled at you.

“Someone missed me much?” he chuckled and you literally fumed.

“We mourned you- I mourned you!” you huffed “For months!” you almost choked on a sob and you saw his eyes soften for a minute.

“Well, can’t take the trick out of a trickster.” he said with a smirk that wasn’t as mocking as before.

“You were never dead, right.” you nodded to yourself, realization downing on you even harder “And you didn’t even bother saying a thing not once right? Let me- us believe that you were dead.” you corrected yourself giving him a hard look.

“(Y/n)” Thor’s soft voice made you look at him “We need your help, things are- they are going downhill. And soon I am afraid the entire universe might be at risk.” he said sincerely and you sighed heavily. Even if he wasn’t here when you needed him during the fight that broke up between Tony and Steve you couldn’t deny him a thing when he asked you like this.

“You’re lucky I need a distraction.” you sighed “Just- just give me some time to wrap my mind around everything.” you mumbled turning to leave before you stopped on your tracks.

“Yeah I almost forgot.” you said in a low voice, turning and punching the black-haired man straight in the face. You actually made him stumble and hold his jaw, his eyes going wide as he huffed.

“That’s for lying to me and pretending you were dead.” you growled at him, pointing a finger before huffing and turning to leave them for a little while.

“Oh she missed me.” Loki breathed out, grinning to himself as he glanced for a moment at Thor.

“That’s what worries me the most.” Thor sighed, shaking his head as Loki raised an eyebrow.


“So… trouble in paradise?” you heard a voice ask and you rolled your eyes.

“Loki if you have not realized it I am working to find a way out of the situation you’re in, why don’t you go bother your brother?” you mumbled annoyed.

“Ooh so there is trouble in paradise.” he said and before you could realize it he waved your phone in front of your face and your eyes widened.

“That’s not yours to have.” you snatched it from his hand, glaring at you put it back in the chair you’d left it.

“But somehow your heart is?” he asked with a sly smirk and you scoffed at him, walk past him to go get a drink.

“Who told you that would ever happen?” you mumbled, not even giving him a glance.

“Has it not already?” he grinned at you and before you could realize it he was standing right in front of you. If he wasn’t this annoying and if you weren’t this mad at him for lying to you all this time – yes that actually hurt you more than you would admit – you would have let yourself really admire at how good he looked in this black suit. Because damn him he did look handsome as hell, the fact that he was tall and slim enough made him even more attracting but- you were too angry to let yourself get carried away.

“What do you want Loki?” you sighed, finally looking him fully in the eyes.

“Isn’t it obvious? To talk.” he shrugged and you sighed, shaking your head.

“I’m not in the mood, Excuse me if I’m too mad at you for everything you did.”

“Come on, it wouldn’t be the first time. But you always came back nonetheless.” he said with a small grin and you rolled your eyes.

“Let’s get you back in a cell and then we’ll see.” you said with a tight smile and he smirked, raising an eyebrow.

“Ooh kinky much?” he smirked and you groaned, trying to push past him back but he caught your hand.

“I told you I am not in the mood Loki, why don’t you fucking understand it?”

“Because I know you.” his voice was low and his breath fanned over your neck, making your shiver “And I know what you need better than you do… better than he does.” it was almost seductive and you willed yourself so hard to not fall for it.

“You have no idea what I want Loki.” you wanted your voice to sound harsh but it was only a low almost plea as you pushed – or tried to – away “You think you know, but you don’t really. There is more to the woman that you think you know but with this- with what you did, what you do and what you will keep doing, you don’t have a chance in knowing me.”

His grasp loosened and you found a way out “I tried to understand you, I did my best to give you a reason Loki. Despite what everybody thought, despite what my own friends thought of me for doing that I tried to reason with you. To see the man that nobody else could because you hid him all too well but you- you keep proving me wrong every chance you get. I thought I knew you, maybe I was wrong after all. And maybe you shouldn’t even try knowing me either- I wouldn’t want to when you keep acting like this.”

“You’re mad.” he whispered and you shook your head.

“No Loki I’m disappointed. I thought you were better than this. I thought you-” you sighed “I was wrong.”

“Maybe it’s because you don’t know me either, then.” he said but his voice held no playfulness in it.

“Well, then let me know you Loki. You’re the one holding back.” you shrugged and he took a step closer to you just as you had managed to put some distance between you.

“Am I?” he asked and what he did next was not what you expected and not something you could even comprehend yourself especially as you did the same seconds later. He kissed you.

❝ I want to spend my life with you ❞

Plot: Your boyfriend Yoongi has become over protective and possessive after what happened and you two fight.This is a second part of this scenario “No one can touch you

Pairing: YoongixReader

Words count: 2,5k+

Genre: Mafia!AU / Fluffy in the end. 

For anon, I hope you like it! M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

“Where are you going?” Yoongi’s gentle voice came from behind your back and lifting your eyes you saw his reflection in the mirror.  

He was wearing a black suit and a silver tie that you gave him a few months earlier, seemed one of those models just stepped off the cover of a fashion magazine.  

“I need to get some air Yoongi..”  

“Fine, but Jungkook will be with you.” His bossy tone won’t surprised but annoyed you; “is it clear?”  

“Yoongi, I don’t need Jungkook.”  

“He’s one of my best men. If I say he shall be with you, he will stay with you. ” His tone was more annoyed than normal and he closed the issue with a wave of his hand, leaving you alone again. Just you and your own reflection in the mirror.  

Watching yourself you noticed you have lost weight and dark circles under your eyes were the witness of your struggle to sleep.  

It had been only three weeks since your kidnapping but, as normal, you were bringing the consequences on you. Fear had become a second skin for you but the behavior of your boyfriend made thing even worse.  

You could understand his fear, but he was suffocating you and it was a worse feeling than being tied to a chair for countless hours  

The container of the cream for the body you had in your hands ended up on the sink shelf, you didn’t have time to be gentle and put it back in place.  

You came out of the bathroom at a brisk pace, managing to lock Yoongi before he left your room.  

You stood between him and the door, throwing your arms slightly open and preventing him from getting the handle and letting you really alone.  

He raised an eyebrow in a curious expression while remaining silent, waiting for you to say something.  

“I don’t need Jungkook.”  

“It wasn’t my request, it was an order.” He remarked, his voice low and raspy while approached his face to yours; “Isn’t it clear, baby?”  

“I don’t need him. You’re acting like a fool Yoongi… Kyunsoo had a score to settle with you, but I think everyone are so terrorized by you now and therefore it’s impossible that they would touch me.”  It Was what you were saying for days and seemed to play better than you kept repeating into your mind.   

“Fool? A Fool? My girlfriend was almost killed and I’m the one who is acting like a fool? ”  

“Yes.. ”  

“It was an order, Y/N. I don’t want to discuss this further. ” He silenced you in less than two seconds, clutching his hands under your armpits and lifted you effortlessly by moving the door.  

Your eyes crossed for a second when he opened the door. His eyes were looking for the challenge into yours, yours were looking for some glimmer of understanding for you into his.  

But both were disappointed with the result and he went out without saying goodbye or give you a slight kiss on your lips as he used to do.  

“Y/N, are you re-shit, sorry I didn’t know you were still in your underwear” Jungkook’s shocked gaze was the thing you saw moments later, leaving him, however, enter the room with an angry snort  "I.. I l-look out… “  

"You kill people and you’re ashamed of a woman in babydoll?”  

Your question bowled him more than your clothing and a slight motion of tenderness possessed you. Jungkook was younger than you, but he was a ruthless serial killer when necessary. Yoongi took him under his wing when he was just a kid, that world had been imposed on him. He had not chosen as you had done years before.  

“Ten minutes and I’m ready, wait out Kookie.” You dismissed him and the relief on his face made you smile when he literally ran out of the room.  

Now you were alone, you just think of a way to escape Yoongi’s protection. A challenge more than difficult to nearly impossible.  

~ ~

“He was looking at you.”  

“While two people are talking it’s normal to look each other. ”  

“No, he was looking at you into a way I know all too well.” He was angry and as his voice that his taut body could make you understand; “But he’s going to get what he deserves.” He added with a slightly satisfied sneer.  

The space was dimly in the limo but you got to look back at him, knowing that your expression was even angrier than he was him.  

“What did you do?”  

“He’ll remember that he shouldn’t look at my woman in certain ways.”  

“YOONGI.” You shouted at him but he didn’t seem to have heard; “Yoongi answer me.”  

“I didn’t kill him if that’s what you’re thinking. But then again, only I can look at you in certain ways. ”  

“You’re crossing the bounds, Yoongi.”  

“You’re mine and so you’ve to stay.” He whispered into your ear, but you pushed him away causing yet another smirk. You hated that expression onto hi face, but you couldn’t slap him despite the urge.  

“Stay in the car, I’ve something to do.”  

“More orders. Did I become one of your men? ”  

“Don’t discuss baby, I’ll be right there in a few minutes.”  

“Whatever you say, Sir.”  

Reproached him in the way his men did seemed to annoy him, but he said nothing and got out of the car. You were ready to get off when the black window that divided the driver’s seat from the rest of the limo was lowered.  

“Y/N.. You’re locked in. ”  


“Boss’ orders Y/N. ” He apologized with a little smile, making you sigh in despair. “He’s acting like this for your sake.”  

“It’s killing me so and he seems to not realize it.”  

~ ~

Taehyung and Namjoon were holding Yoongi while you were in your room.  


“Yoongi calm down.” The tone almost despaired of Namjoon managed to get even at your ears, while the tears continued to slip copious on your cheeks.  

You’ve never discussed that way, but you were coming to a limit that you couldn’t bear any more.  


“FUCK OFF YOONGI, OKAY? I’M FUCKING SICK OF YOU AND THIS WHOLE SITUATION. ”  You stand at the door, your eyes were red and swollen, while you hurl against him everything that he gave you in those weeks. Almost like they were justifications for his attitude. “DO YOU UNDERSTAND?? LEAVE ME ALONE, I WANT TO GET OUT. YOU’VE BECOME OBSESSIVE AND OPPRESSIVE. THAT’S NOT THE RELATIONSHIP I WANT. ”  


“THERE ARE YOUR MEN FOR THAT!” You shouted hurling yet another expensive bracelet, striking though Taehyung that remained silent since your strength was poor in those days due to lack of sleep.  


His threat was another blow to your heart. You wanted it all but not that your relationship was over. In spite of that world, Yoongi was the man of your life. But he needed to reconsider his behavior and that was the only way to make him do that. Leave him.  

Without taking anything, everything was his despite you worked and you still had your apartment outside Seoul, you bypassed the three men and directed towards the door.  

Namjoon and Taehyung had left the grip on Yoongi, who was immobile at the center of the salon and was looking at you, shortness of breath and broken because of the screams.  

“You’re not protecting me Yoongi, you’re suffocating me.”  

Saying that you came out of your house, without looking back.  

~ ~

Your apartment was even smaller as than you remembered and was incredibly quiet.  

The only sounds that you could hear were your sobs and the television you had access both to keep you company.  

Despite the orders of Yoongi, Seokjin had followed you and now he was on the threshold of the door, while watched you in absolute silence.  

“You know that he’ll punish you, Seokjin?” Sobbing you said, lifting your eyes to him.  

“Never leave a girl in tears, you never know what could happen.” It was his answer, that brought you a little smile. You patted the spot next to you and he immediately refused nodded, remaining in his corner.  

“Seokjin I never understand your reasons.. Neither you nor Jimin. You’re so kind… ”   

“Because we’re gangsters?”  

You nodded and he was feeling almost at right to give you a long and detailed answer so he moved away from the wall but sat into the Chair next to the couch. You were pretty sure Yoongi had warned everyone to stay away from you, when you had started to date, and Seokjin’s behavior increasingly convinced you.  

“Our parents were gangster and so we ha–” He began to say when the doorbell made jump both and his hand immediately ran to the gun hidden under the leather jacket he was wearing. “Are you waiting for someone?” He asked, suspiciously.  

“Y/N; open… it’s me. ”  

On hearing the voice of his boss Seokjin relaxed slightly, although in his eyes you could read the fear of the sure punishment that he would have to undergo. He got up and went to the door, past the hallway that divided the living room from the entrance, but you stayed on the couch. Wrapped in blankets seeking warmth.  

“Wait in the car Seokjin.”  

“Yes, Sir.”  

“And.. thank you, for staying with her.”  

-At least he’s still able to show gratitude, what a miracle . - It was your thinking, while you lay your eyes on television without paying the slightest attention.  


“Go away.”  

“No.” You wanted to beat him but his tone forced you to watch him.  

He was broken, you could see it into his eyes. He was broken as much as you were, but you held by up to go to hug him.  

He came towards you but sat on the coffee table, trying to make you pay attention to him. Your red eyes rested on him and even though he had not wept, it was clear that he was in pain.  

“Yoongi, what do you want?”  

“You… and you know it. ”  

“You said that if I exit from our home, it was over.”  

“I was scared.”  

In two years you’ve never heard those words come out of his mouth and was that to upset you more. He had put his pride aside other times during your quarrels, but he had never admitted to being frightened by something.  

Yoongi leaned towards you, pushing aside the blanket and took your hands on his own. You didn’t withdraw them but you were still unwilling to listen to him.  

“The day I met you, I also discovered something new.” He muttered holding his gaze onto your hands; “There was someone capable of making me feel fear. You intimidated me Y/N and I don’t think you have ever realized. ”  

“Bullshit. When we first met, you were an asshole. ”  

“Yes, I was, but inside I kept wondering how the hell you couldn’t be afraid of me or… from what I was. ”  

You were about to argue again, you’d never been the girl to remain silent or to comply with every rule, when he knelt down in front of you.  

“What are you doing?” You asked, finally succeeding in blocking the sobs.  

“Can you be quiet for a moment, Y/N?”  

His question was veiled of desperation so you froze completely from saying something, just nodded continuing to watch him without understanding what was going on.  

“I know that my world isn’t the best;” He began to say, most clutching your hands into his. “and a few weeks ago you had a very clear demonstration. When Jimin told me you were missing my world is literally collapsed. It took Seokjin and Jungkook to stop me because just knew what had happened I just wanted to kill him without thinking of the consequences. I had to get rid of this idea because you are the person most precious to me. ”  

“Yoo–sorry, go on.” You apologized immediately and bit the tip of your tongue to silence.  

“When you were in my arms, safe and sound, the fear hasn’t gone away. It was there to make me aware that I might lose you at any moment. I just couldn’t figure out how to protect yourself without becoming a despot and believe me, I’m sorry for that. ” He continued to talk while you were looking at him and the desire to hug him grew more and more; “I wanted to do a few weeks ago but.. In short, everything happened and I couldn’t find the right opportunity. ”  

He left your hands just to grab something from the gray jacket he was wearing and you saw a small box in his hands so you finally understood.  

Even his hands, firm as usual, trembled when he opened the small box showing you an engagement ring. It was white gold, your favorite and it was as simple as perfect. Above all, it was the ring that you two had seen together several months before and you’d want to buy because you were in love with at first sight.  

“Y/N… I know I’m asking a lot because you’re aware of the risks. But I’d be the happiest man in the world if you’ll say yes. ”  

“Y-Yoongi” Your voice trembled, while other tears itchy your eyes and began to slide on your face.  

“I want to spend my life with you, in all circumstances and at all times. Would you do me the honor of marrying me, Y/N? ” He asked, and his eyes were shining with excitement, while his hands began to tremble even more violently.

“Yes, Yes and Yes again, Min Yoongi.”

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hc where dan is a new teacher at a school and he's v shy and he has a crush on the principle (aka phil) who's all professional and orderly and Phil goes in to dans class to watch him teach and do one of those evaluation things and Phil notices how flustered dan gets when they make eye contact and they fuck after class

Dan’s a good teacher. That’s what he’s worked for for years, right? Endless hours of schooling, to be a high school teacher at a somewhat-prestigious private school.

He smiled a lot, and was a good listener. He wasn’t the favorite teacher, or the cool one necessarily, but he was a good one. Even though he’d stutter and blush whenever the principle came within twenty feet of him.

Dan sighed, shuffling some papers on his desk. He was tired; he had gotten to school early to work, and he hadn’t even had coffee yet. He looked up when a boy walked in; a scrawny student with glasses, his nickname was Georgie and he loved Dan.

Dan tried to smile, running his fingers through his messy hair. “Hey Georgie,” he mumbled, stifling a yawn. “Early again?”

The boy nodded. “I need to study for the test today.”

Oh. That’s right, the test.

“Mmh, that’s smart of you,” Dan muttered, pushing the stack of papers to the side of his desk.

“Professor,” he started, stepping forward and tilting his head to the side. “You know about the inspection, right? You don’t look very prepared…” Georgie pointed to the mess on Dan’s desk; the scattered papers and piled up coffee cups.

Dan frowned, his heart dropping. “Inspection…? I didn’t hear about an inspection…”

The boy raised his eyebrows. “Yeah, the check up for the teachers today. The principle’s coming around during class…” he trailed off.

Dan’s eyes widened. “Shit,” he cursed under his breath. “Oops. I didn’t cuss, don’t tell your parents.” Georgie giggled.

He hadn’t known. Why had no one told him?

They probably had. He had been rather spacey recently.

“Well I’m screwed,” Dan mumbled, biting his lip. “Georgie, would you mind helping me clean up a bit…? I’ll give you extra credit…”

The boy nodded immediately, slinging off his bag and tossing it on the nearest desk.

“Sir?” Georgie smirked slightly, helping Dan with some of the mugs. “Do you have a crush on Mr. Lester?”

Dan immediately flustered, his face going red. “A crush? N-No, of course not, it’s… I wouldn’t call it a crush…” Dan swallowed, stumbling over his words. “You w-wouldn’t understand.”

Georgie rolled his eyes, straightening his glasses. “Whatever you say, professor.”

The rest of the day, Dan was a mess. He was sweaty and his hands were shaking, and he stuttered far too much.

The students were noticing; a few times one of them would raise their hand and ask what was wrong, and Dan would just deflect it. He couldn’t mess this up; he actually liked this job, he liked the kids. And it would hurt to be fired by the literal most attractive man he’d ever seen.

Damn it, he needed to get it together.

His literature class was the last to be inspected, which just made it worse. When the door finally quietly opened and shut and Phil Lester stepped through, Dan actually jumped.

“Uh, great,” he breathed, flashing the man a shaky smile and pushing a strand of hair behind his ear. “Guys, your principle is here to check me out.” He instantly realized what he had said, and his face went magenta. “Er, I didn’t mean…” he let his face fall into his hands; some of the kids laughed, and one whistled. “Nevermind.”

Phil chuckled quietly, shaking his head. “It’s fine, Mr. Howell. Don’t worry, nothing too serious, I’m just here to observe.” He made a motion with his hand for Dan to continue. “Go on. Don’t mind me.”

The problem was, Dan did mind him. He was in the corner of his vision, in his fucking sexy tie and that look on his face…

Dan was sweating, and he stumbled over his words more than a few times, once even forgetting what he was saying all together.

He was a hot mess the whole time, and that’s why he wasn’t surprised when Phil stayed where he was after all of the students had trailed from the room.

Dan sighed, facing him and offering him a tight lipped smile.

“I’m sorry… that wasn’t the best class I’ve taught, I’ve been sick…”

Phil held out his hand, stopping him. “Please don’t worry, Mr. Howell. You’re not in trouble. I just have to ask you something.”

Dan frowned, his nerves getting the best of him, his stomach flipping. “Yes?”

Phil set down his clipboard, and straightening his glasses. “Are you scared of me, Dan?”

Dan raised his eyebrows, surprised by the question. “Scared… of you…?” Dan repeated.

Phil nodded, taking off the glasses and setting them down, stepping forward, and Dan’s breath caught.

“I couldn’t help but notice how nervous you looked,” Phil said calmly, and Dan swore he saw the hint of a smirk on his lips. “Your eyes kept… flickering to me, and you’d get distracted. Are you intimidated by me?”

Dan bit his lip, keeping Phil’s gaze, trying not to show how much of an effect he had on him.

“Was I? I suppose I’m just nervous about my job, I like working here…” he trailed off, sighing at the skeptical look on Phil’s face. “Okay. You caught me.” He laughed, running his fingers through his hair. “I have a tiny crush on you, it’s silly.”

Phil raised one eyebrow, stepping closer again, backing him against the desk. Now Dan was positive he was smirking, just the tiniest bit, and it was attractive as hell.

“Is that so?” He asked, his voice going low, and Dan’s eyes widened.

“Yes?” Dan squeaked, and cleared his throat. Phil chuckled.

“Well I don’t find that silly, Mr. Howell. It’s actually quite flattering.” He placed his hands on either side of Dan, leaning against the desk, effectively trapping him against the wood.

“Oh yeah?” Dan breathed. This was definitely a move. His heart skipped a beat, and he let his eyes flicker from Phil’s eyes to his lips. If he kissed him, Dan would pass out.

Phil smiled crookedly. “Yes. And if I’m being completely honest, I have the smallest crush on you as well.”

Dan’s face tinted even more pink, and he bit his lip. “R-Really?”

“Yes…” Phil drew a line up Dan’s jaw with his finger, hooking it under his chin and smirking. He moved close enough to Dan’s ear that he could feel his breath against his skin. “I think you’re cute. But you won’t let that distract you, will you professor?”

Dan swallowed, and Jesus, this was turning him on.

“No, of c-course not, sir,” Dan breathed, stifling a moan as Phil’s breath brushed his neck.

“Mmh,” Phil hummed in approval, and Dan could practically taste his grin. “Good boy.” And then Phil’s lips were against Dan’s throat, sucking gently, and Dan lost it.

His hands flew up, grasping at Phil’s shirt, and he let out a quiet whimper-moan combination. Phil chuckled, letting his hands fall to Dan’s waist and pulling him closer.

Dan threw his head back, giving Phil more access and whining as he bit down on Dan’s most sensitive spots. It was crazy how he knew all the places that would make Dan weak, when he hadn’t even touched him before.

“If we’re still being honest,” Phil growled under his breath, reaching up to tangle his fingers in Dan’s hair and pulling his head back. “I’ve wanted to do this since you started working here.”

Dan moaned from the combination of the words and the rough gesture. “Please…” he whined, squirming against Phil’s touch.

Phil smirked, nipping at a spot right under Dan’s ear. “Please what, baby?”

“I want you,” Dan muttered in response, hooking his fingers in Phil’s belt loops and pulling him closer so their hips were pressed together. “Please, Phil.”

Phil grinned, pulling Dan forward by the shirt and kissing him open mouthed. Dan kissed back immediately, letting Phil take control, moaning against his mouth as Phil slipped his tongue into Dan’s, gripping his waist.

Phil’s hands roamed Dan’s body and soon it was frantic, kissing him roughly and touching everywhere he could reach. Dan whimpered, bucking his hips into Phil’s, making Phil groan and hold him still, grinding against him.

Phil pulled back, his hair messy and his eyes flashing with pure lust.

“Clothes off,” he growled, moving over to the door and locking it.

Dan hurried to pull his jeans down when he collected himself, kicking them away as well as his shoes, tugging his sweater over his head. When Phil got back he kissed Dan again, loosening his tie.

“Pants,” he muttered, an order, and Dan nodded, falling to his knees and working at Phil’s zipper. He tugged them down, mouthing at the visible bulge in his boxers.

Phil groaned, tangling his fingers in Dan’s hair with one hand and using the other to unbutton his shirt.

“Jesus, Dan,” he breathed. “You’re good with your mouth.”

Dan looked up at him, grinning and standing, pushing Phil’s shirt the rest of the way off. “Thanks.”

Phil pushed him back against the desk, kissing him hotly and grabbing at his ass, grinding against him. Dan moaned, a high pitched whine falling from his lips.

“Do you have…?”

“Yes,” Dan said immediately, moving to dig through the bottom drawer of his desk, pulling out a condom and then a small bottle of lube. Phil raised his eyebrows, and Dan shrugged. “What, I masterbate a lot,” he mumbled, coming back and wrapping his arms around Phil’s neck.

Phil smirked, kneading his ass and making Dan squeak. “Do you think about me?”

“Hell yeah,” Dan answered, breathless. “Now fuck me.”

Phil nodded, silently flipping Dan around, bending him over the desk. “Impatient,” he muttered, tutting and smoothing his hand over Dan’s ass.

Dan whimpered, burying his face in his arms and pushing back. “Please, sir, more.”

Phil tugged Dan’s boxers down swiftly, digging his nails into the soft flesh.

“Of course, babe,” he growled, pressing Dan’s face against the desk.

It didn’t take long to stretch him; Dan whined and pushed back on his fingers, transformed into a horny submissive teenager by Phil’s touch. It was adorable, and Phil could feel himself getting harder by the second.

Soon enough Dan was stretched enough, and Phil hurried to roll on the rubber and lube himself up, the anticipation in his stomach building.

He placed one hand firmly on Dan’s lower back and one was tangled in his hair, tugging as he pushed in without warning.

Dan cried out, muffling his moans of desperation by biting down on his hand. Phil groaned at the tight heat surrounding him, bottoming out slowly and digging his nails into Dan’s skin.

“So good,” he breathed huskily, pulling out almost all the way and pushing back in. “So fucking good, Dan, so tight- look so good underneath me…”

Dan moaned, loud and feminine; Phil was a talker, and fuck, that turned him on. Phil snapped his hips suddenly, thrusting hard, filling Dan up completely and making him scream. His eyes rolled back in his head.

“Fuck-! Phil, fuck, harder-!” He felt Phil press his face into the desk harder, and he practically drooled, panting desperately.

Phil listened to him, speeding up his thrusts and fucking into him rough. He rolled his hips, groaning and gripping Dan’s hips.

“Fuck, Dan-” he moaned, lining himself up to Dan’s body to kiss down the back of his neck as he thrust into him. “Oh Jesus, you feel so good.”

He sped up as much as he could, the only noises in the room being Dan’s noises of pleasure as well and Phil’s groans, and the slapping of skin.

Dan nearly screamed as Phil pounded into his prostate over and over again, hitting him in just the right spots, and he could feel himself getting close.

He came without warning, over the desk, his moans loud as ever and high pitched and whiny.

Phil made a noise low in his throat at Dan’s sudden change of pitch, and the tightening around his cock, and came into him with one last thrust.

The next day, Dan wore a turtleneck to class.

Stay Professional! Final

NSFW! Work AU! Explicit smut, some fluff and slight angst? : Jungkook x Reader

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13

Summary: Jeon Jungkook’s persistence landed him a place in your heart- although a special spot for him was already there to begin with. He was more than just a pretty face. Not only was he exceptionally skilled in bed, he’d gotten to a point where he lived to spoil you… in more ways than one. 

A/N: This is the last chapter of Stay Professional! Quite possible that it’s the most steamy chapter too! Please be aware that this chapter involves explicit smut! NSFW! Derogatory terms, dirty talk, over-sensitivity, spanking.. just full on rough and kinky fucking. Read at your own risk! DomJungkook! x SubReader

You opened your eyes slowly due to the blinding sunlight that pierced through Jungkook’s polished glass windows. You patted around the king-sized mattress, in search of a warm body that’d hugged you all night long. A small smile spread upon your lips at the memories of the passionate love-making the night before. 

“Jungkook?” You called out in an unusual nasal morning voice and waited for a response as you stretched and bathed in the morning sunlight. 

A quick shuffle of feet trotted from across the hallway and Jungkook immediately made an appearance, an effervescent grin on his radiant face. 

“Yes?” He beamed and crouched over your small frame to plant a loving kiss on your forehead. 

You couldn’t help but let your grin grow as big as his from the loving actions he’d spoilt you with. You suddenly noticed that you weren’t wearing anything underneath the white sheets so you pulled them up higher above your chest and Jungkook’s grin turned into a smirk. 

“You can’t suddenly get shy now, can you?” He licked his lips and briefly brushed them over yours, a quick peck to temporarily satisfy his growing desire to relive last night. 

“Don’t tempt me again, sweetheart.” He planted raspberries down your neck and you giggled at the sensation of his soft lips and puffs of air from his cheek. “This time, I really will punish you.” 

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fam(ily) - four | pkjm

parent!au: park jimin
A single father of twins show you the true meaning of family and what it takes to love like a parent, even if they aren’t your own.
word count: 2,652
genre: fluff// future angst? ??
warnings: explicit language

one | twothree | four | five

[A/N]: i wrote this in one sitting so i APOLOGIZE for any typos bc i know they’re going to be a lot of them

Originally posted by jiyoongis

“That was their mother’s aunt. Don’t worry about it, (Y/N).” Jimin rubbed the back of his neck out of nervousness. He tried to smile to reassure you that things were going to be fine, but he could hardly get himself to.

You stepped towards him and hugged him. Your wet hair clung against his shirt, soaking through the cloth. His familiar sweet strawberry scent hit his nose, but for some reason, it smelled better on you. He pulled you in closer, to the point where your torsos were touching and your warmth from the shower wrapped him as well.

Jimin has never felt such serenity in his life. Embracing you calmed his waters, like all his worries suddenly vanished. That was what you did. You did that, his solace. 

You pulled away and merely blinked at him. He couldn’t read your expression — possibly a mixture of emotions. Confusion. Compassion. Sympathy. You were searching him, finding any way to understand what had happened. “Bad blood?”

“Something like that.” Jimin shrugged, dropping eye contact and still holding you in his arms. He was afraid to let go, thinking you might never come back to him.

“I won’t push it.” You smiled. That incredible, infamous smile. You didn’t need the explanation, you just simply understood and he loved it. He wouldn’t know how to tell you, maybe when the time was right. “I got your shirt wet..”

He looked down at his white tee and laughed at the water patches. Jimin grabbed the ends of his shirt and pulled it over his head. He was use to walking around the house without a shirt, so it didn’t occur to him how strange it may have been for you. His eyes landed on your bright pink cheeks — a notable signature that you had — and your wide eyes.

“You’re really cute.” He chuckled, and pinched your hot cheek lightly. He walked to his room to grab another shirt, leaving you stunned at him in his living room.

You had moved back into your apartment and Kim was finally back. You weren’t sure how many more days you could last without strangling Ingrid. Your uncle’s vitals were stable and he was recovering quickly. Kim was glad she was back too. 

She was back on her feet after two hours of settling back in, it was extraordinary. You aspired to be someone like her. She was admirable and you were proud to be related to such a strong woman. 

You and Jimin contacted frequently after you moved out, he texted you often and invited you over for dinner almost every night. After leaving the small family, you realized how much you missed them.

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Riddle me this 3


Words: 6.2k

“Don’t think for a second that I’m done with you. You make me so fucking mad.”

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One | Two | Three

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anonymous asked:

Dan finding out Phil isn't as sweet, cute, and innocent as he puts off. Daddy kink?

Dan could barely fucking stand it. Sure, he barely slept, anyway, but having to endure with his best friend moaning away in the room beside him didn’t help. Phil had recently decided to bring home people from bars, and Dan was about ready to move out.

Tonight was no different. One moment all he could hear was Phil’s giggling, alongside someone else’s, before the hushed whimpers started. Dan sighed, reaching for his earphones. The fact that he had a crush on Phil really wasn’t helping. He had nearly began his music when he heard something that made his eyes bug out. It was clearly Phil’s voice, a low groan followed by “yeah, you want daddy’s cock?” Dan’s eyebrows furrowed, quickly pressing play.

The next morning, Dan was leaning against the counter as Phil’s one night stand left, followed by Phil a few moments later. Phil smiled as he walked into the kitchen, grabbing the cereal. “So. Daddy, huh?” Dan said, tilting his voice in a way he knew got to people. He was right. Phil took a deep breath, turning to look at Dan. “I-I don’t know… what you’re talking about,” Phil says, eyebrows raised.

Dan hesitated for a second, before throwing caution to the wind and cornering Phil, arms either side of Phil. “Come on, daddy, I heard you. Let me make you feel good?” Dan whimpered, his heart pounding as Phil’s face flicked through emotions. Suddenly, his features settled on arousal, and Phil grabbed Dan’s hips. “Knew I was thinking about you, baby?” Phil murmured deeply. Dan whined, leaning forward and biting Phil’s neck. Phil groaned, dragging Dan to his room, ready to ruin the little twink he’d had a crush on for months.

Mistaken Identity

Originally posted by highwaytosupernatural

Summary: Mistaking Dean for your blind date saves your life… literally

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,500

Warnings: making out? Home invasion/being attacked in your own home. 

A/N: This is for @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog trope challenge! My prompt was #22: mistaken identity leads to a relationship. Considering doing a part 2, but unsure at the moment. Enjoy!

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Playing Nurse (Smut)


Request: Hi. Can you do pne where Shawn is sick and y/n has to take care of him ? ( little smut if u can ) Xx

Word Count: 1,782

Playing Nurse

“And where exactly do you think you’re going?” You asked Shawn, raising an eyebrow at him. He had been awake all night, coughing his lungs out.

“I have a studio session” he said low.

His voice was rasp and I could tell it hurt when he spoke. He had barely managed to drag his heavy body about of bed and he’d gotten too dizzy to take a shower.

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Aye Captain? - Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester (Pirates of the Caribbean AU)

Title: Aye Captain?

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader, Jack Sparrow x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: Reader, Sam and Dean get sent to the potc universe, because of a certain candy loving angel (aka Gabriel). And in order to get back to their own time they have to go on a adventure. BUT the reader has already been to the potc universe before, because before she met Sam and Dean she was in a similar situation like this so she knows captain jack sparrow. So when they are sent there she knows exactly what to do and the boys are shocked that she’s been a pirate before. But reader is all playfully smug and tries to teach the boys all she knows?

Originally posted by out-in-the-open

Originally posted by hellrobby

“I am so going to kill him. And this time I will make sure he stays dead!” Dean growled as he took a look around him and didn’t see anything familiar but his brother and you.

“You know it’s not going to work anyway.” Sam huffed as he ran a hand through his hair but Dean gave him a hard glare.

“Not the point Sam.” Dean grumbled and with a roll of your eyes you huffed.

“Exactly. Not the point Dean.” you gave him a look “Gabriel obviously wants to have fun and mess around. We don’t have to focus on how to get him back for it but on how to get back to our place.”

“How are we going to get back exactly when we don’t even know where we are?!” he exclaimed, giving you a look of disbelief and you huffed, rolling your eyes.

“I’m going to ignore the fact that you this clueless and go look for something. Just stay here, I might have the solution.” you didn’t leave him any room for him to speak back as you disappeared through the crowd and Dean only blinked.

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Get Up//Stiles Stilinski

(A/N): Saving Beacon Hills from supernatural threats was hard work, but getting Stiles up for school is even harder. Reader resorts to unorthodoxed methods for getting him out of bed.

Warnings: Sexual themes/ heated make out session, language, nudity, no proof reading (I believe that is all)

In honour of Teen Wolf officially coming to an end (and breaking my heart), I present you with this. Also my first attempt at anything “heated”, so yeeeah. Enjoy!


A monotonous beeping made your eardrums sting from the deafening pitch. Even after slamming the wretched machine off a ringing remains in your ears.

A brunette head of hair poked out of the blue comforter. Gentle snores escaped his lips while his chest moved up and down rhythmically. Along his collar bone was a dark purple blotch marking his freckled skin. A smile pulled at your cheeks as you reminisced the previous night. The two of you had planned a study session to study for your upcoming exams. It was a perfect plan since you had mostly the same classes, however you had gotten distracted.

It was a blessing to have a Stiles in your life, but a Stiles was awful for your attendance. Even with the other study sessions that you and Stiles had, you were falling behind in some of your courses. Of course, these sessions were rarely productive since the two of you became quite preoccupied with other things. Sighing, you lift the covers before cuddling up to his warm body.

“Stiles, we have to get up,” you grumble snuggling into his bare chest, your lips skimming his warm skin with each sylable. You attempt to shake him awake, but he would only shimmie your touch away. “Stiles. Get up.”

“No.” His pitiful whine makes you roll your eyes.

“Yes,” you begin, tracing imaginary shapes over his bicep with a finger. “You’ve been absent 28 days this semester already and we’re only two months into the school year.”

“Sh, go back to sleep, babe,” he hushes you. Your heart flutters from his deep, raspy morning voice. His eyes remain closed as his arms wrap around your waist, effectively securing you to the bed.

“Nope, not this time,” you respond, pushing his arms off you. Before he can pull you back into his warm grip, you’re already jaunting to the other side of the room. The bed shakes as Stiles drops his arms back to the mattress, making you shake your head playfully at your silly boyfriend.

Taking a deep breath in, you realise that it was going to take some major convincing to get that lazy lump out of bed. Your eye spots a particular item that sparks an idea in your head. A set of underwear that just so happened to be Stiles’ favourite. The corners of your lips curl into a mischievous grin while a plan develops in your mind.

Reaching for the waist band of your underwear, you begin to pull the fabric down your legs. You emphasis your hip movements with every motion as you remove it. After stepping out of the garment, you grab the other garment and toss the fresh set to the floor

“Aw, would you look at that,” you muse, pouting your lips. You turn to Stiles who was eyeing you carefully.

Bending over as far as you could, you slowly reach for the silky garment, your most intimate parts out on display for Stiles’ viewing. Your fingers play with the edge of fabric, making sure that you had given him a good look. You step through the material and slowly pull it up your legs, signaling the end of the show.

“A-Ah, fuck.” A breathy groan sounds from behind you, prompting a smirk to curl at your lips. So your plan was working after all.

“Like what you see?” You wink, shaking your behind a little bit more. At this point he was sat up against your headrest; lips parted slightly and cheeks flushed.

“Well, I wouldn’t mind waking up to this every morning,” he remarks, his tongue gliding across his lips. His hazel eyes rake your body shamelessly, memorising the layout of your body.

You toss an oversized shirt over your head, and slip the new set of underwear over your hips. As you’re about to open your closet an impacient groan grabs your attention.

“Babe, come give me a kiss,” Stiles requests with open arms. His short hair sticks up in all directions in an adorable fashion, nearly making you forget the dirty scene that just occurred.

“Just one kiss and you’ll get up?” Your lips purse as you raise an eyebrow towards him.

“One kiss and …” His voice trails off becoming so low that you can’t understand his mumbles. You simply shrug it off, assuming that he had accepted the conditions of the bargain.

Climbing over the pile of blankets that lay at the foot of the bed, you slowly crawl over Stiles’ body. Like a predator about to claim it’s prey, but little did you know that roles were about to be reversed. Straddling his legs, you lean in to peck his soft lips. The two of you act like magnets when you touch, as if attracted to each other by the laws of science and nature. Your mouth moves steadily against his,

Pure hearted and PG as you tried to make the kiss.

Stiles on the other hand was having none of that and began nibbling at your bottom lip, determined to get the most out of this. His hands grab greedily at your bottom, pressing the two of you even closer together. Chest to chest, a firey sensation flows over your body, but thoughts of school entered your mind once again.

You pull away, however Stiles has other plans and connects your lips again. Hard. Once again, you’re hypnotized by his kiss. Slow burning passion flows through your veins as you instinctively return the kiss, tangling your fingers in his course hair. Moaning into your mouth, his grip tightens around your waist; no doubt leaving finger-shaped bruises that you would wear proudly. He tugs at the hem of your shirt, making you snap out of the trance.

“No, Stiles,” you scold, pushing his chest with an open palm lightly. “We agreed one kiss and you would get up. We have to go to school today; no excuses.”

His large hands easily catch your wrists and pull them over his shoulders and around his neck, making you fall against his chest from the rigid movements.

“Well, I remember saying one kiss and something of mine would get up,” Stiles remarks. His hips roll up to meet yours, and sure enough, there was a not-so-little member poking at your inner thigh. The simple movement prompted sparks in the pit of your stomach, ones that only he seemed to ignite.

His lips meet yours again. You move in perfect sync, each move building more and more sweet pressure in your abdomen. Your heart pounded violently against your rib cage, while your head began to feel light as air. Adrenaline coursed through your bloodstream. Kissing Stiles was the best kind of high.

Without realising it, you find yourself slowly rolling your hips into his thighs, begging for more friction against your needy core. Stiles’ hot fingertips waste no time exploring under your shirt, making sure to leave none of your skin untouched. He continues to pinch, rub, and tease with his hands before they finally settling near the edge of your underwear. His touch would teasingly dip below the thin fabric every so often, but never close enough to where you so desperately needed him.

Stiles pulls away from your throbbing lips before leaving a trail of sloppy kisses along your jawline.

“You said I missed, what, 28 days? Missing a couple periods today wouldn’t hurt. Plus, it won’t be like we’re missing the entire day,” Stiles reasons in a low tone. His teeth grazing the shell of your ear, sending waves of electricity over every inch of your body. Involuntarily your back arches into him, giving him full access to your sweet spot. His mouth slowly inches over to that one area of your neck that he knew so well at a painfully slow pace.

“A couple?” It’s a struggle to speak while you’re under his mercy. Your voice raises an octave as you try to resist moaning from his skillful touches. He sucks and laps at your skin as if his life depends on it. Your nails were surely digging into Stiles’ skin, luckily he secretly loved showing off the marks you would leave on him. “How about one?”

“Hm, I can work with that for now,” he hums against the fresh mark on your neck. “But I won’t be opposed to comply when you’re begging for more.”

That cocky little shit.

“Shut up,” you growl, smashing your lips against his once more. Ah, the things this boy does to you.


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07. Call Me Kookie - Jeon JungKook Fanficiton

AN*  So I ran across this “Bed Sharing AU” prompt list with 8 prompts and thought it’d be a great exercise to explore writing fanfics again. This is the 7th in a series of oneshots(links to others listed below). I’m using all 8 prompts with different members.  8 prompts, 7 members… the 8th will be a surprise.

A special thanks to BTS… for giving me inspiration and re-igniting my passion to write again. (Gif credit to original poster.)

01. Kim NamJoon - Must Have Energy

02. Kim SeokJin - Mama Mo’s,  

03. Min Yoongi - You’re Mine

04. Jung HoSeok - My Hope

05. Park Jimin - Awkwardly Perfect

06. Kim TaeHyung - The BPP

08. BTS - Hawaiian Thunderstorm

Originally posted by roselstra

Call Me Kookie

Prompt: We fell asleep on the couch together on accident, how did my hand end up in your hair? Were you breathing on my neck?! (Why did I get tingly???????)

Pairing: Jeon JungKook x Reader *Bonus Epilogue by Yoongi* 

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut-lite,

Word Count: 5.4K

Why the hell did you have to be here!? Jeon JungKook sat on the couch, trying to focus on the game.  It wasn’t working. 

“Damn it…” he muttered under his breath as he died… again.

“Geez man, what’s gotten into you?  I never beat you…”  Jimin said laughing.  JungKook didn’t answer, and simply waited for his character to respawn.  Out of the corner of his eye he had seen you sitting at the dining table with NamJoon, playing a card game… and laughing… and touching his arm.  JungKook turned back to the T.V., his tongue pressing into his cheek.

This was supposed to be a guys’ night…  Then you and your friend had shown up…  He didn’t even know your friend’s name… 

He didn’t care…

Where was your friend anyway?  Oh wait… Hobi had disappeared too….  Damn it. JungKook pursed his lips and tried to focus as his character returned and he started playing with Jimin again.  He wasn’t going to lose this time. 

He was getting into the game now… really concentrating.  He’d gotten in a few good shots and was about to attack when he heard your laugh.  It practically sparkled across his vision and his heart stopped. 

And so did the game. 

“I’m on a roll tonight!” Jimin said laughing and hitting JungKook’s leg from where he sat on the floor, back to the couch.  JungKook looked down at Jimin, hoping to come across as though he didn’t care. The smirk on Jimin’s face told him he hadn’t succeeded.

“He’s preoccupied…” Yoongi said in a low voice from his perch on the loveseat. JungKook glared at him, but Yoongi just smirked and raised an eyebrow.  JungKook looked back down at Jimin. 

“Nice one,” he said, trying to be a good sport.  He hated being a good sport.  He hated losing.  And why was he losing!?  He glanced over at you again, sitting with NamJoon, deep in conversation.  Apparently you had abandoned the card game.  You were both smiling and NamJoon reached up to wipe something, probably non-existent, off your face.  He tossed the controller onto the floor and looked back at Jimin, whose head was just turning back from watching you and Joonie as well.  Damn it. 

“Maybe we should play something else?” Jimin said, a smirk on his face.  He knew. The little bastard knew!  Well, JungKook wasn’t going to admit to anything.

“That would be my suggestion,” Yoongi interjected.  “I’m getting bored…” 

“Whatever,” JungKook agreed.

“Your mind doesn’t seem to be on the game, JungKook…” Jimin nudged his knee again. “Anything I or…” he nodded in your direction, “…can help you with?”  He smirked and wiggled his eyebrows.  Holding back his anger, JungKook rolled his eyes and sank back against the couch. 

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|A Theory pt 2|


GENRE: Smut, Angst, Pure unadulterated nonsense 


My eyes widened at Yugyeom’s words.

“E-excuse me?” I squeaked.

Yugyeom chuckled, burying his face in my neck.

“I didn’t stutter sweetheart” he whispered, heartedly kissing the side of my neck.

“So I raised a sex fiend is what you’re telling me?” Jinyoung tsked again while Yugyeom just chuckled.

“Sex fiend is a bit much hyung” Yugyeom spoke, his shy nature slipping through.

The whiplash with this boy was ridiculous.

“You have no damn right to talk about what’s too much after that” Jackson spoke up, dusting himself from off and standing up straight.

“What was this theory though?” Mark asked with an eyebrow raised.

Why did he have to fucking ask that? I felt my cheeks burn at the question and I began to fidget, lowering my gaze.

“Please. You’ve almost fucked the maknae in front of us and now you’re embarrassed? Really?” JB pointed out, obviously amused.

Yugyeom pulled me over to one of the couches where he sat down, pulling me into his lap and wrapping his arms around my waist. He kissed my cheek sweetly and I had to tone down my heart’s exaggerated reaction so I wouldn’t over think his actions.

“Go on, talk” He encouraged gently.

“Is he seducing her?” Jinyoung asked incredulously.

“What did I fucking tell you?” Bambam exclaimed.

“Look we can discuss Yugyeom’s sex  preferences later. As for right now, answer the question princess” JB said, effectively turning the conversation back to me.

I ignored the slight raise in my pulse at the nickname best I could as I hid my face behind my mass of curls.

“Do I have to?” I whined.

I felt a hand brush my curls away from my neck, placing a kiss to the base of it. The tension from my body disappeared almost altogether but was immediately replaced by sexual frustration and longing. His lips were so close to my spot. A few inches down and I’d be done for. I barely registered Yugyeom’s low and breathy “please” as scenarios involving both my spine and a certain group of boys invaded my thoughts. In my blissed out state I began to talk.

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DK jealous sex

wdym it’s obvious this isn’t my strength,, I honestly had a whole bunch of problems writing this and had to make a compromise of a kind in order to be able to finish this, so it’s most likely not what you’re all expecting and looking forward to, sadly. but I hope at least a few of you like it! sorry!

in which this is honestly much closer to “Seokmin gets jealous and you have sex” than it is to “jealous sex” per se….. if you want a proper smut with a very jealous and dominant seokmin i’m afraid you might want to request on another blog if you haven’t already :c

You were spending the evening at Seventeen’s dorm, and the further the evening proceeded, the more Seokmin was eyeing you with a small frown on his face, although it gradually developed into a more prominent one. At first he hadn’t minded you being with Mingyu - as much as the handsome, tall male made him feel insecure on a few levels - but with the two of you standing rather close to each other and obviously having a good time, he was unable to shake off the feeling building up inside of him.

He wasn’t particularly fond of the ugly feeling known as jealousy, but he could easily identify the heavy feeling as just that, in its purest form. While he wasn’t exactly prone to feeling that way, there was something about his groupmate that had him on the edge.

Seokmin moved closer to you and Mingyu, trying to appear like he was focusing on his phone, when in reality most of his attention was on you and Mingyu and stealing glances at you every now and then.

It wasn’t until when Mingyu told you he had been working out and showed you his arm muscles that Seokmin fully put his phone away to put all of his attention on you. Your eyebrows rose when you saw the muscles in front of you, indeed much more defined than the last time you had seen them, and you found your hand running up and down Mingyu’s bicep.

“No kidding,” you said in awe and slowly moved your gaze to Mingyu’s deep brown eyes. “They’re huge.”

By then, Seokmin decided that he had had enough, and got up from the couch he had been sitting on before walking to you and slowly wrapping his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him. “What’s up, you two?”

You smiled at Seokmin, oblivious to how tense he was. “Mingyu was just showing me the results of his workouts.”

Mingyu gave Seokmin a toothy grin and nodded, his left bicep still bare with the sleeve of his T-shirt rolled up. Seokmin gave the two of you a slow nod and turned more to you. “Could you come with me, Y/N?”

You tilted your head a little, but reached for Seokmin’s hand either way when he had unwrapped his arm from your waist and turned away a little. “Sure..?”

He led you to the smallest of the bedrooms in the dorm, being the one he shared with Soonyoung and Joshua, and closed and locked the door behind you. You looked at him confusion.

“Is everything okay, Seokmin?” you asked and placed your hand on his left bicep, holding it lightly. He let out a deep sigh and placed his hands on your hips, his gaze intense as he stared into your eyes.

“We all know Mingyu’s tall and handsome and all, you don’t need to… I don’t know, boost his confidence, you know,” Seokmin said with a frustrated frown. “He can have a bunch of other girls tell him that, but you’re my girlfriend. I know it’s selfish, but I just… really didn’t like what happened back there.”

He was doing his best to put his feelings into words without sounding too jealous, and by the end of his words you were giving him a small smile while playing with his hair.

“Did you get jealous?” you asked, your voice both soft yet teasing. Seokmin nodded with a serious expression, and you raised your eyebrows in surprise when he held you a bit tighter and pulled you closer.

“You could say that,” he said with a low voice and lowered his head so that he could place a kiss on your neck. “You know I don’t particularly want you to flirt with other guys.”

You rolled your eyes good-humoredly and sighed quietly when Seokmin sucked on your skin lightly. “I wasn’t flirting with him, Seokmin. We were just talking.”

“Why do you think he insisted on showing you his muscles?” Seokmin asked, his fingers slowly raising the hem of your shirt so that they could sneak their way up your sides under your shirt. You swallowed, shivering under his touch while continuing playing with his hair.

“I just assumed he wanted to share his results,” you said in a mere mumble, closing your eyes when Seokmin sucked on the sensitive skin at the area where your neck joined with your shoulder, and let out a content sigh.

Wrong. He wanted you to feel them up - which you did - and I know for a fact that your attention is what he wants the most,” Seokmin said against your skin and unhooked your bra under your shirt. You tugged at his hair as a sign that you wanted to see his face, and so he pulled his head back a little, his hands caressing your back.

“You really don’t trust him with me, do you?” you asked, slightly amused, and looked into Seokmin’s eyes.

“Not really, no,” he admitted and gave you a sheepish grin. “Sorry.”

You giggled, and while putting words together in your mind, took off your shirt and let your bra straps slide down your arms until the garment fell to the floor. With your upper body bare, you wrapped your arms around Seokmin’s neck and clung onto him, bringing your mouth close to his ear. “I think I get you, so it’s fine. If I saw you being touchy with an attractive woman who I knew fancied you, I would get jealous, too.”

Seokmin slid his hands into your jeans from the back and cupped your ass, pulling you flush against himself, which made you gasp. “Are you saying Mingyu’s attractive?”

Knowing you were more or less playing with fire, you pulled back enough to be able to give Seokmin a challenging look while biting your lower lip lightly, intentionally obviously. “Well, isn’t he?”

His jaw tightened a little, and you realized pretty fast that it was surprisingly hot to look at, sending tingles of excitement down your spine.

Seokmin swallowed and squeezed your ass in his hands. He was about to say something, but you brought your forefinger to his lips and smiled. When you leaned in to whisper to his ear, Seokmin could feel blood start to rush to his groin.

“Won’t you show me how upset you are about him?”

He picked you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist with a grin spreading to your lips, while Seokmin looked at you with hooded eyes, his jaw still tight. “Don’t mind if I do.”

Seokmin took a few quick steps to his bed and lay you down on it. You kept your legs wrapped around him and pulled him down for a hungry kiss, meanwhile Seokmin ran his hands up and down your sides, teasing your breasts with his thumbs every now and then, until he began opening the button of your jeans.

“Shouldn’t your shirt come off first?” you asked against his lips and tugged at his shirt so that the hem rose enough to show his abs. Seokmin let out a low chuckle and got up enough for you to be able to pull his shirt over his head excitedly.

“Did Mingyu get you that excited about arms?” he asked teasingly when you began stroking his toned arms as soon as his shirt was gone, and you gave him a playful smirk.

“Oh, baby,” you said with a shake of your head and lifted your upper body enough to be able to give him a kiss on his jawline. “I’ve been excited about your arms since the first time I saw them.”

Seokmin felt a surge of pride and confidence at your words, and smiled at you. “That’s good to know.”

You hummed against his lips and continued stroking his arms, feeling up the muscles with your hold tightening a little when Seokmin began slowly grinding into you, both of you still wearing your jeans. With his hands massaging your breasts and fingers teasing your nipples, you couldn’t help but whimper quietly as his hips continued pushing into yours.

At that, Seokmin smirked. “I see how it is.”

Without giving you time to reply - not that you were going to, anyway - Seokmin began rubbing your nipples and ground into you a bit harder than before, his breathing growing heavier little by little as his cock began hardening in his pants. You continued kissing him, your tongue playing with his eagerly even when your hips began bucking against his every time he pushed into them, and you could already feel just how aroused and desperate for his touch you were.

“I’ll fuck you real soon,” Seokmin mumbled against your lips, like he had read your mind, and slowly broke away from your kiss to unzip both of your jeans, first his and then yours, and also got up to get rid of his pants and underwear. While he did that, you pushed your own jeans and panties down your legs and completely off, throwing them to the floor, where they were joined by Seokmin’s.

With both of you now bare, Seokmin got back on top of you and grinned against your lips, his half-hard cock rubbing into your already slightly wet pussy.

“I hope you’ll own up to your words soon,” you said with a content sigh, reaching to Seokmin’s muscular thighs that you so much loved while he continued his earlier grinding against you. He chuckled, both at your words and your hands grabbing him almost desperately, and gave you a long, passionate kiss.

“I will, don’t you worry,” he said quietly, but didn’t particularly change his actions for another while. You occasionally moved your hands up to his ass, then back down to his thighs, and just enjoyed the way it felt to have his cock rubbing into your wetness while it grew harder and you got wetter.

You kissed for most of the time he spent grinding into you, your tongues playing with each other and his lips feeling incredibly soft against yours, as much as his kisses weren’t soft. By the end of it all, you started to get whinier and whinier, unwilling to come until you had really gotten some.

Seokmin chuckled when he realized that, and broke away from the kiss to get up and grab a condom from his nightstand. You panted while watching him, some of his skin glistening a little with a thin layer of sweat, his abs slightly defined and the whole man just utterly gorgeous in general, from head to toe.

And admittedly, considering the heat of the moment, your gaze locked on his cock for a good while as you appreciated the size and look of it and got even more excited than you already were when Seokmin had gotten the condom out of its wrappings and put it on himself.

“Come on,” you urged him and opened your legs and arms invitingly, the gaze you gave him being just as pleading. He grinned and returned to you, caressing your body while finding a good position for himself.

When Seokmin finally pushed inside of you, you let out a satisfied moan, your legs hoisted over his shoulders and your hands trying to reach for his hair. His grin didn’t leave his face as he leaned down enough for you to do just that, and while you played with his hair, he began thrusting, slow and deep.

“Faster,” you begged almost immedaitely with a pout and a pleading look in your eyes, but only got a shake of his head from Seokmin.

“We’re just getting started, baby,” he said huskily, leaned down to give you a quick kiss and continued his slow thrusts, each of which only made you needier.

You whined, so turned on that in all honesty all you needed and wanted was him to fuck you hard and fast, but made no more complaints. Instead, you began massaging your breasts and shut your eyes, focusing solely on how your hands felt on your skin and how amazing it felt to have Seokmin push into you, his cock filling you up just perfectly.

It wasn’t easy on his end, either, though, because while he wanted to tease you a little, it required all of his self-control not to start ramming into you - that’s just how intoxicated he was, being so deep in you when you were so wet and letting out the most beautiful, pleased moans whenever he thrust in.

So, it wasn’t too much later that he groaned quietly and straightened his back, now standing on his knees, and began fucking you just as fast and hard as you had wanted him to. You let out a moan louder than you intended to, since neither of you quite wanted the other members to know what you were doing (although you figured some probably knew anyway, if from nothing else, then the creaking of the bed and the sound of skin slamming against skin), and gripped the bed sheets tightly.

Seokmin watched you in awe, his hands running up and down your legs and his lips slightly parted as he thrust into your dripping pussy and eyed hungrily the way your breasts moved with every movement of his and how your back arched a little every now and then.

“Do you feel good?” he asked, voice rough, and bent down a little, pushing your legs lower in the process, which allowed him to thrust a bit deeper.

You gasped at the sudden increase in the depth of his thrusts and held the sheets so hard that your knuckles were starting to turn white. Even as you spoke, your voice was shaky and had a whimpering edge to it. “So good, Seokmin.”

He grunted, loving how it was clearly audible even in your voice that you were loving each and every thrust that he delivered. Placing his hands on either side of your torso, he leaned down to give you a sloppy kiss, during which you moved your hold from the sheets to his arms, holding onto them for dear life as his hips continued meeting yours.

From your position, you weren’t able to buck your hips against his as much as you would’ve wanted to, but the feeling of Seokmin moving inside of you, stretching you as pleasantly as he always did, was more than enough.

Your moans got higher in pitch and you had more and more trouble muffling them, and you could feel your orgasm building up inside of you already. Trying to keep your voice steady yet failing at it, you spoke while feeling up Seokmin’s arm muscles. “I’m, ah, close.”

He groaned: he had seen your words coming, as it was almost obvious with how dripping wet you were around him and how your pussy was starting to clench rhythmically around his cock. Without a reply, he moved his right hand from the bed to between your bodies, his thumb reaching your clit amidst his thrusts.

“You’re mine,” Seokmin whispered to your ear while pushing deep into you with his thumb rubbing your clit, which threw you over the edge as you clung onto him and came around him.

“I’m yours,” you whined as he rode you through your orgasm while chasing his own, his thrusts just as hard and deep as the ones before.

Soon he released into the condom, too, and gently let your legs down from his shoulders and caressed your sides. You remained still for a while, with him burying his face into your chest and you holding his head as you caught your breath.

When he had gotten rid of the condom, he lay down next to you on his bed and took you into his arms, his hand stroking your arm slowly. If you had seen his face, you would’ve seen just how troubled he looked, with the earlier jealousy mostly dissipated and the heat of the moment during which he had said his previous words long gone. “I hope you know I don’t think you’re actually mine. I just–”

“I know what you mean,” you said with a smile and looked into Seokmin’s eyes. “And I hope you know that if you ever act like you really own me, it’ll be time to say goodbye.”

He chuckled and leaned down to press a kiss to your slightly puffy lips. “If I ever act like that… help me come to my senses, will you?”

You smiled softly and stroked Seokmin’s hair. “I will. But Seokmin… You really don’t need to worry about Mingyu. He might be attractive and all that, but you’re the only one I want - the only one I love. Even if you don’t trust him, try to trust me, please?”

Seokmin gave you a kiss on the top of your head and held you close to himself. “I will.”

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| Midnight Ramblings | Zen/Hyun Ryu

Happy Birthday @avistella !! Part 1 of my gift set! 

Have the best day ever you weirdo

This was a bad idea.

Correction. This had been a very bad idea.

Zen sighed a hot breath through his teeth as he was poked again.

“Y/N?” He spoke calmly, bringing an arm swiftly up in reflex to catch your fingers from assaulting his cheek once more. “What are you doing?”

“Skin…” You mumbled, stars in your eyes as you practically climbed over your seat and onto his lap. Zen fumbled to keep you down with one hand while keeping half his attention on not letting the glasses on the table fall to the floor. “Your skin is so soft…!” 

“You’re plastered, Y/N.”

You pouted, glaring up at him through your lashes, your own cheeks flushed and your words fluctuating into a drawl. “I swear to drunk I’m not God!”

Again. This was a colossal fail of a good idea.

Zen had come home that day with a stiff back and exhausted spirit, completely drained from the new movie set he was working on. As custom, he relaxed with a cold beer and undid his ponytail to allow his silky locks to fall free. 

And right on cue you popped your head around the doorway.

You were a sight for sore eyes, and Zen accepted your company instantly with a smile, already feeling better with just a glimpse of your face.

But then…you asked to join him.

Zen had never seen you drink. 

As a result, he was curious to see how you were in this situation. Could you match him in shots? The idea was invigorating. He watched as you chose something more alcoholic, giving him the impression you knew how to handle yourself.


Zen has now seen you drunk.

An improvement, but a strange one.

He was barely on his fourth when you began to get droopy, and red alerts went off in his mind. Of course you were a lightweight. Why had he thought something else?

Which left him in this particular predicament.


“Yes, babe?” He couldn’t deny that he was enjoying himself. While you often got flustered at his antics, he had never seen you so…free. It was like you had completely let go of any guards, and you had no restraints. 

“Whysh….are you sho pretty…?” Your words were definitely slurring now. He chuckled.

“I should ask you that question,” He tapped your nose. His usual instinct was to respond narcissistic-ally, but he wanted to see how far he could push you without over-stepping his boundaries.

You giggled, rolling your head back before catching it sloppily in the palm of your hand. “But you’’re….like a god…or something…”

“I quite like the sound of that,” He hummed, bending closer so that his nose grazed the tip of yours. His voice dipped low. “Lord Zen?”

You blinked at him, eyes wide and owl like, before you were pushing him back with a burst of strength, guffawing.

You laughed like he had said the funniest thing ever, smacking the table and hiccuping. Zen was amused, but slightly offended.

“What?” He raised an eyebrow. You bit your lip, looking away in a sudden act of bashfulness.

“Don’t say things like that…” You whispered, attitude a total 180. “I get all ti-” You paused, furrowing your brows as if trying to remember how to even comprehend your language. “…tingly.”


“What do you mean?” Zen feigned innocence, cocking his head and taking another sip from his beverage, licking the moisture from his red lips. You flushed more, watching the movement of his tongue as if in a trance, leaning forward. It was only until you were on his lap again that Zen realized you had gotten too close.

“Ah, b-babe-?”

“It means…” Your eyes drooped, placing a hand on his chest, warming his skin even through his clothes. “You excite me, Lord Zen.”


You are drunkhe reminded himself immediately.

Zen felt like somebody had strapped a fifty ton block of cement onto his body, and his throat didn’t obey him. He found himself unable to do anything but stutter under your gaze. He froze entirely when he watched you give him a cheeky grin, dragging the flesh of your bottom lip into your mouth with a nip of your teeth.

Oh God, you are drunk, you are drunk-

A bead of sweat ran down his neck.

Think about something else. Gross abominations….



He drew in a deep breath. There.

Zen rose from his chair, bringing you with him. You clawed at him to keep yourself from dropping, wrapping your legs round his waist.

“That’s enough for you,” He mumbled, shifting his firm arms underneath you to keep you steady.

You dropped your head on his neck, muttering random nothings in his skin, your breath sweetened from the alcohol and washing over his senses. Somewhere along the way you quieted from your midnight rambles. By the time he had reached your room, he assumed you were sound asleep.

“Sweat dreams princess,” He whispered and placed you on the mattress only to yelp when your arm shot out and grabbed his wrist, your eyes snapping open.

“Wait!” You gushed, eyes still droopy, looking as if you’d lose consciousness any second. “I…need to tell you…something!”

“What is it?” He soothed and threaded his fingers through your hair continuously and you melted underneath his touch.

“You…can’t tell Zen…”

Zen pressed the heel of his other hand to his mouth to cover his smile. “Uh huh?”

“I…love him ,” You yawned. “Shh. Don’t tell.”

He wasn’t allowed to respond as your head dropped back down on the bed, knocked out.

Zen brushed his lips to your forehead, squeezing your hand.

“He loves you too Y/N.”