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What if the sirens have like, a natural instinct to return to other Sirens singing a passive song. Like what if from a distance the crew hears singing, and try to avoid the place where it's coming from, but the sirens started singing back. The singing's not like normal, it gives a heavy and torturing migrane to humans. A siren mating call. To other sirens it sounds like fuckin Motzart, and they all just convince the crew to go over, and Daniel gets a crush on some dude siren. And jason is jelous

jhbfhf jen has to hold jason back


I made a Genetiship scenario where Moira creates a test tube baby and said baby comes from the future to find his parents.

His name is Leon, he’s a sweet boy who is exactly like a mixture of his mom and dad

Christmas for Megamind

Megamind arrived on earth on December 25. He landed in a prison, and he was fleeing a black hole. For these and related reasons, many people suspect that Megamind has some strong negative associations with Christmas, and does not enjoy the holiday.

I propose an alternate theory: Old Christmas, celebrated on January 7. The date for Old Christmas is according to the Julian Calendar, which pre-dates the now more commonly used Gregorian calendar. It is celebrated by many people of Orthodox Christian faith, and by some people in or from Appalachia (thought the tradition is becoming less common in that region).

Let us suppose that a prisoner who would become one of Megamind’s uncles celebrated Old Christmas… or at least, his family did when he was a boy, though he’s gotten into the mainstream habit in more recent years. Let us suppose that when a little blue child with a strange fish landed in the prison-yard on what most thought of as Christmas, he thought that December 25 might have a different significance for the kid. I imagine he would have explained it to the others,and that after some consideration and explanation, they would have agreed.

Megamind grows up celebrating Christmas with his Uncles on January 7. It takes him a while to figure out why the slightly-better food and most of the Christmas Specials come on the anniversary of his landing instead of actual Christmas. When he does find out,  he’s fairly content to believe that the majority of people are Doing It Wrong, and that the Julian calendar is, for holidays at least, more correct.

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why would u say Ryan's whiny? Cos I get the same vibes but can't put into words exactly why I totally agree with u :,/////

Have you seen Ryan’s video of “Why I Hate Camping?” 

god i want to fucking punch that man in the face

He’s such a whiny bitch in this video?? like we get it you hate camping stop being such an ass about it 

And oh my god the fucking heels video

Men Try Heels For A Day

This isn’t the first time he cheated and gives up in every fucking challenge video (and even in test friends!)

he complains about everything in every challenge he’s in and how much he hates it like dude everyone’s doing it without complaining and you’re just being a huge whiny bitch about it

the irony is that in a video where he’s asked what type of girl he likes, he says he prefers girls who don’t complain? YEAH I KNOW CAUSE YOURE THE ONLY ONE ALLOWED TO COMPLAIN ISNT IT

helen deserves better 2k17

This has nothing to do with astrology but I’m wondering if any of my followers know how to save a baby (potted) Christmas tree that might be dying?

He’s very small, we have no idea exactly what type of tree it is, but he’s losing all of his needles very quickly and we’re not sure what to do about it.

Any advice is appreciated <3


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I shouldn’t have made some parts of this so complicated, but it was an experience.

[Belated] Congratulations to the Jacksepticeye community for 17 Million subscribers + 5 years on YouTube. Here’s to many more years of fun.

Okay I had to say it so here it is

I don’t like the idea of Matt being Lance’s doppelgänger ?

Don’t get me wrong, I like Matt and I’m so glad Pidge found him and boy this powerful Holt duo they make is amazing

The thing that bothers me a lot is all the similarities Matt has with Lance. And I’m not only talking about his crush for Allura…

(we obviously know Lance has/had one on her)

And flirty-dorky behavior with her

(Lance is the master of it though)

I’m talking about the fact that he is a bit of a goofball, but also so caring with his sister

(isn’t Lance always the one there to comfort the other paladins ?)

He considers Shiro as his hero

(I meaaaaaan don’t we know someone else…)

He seems to develop a friendship with Keith

(Oh come on do I even have to explain this one ?)

He is skilled in battle

(Lance is the cool ninja sharpshooter)

And as we learnt from Pidge’s vlog, he is also very good at video games

(And who did we see lose his video game play ?)

We all know Lance has a lot of insecurities, how he feels like he is not important nor needed by the team, and then his perfect substitute appears ?

I feel like Lance is going to suffer a lot from it and I’m not liking it