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Yuuri...will you go out with me?

AKA ‘When Viktor asks Yuuri out and it’s so cute and bittersweet’

So I’m only up to chapter 10 in my UMFB re-read.  Urgh.  I keep getting distracted.  Anyway.  I had been having a lot of thoughts about when Viktor asks Yuuri to dance in chapter 8 and then I read this great meta by @the-heart-of-my-mystery and she had a few points about when Viktor asks Yuuri out after their accident, like this one: ‘the date in ch9 is funny but also not funny because viktor doesn’t have an opportunity to ask yuuri out on a date until yuuri HAS A CONCUSSION. so much of this fic is just. so sad ugh.’

And all this really got me thinking about poor little Viktor trying to pluck up the courage to ask Yuuri out.  And obviously, Yuuri doesn’t even know that’s what’s going on so… 

Now I’m old and boring and have been married for 10 years so I’m not exactly up to speed with the dating scene.  So correct me if I’m wrong, but a ‘normal’ way for Viktor to approach Yuuri, given the context in which they see each other, would be to chat to him at competitions and social events and get to know him a bit more and sort of take things from there.  But that option isn’t open to poor Viktor, because Yuuri openly dislikes and avoids him.  So what’s a guy to do?  

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Well finished my first playthrough of Nier. That was a wild ride and one of the most fun games I’ve played in the last year or so. Not really gonna write a whole lot because even though I “beat” it, I really just cleared one route and have no idea what is going on tbh. Lots of things left unanswered. 

Also 9S just sasses his operator the whole time. He’s such a thug lol. 

I’m bringing Tony with me to the Shorty Awards as my date because he’s my best friend and I want him to experience that and to thank him for helping me not quit working on social media and my Dad is annoyed because he wanted to come instead. Father……..???

My uncle just tried to mansplain me on FB regarding a) my cookies and b) marvel. The words ‘real fan’ may have been involved. As in ‘a real fan’ would have known  that …

And he was inaccurate in his nitpick. 


i genuinely don’t have anything against him, but the amount of hype people put on harry over virtually nothing is concerning