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favorite character meme » six scenes
↳ 6. watchdogs (3.14)

GRYFFINDORS  LIKE      Jon  Snow,  Arya  Stark,  Jaime  Lannister,  Brienne  of  Tarth,  Ygritte,  Barristan  Selmy,  Robb  Stark,  Wylla  Manderly,  Beric  Dondarion,  Robert  Baratheon,  Gendry  Waters,  Thoros  of  Myr,  Asher  Forrester,  Sandor  Clegane,  Loras  Tyrell.

SLYTHERINS  LIKE      Daenerys  Targaryen,  Cersei  Lannister,  Sansa  Stark,  Petyr  Baelish,  Tywin  Lannister,  Jaqen  H’ghar,  Viserys  Targaryen,  Illyrio  Mopatis,  Ramsay  Snow/Bolton,  Euron  Greyjoy,  Taena  Merryweather,  Daario  Naharis,  Margaery  Tyrell,  Bronn.

HUFFLEPUFFS  LIKE      Samwell  Tarly,  Tommen  Baratheon,  Davos  Seaworth,  Eddard  Stark,  Syrio  Forel,  Aemon  Targaryen,  Gilly,  Jeyne  Westerling,  Catelyn  Stark,  Benjen  Stark,  Shireen  Baratheon,  Jorah  Mormont,  Arys  Oakheart,  Theon  Greyjoy,  Meera  Reed.

RAVENCLAWS  LIKE      Tyrion  Lannister,  Myrcella  Baratheon,  Qyburn,  Varys,  The  High  Sparrow,  Olenna  Redwyne,  Missandei,  Sarella  Sand,  Doran  Martell,  Rhaegar  Targaryen,  Trystane  Martell,  Mance  Rayder,  Willas  Tyrell,  Bran  Stark,  Tyene  Sand.

- Agatha Christie, The Mystery of the Blue Train

I love Poirot just walking into the house of a suspect unannounced to interrogate the staff because he knows they’re covering up for him. They’ve lied to Poirot again and again. You don’t mess with Poirot and you don’t want to make him angry. Like he says in the book, there are two Poirots, one is the gentle and calm Poirot, and the other one strikes terror into the hearts of people he interrogates (in this case, those who are trying to deceive him).

Lmao im trying to convince my mom joss whedon is a piece of shit and she isnt having it. “Oh he wrote the wonder woman script in 2002” “Tara wasnt the only one to die, he didnt just kill the lesbian”

Like mom, please. He made Nat, one of the strongest women in the Marvel Universe, call herself a monster because someone made it to where she cant have kids. Like do you think Natasha Romanoff would care when the world is about to end?? DO YOU HONESTLY THINK NATASHA ROMANOFF WOULD FALL IN LOVE WITH BRUCE OVER CLINT OR STEVE??? NO!

I hate joss whedon and what hes done to all my favorite women characters

me: i cant wait to see the IT remake
also me: why do you hate yourself

i ’ v e    g o t    a    f e e l i n g    i t ’ s    n e v e r    t o o    l a t e
i close my eyes and see myself how my dreams will come true

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