he pulled them down

i know you guys say whenever andrew spaces out while everyone talks and looks at the distance he’s fantasizing about neil but i just think he’s dissociating like hell and when someone talks to him he stares them down because wow, the fucking audacity to pull him back to reality…

“Playtime” (Hoshi Fluff/Smut)

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Title: Playtime

Featuring: Hoshi (Seventeen) x Reader

POV: Third person

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Hoshi just won’t let you rest, but you don’t really mind.

Requested by @heon94 ! Hope you enjoy :)

It had been a long morning without much sleep the night before, and her bed was calling to her for an afternoon cat-nap. When she found a moment, she slipped under the covers and turned on her side, sighing deeply into the soft down comforter that hugged her in warmth. Her eyes closed and she let herself relax into impending sleep.

Just then, the door creaked, and a second later, a body plopped down on the bed behind her.

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Request: Control part 2

Hello darlings! You have all been so lovely and part 1 of Control already has over 100 notes which is mind blowing to me. I love all of you and hope that you are all having a wonderful day. Please send me some requests! 

Anyways as promised here is part 2 of Control!


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anonymous asked:

okay, wait wait wait. in the scene in 2x07 with jace (only watch it for the cats and the french) is magnus wearing suspenders? they're just not pulled up but hanging loosely and you see them right before he sits down? suspenders?

you mean 2x08 but yes he was wearing suspenders and it ended me

watching this scene makes me so damn angry but i will rewatch it over and over on mute to see the beauty that is that shirt (which is the perfect color and fit for him) and those suspenders

there’s something so damn sexy and casual about the way he was wearing them but i also want to see him wearing suspenders the proper way

imagine a black button up tucked into a pair of charcoal suit pants that fit him beautifully, the shirt tight around his arms with beautiful lace detail on either side of the placket. slipping his arms down underneath the suspenders he pulls them up and slides them over his shoulders, slotting them into place. they press in such a beautiful way into that dip in his shoulder muscles, accenting his arms and his broad chest. also consider him dragging his thumbs down underneath them as he purses his lips and considers something

expometal  asked:

Anti probably ordered a jumper in XL just so he could be swamped in it, he's so happy and is like (✿。・ω・。) as he wears it with pride because he is a loving, supportive boyfriend. :') (Dark being a lil grouchy until he sees it hanging off Anti's shoulders omg)

yes!!!!! omg anti just sitting on the couch with his legs curled up against his chest and the sweatshirt pulled down over them so he looks like a ball

or anti waking up in the morning with his hair all wild and rubbing his eyes with the too big sleeves. 💚

dark probably fixes anti’s sweatshirt so it doesn’t hang off his shoulder like that because “have some decency, anti”, but his throat locks up at the quick glimpse of soft skin before it disappears underneath warm fabric whoops 

REQUEST: JungkookThigh kisses + first time, hickies

AUTHORS NOTE: kind of long for just a drabble but oh well Admin Charcoal x

“You okay baby?” he whispered putting his hands on your underwear. You nod your head frantically feeling your arousal in between your legs he smiles and pulls them down. He starts to kiss you his lips brushing against the soft skin of your thigh while he ran his finger up and down your clit. 

You start to breathe heavier and he smiles up at you pleased with your reaction. He rubs your clit and kisses you all over, massaging you with his tongue while he slips in a finger and then another. Before you know it you are in a frenzy starting to moan and chant Jungkook’s name you feel something stirring in your stomach becoming tighter as you clench down on his fingers. 

“Go ahead. Come baby.” He mumbles into you. 

“Oh, Jun- Jungkook! Shit!” you moan out as you come onto his mouth and hand. You watch him as he stands up to remove his loose sweatpants
Jungkook moves his body back up to you, kissing you when you reach for his boxers. 

“Patience baby this has to be about you tonight.” He says, kissing you again. He has such soft lips and definitely knows how to use them. He starts rubbing your breast with his hand and sucks on the other. You start to lightly moan and Jungkook takes this as you are ready. 

He gets up and pulls his pants down along with his boxers. At first you were just staring at his abs but then once he pulled his boxers down, and rolled down a condom your eyes went wide. Staring at his wide long length you immediately started to feel more nervous and afraid. Jungkook senses your tension and kisses you softly on your lips.

“I am going to go slow so I don’t hurt you too much. And I will wait till you say you are okay. But promise me that if you want me to stop, you will tell me.” He whispers against your lips Jungkook looks you in your eyes with a serious expression. 

You nod frantically. “I promise.” He smiles and kisses you again. He rubs his tip at your clit which makes you shudder your breath hitches as He starts to push inside of you his soft lips kissing you to distract you from any possible pain. You feel a sharp pain and Jungkook immediately stops staring and waiting for if you don’t want to carry on but the pain wears off once he is fully in you shortly after.

 “Move Kookie. Please.” You run your hands through Jungkook’s hair 

“shit baby you’re so tight” he mutters as he starts to slowly thrust into you. “You okay baby?” Jungkook asks through high pitched moans and with a dry voice. You moan back a yes and he smiles at you now that he knows you like it. He starts to slowly progress and go faster until you are moaning below him. Jungkook takes this as a sign to move faster and this causes to moan more and say his name. “Shit. Y/N. You make me feel so good.” 

“I am going to come soon baby. Are you going to come?” Jungkook begs you as you get close he rubs your clit frantically not wanting to cum before you.

“Y-yes.” You say. 

“Okay baby. Be good and come for me.” His words throw you over the edge and you are running your nails down his back. 

“Oh god Jungkook! Kookie! uh.” Your tight walls clenching around his dick you’re entire body shuddering all you can hear is his loud whimpering as he shortly cums after you and collapses down next to you.


Arthur x Reader

Requested By Anon

Warnings: public sex, getting caught

“John, Tommy wants you.” You called and leant against the wall, smirking at Arthur who glanced at you over his paper.

“What does he want?” John asked and you shrugged.

“Didn’t ask, don’t care I’m just happy he hasn’t asked me to do anything yet.” You grinned when he sighed and downed the last of his drink, leaving you alone with Arthur.

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Who wants Sinful Sunday every week?

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“TJ,” you giggled still high on the pills as he pulled you onto the sofa of his house, his hand sliding your dress down and off your shoulders, his warm mouth attacking every inch of skin exposed to him. “Your mom, and brother” you whimper as he cupped your breasts, his thumb running circles around your nipple. “You have to keep quiet, don’t want them to know” he said softly. You pulled down his boxers, moaning when he aligned himself at your entrance, sliding the tip of his cock up and down teasing you, before he pushed in, a moan leaving his lips. “Shit you’re so tight” he groaned, feeling your walls clench around his length.

Sinful Sunday

First Time | | John Swift {Jswazz}

*Have some Swazz smut cause Im trash.* 

I giggled softly and Swazz soon crawled back into the bed with me and gently brushed away a strand of hair away from my face. He leaned down and kissed me softly as his hands made their way to my light blue jeggings. He looked at me for confirmation and I gave him a small nod to let him know it’s okay. He pulled them down and as he did so, he left small little kisses on my legs. He got them down to my ankles and I shook my feet getting them off.

I now had nothing on except for the matching set of my black lace bra and panties.

John’s eyes carefully roamed down my exposed body and I looked down to see his bulge was very prominent out of his tight black jeans.

I soon heard the click of him unbuckling the belt on his pants and in the split second, they were thrown onto the ground along with the rest of our clothes.

He pressed his body against mine, and we molded perfectly together. I gripped his face in my hands as he kissed me fiercely and passionately. My legs were wrapped around his waist once more, and I could feel the bulge in his briefs rubbing into my core making me moan.

“God, your moans are so sexy,” he groaned into the crook of my neck. I soon felt John’s large hands make their way to the cups of my bra, massaging my breasts over the lacy fabric.

“God,” I moaned.

His fingers soon wander to my sides and I arched my back upwards as I soon realized he was moving to unclasp my bra. He slowly and gently pulled it from my body, my breasts being completely and fully exposed to him.

His lips went down and wrapped around one of my breasts. My eyes fluttered shut as he began sucking gently. He soon began to flick his tongue over my harden nipple and my mouth parted. He replayed this action to my other breast and as he slowly brought his mouth away, he made a popping noise while doing so.

I could feel myself getting wet and I really couldn’t wait anymore. I knew it was bound to hurt, but I just needed him.

And I needed him now.

I wasted no time bringing my hands to the waistband of his briefs and I gently rolled him over so that I was now on top.

“Look at you,” John teased. I smiled a little and slowly began to drag the underwear off his legs. His erection sprung up, whacking his stomach. My eyes widened as I saw the size of him. I mean, I figured he would be big - but not… This big.

I let out a small breath of air and my eyes flickered to Swazz who propped himself up with his elbows, watching me intently for my next move.

I had absolutely no idea to perform oral sex, and I was kind of nervous. What if I’m terrible? What if he makes me stop because I’m that bad?

“What’s wrong?” He asked concern filling his tone.

I sighed. “What if I’m…Bad?” I could feel my cheeks flush at this conversation but he just chuckled.

“You won’t be bad, babygirl. Just do whatever feels right,” he says. I swallowed and nodded. I looked down at his length once more, before I hesitantly wrapped my hand around the throbbing erection. I slowly began to pump my hand and I looked up to see John’s eyes shut tight, his mouth slightly parted.

I stopped pumping and slowly brought my lips down and engulfed his length into my mouth. It was an odd, unusual taste, but I continued to take him into my mouth. I soon heard him let out a sharp breath and I stopped, looking at him with worry.

“Fuck, no. Keep going,” he breathed. I obeyed and put him back into my mouth. I slowly began bobbing my head up and down and I didn’t really know what to do with my hands, so I kept them at my sides.

“Whatever you can’t fit, use your hand,” John struggled to get out. I continued to bob my head up and down and I grasped whatever wasn’t going into my mouth and pumped.

I let my tongue swirl around his tip for a moment, and I felt satisfied as I heard him let out a loud, raspy groan. I began my previous actions again.

I hallowed my cheeks in and out as I bobbed my head. I quickly looked at Swazz through my lashes and as soon as I did, he groaned.

“Fuck, do that again,” he groaned. “Look at me.”

I brought my eyes up again and looked at him which caused his lips to part and he threw his head back.

“Fuck!” He groaned rather loudly.

I continued doing my actions faster, and I felt John’s hand wrap around my hair, forcing me down his length. I slowly moved my hand away and with ease, and I took all of his length into my throat. I heard him gasp loudly and I felt him subconsciously thrust into my mouth, but I didn’t stagger away. I slowly moved my head back up for air, and Swazz looked at me with awe.

“How the hell did you do that?” He panted.

“Do what?”

He chuckled in disbelief. “You just took 9 inches down your throat without gagging!”

I blushed at his words and shrugged. “I dunno…I just don’t have a gag reflex.”

Swazz eyes widened as soon as those words left my mouth, but he didn’t say anymore as I took him to my mouth again. I pumped the lower half with my hand, my wrist jerking around.

I did this action really fast and as I pulled away, the trail of my saliva trailed down my chin. Swazz soon flipped us back over so he was on top again. He quickly glided my panties off in one swift motion, leaving us both there naked. He went into the crook of both my knees and pried them open. I felt a tad embarrassed at the fact that I was so exposed to him right now, but those thoughts quickly washed away as I felt his warm tongue lick a long, hot stripe up my core. I gasped loudly, which gradually turned into a moan.

“Shit,” I cursed as he flicked his tongue up and down numerous times. He hooked his strong arms on either side of my legs, but he let one go and pushed me back down as I tried to arch my back up.

“Stay still,” he growled, making my heart race at his demanding tone.

I tried my best not to wriggle around, but it was hard due to the amount of pleasure I was feeling. I moaned John’s name quite loudly, and he hummed onto my core, making me go over the edge.

I gasped loudly. “Shit, shit, shit, Swazz!” I could feel myself about to come undone, until suddenly he stopped. I panted loudly as he pulled away.

“Why?” I managed to get out. He smirked a little.

“Not yet, baby,” he murmured. He reached over my body and opened up one of the drawers, grabbing out a small, silver package.

I slowly made my way under the covers as John ripped the package open with his teeth, sputtering out the tip that had came off from it. He pulled out the condom and I gulped slightly as he rolled it down his shaft. He stroked himself a few times, before getting under the covers with me, hovering in between my legs.

“Are you sure?” He asked softly.

I bit my lip and didn’t hesitate to say, “Absolutely.”

He gently pressed a kiss to my forehead, and lined himself up with my entrance.

“Tell me if it hurts too much and I’ll stop,” he assured me. I nodded and soon enough, I felt him slowly and gradually entering into me.

I held back a hiss as Swazz put half of his length into me.

“You okay?” He asked. I nodded, but didn’t open my eyes.

Their was a sharp pain inside of me and it was almost unbearable. I felt a few tears prick my eyes, but I rolled them away. I had to bite my tongue to keep me from crying out in pain.

This was probably one of the most excruciating pains I’ve ever felt in my life, but I didn’t want to tell John to stop, because I really did want this. I wanted us to be closer in our relationship. Swazz began to slowly move his hips, his length going deeper, and deeper inside of me. With every thrust he made, the pain slowly decreased and got overcame by…


I began to let out soft moans and as soon as Swazz saw I was no longer in pain, he picked up his pace. His hands were on each side of my face, but he slowly went to support his body weight with his elbows and trap my face in-between his arms. My nails dug in with his back, surely to leave marks.

He continued to thrust into me with a nice easy pace, but my body wanted more.

“Faster,” I moaned quietly. He seemed completely taken off guard with my request, but obeyed nonetheless.

He thrust into me even quicker and at this point I couldn’t hold back my moans. I felt John kiss me rather roughly. My eyes were still shut tight, due to the overcoming pleasure weaving through my body. His lips detached from mine and I could hear grunts and pants leave his lips.

“Open your eyes for me baby,” he grunted. As hard as I tried, I couldn’t bring myself to open my eyes. I’m pretty sure they’ve rolled to the back of my head.

“Look at me, Y/N,” he growled. “Let me see those pretty eyes.”

It took all my strength to open my eyes to see John’s brown ones staring right at me. My moans soon turn into small little squeaks as he pounded even deeper into me.

“More,” I panted.

He soon gripped the headboard and thrust even faster into me. My black sparkly toes curled in pleasure and John’s name left my lips numerous times.

After about ten more minutes, I could feel the warmness build through the pit of my stomach. The pleasure increased even more, and I bit down on Swazz’s shoulder, to keep me from screaming.

“I’m so fucking close,” he groaned. I don’t understand how he could’ve said that, when I could barley form words at the moment.

My legs began shaking and I knew I was close to the brink of coming undone.

“John!” I cried.

“Cum for me, Y/N. Be a good girl and cum,” he cooed into my ear.

Those ten words were all I needed to have myself completely release over him. John also reached his high and both our names left each others mouths, screaming in ecstasy.

He thrusted a couple more times, before both of our breathings died down and Swazz brushed away a sweaty piece of hair from my face.

Jonn soon began pulling himself out from me and collapsed right next to me. We were both breathing heavily and I soon felt John’s large arm, wrap around my waist, pulling me closer to his chest. He kissed my shoulder blade and my eyes fluttered shut in content.

“Perfect,” he mumbled into my skin.

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This was better in my head  

Joining the bandwagon of the Personality ah Swap au by @samijen​ 

Their meeting probably wouldn’t happen like this but I just wanted this to be more of a thing. Though with Ryan having Ray’s personality he’s likely joking but Ray doesn’t need to know that.

And Jack has probably left to make bets with the other dudes about when these guys are gonna hook up. 
Bonus hours later:

Fucking nerd

Liam coming in his room and closing his door.
He turns music on and starts moving his hips to the music as he throws off his top, kicks off his shoes and rips off the socks, throwing them near the door.
He stretches his back where he’s been sweating and undoes the button from his jeans and wiggles out of them, they also get kicked away, then he pulls down his underwear and throws them. 
He picks out fresh underwear but feels a bit dirty after his run, so decided on a quick shower. Reaching the desk he picks up his bag of male cosmetics before he notices a smirking Theo leaning against his wardrobe. 

Standing Up for You

This Feysand fic was written per this anon request! I had a really fun time writing it and this is my first finished piece that was a direct request, so thank you mysterious anon for believing in me to fulfill it! As always, please feel free to message me with any and all feedback! And also send me fic requests! These first two weeks of uni have been crazy, but I’ve been trying to write as much as I can. Happy reading!

Rhysand watched his mate saunter across the floor at Rita’s up to the bar, aware of his eyes on her even as the friends surrounding him tried to snag his attention. He was sitting low in the corner booth, one arm slung over the back of the area she had just occupied before she had whisper-slurred in his ear that she was getting them more drinks.

He had tried to pull her back down to him, insisting that no, she most certainly did not need another drink, but the vixen slipped out of his arms and went on her way. Rhys didn’t go after her, knowing that if she wanted another drink then that was what she would get, especially since she was so determined to win the drinking game against Nesta and Cassian, the champions. At least the High Lord and Lady weren’t in last place; that position belonged to Lucien and Elain unsurprisingly, whom hardly ever touched alcohol, none the less played drinking games with it. In fact, he didn’t see either of them sitting at the booth now. They must have finally realized that this game could only end up with both of their heads in toilets and snuck away when everyone else was distracted.

It was Rhys’ turn to pick the card from the deck but he was enjoying watching Feyre go on her toes to reach the bartop and lean over it, gripping the edge to keep her balanced and upright, too much to turn away. He wondered if he should have walked with her, since she hardly seemed able to stand on her own and Rhys saw the bartender shaking his head as if he couldn’t understand the slurred words she was trying to say to him.

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Seventeen Reaction - Mutual Masturbation

S.Coups - He would be very confident.When he’d walk in on you masturbating alone in your room his face would immediately break into a smirk. He wouldn’t hesitate to join you on the bed and gently remove your fingers from your womanhood. He’d tease you by lightly running his fingers along the inside of your thighs, and your breath would hitch. He’d want you to beg for it, and when you did he would insert two fingers into you, not letting you even adjust to one. You’d notice the bulge in his pants and you’d slowly pull them down. He’d look at you in surprise as his member sprung free and he’d groan in pleasure as you’d firmly grasp his shaft and start pumping at a steady pace. “We should do this more often,” he’d say when you were both done, breathing heavily. 

Jeonghan - Would be confident but inexperienced. He’d be the one to suggest that you try it together and you’d gladly agree. It would start out with a heavy make out session and then he’d gently pull your panties down. He’d look up at you for consent, and when you’d nod silently he would slowly insert a finger into you. He’d smirk as your legs became like jelly under his touch, and with his other hand he’d pull down his pants, inviting you to touch him and when you did he’d moan loudly. As you pumped his length, he’d become too overwhelmed by your touch to continue to pleasure you. He’d come before you ever reached your high. “I’ll make it up to you, I swear, “ he’d promise, blushing slightly in embarrassment. 

Joshua - Would be anxious because he’d worry that he wouldn’t be able to give you enough pleasure. While cuddling he’d slowly trail his hand into the waistband of your sweatpants. You’d be surprised but wouldn’t complain. When you’d ask what he was doing, he’d say “I want to try something new babe.” When you’d nod, he would take off your pants and your panties and would trail his fingers along the inside of your thigh before inserting a finger into you and would rub your clit gently. When he’d notice how wet you were getting he’d insert another finger. When a smug expression breaks across his face, you’d smirk. “Why don’t you let me return the favour?” you’d say. Before he could react, you’d swiftly unbuckle his belt and pull his pants down. He’d gasp in pleasure and surprise once you’d gently grasp his hardened cock and slowly start to move your hand up and down. He’d try, but fail, to suppress his moans as his fingers would move even faster inside your womanhood, giving you equally as much pleasure as you were giving him.

Jun -  Would have a lot of experience and would enjoy watching you masturbate as he found it hot. When he felt the time was right he’d, without warning, replace your fingers with his, giving you more pleasure than you could ever give yourself. Once he had two fingers inside of you, you’d notice the tent in his pants and would shyly suggest “Co- could I touch you?” He’d look into your eyes and nod “Babygirl, please,” he’d groan. He’d unbuckle his pants for you, eager for your touch. He’d make sure to keep pleasuring you as you slowly pull down his pants, teasing him slightly. He’d groan as you’d teasingly slide a finger up and down his sensitive length. His moans would fill the room once you started to slowly pump his shaft, making sure to match the speed of his fingers.

Hoshi - Would be inexperienced but eager. He wouldn’t be sure how to initiate it, but would hint subtly until one day you asked if you could do it, to save him having to ask you. He’d be flushed with anticipation as you sat on his lap and unbuckle his belt slowly, biting your lip. You’d palm his member through his boxer, causing him to groan loudly. Once he was fully hard, you’d slide your hand down into his pants and slowly grasp his length. His hand would clamp down onto your thighs at first, and his head would tilt back in pure pleasure. Just before he reached his high, his hands would swiftly start to work on the zipper of your jeans. You’d lift yourself off his lap slightly to get them off easily and, as soon as you sat back down, his hands would reach down into your panties. Your hand movements would become sloppy as soon as his fingers would enter you, his gentle but effective movements making your body completely weak.

Wonwoo - Would also be confident in this area. While making out his hands would roam all over your body, he would always be like this so you weren’t surprised when his hands would slip aside your panties. You would break your kiss to moan as he stuck two finger into your hole and curl his finger so that he’d hit your sweet spot. He’d watch as you moaned and would say, “Why’d you do this to me?” which would make you look down at his crouch and spot his growing erection. Without thinking you’d ask, “Do you need any help down there?” It wouldn’t take long for Wonwoo to process your words and he’d nod eagerly. He’d grab your hand and slip it past his waistband not bothering to take of his pants. it wouldn’t be long until both of you were pooling on each others hands.

Woozi - You were the one that suggested to try something new as Woozi would need coaxing into anything sexy with you as he is a real Busan man. However, after a couple days he’d be up for the idea. He’d text you from work saying “I’m ready to try it out.” When he’d get home you’d be waiting for him naked on your bed. He’d immediately strip and climb on top of you. Almost simultaneously you’d both bring your hands to each other lower regions. He’d rub you furiously before sticking his pianist fingers inside you. You would grab his dick and pump it in rhythm to Woozi making a perfect harmony.

DK - Would be up for anything if it meant it would be with you, and when you casually suggested, during a make out session to try mutual masturbation he’d smile brightly but would be anxious because he didn’t want to hurt you. You’d take control by grabbing his length first and pumping it a couple times until he was leaking with pre-cum. He’d grin, showing his teeth as he felt the pleasure, the only thing on his mind was to pleasure you as much as you were pleasuring him. He’d run a hand down your thighs before sliding his fingers through your folds. He’d see your breathing hitch and would know he was doing the right thing. Having some new confidence he stuck his fingers into you slowly letting you adjust, both you knowing what this was leading to next.

Mingyu - Wouldn’t ask for your opinion and while in a heated make out session would slip his hands into the back of your pants and grab your ass, squeezing it lightly. He’d let his hands wander further down until his fingers would prod at your hole. Surprised you’d break away from your opened mouth kiss and look at him. He’d smirk at you and start to move his finger in and out of you. “Two can play this game,” You’d reach your hand forward and palm him through his sweats and feel him get harder by the second. He’d bite your neck to try and stop from moaning. You’d then spit on your hand and then slip it into his briefs, grabbing his cock. This time he couldn’t help but moan, it was music to your ears. 

The8 - Would have found out about mutual masturbation via the boys talking about it in practice. The8 being innocent asked what it was and the boys would tease him about it, however he was very willing to try it out with you. He’d come home the same evening and would ask if you’d ever heard of it and when you said ‘yes’ he’d ask if you want to do. Turned on you would lead him towards the bedroom and push him down. You wouldn’t take long to get your hand on his member and leave him a moaning mess. His hands would be shaky when he brought it to your womanhood and he didn’t play around before sticking, not one but two fingers inside you. 

Seungkwan - Would not really think about doing mutual masturbation with you until he’d heard about it from somewhere. He’d probably be curious and ask you if you were interested in trying it out. He wouldn’t be nervous about it until you said yes, then it would dawn on him. He’d probably be worried about doing it wrong or hurting you so you’d have to encourage and reassure him. You’d start him by kissing him passionately, until you’d got him groaning into your lips. Once you’d slipped your hand down into his boxers. palming him through his boxers until he was a complete moaning mess. You’d have to guide his hand down into your panties to encourage. With a burst of confidence, he’d insert a finger or two into you, smiling smugly at the moans that would come out of you.

Hansol - Would be the most eager to try but also probably the most inexperienced. He’d ask you casually about trying it, trying to hide his eagerness. When you’d agree, he wouldn’t hesitate to climb on top of you and slide a hand down your jeans and straight into your panties. He’d look at you for consent before sliding a finger into you. He’d keep watching your face for your reaction to him and he’d grin when your head would tilt back in pleasure. He wouldn’t be too cocky once you’d return the favour, reducing him to a moaning mess by slowly and steadily sliding into his jeans and grasping his already hardened member. Once you’d start moving your hand up and down his shaft, he’d come way earlier than expected and probably be embarrassed about it later.

Admins Jeongdick, Hoeseok and Quadrat

Tig Trager - Shattered Innocence |Part 2|

His hot lips pressed their way down her body. Causing a shutter to ripple through her body as he pressed her back against the car they had been working on for today’s lesson, before today’s lesson shifted into something much more pleasant for both parties.

“Mmm Y/N, we need you out of these clothes.”

Tig groaned as his hands worked quickly and slipped up underneath her shirt to push it off her body completely and allowing it to hit the garage floor. Feeling his fingers tracing her skin, it felt so damn good. His lips followed a path down her stomach and before she knew what he was doing he had unzipped her pants and pulled them down before plunging his face into her crouch.

A gasp a moan whatever someone would call it ripped through her throat as she felt Tig’s wet tongue pressing against her panties, making them as equally wet as herself. Her hands rested on the front of the car, knuckles white from the grip she had on the vehicle thanks to Tig’s master skills.

“Ah oh fuck! What are you – ahh!”

She couldn’t finish as she felt Tig’s finger push her underwear aside and pushed his tongue to her clit. She was suprised by how he knew what she wanted. Most men would try to insert their tongue not knowing that one of the only actual ways to pleasure a woman with their tongue was to flick the clitorus – which was exactly what Tig was doing as his two fingers made a ‘come here’ motion inside of her.

Her hands were removed from the car and placed on his shoulders where they lingered for a moment before one of her hands moved into his curls, brushing her fingers through his hair as he kept on going.

She didn’t believe her friend when he had told her he was good when it came to sex. She always believed Tig’s ego was larger than what he lead her on with all the stories he would tell her about making crows squirt and wither beneath him like he was a God. But now she was quickly seeing that he hadn’t allowed his ego to be inflated – he was up front and extremely honest with his abilities.

“Fuck – Tig, I’m gonna – S-stop!!”

She cried out as she grabbed his hair harshly between her fingers and pulled him from her. His eyes were wide and he seemed shocked as he stared up at her with a worried expression.

“What’s wrong? What? What happened? Did I hurt you?”

He asked as he looked at her. She looked back at him and shook her head slowly and seemly out of breath. Grabbing him by his hands, she pulled him up to a standing position before dropping her pants and underwear completely to bend over the car. She hadn’t answered him and instead exposed her ass and vigina to him.

“You gonna tell me what the hell happened or just show me that fine ass of yours?”

He asked almost sounding annoyed. She looked down at the engine inside the car feeling as her own face started to warm.

“I almost… I was gonna squirt.”

She said embarrassed and ashamed sounding. It was quiet in the room for a moment but that quickly changed when a loud slap and a sting to her rear echoed through the room. She cried out, unaware that Tig had unzipped his pants right after the slap that distracted her and quickly and in one fluid motion, he spread her cheeks and dove into her pussy.

Crying out, she tightened around him causing him to curse underneath his breath as he started pounding into her.

“You’re a squirter and you didn’t tell me? I’m offended doll!”

Tig called out, grunting loudly at the end. She shouted out as well in pleasure as Tig had managed to hit her in her spot better due to the build up of juices from her near squirting event.

Thrust after thrust after thrust. She lost count of how many times she had came until Tig had finally managed to pull out of her and cum all down the middle of her back and ass.

Exhausted and wanting nothing more than to just collapsed on the floor right then and there she managed to somehow find the strength to stand up straight instead and leaned against the hood. Feeling Tig running a rag along her back side to clean her up, she turned to look at him. His eyes were still dark but beautiful all the same. Showing her own reflection within them.

And showing her the innocence that was shattered here in the garage with Tig.
-The End-

Lustful (Niall Horan)

WARNING: Sexual visuals (NSFW)

“I need you…” he whispered out, backing you up against the wall. “Fuck, I need you so bad…”

You bit your lip softly and grabbed onto his shoulders, looking at him with an innocent gaze. Niall licked his lips, looking at you through hooded eyes. His hand felt down between your legs, pressing his hand over your jeans, directed right over your heat.

You smirked softly and slid your arms right around his neck, pulling him over to you so you could press your lips to his, eager to get things going. He pressed himself against you, making one of your arms fly back to steady yourself against the wall. Niall’s desperate hands struggled for a moment, but after a couple of moments, he got your button undone, pushing the zipper down and grabbing the waistband. Pulling the tight material of your jeans down, he pushed them so they, as well as your panties, sat just below your bum.

You pulled your lips back from him and held the back of his neck firmly. Niall’s hand pushed between your legs, the other coming around your hips to hold you in place. He dug his fingers past your folds and plunged his pointer and middle finger up into you. You inhaled sharply and squeezed your eyes closed. He pushed the up into you as far as he could, hooking them in and pressing against the rough patch inside of you.

You let out an elongated moan, biting down on your bottom lip. Niall’s eyes were burning with lust as he watched his fingers work against your sex, an obvious layer of wetness coating them when he pulled them out.

“Why’d you stop?” you murmured out, the brief pleasure disappearing.

“We can’t have you cumming just like that baby…” he smirked, dropping his lips to your ear.

You smiled softly and giggled out, taking a moment to push your jeans down until they were a crumpled mess on the floor. Niall chuckled out and bit his lip, both of his hands sliding to the back of your thighs.

“Can you jump up for me baby girl?” he whispered right against your ear, baring his teeth so he could bite down gently on your earlobe.

Without hesitation, you jumped up and wrapped your legs around his hips, your heat connecting with the front of his jeans. Squirming slightly, your boyfriend smirked and shook his head, walking you over to the bed.

“You’re so beautiful…” he muttered, gently lying you down on the bed.

Propping yourself up, you pulled your shirt over your head. Niall followed quickly, throwing the piece of fabric somewhere in the room. You kept yourself propped up on your elbows, watching his every move. He stood at the end of the bed, getting his belt unbuckled and his jeans and boxers off. While you go your bra off, Niall licked his lips and crawled up the bed pushing your legs apart and leaving room for him. You giggled softly and rested your hands under your head.

Niall hovered over you for just a moment, his eyes roaming around your face. You smiled softly at him and played with your bottom lip. He chuckled softly and started to feather kisses down your chest and torso. You let out soft breaths and smiled softly, watching as Niall kept his lips against your stomach for a moment, adjusting himself so he was flat on his stomach between your legs.

You bit your lip softly, sliding your fingers into his hair. He smiled softly against your skin, lowering his head a little more, positioning his mouth in front of your core. He took a deep breath and parted his lips, pressing an open mouth kiss against you. You smiled softly at him continuously, cocking your head to the side slightly.

Resting your arms on your stomach, Niall started lapping his tongue over your clit, needing to start off slow to get you wet and stimulated. You let out a soft breath, closing your eyes to focus on him. As he flicked his tongue over your little bud, a tingling sensation began to spread through your lower half. Giggling out softly, Niall looked up at you through his lashes and smiled softly against you.

He began to go a little harder, sliding one of his hands down to pull apart your folds. Your hole and clit were completely exposed to him. His mouth opened again, and with his soft lips, he dragged them over your wet skin, gliding over the little bundle of nerves and all the skin in between. His nose rested on your pelvic bone as his tongue finally jutted out, poking at your hole.

You bit down on your bottom lip and turned your head to the other side, pressing your left cheek against the mattress. Your jaw went slack and your lips fell apart, soft breaths escaping. You slid your hands up your body, the pleasure starting to get more and more intense. Soft moans took over the heavy breathing, and you crossed your hand over you to grab onto your breast. Sliding your free arm under your head, Niall engulfed your rich sex, a good sort of heat shot up through you. A loud, elongated whine fell from your lips and your boyfriend continued to snog your drenched core.

Your nipples were erect under your touch, grabbing and squeezing your breast to richen everything. Your stomach was flipping around and your heart was beating heavily. You knew you were about to cum. Everything started to tighten up but he wasn’t letting up. He was determined to make you cum as many times as he could. Your eyes opened as the orgasm hit, a strangled moan leaving your mouth. Niall milked you through your orgasm, sucking on the wet skin until things started to come down.

He didn’t waste a moment, crawling up your body. His erection prodded at your hole, his arms wrapping under your shoulders. He bent his knees and spread his legs so they were pressing against your bum. You pressed the inside of your legs against him and wrapped your legs around his waist.

You looked at him and held your arms in front of your chest, trapped by his resting on either side of your head.

For a moment, you two just rested together. You looked up at him and smiled softly, gently playing with his bottom lip. He smiled softly and playfully nipped at your fingers. You giggled out softly and brushed your fingers over his upper lip.

“You wanna keep going?” he asked, kissing over your fingertips.

You nodded your head softly, moving to wrap your arms around his neck. Your legs unraveled around him, but you kept them bent and open. Niall pulled his hips back slightly and looked down, reaching a hand down to help guide himself into you. Your muscles immediately tensed when he started pushing into you, stretching your entrance slightly.

He shifted his body forwards, pushing himself in a little quicker. It made your body jerk when he filled you up, your head falling back into the mattress again. Niall buried his face against your neck. You moaned out deeply and turned your face into his cheek, tightening the grip that your arms had around his neck.

As Niall started to thrust, his movements were slow and deep, making sure that you could feel every inch of him inside of you. Your heart was pounding against your chest, your eyes locked with his. You moaned out quietly, fluttering your eyes closed for a couple of seconds.

“Fuck…” you breathed out, taken slightly aback by his lips falling onto yours again.

Tangling your fingers in his hair, you held him close to you, moving your lips deeply against his. Both of you were breathing heavily, your bodies intertwined in ecstasy. Your skin was beading with sweat simply from the intensity of the situation. Swallowing thickly, you pulled away from him for a minute, trying to match your hips with his. You lifted your feet up off of the bed, giving yourself completely to him.

Whimpering out repeatedly, that same sensation started to spread through you. Your muscles clenched around him and the orgasm crept up quickly. Niall was throbbing inside of you and his heavy grunts were higher and higher pitched. His fingers dug into your shoulders, his movements becoming sloppier.

“I’m gonna cum…” he breathed out, his voice shaky.

You couldn’t even form words in your head, nodding your head in reply. This orgasm had come on a lot more quickly this time, and it wasn’t long before you both were spilling over.

Niall let out a strew of curse words, pulling himself out of you just as he came, the white liquids shooting out onto your stomach. Your back arched off the bed as your body jerked slightly, every muscle and nerve standing at attention. Niall was holding himself over you, propped on his arms.

“Ah fuck…” he groaned out deeply, looking down at the mess he made. “S-Sorry…” he breathed out, pursing his lips together.

You shook your head and laughed out breathlessly. You threw your arms above your head, a happy, blissful grin on your face. Niall looked down at you and bit his lip, reaching down to pull the blankets loosely over you before collapsing on top of you, caressing your hip gently. You smiled up at him, moulding your lips against his when he reconnected them. You lazily moved your lips with his, closing your eyes again.

You lost yourself in him, unable to hold your smile back. He pulled back, a goofy grin matched on his face. You giggled out softly and tossed your head back and forth slowly, humming out contently.

“We should probably go shower baby…” you spoke in a raspier voice.

“Yeah probably…” he murmured, pressing open mouth kisses against your neck.

“Baby, c’mon,” you chuckled softly, pushing him off of you. You felt all sticky and hot and just wanted to rinse off.

Niall huffed out and sat himself up, swinging his legs off of the bed. “Round two in the shower?” he smirked, raising his eyebrow.

You looked back at him, raising an eyebrow slightly and biting your lip, thinking for a moment. “If you change the sheets after?”

“Deal,” he snickered, hopping up and kissing your temple. “Just can’t get enough of you…”


It was sort of her own fault, getting stuck in this blizzard. It wasn’t even in its full force yet but her toes were already numb in her boots barely able to curl them closer to her foot, but thankfully they were dry. Obi had a firm grip on her wrist as he pulled her behind him, their feet crunching down the snow beneath them making them sink in with every step, while rock-hard snowflakes slapped against her cheeks almost wounding them by sheer force.

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