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Anatasia Ham AU where he was part of the Washington family but had to escape for some reason and was branded a bastard bc he couldn't prove otherwise and he goes through the entire war alongside Washington without knowing he was his son until meet me inside "don't call me son" and dmitri is the revset and they live happily ever after


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“She’s beautiful. I can’t believe we created something so beautiful. I never thought I would get my happy ending but today has just proved otherwise,” he smiles. You sigh in content, “I love you and I know she loves you just as much.” He smiles, “I love you too.”

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Part 2 of “Relationship Status: We’re Working On It”

Read this from left to right.


I was looking for Jolteon and Zapdos hoodies are I found one for Jolteon, but Zapdos, I had to base a bit on a fanart my brother showed me.

I feel like Spark is not necessarily scared of the characters in a horror movie, but more of the stories and things associated to horror. Like he knows that they are highly nonexistent, but he does not risk on proving what he knows otherwise. He’s probably the guy who, regardless of circumstances, would not leave his room at the witching hour. Also, he’s probably the type of guy who would not sleep properly for days after watching a scary movie/show.

And Go, the cheeky ******* he is, takes advantage of it www~ How he found out Spark’s weakness, let’s leave that to Sparky. :D He’s the ultimate best wingman/wingpokemon after all www~

I wanted to try Go with glasses. I like it <3


You hunched your shoulders, staring out the window and holding an icepack to your bruised nose. You and your father had driven along in silence for several minutes when you finally blurted out, “I hit him because he said asexual people didn’t exist!”

Your father glanced over at your outburst, raising an eyebrow, “Pardon me?”

You pressed your lips together, tears burning your eyes, “We were talking about other sexualities. He started mouthing off and being really rude and dismissive.”

Gibbs nodded, his gaze fixed on the road as he listened intently.

You poked at your now-mushy icepack as you continued quietly, “I tried to explain it and stuff but he wouldn’t listen. He said asexual just hadn’t had their sexual awakenings and only wanted attention.” You swallowed, wiping at your eyes with the back of your hand to clear them, “I told him I was asexual and he started making fun of me. He said he’d prove otherwise and I hit him.” Your voice cracked and tears began slipping down your cheeks. “I’m sorry, dad.”

Gibbs’ hand found its way to your shoulder as he pulled the car over, giving it a gentle squeeze as he cast you a sidelong look, eyes soft, “It’s okay, [f/n]. I would’ve done the same thing. He was out of line.”

You blinked at your father, wiping at your cheeks, “You’re not mad?”

“For beating up an idiot?”

You shook your head, “For being… different.”

Your father’s hand moved to cup your face, staring into your eyes. “Why would I be mad? You’re still my baby girl and that’s good enough for me.”

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So I'm a Gemini sun, cancer rising & Pisces moon, dating a Scorpio sun but we're on and off constantly, I'm feeling like he's afraid of commitment and all he wants to do is have sex. I'm not sure if scorpios are known for apologizing or not, but I feel like he somewhat tried?? He says he cares but his actions prove otherwise, he doesn't like to hold hands or cuddle or take pictures together. I'm just trying to find out if he cares , I'm thinking maybe scorpios aren't exactly the cuddly type?

Look at his Venus sign and look if he’s got any planets aspecting his Venus, and look at the house his Venus sign is in. You aren’t going to find out much by looking at his Sun sign. Scorpios are actually affectionate but only if they’re comfortable enough and if they trust you. So definitely look deeper into this. If he has a Sagittarius Venus or even a Capricorn Venus, it would make sense as to why he’s on the colder side. However I will say that Scorpios dislike apologizing for something because they’re prideful (that’s just a natural Fixed sign trait) and don’t want to be seen as the weaker person. Or maybe he simply doesn’t like affection? Some people are not okay with it for whatever reason. And maybe he is only using you for sex, but that seems unlikely. I wouldn’t know though


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I swear. If it weren’t for this one guy, a huge part of my life wouldn’t probably be as exciting as it is now. I have no regrets, whatsoever, getting utterly hooked into him.

What can I say. He’s totally my type.

- First things first, he’s honest. Brutally honest. Unlike other stars who are overly conscious of their images to the point that they pretty much become someone they’re not, he proves them otherwise. What I like most about him is that he’s actually open about his thoughts, beliefs and even the things (that most tend to keep in secret) that he does. I could really care less about his bad habits or vices. It’s not like he actually lets those ruin him. In fact, they actually molded him into what he is. And that’s saying something. He’s a free spirit.

- He’s a hard-worker. As much as he’s being portrayed as the kind of guy who’d rather sit around and play games all day (which is partly true), he has this burning passion and love for what he does. His love for music has me completely drawn into him. As mentioned on a particular show, he has never once said to his family that he has grown tired and remains the optimistic guy that he is. Not to mention, he has a whole lot of experience living overseas and managed coping up with various kinds of living. He struggled a lot even when he was way younger, firmly stood on his own feet and witnessed hardships all by himself.

- His wits. Girls are totally into guys with humor. All the stuff that he says are just priceless, effortless at that. He may be weird, but who’s to say that 4D personalities are beyond my league? Even back when he was just in an audition program, the judges mostly find themselves laughing at his hilarious antics without fail.

- His concealed sweetness, playfulness and humility. Watching him with his former on-screen wife, I can really tell that she grew to like him a lot. He may not be the sweetest guy on the salt of the earth (but I tell you, he REALLY is), but if you’re in the market for a relationship where you can be great friends with your guy at the same time, then he’s the man. Unlike those typical (and tiring, and gut-wrenching) on-screen couples who are super lovey-dovey and display their acts of affection every single time, he’s not like them. But to me, it’s actually a good thing. Sure, it’s nice that they’re being all sugary all the time, but it can get awfully exhausting. It’s much better with moderation. Things are so much better when they’re not expected. (Like suddenly grabbing your hand and placing it in the pocket of his jacket. *SQUEAL*) Also, one way to dissolve awkwardness between parties is to crack jokes. (So, that’s another check for him.) Another thing, he knows how to respect his elders. It may not seem like it. His mischievous looks are definitely deceiving, but his actions are the other way around. Just damn damn damn it, he’s the one.

-Looks? Now we’re talking. His huge panda eyes may be a flaw for some but to me, it suits him and his character so well. It gives him a deep sense of mystery, masculinity and yes, sexiness. I mean, his dark bags are working for him. It feels like he’s about to drill holes in my system with his alluring stares. His stature is beyond comprehension. He may be a lot thinner than the most, but it fits him just perfectly. It matches with his tall height. He looks like he came straight out of a manga. I couldn’t ask for anything else.

- His voice. His music. This guy made it big. He was already popular even before he debuted officially. But I personally think he deserves more than what he’s getting now. Sure, he’s a big hit on variety shows and is given so many other offers, but I find it puzzling as to why he isn’t as huge as the other stars? (He might even be a whole lot better compared to them. Scratch that, he’s absolutely better than they are.) I think he is one underrated musician. And it hurts, knowing that he’s so impeccable in whatever he does. His songs’ depth and flow are just extraordinary. The messages he tries to convey harbor these unusual intensity and undying gratification. Not everyone is into rock and loud music, I admit. But it’s not like he is only capable of singing rock songs and screamers. (Try tuning in to his ballads and covers, they’re to die for.) But it’s about time that they learned to appreciate genuine music. 

Why I love him? He’s Jung Joon Young. He’s himself and will always be just himself. End of story.

Vanilla Luke- Luke Hemmings imagine (smut)- straight version

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Anon-  Smut with Nerdy Luke where Y/N thinks he’s a virgin and is probably vanilla but he hears dominates Y/N in bed cuz damn

Pairing- Luke & Y/N

Words- 2000+

Summary- A drinking game results in Luke over hearing you say that you think he is very plain in bed and he instantly proves otherwise 

NOTE- I can make an extra part to any of the imagines/smut in my masterlist.  Just ask

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You’d expected this night to be boring. The only reason you’d gone round to your friends house was because you had promised in advance.  You were glad to be wrong.  You were having an amazing time and the conversation and drinks were flowing.  

“I don’t know,” Michael laughed as everyone looked at him.  You’d somehow brought a game of truth and dare in to a game of entirely truth.  Ashton had just asked Michael what he thought you were like in bed and he seemed unable to answer.

“I don’t know,”  he repeated, “Um kinky?”  

You giggled and Ashton shrugged and looked at you.

“Hmm maybe a little,” you admitted and they all cheered like this was some great accomplishment.

“Who needs another drink?”  Luke asked, pushing his glasses up his nose.  He’d had about two beers and was already tipsy.  You raised your empty glass and Calum and Michael waved their empty beer bottles in the air. Luke nodded at you all and wandered through to the kitchen to get more.

“Who do you think the least kinky is?”  Ashton mused.  It was a general question to everyone.

“Probably Luke,” you giggled, “I mean I know he’s had sex a couple of times but he just seems like he’d be so plain.  Like kind of,”  you thought for a second, trying to find a word to describe it, “Vanilla.”

Everyone laughed and agreed with you and seconds later Luke returned to the room.  You thought he looked kind of angry about something as he took his seat and shoved your glass in to your hands.  The game faded out as time went on and Calum passed out on the floor while Ashton went and found a bed to sleep in.  It was down to just you and Luke and Michael.

“Another game?” Michael suggested and you nodded.

“What about I have never?”  you smiled.

Luke and Michael shrugged, not bothered.

“Okay I’ll start,” you smiled, “I have never gotten drunk and slept with somebody.”

“Ugh,”  Michael took a sip of his drink.  The memory was clearly not a pleasant one for him.

“I have never dated a childhood friend,”  he grinned, looking over at Luke.

Luke sighed and took a drink.

“I’ve never had vanilla sex,”  Luke piped up and both you and Michael almost dropped your drinks.  It made sense now.  Luke had heard you describe him as being the plainest in bed.

“You know what?I’m kinda tired I’m going to go crash in the den,”  Michael announced, getting to his feet in a rush and scuttling out the room.  You watched him leave in despair.  What were you going to do now?

“Um me too,”  you muttered and you placed your drink down and rushed upstairs and straight in to the spare bedroom.  It was Luke’s house.  You two had been best friends for years so he always made sure the guest room was available for you when you stayed over but, apparently Ashton had forgot that.  He was conked out in the bed.  You groaned as you exited the room again and almost screamed as someone pushed you up against the wall, your hands pinned to your side.

“You think I’m vanilla Y/N?”  Luke mumbled against your ear and you were surprised by your reaction.  You’d never been sexually attracted to Luke.  He was a good looking guy.  Very good looking but he was your best friend so he was off limits.  Right?

In this very moment you weren’t so sure.  

“I’ll show you just how vanilla I am baby,”  he grinned against your neck before his lips parted and he sucked down on the spot behind your ear.  You couldn’t hold back the appreciative murmur that left your lips and you felt Luke smirk against your neck.

“Hmm I should leave you hanging like this,”  he mused, stepping back and looking in to your eyes.

“Ashton is in the guest room,”  you replied, your breathing shallow.

“Hmm maybe he’ll be less plain for you?”  Luke grinned.  You couldn’t tell if he was teasing or if this was his revenge.  Turning you on then walking away.  You could hardly believe it was Luke that was teasing you like this.

“I didn’t mean it,” you pout.

“Yes you did,” Luke replies, his face grim, “But it’s okay cause I’m going to show you just how plain I am.”  

You squealed slightly as he pressed you to the wall again.

“Are we going to your room?”  you asked, as he nibbled your ear lobe, tugging it playfully.

“No princess,”  he shook his head, “I’m going to fuck you right here, against this wall and unless you want to wake Ashton up then I suggest you be very, very quiet.”

Oh crap.  You’d unintentionally ignited Luke’s dark side and you had never been more turned on.  He moved his lips to yours and you moaned against his mouth as he lifted your hands and pulled your top over his head, before doing the same with his own.  You could feel him, hard as granite against the top of your core as he leant back in.  You let him slide his hands round your back and unhook your bra, pulling it free from your body.  An appreciative groan left his mouth as he brought his hands up to rub your nipples and you stifled a moan as he traced around them with his fingers, stiffening them then he began to flick them.  Your head rolled back, exposing your neck to him and he placed sloppy kisses down your jawline then down to your breasts. You whined loudly as his lips attached to one of your nipples and he rolled his tongue across it.

“If you can’t shut up then I will stop,”  he threatened, pulling back for a second. You bit your lip to keep silent.  Fuck he was so hot when he was in control like this.  He yanked his glasses from his face and carelessly dropped them to the floor as he lowered the kisses, bringing his lips down the centre of your body and stopping when he was knelt before you with his mouth just above your jeans. You could feel yourself pooling in your pants, getting wetter and wetter with every touch.  You needed his lips against your core and you knew he would oblige but you didn’t know how long he would take to do so.

He removed your jeans with ease and your fingers scrabbled against the wall as he leant in and trailed soft kisses up your thighs, stopping just inches away from your core.  You had to clamp a hand to your mouth when he ran a finger across your panties, feeling your arousal through them.

“So Michael was right,”  Luke grinned, “You are a kinky little thing aren’t you princess?  Look how wet you are for me.”

You didn’t reply, afraid to remove your hand from around your mouth.

“Maybe next time I’ll tie you up and gag you.  Would you like that?”  he smirked, looking up at you and even your hand didn’t hold back the deep mewling sound that rumbled in your throat.

“Hmm I’ll take that as a yes,”  he replied and before you could react he slid your panties aside and moved in.

You’d heard of oral sex being referred to as “eating out” before but you’d never understood it until now.  Luke was devouring every last trickle of your juices, his tongue finding it’s way in to places you didn’t even know existed.  You bit down on your palm, the urge to scream overwhelming you.  You were loud in bed but nobody had ever made you feel like screaming your lungs out before.  Not until now.  It was evident that Luke was most definitely not vanilla.

You made the mistake of looking down and the sight of Luke gripping your hips while he submerged his face in your core was too much and a loud groan slipped past your hand.  Luke froze and you gulped as he tilted his head, looking up at you.  His crystal eyes had turned a dangerous grey colour.

“I thought I told you to be quiet,”  he hissed, “Do you want to wake Ashton?  Hmm maybe you’d like that,”  he mused, smugly, getting to his feet, “Do you want us to double team you?  Hmm?  Answer me princess.”

You could give no answer but a soft whimper and Luke smirked.

“Hmm I believe you do want that.  Well maybe next time princess.  Tonight you are mine and mine only.”

Next time?  Oh fuck. You didn’t even know if you would live through this time.  Luke hadn’t half convinced you that he was the kinkiest out of his friends.  He may look like the shy, nerdy boy who freaked out when he didn’t get an A in a subject at school but right now he appeared more like some sex god that would throw you over his knee and spank you in to the next century should you disobey him and it was so freaking hot.

You gasped as he unzipped himself, pulling his length free.  He was bigger than you had expected.  A lot bigger actually and super thick too.  He delved in to his pocket, pulled out his wallet and fished in it for a condom.  You watched, wide eyed as he slid it on with ease.

“Remember and be quiet princess,”  he grinned as he lined himself up.  You squealed a little as he grabbed your thighs and lifted you up, back still against the wall but legs now on either side of his waist.  It took seconds for him to thrust in to you and you disobeyed him instantly by letting out a satisfied groan.  

“Shh,”  he growled, clamping his hand round your mouth.  You both froze as you heard Ashton murmur something in the room right next to you but it went quiet again and you both breathed out in relief before Luke slid almost all the way out then slammed back in to you.  He was merciless in his pursuit.  You were almost in tears from how good he felt. Every inch of him was filling you to the brim and his tip was hitting against your g-spot while his v-line was grinding against your clitoris perfectly.

You couldn’t hold it any longer and you began to clench, alerting Luke to your on coming climax.

“Come baby,”  he whispered, “Show me how much you enjoy plain, vanilla Luke,”  he grinned against your lobe.

You whined against his hand as you came undone.  Your body became tight and your eyes rolled to the back of your head as pleasure soared through your veins and still Luke kept going.  It took seconds for you to rise again and Luke urged you to release once more.  He was taking no prisoners tonight.  You were forced to come again and again and again until your core was almost numb from the sensation.  Then finally Luke grunted against your ear, his thrusts became sloppy then he stilled. His hands pressed to the wall on either side of your head.  You were both panting, unable to get air to your lungs.  

“Wow you really aren’t vanilla,”  you giggled as his forehead dropped to yours, sweat mixing together.  

“Yeah and you are really hot,”  he replied, “Like insanely hot.  How did I not notice before?”

“Well I never noticed how hot you are either,”  you admit, “I guess we had some built in shield that allowed us from appreciating each other as anything but friends.”

“Hmm I guess.  I still want to tie you up and show you just how kinky I can be,”  he grins.

“I wouldn’t say no,” you admit as he leads you to his room.

Guren: …Shinya. Stop fooling around. Now.

One of the few Gureshin pictures we took together with AkuDarklyn (who captured and edited the photo <3) at Connichi this year. Sadly the weather was a bitch. Thus we had to fight against bad light and rain. But I think this atmosphere fits the OnS universe!


Ok let’s clear this up. I have been accused of holding back information all the time. In everyone of my posts regarding the Cali rumor I clearly say UNCONFIRMED and RUMOR. I applaud all of you that are able to understand those two words. Clearly you were born with a fully functioning brain that is capable of understanding logic and words. You didn’t get your undies in a twist with reports that were UNCONFIRMED. To what seems to be a very select few that can not handle or understand what a rumor is I’m sorry. You should possibly consider not visiting gossip sites they will just confuse and upset you. I will say this one more time nothing is confirmed he is in California. So until something proves otherwise he is in New York.


“Arlight so uh- I’ll uh see you soon, I hope. I mean, if you’d like and- yeah, call me sometime we could go out if you want and… yeah” Dean trailed off, breathing out shakily, with a nervous chuckle, scratching the back of his neck.

You let out a small giggle “Sure, yes I will” you said with a bright smile that only made his widen.

“Great!” he was unable to hide his excitment “I mean cool, yeah.” he tried to act less interested, though the smile on his face proved otherwise. He glanced behind him for a second, the tall guy he was previously with waiting for him a few feet away “So uhm I have to go but- it was great meeting you (Y/n). Really!” he gave you an awkwrd smile, hesitating but in the end leaning in to kiss your cheek.

Your smile widened and it seemed to make his even bigger “See ya then!” he grinned a little awkwardly, and you waved your hand at him as he walked away.

“See… ya?” you couldn’t help a small frown at the weird word.

’So uh- I’ll uh see you soon, I hope. I mean, if you’d like and- yeah, call me sometime we could go out if you want and… yeah’? Really?” Sam asked Dean with a snicker “Really smooth Dean, really smooth.”

“Shut up” Dean groaned at his brother, hitting his shoulder; glancing for just a moment behind him to look at you watching them leave with that cute smile that (as much hard as it was for him to believe) made his heart jump inside his chest.

“I can’t believe how she even accepted your number” Sam shook his head.

“She’s just… unique Sam. She’s unique.” Dean murmured, his head still turned to look at you as they walked away.

“Yeah, well, not running away when you started stuttering like love-struck teenager I guess proves to that” Sam said with a laugh and Dean only turned his head to glare at him.

“Shut up bitch” Dean growled at him, feeling a little embarassed in reality.

It was nothing like him to act like that around a girl, that was for sure. But you were definitely not like any other girl he had met before and the way you made him feel proved to that.

“Whatever jerk” Sam rolled his eyes at him, though a small smile tugging at his lips.

He was actually happy to see his brother act like this. Although it rarely- to actually never had it happened, Sam was happy to see this, because it could mean only one thing about you and Dean. And that was certainly something good.

“Aww did sweet little (Y/n) find a boyfriend?” a voice suddenly said right next to you and you found your smile immediately falling.

“Nora” you sighed your ‘sister’s’ name, glancing to see her on your right.

“Isn’t he a little bit old?” another voice was heard on your left and you immediately realized who it was.

“Mary Louise” you sighed again.

Yeah, being the youngest in a ‘family’ of heretics wasn’t the most ideal thing in the world.

“Yeah he looked like it, but he did have pretty eyes” Nora noted with a smile that scared you.

“True, and his voice. Ooh is that a feast for he ears” she laughed, making unpleasant shivers run down your spine; you were scared to hear what’s she’d say next “I would love to know how it would be when he screamed as I ripped out his heart” she added and Nora laughed along with her.

“No. No you won’t” you looked up at her with a hard glare “You are not going to touch him, you hear me. He is no toy and certainly no food

She huffed, rolling her “You ruin all the fun. But I guess he has the right to live since he was allowed to town for the investigations”

You couldn’t help the frown as she said the last word. He had told you that he was in FBI, himself, but it worried you. Not because you had done something, you were nothing like your family, but because of what would happen if he got into more details. What your family would do to him.

“Something I am not going to thinnk of if he dares hurt you, though” she was quick to add and you visibly rolled your eyes at her.

“As if you care”

“Of course we do!” Nora spoke up now, putting her hands on your shoulders “You are our little sister, we care about you and if someone decides to hurt you we will make sure he pays for it” the underlying tone in her voice made you shiver unplesantly. You remember what had happened all those centuries ago when somebody had hurt. It certainly was not a fond sight.

“Yeah, but I know he won’t so stop. And stay away from him” you looked at them with a hard look.

“Now let me go. I need to go get something called a… cell phone? Yeah” you brushed her hands off, walking away from them as you looked down at the small paper in your hands.

Nora and Mary Louise exchanging a look, a smirk on both their faces.


A/n: Okay..heh.This was supposed to be an imagine but it turned into a one-shot (somehow).I’m sorry if there are any spelling mistakes (it’s 4 am and I’m too tired to check it) Hope you like it. (The gifs don’t belong to me. Credits to the owners)

“Dean! What the hell is wrong with you?!You could have gotten Y/n killed!” Sam yelled at his brother.

“I don’t care!I don’t care if she dies!” Dean said angry as he entered his car.

His words were like a knife in your heart.You thought that he cared about you, but today he proved you it was otherwise, insulting you, looking at you with so much hate that it made your heart brake in millions of pieces.

He never acted towards you like that, never.You became really good friends since you two met a year ago and you started to develop strong feelings for him.

You refused to believe he could hate you so much that he wouldn’t even care if you died.Something wasn’t right; Dean wasn’t like this. He wouldn’t let anything happen to you, you thought it was just a mistake, he wouldn’t have left that witch to kill you.But he did.

You were greatful for Sam that saved you in the last minute.

“Y/n…I don’t think he meant to say…” Sam started to say but you cut him off.

“It’s- it’s okay Sam,I know.” You said.

Sam was angry at his brother for saying that but he just nodded and went to the car; you remaind in your place. Sam turned when he saw you weren’t following him.

“C’mon! I don’t have all day here!” Dean shouted. 

Sam sighed. “You’re coming?” He asked.

“I’ll walk, the motel isn’t that far away from here.”

“Okay.” He walked towards you and hugged you. “I’m sorry for my brother.” He kissed your forehead.

“It’s fine.I’m okay…”

“No.I know you’re not. And I know he didn’t mean to say that.”

“But he did.”

“Yes..but somethings wrong.He’s not like that.Dean would never say those things to you.I know he cares about you.”

“Yeah, I wish that you’re right.”

“I am.And I think I know what might be wrong with him.We’ll talk when you get to the motel, okay?”


Sam kissed your cheek, then he got in the car.

“What took you so long?” Dean asked.

“I had to talk to Y/n.” He answered.


“I thought you were going to ask why she didn’t get in the car.” Sam said avoiding the question.

Dean rolled his eyes. “Little do I care.”

“Yes Dean.You do care, I know you care about Y/n!You just told me months ago that you lo-”

“I don’t!” Dean yelled at his brother.

“Whatever you say.I don’t believe you.”

Dean started the car; the road to the motel was quiet, they didn’t spoke a word.


Fifteen minutes later they arrived at the motel.

“I’m gonna take a shower.” Dean said entering in the bathroom.

Sam sat on his bed resting his head on his hands, then a few minutes later he heard the door being opened and saw you.

“Hey.” He said.


“Dean is in the shower.We can go outside and talk if you want.”


Both of you went in the parking lot.

“So, what are you thinking?” You asked.

“We were hunting a witch, right? And I think that after we found her location, she found out about us too.She had to do something about that.”

You nodded. “What are you trying to say is that…”

“She put a spell on Dean.But it didn’t work that well.I think she wanted to cast the spell on all of us.”

“Then we would’ve fight all the time and she had enough time to get away.” You said.


“But we killed the witch.Why didn’t the spell wear off?”

“I don’t know.I think we need to find another spell to get rid of this one.”

“Okay then.I can’t wait to have the old Dean back.”

Sam smiled.




Both, you and Sam were on the couch.He was on his laptop and you were talking on the phone with Bobby. Dean went to bed earlier, to your surprise.

“Okay, thank you Bobby.Call me if you find something.Bye.”



“We should call Cas.” You sugested.

“Good idea.”

You prayed and in no more than two minutes Cas was beside you.

“Hey Cas.” You said.

“Hello, Y/n, Sam. I heard your prayer.Is it something wrong?”

“Yes.It’s about Dean, a witch put a spell on him.” 

“What kind of spell?”

“He..he hates me.”

“I think I know what spell you are talking about.I’ll get what you need.”

Cas came back a few minutes later with the ingredients for the spell and a piece of paper with a chant in latin. Sam prepared it and you read the words from the paper. Cas was long gone, saying he had some important jobs.

You saw Dean rise up from his bed breathing heavily.

“Dean!” You ran to his bed, Sam behind you.

You put your hands on his shoulders trying to calm him down.

He closed his eyes then opened them looking at you, guilt written all over his face.

“Oh God..Y/n…I’m so sorry..I didn’t..”

“It’s okay Dean.”

“I didn’t mean to say those things.Everything I said wasn’t true.I’m sorry..”

“Dean, It’s okay. I know you didn’t.I forgive you.” You cupped his cheeks and gave him a little smile.

Sam went outside, leaving the two of you alone.

“Y/n..I almost got you killed. I’ll never forgive myself for that.” 

You sat beside him on the bed. “I said I forgive you, Dean.It wasn’t your fault.”

He moved closer to you. “You know..before we arrived at the witch’s place, when I said that I hate you..” You looked down.

“I meant to say that I love you.” He smiled taking your hand in his and you looked up at him.

“I- I love you too Dean.” You leaned closer and he did the same until there was no more space between you.He cupped you cheek and kissed your lips gently. You placed your hands behind his head melting in the kiss.It was a sweet kiss and then turned into a passional one; you always dreamed of this moment, wondering how Dean’s lips would feel on yours.It was perfect.

You two broke the kiss breathing heavily, still close to each other you smiled.Dean stroked your cheek

“We should go to sleep..” You said blushing.

“Yeah..Wait are you blushing?” Dean smirked.

“What?No!” You exclaimed.

“You’re so cute when your blushing.”

“Goodnight, Dean.” You started to get up.

“Wait!” He got up too.


“Since when we are togheter…”

“I’m listening..” You said knowing what he was going to say.

“..I think from now on we would need just two beds.One for Sammy, one for us..” He grinned.

“You know, you just had to ask.”

“So..that’s a yes?”

“Hmm..I don’t know..”

“Oh, c’mon..”

“Okay.If you beg me so nicely..” You grinned putting your arms around his neck.

“Oh God..Y/n, I love you so much.” He pecked your lips then you cuddled togheter.

“You said you hated cuddling.” You closed your eyes.

“I made an exception for you.” He said placing his chin on your head.

“Wow..so kind of you.” He chuckled then closed his eyes holding you closer as possible.

“I love you.” You murmured into his chest then fell asleep.

y’know, it kind of surprised me to find out that Steven finds out Lion can walk on water and make portals, visits a magical Gem cave full of all sorts of Gem stuff, and then pulls an enormous pink sword out of Lion’s head all in the same day but never mentions any of this to the Gems.

but then I thought about it and its probably because immediately after all this he watched Dogcopter 3 and was probably SO excited about it he completely forgot about the magical Gem adventures he had that day. I bet he went home and yammered on about the movie until he went to bed, reenacting it scene-by-scene for the Gems, and never even thought about the cave or the sword until Pearl brought it up nearly a year later.

Why CS cannot be true love (forget failed TLKs and that EPIC fail of a heart split)

If season 5A proved anything it was that Hook does not love Emma unconditionally. For a person you claim to be your “happy ending”, you would accept them fully for who they are (contrast this with Belle loving Rumple as the beast). Hook refused to trust Emma period. He was so blinded by his hate for DO Emma, that he did not take a second to think about the “good Emma” inside the DO (like Regina and Henry did).

No matter what Hook says about loving Emma, his actions proved otherwise. He may care deeply for Emma but he does not truly love her. He is only in love with the image of Emma - in particular Savior Emma.

Hook said he would fight for her in Camelot but gave up in SB.

Emma: Do you love me?
Hook: I loved you.

He said he would love her no matter what she did but the minute he found out the truth.

Hook to Emma: I now see you for what you really are… an anchor… you were nothing more than a pretty blonde distraction… you’ll always be an orphan… I want to hurt you like you hurt me.

And then Hook proceeded to send Emma’s family and friends to hell.

(Rumple would rather die than deliberately hurt Belle like this)

He only stopped cuz Regina made a speech to him “what kind of man do you want to be?” Out of all ppl, Hook chose to listen to REGINA, a person he choked not too long ago! Why does her opinion matter more than one from Hook’s “true love”? Cuz Regina’s opinion is what resonated with Hook more. “What kind of man do you want to be?” His answer: A hero! To Hook, dying a “hero” was more important than listening to his TL in the first place.

In season 5B, I see Hook being ungrateful for the heroes helping him out (Regina and Henry on separate occasions)… not only that but Hook didn’t appreciate the lengths Emma went through for him either and rejected her kiss in 5x15. No he was more concerned for HIS pain, HIS grief, HIS guilt. The pirate’s ego is too big and Emma is too selfless so they simply don’t match.

Furthermore, Hook didn’t trust Emma AGAIN (about Liam being shady af)… also he told Liam his unfinished business isn’t done until he has defeated Hades. Erm, why isn’t your unfinished business making amends with your “happy ending”? That to me says Hook will always prioritize revenge over love even when he isn’t the DO.

Time and time again, Hook has shown that he is not TL material for Emma. She can plan a future with him, marry him, make babies with him, etc but Hook is not the right person for her.